5127/A Pirate's Life For Me

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A Pirate's Life For Me
Date of Scene: 11 February 2021
Location: A private SOHO nightclub
Synopsis: Viola hosts a party pirate-themed birthday for someone who turns out to be a friend of Roberto da Costa's. Viola helps Roberto avoid a gold digger, and he may hire her to plan a party.
Cast of Characters: Viola Fiore, Roberto da Costa

Viola Fiore has posed:
Michael is at least a good acquaintance of Roberto da Costa. Acquaintance trending towards friend. He isn't a mutant, but they run in the same social circles when Roberto is enjoying the New York City night life.

So of course Roberto was on the invite list for Michael's big birthday bash. He's rented out an exclusive SOHO club for it, and let everyone know there is a pirate theme. Costumes are welcome but not required. Knowing Michael it is likely to be quite a wild party.

Viola Fiore checks something on her tablet then turns to the member of the wait staff. "Yes, start preparing the cake at 9:30, get the dancer into it but don't close her up in it until just before it's time to bring it out," she says. The young man nods and heads to the back as Viola surveys the club.

Hired by Michael to host the party, the young event planner has brought in all sorts of pirate themed decor. All of the bars are open, and free, and waiters and waitresses, all of them fit and good looking and wearing pirate attire, are making sure no one is without a drink for more than a few moments. Dance music is playing and a spectacular light show is flashing back and forth over the people who are out dancing.

There are also professional models with perfect chiseled or sculpted bodies working. Some are working drink tables, while others just provide ambiance. Two women are dancing in cages, dressed in revealing clothing as if they were captured noble women. Shirtless male models dressed in pirate pants and boots and with swords on their hips pretend to haul lines or man a cannon, flirting with the female, and sometimes male, party goers who stop by.

A large mast is a center piece of the decorations, and there is currently a curvy model secured to it with her wrists overhead locked in manacles. Her clothing is a bit torn and suggestive, but the winks and smiles she gives passing men suggests her ordeal has been far from arduous.

Viola looks about, spotting Michael drinking with his friends. Noting his smile she gives a sign. "Things seem to be going well," the twenty-two year old tells her assistant.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
This is the kind of think Roberto loves to do in his free time. Always one up to party and be part of the whole vibe he dresses up for the night in an expensive and well done pirate outfit. He always once to look good so his hair is left in that modern style, rakish already with his athletic frame, dark styled hair and that mischievous gleam in his eyes.

His outfit is clean, shows off his body with a white shirt worn open to show off his tanned and well defined chest and a hint of his chiseled abs. The flowing sleeves are rolled tight at the elbow with a red sash at his waist, dark brown slacks and tall leather boots. There is a bandana tied at his brow and a fake plastic saber at his hip.

When he enters, Roberto makes his rounds, checking out the ladies, introducing himself and waving to everyone he knows. Finally he makes his way over to his friend Michael who he claps warmly on the shoulder and then pulls in for a tight embrace. "Hey hey, this is a great party!" Smiling he nods and waves at the rest of the group even as his gaze is drawn to the party planner, checking her out as he's never seen her before tonight.

Viola Fiore has posed:
There is someone there to put a drink in Roberto's hand as soon as he arrives, with a variety of beverages available, with rum one of the popular alcohols used, but not the only one.

It's a crows that is largely familiar, though always there are a few new faces at such an event. But Roberto gets smiles and waves from people, men giving him bro greetings with a little shoulder bump and a clasped hand, women more often delivering kisses to his cheek. Kisses that sometimes include a brush of their torso, especially amongst the set that Roberto's family wealth is of particular interest to.

Michael spots Roberto and grins, stepping over to greeting him in that typical bro fashion. "Glad you made it, now the party can really start," he says to the Brazilian. "Hey this is Bernice, met her down in the Bahamas," he says, introducing a pretty blond to Roberto. "And you know everyone else," he says of the immediate crowd that's around him, each of them greeting Roberto. "What have you been up to Bobby, you've been missed," he one of the girls tells him.

Across the room, Viola notes the new arrival. Even knowing who he is, as she's had her staff research each person on the invite list so she's aware of who the VIPs are. And judging from what she saw, Roberto da Costa is a VIP even in a room of people who usually are considered VIPs. "Make sure the staff make sure he has a drink," she says, not intending to let the billionaire's son's glass hit empty.

From the other side of the room, a quartet of young women are wandering through, looking across the crowd and sizing them up.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
As the drink finds his hand, Roberto smiles and nods in thanks to the server. One leg goes up in the old but still well known Captain Morgan pirate pose just before he drains the rum and coke he's been given. Just as they've been told, the staff makes sure the drink is replaced right away with another that he grins at finding in his hand. Looking back to Michael at the introductions, Roberto switches his drink to his left hand to free up the right to reach for Bernice's hand.

His own hand is cool and a bit damp from the condensation of his glass, but he's a gentleman and leans in to lightly kiss the back of the blonde's hand. Looking up while still holding her hand he gives a wink while asking, "So... You're with Michael then, Bernice." One dark brow lifts questioningly as he studies her features, letting her hand go before winking at Michael. "Well, treat him right." Clasping his friend on the shoulder again he turns him away from the crowd to give an up nod towards the four women moving through the crowd. "Is she's not with you, there is a fun group there... Take you pick, I'll get the other three." With one arm wrapped around his friend's shoulder he leads him in that direction.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Michael laughs and slides his arm around Bernice's shoulders. "Yes, she is, so don't let this guy's suave Brazilian charm steal you away, Bernie," he tells her. The blond laughs and slips her arm around Michael's waist. "Just means you have to make sure to keep me happy, Michael. Means I have options," she teases, leaning over to kiss his cheek. Which he turns into a kiss on the lips before it's over.

He moves away with Roberto though, and it's not exactly out of character for them to already be looking at other women. "Ooof. Nice eye," Michael says. "The ones over near my party planner, the brunette with the tablet?"

The brunette with the tablet isn't using the electronic device, just keeping a watchful eye on events. "Have Danielle do a bit more moving, she's just standing there," Viola tells her assistant of the girl manacled as a pirate captive to the large mast in the center of the room.

The quartet of girls wander forward talking amongst themselves. Like most such groups, there's one who stands out a bit more than the rest. A redhead with gorgeous curls and a body to match. "So," she says to her followers. "Looks like a very good crowd. But let's skip the posers. Which guy here has the most money?" she asks, her fingers working against each other as she looks over the crowd.

One of her friends spots Viola and the group moves over. "So who here would you say has the biggest bankroll?" she asks. Viola glances at the group. Immediately spotting the group dynamics, the redhead the leader. "I really couldn't say," Viola says with a shrug as if she doesn't know. She does know, but isn't going to tell them.

One of the girls nudges the redhead. "Oh, Bobby da Costa's here. I mentioned him. Dad is LOADED. Billions. Huge company down in Brazil." The redhead looks across the room towards Roberto and smiles. "Oh my yes. He looks like he'd be fun. And worth at least a new car. Come on girls," she says as she and the other women start over towards Michael and Roberto, the redhead walking with a sashaying walk that only further makes her stand out.

Michael glances at the approaching women. "Seems like the redhead has eyes for you. I'll take the brunette on the left."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto watches the women move across the room and speak with the party planner. He lets his gaze slide between them, watching the interaction and then the look back his way. There is a smile and he knows what just happened as its not anything new for him. Michael's shoulder gets a squeeze and the Brazilian says with a shake of his head, "Nah... You get the red head, I'll go for the rest." A wink follows as he slides his hand from his buddy's shoulder. "Besides, I'm going to need an intro at some point with that planner, see if she can help me with some future events."

Its just then that they meet up with the group of women. Smiling the small talk begins and as the redhead makes her moves, Roberto is smooth and makes the whole thing about his buddy, putting him first and blowing off the woman. Her friends get all the attention, light touches, smiles and laughs. Whenever that redhead tries to get his attention its smoothly redirected. All the while that makes her want him more but it seems it matters little to Roberto who is getting the names and info of the other women.

As the redhead gets a little more instant he winks at Michael and pushes his drink off to the redhead saying, "Hold that please," then he's off, arms around two of the other girls as he nods for the third to follow, leading them off to dance the dancefloor. Once there he starts to move to the music, hands touching and sliding to show each of those girls they are there dancing with him, laughing as they start to really get into the dance.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore watches the women walk across the room. She is practiced at keeping her face neutral enough in moments like this, but it takes some effort to not let her frown out. In truth her negative reaction was probably years of watching women throw themselves at her boyfriend - yuck, why did she still use that word for him, the bastard - at her sometime boyfriend for his money.

Still it made her seethe inside to see the men targeted like that. She only knew of Roberto da Costa what she'd read, but Michael seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Viola watches as the girls go over and start talking to the two men.

At one point the crowd happens to shift about enough there's clear space between Viola, and the four women and two men. The men on the other side of the group so they can see Viola in the background. As she sees Michael look her way, and Roberto as well even, Viola shines a smile back to them. She gives a little head nod towards the group of women, and then reaches down to some of the decorations where a pirates chest looks like it has just been unburied. She picks up a pair of faux gold bars, and a shovel that leans against a fake palm beside the chest, and motions with them meaningfully before looking at the women again. She quickly replaces them then before going about minding her own business. Unable to not pass on that the women are such gold diggers.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto caught the signal from Viola and after getting the women on the dancefloor, he slips away into the crowd. Finding his way over to the party planner he gives her a smile and offers a wave in greeting, "Hey... You're Michael's party planner right?" Smiling wider he moves to stand with her, looking at his friend who's stuck with the sour redhead that's looking for the billionaire playboy while playing nice with Michael. "Well done on this party by the way I was thinking, maybe you could do something like this for me soon?"

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola had gotten a soft grin from Michael at her signal. Which made her feel better as she kind of felt unprofessional for having done it. Yet it felt right too. So she was glad he didn't seem at all upset with the warning.

The redhead seems to finally have given up on Roberto. At least for now. Focused instead of getting her claws into Michael, though he's forewarned and likely to just get his own out of the situation.

Viola goes back to focusing on her job. Really the party is running well and doesn't need much oversight, her staff well-trained by Viola, and her partner Gloria. Though it runs well in part for her paying attention to those details.

She looks up as someone comes over and she sees it is Roberto da Costa. "Yes, I am. Viola Fiore," she says to Roberto, introducing herself. "Thank you, I'm glad you are enjoying it. And... sorry for earlier. I just... heard comments. The redhead was hoping to get a car out of you," she says with a frown and a shake of her head. "I probably shouldn't have said anything, but... well I just thought you should know."

She smiles a bit as Roberto mentions he has an event. "I would be happy to. A birthday or some other kind of event?" she asks with interest.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Laughing softly, Roberto shakes his head and then says with a smile, "A car? Well... She would have to work for it that's for sure." A teasing wink follows as he looks to Michael and gives a /sorry not sorry/ type of look along with a wink. Whistling loud enough to get his friend's attention along with the read head he points to Bernice and then makes a gesture for his friend to ditch the girl he's with now.

"Yeah that's bad news, that chick. I could tell.... Anyways, I'm not sure but I love throwing parties and was thinking of doing something epic. Something everyone would be into for the ages. Valentine's is too soon..."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola gives a quick nod of her head. "Not saying I couldn't pull something together, but if you want epic, it would require more time. I'm also sort of doing a test run at the Hellfire Club, they are giving me their Mardi Gras party to plan to try me out for a possible long term position, so that would take a lot of my time away just now," she says, with the Mardi Gras party falling just a few days after Valentine's Day.

"Carnival falls at the same time so not much help there. Of course St Patrick's Day is coming but that might be further out than you are looking to do?" she asks to gauge Roberto's opinion. "Could just have a party without a particular holiday tie in too of course. Are you intending it mainly for entertainment, or any kind of charity or corporate tie in?" she asks.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
As Michael is reunited with Bernice, Roberto smiles and seems to relax a bit as he knows his friend is free of the gold digger. Focusing just on Viola he smiles and purses his lips thoughtfully. "Good question. I guess beyond just for fun it'd be for charity too."

Just then a server arrives and makes sure the Brazilian has a drink, another rum and coke. The girl moves off to let the VIP and party planner talk. One hand slides to Viola's back as Roberto starts to lead her towards the center attraction of the party. Eyeing the chained woman he gives her a wink while sipping from his drink. "We should meet up, I mean not now but maybe after the party. Or some other time. Discuss and plan the whole thing."

Viola Fiore has posed:
The young woman accepts Roberto lead, the hand on the small of her back letting him guide her through the club and away from the spot nearer to the speakers where she'd been. Viola sees the girl on the mast is doing a bit of sensual swaying when not directly talking to people, and gives her an encouraging smile. Positive feedback, always a good thing.

Viola nods at Roberto's comment and pulls out her phone, setting it up to transfer her number to his with a touch of their phones. One of the cool features on the Stark model she's got. "Here, let me give you my number. If you'd like to talk tonight we can though I don't want to distract you from the party either. Your choice though. Or you can always call me later," she offers.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
The young man grins and slips his phone free from a hidden pocket in his sash. Touching his phone to hers to share their info he looks to his phone and then sends her a quick text reminding her of this conversation. One arm slips around her shoulders and he takes a selfie with Viola, smiling before that picture is sent as a follow on to her.

Robert can't help but laugh as he slips the phone away. "Just so you don't forget who I am." With a nod of his head he finishes his drink and puts the cool glass right on the small of the chained woman's back. She hisses at the cool glass resting on her warmer flesh but doesn't shake it loose. Without looking back the young billionaire claps while getting back to the party, finally really cutting loose.