5177/In need of a date!

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In need of a date!
Date of Scene: 14 February 2021
Location: Guests and Residents (South Hall)
Synopsis: Megan finally finds someone to take to the Sadie Hawkins...After much awkwardness!
Cast of Characters: Megan Gwynn, Drake Riley

Megan Gwynn has posed:
It's late in the evening by the time Megan gets out of Emma's office and after the last few crazy days, she is a bit tired. But hey, the Sadie Hawkins is in a few days and she still has no date! After some asking around, Megs had heard that Drake Riley was also still dateless, and while she barely knows him and this is bound to be super awkward, she heads to the guest hall in search of him..

Drake Riley has posed:
She won't find him in the guest hall! Try as she might, and though it may seem endearing enough that she'd put so much effort into it, Drake lives among the actual residents! Not students, not guests, but permanent (if slightly aimless, in his case) residents. And when she eventually happens upon his door, well...

Drake has been laying back in bed, staring up at the ceiling deep in contemplation. Time just keeps seeming to get away from him with little to really show for it. And he never can seem to make meaningful conne- knock. He sits up and peers at the door.

The door opens, his head poking around. A girl! A girl he doesn't recognize. He slips out from the room, wearing nothing special - an oversized, drab blue t-shirt with gray sweats. "Ah- hey!," he greets, off-guard. "What can I do for ya?"

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn yawns and run her eyes, about to turn and leave after knocking on his door, cuz maybe this a bad idea he probably doesn't even remember her from history class and, he's probably not interested, so...."Gah!" she jumps a bit as he opens the door, smiling sheepishly, "Ohhhh, hiii Uh...D..." D-something, what's his name again? Dan? Dilbert?Dory? No, it started with Dr..Drrrrr.

"Drake! That's it? How's it going? You remember me, right? We're in History together..Great class that!" okaaay, it's actually really boring. Megs, who seems to have ADHD or something, usually falls asleep and has asked to borrow Drake's notes once or twice before.

"Oh, you dint remember me? I'm Megan! uh..Borrowed your notes a couple times?" anither sheepish smile. Gosh this is soooo awkward.....

Drake Riley has posed:
Oh. Oh poor thing. This is, indeed, awkward. Awkward for them both. It appears that Megan has mistaken Mr. Riley for another student - perhaps one that's graduated and moved out? Perhaps one with ice powers? Whatever the case, the one before her cringes just a little as she explains.

"Eeyeeaahh, uhhh," he drawls, "probably not me? I graduated last year in Cali', so..."

His right hand lifts to scratch at the side of his neck. "For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure I'd remember you right off," he concludes with a more relaxed, boyish smile. "But if you're looking for a Drake, you've come to the right place! Points there, at least! What can I do for ya?"

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn BLINKS at that, as that was gonna be her opener, and now things are super awkward, cuz the person she asked about his name clearly gave her the wrong name..To make matters worse, she's carrying a little baggie of chocolate hearts, which she was gonna hand over with the excuse that it was in thanks for all the times he let her borrow his notes!!

"Gah! Really? Hahahaaaa!" she laughs nervously, scratching her head as her face turns bright red, still dangling those chocolate hearts in front of his nose. "Ummmm welll...Geeee this is awkward...Ummm...Sorrreeeee? Why dint you take these hearts as uh..,Uh..Comoensation? Here!" she shoves them at him, hoping the peace offering will stop any hysterics from erupting.

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley snickers goodnaturedly as the poor girl squirms. But soon, chocolate is being thrust at him! He takes the bag with a blink, peering at it, then back at her. Unable to resist, he perks an eyebrow and teases, "Y'know, giving someone chocolates this close to Valentine's might give someone the wrong idea." He bobs the bag at her. Shake'a-shake.

"Still though, really, were you needing anything?" He doesn't mean to come off desperate, but in truth, he could use a distraction from his own thoughts. This has been doing a nice job of it so far!

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks as she realizes that Valentine's Day is like....Totally tomorrow!? "Gah! No no no!" she waves her arms frantically, realizing that she-just dig herself a deeper hole! "Uhhh I mean, Ive been giving everyone these candies! You know, it's kinda like, uh, uh...Valentines cards! You give everyone valentines cards right? Not just like, totally random strangers that happen to be..Kinda cute and seem pretty interesting and friendly but you've never even seen em around before or knew they existed cuz your a total.."

Well, she was gonna say 'air head' but that might give the wring impression. "Sooo...Uh...Sorry to bother you, I guess this was just a really terribly awkwardly weird mix up!" she sighs, staring down at her feet. she should like, run very fast now....


Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley tilts his head slightly to the side, wispy black hair drifting further over his eyes. Did she just gush about him a little? In the sort of way he's gushed about others? Is this what it's like to be on the other foot? Because if he's being honest... it's /so adorable/. It also spurs him to look at her in a different context. She has a pretty face. And he's West Coast, so her haircolor doesn't bother him. Her thick accent helps things, as, being honest, he has a weakness for that kind of thing. And she looks like she's in great shape, takes care of herself-

He catches himself letting his gaze travel over her, and quickly zips them back up to her face.

"Well, for what it's worth," he begins, voice softening to what he hopes is a comforting, reassuring degree, "whatever guy you'd pick to be your Valentine would be lucky. Y'seem sweet."

Should she chance a glimpse back at his face, she'll be met with a warm smile.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn pauses, blinking up at him, waaaait, did he just compliment her? She giggles, clasping her hands behind her back, peering at him thoughtfully. "Really? You really mean that?" she smiles a bit. "Thank you...I really appreciate it, I mean, not making a totally BIG idiot of myself.." should she..? He seems kinda nice.

"Soo...Uh..." she bites her lip, twiddling her thumbs self consciously as she ponders. And did her wings just turn a bright pink too, like her face? What a weeeeird girl. "So like, there's the Sadie Hawkins coming up soon...Are you..Going with anyone? I mean, you seem super nice so you probably already have a girlfriend but...I thought I'd ask anyway.."

Drake Riley has posed:
A date or two insofar, and absolutely zero sparks. Pun intended. Drake sees no reason to lay all that out for her. So instead, he shakes his head. "No girlfriend. Just a rando bachelor living upstairs," he confirms.

Hold the phone, she's asking /him/ out? He blinks, and once again finds himself grinning unabashedly. This is certainly different. When he was in highschool, he never went to the dances. He was too cool or whatever, getting into trouble, tagging street corners, ducking cops. This girl seems... anti-all that noise. And her demeanor is so sincere.

"No one's asked me, no. I mean, I'm not a student. But... if they don't mind a non-student attending...," he hedges, letting her have a little more line to play with. Is she gonna do it? Will she put it in direct terms? This is exciting! And not five minutes ago, he was all in his own head about how things have been going...

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn tilts her head up, watching him anxiously. Will he say yes orrrr...? She pouts a bit, hanging on the edge of her seat so to speak, although he didn't just laugh at her and say outright no, right? That's a good thing, right?

"Ohh, of course someone as cool and cute and smooth as you has probably been to lots of Sadie Hawkins dances, Yknow, where the girl has to ask the guy out? I guess I've never been to a lot, growing up in a tiny little isolated welsh town, locked away in my grandparents house for years so...."

Geez, that's way too much over sharing! She laughs nervously again, shaking her head, "I mean, I'm kidding, kidding, but seriously, if you haven't been snapped up yet, we should totally go! Will you at least think about it? If it's any consolation, I'm a super good dancer, promise! And yeah, they said even guests are allowed so it's super cool!"

Drake Riley has posed:

Drake watches her face for a second, then clarifies with, "Yes, I'll go with you. It'll be fun. And for the record, I consider it an honor going with you. And if you wanna maybe... get together before that? I'd be up for it."

He can only hope she remains as cute and effervescent as she appears to be here and now. The pixie wings? The little Elf-ish ears? It all seems to suit her personality so perfectly; skittish, but bright, lively, and expressive. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

Suddenly, Drake is giving a sheepish laugh. "I may not be the best dancer, though. I might'a skipped out on, um.. /all/.. of my highschool dances."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks, "Really? That's awesome!" she giggles, quite elated, "And for the record, I'm not just asking cuz no one else said yes. I think you're a really cool person and I'd like to get to know you better.." she grins, "Saaay, if you like, I can give you free dance lessons! I'm pretty musically inclined, kinda runs in the family, so I'd be happy to teach you some dance steps!" she beams, "Just gimme your number and we can connect before the party! How about that?"

Drake Riley has posed:
She seems so eager! So happy about it! How the heck is this girl single? It's not the ears, is it? They're odd, sure, but...

Drake seems taken off-guard by the proposition. "Sure! I'd hate for ya to be the only good dancer there. And I wouldn't wanna trample your feet." He glances down at her shoes, then back up to her face. "Ah! A number! Sec!"

Drake dashes back into his room, not quite closing the door, not quite leaving it agape.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn is just like, super weird...And super hyper, like, alllll the time. But she does nod and smile, "Sure! Umm...I'll just wait out here then.." but as he dashes off she can't help but peeka bit through the crack in the door. So sue her, she's a bit curious!

Drake Riley has posed:
The interior of Drake's room is nicely kept, but for a couple stray garments that've found their way to the floor and managed to miss the hamper. But it's only a couple seconds' of snooping that Megan manages to get before the door swings wide again, and Drake is occupying the space, cellphone in hand. "Gimme your digits. I'll shoot you a text, then you'll have my number!"

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn meeeeps and darts back, pretending to be all casual, leaning against the wall as if she were there all the time. "Oh! Right! Uhhh...Suuuure, ummm...555-6844." she pulls out her phone, which has some super cute Winx Club glitter case on it, and waits for his number. "Heh, dontcha just love these totally super random meetings?" she giggles, totally the queen of randomness!

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley is tapping her number into his phone, and can't help but notice the faerie - pixie? What's the difference? - stickers on her phone with a glance. It gets a snicker, and he continues on to tapping a message for her. In short order, her phone will chime! Or buzz! Or ring! Whatever she has it set to! The text message she receives is simple:

    Look forward to getting to know you. ^_^

He saves the contact number and neatly tosses his phone back onto his bed behind him.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn arches a brow at the snicker, but really, when you're a super hyper weirdo like her, you kinda get used to weirdness in all its forms! She grins and nods, peering at her phone, adding him as a contact. "Cool! Well, I'll see you soon then...And it was nice getting to  know you, Drake Riley!" she giggles and waves to him before running off!