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Ninjas and Coffee
Date of Scene: 11 February 2021
Location: A rooftop in NYC
Synopsis: Lydia goes out to get some fresh air, and she meets a real life ninja!
Cast of Characters: Lydia Dietrich, Chizue Nakamura

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
One of the things that Lydia likes to do to clear her head and focus on writing, is fly up to a rooftop, look out into the city, and breathe in the clear night air. So here she is, sitting on the edge of a rather tall building, her feet dangling off into nothing, looking rather pensive with an oversized journal in her lap. She's wearing very warm winter wear, double thick fleece lined leggings, very warm looking pair of uggs, thick burgundy wool jacket, and a beanie that's pulled low over her thick curly brown hair.

Right now she's staring off into the city, her pen twirling slowly in the ever present green mist that always surrounds her. One of the benefits of having the mist that glows a soft, bioluminescent green, is that she always has enough light to write by. Her feet kick thoughtfully as she muses what to put in her journal.

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "You know, somebody sees you there they're liable to think you're going to jump and cause a fuss."Comes the softly accented English of New York's favorite Ninja, or at least she damn well better be their favorite. Anywho she stands statue still not ten feet away, that lighted polygonal framework of a Tanuki mask currently lit with a soft amber glow. Beyond that it's the typical split toed sneakers, leggings and of course the trademark thermoptic camo poncho. New for tonight though, is that long holographic scarf whipping in the wind over her shoulder.

    "Considering the cold, I suspect the firemen have better things to do. Besides, I knew a heroine who slipped off a ledge back in Tokyo. Broke her neck on a fire escape, there was a whole thing about making us wear parachutes or safety harnesses or anything."

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Lydia jumps with a little, "EEP!" having been surprised by Chizue's sudden presence behind her. Reflexively, the mist contracts around her into a spiky defensive coat, like a hedgehog. Unfortunately, this causes her pen to get yeeted off the rooftop. "Oh!" She says, looking over the edge sadly at the falling pen. "That was my favorite."

She turns around to see Chizue standing there, and when it's clear that she doesn't mean any harm, the spikes dissolve back into green mist. "Yeah," she chuckles. "I've had the cops called on me once, but it's okay. I can fly," she explains. She demonstrates by having the mist coalesce again, unfolding into a beautiful pair of emerald wings, which she flaps once or twice. "See? Thanks for your concern." Her head tilts as she takes in Chizue's appearance. "You look familiar."

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "I am the Kunoichi known as Owari, I'm a friend of Spider Man?"Theres a little shrug there at that, before glancing off towards the city center for a moment. "It's no worry of mine, I just don't want to waste the time of a public servant."She takes another step back, sweeping her gaze off towards the city center oncemore before panning off into deep space. "I'm inclined to presume we can all handle ourselves, or it's our fate to die doing this."And finally she swings that mask back around to focus on Lydia for a moment.

    "Lovely wings though, adaptable for sure. Makes for a great look, though your theming needs a little work perhaps?"And finally she sinks to the ground right there, before crossing her legs and reaching around back to pluck off that chunky metallic backpack or at least part of it. "Woud you like some hot coffee perhaps?"

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
"Kunoichi?" Lydia asks curiously. She claps her hands and points when Owari mentions Spider-Man. "That's it! I saw a sketch of you once! Hanging out with the 'menace' Spider-Man." She does the airquotes thing for the word 'menace' and adds a hefty eyeroll to show her disdain of the title.

She chuckles and shakes her head. "Oh, I don't have a theme, really. I just make whatever comes to mind. I'm not a crime fighter. I'm just an author and an English teacher." She leans closer with a grin, "Thrilling, I know."

The offer for hot coffee causes her eyes to light up. "Yes, please!" She folds up her journal and stuffs it into a nearby backpack and hops up to her feet to come closer to the ninja. "I'm Lydia, by the way."

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "Are teachers no longer heroes?"She offers without so much as looking up, she's occupied with more serious matters of course. Namely popping open that metallic box and plucking from it small square covered in Kanji, she plucks free the foil on the top before offering the thing over. Already it's producing no shortage of visible steam, and well the smell is pretty easy to pick up at least, Ninja coffee! Not quite a full mug's worth, but brewed with ninja technology never the less.
    More foil is peeled free to reveal her lunch, sushi, rice and fruit carefully arranged in an adorable homage to Bowser of all things.

    "Technically speaking a Ninja is always a man, A Kunoichi is a female Ninja ultimately. Then again generally when we're talking about Ninjas in America to start with, most of them are just fakes anyway. Very few of us in the states."And a little clasp of the hands, before she plucks up a pair of Chopsticks and gets to messing with her helmet.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Lydia grumbles, "Not in *this* country." She reaches out and takes the offered the mug and takes a sip of ninja coffee and makes a yummy noise. "That's pretty good," she says, handing the cup back.

"Hunh," she says, when the difference between Ninja and Kunoichi is explained to her. "I never knew that. I mean. I never thought that ninjas were a real thing anymore, to be honest."

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    A hand is raised to decline the return of the coffee, before waving it off for Lydia to finish if she pleases. "As long as there has been a need for sneaky people, there will be Ninjas or similar enough people. I want to say something like twenty percent of all Japanese Heroes are Ninja when the costume comes off, most of the young ones are definitely Ninja. Only a few of us do it whilst doing hero things, but It's far too cold for me to get into my hero costume right now anyway."

    That mask is pressed firmly back against that armored faceplate hidden under the hood, before she pops the seal with a hiss of pressure. Just wide enough to eat,which she gets after immediately with a soft humm. "America doesn't have a TJS sort of organization though, so I can be fairly free to just do whatever wearing whatever. Part of why I'm always surprised by how few of you wear a costume, you don't have to run it past a board to wear whatever you want. Back in Japan they still freak out because your skirt is only this long or whatnot, they had a melt down over me changing the color of stockings I wore."

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
"Okay. Now I want to see you in your hero costume," Lydia says with a mischievous grin, wondering how skimpy it could be in order for her to not want to change in the cold. Mmmm. Skimpy costumes. Short skirts and stockings.

She shakes her head, as if to jostle those naughty thoughts out of her head. "Yeah. People can just wear whatever they want. I mean, within reason. We don't see many people run around naked out there." She cracks a grin, "There *are* indecent exposure laws after all." She looks thoughtful for a moment. "There have been times when I thought about becoming a superhero. Especially when I was young." She shakes her head, "I never could settle on a hero name or costume or anything. Besides, it's not like I could have a secret identity or anything."

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "Of course you can, it's not all that hard. Even if you do it once a month, or three or four times a year? That's plenty of opportunity to save one life, and if you do that you win. Even if all you ever do is stop a kid from running out into traffic, you'd still be a hero worth having. Not every hero is all about fighting, one of my old friends back in Tokyo just recharged people's phones. He wasn't cut out for the fighting so, he just did what he could."Theres a little shrug there as she nibbles after her Bento. "Get a good look, and go try and help people. Thats all you have to do."

    Well once she's got a bit of Sashimi gobbled up, she parks those chopsticks and reaches across to her forearm. It gives out an audible beep, before she pulls a flexible screen out to display... Well it's a newspaper photograph of a young woman in an elaborate white and black French maid's outfit, save for the yellow skate shoes, yellow MMA gloves and the long yellow silk scarf wound about her face with a long end whipping around in the air behind her. Ok sure the skirt's pretty short, and there's a few inches between those white stockings and the bottom of her skirt. "I spent my first year in a color swapped school girl's outfit, it's hardly that exotic really. Anywho they call me the Yellow Scarf Buster, when I'm doing the more traditional hero work."

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
"Well, yes," Lydia says with a nod. "Of course I help out when I can. I'm talking about people who, like, go out and seek danger and stuff like that." She takes a sip of the hot coffee and grimaces a bit as she took a bit too much and burnt her tongue.

She leans over to take a look at the outfit. "Oh, my!" she says, blushing a little bit. "I *definitely* want to see you in this," she says cracking what is, perhaps, a naughty grin. "But not right now," she amends. "It's too cold for that."

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "Oh honey, -everyone- wants to see me in that."Grinning behind that mask as she tucks back into her bento with a little hum. "Or do you just have a thing for maids, not that I blame you of course. I'm hardly one to throw shade on the love of a nice maid outfit."

    "Mostly just Ninja these days though, when it's not the cold it's the bullets. Well the bullets and the stealth, It's rather more difficult to sneak around as a Hero and I'm not supposed to just be breaking and entering when I'm all dressed up to save folks either."Theres a little shrug there, before delicately she lays those chopsticks down and pulls her mask back down with a slow hiss of pressure within.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Lydia fingertips "I... I maaaybe have a thing for maids." Her cheeks flush with color. "Now, if only you were a vampire too..." She can't believe she just admitted that to a complete stranger.

She shakes her head. "I can't imagine living that kind of life, though. It's not for me."

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "No, not a vampire."That mask unfolds oncemore, blinking to life as she slips that bento box back into her backplate. "but I can bite plenty well enough when prompted."One of those low poly eyes going dark for a moment in an apparent wink. "In anycase I'd stay and flirt, but I have wannabe Ninja to kill and bank accounts to rip off."She rolls onto her shoes with a slow languid stretch, before offering Lydia her gloved hand. "Lydia, you keep safe out there alright? Also knock off that "not a hero" nonsense, it's an excuse to dress wild if nothing else alright?"

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Lydia takes the offered hand in hers. When Chizue's hand passes through the green mist, she feels a cool, tingling sensation, like if she had rubbed some menthol on her skin. When they part, the mist lingers for a second before evaporating. She shakes her head. "I do what I can," she admits humbly. "Have a good night!"

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "You too Lydia.."And well she eyes that suspiciously for a moment, before giving it a little wave. Finally she steps out of view for just a moment and, poof. Gone just like that, leaving only memories and coffee in her wake. Ninja vanish!