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Mall with cat
Date of Scene: 12 February 2021
Location: Lost Pond Mall
Synopsis: Fight complete!
Cast of Characters: Shannon Davis, Tynan Ireton

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis was going around and having a blast, several minor villains and heroes had already been flattened by her. Every time was great, she felt great, she felt powerful, she felt awesome. It was what she had always wanted.

She smashes down through the roof of the mall, cratering the ground as she lands in her green suit. She looks about, feeling quite hungry, it was busy work after all. Luckily this world was still preserved, people worked everywhere they should be working. She walks towards a food outlet and several tendrils lash into the kitchen, retrieving a bunch of junk food that her body absorbs.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty was sitting down in the food court, trying to decide on which set of mall fries to eat. Chili or Ranch Bacon Chedder fries. This is a major decision for the woman. As a growing young mercenary, such decisions are vital to her future. Then somebody crashes down, cratering the ground. The fries...end up on the floor as the table ends up somewhere in a wall from the impact. Ty...just blinks.

    It takes about 2...maybe 3 seconds before the young mercenary realizes that her fries are gone. There is a moment of silence, and yes, Ty pulls out a flask. She takes a long pull from it, for the fries that are now gone. A cold cold rage burns inside her as she gets up.

    "Somebody looking for a fight? Or somebody just signed their last will? Either way, somebody is gonna to answer about my fries!", she growls, looking at the Tendrilled woman. Ty pauses a long moment, rubs her eyes, and sighs..."Oy, Lovecraft girl! Save the stuff for the overseas people! THey're into that type of thing!", she says.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis slowly turns her head towards the woman, her white splotches that served for eyes narrowing slightly. Considering the fact she wasn't running the woman must be a super. She rubs her chin, it was hard to ascertain just how powerful she was. Therefore, she keeps the suit on and steps towards Ty. "Oh good. A post-meal workout. You seem like fun." She says with a soft chuckle.

THUNK! The sound resounds through the food court, she accelerates massively, suddenly going up like a speeding car all at once, yet she stops just in front of Tynan equally as abruptly. "Hm." A tendril lashes out to slap the girl in the torso, should that connect she'd find herself accelerated backwards at about the speed you'd reach if you fell from a tall tree.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty...is used to warzones. And people with powers, and pretty much every disadvantage in the book. She's not somebody who has super speed, strength, or any fancy things like that. The woman zooms up to her, and then slaps her with a tendril. The woman flies back. The hit surprises her before she hits a wall. Ty bounces off of it. The woman stumbles a few steps forward, surprised by things. There has to be a trick.

    At this point...people freak out, save for a few pulling out their phones, and start filming things. Its got to be streamed! "Sorry, Lass, but quick question? Are you human? I don't mean like are you a mutant or anything. I'm just asking are you from Earth?", she asks.

    Ty picks up a tray, and fresbees it at Shannon. Its mostly a test of things. After the tray, Ty grabs a half drunk soda, and throws it at Shannon. Time to test out the waters, since she doesn't know what this being is capable of.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis laughs, that makes her brain tingle pleasantly, this was it, this was what she loved. Power that made people even doubt her humanity. "I sure am." She replies as she catches the tray and the soda just bounces off her, the liquid being absorbed into the suit.

The cat seemed fairly capable of survival so she kicks things up a bit, she was going to take her time having fun. There's another THUNK noise, and the tray she was holding goes flying back at Tynan. However it goes flying at her much faster than a person could throw, if it hit a normal human it would most likely knock out and leave a nasty mark for months. Perhaps chip something. "You with the good guys or bad guys?" She asks curiously.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty ducks low as the tray comes flying back at her! Oh ****! The tray ends up in the wall, near the table. The woman takes a deep breath as her mind starts to shift over to soldier mode. "Neither. I'm just here to collect the checks.", she says. No wind up with the tray toss, and the being lets the soda bounce off, but absorbs the liquid? Ty's mind is coming up with plans already.

    "So, whats your gimmick?", she asks. The young merc moves over to a table, and tosses it up, as well as the food on the table. The woman picks up a couple of hamburgers, pops out from her cover, and throws them at the being. As she throws the hamburgers, Ty opens a small portal. Just big enough to get a throwing knife out, and throws it behind the burgers. Its aimed for Shannon's shoulder.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis eyes the incoming...lots of things. The food is rapidly absorbed, as the symbiote tends to be quite hungry and more nutrition is usually always good. She doesn't get the plan to fatten her up, but there was a particular problem with Ty's plan. The burger hits her and the knife stabs into the burger as it's getting absorbed. However, there was a particular sensory ability that the symbiote gave Shannon, which allowed her to harden that area up again with the knife just barely sinking inside, going about an inch into Shannon's body.

"Smart girl, also not soft. I like you. You're what more heroes should be like." She says firmly as she pulls the knife out. Tynan can see human flesh, bleeding below, but as the symbiote covers it against it rapidly begins healing. THUNK. THUNK. THUNK. She comes in like a blur and appears right above Tynan in a horizontal position, her leg swings forwards, aimed for her head. It was just about strong and fast enough to knock her away and possibly give her a concussion.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty watches a little bit. That odd noise? The being blurs until suddenly appearing. The young merc puts of quick x block while ducking her head low out of instinct. Speed and power though play against her as the leg hits her lowered arm, and has enough force to still pick her up, and send her back. Ty lands on her back, but quickly rolls to her feet.

    Ty rubs her numbed arm. She flexes the fingers, trying to get feeling back into the arm. Not good. But if it bleeds...

    The young merc rolls up her sleeve, and sees a good size bruise around starting to form. It doesn't...look broke, but it hurts like hell. The woman puts her good arm behind her for a moment, and opens another small portal. She pulls out a small bracer like device, and puts it on her bad arm. It connects, and forms somehing of a fingerless guantlet on her hand. "Who've you been fighting?", she asks.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis shrugs. "Just some small fry and She-Hulk with Hank when I arrived." She replies casually, now stepping forwards normally towards the woman. She decides to try something different, a hand is held up with the palm closed and pointed towards Tynan. There's a swooooooooosh sound. About two seconds later an enormous torrent of wind erupts from it, though it's not quite what you'd expect from a wind blast. It's way more concentrated on Tynan, and blows into her relentlessly.

For someone with regular human strength this would be enough to lift them up and send them flying, unless they were able to figure out a way to avoid the predicament entirely. "You're not very chatty, though. Which is good, but boring. Tell me more about yourself, dear. Pretend it's a date. What's your favorite color?" She asks with a deranged cackle at the end, she was having a blast. It wasn't about completing a grand goal. Her point here was doing things that made her feel AWESOME. And this did.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    y blinks a few times as the sudden wind lifts her up, and sends her behind a taco food spot. She crashes hard, and falls where the food is. The woman shakes her face a bit as she has a bit of sour cream on her face. Ty gets up, and looks at the other woman. "A date, Lass? Nah. The tendrils. A real turn off. We'll taco about it later though..", she says. Ty...growls. "DAMN YOU, LANG!", the woman goes.

    She grabs a tray of nacho cheese as she hops over the counter. Ty flings the cheese and the container at Shannon. Ty feints the motions of throwing several knives, before she heads to the escolator. Too many people, and too much open space! She has to get this woman...someplace enclosed!

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis this time does not entertain the food throwing, with another concussive sounds she disappears from where she is, appearing next to Ty as the woman begins to run. She's intrigued by what the woman is planning, and so, decides to let her run along with the plan for the time being.

In the meantime she does little 'attacks' by forming small balls of neon green goo and shooting them at the woman, they'd hurt just about as much as a paintball shot. She aims several of them at Ty's back but otherwise follows without impeding her.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty takes this time to take take the hits. No point in showing what her gauntlet can do just yet. The merc winces a few times as she runs into a hairdresser place. She grabs a can of hair spray, and runs out. The woman then runs into a perfume shop, and grabs a few bottles from there. There's a small second where she does test one of the perfumes, and makes sure that goes into subspace for later use. The woman keeps running a bit, ducking and diving a few times before running into a sporting goods store...

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis cracked her neck, landing in front of the sporting goods store with a heavy crack of the tiles. "Time to wrap this up, isn't it?" She tells the woman casually. Into the store she fires a number of slightly bigger balls. THese are accelerated much, much more than the others and start boncing all over the place. They seem to retain force and keep bouncing even thought they impact two, three, four, five surfaces. About a dozen of them bounce around inside. Should she get hit by one she'd find the harshness of something akin to a rubber shot.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    "AVALON!", Ty yells out. Suddenly a large energy shield appears on Ty's arm, where the gauntlet is. The woman bangs the perfume bottoms on the ground to crack them, and tosses them towards Shannon. The rubber bullets hurt like hell, but might even help shatter the bottles as well. Ty takes several good hits, and drops to a knee as she keeps her head behind the shield. God, she's going to be in such pain after this!

    Ty grabs a campfire lighter, and the bottle of hair spray, and runs towards Shannon, using the sheild as cover. She ignites the lighter, and sprays out the hair spray. The woman hopes there's enough aerosol in the can that the lighter can make a mini flamer. And hopefully the perfume landed on Shannon. Ty knows that this isn't really enough to kill somebody, but hopefully it'll be enough to drive Shannon back. If not, Ty's pretty much screwed at this point...She's pretty much bruised on 70% of her body right now, and likely has a few cracked bones...

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis blinks twice, though it's not visible under the symbiote. She lets the perfume stay on her out of sheer intrigue, which turns into a bit of a panic when it lights on fire. Symbiotes did not like heat at all, and so, to keep her poor little friend from suffering, she withdraws it. The mass of flames sort of drops off onto her, but then shifts and then explodes outwards, smothering out in a huge gust of wind. "That was a pretty good idea actually. If I were I normal person under this I'd be fucked. Do not go soft." She gives Tynan a grin and a thumbs up. A hand points out towards the woman once more and there's a brief woosh before an explosion of air comes out, aiming to send Tynan flying against a wall a final time. Nothing hard enough to cause significant damage, just as a means to knock her out. At the very least, Tynan can see the burns she inflicted on Shannon after the symbiote was withdrawn, so something had been accomplished.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty flies off into the wall, and bangs her head there. She falls to the ground, and the lights start to go out. Yeah, its time for a nap...and likely jail time. And just to add insult...just as Shannon starts to leave, the sprinklers kick on. The woman at least makes her guantlet disappear before she fully blacks out, but yeah, a nice little hospital bed...Maybe...Though not likely...