5109/Emma seeks council from Ororo

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Emma seeks council from Ororo
Date of Scene: 10 February 2021
Location: Emma's Room
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Ororo Munroe

Emma Frost has posed:
    It's been some time since she found out the news that she was removed from the CEO position of her father's company by the board of directors and is now coming out of her wallowing, and wearing less than fashionable clothes while moping around the school. Mourning her lost career, Emma wanders the halls aimlessly until she stumbles into Ororo's room, not even realizing she's walking in here, just, knowing that feeling that her feet are moving her on their own, and they seem to think she needs Ororo's wisdom and company. She knocks once on the door, the blonde woman waiting.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo isn't good company right now. She's in her back room when Emma knocks, and Emma can hear something unprecedented from inside. It sounds as if someone is cursing, but it sounds like it's using Ororo's voice.

"Useless, absolutely useless....garbage, crap, imbecilic...thrashed, shifty-eyed first-world...JACKASS!"

If hearing that doesn't make Emma burst in, nothing will. But Ororo, inside, is busy banging her head on a wall.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma doesn't burst in, no, she slowly opens the door, a pale hoodie upon her top and a pair of green sweats that look a lot like one of Rogue's pairs covers the blonde and yet, she even makes that look fashionable, as she steps in and shuts the door behind her. Emma cants her head and takes a deep breath, rolling her shoulders back and forming herself up to be the Emma she knows she needs to be. "Ororo, darling." Emma beings as she steps up behind Ororo and puts a hand on the woman's shoulder. "I can't let you damage such a world class forehead. What's going on with you?"

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo stops banging, and instead rests her skull against the wall. The location seems to be slightly worn; this is perhaps her place for when she needs to vent stress, against her self. A secret that few know, and gods forbid the students ever learn.

Ororo Munroe is just human.

"Emma," she says, marshalling her soul and reinforcing her walls. She lifts her head, her eyes, but not her spirit. But when she turns only the darkness in her heart and the small redness of her forehead give away that which she'd just been doing. Then she gathers Emma to her, if allowed, into her arms.

"Nori. And Jubilee. I couldn't...I can't. I'm useless, and they're gone."

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma lifts her arms as Ororo turns to hold her and with a release of her breath, Emma brings her arms down and around Ororo's back and shoulders, pulling the woman close and even runs a hand through her hair. "Ororo, you're not useless, and they're not gone..." Emma says, her voice softer than normal, as she knows this isn't something she needs to be her strong self for, at least, not her cold and calous self. Ororo could use some soft touch from the ice queen. "I'm here for you now, now tell me, what happened?"

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo takes a deep breath, smelling Emma's scent as she does. She rests against the woman, not sure quite yet. Then she gathers herself, places her hands on Emma's shoulders, and looks her in the eyes. "You didn't hear?" she asks. Then she nods, clearly not. This is getting, slowly, back to the Ororo we all know and love. It just takes time and a job to be done.

"Some of the girls went to Senator Kelly's speech," she says, carefully pronouncing the name so any distaste that she feels isn't expressed. She has excellent control. "They were, I believe, protesting. There was a riot, and smoke was used. Then someone began to use energy, I believe the news showed lightning."

She lifts her chin slightly. It was not her lightning. She goes on. "They pulled guns on Noriko, the normal officers. I believe Jubilation attempted a rescue, and there may have been someone killed."

Her voice breaks at the end of that. "I...I don't know if they're hurt, or even if they're alive. They haven't come home."

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma looks deeply into Ororo's brown eyes, her icy ones bouncing left and right quickly as she listens to the news and the realization in Emma's eyes slowly comes to light, she had no idea. "Ororo..." Emma whispers, and then her hands start to fall from Ororo's shoulders, but she stops herself at the woman's waist and she lifts her hands back up to grasp onto Ororo's hands, pulling them from her shoulders. "They're fine." Emma lies, or at least, tells what she believes it true based on nothing tangible.

    "There's no way those two stubborn bullheaded girls got themselves killed in a fight with police in the middle of broad day light." Emma says, looking down and to her left, thinking, remembering those two. "Maybe Jubilation smarted off, but I don't think Noriko would allow themselves to be hurt."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo never lets her personal favourite students be known, but they do exist. Having both of them missing at once is apparently a lot of burden on her soul, because otherwise she'd have been out by now on a rampage. Instead she looks behind herself and finds them both a place to sit. There's room on the loveseat of course.

"Emma, have you ever studied what I can do?" she asks. "When it comes to powers, there's one thing that is sorely lacking, and both those girls have the same issue." She winces, wrings her hands a little, then looks Emma square in the eyes to say, "I have no defensive abilities. Save for evasion, I am a very soft target. It hits home very much when I see a child, one with powers that are very similar to mine own, with guns aimed at her heart."

She hopes that Emma will sit. It would make conversation easier. "I want to rush out blindly, find them, gather them safely to me. But it's the worst thing I could do. They need to learn how to survive, especially if they are going to be who they are. Hardheaded, stubborn, and slightly insane." A smile appears, and she adds, "They are so much like I was at their age."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "I /am/ the powers teacher..." Emma notes as she sits next to Ororo, keeping the woman's hands in hers and pulling them to rest on their shared lap as Emma sits close enough to Ororo to touch shoulders. "I'm aware of what they can do, more so than they likely are." Emma says with a frown.

    The White Queen lowers her eyes to look at her green covered knees and she frowns deeper. "We could both go save them, and you forget I was about as squishy as they come until... yeah, at least you can evade and move in ways I never can. I understand our vulnerabilities quite well Ororo." Emma squeezes Ororo's hands again and lifts one of hers to cup Ororo's cheek and brushes at the struggling tear in her friend's eye. "I assue you, I'd be right next to you fighting for them."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo doesn't mind a little rain in her bedroom, even if it comes from her own eyes. She leans her head against Emma's, quieting, and allows her to have the last word.

But close as she is, her heart is out there in the world. Kicking down doors, sending hail and storms into the crowds of those who would harm her charges. The sky above churns, and the mansion has an early snowfall that night, locking them indoors.

Because Storm's heart demands satisfaction, and the world responds to her heart. Even if it doesn't make sense, even if it's quieted, to wait for the chance to act. And...the students will enjoy it, in the morning.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma takes another breath and leans slowly backwards, her hand resting on Ororo's cheek pulling her down to rest her head against her chest and for once, Emma acts motherly towards another person. "It's okay Ororo." Emma whispers and pets at Ororo's hair, storking her friends hair and arm as she tries to comfort the woman as best as she possibly can, her own heart beating rapidly and quickly, having long forgotten about the issue she came to speak to the wise woman about. No, Emma is the one soothing and advising tonight. "It's going to be okay Ororo." Emma repeats softly, lovingly almost. As lovingly as she knows how to be.