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Date of Scene: 10 February 2021
Location: A secret Workshop somewhere in metropolis.
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Oswald Loomis, Winslow Schott

Oswald Loomis has posed:
     Tikka-two shoo shoo. Tikka-two shoo shoo. Tikka-two shoo shoo. Rattles the engine of the lime green Yugo as it rattles its way down the metropolis streets. Its hood has been replaced with a dull yellow metal fabrication a single stripe of red designed to look as the shape of an all too wide tie.

     Each of the headlights has been modified to look as a pair of eyes looking to the left and right as it rolls down the road. The engine sounds like it's half about to die as it rattles right to the adress of Toyman's littlelayer.

     Oswald is thrown forward by the force of the breaks caught by his 8 point harness as it etches to a stop. He throws the parking break into place with a loud kathunk. He rubbs his hands together with a smile taking in the surroundings covered in snow. "The joys of the giant peach." A single button press on the sides around the big red release button for his seatbelt causes the harness to give way allowing him to shut the engine off with a sputtering hiss like something out of an old cartoon.

     He goes to open the door and it sticks for a moment. So he pushes harder, and then harder still before tumbling out and catching himself to a perfect stand. Reaching one hand into the pocket of his neon green suede suit Oswald pulls fourth what appears to be a folded bit of cloth and begins to unfold it one square at a time.

     Out and out he folds it until it becomes a tarp which he throws over the car kicking the door shut with a loud rattling thud. Gone is the Yugo from before, replaced with a rather generic looking hybrid all too common to the streets of metropolis. Get too close and you'd notice it's just a detailed covering but the point remains that to a glance and the untrained eye it passes the stink test.

     He wanders his way to the doors of the warehouse one foot stepping down in front of the other into the snow, till he reaches a lovely side door, and gives a the first half of The MPU Theme. "Excuse me, I'm with the girl scouts and I'd just love to sell you some genuine girl scout cookies made with real girl scouts." He smiles wide waiting for the door to open for him, with that overconfident smile that's won the hearts of an entire nation.

Winslow Schott has posed:
Winslow Schott's workshop was not exactly a open secret. In fact, the only people aware of it's very existence were members of Schott's gang and members of Metropolis' Underworld who have earned the trust of the eccentric and quite dangerous toymaker. So, it was quite unexpected for someone to be knocking on the side door of the warehouse and advertising their presence. The side door flings open, but instead of Winslow Schott, Loomis would be greeted by a tall, obese Asian man with a build that almost resembled a sumo wrestler. He was currently wearing a button down plaid shirt, blue jeans, and had a nasty looking scar on his right cheek. The man towered over Loomis as he looked down at him with a sneer, before his face suddenly turned to that of recognition. He then says in a rough voice,

"Wait a minute, you're that Loomis fellow that used to be on TV, Mr. Schott told us all about you. I suppose you wanna see him? Follow me."

As you followed Mr. Sumo through the warehouse the smell of mildew and mold mixed with what smelled like motor oil filled the air. It was quite obvious that the mold and mildew were there for years, but the motor oil smelled more fresh. As you go deeper and deeper into the plant, you swear you could hear music, singing, and what sounded like Children's laughter coming from further into the facility. The noises grew louder and louder until you stopped at two double doors at the center of the plant. The obese man then suddenly stops and looks at you with a frown as he says,

"Listen, Mr. Schott is in the middle of a project, try not to touch anything, he tends to get upset when his projects get delayed."

The door suddenly flings open and Bright lights immediately flooded your eyes as the sounds of music and laughter grew louder and louder. Once your eyes grew accustomed to the brightness, what you saw before you resembled a child's playroom. There were toys scatted all over the floor, and placed rather neatly on the shelves. The toys varied from small, old-fashioned tinker toys, all the way to jumbo teddy bears. Amongst these toys you would a rather large amount of Unicorn toys of various sizes, all from "My Precious Unicorn." On the farthest corner of this playroom was a short, dumpy man with slightly long brown hair wearing what appeared to be a peach colored three-piece suit. He suddenly turns around, revealing that he was wearing a pair of wire-rimmed glasses that covered watery blue eyes and a red bow tie. Behind him was a tool bench that appeared to have a humanoid shape on it. If you were to look closer you would recognize the shape as the sinister "Red Wizard", one of the worst villains to terrorize King Flare's kingdom in MPU. Schott's eyes widen for a moment before he manages to choke out,

"L-Loomis? Is that you?"

Oswald Loomis has posed:
     "Used to be is a strong word, you see sometimes I still am, although these days it's not usually on the kids channel." Loomis offers looking with a smile as he stands in place looking up towards the sumo wrestler. He was only 5 feet tall, a very short man in the world of giants but stood with a confidence and a joy that radiated from him in all circumstances.

     "Perhaps you've seen my work on channel 5's evening news?" He asked with a bit of a smile before the large man began to lead into the warehouse. The smell of motoroil is comforting, and brings a smile to The Pranksters face as he rubs his hands together once more with a smile from ear to ear. "Oh don't worry, I only touch things when it's good for a laugh."

     Looking up towards the much, much larger man with a bit of more of an understanding smirk as if to say without saying. 'I know the rules.'

     Loomis stands letting his eyes adjust to the brilliant light he blinks quite a few times before throwing on a pair of cheap x-ray glasses to dim the lights somewhat so he can better adjust. Of course when he does all he can see is skeletons and the like but it's mostly for his eyes to adjust. "Well at least half of me." He takes the glasses off and tosses them back into his green suede jacket. "Folks keep saying I've lost weight but I don't tend to envy the poor bastard who found it all." He moves further into the room with a bright and friendly smile walking with purpose as he makes sure not to knock anything over.

     "Schott, it's been a hot minute and you haven't changed a day." He comments with a smile, thumbs going under his suspenders for a brief moment as he rocks back and forth on his feet. "Giving the old Red Wizard a spin to put ol you know who back in his place?"

Winslow Schott has posed:
Schott smiled briefly at Loomis before starting to walk away from his tool bench and towards the now supervillain. Schott remembered when MPU was starting off, and Henderson, his former company, had the very intelligent idea of using Loomis, a TV Vet at that point, as a launching-pad for their show, and it worked splendidly. The cartoon had years of success, even after Schott had left the company to go independent, and Loomis was a big contributor to it. It was quite a shame what happened to his show, he didn't deserve to have his reputation wrecked like that. Schott chuckles lightly at Loomis as he says,

"Loomis, It has been a very long time indeed. I remember my wonderful labor of love airing after your show, it was one of the greatest days of my life. Your contributions helped make a legend in the toy business, I never got a proper time to say thank-you though."

Toyman then glances sadly at the Wizard before saying,

"Hopefully not my friend. My Precious Unicorn still holds a place in my heart. I've been doing a little project, I'm bringing my characters to life, I know it sounds silly but a life of a supervillain is quite the lonely one. Anyway, what brings you here Loomis?"

Oswald Loomis has posed:
     "On the bright side I'd say you've got the chance now." Loomis offers a light little bow a deck of cards falling out of his breast pocket fluttering towards the ground before shattering to little more than dust. Just one of the little tricks up his sleeve.

    "And of course my response would be: 'You're very much welcome, but didn't need to say it for me to know it in my heart'." He offers a friendly smile. "After all, your show helped me a fair bit as well, gave a lifetime of joy to a man in need."

     Loomis looks a bit saddened at the mention of the lonely life of a supervillain as he thinks back to those early weeks as The Prankster spent attempting to rob banks from the back of his Yugo. Though he doesn't give a frown, no that would be breaking character. It's only for an instant before he carries back on that more chipper attitude.

     "Well I don't know if you're entirely aware but of late I'm something of a supervillain myself." He places a single hand on his chest, standing right beside Captain Bones by sheer coincidence. "And I thought to myself: Self why not check in on Schott, and see if you can't offer your services his way."

     He removes his hand from his chest now wearing a small ring on the finger from a bit of slight of hand. "And so I called in a lot of favors and here I am."

Winslow Schott has posed:
A knowing smiles crossed Schott's as he tugs on his suit collar and chuckles lightly. He seemingly does not notice Loomis' sad expression as he says,

Ahh yes, you are the Prankster now correct? I was wondering if it was you who flooded Metropolis University with popcorn. That was a dilly of a prank if I say so myself." Schott chuckles at this and then glances up at Bones, who is taller than both of the men combined at 10 ft. Schott smiles warmly at the robot before tugging at his sleeve while saying,

"It seems you stumbled upon Captain Bones, my favorite MPU villain. Remember when that Scallywag of a minotaur and the other villains of my show invaded your show for the Halloween special, good times. If I do recall you made a donkey out of Bones, and he swore revenge?"

Suddenly, Schott backs up in fear and points to the minotaur robot, who's eyes suddenly open and glow red as it stares down at Loomis. Suddenly, it roars in anger as he suddenly shouts out,


Oswald Loomis has posed:
     Oswald can't help but smile as he recalls that little moment. "The problem wasn't sneaking that much unpopped corn into the dorms, it was hijacking the trucks without a team." He moves one step back on the spot flicking that ring from one finger to the next in passing of the time.

     Loomis jumps back as well falling already back into his role as if it were just yesterday. Of course the last time he'd seen Captain Bones it was a man in an admittedly rather convincing costume, but it was still enough to kick his mind right back into those old shoes, and he could still remember the lines fresh as yesterday.

     "Oh no, it's the dread pirate Captain Bones, still half the man he could be." Oswald went for the spot where he remembered the prop sword was supposed to be and found in its place only an empty bit of ground so he improvised grabbing out a baton from up his sleeve. "Enough horsing around, it's time to finish this race."

Winslow Schott has posed:
The Minotaur roared in anger and charged Loomis and, in a very familiar form, began to sword-fight Loomis. As Loomis continued to sword-fight the Minotaur, Schott was frantically pressing buttons on his remote controller, obviously trying to shut down the rogue creation. Suddenly, a crashing noise was heard in the back of the room and another familiar was seen striding into the room. It was a tall, gaunt, and very thin man dressed as a prohibition gangster emerged from the Shadows. The scary part of this figure was that he looked like he stepped out of a black-and-white movie, complete with a flickering frame, as if he were phasing in and out of existence. It was Ice-Pick Gargen, another one of King Flare's foes, and a parody of Gangster movie villains. The gangster sneered as he looked at you and said in a Edgar G. Robinson influence voice,

"Well, well, well. If it ain't Loomis. I can't wait ta wipe dat purdy smile offa yer face, ya feel the same Gloom?"

Another figure emerges alongside Gargen, a sinister looking figure that looked part-borg, part Victorian Scientist. It was Dr. Gloom, one of Flare's most evil rogues, a man dedicated to wiping all emotions off of the face of the Earth. The scientist had a blank look on his face as he said robotically,


The two villains began to make their way towards Loomis as Bones suddenly makes a grab for him

Oswald Loomis has posed:
     Loomis does an amicable job of keeping up for a time but he's no swordsman. He starts to fall back in the fight and then soon enough he's being surrounded. Once again he's staring defeat in the face and all he can do is what he is best at. He throws some cards into the air as a distraction they turn to a simple dust as he draws his laughing gun. He dives back to the ground rolling out of the way.

     "Schott, I could use some assistance." As he looks on at the signs of great foes from the past in all directions. He knew the characters well and his mind wasn't fully in on this anymore. He didn't know how to keep up with it, how to deal with a 'fair' fight.

Winslow Schott has posed:
Schott continues to struggle with the controller, swearing and looking frantic as he looks between Loomis and the villains. Suddenly, a very evil, feminine, and slightly demonic laugh filled the air as the room suddenly got a lot more hotter. Suddenly, a large, pitch-black, almost demonic looking unicorn flies in, it mane and hoofs on fire as she sneers down on Oswald, cackling more evily as she did. It was Queen Inferna, evil former ruler of Flare's happy kingdom. and main villain of the series. On her back was Black Bart, the evil cowboy that terrorized Flare;s kingdom as well. Inferna then laughs as she says again,

"Loomis, it has been 2 decades since we last met. But, as you can see, My "Alliance of Fear" never forgets."

Inferna than lands hard on the ground, causing the area to shake lightly. Black Bart then climbed off the flaming horses back and said,

"Dat;s right parder, prepare for a beatin."

Schott, meanwhile begins to sweat and suddenly, passes out.

Oswald Loomis has posed:
     "Well Loomis on the downside you're going to be beaten by animatronic cartoons." Oswald starts speaking to himself as he arms himself with a pair of hand buzzers on each palm. He looks through each of them one to the next as they come in closer. He backs up slowly on the spot before clapping his hands together so that he can send a slight arch of electricity as a show of force. It's not much but it's all he can do.

     "On the upside it's going to be one hell of a sendoff." He smiles bright from one ear to the other charging forward with what skill that he can bring to the fold! There's not much style, there's not much grace, but there is a lot of passion in his movements.

Winslow Schott has posed:
Suddenly, all of the animatronics in the area shut down and go limp. But, it wasn't from you attack. Suddenly, you hear Schott's laughter fill the air as he gets up from the ground and dusts off his suit. He then looks at you with mirth filled eyes as he say,

"It's just a prank old boy. I knew you were coming and wanted to set up a old joke to remind me of the glory days. No hard feelings old friend?"

Schott then begins to laugh harder

Oswald Loomis has posed:
     Loomis skids to a stop pausing on his feet, he slides on the powder grinding to a complete halt. He looks to the robots then to Winslow, then back to the robots then back to the man himself, and all he can do is laugh, and laugh. He throws his head back as he realizes what happened just shaking his head from one side to the other.

     He catches himself, and his breath before, looking back over to Winslow. "None at all, none at all, I would have done exactly the same."