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Birds and Bats
Date of Scene: 11 February 2021
Location: The Wick
Synopsis: Carrie meets an exotic stranger at the bar and they talk culture, mystery and flirt.
Cast of Characters: Carrie Kelley, Blake Riviere

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"Come onnn Justin, just...let's check this place out. No, it's not Jimmy's Corner, but...it looks neat. No? Ok /fine/ I guess. I am stopping for a drink then. Yeah, I'll meet you there later." The girl pleads with her boyfriend, before surrendering to the fact that he is more interested in hanging with his bros than with her for the evening. She grumps a bit as she walks into the bar that she's discovered -- The Wick -- and walks over to get a drink. She's 21, so she can do that now.

When she finally gets to the bar itself to make her order she asks for a.."You know..a drink an older person would get. Something fancy for a fancy bar. Like...I dunno. A Tom Collins? That's a drink right?" She seems pretty sure that is a drink of some sort. The bartender does not visibly roll their eyes at the girl, but BOY DO THEY EVER when they turn around to make the drink.

Blake Riviere has posed:
Blake had been here before, several times in fact. Once she'd met a rather facinating astrophysicist, twice she'd purposefully found amusement in observing the 'LARP' crowd playing up their vampire games, but in truth? For all the stereotype the 'Draculina' truely did like the comfortable dark and gothic ambiance. She enjoyed the ability to wear the dark skirt, red stockings and hair ribbons that might seem out of place elsewhere. Were she to explain it, a member od the Bat Family would certainly appreciate the value in seeming something a little 'more' than just human. Not that she was quite so explicit.

Sitting at the bar, the pale young woman tilts her head, a little smirk as she glances towards the redhead who sits down. "It is a drink, yes. Your memory serves you well."

Lightly accented tones carried by her words, Blake turns fully to look Carrie up and down lightly with a light smile on her painted lips. "First time exploring this place?"

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley isn't really anything more than a human, but when she settles into the chair and she looks over at Blake, her eyes...wander a bit. The woman is /attractive/, and she might be feeling a little jilted. Either way, she smiles as Blake affirms it's a drink, and when it arrives in its tall glass she stares at it for a moment, and then says, "Yes. This. Exactly." And then she pays for it (oh..that much? Oh ok).

She takes a sip of the concoction, and only makes a little bit of a face before she says under her breath, "Never again..." and then dives in for a second sip. She paid $18 for this, damnit. She looks over to Blake again, and says, "Thank you. I /love/ your outfit."

Blake Riviere has posed:
Truth be told, Blake was entirely aware of her outfit and its ability to draw the eye. An underbust corset wasn't exactly worn by most people as 'plain clothing' after all, and it did somewhat pay to be enticing when you actively needed to survive on the blood of others...and had sworn off that whole 'ambushing/kidnapping/draining' thing a century or so ago. Instead she smiles, only to giggle outright at the reaction under Carrie's breath and clearing her throat. "If I may...perhaps something a little less abraisive and a little more...fruity? Noone likes their first experience trying something new to be awful after all."

A gentle gesture of her fingers and a tilt of her head, Blake seems to catch the eye of the bartender who drifts over rather quickly. "How about...a Singapore Sling? Try it, see how you like it. There is no harm if you don't."

Complements to her attire takes with a grin, the raven-haired woman gently places her hand to her chest, those faint french tones still carried on her introduction. "Blake Riviere, and I thank you for your complement miss...?"

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"Are you French? Bonjour Madame Riviere. Ce va? Mon nom est Carrie Allen, je viens de Gotham City." She replies in...passable enough French. Her accent sounds like a rough mixture of French-Canadian and Swiss, but, it's Blake's language of birth. She gives a slight bow, and then adds, "J'ai passe un semestre en Grenoble." It's..rough on the ears for someone who spoke it when it was in its prime as the lingua franca of the world.

She then giggles a bit, and adds, "Sorry. I just...use it or lose it, you know? I don't think I can hold much more of a conversation than that though, but I am just back from there and it was amazing. I miss it." She frowns a bit, but at the offer of a different drink, she nods and says, "Thank you. I will."

Blake Riviere has posed:
Close enough, Blake smiles, nodding her head. "Carrie? Un plaisir," she offers, smiling and switching back to English. "Seems you picked up quite a bit in Grenoble, but what brings you here from Gotham City?" The redhead's apology is met with a smile and a nod, a little sigh of delight. "It has been a little bit since I have been in France, but America is not without its charms." She leans forward, tilting her head and letting her eyes drop lower for a moment. "The company for instance, can be quite lovely."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Is she hitting on me? Carrie seems surprised by this possibility, but, why not? She reaches out and gently lifts Blake's chin and replies, "Almost as charming as it was in France," before she sighs at Blake's other question, "/Justin/ brings me here. I think I'm gonna dump him. He's an insensitive ass most of the time. He prefers to spend time with his friends than me, and I seem like an afterthought. He's from here. I visit when I can. We met in France and he was this really...spiritual guy but...now that I'm back in America..." she shrugs slowly.

It is about that time that her drink arrives. She picks it up and takes a sip, and blinks. She takes another sip, and then grins, "You're right. This is....really good. Like...REALLY good. I'm gonna remember this one for next time."

Blake Riviere has posed:
The forwardness of the touch to Blake's own chin has the pale woman's painted lips quirking to a smile, those deep blue eyes of hers catching Carrie's own gaze, but there was no hypnotic push or mesmerization, just quite a bit of attention fixed on the company. "Ah...so you are here to visit him in this city and yet you've stepped in here alone?" A soft tutt of Blake's tongue and she gives a little chuckle. "More fool for him, who knows who you might meet, non?"

The vampiress shifts a little, leaning back a little to watch the grinning girl.

"Be careful with it though, it seems harmless and wonderfully sweet, but it could catch you off-guard easily."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley grins a little sheepishly, but, lets her eyes wander over Blake as she leans back, "Yes...who knows. I could meet a pretty, fashionable, lady and be swept off my feet to parts unknown," she says, before she giggles, "Though, it is his loss. Yes. This bar is amazing. With the candles and stuff. It feels like...." she pauses and then dives in, "I'm sure you know because you're from there, but, you know those old pubs and cafes that have been around longer than anything? It feels like that. Just, magical in its own little way." She gives herself a little shivvery hug at that, and then eyes the drink at Blake's warning, "I...learned that lesson in France. There was a wine, I don't know what kind, but it was just it was like drinking the easiest drink I've ever had. And the next day I woke up in some guy's bed with a /splitting/ headache and no idea where I was. It was...quite the night I am told by my friends."

Blake Riviere has posed:
"Perhaps you were merely seeking what most crave in places like that...and places like this; curiousity sated, something new and exciting." Blake however, cannot help a little giggle, bringing her hand to her lips in amusement before tilting her head. "Oh, I very much know what you mean. There are places older than the cities, history and mystery. Both can be exciting, scary, perhaps a little of both." She shrugs her shoulders, that hand at her lips coming to brace her chin and again those painted lips quirking to a smile. "Perhaps, while I would not be one to take advantage, I would be disonest were I not to suggest that you temper your caution with a little curiousity now and then."

"After all, 'fashionable' is merely clothing, so easily removed. Everything else? Well, you do not lack for it Carrie."

She winks, finally lifting her own glass to her lips. Sweet, perfectly safe for her to consume, but well...wine was never quite as satisfying as what vampires really needed.