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Memento: A Moment of Calm
Date of Scene: 10 February 2021
Location: Outdoor Venue, NYC
Synopsis: Mori celebrates her belated birthday with some pretty cool friends, like a normal person!
Cast of Characters: Mori Merritt, Joan Wright, Bart Allen, Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Vivian Vision, Caitlin Fairchild, Kian

Mori Merritt has posed:
The New York Arts Annual Food and Music Festival is a celebration of the arts in multiple ways. The outdoor event space is filled with tents and stands decorated in creative ways with fusion dishes and takes on all kinds of different cuisines. Tables are peppered throughout the area, though a good many of them are near a central stage where a band seems to be setting up. The sign at the stage proclaims all the bands performing are winners of local Battle of the Band contests in the greater New York area.

The festival isn't packed, but it's certainly got activity. There's chatter all around, people in lines for food and standing near the stage to listen to music. Perched at one of the tables not too far from the stage, Mori Merritt has managed to find a whole collection of food. She's purchased and set up a variety of samples of different dishes on the table, doing her best to not eat all of them before any of her friends have arrived. By the small pile of paper containers near her, she's already failed at this a bit.

Joan Wright has posed:
It's not often Joan takes time off. But with a week's worth of vacation rolled over from the previous year and HR going 'use it by the end of the month or lose it' well- She used it. And thanks to her time in the microverse working on Pym's micro-cabin at the begining of her vacation week. She's got a little extra cash to do something special to bring about the end of it.

So why NOT a food festival? There's music, there's food and- Oh my gosh. There's a vendor selling dumplings?! Well darn it all she's going to get some DUMPLINGS! Nothing is going to stop her this time. Standing in line, the jeans and dress shirt wearing architect waits patiently to get her folded box of bliss and tiny sleeve containing a mass produced chopstick. SOON.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen was told about a party that titans and friends of the titans were invited to. Plus there is food from different locals. Yea Bart decided he would make it. Besides he needs a bit of distraction as he aint been able to find a friend he has been looking for. So today, Bart shows up in jeans and a slightly oversized sweater. His hair a bit of a rag mob look as it looks like that even when he combs it. He does look around as he walks up, and resists the urge to zoom around to check out each stall.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Mori!" Nadia comes jogging up waving to her friend and sometimes SCIENCE! experiment. "Am I late? I uh fell asleep in the lab last night working on something, at least I think it was last night... it might have been this morning, I didn't get a chance to check the Sun before passing out." Time apparently irrelevent.

The younger Wasp(ette) is dressed in her more casual attire, which is to say not an armored suit. She's wearing a leather jacket with a T-shirt under it that says 'Just a Girl Who Loves Hornets' in bright pink stylized letters. The shirt is tucked into a black and red pleated plaid skirt and there's big stompy black boots on her feet.

"Bart! Hi!" She waves jogging past him, mid-jog towards Mori, "Are you here for the festival too? I better eat quick while there's still some food left." She gives him a playful grin.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Ahhh Human social gatherings. They make a wonderful way to explore the culture and understand how people think. Plus it's a chance to take a break from the work at GIRL, even if everything Viv does there can be done remotely (indeed a portion of her mind is still busy combing through some code for a personal project).

She gives Mori, Bart and Nadia a wave as she slips out from the crowds. She's been here since the festival opened, although there's no danger of her eating up all of the food, leaning the layout and make mental maps of the routes to travel around for maximum efficiency.

The teenage synthezoid is currently adopting her holographic normal girl disguise. The better to blend and and avoid causing a commotion.

Mori Merritt has posed:
"Oh, no, no need to worry about being late. I just wasn't sure how much food to get because I'm kinda hungry so I'm pretty sure we're gonna have to go pick out more." Mori gestures to the food on the table with a bright smile. "So... I thought this would just be our samples and we could see what we like to buy more of. I saved up for this."

She saved up for her own birthday party.

The dumpling selection is pretty impressive. Along with traditional versions, there are some upscale versions with different varieties in an attempt to have a creative twist on things. Nearby, the band on stage seems to be tuning instruments at this point, testing the speakers. There's a bit of a feedback for a moment as something's plugged in, the screeching noise plenty loud enough to make more than a few people wince and cringe. The guitarist mouths the word 'sorry' in the direction of the audience and proceeds to work on setting up.

Mori's definitely got her hands clapped over her ears now. "Ow ow ow ow ow..."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
It's not hard to spot Caitlin when she joins the crowd; head and shoulders above almost everyone else, and that red hair is a distinctive banner with her loose ponytail whipped by the wind.

It also makes it easy for her to spot her friends, and she waves once they're located and starts weaving towards the tables. Caitlin's in a brief black skirt worn over grey leggings and wearing a sleeveless fleece in forest green over a pale blue turtleneck. "Hey guys! Hi Mori, happy birthday!" she says. The redhead sets her large purse/tote on a table and fishes inside of it for a flat-wrapped present. Caitlin pauses and looks around the table. "Oh darn, are we not doing presents? I can give it to you later," she offers, hedging.

Joan Wright has posed:
As Joan's turn comes up in line, she glances over to the price sign describing the contents of each box. The picture paired with the description was less helpful as it appears to be the blown up image of something taken from an older flip phone.

Determining one to be a sufficient taste without ruining the appetite for whatever else she might find, Joan smiles politely to the vendor. "One variety box please." As the vendor turns to grab a box, she fishes out the exact amount needed.

The exchange is soon made and now Joan is tasked with a new mission: Finding a place to sit. Hmm. She thinks there were some tables over near the stage... The short haired woman turns, heading in the general direction, keeping an eye out for any open seats. As the feedback hits, Her eyes squinch shut as she tilts her head to the side, grimacing. "Oh gos-"

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will walk over and says "Presents, I knew I forgot something." He looks around and thinks for a moment "I'll get it for you before we finish." He does not say if that is going out and buying something or just getting it from home. He smiles and adds in "Happy Bday, and while Bart would want to put a hurting on the food, he has to try to be subtle about it He smiles and does look at the food on the table checking it out.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Mori gets a hug because of course she does. Nadia hugs are inbound, none are safe! But then Nadia takes a step back with an expression of surprise, "Wait what? Okay, I'm still new to this whole birthday thing, I've only had one, it was so great though, Janet is the best! But! I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to pay for your own party! Get whatever you want, as much as you want, I will pay for it! Happy Birthday!"

When Caitlin becomes visible through the crowd, Nadia is already in motion. "Cait!" The amazonian redhead too gets wrapped in a hug when she draws near. "Cait, you've had birthdays, you're not supposed to pay for things right?"

The spread of food is eyed in her peripheral vision, though she restrains herself for the moment.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"If anyone has food allergies I have pre-checked the stalls and can adjust the optimal route accordingly," Vivian says cheerfully. "Also if you wish me to carry any bags or coats. Please let me know. It will make it easier for you to hold your meals." She's also worked out which stalls accept wireless payment. "I will also gladly purchase you some food as a birthday gift Miss Merritt."

She offers Caitlin a greeting wave. It's not hard to pick Miss Fairchild out in a crowd, even one this big.

Kian has posed:
    Kían is very good at directions -- really, you have to be on his world -- but it's following the signal from the T-Com that leads him to the area.  He'd have no idea how to find it from street level, certainly, and asking directions is right out.  What's a 'mile' anyway?
    Under normal circumstances, a large gathering like this would give Kían considerable pause before steeling himself to come down and land among them.  But something has been different in his head ever since they went to take care of Terry's doppel, and without giving much thought to whether or not the average Terran street festival goer is used to birdmen dropping out of the sky, he just drops down in the midst of the people he knows and greets them with a cheery, "/Kié/!"
    He looks around, a little wide eyed at all the people, all the food smells, all the noise... but more in curiosity than in fear.

Mori Merritt has posed:
There might be a brief wisp of smoke from one of Mori's fingertips as she removes her hands from her ears and shakes her hands out a bit. "Loud noises should not be a thing ever." She notes the present, turning a bit red. "Oh, you didn't have to get me anything, but it's appreciated! I just wanted to hang out with some friends and kind of be normal for a while." She looks at the formerly slightly-smoking hand. "Well. As normal as it gets, right?"

Nadia's offer to pay for food also gets a look of surprise. "Are you sure?" That is, of course, a dangerous offer given just who is there... and just how hungry some of them might be. She blinks at Vivian's mention of food allergies, and her face lights up.

"You can just /do that/? That's... probably one of the coolest things. And very convenient. Not that I have any allergies." There's a long pause. "Oh. No. What if I do have allergies?" She seems about to say something else but there's the sudden appearance of Kian.

She looks startled for a moment, mostly because of the dropping in and less of his appearance, taking a moment to smile brightly in his direction. "Oh, hi!" She waves excitedly. "... I am totally going to draw you later."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin beams and returns the hugs willingly; she's a hugger and unrepentant about it. Fingers wiggle in greeting at Bart when she spots the speedster mulling over his options.

"You're right, it's traditional that birthday kids don't pay for anything," Caitlin confirms. She sets Mori's present near the woman so she can open it at her leisure without forcing it on her. Cait's considerate that way.

"I get hay fever pretty bad," Caitlin tells Mori with a wry sympathy. "Claritin didn't work for me, but Alaway helps a lot. I mean, if the OTC meds aren't any help. They don't do anything for me, but I get hay fever like, -super- bad. At least animal dander doesn't hit me." She settles into a seat carefully, putting her weight as close to one of the sturdy bench legs as possible.

Joan Wright has posed:
Only one is safe from the wrath of the Nadia hugs in this story. And that would be...

Well, you know who. Having found an available table near the larger group, Joan sets her box down. Giving a glance to the large group, the glance lingers as she looks to Mori. Hmm. Where di-? She fails to place her, her glance shifting over to Nadia's shirt for a few moments before she pulls her chair out to sit down. The lack of context hinders her ability to place either of the-. The flash of bird man descending upon the table does cause for her head to turn once more, looking over to them. What-? Hmm. Maybe they're some un-costumed Damage Control clients?

The glance goes back to the wasp shirt. Maybe it's a stupid idea but considering Monday... "Excuse me." She says, directing her comment to Nadia, "Does your last name start with a P by any chance?" There, that's vague enough if she's wrong, right?

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will use Kian's arrival as a distraction and he is off for a moment, but he is back pretty quickly and this time he has a gift in hand. He will take his normal spot, and looks around and finds a pen to sign the gift and he does end up munching a dumpling or five after the speed trip.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia seems unphased by who is there and how much it might cost. By her own words she is seemingly aware of how much Bart can eat and she knows Mori and Cait's appetites well enough but she just nods and smiles, "This is why people invented credit cards, or so Janet tells me! See!" She gestures at Caitlin when she reaffirms for Nadia that birthday kids are not supposed to foot any sort of bill, "Leave it to me! I can probably file it as a research expense on one of the grants anyway." Janet has taught her well. "I mean, we've technically been hired to study the source of your powers and today we will record... food related observational date! Maybe food is connected to your powers somehow! I will need you to try at least one of everything, just to be sure. For science."

Kian's arrival is greeted with a big smile, "Kian you made it!" She grins. The Birdman gets a hug, too. "Thank you for coming, I've actually been really wanting to introduce you to Mori, but work work thinks can wait until later, first she needs to try all the food ...for science."

There is a pause and she blinks turning when Joan calls over to her, the question catching her off guard for a moment. "Hi! Yes, it's..." she stops, "You're not a Russian spy or an interdimensional doppleganger, right?" These are legitimate questions for Nadia!

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Just do what? Check for allergies? Oh, no I walked around the venue shortly after it opened and entered all the information into a database. This was combined with the layout of the site and some studies into crowd behavior to identify where hotspots of activity will be." Vivian explains. "I have also downloaded all medical files for allergy responses."

Besides with Caitlin and Nadia here anything less than a full blown alien parasite will be no trouble to cure!

Kian gets a wave in greeting. "I have already taken the liberty of making a list of dishes you should avoid for personal dietry reasons." Which gets sent over via T-Comm. While Joan gets her image run through a very advanced search database. People shouting at her relatives always raises alarm flags. Empiricalevidence has shown that most of the time this leads to superhero fights or cold war spy thrillers.

Kian has posed:
    "Wha--?"  Kían is a little overwhelmed by everything.  "I, yis, thank you, Nadia.  I shoul' spen' more time away from the Tower an' learnin' more about this worl' anyway."
    He bows to Mori in greeting, spreading his wings slightly.  "Draw me?  If you like," he says, and he might *just* be holding his wings a little straighter.
    He checks his T-Com automatically when Viv tells him she's sent him some information.  "These are all sellers of food and drink?  What iss the even' this iss all for?"

Mori Merritt has posed:
"It's... appreciated about the food, thank you. Starting to think I need a part time job to cover my food bill these days. I think I snack too much," Mori notes, though she's clearly eyeing something that looks like a cheesy tater tot, and she snatches it up with her fingertips and tosses it into her mouth. Her eyes shift to Joan for a moment with some sort of vague recognition, but she can't seem to place it. "Looks like you've got a fan," she offers in Nadia's direction with a grin.

As she glances back to the table and notices Bart's got a gift, she blinks, then offers him a smile. "Hey, thanks." Her attention goes back to the food, then looks to Nadia. "I mean, food is a great idea. I'd love to try everything anyway. And I /am/ hungry all the time. I hadn't really noticed it until my grocery bill got a little pricier."

Mori levels her gaze at Vivian, then abruptly grins. "See, that's even /cooler/. Also it's a very considerate thing to do for everyone. Seriously. Thank you." As she observes Kian's little wing spread, she looks even more cheerful, then taps the side of her head. "Perk of being an artist who has photographic memory? I don't have to sit and stare awkwardly at someone to draw them later." She takes a quick peek around at the festival. "Oh, it's just for people to enjoy themselves and be creative. People can show off their skill. It's really very neat, there's a lot of different types of things." She picks up the paper tray with the cheesy tots and holds it out in Kian's direction. "Potatoes and cheese," she offers. After all, Vivian had just said something about personal dietary needs. Explaining what's in something seemed the polite thing to do.

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan starts to smile as Nadia starts to confirm that it does start with a 'P' but pauses as the shorter female goes into the line of questions. The brow raises at the mention of the word 'doppelganger'. She gives a shake of the head. "No to both but," She pauses, turning a bit more so she could lower her voice a little, "I did have an issue with someone who was probably mine about a month ago." She pauses, "I did some work for your father recently. Your shirt got me thinking..." She pauses, thinking how stupid that explanation would be.

Vivian's search does bring up a name. Joan Wright. Columbia University. Restoraction Architect. Employed with Damage Control. And possibly an article demonstrating the flaws of the 'breaking news!' methodology.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen looks over to the others, and says "I am glad, I have not had to deal with such things, I mean, one of me maybe more than most people could handle." He joes a bit. He will look over towards the food stalls, and says "Be right back, and I pay most of my food bills with recycling."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia grins at Mori, "You definitely need to try one of everything. For science, I don't make the rules or maybe I did, but they're the rules and need to be followed." Her manner is both jovial and encouraging.

"Oh, you know my dad?" Nadia tilts her head studying Joan for a moment and apparently decides based on whatever criteria exist in her head that Joan is not a spy or a dopple or that even if she is, she is confident that her assembled friends could help her deal with the situation. "What sort of work did you do for my Dad?" She asks glancing down at her shirt, as if she had never really considered it might be identifying. For a super genius she can be kinda clueless about some things.

"We're celebrating Mori's birthday!" Nadia asides for Kian, there is a pause as she thinks of how to explain this to the birdman even though she only recently learned about birthdays herself. "Humans celebrate the temporal increments of each revolution of the Earth around the Sun at the same time they were born during their first revolution in order to mark their age. Presents are exchanged and they're not supposed to pay for anything." She recounts for him.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"It's a breakdown of all vendors and a summary of the dishes in very simple terms," Vivian explains for Kian. "If you need additional information please let me know and I'll elaborate on any unclear points." She gives Mori a shy shrug. "That's very kind of you to say but it was really no trouble. I would be processing all the information anyway, this is simply sharing the results."

She offers Joan a polite wave. "Great Aunt Nadia I believe this lady works for Damage Control. I would assume she is connected with the Pym account somehow. I can check to confirm she is still in good standing if you want?" There is almost certainly a list she can access somewhere which details who the various approved individuals are for various business relationships.

She glances back to the birthday girl "Mori is there anything specific being sold that you are hoping to treat yourself to?" She hrms. "Or are you hoping to see any of the bands?"

Kian has posed:
    Kían nods to Vivian.  "I was not plannin' to get anythin'," he says.  "I do not wan' to take the chance on somethin' happenin' like what coffee or choc'late did to me, an' then someone has to carry me home."
    he listens attentively to Nadia's explanation, although he doesn't really have a look of comprehension.  "Someone has tol' me that you celebrate your own day of birt' an' I still do not under-stan'.  My paren's celebrate the day I was born; they did the work.  I was jus' there, I did not do anythin'.  I celebrate the day of my /I'takár/, my firs' flight.  That was somethin' I did."
    He looks genuinely puzzled for a moment.  "I wonder if I shoul' mark the day I came to this worl'...."

Mori Merritt has posed:
"I just thought I should pay because I was the one inviting people," Mori protests her reasoning. She wanted to hang out with friends! She looks in Vivian's direction at the mention of food and bands. "No, actually, I just wanted to find something fun that I could get people to come do with me and I've been /really/ hungry lately so this seemed perfect."

Speaking of bands, it seems like the one on stage has finally gotten settled. It's some kind of folksy pop music, and it seems like the band is pretty good. Battle of the Bands winners tend to be. Thankfully, though, the music's not too loud, it seems. Mori looks back to Kian. "Perhaps parents do the work initially, but celebrating the fact that you're here is kind of what birthdays are for. They're thanks that someone's still around."

She frowns. "There have been a few times in the last few years I wasn't sure if that would be true." She rubs her hands together, as if to warm them, doing her best not to think about it.

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan nods, pausing as Vivian waves to her and answers for her. She looks over to the woman. Giving a nod. "Yes. Damage Control. You guys break it. We go fix it."

She looks back over to Nadia, "Also sometimes I do rennovations." Mori's given another glance, the architect looking curiously "...You seem familiar but I can't remember where."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen hmms and says "The band aint bad, once played for one of my high school dances." He looks over to Kain and says "Think of it more as celebrating you made it through a year and welcoming the challange for the new year.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia nods in agreement with Mori's explanation, "The way it was explained to me, more than you celebrating it should be others celebrating you. Though some people like to celebrate themselves." She grins at Mori's reasoning for her choice of venue. "Well there is plenty of food here and I'm serious, try everything. There's a lot here I've never seen before myself and I want to try all of it too. Though I might not make it quite to everything, even with my accelerated metabolism."

Recognition and understanding dawns upon Nadia when it is revealed that Joan works for Damage Control, she has destroyed her fair share of property after all. "Oh! I know them, you guys do amazing work and so fast, too!" She smiles at Vivian, "No, I don't think we need to. She seems nice."

After a few moments she turns back to Mori, "Has your hunger been actively increasing?" She wonders, giving voice to something she had been turning over in her head since Mori said it.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision brushes her hair back behind her ear. "Early Human cultures used to think that days of major change welcomed evil spirits, so the celebrations would be held as a form of warding and protection. While the candles were first used by the Ancient Greeks to send prayers to Artemis. Perhaps Kian we could arrange a sample selection you can take back to the Tower to try in comfort?"

She tucks her hand into a pocket. "Mori if you catch fire again I planned ahead by bringing a fire blanket you can wrap your hands in."

She glances back to the group. "As an interesting aside scholars think the first Human birthday celebrations were carried out around five thousand years ago by the Ancient Egyptians but it's assumed to refer to the birth of the Pharaoh, which is a sort of Monarch, as a 'God' rather than the day they were born on as a Human."

Kian has posed:
    Kían thinks about that, then shrugs.  "Well, you do thin's diff'ren' here.  I know Gar has tol' me that bein' adult iss done here by years an' not by a rite, so you have to coun' years.  I guess you can not haf a firs' flight when you can not fly."  It is at least an answer that makes sense to him.

Mori Merritt has posed:
Mori takes a moment to squint at Joan, giving her a nod. "Yeah, I think I've seen you somewhere, you seem familiar." She snatches another cheesy tot from the last few on the table. "I always do a lot of snacking but I think I've been eating a little more than usual if I simply go by grocery bills. I hadn't really thought about it too much, lots of people stress eat. I thought I was getting into a bad habit."

The mention of a fire blanket gets an amused look from Mori. "Hopefully I won't need that. Besides, my hands are actually kind of cold at the moment." She glances at Kian. "I /wish/ we could all fly. That sounds fun."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen looks over and says "If you are ever in need for more food, and can't afford it let me know, I have picked up places to eat, and also places to eat cheap when you need to. We can hit a buffet if you ever want to, maybe not the same one twice.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia thinks for a moment, "Stress eating is definitely a thing but in the case of trying to figure out what is going on with you, any sort of change could be a clue. Actually I've been meaning to introduce you to Kian." She waves in her Bird Friend's direction, "Kian, this is Mori, I don't know if you've met. We've been trying to help her, it seems that some sort of aliens are sending images of distant parts of space into her head and she is developing new powers seemingly at random. If it's okay with you, sometime could you link minds with her and see if you can find anything strange?" She looks back to Mori. "Kian's people are telepaths. Don't worry, he's really nice."

Joan Wright has posed:
As Nadia provides the compliment, Joan turns her head back to smile to her. "Thank you. A lot of the work actually happens before damage even occurs."

She looks back to Mori, "It'll probably hit us later."

Joan opens up her box of dumplings, growing quiet as she puzzles over the Mysterious Mori.

Kian has posed:
    "Yis, if I can yelp, I will be happy to," Kían offers, smiling shyly at Nadia's assessment of him as 'really nice'.  He bows very slightly to Mori.  "  Wit' your per-mission, of course.  I woul' not enter your min' unwanted."
    He pauses a moment before asking, "Haf you seen any place that has people like me?"  It can't hurt to ask -- if not, he's no worse off than he is now.

Mori Merritt has posed:
There's a look of surprise at the mention of /linking minds/. "Wait, wait, you can do that?" Mori actually looks hopefully in Kian's direction. "Maybe you can make sense of some of what's in there. I'm not exactly an expert on alien cultures and I really don't entirely know all of what I'm seeing. As far as seeing people like you? I haven't, to be honest..."

She glances at Kian. "But I do have a lot of sketches of various things I've seen. Perhaps maybe landscapes might look familiar?"

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will make the rounds to refill the food, and get plenty of food for all at least for a bit.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia takes a step back to let Mori and Kian talk, "Yeah, he can. It's really neat!" She smiles and looks in the direction of the food that Bart keeps bringing, "Thanks Bart! Let me knoow how much it costs or if you need my credit card! Oooh what's this." She is distracted by a sausage on a stick that she begins munching, "Meat on a stick, this is genius!"