5100/High-octane Bird Meets Magic Bird

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High-octane Bird Meets Magic Bird
Date of Scene: 09 February 2021
Location: Historic Clocktower - Operations and Common Rooms
Synopsis: Life lessons are fun.
Cast of Characters: Zatanna Zatara, Carrie Kelley

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
It would be nice to rank among the best detectives ever, but Zee works with them both and wouldn't rank herself that high. They're working their own business, her inquiries flying into the ether for a response.

When it comes to unparalleled hacking skills, she rubs shoulders with the next best thing... Who also happens to be busy.

What's a magician to do?

Her own legwork as it happens. She sits in front of a pair of monitors, laptop synced up to the network. Her phone is propped to the side, charging and displaying footage from a public event gone wrong. Snapshots fill one larger monitor. People shouting, fists flying. Lightning in a noxious cloud of gas spills in grainy resolution. In another, there's someone with a sign confronting snarling protesters. The news feed being combed through isn't much better, but a few clicks acquit her of just skimming to review the information later.

Sorry, no fishnets today. A pair of dark jeans will do, her merino sweater practically falling off one shoulder and absently pulled up while she combs through the uglier side of the Internet for some reason that can't be very good.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
It's that kind of day it seems. Carrie walks in to the operations room, stepping off the elevator carrying her Bat-mask in her hand, wearing her full Robin-style costume. She looks...frustrated? Bored? Something, as she saunters through Operations, probably headed up to get a cookie or a drink in the common room. She spots Zatanna hard at work, and wanders over, to lean over the back of her chair and take a peek at what she's working on. She wrinkles her nose a bit as she sees the content of the videos Zatanna is watching, and asks, "Isn't this more a...New York issue than a Gotham one? Or were some of our usual friends hanging out there causing trouble?"

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Perched forward in the chair, Zatanna has her ankles crossed and sharply pressed back as a counterbalance to her position. The mouse under her hand glows a soft purple through the cracks in its shell, the computer otherwise a standard model for around the Birds' headquarters. Fans spin quietly enough for her to hear another person walking through, despite the silent videos playing out from the phone. Turning her head, she spies Carrie coming closer before the younger woman is leaning over her. She goes still, hand poised on the keyboard but not quite coming down on any keys or reverting to mousing around.

"We're closer to DC than New York is. Don't mistake what you see there for a problem rooted and isolated there." A nod to the riot between mutant supporters and Senator Kelly's, the Friends of Humanity, and other various conservative factions. "That platform gives them a louder voice than any of them have a right to. Freedom of speech is sacrosanct, I get that. But there are times it goes too far while people stand by, and then things like this happen. Politicians getting knifed onstage is bad enough, but there were open attacks on civilians."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Her hands hold up her chin as she rests on the back of Zatanna's chair, "Yeah...you're right...but...like...do we get to judge that? I mean, yeah. This is a pretty clear case of bigots being complete jerks, and I'm kinda ok with them getting what they got, but..." she sighs and shakes her head, "Nevermind, I can't articulate what I'm thinking right now. It's frustrating. REALLY frustrating what is going on." Whether that's about her personal life, or the world in general is left up to the listener.

"I'm gonna go upstairs and get a drink. You want anything?" She asks the magician, clearly not mad at the woman she's talking with, just the state of the world at large.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
"We live in the same country, if not the same state. Most of the time." Zatanna's eyes narrow as she ceases to scroll through the endless reams of news stories, though the videos keep refreshing at regular intervals. Protesting tweets bounce all over the place. "I listened. Someone stirring up the crowd with rhetoric based on hate and division can't be allowed to find a larger megaphone, or else we find ourselves losing any moral high ground, as if that exists in politics. But the more someone normalizes the idea it's all right not to have children in schools based on the colour or texture of their skin, we lose the precious gains we've made for the past fifty years. How much further a slide is it back to segregation and ghettos? Are they going to post signs for mutant-only bathrooms and superhero-banned zones? That's not how you run a country. That's not how you belong. Haven't the last ten years taught us anything? I remember the outcry over Superman, and then what happened when Zod came down and hurt people. Really hurt them." She pinches her brow between her fingertips, and gives Carrie a smile, though it's a weak ome.

"Sorry. Wrong person to vent some of the thoughts to, especially unbidden. It's just fresh and all these vitriolic posts are salt and lime juice in the wound. So no margarita for me, better be something lighter on the citrus." Her mouth flattens, fullness bled off as she watches the ginger for a moment. "You want to talk about it, I'll be your audience. Drinks or just frustration. Not that I'm the best therapist or psychoanalyst out there, but being on stage probably makes me a touch more competent. I can pretend to have the credentials!" Her smile brightens a fraction, just that.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"What I need right now isn't really...work appropriate..." Carrie says in a deadpan, and then starts to walk upstairs, "But, I suppose a drink could do. Now that I'm legal and all.." she says, trailing off.

The woman gets to the fridge, and looks at the options. They're FINE but not really what she is looking for. She sighs and then turns around, "Or, water, I suppose works." And then she adds to Zatanna, "It's ok. I understand, and I didn't think you were like, mad at me there or anything. It's SUPER annoying what those bigoted jerks are doing. Like, SUPER jerks. I wish they hadn't created that bill at all...but...here we are. And we're sort of stuck with it in our dumb kinda broken system. I wouldn't be surprised if those business people talking about it don't put enough pressure on Congress to get it voted down, but the damage is done." She sighs again. It seems that is her default sound of defeat lately. A closer look at Carrie shows her uniform is a bit stained up, and she's sweaty. She probably just got done chasing some jerk somewhere herself.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
A bemused chuckle comes from Zee. "Was this work? I was unaware. Maybe the workplace I come from isn't quite so strict as yours, given there's usually a two drink minimum." She waves a hand and pushes the mouse away. Two keystrokes lock down the computer, not that they have anything to worry about. The network's Oracleproofed, thus a considerable detriment to anyone but a 30th century android.

She is careful to get to her feet, testing for pins and needles. Satisfied there aren't enough to worry about, she follows after Carrie. A fridge probably means a bottle of sparkling water, one of her little affectations. Hard not to like it after time on the road, and she pulls it out. "No, I'm not angry with you. However, getting all hot and bothered over a posse of bloody idiots and misdirecting that ire on anyone else who didn't ask to listen in is hardly fair, now is it? I like to think I'm a better citizen of the world than that. Not much better than some of them, am I?" She doesn't necessarily expect an answer, but Carrie cold well give one anyway. Still, she gestures to a seat, content to wait back until drinks are grabbed, snacks decided on and whatever else makes her more comfortable. Offering to listen means just that. "That's a good point. How do we undo it? Is there a way past it, do you think?"

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"A hot shower is probably work appropriate somewhere. What I'd do in that shower...not so much." Carrie replies as she flomps onto the couch, and leans back, stretching a bit. Her suit seems a bit tight, even for a superhero's suit, and she adjusts things a little bit, "I spent the last three months in France, and...my suit just does not fit right anymore..." she mutters, and then turns to Zatanna, to answer her question, "You're fine, like I said. I get it. I watched the election coverage when I was in France and...it was crazy. Like, I don't know, we have to calm down and let things settle for a bit you know?"

She finally seems to relax a bit on the couch, and takes a big drink of her water, before she asks, "Can we talk about something not like...crime fighting related? I get it, we're here to do that and all that but...I just spent three hours chasing some Joker knockoff gangster around Gotham."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Superhero suits are a funny thing, especially those imbued with all the fancy materials that only someone with Batman's reach can acquire. Zatanna makes a sympathetic sound, though she reaches over to tug her sweater back up. "Three months in France in exchange for a new suit? I think that's a fair tradeoff. Paris, Lyon, Marseille? Believe me, every time I stare out the window I'm left questioning why I didn't take up that residence in Southern California. Aside from the cost of living."

Other reasons besides, but she doesn't break into that vault of secrets. Some things require mystery and proper unpacking when the time's right, and the weight of the prior evening's violence weighs heavy on her. "Careful you don't let Babs hear you. She might have a training schedule drawn up in no time at all. And that's the last thing anyone needs after returning from holiday or any kind of excursion. Maybe competitive napping." She runs her hand up and down her nape, stretching out the tendons and muscles with a limber roll of her shoulders that only helps so much. "What took you to France in the first place? Gotham's at arms reach from over there. But there had to be a good side to it. Fresh croissants, excellent coffee, no endless parade of traffic jams in the rain like here, right?"

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley smiles, "Wanna run off for a weekend? Bet we could swing it. Somewhere warm...give me a few more weeks of chasing baddies though to get my tone back. No one wants to see my flabby rear in a bikini right now." She winks, and then answers, "It was study abroad with Gotham U. Three months in France, at Grenoble. It was aaaaaamazing. But, now I am back and suddenly have a capstone project I need to get working on and need to figure out internships and what I'm gonna do after all of this and do I even want to keep fighting crime with Batman because I'm clearly like fifth on the Robin list these days." She doesn't sound grumpy about that, but more...resigned. "Not that I particularly WANT to be Robin. Sparrow is nice. It's fun. But..do I really want to do that for ten years?"

She seems to really be struggling with this, as she leans forward, elbows on knees, hands under her chin, as she says, "I could go to grad school, be a normal person for the first time in years. Heck I don't think Batman even realizes I'm back from France. I've been spending all my time at the Roost. And...it's not like he's my dad or anything. I don't /have/ to fight crime..."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
"It's a tempting thought. Blow this joint and forget someone looked at me like a piece of meat to tear side from side," Zatanna says. She looks at her hand and then to the fridge. Time to grab that Topico before it's lost to someone else, disregarding the other different concoctions that might be at hand. Water for her will do just find. She pulls the lid off. "If it makes you feel any better, no one's wearing a bikini right now unless they can afford to fly to St. Bart's, and if they can afford that, they'll have seen their favourite lipo surgeon a couple weeks in advance. I long for the warmth but even having to brave a line at the airport, brr. You just came back from the Alps and you want a bikini? Not skis, a good Arcteryx jacket, and as much powder as you can imagine? Brave girl. That's supposed to be a hell of a city."

Clearly she knows a little of it, but she gestures for Carrie to continue if she wants. That whole 'no crime fighting bit' is being taken to heart. Pouring the glass of water, Zee tosses her dark hair off her shoulder in a heavy wave. "So you're having a glimpse fo the world outside what you are familiar with, and not sure which path to take, by the sounds of it? I get that. Comes with a family profession, especially with expectations you'll follow in someone's footsteps. Not even your dad, but a mentor, the person you did an apprenticeship with." She holds up a hand to spare herself. "I know it sounds mad and old-fashioned, but not so much in the trades. Like you're this close to getting your ticket for being an electrician, and you're wondering if you should've gone into law or the microbiology of corals or writing for Broadway instead. That about sum it up?"

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"Oh, you'd be surprised the spring break deals a motivated girl can find...and, no..I..like if you offered me a ski weekend to Vail right now? Yeah, I'd go. Some tiny little snow bunny hill around here? Pass. That's like going from prime rib to dog food." Carrie replies, grinning, "But, no, now I need warm sun and a few hours of laying in it in as little as possible. Just...soak it all in. Feel my muscles melt from it." She adds, before taking a drink, and continuing, "Grenoble was great, like I said. I made some wonderful friends and then...I came back to...whatever it is that's going on now. And Justin. And my parents being total hippies and telling me that my flight to France is destroying their grandchild's future. Nevermind I'm an only child and NOT popping kids out."

She shifts a little bit on the couch, pulling one leg up under her, and considers what Zatanna says, "AM I though? Like, I don't think I'm about to turn the corner and become some amazing solo act. I...I'm not Batman or Iron Man or Wonder Woman or even like...I dunno...Wasp? Yeah, Wasp is better than me. Like her. I guess I can keep hanging around the Roost and working with the group." She hmms quietly, "Maybe I should stay over here with Birds of Prey a bit, see what the grey world can be like."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Zatanna really doesn't laugh. Not at all. Years of practice assure her face does, largely, what she wants it to. A slow lift of her brows to judge on parental concerns is about it, no more, no greater demand than that. However tempting. One of the cardinal rules, don't judge other parents when the kid has opinions!

"Almost counter-culture shock. I get it, I do. You see things in a new light and possibly start to revise your way of looking. You know, it's something the Europeans do right. Common after high school to take a gap year." She sips the water, lounging against the counter for a little longer until refilling the drink and putting the Topico back in the fridge. Then she can stalk. "If you only ever do one thing, your horizon ends at a whole lot shorter point than climbing up for a different vantage. Travel a bit, work a bit, volunteer. All that's good stuff for learning about yourself, rather than committing to a total life path before you can even legally drink here. It's a hard sell without having all this, the Clocktower and Bat names atop it. And no, no one's thinking you have to be Iron Man or Wonder Woman. They've got the weight of years and experience, which helps." A cheeky grin widens as she taps the glass. "Take all this with a bit of salt, though, because unlike some people, I was born into it a little more. I wouldn't say it was the family business, but... it was the family business. A life in the public eye was optional, but being different isn't. You've got a lovely choice, one that you can explore at your own leisure. Decide who you want to be, what you want to do, what mistakes you need to make before you start to worry they're too expensive to make. I mean, that's the point of being in your twenties, even your thirties. You get that terrible apartment, some awful roommate. Have that job that pays for nothing and God, the dating. You're learning, you're figuring it out. Anyone who says you have to know everything right now and make all the right choices is fooling themselves. I'm not saying run off and throw away everything you know for something new but I'm saying feel the freedom to do things a little differently. If the Bat thing isn't working out, then reframe it. Maybe try a stint with the Titans if you want your life in a more exciting scale, but not the same Gotham streets, the same Gotham criminals. Forging your identity isn't a one stop thing, though, we kind of get conned into that. Like soon as you graduate, you are now an adult, figure it all out. You get this piece of paper, it all makes sense. That's not the truth. It's an illusion pulled over our eyes and too many of us buy into that."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"Yeah....thanks." Carrie says, looking over at the other woman. She lets out a long breath, and then asks, "Any dating tips? Justin is just NOT doing it for me anymore. In ANY capacity. But..he's a good guy...and..." And now the 20something issues really start. She seems self aware enough to stop herself before she gets going. "No...no. Not going to bring it up. Going to go...find something to distract myself from that.." She stands and then walks over to Zatanna, and places a hand on her hip, and a peck on one of her cheeks, "Thank you for listening though, I needed that today. Now...to not stink so much and put on something that isn't crawling up by butt."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
"Dating tips? Me?" Zatanna laughs and shakes her head. She lifts that glass of water in fizzy salute. "I'm a performer, a celebrity who sells illusions and occasionally gets wrapped up in whatever Babs and Batman and Superman call me up for. I committed myself to that impossible stance of being in the public eye on TV, the Internet, all of it when not actually out there dealing with trouble. Like the Joker."

He throws cold water over a conversation without even being there. Self-awareness goes both ways. "Tally it up, you either date other heroes, score dysfunctional relationships, or decide at some point when to step away. I'm not really sure how it balances out. So all I can tell you is the obvious, be yourself. Never, ever date colleagues. It works out in the worst ways if you break up. Don't take it too seriously, always be down for something new, and when in doubt a good Chinese restaurant is always the right call."

Zatanna Zatara's love life is not on show here, but she laughs for Carrie's kiss and grimaces theatrically at the costume reference. "If anything is crawling on you, I'm poofing it. Ugh, images that were unnecessary! Go, shoo, before someone comes down here and makes us clean."