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Meeting Up With Old Friends
Date of Scene: 14 February 2021
Location: X-Factor Investigations
Synopsis: Theresa comes to visit! Jamie invites her into the X-Factor Investigation fold.
Cast of Characters: Rachel Summers, Jamie Madrox, Theresa Cassidy

Rachel Summers has posed:
X-Factor Investigations. Contrary to what the current description states, the room has actually gone over an intense telekinetic make-over. (Well, not that anyone could tell it was done telekinetically, that is.) The wallpaper has been ripped out, the walls have been painted a deep green, with dark brown wainscotting along the bottom. Squeaky floorboards have been replaced, and even a few pieces of new furniture have been scattered about, like an old fashioned hat and coat rack. It's actually starting to look like an office - or at least, an old fashioned variation of one, similar to perhaps - the movie Casablanca, or an old Dick Tracy show.

The door to the agency is swung wide open, and one Rachel Summers is directing two Jamie Madrox's where to place the two end tables that have just been purchased. The end tables are old, and practically falling apart, though they do have potential - enough that a good coat of paint and some nails will just add to the old fashion decor, rather than detract.

"Okay, I think they'd look best over in that corner." Rachel's hand gestures towards where Jamie has put the 'waiting' room. After the end tables have been placed in their appropriate position. Rachel's head tilts to one side, nose wrinkling upwards. "No. Actually. I think they'd be best if they were placed in this corner."

This time Rachel gestures towards the opposite end of the small room, where there is absolutely nothing in it. The red-head is fairly uncertain as she instructs each Jamie in the positioning of the end table. She could be doing this..herself.. but it's far too much fun to instruct someone else to do it, instead.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
After the second relocation of the end tables is met with yet another 'suggestion' of where the furniture could be placed, both Jamies act in near unison as they turn towards Rachel, one crossing his arms over his chest as the other speaks. "When we were talking about you having free reign in re-doing the layout of the waiting area, you made it sound like you already had an idea of where you wanted things to go..." The other Jamie nods, chiming in, "At this rate, after you get settled on the tables, you'll have me re-do everything three times once we start moving the chairs in." As the duplicate speaks, his partner blinks a little bit, an almost visible light bulb appearing over his head with the dawning of realization. "Hey... Wouldn't it be easier for you to just telekinetically move these around instead, anyways?"

The answer to the question comes in the form of a third Jamie Madrox who enters into the room from the main door, coming in from the outside. Like the others, he's wearing a calf-length trench coat, but this one is carrying with him a small manilla envelope as he crosses the room towards the office door at the back. "Probably," he quips, "But remember, this way I get to keep my office set-up the way it is." He grins as he speaks, and his two duplicates both purse their lips together before taking ahold of the end tables again, starting to move them towards the opposide side of the main room where where last directed. Before entering his office, the Jamie with the envelope turns to Rachel then, inquring, "Find yourself a desk yet?" While it may seem to some that a desk would be a fairly simple piece of furniture to get, it's pretty clear that to Jamie the item is of particular important, at least in this profession, and its selection should be done with care.

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
You know, it's only been a few days since Theresa arrived back in the states, but already she's bored.

And boredom is never a good thing for a 'recovering' alcoholic. Ever.

That's what now causes the red-head to look into some friends and while her list of true friend-friend-friends is rather short, that doesn't stop her from finding a few names she knows. Like Jamie Madrox. Upon seeing his name the red-head says, "Oh-ho, who d'we have here?", and just like that Terry knows exactly what she's going to do today.

Go visiting.

But you don't go empty-handed, that's for sure, and so before Theresa arrives she grabbed a nice tin of cookies. The kind that's all butter and sugar and separated in little individual crinkled-paper-cups. The kind that go excellent with tea or coffee.

Either way, a few minutes after the original Jamie enters another shadow darkens the frosted glass of the main door. There comes a sharp knock upon said door and after those three raps Terry just boldly opens the door marked 'Jamie Madrox, P.I.'.

While she didn't hear the whole conversation she's heard enough that she offers a crooked grin to the room at large and it's occupants, "Ye know the right answer t'that there question of yuirs -", meaning the Dup's question to Rachel, "- is just a yes ma'am."

And as long as no one throws anything at her, or attacks her, or screams in fright, Terry slides right on in, cookies in hand.

Rachel Summers has posed:
A dark look begins to cross over Rachel's green eyes. For any that truly knew her, that look would make everyone not only back away, but run away - at full tilt. The expression doesn't diminish in the least as another Jamie enters, quips, and heads towards his own office. The question of a desk is met with a narrowing of Rachel's normally bright green eyes. A breath taken in and let out, tongue idly pushing against her upper teeth. What's more dangerous is the expression clears almost immediately, as Rachel grinds her teeth downward and a neutral mask once more crosses over her face. "Oh, I am sorry. Did you have other things to do?" Her tone is cold, like an Arctic wind that has just blown in from the open doorway, and not at all apologetic. At this point, everyone had better clear the room.

Thankfully, for Jamie, Theresa's entrance is a breath of fresh air (versus the Arctic wind) that saves the day! Rachel's dark expression fades as a brighter smile creases Rachel's expression. "I couldn't agree more. You're Theresa Cassidy!" Rachel read up on several files, and frankly everyone on Muir still talked about Theresa (and Jamie) so fondly, the red-head is actually quite happy to finally meet her. "Sorry, my manners, I'm Rachel Summers." There's a slight pause, as Rachel considers her last name, and offers a quick. "Long story." And Rachel's hand extends outwards, idly offering a shake to Irish.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
The change in emotional temperature is not un-noticed by Jamie, even despite the fact that he is sometimes (mostly?) oblivious to such things. All three duplicates exchange a brief glance with one-another in a clear display of 'uh-oh, what do we do now?' and the one by the door to the interior office is left to speak for the group, mouth opening and just about to say something when he is saved by the proverbial bell. Or, Siryn, as the case may be. All three Jamies visibly relax with the sudden appearance of the Irish lass, and one of the duplicates nearby the end tables begins to cross the room. "Theresa!"

He nods in support of Rachel's introduction, making a brief gesture as he follows it up. "Rachel, Theresa. Theresa, Rachel. Rachel's been helping me get the new detective agency off the ground," he adds, although he doesn't really give any further explanation of what may have led him to start up such a business in the first place. "She's been a huge help, actually. You should have seen this place just last week even. I, uh, got the place for real cheap and it wasn't in the best repair. But Rachel's been just awesome." He offers a genuine smile, glacing between the two before he continues. "And I'm not surprised Moira and the others would have told about Theresa. To be honest," he confides, "I think she was always Moira's favorite..."

Keeping the conversation going (and not at all in an attempt to move things further away from the interaction that Theresa wandered in upon or the more-than-chilly demeanor that Rachel had been direction to Jamie...), the brown-haired mutant turns back to Theresa. "What in the heck brings you stateside? And why didn't you say you were coming? Everything still okay on the Island? How's Moira?" It's a lot of question in succession, but - well, Jamie is genuinely curious about all of them, even aside from his not-so-subtle attempts to keep the topic moving along. He only gives Theresa a brief moment of silence to respond before his attention narrows in on the tin she's carrying. "Ooh, are those cookies?"

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
While Terry can't say she knows Rachel personaly or her expressions and moods that doesn't stop the Irish red-head from seeing the displeasure there. Or feel the would-be cold wind that's blowin'.

Some might try to smooth it over, or ignore it, but not Terry. That grin of hers shifts right-on over to Jamie(s) for a mere moment, "Pretty sure I just saved ye there."

Which means drinks will totally be on Jamie next time.

And then it's back to Rachel as Terry easily takes that outstretched hand and gives a friendly shake. Of course, the mention of Summers causes her eyebrows to rise, "I've a feelin' that'll be an interestin' one, but a pleasure t'meet ye, Rachel!"

Anything more she might say stalls as Jamie unleashes a tornado of words and questions. So many of them. It's enough that Terry flashes a grin at all the Jamies. "Same as ever I see." Is her immediate response before she laughs and offers the tin of cookies over, "Here ye go, enjoy. They go best with tea or coffee."

Once the cookies are handed over Theresa finally answers some of those questions of Jamie's.

"Moira is fine and so is the Island."
"I haveta agree." Which is said with a cheeky smile, "She did like me the best."

"I came back t'see if there's anything I can do here t'help. The atmosphere in the States seems t'be not the best." Which brings a frown to the red-head's expression before she gives herself a shake. "But we can talk about that later. What do ye have goin' on here? A detective agency? Have ye caught anyone cheating on their spouse yet?"

Rachel Summers has posed:
"Interesting?" Rachel's head tilts to one side, before actually grinning. "I guess?" Rachel agrees, taking a step back to listen to Jamie and Theresa talk. As far as Rachel's time on Muir, while it was short - it was fun. She spent the New Year there, and it was a relaxing, nice turn to how Rachel use to spend her days, and nights, or even New Years. (Not that a containment camp celebrated anything of the sort, mind you!)

As far as allowing Jamie to change the subject, Rachel doesn't even flicker a glance at the Multiple Man. She keeps her expression neutral, and her attention on Theresa.

Stepping outside for just a moment, Rachel collects up one of the chairs there, and brings it inside (with the current state of things going on right now, using telekinesis to grab the others probably isn't exactly wise). Though, again, she'll just address that - as Theresa states - later.

Setting the chair down, Rachel repeats this quietly enough until the waiting room is filled with chairs, and Rachel gestures towards one, setting down in another, herself. "There are a couple cases that are currently being worked on, one does involve cheating spouses! And getting shot at. Or at least, he got shot at." Not that Rachel, with a smile that is highly unholy, can blame the person.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
The expression from Jamie to Theresa is one that indicates he is well aware that she did indeed 'save' him, though the extent of that rescue is still yet to be determined. He nods along as she updates him on the status of Muir Island, glad to hear that Moira and the rest of the folk there are doing well, before a duplicate steps up to take the offered tin of cookies. The goodies are cracked opened with a "Thanks!" before they're offered around and the tin itself then brought over to the small kitchenette / break area and set next to the coffee machine there.

Quick to help Rachel with the movement of the chairs by hand, the other two Jamies jump in to make the work go by faster though once everything is moved in and seats have begun to be taken, the duplicates merge back to a single Jamie Madrox who also takes a seat. "Trying to work up to more cheating spouse cases with less getting shot at," he adds, absently rubbing at his shoulder where the aforemoentioned gunshot actually hit him. "But yeah, a detective agency!" He gestures to indicate the place. "I know, I know, it seems kind of out of left field, but..." Jamie offers a small shrug as he continues. "Well. It just felt like the right direction to go, I guess." His attention moves from Theresa to Rachel, where he regards the shorter-haired woman thoughtfully for a moment.

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
"Thank ye." Terry seems quite at ease enough to take that offered chair that Rachel so helpfully brought in and while her seated pose started out relaxed enough, the Irish red-head can't help but sit up straight when Rachel reveals they do indeed have cheating spouses.

"Is that so?" There's far too much excitement that question of hers, as she turns to Rachel with a grin, "Ye work here t'? Now I'm imaginin' all sorts o'hijinx just like on the telly."

When Jamie rubs his shoulder the Irish lass can't help but narrow in on that movement. "Wait, ye actually got shot? Did ye forget how t'duck?" Sure, the better response should have been 'are you okay', but to Terry it's obvious he is. The mention of out of left feel causes the woman to wave it aside, "Ye don't need t'justify t'me, Jamie. We all gotta do what we gotta do t'make ourselves happy. If this is it ye should run with it."

Rachel Summers has posed:
Collecting one of the cookies, Rachel idly stands up just long enough to grab a cup of coffee and then return, eating the very tasty treat with the hot liquid. It really /is/ tasty that way! If Rachel isn't careful, she'll let out a quiet 'mm' noise. "So good." She does announce, then, idly smiling at Theresa, as the cookie is lifted upwards and then finished off with a drink of coffee.

"It's kind of what I'm here for." Rachel intones then, leaning forward to gesture towards the outside. "Helping people with their problems, no matter how terrible those may be." Rachel settles back into her chair, thoughtfully turning her gaze towards Jamie, then back to Theresa. The Irish lass would make an excellent addition to things, and hopefully Jamie knows it.

"Granted, I think we'd be more likely to be robbed, then have someone come around for help, given this neighborhood." Rachel intones in her blunt as heck manner, "But this place, I feel, does have potential."

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Having scarfed down rather than savored his own cookie, Jamie watches as Rachel enjoys her treat and almost considers getting up to grab himself another - or a few - though ends up just glancing towards the break room area and remains seated instead. At Theresa's friendly jibe, he returns a lopsided grin and answers, "Yes, I actually go shot. It was a clean wound though, in and out, and fortunately I had a healthy duplicate to help mitigate the injury. But, given that I had to have someone else knock me out of the way in the first place and the shooter was aiming for my head, I'm not sure I ever learned how to properly duck in the first place..."

Jamie shakes his head slightly, then regards Rachel again as she speaks and catches the glance that she gives him. The thoughtful expression is not missed and he gives Rachel a bit of a nod along with a slight lifting of his eyebrows, as if to suggest that he may not have initially made the connection that Rachel has, but he wholeheartedly agrees. Turning his attention back to Theresa, Jamie nods again as he follows up to Rachel's words. "Yeah. It's not the best part of town, but, I'm actually hoping that we'll be close by to people who really need our help, you know? And.. Yeah. I'm really hoping we can make a difference. Things are already coming together better and faster than I could have hoped for. In fact," he continues, "The way things are starting to pick up, we could definitely use some help. If you haven't found anywhere else to lend a hand, that is..."

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
Likely to be robbed? There's a vague sort of snort from the Irish lass as she shifts her attention back to Rachel. "Just think o'it as atmosphere. Shouldn't a PI live dangerously?"

And their place of business apparently.

And while Terry caught some of those furtive glances she doesn't make a point of it. Instead she rolls her gaze back to Jamie, "I suggest ye practice then.", she says good-naturedly before her expression turns slightly less amused and more sober when he mentions lending a helping hand.

"Aye, I understand." She agrees, "It's a good thing t'do.", and while she could have said more that offer at the end causes Terry to pause in consideration. After that moment of thought her expression shifts to a genuine smile, "Why not? I really didn't have t'many plans on what I was goin' t'do here. I'd be happy t'help. As long as ye both don't mind when I ask stupid questions like - do I need my own license? I can't say I know all o'the ins and outs of this."

Rachel Summers has posed:
With a wave of her hand, Rachel's grin is there, again. The faint smile across her features, as she pipes up with a quick (and slightly revealing). "We'll learn together. I'm still trying to figure out this _world_, learning about the correct ettiquette for being a detective?" Rachel's eyes twinkle with the prospect, "I think sounds delightful."

"And I think it should start with us going out for some greasy spoon meal." Rachel insists, rising upwards. "There's this burger joint not far from here - it's what is called a 'Ma and Pa' place." A pause. "Mom and Pop place?" Rachel's brows furrow before a shrug, and Rachel's grabbing her leather coat, (red with fringe going down the arm, naturally) from the hat and coat rack. "Regardless - that cookie just made me realize how hungry I am. If everyone would like to join me?"

Jamie Madrox has posed:
"Licenses? You think we're worried about actually being a licensend PI Agency?" Jamie offers with a wide grin before adding, "Just kidding. It's not that difficult and you can qualify for what's called 'apprenticing' while you're putting in your hours," he reassures. "Everything else you can pick up from my DVD library of crime noir classics." That last part is said with enough conviction that it may be a little difficult to tell if he's still kidding or not.

As the offer of food is made, though, Jamie is quick to stand when Rachel does, nodding in agreement as he reaches for his own trenchcoat. "That," he states, "Sounds like a *great* idea. And I've been meaning to try out that place. The guy down at the parking garage says they have the absolute *best* bacon double cheeseburger, if it's the one I'm thinking of." His trenchcoat is slung on over his frame as he moves to hold open the door for the other two. "Food's on me. We'll expense it to the business for a tax write-off," he grins.

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
They'll learn togetehr? That brings a grin to Terry's face as she says to Rachel, "At least I won't be alone."

Apprenticeship seems a fine answer to Terry and while there's the vague thought of 'should I read those books?' that thought is put on hold at the mention of food.

"Let's be off then. A burger sounds good t'me as well." And while there's a vague sort of shake of her head at the mention of tax write-off, nothing more is said, as the trio meanders out for said burger, fries and conversation.

After all, there's a lot to know about becoming a Private Eye.