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=Going from Lab to 'Verse
Date of Scene: 09 February 2021
Location: Pym's Mobile Lab
Synopsis: Three Heroes and an Architect and... no violence erupts?
Cast of Characters: Hank Pym, Bruce Banner, Joan Wright, Wally West

Hank Pym has posed:
After a half hour period where people could get whatever they thought they'd need. The team is assembled in Pym's Mobile Lab. Hank has breathing masks for has companions and dramamine. Hank carries whatever he needs in his pockets as usual. After making sure the ants have food, water and some syrup. He gathers himself for the effort. Breaching the Microverse is non trivial for one man, and Hank is taking two more.

The experience is... not pleasant!

It's like falling but from all directions at once. It's like having a million tiny vices clamping on your neurons. It's nauseating and exhilarating, culminating in a blinding flash of light and...

Actually it's kind of pleasant after that. A serene plain of blue green grass. Purple mountains in the distance, huge and languid greenish herbivores grazing a ways off. And a prefab cabin a hundred feet away.

Bruce Banner has posed:
No matter how bad you might want to get away from the world, this could be a mistake. Regardless, Bruce agreed for the ride and so it is. He looks like maybe he should have taken twice the dramamine that he did. His face looks a little green in a bad way, but not /the/ bad way at least.

When the worst of the ride is over and the pleasant side is here he eases a little. His eyes move to Hank and he gives him a look. Yeah what did he get himself into? Still at least the green is gone again.

Joan Wright has posed:
It is indeed a wonderous sight. And pretty peaceful as well. One could easily get lost in the tranquil surroundings. Just take a deep breath and let the stress just g-


What is-


There are a few pauses, but the muffled whrrring of a power screwdriver is definitely coming from the cabin.

Wally West has posed:
Wally has passed through dimensions before. This doesn't feel like that. This feels a bit more like being ported by Raven. As a result this is actually not to bad for him. Eventually he settles on nice if wierdly colored grass. There does appear to also be some sort of atmosphere as well.

"Everyone get here all right? Is the atmosphere breathable? I want to take off my mask. Is that our cabin? Whats going on in there?"

Wally feels a little giddy at the moment. He quickly runs over to the building and tries to peek in through the windows.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym looks around, "I don't know. Yes. Yes. A kitchen is being installed. Calm down, Flash."

He turns to look at Bruce and takes a step back. Oh no... already?! You're turning... oh, this is why you don't go to the Children's Hospital. Maybe an aperitif or a donut? Shit! Uhm... here, breathe slow... in through the nose, out through the mouth... Uh... want to see some pictures of Nadia?"

Bruce Banner has posed:
There is a shake of his head and Bruce mutters,"Aside from a desire to vomit I am fine." A deep breath and he exhales. The wrist heart monitor isn't beeping so his pulse seems to be well under control,"There is a difference between green and what is the saying..." he frowns thoughtfully,"...green around the gills."

Joan Wright has posed:
As Wally runs around peeking through the windows he eventually gets rewarded with the visual in the kitchen area. crouching near some lower cabinets is brown haired woman with her short hair tucked behind her ears. While it's likely not cold in the microverse, she is wearing a long sleeved shirt, cargo pants, safety glasses, gloves, and a toolbelt. (Safety first! ^_^) As for the source of the noise? Well that would be the tool in her hand as she lines it up with the last screw.


Task done, Joan smiles, taking a moment to switch off the power to the screwdriver before standing up. She moves over to an open toolbox resting on the countertop.

Wally West has posed:
Wally takes off his breathing mask. Deep breath. Sure smells like plants here.

Wally chuckles. "Only a hundred or so more times and you wont get sick anymore." He knocks on the door. "Hello? May I come in? I believe we have a reservation under 'Pym'."

Wally calls back to the others. "Maybe we better come back later. Some one is screwing in there." One benefit of super speed is that people can't hit you with things when you make terrible puns. He hopes the woman inside doesn't resort to poisoning. He is getting hungry again.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym gives Bruce a pat on the back. "Good man. I mean if you do change we'll just get clear until you calm down. I mean I hope that nice cabin Joan built will survive but really, there's nothing to fight over here. He'll be bored."

Hank walks over to the door and knocks, awaiting an answer. then calls, "Ms. Wright? It's Dr. Pym. I brought those cabinet fittings you specified. I brought some company, Flash and Dr. Banner. Gentlemen, my architect and contractor Ms. Joan Wright."

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan cocks her head to the side as she hears a knocking. Setting the tool down, she turns and walks over, hearing the door get knocked on again. She takes a couple steps more to open up the door to look to the three. "Hello." She greets, nodding to the men as Hank introduces them. "Nice to meet you."

She steps back to allow them in, looking over to Hank. "Good timing on the fittings. I'm about done with the other items. Is it still Monday?"

Bruce Banner has posed:
"Ultimately, he just wants to be left alone. Sometimes I can relate. Other times." Bruce admits. He offers Joan a polite nod and tells her,"It's nice to meet you Miss Wright." He turns his attention to the surroundings for a moment and lets the pleasantries among the others pass as well. Closing his eyes, he tries to relax a little and just take in the peace.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym yups. "You were here one hour home time that was about four days to Micro-Time, right? You can get a lot done here. Anyway Nr. West. The exotic particles passing through us stabilizes my current condition. I has a particle trap here. Ho here, the butterfly net light saber. These goggles with let you see said particles. I calculate two hours to get enough particles for my purposes for you. Go to it and I'll get a fire going and barbecue some ribs for us all. And Joan can finish the kitchen."

Wally West has posed:
"Nice to meet you Ms Wright. I am Wally West. Don't worry its not a secret." He offers his hand for a shake.

Wally picks up the goggles, and puts them on. "Jeez this is like that mobile game where you have to stand in the middle of the highway for 5 minutes to catch the rare virtual animals." He flicks the net around a bit. "A less scrupulous man than I might use this as an excuse to hit people with a stick. Thankfully I can be trusted with this power."

Wally starts darting around with the net and swinging it at what appears to be thin air.

Joan Wright has posed:
"... I'm not sure I'm going to get used to that time difference though." Joan admits, "But- I'll still have some time left before going back to WORK work. So that's nice."

Joan returns Bruce's nod before she looks over to the offered hand from Wally, giving it a shake. "I'll try to keep that in mind should we run into each other during work."

She pauses, reaching her hand over to Hank for the fittings. "Well, fortunately for you guys, I got through the noisy part of the process before you guys got here so you should be able to relax while I finish up."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym regards the red blur trailing lightning sourly for a moment. "I think I was overly generous paying in advance for two hours work. I think we have our next research project right there, Bruce. On the downside, I doubt he's wait for slow cooked ribs. Franks and sliders it is." Hank heads into the kitchen dropping the knobs in Joan's hands.

Bruce Banner has posed:
After a few moments of meditation as it were, Bruce opens his eyes and starts looking around the place a little closer,"I'll admit traquil is appealing. No unncessary stress is a plus. You think you can just leave me here with some supplies and maybe I won't blow up New York?"

That isn't an accusation. It sounds more like a request. He really does appreciate peace and quiet. No stress, no mean green monster.

Wally West has posed:
After about 15 minutes, a rumbling like thunder hits the cabin (the sonic boom of course). Wally returns moments later. "I think its full." He waves the saber about a bit. A big stupid grin spreads across his face.

"I see you are roasting our weiners." He puts the trap on an unused table with a sigh. "You know this place is nice. I like peacefull meadows. Its why I live in Kansas." He heads over to the stove to assist. He eats ALOT and he is considerate enough to not eat ALL the food immediately.

Joan Wright has posed:
Bag of knobs and accompanying screws in hand, she moves back over to the cabinetry. Grabbing a lid, she turns it upside down and sets it on one of the countertops. Using her thumb nail, she punctures a hole through the bag and manages to pull out one knob and one screw before turning back to the cabinets. That doesn't mean she can't hear the conversation going on in the other room. "Have you ever tried playing with LEGOs? That's pretty relaxing. Well, except for stepping on a piece while barefoot. That would be agonizingly painful instead."