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It'sa her, Jubio!
Date of Scene: 14 March 2020
Location: Burger Joint
Synopsis: Rogue, Remy and Joshy go to the Burger Joint. It is a restaurant that sells Burgers. It is not a store that sells joints that taste like burgers. It's a fun little casual time, and there's a ukulele.
Cast of Characters: Jubilation Lee, Rogue, Remy LeBeau, Joshua Foley

Jubilation Lee has posed:
It's a slow day at the Burger Joint, dead really, what with UNNAMED RESPIRTORY ILLNESS running rampant through the North East, people aren't eating out... they're at home.. uh.. "There's a joke here." Jubilee knows it, we all know it.

Jubes is sitting on the counter tuning her Ukulele, "me me me me me". Her boss, the night manager anyways, is frowning at her, what the hell are you doing? What if a customer comes in? "If a customer comes in, would you rather they see me having a good time at work or touching all the surfaces after coughing on my hands?"

NEITHER.. Can it be NEITHER? "No, those are your options, Steve."

Tune, "Me me me me me me..."

Rogue has posed:
On their way back from the movies again, Rogue Remy and the mopey Josh who'd been invited to get him out of Xavier's decided to swing past the Burger JOint. Once inside, she'd looked around. "This place is kinda dead, I wonder if Jubilee--"

She stops talking when she hears the voices behind the counter and she just smirks and glances to Remy and Josh to show them both a sly grin, then starts to walk toward the counter, pulling her coat off to fold it over her wrists.

"Heya." Rogue says to her friend. "Bad time?" She has to ask, glancing over to her manager and giving the man a grin then a little finger waggling wave just so he can see it's her again.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"It a good time, non?" Remy asks aloud, shouldering his way into the restaurant and striding towards the counter, "No lines. Good food. No wait."

As he approaches the counter, he tilts his head a little to regard Jubilee through the dark glasses he wears. He points at the ukulele, shaking his head to shake a loose strand of auburn hair from his forehead.

"You flip burger with dat?"

Joshua Foley has posed:
To be honest Josh was moping on the front steps watching the front yard. It is sort of like watching grass grow. He had the school wifi password, so his disconnected phone isn't an entirely useless brick of electronics but the last 48 hours has been... Much.

Still he isn't wearing the gear Rogue found him in, he isn't bruised and battered, and he is mobile so he accepts the offer to leave campus. It is a good distraction from being... you know.. disowned... so good on Rogue and Remy.

That said Josh is a little nervous about Rogue, the last time he saw her before he was knocked out was her tossing a tire off a van at his former best friend and crushing him. So yeah this is a wee bit sureal.

It's been a week.

He digs around and pulls his wallet out to check if he has enough cash for burgers now too, because well there was already a movie. He is trailing after Remy and Rogue distracted.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"No, actually, you can settle an argument me an Steve-" Jubilee, you know my name is Curtis. "-... I actually didn't..." Glancing over at the Nightmanager with a frown, "You definitely look more like a Steve. But you shouldn't interrupt me while I'm talking to customers." While sitting on the counter.

Jubilee rolls her eyes and waves a hand backwards dismissively at Steve-Curtis, "Anyways.. as the only customers in the establishment all day, which would you, the loyal customers of Burger Joint, want more on this auspicious Friday the 13th?" She lifts her Ukulele and plays a little three string cord progression, "A jubilant Jubilee playing a Jingle or... a Jittery Jubilation expectorating and touching all the surfaces? I feel like it's obvious..."

She deadpans at Remy, "God, yes... You know the Ukulele is only ninteen dollars? That's less than some of the more fancy spatulas at spatula city."

I should fire you.

"He wont." Jubes shakes her head, "He knows better."

Eyeing Josh trailing behind the adoring couple, "Hey, hey you. Over there with the mopey eyes.. This is a mope free establishment. Seriously, the server is sitting on the counter playing Ukulele, you're not allowed to be in a dower mood." Plucky little tune.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over to Remy and Josh and leans over toward them to whisper and explain. "She's the hottest employee they've ever hired here, so they put her up front to sell more food by getting people to come up to talk to them."

Once up at the counter, Rogue just grins at the banter between Steve and Jubes. "I uh, you know, just like your smilin' face. And I cam here t'get another one of those Frosty and Fries things like last time. You were right about them and I've had it on my mind ever since we went t'the mall." She looks back to Remy then and smiles at him. "I don't think she makes the food--" Back to Jubilee. "You don't make the food do you?" She's not concerned, not one bit!

With her gloved fingers on the counter's edge she taps them in a waving motion with little thuds of stronger fingers hitting the counter. At Josh, she tips her chin up. "What you wanna have, Mistah Joshman? I'm buyin'."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Oh, she just take de money and play de petit guitar?" Remy asks, reaching into his pocket and producing a fat, overstuffed wallet. He opens it, revealing photographs of a wholesome family - none of whom appear to be Remy - and digs out a few crisp bills. He lays them out on the counter, patting them a couple of times after he does. There's a pointed look to Rogue, followed by a broad grin.

"I'm buyin'. Frosty an' Fries it is, den. Uh, I guess I'll have dat, too? Josh, how 'bout you, cher?"

He tilts back slightly, looking over his shoulder towards the mopey moperson.

Joshua Foley has posed:
Josh blinks a little startled as he is callled out for moping by the girl sitting on the counter with a Ukulele. "Well.. uh." blink blink. "I'd vote playing a jingle over the other..." he manages a touch of a smile. At least until Rogue offers to buy him food because well that is unexpected.

Still. Be smart Josh. You have like twenty six bucks to your name and no idea when you will have more. Sure Kitty did say that people do chores and help out at school for money sometimes but christ.

So yeah he adopts a full smile from the startled one he gave Jubilee. "The cheeseburger, fries, shake combo.. if that is okay?" he doesn't want to push it but she asked so he answers. It is also a combo meal, that saves money right. Right?

"Wait.. are you going to dip your fries in the shake?" do people actualy do that outside of TV, now there is an element of morbid curiousity.

"Can my shake be a Frosty too?" why... because Rogue and Remy seem cool, and that is how Josh rolls.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Jubilee pretends not to hear the compliment, looking down at her Ukulele, but preens all the same. She's found her cords now, all three of them. That's the beauty of the Ukulele, ya see. It only takes three cords to make a song. So she starts playing.

"You dip the fries in frosty; and pretend the world is salty sweet. Eating at the Burger Joint; nothing questionable about the meat.. Steve is flipping paddies; and Lucas dips the fry. We've all had labs and shots done; cus corperate hates when you die."

Strum, "Unless it's from a flavor explosion."

"That's a little song I wrote."

Sliding down off the counter to work the register, ringing up the order, "Three shakes, three fries, one paddy." She shouts back at the cooks who set to work while she plays conversational hostess, leaning out to take the money Remy laid on the counter and not paying much attention to the fact it use to belong to a guy with an adorable family.

"Uhh..." Josh hasn't ever dipped fries in a frosty? "You're joking right? What... Wh-.. is he serious?" Pointing at Josh, looking at Rogue, "Oh, dear boy.. my heart.. my soul... my everything. I'm about to rock your entire world. The whole ass world. Rocked... You're about to find contentment in deliceousness hitherto unattainable by meer solitary consumption of frosty and fries seperated by their bitter house feud.. Poisoned in a catacomb and knifed to death for the love none thought possible... The savory delight of fries married to the sweet creamy joy of chocolate frosty..." Both hands lay over her heart, swooning. "Thus with a kiss.. I dine."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes go to that fat wallet that Remy opens up. It's like the 3rd walelt she's seen him produce in the month or so that they've known each other. She knows whats up, but she trusts him to be doing what's right and well... back in January she was running on being homeless for 2 years straight. It's not like she didn't steal a few times to get food.

So, pretend it's all good and the wallet was owned by a jerk or something. "My sugah daddy." She says to Remy affectionately before looking to Josh, then to Jubilee with a grin. "I loved that song." At her manager she speaks a little louder. "She's your best advertisement for this place, ya know? She's entertainin' your customers." Gotta speak up for her friend, right?

Back to Josh then she nods at him. "Absolutely, I hadn't done it before either until Singer and Songwriter Jubilation Lee here told me about it. You'll love it."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I agree with mon catin," Remy adds, reaching a gloved hand out to squeeze Rogue's shoulder affectionately before addressing the manager in the back, "Dis ukulele girl make me want to order two meals. Well done, ukulele girl."

The meals paid for; Remy tucks the wallet away back in his pocket. Once it is bereft of cash, he'll probably toss it - by which he means he'll throw it in a post box and hope the post office send it back where it belongs. Satisfied, he turns around and wanders in Josh's direction to muss his hair with the palm of his hand.

"Frosty's all round, hein? Here, hang on to dis for me."

He pulls a keychain with a rabbit's foot, a set of keys, and a little metal plaque reading 'My Child is an Honor Student at Salem-Keizer' into Josh's hand. That done, he sits at one of the tables nearest the counter.

Joshua Foley has posed:
At the end of the little song, while Jubes is ringing up the order. Well Josh will clap. It isn't like oscar night claps and it isn't like golf clapping sass. Somewhere in the middle. He does note out loud "Yup, the jingle is definitely at least a hundred times better than the alternative."

Idly Josh wonders if he can cure the flu or other pandemics. Here is to not having to find out right away, so jingle it is.

Josh, niave teenager he is, has no idea that Remy stole some guys wallet. He is much to new and not at all worldly enough to figure that out yet.

Anyhow the saga of dipping fries into shakes is now the floor show, to wit he watches Jubilee perform. Okay, moping is definitely forgotten for the moment in the face of this level of distraction. "Well... with that kind of endorsement I hope so." to Rogue. Then back to Jubilation "Nice to meet you, I'm Josh. Cool Ukulele."

The hair mussing gets a start and he pulls his hands out of his hoodie pockets where he had stuffed them to rake his fingers through his hair to sort that out. Which means his hands are free to accept the keychain and kets. "Wut." he peers at the keys and the well, that plaque specifically. Okay. Odd. He shrugs and puts them in his pocket.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Steve knows when he's been licked. Jubilee has a way with people... also Steve smells like onions.

This is a proven fact that has gone through extensive experimentation.

"You wont be disappointed." Said to Josh, "Hey Steve, I'm taking my mandated twenty five minute break and smoking crack in the bathroom." Shouting over her shoulder as she, and her Ukulele, leap over the counter. She has the presence of mind to slide their food over first, though.

"So, aside from grand theft auto and larceny, what're you cool cat daddies up to?" She left her jacket behind the counter, but she's wearing, as always, hi-top Heeley sneakers. Rolling across the floor towards where Remy is sitting with her toes lifted so she's floating on her heels.

Hands all up in her pockets. Leaning towards Josh arm around his shoulder, leading him towards Remy's booth. "So tell me your whole life story, I want to hear everything."

Joshua Foley has posed:
Okay the food looks absolutely fantastic.

The girl with the Ukelele also pretty fantastic.

Her wanting to know his life story is a bit less fantastic in the sense how does he even begin to answer that. I mean it is a secret he was told. "Well. I've lived a quiet life down in the city where no one dipped fries in shakes so this will be a learning experience. I guess I'm going to school up here though starting .. now... so I'm sure I'll be back here for the fries and shakes..." moving to sit at the table Remy claimed.

He reaches for his fries and shakes to get it at trying this supposed miracle.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Sir, that is the boringest backstory I've ever heard... We need to spice that shit up." Jubilee says with a pronounced frown, steering Josh towards a seat with the arm around his shoulder, the other hand waves in a marque unseen, "Imagine, if you will, the story of Mopeyton Mopester, who fought off an angry mob of a thousand mutated camels to bring us tales of great sorrow from deep within the heart of New York City. Where, it is rumored, they are fucking heathens and don't eat fries dipped in shakes..."