5102/Demon Claws Are STILL Not Nice Things

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Demon Claws Are STILL Not Nice Things
Date of Scene: 09 February 2021
Location: Thompkin's Clinic - Park Row
Synopsis: Tim accompanies Stephanie to Doctor Thompkins' clinic to check on her demon-inflicted wounds. Magic will be needed.
Cast of Characters: Stephanie Brown, Tim Drake

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown had told Tim about how her scratches from the claws of one of Felix Faust's demons had festered, and how Doctor Leslie Thompkins was treating it. She also had mentioned she was due for a checkup with Leslie. This one in person, after Stephanie had been texting photos of it every 12 hours.

The pair arrive at the clinic, heading inside and talking to the nurse at the desk. "Brown, yes she mentioned you'd be coming. Said to send you back when you got here," she says, moving to open the door to let the pair in to the hallway. She leads them to an exam room and shuts the door once they are inside, saying, "She'll be in in just a few minutes."

Stephanie looks around the sterile room, and goes over to hop up on the bed, but gently. "Thanks for coming, Tim," she says."

Tim Drake has posed:
"Of course," Tim says taking off the dark sunglasses he was wearing in lieu of a the domino mask that would typically mask his identity. Leslie is a friend, the receptionist is an unknown so as much as Tim might trust Leslie he takes precautions when heading to her public office.

Tim moves over to one of the waiting chairs, taking a seat and fiddling with his phone for a moment before he looks up to Steph, "Oh...do you need me to wait outside so you can change into a gown or whatever? I'm not entirely sure where on your side the wounds are."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie gives a little wave of her hand to indicate Tim's concern isn't an issue. "Just on my side," she tells him. "Worst you'll see is a bra. Though you might faint if she pulls out the TBAN to give me another shot with it," Stephanie warns Tim.

She glances down at her side and then takes off her jacket, and pulls up his shirt. There is a bandage there, a huge square covering her side. She begins removing it. "Might as well save time," she says as she works on it. "So how's everything with you? Been up to anything lately?"

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim nods, glancing back down at his phone. "Well, I think I can handle a bra. Wouldn't be the first time I've seen you in one," jokes Tim tapping away at the phone before putting it away. He chuckles at the mention of 'the big ass needle', "Really? You think after everything we have been through I'm going to pass out at the sight of a needle, Steph? Give me a bit more credit than that."

As she pulls up her shirt his eyes focus on the bandage, assessing the size and frowning ever so slightly. "Uh, nothing that interesting. I managed to make an appearance at Falcone's birthday party, but had to leave in short order after arrival, other things came up. Connor and I might take a trip. Other than that it has just been the usual."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown pretends to speak as she holds her hands out to indicate something the size of a sword while emphatically mouthing the words, "But it was big!" She continues removing the bandage, glancing up at the mention of Falcone. "I heard his wife was killed. And owl feathers. Think the Court is back?" she asks. They took a beating from the Court earlier, losing battle after battle to them before their opponents seemed to slip away.

The bandage comes off, revealing four deep scratches. The skin around them is red with a bit of purple right along the scratch itself. In three places, lines of purple seem to be wending away from the scratches, following veins from the looks of them. None goes more than a few inches so far. Stephanie frowns. "There was just one before, and it was only half as long," she says, indicating one moving up her body.

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim sighs, "Yeah. I should have stayed, maybe I could have saved her," he says solemnly with regret. "I should have seen that coming, Steph. It was Falcone, I should have anticipated something like that going down and now someone is dead because I didn't..." He runs his fingers through his dark hair and sighs again, deciding instead to focus on the wound that has been reviled.

"That does not look good, Steph. Have you gotten in touch with someone with more occult knowledge than science? This might be something out of Dr. Thompkin's area of expertise."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
"I certainly nope not," Doctor Leslie Thompkins says as she comes through the door, giving it a soft rap as she does, though already announcing her presence with her voice. "Though I fear the same thing," she says, closing the door behind her and nodding to Tim before walking over to look at Stephanie.

The blond girl tells Tim, "Bruce wanted to avoid magic on it unless necessary. But he suggested Zatanna or Constantine be called in if needed. Though he looked like he was eating a sour lemon when he mentioned Constantine."

Stephanie looks to Doc Thompkins who is examining the scratches. "Stephanie, this does not look good," she says with a sigh. "Not only is it spreading, but I think it is escalating, at that."

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim looks up to Dr. Thompkins as she arrives, offering the Doctor a small smile. "Hey, Dr. Thompkins."

As the Doctor gives her assessment, Tim's frown starts to reappear, "There are reasons for that. Constantine isn't what you might call the most...savory of fellows. Ragged around the edges, but he does know his stuff. Do you need me to talk to Bruce about getting ahold of him, or Zatanna? I'm pretty sure his first choice would be her, but since this is occult related even she might point us in John's direction."

Tim looks back to Leslie, "Is this where the big ass needle comes in? I have been told I need to avert my eyes or I may faint from the sight."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie lets out a soft sigh, it not having been hard to deduce how this was likely to go. "I think we definitely need someone, yes," Doctor Thompkins says. "This is just, beyond me. I could try other treatments, but I am not very enthusiastic they will succeed. I looked at the samples and there is no normal pathogen, viral or bacterial to treat," she says.

The woman looks to Stephanie. "I would actually, at this point, try removing the damaged tissue before it could spread."

Stephanie looks down at herself. "Bikini season, doc!" she says, getting a pat on the shoulder from Leslie. "Yes, best to bring in those that Bruce mentioned," she tells Tim.

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim sighs and pulls out his phone once again, tapping out a message on it. "On it," he says as he glances over at Stephanie and Leslie. "I'm sure Bruce will be thrilled."

Message sent, Tim slips the phone back into his pocket, "So no big ass shot? You got off easy, Steph. And here you were worried..."