5133/Empty Baths Are for Rock Throwing

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Empty Baths Are for Rock Throwing
Date of Scene: 11 February 2021
Location: Abandoned Bath House
Synopsis: Harley and Carrie officially meet for the first time.
Cast of Characters: Carrie Kelley, Harley Quinn

Carrie Kelley has posed:
It's February in Gotham. The sky is gray, the ground is covered in a thin layer of snow. It's not the warmest. But, Carrie is out in Robinson Park, doing a little...light trespassing. The woman is sitting in the Abandoned Bath House. She has a pair of ear buds in, and is sitting on the edge of one of the pools that used to be filled with piping hot water, but now sits empty. She is idly tossing rocks across the empty pool, their lands creating a clattering echo around the building, as she seems to be pondering some very deep thoughts. A half eaten slice of pizza sits next to her from a nearby pizza joint. She appears to be alone.

Harley Quinn has posed:

That's what's being heard from out in the street, a bit far still right before the sound of something fast and round crashing through one of the already broken windows, bouncing off on the debris and echoing inside in the otherwise emptied rooms.

The sound of feet is heard soon after. Many feet actually, and not exactly sounding human as they rush into the place, little cackles heard as the invaders go room to room in search of their precious!

Slower steps are heard a bit later, "Bonus points if ya find it befoouh I do, boyz." the unmistakable voice of the clownette heard as Harley makes her way in, eyes going here and there on her search, whistling a little tune to herself.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
It seems that that exact moment is when Carrie realizes she is alone, in a building. Entirely alone. The ball comes ricocheting off of the crumbled statue, and rolls to a rest a few feet from the girl and for a moment she looks at it curiously as she pulls out her earuds. She seems to be wondering where it came from when she hears the sound of hyenas cackling, and, quickly she picks the ball up and tosses it further into the bathhouse, away from her.

Her earbuds out and stuffed away, Carrie now seems to be looking for some sort of escape. But, the hyenas are off where she threw the ball, and Harley -- HARLEY -- is between her and the exit. The girl stays low as she creeps around the inner wall of the pool, trying to stay out of sight of Harley, before she peeks her red head up over the edge to assess the situation. She pulls out her phone, and quietly taps a couple of buttons, preparing to hit send should things go sideways. Of course, when she peeks out, she spots Harley, which means, Harley can just as easily spot her.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The sound of two hyenas scuffling and fighting with one another is heard. Clearly they must have found the ball where Carrie threw it to, still out of sight but the sounds let it know it's a serious one!

Harley lets out a sigh, "Boys, behave will ya?" she is standing in the middle of the bath area, a leather jacket lined with fur on the inside to keep her warm, pants and fur boots. Not exactly the shorty-shorts of usual, as that's left to more warmer climates! Pigtails are set though, along with the read and blue of that hair, clearly marking this as Harley herself. Finally, she has a baseball bat against a shoulder, held casually. But it wasn't that long ago that she was using a baseball bat to cause mayhem in Gotham. At least it isn't a mallet right now.

Blue eyes spot the girl peeking over though and she calls over. "What ya doin'? Takin' pics? Might as well come out of theah!" she starting to stalk over towards that hidey spot. "If ya wanted a selfie could had just asked foh it!"

Carrie Kelley has posed:
For a long moment Carrie stares into those mesmerizing blue eyes, before she slowly backs away from the wall of the pool, and then pulls her self up over the edge to sit back down by her pizza. She sighs, "Sorry, Harley. Old habits die hard, y'know? Don't think today's quite the day for cute selfies." She picks up her pizza, and takes half a bite, and then says, "Not that you and I know each other but...when you work with the Bat you sort of get trained to react to certain sounds, or...images. You happen to be one of the more important ones he drills us on," she explains.

Harley Quinn has posed:
It's not as if Harley doesn't expect to be recognized out here in Gotham. She is like a celebrity now! Even if some mostly think of her as a celebrity from an horror show. Still, any publicity is good publicity or so some say!

Harley starts wandering closer to where the girl is, quirking a brow when the girl reveals being one of the proteges, "Oh yea? Ya one o' the gals woikin' with Batsie boy?" she says, eyeing her curiously. "Ya look like a mess." says the pale faced, mismatched makeup clownette.

A pause, "BUD AND LOU! GET OVAH HEAH!" loud and echoing throughout the bathhouse before her voice returns to it's normal pitch, "I am suwah he must be trainin' ya ta go against the Jokah oh somethin'." she looking around. "But ya don't seem ta be out on patrol today."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"Thanks, Dr. Quinn." Carrie replies in a deadpan to the comment about what she looks like. "It's been...a week. I dumped my boyfriend last night. I mean, it was coming, and it was for a bit of a hedonistic thrill...but...now in the morning after.." And that's when Harley calls for her Hyenas. She winces at the sudden sound, and inches just a little away from the clown princess. "And I dunno if I want to stay with Batman y'know. There's a whole world out there to explore, to...find my place in. Not sure that is exactly under the wing of a guy who I'm the fourth option for, on a good day." She scowls a bit.

"Also, the other two dudes ahead of me are total dicks and I think maybe it's better I get the hell away from that toxicity but...then I think of like St...er..Batgirl, or...Batwoman and think maybe it's not so bad, maybe I should stick it out." Her scowl turns into a slow frown as she thinks on this, opening up to, y'know, Harley.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Hedonistic thrill..? Eatin' out o' the pooch? Or what ya talkin' about?" Harley quirks an eyebrow, prancing over to settle down on high ground, up on a pillar who broke down after times of abuse from thugs using it this place as sport. She folds one leg over the other, "And so many batsies." she says in agreement with a bob of her head, "There's read hair batsie, also blondie, a lot o' 'em indeed. Fourth option though?" a beat, the two hyenas coming in at a run towards Harley, "And what option are the Bats in yoh life? That should be the important question heah."

One of them drops a slobbered-up, bitten-down baseball right in front of Harley, receiving a scratch behind the ears for it's troubles. But it doesn't take long for them to notice the new person, letting out low snarls.

"Nope, no eatin'. Besides *you* know you don't eat people.... anymoouh." keyword 'anymore'.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley seems FAR less concerned about the hyenas than she was about Harley when she arrived. She's probably got some spray or some other bat device to keep them away from her if need be. Or maybe she'd be fine with being eaten right now. Who knows. But that first set of questions gets a bright red blaze of heat to show up across her cheeks, and she looks away from the other woman to mumble, "There may have been some of that..." She bites her lower lip, and decides to explain, slightly: "There was a really beautiful woman at the bar I ended up at and we...did some exploring,"

When she can finally look back up at Harley, and her blushing has subsided somewhat, she nods, "That's sort of the question. Like, I'm just back from a semester overseas, I am in my junior year in college, I'm finally old enough to drink. Like, why not take some time and explore and see what the world has to offer? I like working with Batman and our work is super important, don't get me wrong but...I've been with him for years. Why not take a little time to find myself. Enjoy life and people and experiences."

Harley Quinn has posed:
The two hyenas look a bit grumpy, perhaps expecting that their prize for getting the ball was going to be a nice snack. So they instead lie down on the ground, blowing air out to show their discontent. Harley just ignores it, continuing to look at the girl. The blush brings a cackle out of the clownette and she leans forward, hands up holding her chin, elbows on her lap. "And they call *me* a villain!" another brief cackle. "Well, as long as whoever that was had it comin' I s'ppose..."

Though she then listens to the girl, thoughtful, "Well, shit. I could tell ya all about changin' ya life, but ya seem ta have a good thing goin' heah. Yet if ya heart ain't into it seems ta me you will be gettin' sloppy one day and get hurt, or worse." the clownette concludes.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley hops up at being called a villain and walks confidently -- past the grumbling hyenas -- to Harley, and then whispers something hotly into her ear, as if to explain herself, before she pulls back and looks at her. She crosses her arms under her chest and says, "It wasn't villainy." The comment about getting sloppy gets a nod though, "I...yeah. Let's just say I enjoyed baguettes and wine a bit too much while I was in France, and leave it at that. Though...I am working it off, promise." Sounds like she's rehearsing to promise to Batman there. The girl shrugs her shoulders a little bit, and then asks, "Why'd you go straight?" out of nowhere.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Ooo, I knew well what ya meant." Harley replies with amusement when Carrie explains it, shaking her head, "I meant villainy as in cheatin' on yoh boytoy. Not cool goin' on theah back. At least I know I'd be pissed beyond sanity...." she is already insane, ".... if my gal went and did somethin' like that." clearly there are limits to her own villainy!

"Ya need ta woik on the promise part bettah when ya talk to the bats. In fact, cut off the whole promise part. But the batsie appeahs ta be in a forgivin' mood, he didn't even drag me back to Arkham last time we met, so....!"

The last question has her arch a brow, "I nevah went straight. Or well, I just went ta bein' myself instead o' bein' who the pudd-, I mean Mistah J wanted me ta be. My friends helped me with it." She then says. "It's a woik in progress though!"

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley states confidently, "We were broken up. I dumped him. I went to a bar. I met this lady. We...did what we did." Another glance off to the side, though, when Harley talks about her girl for just a moment she looks back at the woman with a bit of a curious look, like she is re-evaluating the woman in a new light at that. She smirks at thinking about Batman in a forgiving mood, "As long as you're not out causing mayhem currently, and seem to be reformed...I don't think he'll try and send you back. He's more of a here and now type."

The comment about how she'd never gone straight gets a look from Carrie, "So, you never wanted to be blowing up paint factories and doing whatever it is you're doing around town?" she asks, flatly. "You seemed to get a fair amount of amusement out of it when you were doing it. I can't believe it was all an act."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Ah, heah I was thinkin' it had been DURIN' it!" Harley says, moving her hands around as if to demonstrate a switcheroo. "Well, the moouh I know!" but it's what's said next that has her snort, "I nevah said that." she states in the same flat tone, springing up to her feet, making it so the hyenas do the same.

She points a finger at the other girl, "I am ownin' up ta what I did, and yea, some stuff I liked blowin' up, specially the ol' chemical factory, too bad the Jokah wasn't in theah! But digressin' now I s'ppose!"

She hops out of the broken pillar, "Anyway, not wantin' ta go around a trip on memory lane about my accomplishments! Bye!"

And with that she starts off out of the place at a run. Not one to talk about difficult matters! And zoooom, she is outta there!