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Iron Fortitude: Shell Game
Date of Scene: 13 February 2021
Location: Naasif el-Lodi Residence, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Synopsis: SHIELD successfully gains intelligence from Naasif el-Lodi, but it's clear they're missing part of the bigger picture still.
Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Lance Hunter, Peggy Carter, Phil Coulson, Lester Colt

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Ambassador Naasif el-Lodi. Former General in the Saudi Arabian Defence Force. SHIELD now knows he was approached by Senator Roberto Feavits of the USA and they made an arrangement to test weapons. Those weapons were supplied by AIM. A perfect storm of bad actors, el-Lodi then tested the weapons on eastern Saudi Arabian bedouin, people he thought had no voice and could never fight back.

    A decade later, they fought back. They hired a mercenary named Gavin Hedgecroft who got his hands on stolen SHIELD gear from an as yet unidentified black market. That put the attack on Nassif el-Lodi's son on SHIELD's radar. In two separate actions, SHIELD stopped and detained Hedgecroft and his team. A mysterious call from the POTUS had Hedgecroft walking free.

    Not satisfied to leave well alone, SHIELD committed an incredible heist against a secret vault underneath the Arabian desert. The desert almost claimed it and the SHIELD team back, but Quake pushed her powers beyond the limit and saved everyone. The intelligence they got put new pieces of the puzzle on the board, namely, Iron Fortitude.

    Iron Fortitude is a private military group run from the USA and owned by Senator Feavits. Two SHIELD agents went undercover to gain their trust, learn their modus operandi. Now SHIELD can pretend to be Iron Fortitude. Today's mission is a risky one. Once more they are in hostile territory - Saudi Arabia. Their target? Naasif el-Lodi himself. He is tucked away in his secure villa compound Jeddah. SHIELD has the technology and the manpower to take it on.

    Step one: Dressed as Iron Fortitude they will infiltrate and capture el-Lodi in his compound.
Step two: Still posing as Iron Fortitude, Agent Coulson will wear a life like mask to make him look and sound like Senator Feavits, accuse Naasif of working with SHIELD and order his termination. He will then leave.
Step three: Some of us will change out of our Iron Fortitude uniforms, dress as SHIELD again, then enter and 'defeat' our Iron Fortitude comrades, 'rescuing' Naasif. SHIELD tells Naasif we don't care about him, we want to take down Senator Feavits, hopefully flipping Naasif and getting him to admit to crimes, or admit to evidence that we can obtain.
Step four: Leave. As soon as we nab el-Lodi we're on a time limit of 30 minutes before Saudi Arabian authorities will rain down upon us.

    Simple plan, what could possibly go wrong? Bobbi covered all this in the mission briefing before they left the Triskelion. Now, the team is in position. Drones are ready to launch, ICERs are in hand.. it's night time, the compound is in sight. Bobbi does a comms and team check, "All teams, this is Morse, 5 minutes to go time, check in."

Lance Hunter has posed:
Lance is decked out in his Iron Fortitude gear, including body armour, and assault rifle still using his ultra secret cover identity from his time with the actual Iron Fortitude: Lance Hunter. Hey, when you're a former merc sometimes you can get by without all the subterfuge. Though after today, he's pretty sure the word will be out about the 'former' part of that job description. << All good here, Bobs >> comes Hunter's reply, the brit riding in one of the Iron Fortitude painted SUVs eyes behind a pair of obnoxious wrap around mirror shades.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Disguises are maybe the oldest trick in the book for an old spy, and Peggy Carter is good at them. It's not just the uniform, but her shorter hair has been tucked beneath a black pixie-cut wig and dark sunglasses against the desert brightness. She's also slathered on a good amount of sunscreen and rubbed in deeply because, deep down, she's a pale British flower who is getting tired of sunburns and freckles after every one of these missions. None of her classic red lipstick or nails. All heavy body armor to disguise her shape and even those heavy boots give her an extra inch. If anyone was trying to compare this face to Margaret Carter, even internet AIs would probably fail to match.

<<Carter checking in. Locked and loaded.>> She also has as many weapons as an Iron Fortitude top merc would have, carrying them confidently despite a fairly heavy nature. In general, she looks like the woman who has gone all butch to prove herself, makes up for it with fire power, and has never looked back.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Never ask what could possibly go wrong. Asking that usually increases the likelyhood of one of those things to happen, or something like that. Coulson looks around carefully as they near the actual happenings, trying not to think too much on how this will play out. <<Ready,>> he replies, simple as that, frowning as he gets ready now.

Lester Colt has posed:
     Lester Colt is dressed up in the full nine yards as well though to be fair it's not that much different than his normal garb. A full ceramic hard vest rated for the big guns pistol at his hip rifle on his back and armor all the way down with a thick dew-rag on his head, and gunnar glasses.

     He drives along with his hands on the wheel keeping eyes on the road for any signs of IED on the road. It's the typical lookout discarded trash stacked out of the ordinary rocks piled too high, the usual things laying in wait to explode a convoy like theirs in the midst of a little trip anywhere important. He keeps his eyes on the open looking from one side to the other.

     <<DM Reporting.>> He pauses for a moment looking out across that endless highway of desert with a bit of a light smile. <<Brings me back>> He chuckles off radio as he looks to a collection of wild dogs wandering the desert in a pack looking for who knows what. "Feels like a lifetime."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
<<All vehicles, go>> Bobbi commands and SHIELD springs in to action. Vehicles dressed up like Iron Fortitude, armour and arm bands with Iron Fortitude logos on them. Lance Hunter in actual real issue Iron Fortitude gear. Of course, they modelled the rest of their gear off the real thing. It's a step down from SHIELD armour, so the SHIELD armour is still on underneath the fake Iron Fortitude gear.

    Drones rise up in to the air and a holographic live map of the compound springs to life. Tall walls, trees, a swimming pool, a green garden amidst the desert dirt and browns. A three story building at one corner and a garage below it with a dozen different kinds of sports cars.

    Agent Davis moves up to the drive way gate and attaches the hacking device. It takes mere seconds before it emits a green light and the gates begin to open to allow the SHIELD convoy to enter and take control of the compound.

    Bobbi Morse rides in one of the vehicles dressed in her fake Iron Fortitude uniform, a balaclava covering most of her face and a helmet just to make her look like one of the goons. They're all armed with ICERs of course, not that el-Lodi will have time to realise that's not Iron Fortitude's MO.

    The first wave of guards is taken down - the ones on top of the walls, with ICERs. The breach in to the compound is swift and efficient. They knew an alarm would be raised no matter what they did - and they were right. The building goes on lock down as more guards start to move to strategic points to defend el-Lodi, who is no doubt headed to his safe room already.

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Okay you've really got to teach me some of that disguise stuff," Hunter remarks off hand to Carter. He knew some, but today as an example he largely went without, beyond just himself in different clothing. However there's no time for superspy makeup and hair tips as the convoy rushes through the now open gates and closes on the compound. When the vehicles come to a halt, he hops out, firing at a pair of guards caught on the move, dropping them both. "Alright, we need to get inside and get El Lodi, now lets get this done." He says before moving forward towards the doors, checking what they'll need to get inside. "Really missing Fitz right now," he laments thinking out loud, he'd been the one to blow or hack their way through the doors on their last go around.

Peggy Carter has posed:
The comment from Hunter gets a deep smirk from Peggy and a little chuckle. "Don't tell anyone. If the men find out we can shapeshift, they're going to tell the church." She deadpans, though clearly someone has shown Peggy SOME viral videos in her 'education about the internet.' Then she's sternly looking back to work.

While Peggy can drive, she's a better shot than anything, so she's riding literal shot gun in one of the convoys. "I've got the two on the western wall closest to the convoy." She clips out over the comm link. Then, the moment they are pulling up, she's swung out the window with her ICER and put a solid round into the neck of the two marks she called. She doesn't need to waste a second neurotoxin round on either of them, her calm shots true and even. She waits for the others to be taken down, but knows reinforcements are coming.

"I'll keep to the western edge of their enforcements." And she continues to simply clean house. Clinical, almost, the way she snaps off each controlled, disciplined shot. She nails most of them on the first but any who have moved fast enough for even her world class marksmanship to miss, she gets on the second try. She keeps her body low, close to the door so she's got as much cover as possible as she continues her sweep.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Now masked up, Coulson looks around as they get inside the compound and have gotten some of the guards down. "Time to get to el-Lodi," he offers to those nearby as he readie himself, glancing around from time to time to see where people are.

Lester Colt has posed:
     Doll Man lowers his ICER down into his hand as the disguised vehicle rolls its way into the compound and lowers his gun down with care. One hand stays down on the wheel as a support while the other rests down opening fire through the open window. Bang bang bang bang goes his pistol firing off one shot after another as he braces for the recoil against his own forearm bobbing his head in time with the music from his MP3 player.

     As the gates roll open he drops the ICER into the cup holder and grabs onto the stick shift. A split second later he shifts into gear with the manual transmission following right along with the convoy keeping in time with the operation.

     Once they're in position he swings around into his spot, kicking up a cloud of sand and dirt in the process as he grinds to a stop. He throws the parking brake on and picks back up the ICER to throw into his holster. That rifle on his back gets swung round the sling and into his hands with a light clatter as it slams down into his grip the ICER rifle cocked locked and ready to rock as he falls into a breaching position dropping his balaclava into place.

     "On your mark boss." Colt comments nodding his head towards Coulson as he double checks his rifle ready to take down security inside of the building should things get out of control.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    SHIELD, unlike Iron Fortitude, does far more research and planning. In the van, hidden in the back, Agent Piper activates the electromagnet EMP. The lights in the compound begin to flicker, but more importantly as el-Lodi gets in to his safe room and his private security shuts the door -- it doesn't lock.

    Agent Davis rolls his eyes at Fitz and says, "I've got this." He fumbles with the swipe card hacker for a moment, then gets it right and opens the door for him. Bobbi enters in behind Peggy and covers her six as they advance down the corridor, <<Yes Sir, security in the west wing -- team 1, el-Lodi's safe room third floor east wing through the closet -- team 2>>

    Bobbi pats Peggy's shoulder to let her know she's passing on her right side as she peaks out and shoots a guard at the top of some curved stairs. She sneaks past and up the stairs, shooting another with an ICER at the top of the stairs. "Clear," she whispers for Peggy to advance up behind her.

    Agent Jeffries alerts over comms <<Tapped in to their feed, incoming Arabic>> ~~ It's Iron Fortitude. They are betraying us!. I cannot get the call out, we are waiting on the timeout for the civil guard to know we're under attack. ~~

Lance Hunter has posed:
There's a snort from Hunter at Peggy's response, clearly she's doing a better job adapting to the time than her old flame, Steve. Then it's go time and Hunter spares a shrug and a smile for Davis, "Sorry mate, national loyalty and all that," he says, before heading inside with Bobbi and Peggy, nodding for Davis to get on his six. As they sweep through, Hunter takes out a couple of men coming through a side corridor, before smiling as the comms traffic is picked up. "Good to be working with real professionals again," he says, after his stint with the real Iron Fortitude. He missed the all the spy toys.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Uncertain if anyone else on the mission actually speaks Arabic, Peggy translates quickly into the comm units, <<They're accusing Iron Fortitude of betraying them, and saying they can't get the call out. There is a timeout for the civil guard to know they are under attack.>> While Peggy was mostly fluent before, she's been brushing up on her Arabic since that first mission into the desert, and she feels more comfortable now than she has in years with the language. It helps to practice.

She nods as Bobbi taps her shoulder, pressed against the wall and waiting for the woman to swing around and clear before Peggy hugs the other side of the door and enters the room. She continues this dance with her teammate, easily falling into step with her commander but comfortably keeping eyes on their back as Bobbi clears rooms in front of them. She is still smiling as she goes, though. At least *someone* got her joke, even if it was Hunter.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Nodding as he listens to the talk over the comms, Coulson is unable to hold back a bit of a smile at how well this seems to be going so far. Moving along with the other heading for el-Lodi, He doesn't speak for now, simply focused on the task at hand.

Lester Colt has posed:
     "Gadgets make the world go round." Colt offers as he follows up not far behind lance watching the groups six with his ICER he looks from one side to the other keeping open eyes and an open mind on the whole situation. The moment a figure comes round the corner he sends a single round right in the center of mass clean and easy down they go tumbling to the ground before they can get a shot off on the crew. "Glad to be on an op instead of testing toys for the misses." He pauses a moment. "Not that testing new ways to make things go boom isn't a ball of joy"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    <<This is your yearly reminder that you are all secret agents and should be learning new languages all the time>> Bobbi adds when Peggy does the nice thing of translating for people. Davis rolls his eyes but knows he needs to get on that. As the Agents push deeper in to the complex, the number of surprise guards seems to dwindle. One team takes the security room - as the other group finds themselves converging on the bedroom. Two security personnel starts to shoot at the door the moment they hear anything.

    Bobbi pulls back and holds up a fist to indicate for everyone to stop <<Drone 2 you are a go>>. A drone zips up to window height and shines an intense bright light in to the room over and over again.. "3.. 2.. 1..," Bobbi whispers and then kicks in the door and enters shooting the guard on the left with her ICER. The guard on the right blind fires hitting nothing but ceiling. <<Move up on the safe room. Hood and bind his wrists. We will do this in his living room, drag him down there. Make it mean>>

Lance Hunter has posed:
<< I speak, English, broken English and can still understand Fitz when he's drunk, surely that counts for something, >> Hunter saysthough he does speak a smattering of actual other languages, but he has a rep as a slacker to maintain after all. He advances towards the safe room, dropping two more guards before setting up to cover the door, while the others converge. << Eyes on safe room, door looks unlocked, waiting before engaging. >>

Peggy Carter has posed:
The languages comment gets a very quiet snort of Peggy's breath. <<I could *not* translate. Or maybe just the quite essential ones. Leave you all guessing.>> She offers a quiet mutter over the comms, more amused than anything. Then she stops as Bobbi's fist holds up, freezing in place, almost not even seeming to breathe, but that's probably the bulky merc armor she's wearing. It's not near so sleek as the SHIELD issue stuff beneath. No more chit chatter at all.

She swings in a split of a heartbeat after Bobbi has kicked down the door, shooting the guard on the right immediately even as they blind fire, dropping them a second after the other one. Then she's moving further into the room, clearing the way for the boys who will clear him out of the safe room. She's got an extra hood on her belt JUST in case someone loses a hood or tie somewhere, but hopefully it's not needed.

<<Get ready to go in now. I've got extra hoods if you need one. Door's opening in three, two... one...>> And, since the lock didn't work, Peggy leans forward and, from the side of the door, shifts the handle and pushes it open, <<Go, go!>> Between Phil, Lester, and Bobbi, she trusts he's going to be down and bagged in a handful of seconds. Even if there are other guards in the room.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Phil Coulson :lets out a breath as he gets ready. "Let's do it," he says, letting the others head first in this time, stepping in just a few moments later, weapon held ready.

Lester Colt has posed:
     Colt stacks up on the safe-room ICER rifle at the ready. He waits for the signal to dive right into the situation and once that door is open he's bound to go in guns blazing. The ICER makes it easy for him to remorselessly gun down anyone in his path, not that he was the type to take remorse into consideration when he was on the job, but it was easier on the paperwork at least.

     He doesn't speak a word as he works unloading in full auto short controlled bursts from the word GO. There's the cold eyes of a killer on him that look that he'd given ten thousand times before as he'd done missions like this. He was used to playing assassin and doing plenty of Wetwork for the government comparatively this was practically moral, a good cause on top of following orders.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    With the safe room secured, Naasif el-Lodi in his bed clothes is sitting on a chair shaking. The hood is applied, the ziptoes around the wrists are placed. Two agents take an arm each and drag him out of the room and down stairs. While they have relative quiet in the upstairs bedroom, Bobbi takes a moment to review the next step.

    "Coulson, you need to swap to suit and the Senator Feavits face. Remember, the guy is arrogant, ex-military. Your motivation: you believe el-Lodi is selling you out to SHIELD. You want to look him in the eye when you tell him you're through with him. Order his death, then walk out of the room," Bobbi says talking about the acting cues for this next part.

    "Davis, Reese, you'll remain in Iron Fortitude gear, along with Penn and Hurtz who have el-Lodi. The rest of us, change out, we're SHIELD - as soon as Coulson leaves the room, we count to five and burst in from the opposite doorway and ICER our colleagues. We're playing the rescuers, we want el-Lodi to be singing our blessings... everyone clear?," she checks with the rest of the team. Davis and Reese grimace a touch knowing they're about to get ICER'd for spy theatre.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter grins as the change is ordered. He gives Davis and Reese claps on the shoulders, "Don't worry, won't aim for the head..." he teases before ducking down a corridor to strip the outer layer of Iron Fortitude gear and get ready in SHIELD tac gear pulling a balaclava down over his face as he does, ICER pistol in hand. << Ready to be the hero here >> he says over comms.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Until they are certain that el-Lodi is restrained and being drawn out of the room, Peggy isn't moving. She's got her ICER up and trained, ready to shoot the war lord or any of his security that have the gall to try and get back up. <<And... el-Lodi is out.>> She calls over the comms the moment he's being drug from the room, for those teams that aren't present.

Then she immediately begins to strip out of the overly heavy Iron Fortitude armor, leaving it like a lump on the floor as she steps free in her more sleek SHIELD desert white tac suit. She doesn't bother pulling off the wig or shades -- they didn't need to know WHAT kind of SHIELD agent she was, just that she was one. Her ICER is back in her hand and she's ready to move down the hall within 30 seconds. Quick changes go with expert disguises. <<Much more comfortable. That Iron Fortitude muck reminded me of the flak vests in the 50s. Heavy and unnecessarily... gruff looking.>> That's the most polite way she can say that.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Nodding as he hears Bobbi's words, he offers a brief grin. "Got it," he replies, looking between the others for a few moments, before he moves to put on the suit and the Senator's face. There's a brief little pause, as he offers them all a grin. "Let's do this," he offers, before he moves downstairs to where el-Lodi is held, moving slowly to make sure everyone who needed to change their attire has time to do so.

Stepping in, he moves in el-Lodi's direction, watching the man carefully for a few moments, taking the time to make sure the man gets a little bit more uncomfortable, if possible. "Words have reached me saying you are betraying me, selling me out to SHIELD," he begins, words kept calm, as he takes a few steps closer to the man. "I'm quite sure you understand why I cannot let that happen." Stepping closer to el-Lodi, to look him in the eye. "Which means our business is now concluded." Taking a few moments to let that sink in, he turns to the agents that are still pretending to be Iron Fortitude, giving them a brief nod. "Kill him!" There's a look back to el-Lodi again, with an added, "Goodbye." And then he turns to walk slowly back out of the room, waiting until he's safely clear of the room before reaching up to remove the mask.

Lester Colt has posed:
     Lester exits the room and already he's rising back up to his full 6'6" tall. He pulls off the contact lenses that he was wearing and places them back into his container as he pulls off the costume and disrobes down to his S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform.

     "Just like college" He mutters to himself with a smile his bulging muscles rippling beneath his uniform as he strips down and readies for his big debut. He cracks his neck to one side and then the other as he lowers his icer down into position checking to ensure that the pistol is at the ready and set good to go.

     Those deep brown eyes look over towards Hunter as Lester tucks away his bandana into a pocket revealing his almost mirror shined bald head tossing on a S.H.I.E.L.D. branded hat unfolded from the pocket of his assault uniform. <<Between you and me I like them.>> Lester offers as he double checks his gear one last time readied in his uniform locked cocked and fresh to rock. <<Reminds me of the old days in the best way.>> He chuckles to himself as he pats down his uniform one last time setting his old gear out of the way.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi too is grateful to take off the bulky gear. Military armour will stop a bullet, but so will the lightweight SHIELD nano-weave. It's no wonder the agents prefer it. Bobbi takes off her balaclava and lets her hair down. It doesn't take much for her to look completely different to a few moments ago. "Agreed," Bobbi says to Peggy. She'd feel even better if she had her wings. After all she does have a habit of falling out of tall buildings.

    "We need to give Coulson and the other agents time to full convince el-Lodi that Iron Fortitude has turned on him, otherwise he'll never buy that we're after Feavits and are here to rescue him." She shrugs her shoulders, "We want the guy panicked enough he will sell himself out just to save himself."

    The SHIELD agents disguised as Iron Fortitude set el-Lodi on a chair and zip tie him to it. The hood is whipped off of his head and they stand at attention around him with menacing machine guns, waiting for their 'boss' to walk in.

    Davis says in deeper slightly more menacing voice trying to 'get in character', "The prisoner is secure baws," to Coulson when he walks in looking like Senator Roberto Feavits, owner and operator of Iron Fortitude. No conflict of interest there at all, nope.

    Naasif is utterly terrified. He knows the kinds of weapons he was testing for Feavits, for Iron Fortitude. He says, "No.. NO! Roberto. I didn't. I haven't!" He's sweating profusely and jerks against the chair, "Roberto please! I have done everything you asked! everything!" His eyes go wide as Feavits leaves him and he says to the Iron Fortitude soldiers, "Whatever he is paying you, I will pay you triple... quadruple!"

    Davis waits until the door is shut behind Coulson and steps in front of el-Lodi, "Your money is no good here. Filth," then raises his gun up. Turns out, Davis rather enjoyed theatre in school. The theatre teacher was less impressed with Davis though.

    Bobbi listens in and then sees Coulson exit the room from the other side. <<That's our cue. Rescue time. Coulson, time to be Coulson again...>> she turns and kicks in the door.

Lance Hunter has posed:
'Baws? Filth?' Hunter mouths to Bobbi and Peggy, rolling his eyes. "What's next, you'll never take us alive, when we storm in there?..." he mutters, ICER up as he waits for their cue.

When it comes he's not long after Bobbi going through the door, his weapon seeking out Mr. Wannabe Oscar Winner himself, Davis, firing two rounds at his chest before sweeping right and letting the others have their fun.

Peggy Carter has posed:
<<Yes, well, in the old days, those flak jackets were MADE for someone like you, Colt, and not exactly accommodating for someone like me, needing to wear them or not. I'll take modern armor any day.>> While Peggy often seems stuck in her original era, down to the clothing she wears on a regular basis, she isn't entirely enamoured of the past. Some things she will agree the future has right. Hunter's question and roll of the eyes gets a good smirk from her and a slight shake of her head.

Then she's rolling her shoulders, her tac suit settling more comfortably around her and she's swinging back into the hall to join the SHIELD forces. She still looks a good bit more intimidating than her usual self, half in disguise and seemingly far more militant than her vintage waves. She doesn't even wince as she swings into the room and immediately puts two into Reese, since Hunter has downed Davis. "DON'T MOVE. SHIELD has taken control of this base. DO NOT MOVE!>> She sharply snaps into the room in a surprisingly good American accent. Her ICER does move in el-Lodi's direction, though. just to add the tension on him.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Phil Coulson has gotten a little bit away from the door now, listening to the sounds from within. Unable to hold back a brief chuckle at what he hears.

Lester Colt has posed:
     <<Won't argue there.>> Colt offers with a bit of a smirk. <<Things fit me like a glove.>> His typical New York accent as he already started off back at a march intentionally making his footsteps audible to make sure it sounded exactly how these types wanted it to sound when SHIELD came knocking rather than how it actually sounded.

     "She said don't move." Lester offers pelting the other 'mercenary' with a couple of rounds, sending them to the ground with a brutal efficiency before they can even react. For everything one might expect of him the man does play the part of brutal Special Operations soldier far too well as he guns down someone already in the process of surrendering, with both hands on the gun, as he holds one hand up to the side of his ear making a show of radioing back in.

     "Multiple contacts already down, looks like the mercs already made their play, el-Lodi is secure." Not actually broadcasting as he speaks making certain to play it just like the movies for a good bit of show. He was used to being on camera after all, a little too used to it if he was honest.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi shoots one of her colleagues centre mass with the ICER and tries not to wince when they drop. When SHIELD has secured the room she places a hand to her ear as if that were a thing they needed to do for their comms, "Feavits has given our other team the slip." There, Davis, that's how you act. If only you weren't unconscious.

    She pulls out a flick knife and cuts the ties of el-Lodi, "Sir, I'm Agent Morse of SHIELD. It's okay, we have secured your compound." Two other Agents enter and start dragging the 'Iron Fortitude' soldiers out of the room where they can be revived and get a change of clothes. Other agents are hurriedly moving the discarded Iron Fortitude armour out of the building.

    Naasif rubs his wrists and takes a deep breath, "You are not meant to be in Saudi Arabia. But I suppose you are hunting that pig dog Roberto, traitor, scoundrel." He stands up and lets the anger bubble up inside him, "I will make him boil and turn his insides outside!"

    Bobbi paces a little with him and says, "Sir, please calm." Then she switches to Arabic ~~ We want to take him down. Just as badly. If you have any way we can prove his guilt to the US Government... ~~

    Naasif el-Lodi stops moving and turns to look at each of the SHIELD Agents. Almost as if he could see through the ruse. Then he starts to grin even as he keeps rubbing his wrists. He replies in Arabic ~~ You can really do that? ... he has tapes. He records everything. He likes to watch it in his company head quarters. Of all the weapons tests, all his operations. Everything. ~~

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter makes his way to Bobbi's side, frowning as he tries to keep up with conversation in Arabic. "All I got was he likes to watch," he ventures to Bobbi. "Little help with the rest?" he asks looking around the team, eyes back on the door in case of any more hostiles they missed on the way in.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Now that the room is secure, Peggy is falling into the roll of good little SHIELD agent. Bobbi's in charge and speaks Arabic well enough to communicate with their mark, so Peggy isn't going to try to interfere with the woman's plans. She remains standing back, her weapon levelled to take out anyone else who dares come through that door which isn't one of their's. She turns her head to Lance, however, translating smoothly..."He said that there are tapes. Records of everything. He likes to watch in company headquarters -- the weapon tests, operations... Everything." But there is an uncomfortably doubtful tone to Peggy's voice. Something is wrong here. This is too easy and the look he's giving them is wrong.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Phil Coulson remains in the room outside, glancing around rather carefully, while also checking his clock every now and then, just in case.

Lester Colt has posed:
     Colt stands firm on the spot he if he spots a ruse he's not showing it on his face standing still on the spot as he listens to his surroundings and waits listening to the man talk. Does he speak the language? Well he's certainly had enough time to learn. Still he stands on the spot with his weapon at ease eyes on the prize as he stands by the door.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi suspects there's something going on in his head. She chooses to go the pandering approach and says in Arabic ~~ You're not telling me something ~~. Naasif shakes his head with a smirk, ~~ You'll never get to them and I'm not putting my faith in SHIELD. You also want me to go down in flames, I will not. And you will not get out of Saudi Arabia alive. Civil Protection will be here any moment. You won't shoot me, you're SHIELD and I'm an Ambassador to the USA. ~~

    Bobbi turns to look at the other Agents, faking the worry, "Shit, he's right." She paces back and forth a few steps to sell it, "We need to get out of here now.. GO GO GO." She taps her ear again, <<ALL TEAMS EVAC!>> .. at least you can count on the arrogance of an entitled rich guy to serve you well. She looks to Naasif and says ~~ This isn't over Ambassador ~~. Naasif smirks at the group of agents ~~ Oh I very much think this is completely over. God be with you ~~.

    Bobbi turns and rushes out of the room. Down the hall way she says over comms <<We got what we need, time to wrap it out and get out of here before civil protection arrives>>. In theory, mission accomplished. Naasif appeared convinced Iron Fortitude tried to take him out, he may have even given them real intelligence, but he certainly didn't believe SHIELD would take the senator down, let alone him.

Peggy Carter has posed:
While Peggy's feeling a little skeptical, she's also an excellent agent and has been doing this far too long. She doesn't let a hint of doubt cross her face as she keeps her gun levelled at the room and waits for orders. She's playing the proper little SHIELD agent, here not to think but to ask how high Bobbi wants her to jump. Which is good, because that means possibly no one else notices the moment when she does slightly waiver. The faintest edge of dizziness, like what hit before. Maybe it was just the heat. But her shoulders slump a moment, as does her head, before she's jerking them back into place. Bobbi's new orders help.

<<Aye, sir.>> She calls into her comm after the EVAC notice, turning on the ball of her foot and marching for the door. She's keeping eyes open and focused. SHe's ready for more trouble. But she's also ready to get out of the building and the whole damn desert.

Lance Hunter has posed:
As El Lodi crows about how screwed they are there the sound of an ICER going off a round aimed direct for the man's forehead. "Oops," Hunter says, "Finger slipped," two more hit the man's chest. "Nervous habit," he says before he moves over ducking down to hoist Davis off the floor and onto his back. "C'mon, you're wanted on set," he tells unconscious agent as he gets ready to roll out with the rest of the team.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Phil Coulson nods as he hears the words over the comms, moving to join the others once they get out of the room for the EVAC. As the others get out of there, he looks to them. "How did it go?" he asks, moving along with them.

Lester Colt has posed:
     Colt bolts. It's what he does best. A controlled advancement out from the building with the information the team needed in toe. Mission accomplished as far as he was concerned. So why did something still not set right as he made his way through the halls? His attention does drift just that slight moment to Agent Carter out the corner of his eye as she wavers, but he's not about to draw attention to it while a target is in the room. Orders come first.

     "He's on the floor with an ICER round in his forehead." Colt starts as he walks past Coulson. "I'd say it went as well as can be expected really."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi pauses in her step as Lance's "finger slips" -- it's not the first time he's pulled that trick but at least this time they were ICER rounds. Bobbi falls in with Coulson, "Senator. How was the mask? ... I think it went -- hmm. I feel like we're missing something. He happily told us how to take down Feavits fully expecting we'd never be able to pull it off. May be they have some elaborate security system at Iron Fortitude head quarters where if you try to remove the video files it blows up the room or something insane like that..."

    She looks over to Peggy and says, "What was your read on it?" Agents are clearing up the area and packing things back in to the vehicles. Bobbi checks her watch and says over comms <<7 minutes until civil protection arrives, move faster Agents>>. The last thing she wants is for SHIELD to be caught up in a gun fight with the police.

Peggy Carter has posed:
When Lance shoots the man, Peggy jumps slightly out of her skin. She wasn't ready for it and her mind was somewhere else. Her breath catches but she doesn't point her gun at him. She realizes who has done it before she can spin. Then she's following Bobbi's orders, wanting free of the confined space. Getting out of the building is now her goal. Peggy's mostly steady again, but her eyes just not quite focused. She's suddenly very glad they aren't having to shoot their way out of there. <<Something was wrong. Very... very wrong. It was too easy and he knew... I bet Feavits somehow is a step ahead of us and either coveres his tracks or cleaned them entirely. I could be wrong. I'm old and paranoid.>> Peggy responds mostly smoothly, but she's talking a bit too much. She's generally not one for over explaining, but it's a good way to keep herself focused.

As Bobbi reminds them to move a bit faster, she does double time it, her steps having slowed just a bit on the way back to the vehicles. She seems her normal self again, though. Maybe it was just paranoia that was slowing her down, looking over anything they might have missed.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter follows the others out the door into the hallway, ICER in one hand, Davis held in place over his shoulder with the other. << Moving as fast as I can, >> he grouses over comms. << We need to put Davis on a diet when we get back home >> If they got back home, he steps up the pace despite the weight of a man flung over his shoulder.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Phil Coulson raises an eyebrow at Colt's words. "Really?" There's a glance in Hunter's direction, before he offers a grin to Bobbi. "Better now that I'm not wearing it anymore, actually," he remarks about the mask, nodding at the others, still keeping up with the pace. <<Let's get out of here,>> he offers over the comms. Glancing around as they move to head out.

Lester Colt has posed:
     <<Want me to go back and //make sure he's alright//?>> The implication was clear in his voice but the words were typical of any time Colt mentioned one of his little plans. Usually when he started talking like that people started showing up, having decided life was a little too rough to keep going on. After all it was his specialty back in the Marines.

     The man was far from an angel, already grabbing his Caracal pistol from its concealed holster on his person just for such a scenario. He racks the slide just once to make sure that the weapon is ready while still moving his attention on the road ahead just in case anyone on the team gave the order.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi is hardly the ranking agent here, but it is her op. Then again, the op was green lit by Coulson and Gonzales to begin with and Coulson is here. "We're not here on a sanction Agent Colt," she says and the SUVs start rolling out of the compound. "You might be right, we might be too late to get solid evidence on Feavits, but we have to try anyway. Hunter, I'm sending you and Fitz back undercover to that orientation meeting."

    3 minutes later, the compound is crawling with Civil Protection. The security guards and Naasif el-Lodi are being examined by a medical doctor because, well, they've all been ICER'd. No one was killed, it was a clean and fast operation.

    The SUVs are ditched not too far out of Jeddah so they can board the cloaked quinjets. They're up in the air and heading out of Saudi Arabian airspace before Bobbi lets out a sigh of relief. She lets one of the other agents fly and comes in to the back, "It's like these jerks are in on some joke that we're not privy to. And how is Feavits getting AIM weaponry and shipping it to Saudi Arabia for testing? ... the guy must be making a fortune acting as the middle man. He must be using Iron Fortitude as a cover to move the illegal weapons."

Peggy Carter has posed:
The offer from Colt gets a LOOK from Carter. She knows what he's like when he's making those offers and how violent he can get. She's had to reign him in before, even if it was decades earlier, she remembers. But it's not her mission and she lets Bobbi keep control, just heading back towards the Quinjets.

When they are finally settled into the cloaked QuinJet, Peggy is all too happy to be pulling out of her tac suit and that wig. She's clammy sticky with sweat and looks a little off, but that could just be the head. She collapses back down into her seat and stretches out, grabbing for a gatorade and just gulping it back as she listens to the chat. "Maybe we'll get lucky and can still pin them... but...sending them back in for more intel... is not a poor choice. We're missing something." Peggy confirms, all her old instincts screaming that.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter nods, for once not his boyant talkative self, he simply nods grimly. "On it, Bobs," he says before piling into the SUV and from there the Quinjet. He straps Davis into a seat then sighing slumps into a chair himself and pulls on his restraints as well."Well if there's something to find me and Fitz'll find it, we make a good team."

Phil Coulson has posed:
Phil Coulson drops into one of the seats as well once they get out, letting out a bit of a breath. "Good," he offers as he listens, nodding again as he hears what's said. "We still need quite a bit of intel to get these taken down," he offers, thoughtfully.

Lester Colt has posed:
     "Clean op, in and out." Lester offers as he sets himself back down inside his seat comfortable inside the quinjet. He's glad to be back in his regular uniform throwing back on his bandanna. He tosses on his mirrored goggles to boot and looks towards the rest of the group. "Good hustle down there everyone." He offers as he gets comfortable strapped in nice and secure into his seat much more comfortable to have back his laser pistol over the standard issue ICER.

     "Even if we don't get the intel we put the fear of SHIELD into him." Colt adds after a time confident in that at least as he relaxes firm on the spot that MADE WITH PRIDE IN THE USA tattoo visible on his upper arm as he relaxes in the chair just trying to cool down in the air conditioning of the jet. On his opposite shoulder is a full american flag along with the USMC flag, and a number of other military tattoos in various states of fading. "And men like him tend to get what's theirs by days end, especially when they've got a crack team against them."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi looks over the group. Peggy looks beat, Phil looks done, Lance is getting quiet. Yep, everyone will be resting on the trip home. Though, apparently, not Colt. "I don't think we put the fear of SHIELD in him Agent. I think he was completely unintimidated by us. He almost pissed himself when he was in Iron Fortitude's custody, but all his brovado came back the moment we turned up. It's a long trip home, try and let your eyes rest."


    Naasif el-Lodi claps his hands, "Faster people. Faster." Iron Fortitude may come back to finish the job. Feavits is not the kind of guy to give up. He turns back to his laptop and the video call with his son, "I am coming to join you at the retreat. Things are getting crazy again. First you, now me. Our enemies are circling."

    Abdut el-Lodi says with annoyance, "Your enemies father. I just want to get back to university and my friends. This island is boring and you promised me this year I would get to be my own man."

    Naasif el-Lodi shakes his head, "This is what being a man means. Putting your own desires aside for others. Now hush and stop pouting. I'll be there in under 7 hours. The leer jet is prepping now."

    The video call is ended and Naasif shuts his laptop. He knew this day would come, when Senator Roberto Feavits would turn on him. But it's not Feavits that has him worried. It's who Feavits works for that truly terrifies him. Time to disappear.