5103/Out of Time (Out of Mind)

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Out of Time (Out of Mind)
Date of Scene: 09 February 2021
Location: Tisch Hospital, NYU
Synopsis: Bring out your dead!
Cast of Characters: Jane Foster, Daisy Johnson, Jemma Simmons

Jane Foster has posed:
Once upon a time, in a wintery city far away from the warmth and sunshine of summer, there lived a very busy emergency room and emergency department. And in that busy ER, the hardworking nurses and doctors on rotation disabused themselves of the notion of the silly 8 hour workday. The exhausted, overworked residents questioned their lot in life. The patients grumbled because it was cold, they missed their programs, and the wait was long, long, long.

A medical kingdom ruled by a faraway chancellor ran on the backbone of the busy labour, and it was mostly good. But no kingdom is without its flaws. Without its crowded alleys and its rooms heaving with people, without Miss Samantha Alcott Cookbridge demanding the ER director /right now/ for tennis elbow, while quieter citizens waited their turn as patiently as they could.

A faerie tale of the modern day, 2021, haves and have nots. It's a madhouse as ER in any major hospital in the city always is, with people going to and fro, orderlies wheeling wheelchairs and helping patients. Tired families, grieving or rejoicing or just plain bored, are everywhere. People with their noses in their phones take up chairs. A pregnant woman groans as she's escorted off to maternity and not the ER. Two paramedic crews move through, shoving a woman with a tiger-stripe bob aside to get the ailing cardiac patient into a surgical wing right this very moment.

Pandemonium where every day is pandemonium, and thus not a panic. So it goes, sterile and stinking, the cut vein of life.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Have I told you I hate hospitals?"

That's the first thing Daisy says when she steps into the hospital with Jemma, looking around the ER with a light shudder before focusing on her friend. It had been quite the rush to find out a reading about Jane here in this hospital. But now they had to actually pinpoint where she might be. She peeks at the piece of tech Jemms carries just for the effect.

"Any hit just yet?" She questions, perhaps too eager to get out of this place as fast as possible, just before she comments quietly.. "Look at that Karen.." she glancing towards Miss Samantha Alcott Cookbridge..

A roll of her eyes follows.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
The chaos of the emergency room that one Doctor Jemma Simmons finds herself in is not a foreign concept. She does not look it, with her jacket, sensible shoes, and a tablet in her hand...but she *knows* this brand of hectic. She is comfortable in the moment. A sidestep here, a pause there...all orchestrated in time with the bustle of the ER. One does not need to tell Jemma where to step, what to do....she seems to know almost intuitively.

The tablet in Jemma's hand looks fairly normal, with one exception. There is a corded object attached to it, nestled in a USB port, that resembles a small metal rod with a sort of a small radar dish on the end. It certainly looks like something to be used for data gathering, which is exactly what it is for. For the moment, it sits in the same hand as the tablet, though when Daisy asks for readings, the 'magic wand' is switched to her empty hand, as the tablet is hoisted up to allow Jemma to view the screen.

"Well, there is certainly readings here. Faint, but registerable. Rather nebulous, from all appearances, but most certainly 'here'."

Jane Foster has posed:
Samantha Alcott Cambridge is important, which is clearly told as a tale by her fancy bag, her intimidating posture, her "Do you know how much my family has donated" line that doesn't really work with a man run ragged and not responsible for the philanthropic ventures of his colleagues several steps up the food chain. He does his best to brush off the woman and find himself more important work, his head nurse or maybe some resident flapping around after twenty-nine hours without adequate sleep. Look, an IV pole collision! He leaves Miss Samantha with her lips flapping, entitlements dripping like rancid fat. "But... Come back here! I insist that you--"

The madness whirls on. No set purpose but the song's not so different, voices and beeping EKG machines, excitable blips and relayed announcements over the speakers. Tisch is a good hospital, the whole annex spanning two blocks with its attendant offices but ER is ER. See one, they're almost the same across the world. An unobtrusive data dish is out of the way, though, and a tired nurse up way past her bedtime finally falls into step between Daisy and Jemma. A clipboard is in hand, Bluetooth dongle strapped to her scrubs. Digital upgrades aren't practical the way a pencil is. "Can I help you? Care to tell me why you're looking for ET? Unfortunately you'll find him back out there," she says, voice ragged and low, husky with time.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Samantha's ER adventures are only followed for a further brief moment before another roll of her eyes announces Daisy is done with that one. Ooof, she just needs the hair-do really.. And she has a lot more interesting things to focus on than that afterall, like trying to find JANE. Or her spirit. Or ..., something. It was still something Daisy was trying to figure out. But she had been with SHIELD long enough to not discard any chance. And if there was anyone capable doing miracles that was Jemma so.., here she was supporting!

She lifts the antenna up a little when it's passed along to her and nods, "Means we will have to go floor to floor?"

It's when the nurse comes by. She smiles faintly at the ET reference but then reaches for her credentials. "Good afternoon, we are with SHIELD." she says, showing her badge before adding gently. "Would we be allowed in? We are looking for one of our Agents and .., it's complicated." she sighs.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
Complicated isn't the start of it. When the nurse asks, Jemma starts with a bright smile. "Ah, yes! We are currently investigating trace energy signatures that correlate to a missing Agent. Well, missing isn't exactly the operative word in this case. Anyway, we have reason to believe that she might have been or is still here at this location. We are tracking her potential whereabouts via the trace energy signature that we know she has been exposed to. It is really all very simple when accounting for triangulation and half-life ratios, really."

Oh...Jemma went on too long. She does that when she gets excited. At least she didn't launch into the nasty details....yet. A shrug and an apologetic smile is given. "I mean, we are simply attempting to track down a friend. We promise to remain out of the way. We could even help if needed!" The SHIELD ID flashed certainly is Jemma, though it might not detail exactly that Jemma is a medical doctor with experience. Experience that she shows when she presses herself against the wall, pulling Daisy back with her, to allow a gurney to pass without anyone even telling her to move.

Jane Foster has posed:
Jemma might well be talking to the fridge. Or a coffee pot. A coffee pot that blink-blink-blinks at her with a steady measured approach. Obviously the nurse isn't a fool; she wouldn't have a job here otherwise. But she straightens up just a little and turns her head slightly to Daisy, who is marginally more comprehensible. "SHIELD. Here, looking for an agent. I'll refer you to the information desk which is over there." She points to the buzzing hive of activity in the middle of the ward, at least four or five people there working to match the furious pace of an everyday existence. No emergency wave; this is just how it goes. "See the one in the navy scrubs? You'll want to talk to her. I can't speak about admissions, I don't have that." Her clipboard is nodded at. "You'll want to go over there, ask the person's name. Stay to the left, gurneys go rushing by the right."

And now she's going to wish she could have a nip of brandy in a closet, but that isn't her life. Not at all. "Thanks."

However, there's the joy of the main desk with all its fancy screens and protocols that include checking people in and out, monitoring workflow and volumes of patients, and direly wishing there was a fancy coffee machine /right/ there. The person in blue is a middle aged woman, probably Filipina, with a smart, competent air about her.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy was just about to say that she doesn't think her friend is actually here physically but eh ..., the nurse is already leaving. And no need to COMPLICATE things more like Jemma so brightly cared to do. She looks at Jemms and grins, "We should leave the long winded explanations for another time, Jemms." aka keep it short and simple!

But now they have the indication to go to the information desk to find the person in question. She approaches the Filipina, showing her badge. "SHIELD. I am Agent Johnson, this is Agent Simmons. Do you have a moment?" she asks and if answered positively she will add. "We are on official business. Tracking a missing Agent. Do you mind if we have a look around? We are not expecting them to be here physically, it's complicated."

A nod then towards Jemma, "We will make sure to stay out of the way."

Jemma Simmons has posed:
Oh, yeah. Too much information. Not that the nurse there seems to register any of it. Another smile is given and a nod. "We will go to the information desk. Thank you!" But there wasn't much time before the nurse checks out...mentally if not physically. "Yes, well..." Jemma trails off. She knows the feeling...and leaves it at that.

Then, following along with Daisy, Jemma stops at the front desk. While Daisy starts with the official business, Jemma keeps her magic wand out, looking a lot like Hermione Granger as she slowly waves it about, trying to get a lock on the essence of Jane. Should the Filipina look her way, she would be greeted with a Jemma smile, then a quick glance away.

"It really shouldn't take long and we will be extremely discrete." Of course they will. Easier to explain spectral ghosts and mystical energy signals when you don't actually have to explain them to anyone.

Jane Foster has posed:
Sunny says that nametag, and it's probably /not/ her name, but Nurse Sunny it is. Or good enough to count. A little sunshine sticker is plastered onto the nametag. Short and witty, clearly handling ten things at once, she doesn't seem /overly/ bothered by the SHIELD agents showing up. But cops, agents, government folks, celebrity security are all a dime a dozen. She has a professional smile just this wide to go with the no-nonsense approach of the two women. "Hello. To what do we owe the visit?" Her lightly Spanish-tinged accent has a way of flowing, warming words that could be called curt with anyone else. "Badges please, I'll need to note the numbers." Which dutifully she does, shooing the computer operator to drop into that spot and her displaced associate moves over to another station at the horseshoe desk. Tap, tap, tap. Data is entered, and if the badges are handed over, they get handed back in fair time too. "All right then, and we'll get this marked off here." A light succession of clicks files the forms and details scattered around. Daisy's approach and Jemma's exuberance are both given a second look but only that much. Her weird device warrants Jemma a pointed finger. "Is that emitting anything that would interrupt our equipment, the vitals, particularly pacemakers? We tend not to allow strange electronic devices without being vetted." AKA someone's getting fired or demoted for not checking out what her pen is.

"You've someone missing? We have not received anything from the police to that effect, and usually we get a few reports like that through the month. Let's begin with the obvious then. Name, sex, date of birth, height, weight, hair and eye colour? Distinguishing marks? I'm presuming this individual would not have their ID?" Because gangsters and kids and old folks wandering into trouble are a reality.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy knows all too well about bureaucracy, proper procedures, date entry and all that. For how else would she find so much info if not for people so diligently following protocol? An hacker's dream! So she only smiles when nurse Sunny goes on about takine care of their entrance, she handing over the badge. The question about the device interrupting pacemakers has Daisy quirk a brow but she shakes her head, "This device is tracking .., other kind of phenomena. Of the supernatural kind." the look Daisy gives the woman telling that it will be all she will get about the matter. SHIELD secret business! "But none of your patients will be in danger due to this."

The question about the missing agent has Daisy shaking her head, "We do not think she is here. As I said, it's complicated.." and she doesn't want to do like Jemma and turn a nurse into an alcoholic. No need for that!

But then she puts in her best Daisy smile, warm and caring. "It's very important though, our friend may be in danger so the longer we stay here talking...." she trails off.

"Jemma, ready to go?"

Jemma Simmons has posed:
"Oh, as a medical doctor myself, I wouldn't dream of bringing in a piece of technology that would in any way interfere with the everyday function of lifesaving equipment such as pacemakers!" Jemma is rather sincere with her response. She of course thought that far ahead. A watery smile is given to Nurse Sunny as Jemma holds up her device. "It is merely a trace energy receiver, not emitter. Specifically tuned to a precise energy wavelength that, up until extremely recently, only two objects emitted. Our fri, err, agent's close proximity to one of the two energy sources makes her susceptible to be tracked via the unique energy signature. All perfectly harmless, I assure you."

Oops, Jemma did it again. Gave out too much information, perhaps. She really does seem all that innocent. She turns to Daisy and offers a firm nod. "Ready when you are."

Jane Foster has posed:
Nurse Sunny really does eye that receiver with a dubious look, but SHIELD is SHIELD. FBI is bad enough. She draws a line with her fingers over the desk and the mouse comes to rest on the edge of the trackpad. "All right, you're not searching through the database and instead measuring that. I'll put in a supernatural individual and we will have to go from there. A unique energy signal." Some days, it just doesn't pay enough but she's not in nursing for the hours or the cheque.

Still, though, her smile is turned to a worried look before she turns to the side. "I can't let you into any of the operating theatres, restricted areas, off-limits bits. You understand that it's for health code and liability reasons. We can't have unapproved people going in without clearance for your sake as much as the patient's."

And from there Jemma gets to go plinking along for a resonance that might line up with what's she found in the burst. It's a weak thing compared to much more impressive emanations she's sought: Mjolnir, the Grail, a certain spear. All those shone like the bloody sun; this is closer to looking for a variable star obscured by interstellar dust, on a cloudy night. A whole lot fussier to work with, when you get right down to it.

Pale blooms wither and flow, the inkblot on a water-soaked page. Spilled through the ER< heading back into one of the waiting rooms and then up to the second floor where its saturation peaks a little, then fades, a dusty blossoming around a room currently occupied by a grumpy man nursing a broken leg, stitches, all the signs of a unicycle accident on ice. Or just slipping.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"That's right .." Daisy nods as the nurse goes about writing up about a unique energy signal. No need for much detail! And then it's time to go and seeeek. She looks at Jemma and her device before glancing back to Sunny, "Jemma is a trained doctor." she says, "We will make sure to keep out of the way of the restricted areas. If anything we do not want to get in the way or at any point jeorpadize anyone patient." and she is quite sincere about it too!

Then a little reassurance. "Don't worry, we have been doing this for a long time." being Agents! Not scanning lost friends in the aether with a ghostbuster machine. No, that's new. No need to explain the difference to Nurse Sunny though...

A peek at the machine and then to Jemma. "I will follow your lead." and then it's time to go and make way around the hospital. It's all about gathering data today.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
The nurse is given reassurances that Jemma and Daisy will be completely respectful. Of course they will avoid the private sectors. It is, after all, only polite. And Jemma is nothing if not polite. Almost to a fault

And then, with Daisy in tow, it is off to Jane-tracking the two go. It is rather careful work, filtering out the background chatter just for that elusive trace of Jane. "This reminds me of the time Fitz and I caught a squirrel and marked it with a tracking scent to test our olfactory tracking system. Don't ask how we caught the squirrel. Also, tracking it through Central Park was a chore." Nothing else is given as to what happened...but the smirk is enough.

Jane Foster has posed:
A-Jane tracking they go up to that lonely room where certain cases come and go. Not enough to really indicate the severity but this isn't ICU, for those waiting, those in recovery, those clinging to life. The hospital is never a place that feels welcoming. It's not meant to.

The unfortunate man with the broken leg has enough pain medicine in him not to really notice anyone coming or going, being half-asleep and not particularly aware. There the spindle path ends, more or less, a stain around the room, in from the door. It's not exactly associated with him anymore than someone standing in a puddled glow of a streetlight is directly responsible for being the source of said illumination.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
You don't hold a carrot in front of Daisy and not expect her to follow it. So of course she asks. "Where did you find that squirrel?" hard questions! And followed by, "I hope you at least named it. But oh wait, it's you two so I expect something in the lines of 'olfactory experiment number 33: squirrel tracking'. It would look awesome on a little collar around it's neck..." bit of a chitchat while they make way through the corridors, mostly a distraction to keep her out of all the pain she senses around them..

As they get to the end of that path she looks around, to the man with a gentle smile then back to Jemma. "Okay, dead end here.. Reading anything?" she peeks at the machine then back to the room, taking a step in, careful to not disturb the half-asleep man, a look around the various beds, looking at the medical charts.

Jane Foster has posed:
Man, place. Bed. There isn't a window in here because it's not a room for long-term occupation. It's lucky to have so much as a nook for a coat and minor belongings. Charts hang here and there, indicating the matter of nurses coming, turnover, trouble.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
"Oh, we didn't name it. Fitz kept complaining that he wanted a monkey. Said it had to have been easier to use a monkey than to catch the bloody squirrel." The voice trails off as Jemma finds the one room. There is a frown, as Jemma points her magic techno wand to a spot on the floor, holding it there as she circles slowly. "Hmm....right here. The trail ends here. There was some time spent here, in this room. There is more of the energy residue than the rest of the hospital. I am not exactly sure what, though. Perhaps talking to the nurse at the front desk will give us an idea as to what happened in this room in recent memory."

Jemma gives a shrug, as she actually takes a moment to look around the room. "This isn't so much the ICU or anything like that. Perhaps a room for convalescing, or a place to wait. I really don't understand why Jane would come here. I mean, it isn't like this is a permanent fixture. Though, honestly, if it wasn't for the fact that it is horribly unethical, I would look over those charts to see what has happened here recently. Surely a man with a broken leg is no major interest to our noncorporeal Furiae."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
A brief look around later and Daisy is nodding, taking a step back out of the room, a glance to the spot and then over to the corridor they came from. "Talking with the nurse is a good idea." she agrees. "Maybe she was visiting someone, umm, I don't know. And would it be *her* or a spirit or...?" she holds her hands up in an helpless gesture. So many questions still! But it wouldn't keep her down..

When Jemma speaks about looking over the charts she lifts a brow. "Horribly unethical as in I shall never do it? Or horrible yet I will do it for Jane?" she asks, mostly leaving the choice to her friend. There is always the choice of talking to the nurse downstairs too!

She adds, "I would look over the charts, but I don't understand medical lingo. If only it was machine lingo..."

Jane Foster has posed:
No sign of Jane, though the guy heavy on pain meds turns his head towards Jemma and Daisy if he can spot them, and otherwise just enjoys the lulling conversation from his cloud bed. The sheet over him is plucked by his fingers, and he winces when the reminder of road rash and other such unpleasant bruising of a fall holds him in place. Nope, not going to do that again.

"Mmm, hiiii," he calls out blearily. "If you're gonna gimme a ticket I promise my bike's not in the river. I think it rooled into Jerseeeey?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy lifts one hand up to Jemma. "Actually, you know what ..." she isn't exactly that much of a newb where it comes to tech. She looks at the readings with a thoughtful look and then moves to the room to look at the chart. She shakes her head. "This person was taken in here *after* the time of the readings there." she says. "It must have been the former patient that got our astrophysicist attention." and that means it's time for some good ol' fashioned investigation in the hospital! First, the nurses here..

She steps out and starts looking around. "Let's see if we find a nurse here on this floor that can tell us who it was." she suggests. "If not, we go downstairs and talk with the ones by the entrance."