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Full of Regret and marshmallows
Date of Scene: 11 February 2021
Location: Main Kitchen
Synopsis: Talia Emma Kitty Quentin and Henry catch up about how crazy things are in the kitchen.
Cast of Characters: Talia Wagner, Quentin Quire, Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde, Henry McCoy

Talia Wagner has posed:
This week has been bad.

Not the worst week Talia has had to be fair. There has been very bad weeks in her experience.

Still on a scale One to Doom, this week has been way closer to Doom than she appreciates. Especially because she doesn't seem to be leaving this timeline anytime soon.

Right now she is in the kitchen banging around angrily. On the table is a tablet playing one of the news stations covering the scenes from the Assassination the other day. There seems to be a whole batch of fresh hot chocolate, with tiny marshmellows nearby ready to rock too, many mugs worth. The smell is probably quite enticing.

"Damnit all!" she slams a cupboard shut. The velvety blue furred mutant is standing on one of the counters and searching behind things in the tall shelves looking for something. "Okay. There has to be a bottle hidden here somewhere... Logan always hid booze in the top shelves at home." irate talking to herself.

Someone is in a mood, probably easily enough to sense as much as the chocolate is to smell.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire pops his way in, his hair shaved on the sides and tied into a little ponytail at the back, "Wolvie keeps his booze out in his cabin. Kids made a raid out there last Christmas, I think, but it didn' tgo so well. I don't have any booze, but I do have more than a few chemicals, if you're in the mood to swallow something. And really, aren't we all in the mood to swallow something?" he asks.

The door to the fridge opens on its own as he approaches, letting him bend over to root around. "This cheese seems too much like cheese. Where's the oozing neon yellow artificial shit?"

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Top shelf? We must be talking about a different Logan." Emma notes as she walks in and spies Talia doing her angry thing and then Quentin doing his snarky 'The Clash' thing. Emma doesn't say anything to Quentin just yet as she walks past Talia, and stops, turning to look up at the young woman. "Who are you?" The blonde woman wearing a cream color zipped up hoodie and a pair of borrowed green sweatpants with the white strings hanging down below the hem of her hoodie.

    Emma furrows her eyebrows as she looks up at Talia and then to Quentin, "Who is she and why does she look... and smell... familiar?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
A purple dragon comes flying into the kitchen, Lockheed swooping over to land on a counter. It's usually a good sign that is at least in the building, especially since she started staying primarily in the city. And usually means she's not far behind.

Sure enough, the young woman enters the kitchen. Not looking much older than the older students, she glances about and tells Quentin, "Really hope you're talking about vanilla extract as she shuffles past on her way to the coffee pot, mug in hand.

The young woman's eyes go over to Talia then, apparently having heard the exclamation. "Are you ok?" she asks Talia, Kitty's attention on the younger mutant more so than on the coffee as she gets a pot going, motions on autopilot there.

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia shuts another cupboard, more gently because there are suddenly many witnesses to potential property damage.

"The ... " stops. "Logan has a cabin?" puzzled by this for a split second before nodding. "Of course he does." the elfette as it were steps and drops down landing in an agile fashion on the floor. She looks like what would happen if Kurt was a girl and cuter honestly. Maybe a bit younger but questionably maybe older enough to be drinking too.

"Also no KO I am not going to stick cocaine or speed or ...whatever in the hot chocolate." she looks mournfully over at the mug she just poured from the batch. "I just wanted whisky and didn't want to go out... is that so much to ask for...."

Big sigh.

Then a look to Emma. "I'm Talia Wagner and you have a very good sense of smell Emma..." whom has she even met Emma before.

Then a look to Kitty. "I am distinctly not okay Kate... I am pretty sure my grandmother just started the end of the world and I am .. not okay."

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire blinks and looks over at Emma, "How should I know? Did I become the registrar? The bursar? Whatever other...sar there is at this school. I don't work here, I don't go here, I'm not even sure what I'm doing here half the time. Except wanting a grilled cheese so greasy that I could use it to lubricate a jet engine which I definitely cannot do with this crumbly gourmet congealed cow juice," he sighs.

To Talia, he adds, "Don't be silly. You wouldn't put cocaine in hot chocolate. Snorting hot chocolate would burn tremendously," he says. "I'm not sure if you can get Uber to deliver whiskey, but you could always try. You can get most anything if you're willing to pay enough. Emma knows what I'm talking about," he says.

He has no idea who Talia is, but, to be fair, he doesn't really care.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Wagner..." Emma repeats with a look to Kitty. "Kurt has a sister?!" That's Emma's first guess at this point, but she shrugs and steps away from the blue girl. "Don't knock it till you try it." Emma says, with a look to Talia and then to Quentin, not clarifying what she's hinting to, but also, the context clues are there for anyone to figure out if they want to.

    Stepping near Kitty, Emma reaches up and pulls down a mug and sets it on the counter next to Kitty, like a quarter on an arcade machine. She's next in line. "Not sure why you're trying to steal booze from Logan, the man universally agreed, doesn't have tastebuds. Probably better to ask one of the teachers, one with, a more refined palete for such things." Emma notes with a playful elbow in Kitty's side. Trying to make levity.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde's expression grows softer and sympathetic as Talia mentions what is bothering her. Though Quentin gets a soft, amused snort at his problems de fromage. She looks to Emma then and opens up her mouth as if to answer before Kitty stops before a word gets out. And a look of horror grows across her face.

"I was about to explain when I suddenly had this horrifying vision of Emma's children from the future showing up," Kitty says quietly.

Ok it wasn't exactly levity but it was honest. Kitty does, at least, pour coffee into Emma's cup before her own. Maybe that's a peace offering. "Talia is the daughter of Kurt and Wanda Maximoff, from a future, alternate reality," she tells Emma. "And, we seem to be turning into some kind of nexus for this happening, so that's the kind of thing to maybe get used to."

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia heads over to pick up her hot chocolate, sips it, frowns, and dumps way too many marshmellows into it. Muttering something along the lines of fckit under her breath.

"I sincerely can't imagine Quentin in any sort of falculty or administrative function.... " she notes blinking those yellow eyes. That is before a chuckle slips out of her at the Kurt has a sister exclamation from Emma.

"What Kate said... though to be absolutely fair to this reality. The X-men are always a nexus for this kind of thing and you should indeed probably get use to it. I mean... it is really really common." pause "My team not so much .. but random people from the future or alternative timelines. Very common."

She sips the new hot chocolate and marshmellow beverage. "Still needs whiskey... so uh Kate I really messed up. I tried to stop Mystique from killing Curtis Moore by myself instead of getting help and ... things are going to get very grim I think."

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire blinks and stares at Talia, "You are? Holy holymen, I had no idea your sainted father could pull that level of supermutant tail. Good for alternate universe him and/or rest in peace if he died sorry for your loss unless you didn't like him in which cause fuck yeah I'm glad he's dead."

"I could probably make a chart of all the quantum interactions and alternate realities that kiss right up against one another in the dankest basements of this mansion. Some of the grout is probably sentient by now just from sheer proximity. But I usually just leave it at 'This place be fuckin' weird yo'."

"Oh, did Mystique kill him? I wondered who did that. I was too busy getting dogpiled by mouth-breathers at the time."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Actually, for once, I agree with Quentin." Emma says, taking her coffee from Kitty and giving a nod in thank you. "So... who else's children do we have to worry about? And dear good lord do not say me." Emma actually says that last part aloud. The blonde doesn't seem to be burdened with the desire for motherhood. "I'm too busy raising other fuck ups to worry about any of my own." Emma says, hiding the truth of herself with truth of what others perceive of her.

    "So, what's going to happen next? You all going after Mystique or going on some crusade to prove all mutants aren't bad?" Emma asks, looking mostly at Kitty and Quentin, curious if they feel the need to do any heroics.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde really doesn't look pleased at the thought of little Emmas out there. Or, big little Emmas from the future. She starts to answer Emma, hesitates, and then finally says. "Rachel, and Hope, and Nate. Are all tied to Jean and Scott in some fashion, if not from the same place."

Though what Talia says definitely is what Kitty focuses on. "So that was Mystique who was behind that?" she says with a frown. "We stopped her from killing Senator Kelly when I was younger, had just come to the school. Thanks to Rachel sending my older self back to inhabit my body. Though, it didn't change her future. It seems like it wasn't the pivotal event they had thought. Maybe this won't be the spark that you fear?" Kitty suggests.

Talia Wagner has posed:
"It is probably just going to escalate." notes Talia as she walks over to close the tablet cutting off the news feed.

There is plenty of hot chocolate still on the stove, and warm too, could lure in others from outside the kitchen with the smell.

Talia curls into a chair and sips her chocolatey drink. "Quentin, my dad is a rake and by all accounts was a dashing rogue... hell he still is a rogue.. eyepatch.. sword fighting... heroics. My mom and him are still happily together, though she stayed with the Avengers and he is a field leader for.. uh.. another team." she trails off a moment.

"But yeah I had my hands on her and then security tackled me. I should have just possessed her or hex blasted her in the face but I tried to talk to her. I'm an idiot.." she sounds so bitter about it right now.

"I'm glad to hear you stopped her from killing Kelly though Kate.. that is important. Also timelines branch all the time.. it wouldn't change her future even if it changed your future. Which gives me a headache.. I was never the time travel expert." pause "I also don't want to talk about possible futures too much because it leads to bad stuff usually..." again, pained expression. "No one needs to know about possible futures when it isn't a sure thing... fucks people up."

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire kicks his feet up on the table, "A rake and a dashing rogue? Sure I'm not your Daddy? Sure, I don't have the Wagner family complexion, but I am mutantkind's most dashing young man. I do have a lady type friend at the moment, though, so I'm afraid your mom would be out of luck. PRobably why she settled for Kurt."

He looks at Emma, "I thought it was clear that my immediate purpose is the acquisition of grilled cheese. Beyond that, I got nothing. Oh, there is a heavily armed guy with a metal arm or something roaming around shooting fake mutants, but he seemed cool, so I'm sure it's fine."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "At least you learned your lesson." Emma says, holding the mug in both hands, savoring the heat against her dainty fingers before she turns to Kitty and lifts it up, a sign of respect as the flavor is perfect on the cup and Emma turns to Quentin. "Help the poor girl why don't you. Give yourself some real meaning... Wait... metal arm?" A look to Kitty and then Talia, "Do we know someone with a metal arm?" Emma asks her eyebrows pinching together above her nose, curious.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde adds a little sugar and then gets the milk from the refrigerator, making more of a cafe au lait in the end than a cup of coffee. She takes a sip to test it and then returns the milk to the fridge.

The young woman walks by Quention, pausing to past his shoulder. "There's no settling Kurt. That man has it going on," she assures Quentin, and then gives Talia a quick wink as she defends the girl's father. Though nothing in her expression to make one think Kitty is insinuating personal experience of that variety with the German mutant.

She moves back to lean against a counter. Now she's got her coffee, Lockheed trots over and climbs up her body to her shoulder where he curls up, head against her neck beneath her chin. "Metal arm? Fake mutants?" Kitty asks Quentin, an eyebrow going up. "Did he have a kind of a robotic eye?" she asks.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Stepping into the kitchen and hearing the tail end of the conversation, is Henry. "Cable." He states, moving to lean against the door frame. "Apparently he was killing people, claiming someone had pulled the powers from him and altered these people to have them. One had tentacles." It's stated matter of factly.

"I ran into Paige and Illyana - right after Illyana ported them to the lake. Right after Cable shot the woman in the head that Paige was trying to protect."

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia sinks in the chair more and snags another chair with her table to pull it over so she can stretch out with her hot chocolate.

Swear to god she had no tail a moment ago but not has one like Kurt.

"Metal arm. Yes. Surprised you all haven't met him. Intense dude." she seems reluctant to say anything more at all though.


Then she points at Hank "What the Blue Doctor said for $1000 Alex." man she hopes they have Jeporady here or no one will get the reference at all.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire sighs, "Look, there are new people showing up here all the time. Some of them have metal parts and, yeah, robot eyes. This one had a lot of guns. Some of them are blue elf ladies from the future. Some of them are hillbillies from Kentucky. It's a lot to keep track of. Now, admittedly, I am a supergenius who is more than capable of performing 47 different tasks simultaneously without straining the RAM capacity of my hyperintellect, but, in my defense, I am extremely apathetic and I hate to do any work, so, really, it's not my fault I can't remember all your faces."

"But yeah, big guy, metal arm, guns. Blew up a dude made out of tentacles. It was very splatterpunk. Kind of bossy, though. Had kind of a leather daddy vibe."

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma takes her mug as Hank enters the room and sighs weakly, "Hank... I'm gonna go to my bedroom and cry, be a dear and keep these children in line." Emma says stepping up to him and freeing a hand from her mug to grasp and softly stroke at Hank's bicep, friendly but not too familiar. "Children, behave, and if you go to kill Cable, or Mystique or have them kill each other, ... record holding your phone sideways. Tik Tok is for simpletons." With a lift of her hand in a wave, Emma starts to leave the kitchen.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde's face lights up at seeing Henry McCoy come in. She starts to move over to give him a hug but pauses when Emma pauses on her way past to stroke the man's arm. Kitty stops, eyebrows furrowing slightly. Lockheed lifts his head, not really having been paying attention as he was about to doze, but the empathic dragon catching something from her.

Kitty waits until Emma has departed before murmuring sotto voce, quietly enough that only enhanced hearing such as she knows Hank has will pick up, "Seriously, I'd consider bleach on that arm. Though, no then you'd look like her."

Kitty does continue over to give Henry a side-hug if allowed though. "Sounds like I missed things," she says with a frown.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry couldn't be more surprised at many things. The friendly touch from Emma, or the comment under Kitty's breath. He blinks a few times, nodding to Emma as she departs. "In line... I can herd cats more effectively." He murmurs, looking then to Kitty and accepting the side hug. "You did. It's been a trying day or two."

Hank looks then to Quentin. "Can you give me a bit more information on what happened? I had heard that you may have duped Cable into believing you killed someone? Are we sure it is the real Cable, not a mimic?" A shake of his head. Clearing some of the dour thoughts, he glances. "A good reference. I think I'd like to get an answer to 'This person took my Avengers ID card...'"

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia nearly chokes on her hot chocolate.

"I.. oh... did you notice it was gone or did Jarvis tattle on me....?" it isn't really worth denying that she stole ... ahrm.. borrowed Hank's Avengers ID and broke into the mansion.

She blinks those big yellow eyes at him and toys with her mug now. "I just needed to go visit my mom... " pause "Wanda.." vague three fingered hand wave. "You know..." she looks uncomfortable. "I brought it back Hank."

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire looks at Hank, pulling out his cellphone and idly fiddling with it telekinetically while he talks. Just holding conversation is too boring, he needs more stimulation than mere humans may provide, "'kay, well, like, Ruth foresaw some shit was going to go down, so she dragged me out to the 'burbs and there were a couple of other people there, like Paige and Illyana, but I'm not sure if they followed us or it was all coincidence or fate or if there was a sale at the outlet mall..."

"Anyway, these freaky dudes popped out of a building, this...Cable, you said? What kind of half-ass codename is...nevermind, anyway, he started blazin' full auto on these mofos, Ruth said to step in, I helped him out. He said that the skeezoids were fake mutants, that they were stealing mutant powers. Not sure it means they should get their heads pimple popped, but he was super old and I didn't think he wanted to argue."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde is focused on two things at once, wanting to hear what went down with Cable, and keeping an eye and ear on that conversation.

Though she also looks over to Talia as the younger mutant mentions going to see her mother. Kitty moves over to her and if allowed, slips an arm about her waist in a companionable, supportive way. "And how did that go with her?" Kitty asks quietly. She also adds, "I imagine Hank would have been willing to take you there for the visit," but she doesn't push the matter more than that, more focused on how it ended up going for the girl who is stuck in a different timeline than her own, at least for now.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The big blue Beast nods to Talia. "Next time, ask. I will take you there. As it was, I had to explain myself as to how I misplaced the badge." He offers over, a wry grin. "I understand the want to see her, however." He adds, after a moment.

A nod to Quentin. "I'm analyzing the samples we have, to see if they were in fact mutants. Or at least, if the woman was. Illyana collected two of the others, we'll be questioning them too." Hank offers over to Quentin. A grin to all. "Speaking of which, I need to get back to the lab. Have a good evening, all."

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia looks sheepish up to Doctor McCoy while leaning against Kitty.

"Okay that is fair..." she notes softly. "I should have asked but I didn't want to talk about it.. I just knew I needed to see her." she sighs. "I'm not handling any of this very well sorry." she looks up at Kitty. "She was good Kate... a little.. different but good. We got some food and talked. She isn't my mom but she mostly feels right.. there is still a connection between us here even still." which is odd, but then Scarlet Witch. Odd is her middle name.

"I'll try to do better about talking next time." she promises them. "I imagine my grandma is going to try to corner me now that I almost stopped her." maybe that is offering to talk more.

Regardless she stands, hugs Kitty and snags her tablet. "I'm going to see if the rec room is free to watch some shows and nail down some pop culture for this world."