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Meeting pixie
Date of Scene: 11 February 2021
Location: Bryant Park
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Shannon Davis, Megan Gwynn

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis cracked her neck slightly, her green covering of slime retreating back into her skin and disappearing. Around her were many craters and upturned ground thanks to the one who she was fighting. Said person was now hanging limply by the collar and getting dragged behind her, not dead, but with a big bleeding wound on his head t hat just screamed he'd be out for hours.

On her face is a delighted smile, an absolute ecstasy. It's similar to someone who's eaten an incredible dessert, but there's a heavy covering of aggression and malice to compensate. She throws him off to the side and sighs contently. "Hmmmmmmmm." She hums while thinking of how to find her next prey.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn is out and about in the park, hurrying home after a late night shift at her job, waiting tables. Really, she should just port home, but she's pretty tired and should quit being so lazy! At least it's a nice night out and not terribly cold for once.

Annnd that's when she stumbles upon the crazy, scary looking woman covered in creepy green slime and looming over..Hey, is that one of those utant villains she's heard about so much?

"Meep...." she squeaks as she steps into sight, maybe realizing too late she should have kept her mouth shut..

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis kind of rolls the guy back and forth with her foot, her head turning slowly until her eyes set on Megan. The slime goes back to covering her whole body, exploding around her and forming into the familiar symbiotic shape. After all, she had no idea if this girl had powers and what they were. It was being careful like this that allowed her to survive the horrors of the world she was born in.

THUNK! The sound resounds through the park and in a flash the green woman is in front of Megan, stopping abruptly as if she had never been in motion in the first place. "Yo. I'm looking for a hero. Or a villain. Either works. You seen any?" Says her distorted voice.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn says, "Eww....So gross.." the words are out of her mouth before she really thinks about what she's saying...Which probably doesn't help matters much. I mean, that'll probably rile up the crazy lady even more!

"Meeep! I mean, err...Um..." she glances around anxiously, wondering if there's an escape route. Oh, Megan could port out, run away..Except sometimes she can be abit too curious for her own good. Plus, isn't she supposed to be a superhero? Umm...Maybe she can talk her way out of this..Or...

Marroon eyes flic briefly towards the down'ed villain, giving him the once over. Doesn't look like he's *dead* though might need medical attention. "Uh..Whyy?" Seriously, you don't wanna know! Megan, keep your mouth shut!


Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis chuckles at the comment, a hand coming up and rubbing her own cheek. "Aw, she thinks you're gross, Accellar. You poor thing." She then extends a finger and runs it over Megan's forehead, leaving a trail of green slime. "Why? Because I am going to beat every single one of them. I will take every powered person, every villain, hero, and anything in between and I'm going to grind them into the ground." She says quite calmly, crossing her arms. "No one was strong enough to stop the absolute bullshit that I had to go through. So why should I depend on them here as well?"

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks at her own words. "gross? Did I say gross? Oh no, uh, I mean..." she shivers and points at the green slimy thing over the woman. "That..that stuff..what is it?" accellar? Is that what she called it? Megan backs away a bit, shaking her head. "But..But why? I mean, that's kinda mean, isn't it? No purpose at all other than to what, prove you're the strongest out there? Why not join a fighting ring instead of beating up innocent people?" her hand clenches, getting ready to summon her soul dagger if needed. If she cant talk this villain down..

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis couldn't help but laugh out heartily. "Innocent people she says. As I told Hank. You're all too soft." Her tone changes to be incredibly hard at the last sentence. "This is why my entirely world fell, this is why your entire world will fall as well, sometime. It's like you don't even care about safety, about SAVING people. You just cast a shadow of fake protection and then crumble." She says with a disgusted tone, stepping forwards again, but just a bit.

"Accellar, is a symbiotic, uh, thing. Look I'm not a scientist. We bonded in order to survive. We fought everything we could find, all the mind controlled and whatnot. It's still not enough."

She pauses and looks up. "I'm still not enough. No one is. So you know what I figured? Fuck it. I am going to have so much fun that it won't even matter if I die."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks slowly again, arching a brow at the name. Is she talking about...Beast Hank? Naah, too big a coincidence. "Um.." she bits her lip and actually frowns softly at that, hands clenched tightly at her sides. "Heeey! Wait a minute! I am sooo not soft! If you knew what I've been through to get to this point in my life, or heck, what a lot of people have had to struggle with every day!"

She spreads out her arms as she says that, as if to accentuate her point. "And a lot of superheroes care about saving people! Do you know how many people I risked my life to save all the time? You have no right to judge us!"

Oh, there's that name again and she smirks. "Acellar, a symbiote huh? Like...Uh..Lichen and..Uh rocks?" she wrinkles her nose. Ew..that's...Eww. "

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis lightly tilts her head to the side, staring blankly at Megan. She knew the girl had no way of knowing her circumstances. Her literally mind-slaved conquered world that suffered decades of war against some kind of eldritch creature. All the people she lost and failed to save. The symbiote around her body disappears and reveals a simpe tank top of a very very stretchy material, and rippped hulk-style jeans. Her body has scars from top to bottom.

"You want to tell me about risking and fighting and struggling and going through? You people think you're doing so much. You are doing nothing. You are nothing. What you DO is get comfortable and cocky, then you die. You die, and die and die and die and die and die." It was clear there was some trauma there that did not heal well. Or at all. "I've climbed a mountain of skulls and capes. And I will stand at the top and laugh. I will prove it here, no one is safe. I've always dreamt of bringing down the gods you call heroes. The sheer rush of victory is indescribable."

In the end she didn't care as much about the world and ways of thinking or even what was going to happen here. She realized that abandoning the part that made her suffer seeing her fellow heroes die left only the rush and pleasure of the battle itself."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn gasps a bit at the scars, her own expression softening a bit. "Oh no...Wha..What happened to you? Those scars.." she actually feels bad now, just a little. Megan makes a decision, maybe a stupid decision as she steps towards her.

"I dunno what exactly you went through, but it sounds terrible..But..But that doesn't mean you get to judge others and punish them! Do you think it's any easier for us mutants? Do you know how many of us have been killed or ostracized or treated like creatures? Don't you know, fighting doesn't solve anything.."

She tilts her head. "Soo...That green thingie..Acellar was it? Is that the symbiote? some kinda alien thingy that bonded to your body? Is that what's making it hard for you to think straight? Cuz I'll bet I could do something to help with that.."

A very very crazy idea of course crosses her mind...

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis scoffed at the girl, she admired the innocence and the desire to do good, she pats the girl on the head. "You're fit to be a hero but if you keep being soft like that you'll only suffer." The green goo returns, completely encasing her. "I'm not punishing anyone, I don't really care what route this world of yours decides to take. I'm only her to have fun." She replies firmly, her slimy body rippling a bit

"Accellar and I are bonded, we are one being now. It was all alone and forsaken just like I was when I found it. Though it does complain that I'm too aggressive." She says with a hand waving briefly to the side. "Even before I found it I was already like this. When it feels like I might die at any moment my body, my brain, my soul, everything feels so good. It feels like being more than alive. That's the only reason I'm here. To feel more like this." Actually that was a lie. This was a world where she could have much better life while carrying out her addiction. And then there was an even deeper reason even she had issues admitting.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks slowly. "Have...Fun?! Are you kidding me? By toying with peoples' lives? That's...That's NOT okay!!" and then the green goopy stuff is back. Megan shivers, still holding her hand to her chest. For a moment, her body seems to glow, and then she pulls out the soul dagger, pointing at her.

"Trust me, you're gonna feel waay better once we get that symbiote out of you!" and with that, Megan rushes towards the woman, tossing her dagger at her.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis does something that perhaps, Megan might not have been expecting. She retracts the symbiote entirely and lets her normal body show. The dagger comes flying in and her combat experience begins to show, she makes figures she should use it to make a point to Megan. She does a quick shift and something akin to a boxer's hop to the side, letting the dagger soar past her. It wold have sliced through some muscle on her left bicep had SHannon been a supernatural being, or did if it was solidified.

"As I've told you. I'm going to be the exact same. You say toying with people lives, I say having a lot of fun. They can make out whatever they want of the beating." THUNK. She slides forwards in a flash, an arm held to the side to slam into Megan's chest and knock her flat on her back.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn gasps as the young woman darts quickly to the side, dodging her throw. She may not be the best markswoman out there though. The dagger simply vanished when it misses its mark, reappearing in her hand.

To be honest, Megan is more a distance fighter and she's not ready when Shannon rushes in at her, shoving her into her back. "Ulp!" she utters, curling instinctively to the side, anticipating a kick to her sensitive stomach or head.