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What dolls
Date of Scene: 13 February 2021
Location: April's Apartment
Synopsis: Firefly. Cap's butt looks good, why is Inara so similar to Vanessa and why is River the best character? All questions answered in this scene! Also, Mrs. Dolittle was creepy as heck. But now she is in doll hell.
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, April O'Neil

Harley Quinn has posed:
Friday night! That means movie night where Harley is concerned! Or well, in this case series night. She was good with watching a re-run of some star wars movie, maybe even Rogue One! Because that one's always good! But no, today it was Firefly! Turns out Harley hasn't seen the series. Big boo! So nothing like doing a marathon and watching a few.

Popcorn had been set, tv was on, episodes going. "Ya know .., the companion looks really similar to that friend o' yours, Vanessa." she comments, munching on some popcorns. She is dressed in true clownette fashion, shorts and a yellow t-shirt, no shoes of course, feet up and curled under her on the sofa.

And of course that she does the comment. "I like River, only character that makes sense in these series!"

April O'Neil has posed:
April had spent the week working on her podcast. She had been pretty frantic for a few days after seeing The Shredder at the bar in Harlem, but then she started to realize he seemed to be out of his mind and completely not the man that had faced off with her, Casey and the boys late last year...

Had they knocked sense in to him? Who knows, but she'd told the turtles about it of course, and now they were out on patrols even more than usual. Which she took some happiness, seeing them working together again.

In the now, April is sitting on the sofa with her feet up and a bag of popcorn too. She has her thick framed glasses on while they watch the show, a white tshirt and black and blue exercise pants. "She looks like Van's sister, or cousin, or something, yeah. Beautiful." April had seen Firefly when she was little, her dad used to watch it a lot and the space ships interested her so she watched too.

"River is adorable, but... Wash is definitely my favorite." She smiles over at Harley. "He's silly. I like silly, imagine that." And she throws a fingerful of popcorn at the clownette.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Oh yea, love her eyes." Harley says in agreement, mouth now full of popcorns and she chewing like a hyena, full of glee while one of the episodes is going on the tv, "And the cap is definitely goin' to that special hell. Mmmhmmm." another munching. Eyes go back to April when she speaks of Wash being her favorite. "Ah, I knew it!" just before she is ATTACKED by popcorn. But then she opens her maw. "Aim bettah next time! Right heah.." a finger pointing to her mouth as if to tell her she wants to be fed.

"And o course ya like silly! Ya live with me. I am like one o' those infections, growin' on ya aftah a while. Befoouh ya know it you will be askin' me foh clothing, just like I do to you." she then tossing a few popcorn at April in retaliation.

"Why's the captain naked? Ah, Saffron's back.." sagely nod.

April O'Neil has posed:
Since they're not that far apart, when Harley gives her the target, April tosses one popcorn kernal right on the money and lands it in the blonde's mouth. This gets a grin from the reporter who then glances back to the tv, down at her bag of popcorn, then back up to the tv. "I mean, this is one of those shows that was tragically cancelled before streaming services were athing. Ya know, a million damn years ago? This show would've been in like it's 19th season by now if streaming was a thing back then. Cause hell, it's still being talked about by people, today and it's been... yeah, a long time."

She glances over at Harley again after seeing Captain Mal naked, which is always a treat in itself. "If I wore your clothes on my interviews, I'd probably up my ratings, but also get fired from the tv gig." She grins at her friend. "I mean, like half your wardrobe is 'underboob' shirts." She's teasing, mostly...

Her eyes go back to the screen then and her left hand reaches up to adjust her glasses on her nose. "I've heard the Expanse is a good sci fi show. We should try it sometime."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley cackles along with April when she lands the popcorn in her mouth, bobbing her head enthusiastically. "Good aim, Apes! We gonna make a sharpshootah outta you yet." most likely *after* she teaches April on how to properly swing a bat. The BUMBLEBEE must start getting it's use afterall. "And yea, damn shame. We still got a movie aftah all this though! I am curious on how it ends. A shame theah will be no more of this though."

"And look heah, nothing wrong with some underboob. Gotta keep 'em focused on what's important!" Or something. "And yours deserve ta get looked in. But ANYWAY, I also got overalls that ya can borrow. And leather jackets ..., and shorty-shorts. Okay, fine. I get what you mean!" a bit of a good natured grump and she looks back at the tv. "Expanse? Suwah! Nevah heard of it but ya haven't failed me so far." a pause before she finally asks. "So.., who was Mrs. Doolittle?" one of April's dolls, one of those that had been smashed when Terry unwisely left a book on the table for Harley and Aimee to read. Bad Terry. Bad!

April O'Neil has posed:
April, having already seen Serenity, knew the jist of what was to come from it even if it's been awhile since she saw it. "The movie is a bit dark, and not really ... like, satisfying of a ending? You'll see. I just figure I owe you a warning." She smiles at her roomie and adjusts her feet o nthe edge of the coffee table, wiggling her toes inside of her bright yellow socks.

With her eyes on the tv, April smiles at the words from Harley. "Don't get me wrong. I love your clothes. I just know that the second I put them on, Casey'll come bursting through the door and see me in them, then he'll start hanging around here a lot more and trying to re-ignite the flame, or whatever." She puts a few pieces of popcorn in her mouth and chews on them. "By which I mean, ..." And then she makes a bunch of animal sex noises to be silly in her own way

With a smirk, she glances at Harley. "Mrs Doolittle?" She asks. "Oh, that one... was a gift from one of my mother's customers. She knew I liked dolls and gave me one of her old ones. To be honest, that thing creeped me out as a kid. I thought it was filled with the spirit of the children it'd murdered." Another pause is taken then by April. "Which I guess means Terry just released a bunch of dead kid ghosts in here. So /thats/ great, and on point for him."

April mutters about her cousin while she looks down at herself and pinches her tshirt to pop it forward and send the popcorn crumbs flying all over the place. Vacuum time later!

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Eh, I am gettin' used ta endings nevah bein' the best. Story o' my life really. Must be why I hate 'em so much. But sometimes turnin' the page is needed." Harley had a few endings of her own already. Mistah J perhaps the most known one. But they were growing! "Also, your wiggly toes awhe distractin' me from the Captain's butt. This is not normal!"

Shifting the talk to Casey has Harley hard-roll her eyes, "Look, I can't talk much because my track record ain't the best, but aftah what ya told me last time..." a pause when April starts making the animal sex noises and she can't help but cackle once again. "... That! Right!" it ends in a giggle and she tosses another popcorn towards her roomie. "I mean, don't take me wrong, he seems like he has everythin' in the right place, if ya know what I mean!" a bit of an eyebrow waggle as if she wasn't being clear enough already.

The talk about Mrs. Dolittle has her arch her brows, then look guilty. "I mean, she was filled with somethin' alright.." then she nodding quickly. "Terry, right. All his fault." not really.

"But we smashed 'em all dead. So no more dolls comin' ta threaten ya. And really, eitha they multiplied or yoh kept an unhealthy numbah of dolls in yoh childhood. Full teaparties or what?!" a look to the TV. "I need ta start usin' that trick Saffron does. Kiss 'em and knock 'em out with a drug. It works wonders."

April O'Neil has posed:
When Harley speaks of her bad endings to her stories, April looks over at her and reacts by reaching out to put her hand on top of Harley's head and offer it a few caring pats of affection. "Not this story, youa nd me, sister. We're going to end as happy as a story can, so I says it. So I declares it." She shows a grin then as a bit of popcorn hits her which has her recoiling and laughing.

She laughs more at Harley's talk about Casey, a slow nod being given before she looks over at her again with a smirk. "He was put together well, physically. I can confirm that much." She holds her grin before looking away once more to the television. "And nah, that wasn't even the kinda dolls I collected. Stuffed animals were my obsession. You've seen them, on my bed and shelves. The lady that gave me Mrs Doolittle just didn't understand,a nd brought me those kinda dolls as gifts here and there. I told mom to just sell them in the store downstairs, but she said she couldn't because the lady-- Mrs Gurdie --would see them and... yeah."

April huffs out a sigh, wiggles her toes a bit more then turns to lay against the corner of her sofa and raise one foot up to wiggle toes at Harley's face! "Mwahahaha." She cackles like a villain at the distraction. "Saffron is a badass. Like a super spy." She smirks past her foot then at the other. "I'm glad you're enjoying this old show. I've enjoyed seeing it again myself." Her eyes glance back to the tv again. "That laser gun they're stealing looks like a cheap toy."

Harley Quinn has posed:
The pats of affection are received well by the clownette, Harley curling up and letting out a wide grin at them, specially at what is said after. "Cross our hearts and hope to die!" she finishing the promise to one another then pausing. "Oh we forgot the pinky swear." an important piece. But ah well!

The talk about Casey has her grin to continue, now more amused, "Well, at least he was pretty straight wheah it came ta ya. I once brought my jag ovah to his garage foh a lookovah. He didn't even make a pass at me or anythin'. Was pretty good." she admits. Hey, loyal guys can be hard to find sometimes! And if there's one thing Harley hates is disloyal people.

"And yea, she is my kind o' bad gal. Man, I bet she won't appearin' again aftah this episode." a dramatic little sigh. "So much wasted potential.." but that's when the 'attack from planet April's Feet' comes, right near her face! "Agh!" she exclaims, but then she getting a veritably wicked little grin on her face. "Present yourself so easily ta your opponent and ya know what happens next!"

Yes, Harley reaches to try and capture that foot to give it a good ticklin! Merciless clownette!

April O'Neil has posed:
April laughs at the tickling to her foot before she's able to wrangle it away from the other's hands. She sweeps back over to sit 'properly' on the sofa again before leaning forward to set her popcorn bag down on the coffee table. "I was worried about you and Casey interacting more than I was about you with the turtles. I mean... I thought you'd maybe pester the turtles a bit, but that's just cause ya like to have fun, as we've established. Casey though? Yeah... I thought the two of you would like start throwing each other around and punching and such."

April leans back with one of the drinks they had in a six pack on the table. She cracks it open and crosses her legs at the knees as she takes a big sip from it before she offers it to Harley for a drink if she'd like to clear her palette of the popcorn. Apple ale, April's favorite.

"It's been almost a year now, Harley Quinn, since you busted in to this place in a prison jumper covered in... yeah." She smiles at the blonde bombshell. "I'm glad you're here too. You've kept me from being lonely, and I didn't even know I was lonely. But I was, and you've fought it off, with bats and hyenas." April grins and her roomie and reaches out to pat her head affectionately again, and a bit... you know, condescending, but hey!