5117/Hot Dumplings Is More Fun When You Speak The Language

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Hot Dumplings Is More Fun When You Speak The Language
Date of Scene: 10 February 2021
Location: Hot Dumpling Restaurant
Synopsis: The Bats gather at Hot Dumplings for updates on Carrie's life, Steph inviting people out for her birthday, and Jason v Tim insults!
Cast of Characters: Stephanie Brown, Carrie Kelley, Tim Drake, Jason Todd

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown hasn't been out on patrol for several days now, others being assigned over to fill her routes. It might not have been noticed for a day or two, but it has stretched out for a bit of time now, enough that it would have been easy to spot by now.

It's nearing lunch time in Gotham. The University is a hub of activity as they prepare for the upcoming Winter Festival, that draws people from all over Gotham. Building ice rinks for broomball, setting up concessions and spots people can warm themselves. And the snow statues are well underway, having been worked on since late January.

But the freshman coed isn't there today. Stephanie sent out a text saying she was heading to Hot Dumpling for lunch, and seeing if anyone wanted to join. Actually the text doesn't read that. It's just a picture of the outside of the restaurant. But its meaning is understood as well as the Batsignal's is, at least in these circles.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie knows that signal very well, having used it herself MANY times during her freshman year. Whenever she wanted to get away from dorm food, she'd send that. She also hasn't been patrolling much since she has been back from her semester in France. But, she has a gap in her day -- a couple hours between class -- and she needs to get food, because...apparently in your early twenties you hit a strange growth spurt nobody ever talks about? Either way, she walks through the door of Hot Dumplings and looks around for Batgirl. When she spots the teen, she waves and walks over, hands slipping into her pockets.

"Hey, long time no see," she greets her friend warmly, smiling at the young woman, as she settles in, and then adds, "How are you doing?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie is sitting over at one of the small tables. There aren't many so it's easy enough to spot her. The old woman who is frequently there is behind the counter. Smoke rises from cigarettes at the table where mahjong is being played. A man looks up, seeing the second woman join the first and flashing a smile that could use a little time with an orthodontist. But it's a warm smile, so who is going to complain?

"Carrie, I thought maybe you'd dropped off the face of the Earth," Stephanie says, face lighting up. "I'm doing ok," she says, before realizing maybe that's not quite right. "Mostly ok. Alright, I'm... ah... festering is Doc Thompkins' professional language," she says, lowering her voice down low for that last part. "Bruce is calling in Zatanna to try to help. Demon claws from the museum thing," she says. If Carrie read the major cases, she'd know Felix Faust attacked a Gotham Museum for artifacts he used to summon some major class demons, before departing, using a meteor he pulled from the sky towards Metropolis, to distract the Justice League who had responded. The Justice League, and Batgirl.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley may have been a LITTLE remiss in reading reports while away. She's getting to them, honest, but...there are SO MANY. And most of them are boring patrol reports. But, still, she's working on it. Bat's honor. She smiles at Batgirl's words and shakes her head, "No, I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth, just...been busy with school and study abroad and Justin..." she shrugs very slowly, "It's been a weird few months."

The comment about festering gets Carrie to reach out and poke Steph in the shoulder, "Festering? What does that even mean?" she asks, before she leans back in her seat and crosses her arms under her bust and watches the freshman explain to the /very worldly/ junior. She reaches up to push her glasses up a little to get a better view of the girl, watching her mannerisms.

Tim Drake has posed:
The somewhat hectic sounds inside Hot Dumpling is overshadowed by the familiar roar of a suped up motorcycle as it pulls into the ally outside. Not long after Tim shuffles his way inside the dimly lit 'restaurant', lifting a hand in greeting to the elders in the back and giving the older hostess a warm smile, <<Hello, honored one. Just surprise the table with whatever you feel like bringing us today. I'm in the mood for some adventure....and as usual, put it all on my bill regardless of what the blonde one says. Ignore her pleas as you usually do.>>

He gives a respectful bow to the hostess and then turns to find the table where the other have gathered. "Ladies," Tim greets as he makes his way towards the table, settling on open chair and hanging his helmet on the back, "How're you doing, Steph? I talked to Bruce. Things are in motion to have an expert look at that thing on your side."

Jason Todd has posed:
Lunch time for other people was breakfast time for Jason. It came with having no 'real life' just the job. So when Steph's text comes he's just waking up, but honestly dumplings sound good, so he rolls out of bed gets on yesterday's clothes and heads on down.

He passes through the door giving Mrs. Wu behind the counter a big smile and chats with her briefly in Cantonese before making his way over to the table. "Ladies," he greets, yes Tim, that includes you. He flops down in a chair and says, "What up?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown had got a table with a few chairs, and with another nearby they could pull over if needed. Though for the moment it looks like the four-top is going to be the perfect number as the two men arrive to join the Gotham U coeds.

The blond waves to the two men as she's pulling out her phone. "Ok you either ordered for us or else you're discussing the lingering economic impact of the Protestant Reformation," Stephanie says of the two conversations the men have with Mrs. Wu. "And, if it's the latter, could you maybe dictate about 300 words on it for my paper?" she asks, giving them both a hopeful look.

The phone is unlocked and Stephanie works it to pull up a picture which she passes to Carrie discretely. It's a picture of Stephanie's side, or one might figure it's her. Four claw marks are kind of reddish tinged with purple, and in three spots purple lines are starting to grow away from the claw marks, in a path as if they are following veins beneath the skin. "That's what I meant," she says to Carrie.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley looks down at the phone as it is passed to her and winces. She lets out a tight breath and then says, "I was gonna give you a hug when I saw you, glad I didn't....you ok?" she asks, giving the girl a concerned look, and returning the phone to her just as discretely adding, "Is there anything I can do for you?"

The sound of the motorcycle pulling up gets a bit of a wince from her, and she sighs quietly, sinking a little lower into her seat as Tim and Jason come over. "Hi, guys," she says. It's polite. But, yeah, she's not like jumping out of her seat to greet them.

Tim Drake has posed:
"Maybe, Steph, or maybe we just were talking about you. Guess you will never know until you finally learn Cantonese. As for your paper you could start by informing your reader that while Protestant reformers aimed to elevate the role of religion, you'll find that the Reformation produced rapid economic secularization. The interaction between religious competition and political economy explains the shift in investments in human and fixed capital away from the religious sector." Tim grins, taking a seat and leaning back into his chair. "You can just expand on that."

Carrie gets a nod, "Carrie." It's a greeting, polite but without the warmness in his voice that he uses for Stephanie. "I trust you are well?"

As neutral as his voice is for Carrie, it drops into chilly for Jason as the elder 'middle son' of the Wayne boys makes his appearance, Jason's greeting causing a small smirk to form on Tim's face. "Hey, look everyone, It's a walking disappointment. Hello, Jason."

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason smirks back, "Weird way to introduce yourself Drake, but sure," he says leaning back in his chair, before giving the man a nod, "Tim." he says in proper greeting before looking around the table about the Protestant Reformation stuff, "So that's what you guys are spending all that money on Gotham U to learn about?" he shakes his head. "Good luck with that."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown smiles over to Carrie, meaning the expression to be reassuring. "Yeah, I should be ok. I'm sitting out and focusing on school in the meantime. Bruce's 'suggestion'. But, hopefully Miss Bewitched can make some headaway. It's just a bit sore but not terrible. Though yeah, hugs hurt right now," Stephanie says. Before turning that into a lyric. "Love hurts... love scars...." She lets the song die out. "So do imps apparently."

She hears what Tim said and grabby hands her phone back from Carrie. Fighting with it to turn on a recorder. "Elevate religion... interact... religious competitors... competitions... investing in human capital... ah crap, repeat that would you?" she asks Tim after she tries to repeat it herself into the phone once it's recording.

She grins over at Tim and Jason collectively and shakes her head. "You know, watching you two together... suddenly I realize that Philadelphia being named the City of Brotherly Love is far more apt than I'd ever considered."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"Sociology with a focus on criminal justice reform, if you're curious Jason," Carrie replies to the man's question, and then looks up at Tim as he talks about the Reformation. She looks about to say something when the first course arrives, and it includes egg rolls, so that's the end of Carrie's talking. She grabs one dips it in the spicy mustard at the table, and then takes a big bite and...well..the tears start soon after from the heat of the mustard.

It is at about that point -- mid chew -- when her phone rings. She plops it on the table with one hand (can't set down the egg roll after all) and the name on the screen says 'Justin'. She groans quietly picks it up, and answers, "Yeah? No I'm at Hot Dumpling. Egg Rolls. And..other stuff. Yes...yes..No you don't know them. No they're my work friends. What do you mean? N...what? Ok fine. After. AF-TER. Ok maybe in a bit. Yeah. Bye." She hangs up, and then takes another large, aggressive, bite of egg roll.

Tim Drake has posed:
Rolling his eyes at Jason, Tim turns back to Stephanie, "The interaction between religious competition and political economy explains the shift in investments in human and fixed capital away from the religious sector. In other words people started to shift away from the church and more towards the pursuit of the almighty dollar, much tot he Protestant's dismay. I'm sure you can pick it up from there. Heck, I just gave you about ten percent of your paper right there."

Tim glances down to the screen on Carrie's phone as it rings making note of the name, "Boyfriend?" he questions not that it is really any of his business, but there are secrets that must be maintained.

"An education is important, Jason...not that you would know anything about it never having gotten one. You should try it sometime."

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason snorts about the Philly remark, "Very fitting isn't it?" he says before taking an interest in Carrie's call along with Tim. "Yeah, spill, Kelly got some hot college romance going on?" he says, before his attention turns back to education. "Tried it, but after a I kicked Chet Powers through a stained glass window at Gotham Academy, Bruce and I agreed my talents lay in other directions," he says with a shrug, he drops his voice a bit so it doesn't carry beyond the table. "Besides I graduated top of my class from the Talia al Ghul school of murder and mayhem so I think that's as much learning as a man with my job needs in his life, but you guys enjoy your protestant reformations and that more useful stuff C's studying."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown captures Tim's words on the phone and then turns the recording off. "Thank you. I actually do plan to do the reading. But getting a leg up on it is a good thing," she says to Tim with a grin.

Stephanie sits up a little straighter at Carrie's call, though there's a tiny wince and her hand goes to her side where the bandage can be found under her shirt. "Nooow we know why you haven't been around," Stephanie teases. She looks up and gives Mrs. Wu a huge smile as the woman brings the food over. And gets a bit of a flat look back for her efforts. As the elderly Chinese woman walks away, Stephanie tells the table quietly, "I vow I am going to win that woman over yet."

Stephanie glances back to Carrie's phone. "Hasn't been my problem for awhile. Just back to loveable loser," she kids. The golden compass with the diamonds on the points she'd worn for so long isn't being worn anymore, hasn't for a few months.

A curious look is given to Jason as he mentions Talia al Ghul. "Damian's mom?" she asks. The curious look grows a bit, but for now the blond files that little tidbit away, new information for her.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"First, gross, I'm not giving you a run down of my love life Jason for you to go dream about, and yes, you know it Tim. I told him all our secrets too. I just couldn't handle myself." Carrie shoots back at the two men, before she sighs quietly at Steph and shakes her head, "Not the reason," she says flatly, before she digs into her purse and pulls out a five that she drops on the table, "For my egg roll." And then, she's getting up and heading for the door, "You guys have fun, Steph don't pay too close attention to the Neanderthals." And once she's out, well, there's this motorbike outside whose seat she can use to jump up onto the rooftops to get around a little quicker so...there'll be a nice big dusty shoeprint on Tim's leather seat.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason smiles at Mrs. Wu's flat response to Steph's smile. "It's her way," he says. "Even when I did dishes and other crap around here as a kid, never once got a smile, she fed me well enough though, so that was good enough." Clearly his pre-Bruce years. No comments about Talia though beyond what he's given so far. He watches with amusement as Carrie takes her leave of them, "You wish Kelly,," he says of him dreaming on her love life with a snort and a shake of his head, and when she's gone he looks to Tim with a sardonic smirk, "Good work." Is it Tim's fault, probably not but like that matters to Jason.

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim blinks at Carrie, his brow raising up slightly. "All I asked is if that was her boyfriend..." he comments aloud with a shrug as he watches the redhead leave with a sigh. "I really don't know why she seems to dislike me so much." He turns back, grabbing his glass of water and taking a sip from it as he looks towards the other two at the table. "Oh, bite me, Jason."

Tim reaches out and grabs an eggroll, taking a bite. "I don't know what you two are talking about. Mrs. Wu loves me, give me a smile all the time. I just must be more likable...current circumstances being the exception I suppose," he finishes as he glances back towards where Carrie left.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie glances over at the woman behind the counter before taking a bite. "Yeah?" she asks Jason. "I always kind of felt like she had more smiles of the rest of you." As Tim comments as much she does a double-handed, Vanna White sort of gesture to highlight her point.

The young woman glances towards where Carrie departed. "Yeah, not sure what that was about. I don't know who the guy is though. We haven't had a gossip session in quite awhile," Stephanie tells them. Before sitting up a little straighter. "Not that we have gossip sessions. Because that would be cliché. And set back our feminine progress," she tells them, and giving Tim and Jason both a small glare daring them to say otherwise!

She takes another bite, chasing the spicy mustard with a sip of Coke. She sets the can down and gives a little wince, shifting in her seat slightly. "So are you tired of having that great big theater yet, Tim? I think that place has to be a pain to dust. Or do you have someone come in for that? I'd imagine you kind of don't want a maid wandering around though with all your toys there."

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason gathers up some chow mien with his chopsticks taking a bite. "She's met and talked to you right?" Jason ventures with his mouthful about Carrie's problem with Tim.

Jason takes Steph up on that dare, "Right... so this gossiping, would that be after the facials but before the underwear pillow fight?" he asks, if they were going to truck in cliches might as well go all the way. "Besides don't see how talking about guys sets you back any, the Bechdel test only applies to movies and TV." Yes, he knows what that is, shocking right?

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim sideeyes Jason as he finishes his eggroll, "I don't know what you are talking about. I'm a delight."

Tim does look a bit surprised as the words 'Bechdel test' make their way out of Jason's mouth. "Careful there, Jay. You might overtax yourself with those big thoughts."

Tim glances over at Steph and shrugs. "I have help, I just built it instead of hired it. Get a few robot vacuums and drones, merge them together with a decent AI and you have your own dusting army."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown waits for the dumplings to arrive. Because the sign says Hot Dumplings, not Hot Chow Mein. Right? She actually doesn't know. Stephanie relies on everyone else to tell her what the sign says. And like someone who gets a tattoo in Asian tattoo but doesn't read that language themselves, she's pretty much at the mercy of those supplying the translation.

"Oh after the underwear pillow fight," Stephanie assures Jason. "If we even go with the underwear option anymore," she says with a sigh as if life is hard when faced with such choices. "And, can I give you specs for more robot servants to build me, Tim?" she asks. "Pretty please?"

She chuckles and smiles over at the two wards of Bruce Wayne. "Oh, before I forget... this Saturday is the Winter Festival on campus. It's open to the public though, big thing they have on campus. There's pick up broomball, you'd like that Jason, it's like hockey but wearing shoes on the ice, and brooms with the bristles cut short. And snow statues and ice carving. There's a snowboard halfpipe that you step out of one of the upper floors of one of the buildings for the run. And food and beer and hot beverages. Music of all sorts, dancing. Big party at night," she says, glancing between them. "If you guys want to come."

She picks up her can of Coke and says in a mumbled voice while her lips are hidden by the can. "Also it's my birthday."

Jason Todd has posed:
"Not the word I'd choose but, sure we can go with that for now," Jason says about Tim being a 'delight'. He does indeed start in on the dumplings when he's finished the first bite of chow mien. "And I think Drake, just don't do the school thing," he says with a smirk before Steph's pillow fight line catches his attention. "Oh do tell," he says knowing it's made up but enjoying all the same, "Sure, I'll show up, and if broomball has fights like hockey, count me in."

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim snags a dumpling from the steamer with his chopsticks, dunking it into the black vinegar on the table before placing it into his mouth to chew, "Oh? And just what words would you use, Jason? This should be good. I mean, personally, I might suggest superior? Upgrade? The one that was smart enough to wear pants? I am sure I can come up with more if you need help."

Tim looks over to Stephanie and shrugs a shoulder, "I might be out of town, it all depends. Wait, did you just say birthday?" Tim glances down at his watch and taps on it a few times, "Well I'll be damned..."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie dunks her dumping and then promptly drops it with her chopsticks back onto her plate. "Slippery sucker," she mutters, positioning the chopsticks back in her fingers to get them right. Not a lack of dexterity, but of experience eating with them her downfall.

She points the chopstick's Jason's way. "What, fill in the details and ruin your thoughts tonight as you're staring at the ceiling?" she teases him. "As if."

She makes another attempt at the dumpling, this time making it into her mouth. "Mmmmmmm so good," she says. She turns to look towards Mrs. Wu. "Delicious!" she calls over softly along with a big, happy grin.

She gets back a brief, flat stare before Mrs. Wu goes back to whatever she was working on. Stephanie, lets out a breath, blowing it at some stray wisps of blond hair. "One of these days," she vows.

Stephanie kind of tries to gloss over the birthday part as Tim repeats it. "If you can, great, would love to have you guys there. My first Winter Festival as a student. If not though, no worries," she says.

Jason Todd has posed:
"I was thinking more rich bougie nerd asshole but whatever floats your boat Drake," Jason says snagging a second dumpling for himself. "But you were never better than I was, still aren't," he says with a bit more feeling than the casual malice he usually throws Tim's way, clearly that got under his skin. "I don't think I've got anything to do, so count me in," he says about the festival. "And you're not getting away that easily, so it's your birthday too, huh?"

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim snorts, a hint of a smirk forming on his lips as he catches the tone change in Jason's response. "Whatever you tell yourself to make you sleep better, Todd." One point for Drake.

Grabbing another dumpling himself and popping it into his mouth as Mrs. Wu brings out another steamer tray of a different type of dumpling. Tim gives the elderly matron a smile and a bow of his head as she departs, turning from Jason to Stephanie now that his victory point has been won. "You do know that detail wouldn't have gotten past any of us, right? Well, at least most of us."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown said it so obviously she wanted them to know, but neither does she necessarily want a big deal made of it. "Yeah, the big 19. Two more years to buying a drink," she says with an annoyed roll of her eyes. Not that she drinks very often even now that she's in college. "Just thought it would be nice to have you guys around me," she says, eyes down on the table. She's a little quieter than Stephanie's normal, joking and energetic demeanor.

For those at the table, with years of Bruce's training, she is likely easy to read. Having them there would mean a lot to the girl that has been on the outside looking in until the last half-year. But feel uncomfortable making too big of a deal about it.

Stephanie takes another sip of her Coke. "Oh and there's snowshoe races too. The Greek organizations all compete but students and the public can enter too. Never been on snowshoes before but I'm willing to give it a go."

Jason Todd has posed:
Jay snorts, "Whatever Replacement," he snorts, going back to his food, but shooting a look over at the 'most of us' comment. "Better you than me," Jason says turning back to Steph at the mention of the snow shoes. "But I'll definitely watch some frat bros fall on their faces though," he says with a smirk. "Anyhow what do you want for your birthday? I can get you new rims for the compact if you promise not to ask where they came from," he says wryly, joking.

Tim Drake has posed:
Ignoring Jason now, Tim goes about grabbing one of the new dumplings and setting it into the bowl of black vinegar to soak for a moment, using his chopsticks to gesture as he speaks, "If you want a drink that bad I am sure we could borrow a jet and get you to Europe or Mexico where the age limit is much less restrictive. Or you could just hit a belt from the flask I am sure Jason has on him," Tim says matter-of-factly, using the chopsticks to point in the general vicinity of where an inner pocket would be on Jason's coat. "Knowing him...I would say it's got some cheap whiskey, so make sure you eat more or it will burn a hole in your gut."

Retreiving the dumpling from the bowl, he places it into his mouth and chews, eyes going a bit wide after a few seconds before he reaches for the water. "Hot.." He eyes Jason again, his eyes rolling up to threaten to roll back up into his head at the rims remark, "Really, Todd? I'm sure the last thing she wants are 'questionable' rims for her car. What do you want, Steph?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown does end up laughing a little bit. "And have Bruce come hunting me down?" she says, making assumptions just where those rims would come from. "I'd probably end up in the shorts next. I like purple more than red," she says teasingly towards both men.

The young woman eats another dumpling then pauses. "I... don't know. Um. This last year has been sort of... one humongous birthday present for me. Already got far more than I ever really hoped for," she says, her eyes drifting away for a moment. No doubt seeing a Bat logo on a particular feminine-cut costume.

"You've seen my apartment. Just about anything would do. Salt and pepper shakers?" she tells them with a grin. At the comments about flying her somewhere, and Jason's flask, she says, "Oh, I don't really drink that much anyway. I just think it's dumb an 18 year old can't drink legally. And he actually did buy me a beer a week or two ago. Beer and chili," she says, "And entertainment." She flashes a grin over to Jason and offers him a fist dap.

Stephanie gets another dumpling to dunk. "Really though, just getting to share my first Winter Festival there with you guys would be enough."

Jason Todd has posed:
"Or we could use the ID lab back home to make her a fake ID, how are you the smart one again Tim?" Jason asks, "And the stuff in my flask is top shit, even if it's a little strong from Timmy here," he says with jerking his thumb in Tim's direction. He takes that fist dab. "That was fun," he agrees. "And besides Bruce's rims are totally the wrong size for the compact anyhow," he says coming back that joke, before continuing. "Anyhow I'll figure something out."

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim Drake says, "Do you know what Bruce would do if he found out we made her a fake ID for that purpose?" Tim suggests as he looks over to Jason, "Right..not that you would care because you are the 'bad boy' of the family...though we both know that role has been taken up by Damian. So where does that leave you now? Oh..right...replaced. Again."

Tim looks back to Steph and nods, glancing between the pair as she mentions that Jason bought her a drink and making a low 'ah' sound. "Well, as I said, if I am around I will try to make it, Steph. I can't promise anything.""

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown gets a small grin. "Tim, you need to see The Compact. It's that car that... that I was going to use to race in that underground race circuit. Got it souped up, up in New York," she says. "Not everything we'd planned but, it sure beats the motorcycle on the worst winter days," she says. "Come by some night and we can go find an ice parking lot. You can really get it spinning like a top because it's so light."

She chuckles and tells Jason, "I was just going to be flattered the guy was hitting on me until, yeah, well. He did have a lot of friends though. Kind of disappointing how many of them were willing to hit a lady," she says.

Stephanie nods over to Tim again then. "I just hope you can, but understand if you have stuff going on," she tells him. She takes another bite of dumpling as the comparison between Jason and Damian is made. "Where does that leave him?" she repeats. She looks at Jason and holds out her hand, about where his head is. Then lowers it WAY down short. Then moves it back up again. "Taller, I'd say," she says with a laugh.

Jason Todd has posed:
"Scowl and tell us how disappointed he is in us?" Jason suggests. "Nah I don't worry what Bruce thinks because I'm an adult and don't care if he gets mad at me or not. Besides D's cool and proves Bruce's kids go like the Star Trek movies, only the even numbers are any good."

This time his phone rings and he checks the number and frowns. "This has been fun," he says getting up and dropping a beat up fifty on the table. "We'll have to do this again sometime," he says before knocking back his drink and heading for the door.

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim watches Jason go, "Yeah. Loads,' the 3rd Robin says as he stands himself, reaching into his pocket to pull out some bills which he tosses down onto the table. "About as fun as having my teeth pulled without Novocain. I can't wait." he deadpans.

Tim gives Steph another glance, and shrugs a shoulder. "There are more dumplings coming, just have Mrs. Wu box them up to go and you can take them home. That should help feed you poor college student self." he smirks, offering a bit of a lazy wave as he makes his way for the door. "Take care, Steph."

After a moment, heard in the distance over the hustle and bustle of the little restaurant, "Who the hell stepped on my bike!? Damnit, Todd!" Because it had to be him, right?