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Another You: Let The Fur Fly
Date of Scene: 09 February 2021
Location: Eastside - St. Martin's Island
Synopsis: Gar vs. Gar. May the best Beast Boy win! Hint: it helps to have a team backing you up. Plus, a strange observer gets involved.
Cast of Characters: Gar Logan, Terry O'Neil, Heather Danielson, Caitlin Fairchild, Victor Stone, Kian, Nihil, Nadia Pym-van Dyne

Gar Logan has posed:
    It had been about a month since the ambush, but more like twice that given the time in the microverse world for some revolutionary healing that combined the best of Gar's own abilities as certain creatures along with technology and science.  One doppelganger, Manxsome, was defeated and captured, leaving another out there who hadn't been seen lately.
    The question was why?  Was the tainted, twisted version of Beast Boy still laying low somewhere?  Had he left the area?  Did he somehow return home?  There had been no news of anything happening that could be tied to him.  Ways to flush him out included setting a trap that the Gar everyone knew would show up to for a surprise, but he decided on another angle.
    The social media accounts had been silent ever since the DoppelGar was sent into hiding by Vorpal and Wonder Woman.  But, Gar took a photo of a familiar area along the beach, a few piers in the background of the selfie, in which he pointedly displayed his healed left arm and hand to point at the camera.  "This place brings back some memories.  Am I the only one?" he wrote, setting things up for it to post at a specified time, looking like he was alone.
    The truth of it is he'd be there, but he would be anything but alone.  This time, friends would be there.  This time, family would be there.  They would be prepared.  "Okay, guys," Beast Boy said, standing nearby in costume.  "If this goes the way I'm thinking, he's gonna be checking things and see that, and he's gonna fly his ass over here fast as he can, thinking he's gonna finish me off for good.  But we're not gonna let that happen.  I need you guys to be careful, because he's me without any qualms about hurting or killing others, but I'm gonna attack him and try to keep him off-balance.  It's gonna be hard to tell us apart but whatever he turns into first, I'm gonna match it.  There's one thing he's not gonna turn into for sure, and when I do, Kian's gonna give you the signal to hit him with everything you've got.  We need to capture him, but it's okay if you rough him up a bit.  The tranqs should keep him from being able to change, and then we can contain him."
    If he's telling Kian he's going to know when to signal the others, Kian should be able to guess what he's going to see.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Vorpal nods.  No uniform for him, since his old one is still in shreds.  The customary hoodies that he used to wear before he got his first uniform will do fine for now, even if Donna threatened to re-christen him as "Hoodie Cat" back in the day.
    "Be careful, Gar," he says quietly, "He's going to try divebombing you again."
    Taking several steps back to the designated area, he raises his hands.  "Okay, verybody aboard the Invisible Express.  Stay close to me and I'll cover you with the invisibility illusion if you can't cloak yourselves.  And we're Cheshiring in four… three… two… one… and…."
    It's maaaaaagic, all right.  Everybody who comes close to him will be hidden.  Vorpal, being the showoff that he is, vanishes last, leaving his grin behind for a second before that, too, is gone.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Not really sure of what use she is, Heather is on comms with a compressed air tranq pistol.  She has her black skintight look goin' today, and has a belt with a dozen reloads of the darts on her belt.  Of course, the tips are covered by leather as stabbing one's self with such a dart is contra-indicated.
    Either way, she does her best to stay out of sight and await the call to action.  She just slows her breathing and waits.  "If it does come to a big fight… y'all know I heal real quick.  In video game terms, I'm basically the tank, so if we can get'im to focus on me, so much the better."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
    "This is the sort of thing we've all trained for," Caitlin reminds the others.  She's changed into athletic wear: shorts, a sports top, and close-fitting sleeves that cover her arms from tricep to wrist.  Her hair's pulled back into a tight, efficient fighting braid, and the heavy hammer sporting Themysciran icons rests on its head near her feet.
    "The goal isn't to take him on head to head and win.  We need to wear him down, get hits with the tranquilizers.  Get your hits and get out.  Exhaust him," she says, looking around.
    "Let the tanks handle things—Heather, me, and Vic—" she points to each in turn, "—will pull aggro and try to tank him as much as we can.  Try to keep each other advised of where Evil Gar is, but Donna and Gar are making the field calls about where to move and what to do.  Listen carefully for them.  Don't attack until you hear their signal."
    She looks over at Heather, then at Vic, and tilts her head towards the blonde.  "Do we teach her the Secret Tank Handshake now, or wait until afterwards?" she inquires, and flashes Heather a mirthful smile to show she's just teasing gently.

Victor Stone has posed:
    Vic Stone is not what you'd call Mr. Subtlety.  What he is, is altogether too large a person to trust an area of effect spell that a whole team of Titans is crowding into.  There's nothing more embarrassing than being the guy trying to hide behind a table and then realizing your leg is sticking out, or something, and it has happened to him enough times that he figures he'll skip the possibility, this time.
    "I can leave a hand behind to teach her, if you want?" he offers Caitlin as with a quick salute, he tromps to the edge of the pier, extends a big bubble-like helmet over his head, and then hops over the side with a splash.  Underwater, he'll be hard to see from land or sky, and should DoppelganGar try a submarine approach, he can be the early warning system over the T-Com.  Win-win!

Kian has posed:
    Whatever Rae did to him when the otherTerry was taken down, she hasn't undone.  Yet.
    "Dive-bombin' iss not a good idea.  I will be ready for that," Kían says, flexing and re-folding his wings.  "I am not happy wit' my frien's bein' copied an' duplicate an' all.  There iss, or there shoul' be, only one Terry tavárik'h an' only one Gar tavárik'h."  He favors Terry with a slight smile.  "An' now there iss only one of you, now iss time for only one of your tenár, yis?"

Nihil has posed:
    Meanwhile, outside reality, a strange being idly stares at a crack in time and space right near here.  The things people don't see.  The cracks, rips, and tears in the fabric of time space don't just fix themselves.  They need fixing.  They have to be fixed and pulled back into place.  Sealed up so that they don't unravel like so much thread pulled and tugged out of the hem of an old shirt.  The figure idly works, completely apart from this very thing that people claim is reality.  Of course, then Vorpal uses his powers and immediately that strange being whips its head toward Vorpal.  There's a squint at him and then a blink.  The being pauses for a moment, head tilting in a rather robotic manner, pausing the entirety of its being like a mannequin before it just turns back to its work.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    Nadia isn't taking anything about this dopple hunt lightly.  She is looking sleek dressed in her Van Dyne-orginal 'Waspette' armored suit, the helmet actually on for a change, fully outfitted and ready for a fight.
    And yet she is rather easy to miss, due to the fact that she is currently only about six inches tall buzzing about like a manic pixie on speed, occasionally perching on various Titan shoulders before flitting off again before long.
    <<Don't worry!  We have got this!  I'm not letting him hurt one of my friends again!>> comes Nadia's voice over the comms; thankfully she is not talking about destabilizing his molecular structure anymore.
    When the time comes she simply vanishes from sight, too small to see anymore.

Gar Logan has posed:
    Elsewhere, Gar Logan seethes.  Oh, he's been monitoring the social media accounts of every Titan he could, but he no longer had access to the sites used by the Gar of this world.  He'd waited for any sign of things he could exploit, but the most that had happened lately was learning the Terry from his world, the fool calling himself Manxsome, went out and got himself captured like the impulsive idiot he was.  Fine.  Gar was probably going to kill him at some point anyway.  The Titans saved him the trouble, but they'd still need to be dealt with.
    Much to his surprise, activity pinged on Beast Boy's own accounts.  Someone must have been using them for some reason.  Green, cruel eyes widened when he saw who it was, openly taunting him with the picture and message!  That had to be it!  "You clever little shit," he said to himself.  "You found a way.  I should have torn you apart when I had the chance.  I won't make the same mistake again."
    No, he's only going to make another mistake, showing up without knowing there were others in wait.  He'd actually been staying in Metropolis itself, close enough in an abandoned building to move quickly if he had to, and this is a time that calls for it.  He leaves and dives into the water, following it along until he's nearing the beach in question.  Cyborg might notice a shark tinted green racing toward the shore, so it gives him enough time to send out a warning before the shark surges into the air, intent on chomping Gar in half.  "I'll kill you!  For good this time!"
    The one, true Beast Boy, ready for it, veers to the side and the intruder turns back to normal to stare him down.  "You thought you killed me, but I'm a little harder to get rid of than that.  You could say I'm kind of like a bad habit," GoodGar says to BadGar, stepping up closer until he's only a few feet apart from the other one.  The Gar they know is dressed in his new costume, while the other one wears shabby clothes, obviously cobbled together from whatever he could obtain.
    "Yeah, I should give you a little credit.  Let me guess.  Starfish, right?  Is that how you did it?  I'm not gonna leave enough of you behind this time for that, but a small part of me was hoping I'd get another shot at you where you thought you had a chance," BadGar says, wasting no time before taking the gorilla form that he used to chuck GoodGar into the sea.  Only, GoodGar turns into the same thing and they immediately lock powerful hands together like wrestlers in a test of strength, roaring at each other.  "You had your chance!  Now I'm gonna show you who the better one is!" GoodGar bellows.
    The first opportunity to get a couple tranqs in play is there.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Vorpal tenses, and he has to literally claw at his arm in order to keep himself from springing into action the moment his protective instincts are engaged.  What?  Cats have those!  But he has learned his lesson, and he is sticking to the plan come hell or high water.  The GoPro that is attached to his hoodie, and safely secured, is there to record what is going on (because it's going to be an epic copy for the Planet) as well as to give Donna and Raven a live feed of everything that is going on—in case the plan goes pear-shaped and Donna needs to call the Dark Cavalry in to deal with the Doppelganger.
    But Vorpal is confident it won't come to that.  These Doppelgangers have tried to usurp their lives, attacked their home and tried to tear their family apart.  The Titans weren't going to stand for that.  No more.
    "Positioning," he whispers quietly into his comm, waiting for the call to attack.  "Try to get a shot at him if you can.  Make sure it's the right Gar."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
    Waiting is the hardest part.  The timing is critical.  Too soon, and they might trigger those predator instincts in Evil Gar—the instinct to flee in the face of overwhelming force, an ambush driving him to run and hide rather than stay and fight.
    "The darts shouldn't hurt the tanks," Caitlin whispers into the comm net.  Her hand grips the haft of her hammer when GarShark launches into the air and makes to chomp his clone.  Caitlin waits until Gar and his evil twin are dancing around and times her approach with an explosive rush out of cover, swinging her hammer in a wide two-handed arc.  It's deliberately clumsy, and she even overshoots her mark and stumbles a dozen paces away with her back to Gar's evil doppleganger.  A tempting target.

Victor Stone has posed:
    Below the waterline, Vic is dangling from one of the piles on the pier, anchored to it with an open-handed basketball grip, his feet propped against it below.  The pose makes him look a little bit like Spider-Man, if Spider-Man were built like a linebacker and wore a Jetsons space helmet.  He saw Beast Bad come swimming in, alright, and raised the alarm to put the rest of the team on a good footing.  Hopefully he wasn't seen, but in the architectural confusion of all the boats and supports down here, he suspects he's OK.
    The temptation to report on his observations in the language of the bleeps, the sweeps, and the creeps is strong, but he lets the seriousness of the danger override his Spaceballs fannishness.  THIS TIME.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Wow, social media sites… Heather has tons of social media presence.  If he dove into hers, he might've drowned in it.  Either way, she takes aim and waits for her shot.  After a second or two of the Bad Beast Boy (BBB for short) monologuing, she exhales t4he way her daddy taught her, and squeezes her trigger.
    *CHUFF!* The compressed air launches her tranq dart and she is already moving as it does… surging forward to give Gar some backup.  She is charging like a track star.  I mean she's not superhuman, but she runs so hard that she tears muscles as she goes… but they heal quickly after all.

Kian has posed:
    Kían goes high and spirals downward, cutting off escape to the sky in case otherGar decides he wants to try to get away.  Telling one Gar from the other is easy, one is in the new outfit and the other isn't, at least up to a point.
    "c'Rhys'yw, gif me some separation," he mutters to himself.  "I can not strike at one without strikin' at the other!"
    So, Kían drops lower, looking for an opportunity to separate one from the other.
    Two qokh gorillas do not help separate matters!

Nihil has posed:
    Frankly everything that isn't part of the task is ignored.  Whatever beings of reality are up to, they are of no concern.  Just the task is what is important.  That is, until something new shows up.  For everyone there, it might seem like two green gorillas working out their differences in a not so friendly manner but not for this one.  No, it's like night and day.  EvilGar does not belong.  EvilGar is an out of place figure.  A breaker of the norm.  Wrong.  It's noticeable and frankly somewhat disturbing in more ways than one.  Still, EvilGar exists outside of normal reach.  All the same, the being finds itself standing right next to the fight, hand reaching out for EvilGar as if it were going to do something only to have both figures simply roll past.  Not through.  Past.  A movie screen that is simply over there.  3D, involved and yet, set just to the left of what is real for one and not for the other.
    That moment causes a blink and then another pause before it simply turns and walks back over to the cracks and tears and gets back to work.  Why was this so distracting?  Why was anything distracting?  Is distracting a thing?  Is it because they are green?  There was a program on when it first noticed reality that spoke of this.  Spoke of green being a difficult thing.  All the same, back to work.

Gar Logan has posed:
    "Where did you come from?" the evil Garilla wonders, catching movement out of the corner of an eye.  The shark did not spot Vic underwater, but the shifter certainly sees Caitlin on the move.  He's already letting go of the other Garilla, intent on making another attack.  "An ambush?  Bring it on.  I'll feast on every last one of you, no matter how many you have," he snarls, but he grunts when this world's Gar punches him in the side of the face for being distracted.
    The other one whips back around as a tiger, and just as something, or someone, is there then not, it causes a moment of confusion in more than just one of the people present.  A dart lodges in the side of the tiger, and he is soon facing off with a copy as GoodGar, true to his word, shifts to match it and strikes again in the following moment the openings created, leading with a 'punch' of paw and claw that strikes the other alongside his face.  He swings back wildly and catches GoodGar similarly, but he is raging.  "You can't beat me on your own!  Coward!" he claims.
    "You call me a coward, and you're the one who didn't fight fair from the start!" GoodGar retorts, as both open up fresh wounds thanks to the lethal claws.
    While Kian looks for an opening, the fight turns away from Caitlin, away from Heather, as a pair of green bighorn sheep butt heads and horns, the impact ringing around them louder than a helmet-to-helmet hit in a football game.
    Alligators chomp at each other.  Bears swipe with enough force to drive each other back.  Honey badgers snap and snarl, trying in vain to force each other to retreat.  A hawk rises and dives at the other as an elephant, but it is matched and the pachyderms come into contact enough to drive each other back, trumpeting at each other.  GoodGar taunts, "You can't outsmart me!  I know everything you can do, and you're getting slower!"
    BadGar wants nothing of it, shouting back, "Oh yeah?  How about this?"  He leaps as a Velociraptor, which GoodGar immediately matches, and the vicious hooked talons score hits.  GoodGar's is placed better.  Blood can be seen from wounds that mark both of them.
    Suddenly, BadGar turns into a hulking werewolf, and GoodGar pulls off the same thing!  They fight on, but as more animals cycle through, it's becoming more obvious which of the two is better prepared.
    "Ssssshoot him!" they both hiss at the same time, as king cobras, but they've tangled and twisted and turned enough that's not clear which is which right now!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Hang back," the Cat In The Shadows says, maintaining the invisiblity for himself, Kian and Nadia (she's tiny and somewhere, right?)  "We'll need for Gar to give us the sign so we know which one is the right one…."
    He reaches for Kian's hand and begins moving with him, to position them both for a better assault once the order is given.  The benefit of the magical bubble is that those inside it can see each other.  It's easier that way than trying to make each one invisible… then, they wouldn't be able to see where everybody else was.
    "Vic, let me know if you get any readings that might help tell them apart."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "Only idiots fight fair.  Word of advice, when you plan to fight… fight to win," offers Heather.  "Our Gar has something you'll never understand," she adds.  "Friends who care about him like he was family, because he is family," she says as she reloads her tranq gun.  But she sidles closer to the Shadowcat… okay the Cheshire cat… and says, "These are tranqs.  We could just tranq'em both safely." she offers with a shrug as she levels her weapon, aiming at one of the two she chose arbitrarily.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
    Caitlin lunges at the Gar that Heather isn't targeting.  It's a juke, a feint; her adoptive little-brother wouldn't so much as blink, but an Evil Gar might balk at the sight of a six-foot-six redheaded Amazonian woman lunging at him with a hammer in hand.
    Or, he doesn't want to get shot by Heather.  It's good odds for the Titans, either way—but Gar's the one calling the shots, and Caitlin keeps stamping and maneuvering to keep at least one of the Gars imperiled by potential immediate action at all times until the real Garfield stands up and clues in his allies.

Victor Stone has posed:
    For his part, Vic is swinging from beam to beam beneath the pier, positioning himself to leap up from the water in a strategically advantageous position.  This kind of Tarzan stuff would be crazy difficult above-water, but the buoyancy really is helping him move.
    When Vorpal asks, he does activate his scanner eye, flicking through frequencies and trying to find one that differentiates between the two.  "I'll try," he says, his voice reverberating oddly over the T-Com due to his bubble helmet.  "If I find something, I'll let you know.  Just let me know when the signal comes."

Kian has posed:
    Kían frowns, and squeezes Vorpal's hand.  {They are too much alike.  I can't tell our Gar from the other,} he 'sends a little fussily.  {Without making physical contact, I can't be sure which is which.  I need to know… if you see anything that gives you a clue, for Goddess' sake, let me know!}
    It takes an effort of will to keep his blue glow under control.  He doesn't know what, if anything, otherGar knows about him, assuming Kían even has a duplicate.  If so, no reason to let him know he's here.
    If not… good.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    Somewhere out of sight, which could be veritably anywhere at her size, moves a teeny tiny Nadia buzzing along on bio-synthetic wings.  As the Gars trade jabs and blows she watches closely keeping careful track of which is which and making a careful tactical analysis of the situation and how to proceed.
    Still waiting for the signal, she draws closer to the fray staying just far enough to not be batted into next week by a stray limb while she looks for openings to strike.

Nihil has posed:
    Strangely, the being finds itself watching the display.  It was different.  It was not the same.  Everything was the same.  Everything was just molecules.  All the same molecules.  All arranged differently but all the same.  This was different.  New.  It was strange to even think about that.  It was strange to think.  Still, work was to be done.  So, the strange and new was set aside and yet, it found itself peering over at the changing things, the robotic man, the woman with the high density, the tiny one, the one that seems to constantly be fixing even the tiniest of breaks in its structure and especially the flying one that seems to have some kind of energy.
    Work was not getting done as efficiently as it should.

Gar Logan has posed:
    Taunting words are ignored, but one of the snakes does flinch as Caitlin moves in.  One clue.
    Then, the very same cobra suddenly turns into something much, much bigger.  There are a few bystanders who have been drawn closer along the beach by the ruckus, and a large dragon turns its sights toward them.  "I'm getting hungry for a barbecue.  Let's see what you heroes have to say about this."  Another clue.
    The flames aren't immediate in coming, but while the dragon hovers above, taking a few extra seconds to 'charge up,' it already looks weakened, the wings having to beat extra to keep it at the altitude it wants.
    It is not matched by a second dragon.  Instead, the other cobra turns into a different creature.  It looks like a mix between all the silliest parts of a kiwi and a penguin, and it teeters and totters in place.  Could be a dance.  Could just be another weakened shifter.
    It is a duhón, and it is not of this world.  THE clue.
    Fire begins to shoot out from the dragon's mouth.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    There it is!  "The weird bird is our Gar!" Vorpal tells Kian, and takes something out of his hoodie.  It looks like one of those Kinder eggs that hide prizes inside.
    One well-placed Rabbit Hole opening and a throw, and the non-duhon Gar, the doppelganger, gets hit by the egg…
    …and bathed in gold glitter.  Target has been marked.  And yes, Vorpal chose that precise measure of marking targets just to tickle Gar.  His Gar, at any rate.
    He drops the invisibility, now that the call to action has been set.  He points forward and shouts,
    "Titans, Together!"
    And then he vanishes, trying to jump through a Rabbit Hole to try and find a way to shield the bystanders, but not having the ability to use shields, he's at a loss.  "Find cover!" he shouts.  Yeah, that's very useful.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    *CHUFF!*  Heather's dart is fired at the membranes of the dragon's wings, hoping they are not armored the way the body might be.  But then she goes to one knee to reload the single shot weapon.  Halfway through that, she looks up to the Dragon.  "I hope I shot at the right one," she mutters before noticing the fire breath coming, and she drops her gun, turning to run and tackle a couple of folks too close for comfort, and too stupid to run away.  Stupid bystanders with cellphones wanting to record up close and personal.

Kian has posed:
    {I can see that!} Kían sends, more forcefully than usual, before Vorpal gates himself away.
    Atomic forces are just things to Kían, to be manipulated as needed.  He doesn't enjoy the power, but once in a while, it is very handy to have.
    This is one of those moments.
    The birdman takes a moment to steel himself… and then strikes at dragon-Gar, clearly the wrong Gar, with the force of a lightning bolt.
    The clap of thunder rolls stunningly out over the landscape, the flash is blinding.
    And the bird… is strangely satisfied.  "When you are not broken, other Gar," he says quietly, not expecting to be heard, "please forgif me for this."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
    Caitlin grabs her hammer high on the haft and jukes in place.  It's a strange little bobbing motion, lunging in triangular strides that eventually form a spirograph's circle.  Gaining as much momentum as she can, and turning the last one into a long four-count stride that bounds her forty-feet forward.
    "HUP!"  Caitlin vaults skywards like she's loosed from a catapult, easily soaring upwards to meet the hovering dragon's height.  It's a loud, booming grunt of effort that makes her a visible and fast-moving target, flying upwards with a weapon in hand.
    The job of the tank isn't to actually do damage, mind.  It's to distract and bother the enemy while the hitters like Kian get themselves in position.  Even Caitlin cringes away from that catastrophic bolt of energy Kian hurls at the Dragon.  The timing's a damned near thing—but Kian has been a Titan long enough for Caitlin to trust he'll pull the move off smartly.
    If not, well.  Her uniform is machine-washable these days.  Caitlin slams into the dragon a hairsbreadth after that bolt of raw power strikes it, and kicks off the flying beastie to steal just enough momentum to drive that hammer in a huge two-fisted strike aimed for a shoulder.  Were it merely hardened steel that weapon could crack concrete with ease.  Themysciran steel is something altogether more obdurate and unyielding, even if Caitlin's missing the leverage that sure footing could offer.

Nihil has posed:
    It's all a movie.  A movie that happens like iMax.  All around.  Yet, it is all over there.  Can be seen in all directions and yet it is not here.  It's all separate and yet together.  One doesn't walk through a being in reality nor does a being in reality walk through those outside of it.  For someone who lives in reality, it is rather hard to conceive in a way.  For someone who lives outside of reality, it is day to day.  Then something catches the proverbial eye.  There, standing with the people who are off to the side is a girl of teen years.  Just barely.  Then a memory comes to mind.
    A memory?  We have those?
    "Hey there!" a girl says with a smile to the being repairing the nearby tear in space and time.  The being continues to work and doesn't say a thing.  It can't be spoken to by such things.  It can't speak back.  "Hey!  You!"  Then a hand touches it and it is surprised.  Well and truly surprised.  How did that even happen?  What is surprise?  What is touch?  It turns to look at a blonde girl, staring at it with a smile.  It develops eyes.
    Then it is standing there again, looking at this teen with dirty blonde hair, standing near to what might be her boyfriend and staring in disbelief at a flying green dragon.  Then it looks toward the dragon, looking at the thing pulling energy up through its mouth and is about to unleash it.  It calculates all the possibilities even as the one that repairs itself races in and tries to grab a another couple away it is already movie.
    This girl will be beyond repair when that fire comes.  Scattered into so many atoms and molecules, turned into something that she is not now.  For some reason, that seems terrible.  What is terrible?  Why is terrible?
    A question for another time.
    Then, in reality, Heather, perhaps others, can see something strange.  It is as if the screen of a movie theater were being pushed on from the other side.  The only thing is, the screen is not a screen but is instead, just right over there.  In the air.  Reality.  Time.  Space.  It all begins to warp, pull, push.  And then it gives way like the surface tension of water suddenly giving up.  What comes out is not water, however.  Instead, the plainest of beings walks out.
    White like marble.  Thin and without any form of heavy features.  A mouth, eyes, nose, etc.  They are all there.  Arms and legs, too.  Just, there's nothing defining any of it.  Either way, the figure simply, without fan fare, grabs both the young man and girl, lifts them and runs.  It heads right for a nearby stone wall, designed to slow flooding and simply leaps over it with both of them, putting both down and stating in a simple term, "Safe here."

Victor Stone has posed:
    At the signal, Vic doesn't just leap out of the water: a chrome harpoon blasts straight through the pier, trailing a length of cable.  The harpoon blasts apart into a spinning bolas which entangles one of the dragon's hind legs and then immediately pulls taut.  Straight up through the wooden planks comes Cyborg, winch and rocket shoes working in concert to get him enough altitude to rocket-punch the interdimensional problem child.  Dragon.  Whatever.  This is what tanks without innate flight powers have to contend with, and he eyes Cait with a certain amount of envy at effortlessly accomplishing the same basic thing.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    DoppleGar had to go and go full dragon, because of course he did.  Nadia probably should have expected this but shapeshifters are far harder to predict than most with their constantly changing physiological capabilities and for a moment she has to pause and reformulate.
    Nadia had been going to open with a flying shrink-fu uppercut from nowhere, classic Wasp move she learned from Janet, but looking up at the dragon she gets another idea and goes streaking off towards the creatures head and into its ear.  She then increases her size into the visible spectrum but not so far that she can't fly around inside the ear canal anymore.  Reaching down to the pouches on her belt she withdraws flashbangs in each hand tossing them as far as she can, further down the ear canal towards the eardrum before zipping back the way she came.  High speed SCIENCE! chatter is far from the only way Nadia can give someone a headache.

Gar Logan has posed:
    It all happens in an instant, timed to near perfection.  The flames never reach the innocent bystanders, who are aided by a couple Titans and a third as-yet unknown entity.
    Kian's mind-zot starts the chain reaction of attacks that not even the dragon has any real chance of withstanding.  There's a buzzing sensation inside his head, followed by flashes the likes of which he's never experienced before.  There's a hammer striking him.  There's another dart hitting.  There's a length of something binding legs together, a strong tug following.
    The dragon comes crashing down to the sands of the beach with a heavy thump, already turning back into a very battered, beaten, and unconscious shapeshifter from a much darker world.
    The duhón comes waddling and hopping over, tripping over itself a couple times thanks to the uneven surface of the sand, until it finally—we're talking close to a minute here, so you're all just going to have to wait a little—climbs up to stand atop the defeated doppelganger's chest, leaning over to pimp-slap the face of BadGar with a flappy wing as… gold glitter is dislodged.  Of course the dragon got glitter-bombed.
    GoodGar taunts, "You got knocked the fuck out!"  He quickly adds, "Sorry, Cait!  I'll put a dollar into the swear jar!  And… guys, I'm kind of tired right now."  He rolls away and off, then totters a few feet away before he, too, returns to his usual Garsome self, breathing heavily but shallowly from his back.  There are cuts all over the place, bite marks as well.  "We did it.  Can someone… get him rounded up?  I just wanna close my eyes for a few minutes."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Vorpal blinks a few moments.  This new entity which has manifested itself… well, at least it appears to be benevolent.  "Um… thank you.  Please stick around?  So we can thank you properly?"
    The dragon goes down, and it's a very impressive sight, captured in the GoPro rather cinematically.
    "Donna, are you seeing this?  We got him!" he shouts, but then his celebration is interrupted by concern.
    "Cait, can you check Gar's condition?" he asks, knowing he doesn't really need to, Cait doing what she does.  He gestures to Nihil with a 'follow me', and runs towards the beach, not even thinking enough to Rabbit Hole.
    Out comes the lasso from the hoodie—no, not The Lasso, because Vorpal touching the Lasso of Truth has rather catastrophically hilarious consequences.  This one is ordinary and will not make him embarrass himself.
    "Nadia, that was a bangin' job you did there, can you call SHIELD for pickup?  Tell them we have a Doppel all bundled up and ready to give away."  He moves quickly, tying as many knots as he knows how to tie, which is quite a few.  Every now and then he shoots a worried look in Gar's direction, clearly worried, but he can't afford to get distracted.  Secure Doppel first, then check on boyfriend.

Kian has posed:
    Kían touches down next to otherGar, and makes mental contact only long enough to ensure that he is either asleep, or unconscious.  If neither, he gives the false Gar the same mental push into unconsciousness that he gave both the real Gar and Terry in Nadia's pocket universe.  He sees no need to strike him again; once appears to have been enough.
    Once he's satisfied that the otherGar is not going to be a problem any time soon, he joins Vorpal in checking on the real Gar.  "c'Rhys'yw, tavárik'h," he says, helping Vorpal as best he can, "Can we never do anythin' the easy way on this worl'?"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
    Caitlin shifts around in mid-fall, and at the last second rotates so she's landing feet-first.  There's enough english on the motion that she can turn some of the momentum into a tumbling somersault, hammer thudding to the ground not far behind her.
    Down, down the dragon goes, and when it lands Caitlin's cheering, apparently without realizing it.  "Holy smokes, I didn't think I hit him THAT hard!" she remarks, unaware of the flashbangs.
    The jubilation lasts only for a few seconds, and she closes the gap with the others at a good pace.  "Grab the medkit," she orders Terry.  Someone's got it with them.  "Yellow syringe, fifty milligrams of haliperidol, then give him the red syringe if Kian can't keep him knocked out.  Start the blood pressure cuff and oximeter on him!"
    This is all said as fast as she can intelligently assemble the words, and she almost crashes into Gar when he totters and catches him up in a maternal hug.  "You did great, Gar, you really did," she soothes him, and helps him sit his butt down on a sand dune and kneels in front of him.  Hands quickly pat Gar up and down to check for any serious bleeds as Caitlin starts her duties as a medic, inspecting him for spine or head trauma and flashing a light into his eyes.
    When no major trauma is visible, she sighs in relief, sitting back on her heels and allowing her shoulders to relax.  Lips quirk into a smile, then a grin.  "That's your one," she tells Gar, then laughs and collects him for a warm and reassuring hug.  "You did it.  Good job."

Victor Stone has posed:
    Vic looks kinda disappointed that he only got one punch in, but at least he got a nice swim.  Also, he does have lots of spare cable lying around, so he decides to put that to use wrapping the false Gar up into a neat little garrito.  Of course, that's mostly for show when you're dealing with a shape-changer: more importantly, he attaches a little device to the DoppelganGar's neck that will drip feed him sedatives until SHIELD can get him to a more secure location.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Over where she tackled some idiot selfie-addicts, Heather makes sure they are okay… and then she turns and drops to the ground, rolling onto her back to put out the burning flesh and clothing there.  The good thing is, when she is done, her flesh is pristine.  The clothing… less so.  Thank god for the comic book code.  So her back, and just a bit of the stuff further down is exposed, but that's it.
    She levers herself to her feet and sighs.  "Anyone got a jacket I can borrow?" she asks the team.

Nihil has posed:
    Standing up, it looks over toward the downed dragon becoming green teen and then looks at the others before looking over at Terry.  It stares at Terry as he makes a gesture to follow and instead of following, it turns instead to the spot where it came in.  It walks directly back to that spot and puts its hands up and walks forward, into the air.  Like any other normal being would.  In other words, it just stakes a few steps and nothing changes or happens.  It stares blankly at the world before it and turns back around and looks back at that spot and walks through again.  And again.  And again.  After the fourth try it pauses and looks confused.
    It then idly reaches out a hand, looks at it, turns the finger toward itself and idly pokes its own chest.  It looks down as it does so before letting out another confused sound.  Poke poke poke.  It then turns and starts toward the others, walking toward them as if it was never really properly taught how to walk like a normal being, all stiff and without any proper bounce.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    A full sized Nadia reappears once more standing over the now normal form and unconcious DoppleGar, her expression is more relief than anything else that another of the dangerous Dopplegangers has been dealt with, though not the last, not yet.
    At Terry's urging she reaches up and touches the side of her helmet changing the comm channel.  "Hello Bobbi?  We subdued a Doppleganger.  Can SHIELD come pick it up?  Armor?  What's Armor?  Ohhhhhhhhhh, okay."  She waits for a bit like she's on hold.  While waiting she gives Cait a wink.  "I helped."  While making a 'kaboom' gesture with her hands before talking into the comm again.
    "Hello nice ARMOR person?  You need better hold music.  No, this is not a prank.  Yes, this is the Waspette.  Yes, I do have clearance to talk to you.  The Titans have a dangerous and deadly doppleganger that needs detainment.  Try saying that three times fast.  No I'm not making fun of you.  Okay.  Yes, at the tower."
    Call finished, she turns back to Terry.  "Their new ARMOR division is going to send a team for him.  Apparently they have inter-dimensional specialists now."

Gar Logan has posed:
    It's not long at all before the Gar from another world is done up like a prize turkey, not to mention subdued in deeper ways that will keep him from being a threat even if he does manage to wake up.  Gar can't focus?  Gar can't shift.
    The real deal ends up in the Cait hug, a round of grimacing from her inspections of him really the worst of it.  "Yeah, we did, so… thanks for being there for this, everyone," he corrects gently, giving her a smile, and Terry, and Kian, and Vic, and Nadia, and so on.  It's no surprise that after a fight like that, he'd be spent.  "I feel like we should try to get David Attenborough to do a voice-over for all of that.  Can someone help me up?"
    Along the way, he becomes aware that this is not just a meeting of the Titans.  His head tilts in Nihil's direction.  "Hello?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    With the other Gar trussed up and redy to deliver to SHI-—ARMOR, Vorpal stands up.  "Good to know… we're going to have to tell them that they can stop tracking my rabbit holes now that I'm back…."
    He scampers over to Gar and helps him up.  Caitlin is strong as hell, but the Cheshire is claiming this particular honor for himself.  For reasons.  "Here you go…" he says, putting an arm around Gar for support, physical and otherwise, and he turns to the team as well.  "You were fucking fantastic, guys."  A rabbit hole appears, showing the Swear Jar at the tower.  He takes a dollar out of his hoodie and deposits it into the jar before closing the hole.  "We did this as a team, as it should be."  He pauses, and then angles his head down towards the GoPro, "YOU HEARD THAT, DONNA?" because he has to check.  And then he looks towards the new arrival.
    "Yes, Hello.  Thank you for your help back there—I don't think I've seen you before, so you must be a new cape.  What name do you go by?"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
    Caitlin moves to check on EvilGar and ensure his restraints are in place, then checks the catheter on the side of the doppleganger's neck that Victor placed.  When the cyborg trundles up she looks up at him and grins floridly, exultant in the post-victory adrenaline rush.
    "Nice shot with that harpoon," she bids him.  "I'm not checking you for barnacles, though," she adds, and laughs again.
    Evil Gar is getting some basic medical aid; wounds wrapped, neck immobilized, and an IV of fluids and sedatives is fed into the device, then strapped to his arm for safekeeping.  She even puts him on his side so he won't start choking.  Evil as he is, Caitlin is tending him as diligently as anyone she'd encounter.  When Nadia drifts by, the flashbangs are explained, and it leaves Caitlin tittering helplessly at the Waspette's clever tactics.

Kian has posed:
    Kían takes a moment to take a couple deep breaths and calm himself.  He has seen otherGar's mind, however briefly, so he knows he acted correctly.  "I feel a little odd that I do not feel odd about what I did," he comments to no one in particular.
    Now that things have settled down, he follows Terry's gaze and becomes aware of Nihil's presence, and his manners do not fail him.  He bows slightly, and says in a friendly way, "Kié."
    It sounds like a pleasant enough greeting, even if the exact meaning is unclear.

Victor Stone has posed:
    Vic grins right back at Caitlin.  "Barnacles?  Haven't you heard?  The rolling Stone gathers no moss."  Because Vic Stone?  God, that's terrible.  He crouches over the recumbent doppelganger as she attends to him, ready to offer any tools or tech that might be helpful, or just put his finger in any knots she needs to tie.  If the superhero thing doesn't work out, he could always trade on some work experience as a Physician's Assistant.
    He leaves addressing the newcomer to others; at the moment, he's mostly concerned with the mission's immediate objectives.

Nihil has posed:
    A look to Gar and then to Terry and then the strange figure looks at the hole he opened and then back to Terry.  It stares at Terry for a long moment before saying, "That is dangerous."  It then looks over at Kian and then blinks once with those white eyes and states, "Kié."  It speaks it directly back to Kian with a mimicry before looking then to Terry again and states, "You appear capable of opening reality."  It states and then gestures to the space literaly to the right of Terry.
    "Open one out of reality.  Leaving now."  It doesn't nod or make further gestures …or, well, breathe for that matter.  It simply keeps its hand gestured to that empty space and keeps looking at Terry.  "The damage will be repaired once gone.  Cease further damage."

Gar Logan has posed:
    Unconscious as he is, though battered and bruised and suffering many of the same wounds GoodGar took, just a bit worse for the doppelganger, EvilGar's expression is peaceful enough that he could easily have been mistaken for the one the Titans know.  That's the scary part.  If he'd been more careful from the beginning, chances are he could have remained within the Tower for a longer period than he was.  If only he had the patience at the time.
    Gar wraps an arm back around Vorpal, if shakily, his body feeling heavier with the way he's left worn out.  "I'm gonna sleep a looong time tonight, but before all that, I'm hungry."  Vorpal feeding the swear jar is not the kind of meal he had in mind, but so be it.
    He knew what he was getting into when he set this plan in motion, but he didn't shy away from it.  It doesn't matter whether or not he needed anyone else's help.  That's what a team and a family is for.  He still had the other Gar on the ropes, a testament to his readiness to fight the way the other one tried to.
    "You did what you had to, Kian.  We all did, and we didn't kill him.  If SHIELD can make his mind right again… maybe he'll have a second chance.  Nobody deserves what they got stuck with there," he says, sounding saddened about it.  "Same thing with… with the Terry we stopped and the Cassie that's here now.  We're not done yet."
    He raps a few knuckles lightly against part of Vic's metallic body.  "And you have a butt-kicking coming up once I can play Just Dance again.  I got the rump-shaking moves that'll blow your mind."  Vic's joke may as well have not even been made, for the way Gar just ignores it.
    Nihil's words and focus on Vorpal just leaves him staring with a slight tilt of the head, confused beyond words.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Vorpal squeezes Gar gently, gently enough to not make his injuries worse, "We'll feed you in a bit, Gar."  They're going to have to order out, since the kitchen is still not in working order.  The entity's demands leave him puzzled, however, and he frowns.
    "I'm sorry… I can't open any exit outside reality.  Only inside it.  Is that where you come from?  Outside of reality?  And you can't… make your way there again?"
    He doesn't seem to even question how that is possible.  Then again, considering who he is, it's not something that he really would ask.  He glances at Vic and Cait.  Then back at Nihil.  "What… damage are you talking about?"

Victor Stone has posed:
    "Look forward to that rematch," Vic tells Gar with a faint arch of one eyebrow.  "Just you keep it in mind as motivation not to get beat up like this again for a while, cool?"  He's one to talk, after the Alternacassie fight.  Still, this time he spent most of the mission just taking a nice saltwater bath.  Relaxing!
    He gives Vorpal a sidelong look, then points out, "You do know that the phrase 'rabbit hole' has 'hole' in it, right?  Space isn't really meant to do that."  He raises metal knuckles to rap them on the weird white being's face… area…?  thing?  and says, "This is probably one of those robot alien things that is always observing and sworn never to interfere in the acts of mortal fleshbags and has been following you around plugging them up for years and finally lost his cool."

Nihil has posed:
    A look at Terry and the being simply states, "Inside it only?"  It then, well, it furrows its brow.  It looks concerned and then looks around again only to look back to Terry to reply.  "Reality.  Damage."  It then is getting attacked?!  It blinks at the attack and then stares back at Vic, reaching out to tap him back on the head in a similar fashion.  "Your form of striking is ineffective."  It then blinks at the statements.  "Years?"  It then looks to the side.  "Oh, yes.  Passage of time.  Only three dimensions."  It then looks over to Victor and states, "No and yes.  Fix holes in time space.  Repair."  It then points at Terry.  "Reality based beings.  Irrepairable once broken."
    It then gestures toward where the girl and boy were, "Could not allow irrepairable damage."
    It then looks to Vorpal.  "Your holes cause damage.  Careful with holes.  Could cause tearing."  It nods and then turns to walks over toward DoppleGar and squats down to poke at him.  "Does not belong."

Gar Logan has posed:
    "Yeah, I know.  I just had to show… him… that I could take him," Gar explains, but who was he really trying to prove it to?  Anyone with a sliver of awareness could figure it out.
    He carefully sits back down, leaning against a log that had been driftwood at one time, but got dragged further away from the surf.  "I don't really know what the rest of you are talking about right now, so I'm just gonna sit here and… just be."  The exchange between Nihil and Vic in particular has him squinting before he looks down at his hands, curling the finger inward and out a few times.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "I'm aware about the dangers of tearing.  I've read the literature."
    Pause.  Nope.  This creature did not seem to have a sense of humor, because his jokes were hilarious.  Totally.  Vic gets a side-eye.  "Wait.  You are saying this is some sort of… normalizer of reality?"  He glances back at Nihil.  "…so you couldn't allow those kids to get hurt, but now you can't get back to where you came from.  And, I imagine, now you have nowhere to go?"
    He slowly glances towards Kian, and then back to the group.  Then he taps his comm.  "Um… Donna?  I think there's someone you should meet.  I think we've got another stray…."

Victor Stone has posed:
    Given that the rap of knuckles was telegraphed and doesn't seem especially aggressive, Vic actually leans forward to make his forehead easier to knock on.  But he cracks a grin at the comment, replying, "Observer.  Brain Guy.  Can I call you Brain Guy?"  Yeah, he's seen a few episodes of MST3K.  "Believe me—when I want to strike effectively, you'll know it."  Then he looks over at Terry.  "Oh my God.  You did not just adopt Brain Guy, too."  He heaves a sigh and swipes metal hands against each other, washing them of the whole affair.  "There goes the universe.  Don't say I didn't warn you."

Nihil has posed:
    A look over at Gar, the being blinks before standing and looking back to Terry.  "Stray?"  And then it looks toward Victor and looks to the side a moment.  "Guy."  It states and blinks, "I am not guy or girl at the moment."  It shakes its head.  "I do not have a brain, either."  It then shrugs and then starts back over toward the spot where it entered.  "Nihil," it states simply enough, "It is the most applicable name."  It nods as it looks over the area where it came through.  "Repaired."  It looks in the direction of, well, nothing and considers.  "Already repaired."  Then it looks back to Terry and starts his way.  "I will meet this someone."

Gar Logan has posed:
    None of this is making sense to Gar right now.  "I've fallen asleep and I'm dreaming," he declares, mainly to himself.  "That's the only thing that fits.  All a big dream."  Soon, he is nodding off, enough that there's a little 'whump' as he teeters and slides right down to his side with the log at his back.  A line of drool creeps out of his mouth.  Such nice dreams.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    As ARMOR makes its way in, Vorpal walks over to the sleeping Gar.  "Right, then, Nihil… Latin for 'nothing…'," of course, the kid who went to Catholic School knows that, "let's go see Donna and we'll figure out what to do.  Just let me get my luggage…."  He chuckles and slowly picks Gar up, cradled in his arms.
    As the ARMOR agents approach them, he nods towards the captured Doppelganger.  "Keep him sedated until you administer the cure or he's going to escape.  Call us if you need anything.  And…" he says, as he opens a Rabbit Hole that leads to the Tower's main room, "I want to have a word with him before you send him back, if you would?  C'mon, Titans!"
    He turns around and starts walking towards the Rabbit Hole.  "Time to go home."