5185/St. Valentines Day Carnage

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St. Valentines Day Carnage
Date of Scene: 14 February 2021
Location: Robinson Park - Miagani Island
Synopsis: Luigi Falcone slaughters a hacker group in search of a hard drive only for Catwoman to snatch it out of his hands.
Cast of Characters: Carmine Falcone, Selina Kyle, Jane Foster

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Gotham is quiet this time of night. The moon hangs high in the sky partially obscured by the pervasive smog that adds an ethereal quality to the world in every direction.

     Fresh fallen snow in every direction coats the world as a snow globe bringing an almost peaceful atmosphere to the forum of the 12 caesars. It's well beyond any time for visitors as figures begin to walk out of the darkness. They move with speed and efficiency setting up tables onto the snow covered grass and food atop them, in a matter of seconds the well oiled machine turns this forum into a small convention area with food, drink and portable generators stored in the back of rusted out pickup trucks.

     As soon as the supplies are set down the men and women dressed in simple caterers clothes load back up into their vehicles vanishing into the darkness as quickly as they had arrived leaving the local area empty once more but now filled with a small collection of supplies, a speaker system and microphone at the center of it all.

     A few seconds later as if by magic headlights appear in the parking lot. Cars of varying makes and models with license plates from all 50 states. Men, Women, Teenagers. Every single one of them begins piling out of their vehicles and heading towards the makeshift convention centre. Each one is dressed wildly differently, some overweight, some under, all walks of life connected only by their wearing of identical pitch black baseball caps with a white B in the center of them.

     The quiet of the night in robinson park is suddenly replaced with the hustle and bustle of about 60 people all just enjoying the nights air and chatting about criminal enterprises.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Catwoman was doing her usual rounds, checking on some of her friends on the streets, many of whom tended to hang out in this very park at night. But tonight there is something different in the air..Hmmm, and what's this? Some sort of picnic in the middle of the night? Nah, not likely.

She is glad she wore her wool lined costume tonight as she does her best to blend in with the darkness. A bit trickier with the white snow, softly falling all about. Still, the trees make excellent cover, and if she is anything, Catwoman is a master of blending in with her surroundings.

Green eyes narrow as she watches the little convention, recalling something a hacker friend had mentioned. Something about a hard drive or something...Hmm, might be worth quite a bit.For now though, she stays out of sight..

Jane Foster has posed:
One of those cars bears a plate from Colorado and someone who accidentally fell out of 2003 en route to Gotham. Sunglasses at night probably aren't his thing, but the layered t-shirt over a long-sleeve Henley, the pukka shell necklace, boarding pants? All proof of someone more likely to hit the slopes a couple hundred miles north. The ballcap's pulled on last minute, tilted over his silver, grey, and blue-streaked hair, right before he steps out into the icy cold.

His partner, a girl with rave dreads and blue-tinted glasses, just rolls her eyes. She pours out of the seat and drags on a puffer coat the size of a sleeping bag over her arms. "S-seriously, c-c-c-couldn't they d-d-do this somewhere warm? New Orleans is nice this time of year," she complains in a low voice. "D-d-dallas? What about San Diego? San Diego has fish tacos."

"Look at it this way, we aren't using extra water cooling," says Jake. Though he's got a far cooler handle than that among this lot, it works. "C'mon. Let's go find out where we set up."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     The music thumbs to life a mixture of eurobeat and trance that swaths in and out between the two, the DJ wearing a hat that matches the rest of them. He bobs his head back and forth from one side to the other as he works his magic sliding those magic fingers about as people get settled in with their gaming rigs for a night of fun and profit.

     "Alright guys, gal's and nonbinary pals" A deep robotic voice echoes out as a figure clad in neon lights wearing that same hat steps up to the podium. He looks oil cooled himself with various RGB lighting across his chromed out skin, his face covered by an anonymous mask. "Welcome to the 40th annual meeting of the Black Hat Crew." He slams his fist down onto his palm as a cheer echoes out throughout parts of the crowd. "Got some special tricks lined up for this special event, but I know you're all here for the Blackwatch files." He holds up an old school hard drive from the late 90's in his hand waving them from one side to the other, and a cheer erupts from the crowd louder still.

     "One of you cool cats is going to walk home winning this bad boy, and all you gotta do is hack all of our encryption, and make yourself the auction winner." He shakes his hands down at his neck the RGB lighting across his surface sending out waves of light as he stands in the middle of the amphetheater.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Catwoman arches a brow, focusing on the speaker. Soo, an auction, is it. Hmm..She's still checking out the odds, doing the calculations in her head, but..The odds are definitely not on her side. So she hides her time, stepping quietly closer as she listens, no I g in on the object of interest, licking her lips. This could be worth a lot but..

Jane Foster has posed:
It's in their heart to dance a little. Jake (@Impoid) and his companion, @Libulan, both find it in their hearts to sway a bit to the music. Lifting his fist in the air, Jake strikes the beat like the best of ravers out there. "This is living, my people! Make the most of it!"

The girl shakes her raver-dreads, swaying curls twisted in blue and black, with sufficient electrical tape to keep the ends together. "Could you just get the array out? I'm f-f-f-freezing." Her chattering teeth cuts that word to pieces, eyes narrowed as she watches the neon strobing over their host. Blowing into her fingerless mittens isn't doing much other than prolonging some frostbite, and she squints at the hard-drive older than either of them. Jake elbows her lightly in the side, his arm sinking into the deep feathery down.

"Told you it was worth it. C'mon, let's go make history." He grins deeply and shakes his head, starting his way deeper into the melange of people. "I haven't forgotten our deal!" In the excitement, he's not going to notice someone skulking in the shadows. Not yet, anyway.

"What's /on/ it, anyway?" shouts Libulan, trying to make herself heard. "We drove all this way! What for?!"

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "I hear you my pals, I hear you." The neon man calls back as Libulan calls out. "On this little disk is all the information big ol uncle sam doesn't want us to know about project Blackwatch" He runs it from one side to the other under his nose. "The encryption on this badboy is so ahead of its time our best crackers still ain't been able to crack it all." He holds it up in one hand. "But what we've been able to find blows the lid on La Cosa Nostra, and ties the big dogs to some major bad ju-ju with a certain mythological beasty."

     He waves it in the air for another brief moment before flicking it between one gloved hand and the next obviously pleased with himself. There's a renewed interest from certain members of the crowd as they lean in to their work tapping away as they set up their rigs and hook into the local network for a bit of spy games of their own. People are already hacking each other hacking the network bricking machines. It's the regular atmosphere.

     Every year there was some other 'big prize' last year it was the arcade board for Polybius and this year apparently a 90's harddrive, but for many of the people here it was about the spirit of the thing as much as the actual cash on the line.

     As Catwoman watches on she can see a convoy driving in the distance. Pitch black armored pickup trucks. They're riveted with excess metal plates down the side and the government symbols have been peeled off leaving darker areas of paint where once a certain government logo would have once rained. Pitch black tinted windows. No license plates. Dead silent electric cars rolling through the night, with headlights off in a full on convoy. SHIELD? No. There's no iconography just blank armored pickups rolling in the cover of night.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Catwoman licks her lips, pondering her options. A smoke bomb would be the best route, but even then, with so many people around, it would be incredibly risky.Far too risky for her liking. How about...? And then she notices the convoy of black armoured trucks. What the? Are they FBI? SHIELD? Either way, this could get ugly and she'd rather not get caught up in it..On the other hand, that drive...Catwoman keeps to the shadows, angling so she can get closer to that hard drive. If something goes down, it would be a good distraction for her to snag that hard driver either way..So she hides her time, waiting and watching still..

Jane Foster has posed:
Jake shakes his head and breaks into that white-toothed smile, all confidence and swagger. He's not the only one watching the old tech being swung back and forth, but he watches it like the obvious worm on the hook it is. Libulan shrugs and turns back to the car, stuck with the miserable job of pulling out the computers. They're boxed up nicely in a plastic container that she has to haul across the frozen ground, cursing and complaining.

At least Jake sets up a spot for himself, tossing his hat down, and shaking out his hair. He claims two seats and greets those around him, just as well known as they probably are. Bricking one another's work? Nah, too early for that. He flexes his fingers. When Libulan shows up with the load, glaring, he helps disassemble everything and takes it from her. Just a point to help out, right? "This is going to be fun. You act like we're wasting our time. What, you wanna catch a /show/ in Gotham?"

They're soon lost in the routines of setup, booting up machines, checking their peripherals and getting themselves ready to sink into the protocols.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     It's already shaping up to be another fun year. People are laughing and having a good time sending out their virus' and programs to attack each other en mass and the main computer of the event. Some are still setting up their machines and booting up in the cold but over all it's just a nice bit of fun for the gang and its members.

     Almost no one notices those silent electric cars as they move closer in the dark. That is until the rhythmic thumping in time with the music as they slide up and over the curb. One two three four, five six seven. Each of the trucks ramps up and over the curb before circling round the amphitheater. They kick up snow and dirt as they circle round before sliding to a stop.

     People pause mid stride, the DJ looks up from what he was doing with a blatant confusion. There's no police sirens, and no blaring lights, just dead silence for a moment as the moon roof of each truck slides open.

     From within each truck rises a cage of sorts with a mounted chaingun in an upright position. The unarmored hackers mostly pause in what they were doing to look as they've become surrounded on all sides. The man in his anonymous mask stops completely on the spot locked unable to fully comprehend what's going on.

     Sitting in each cage is a figure dressed head to toe in pitch black combat armor with matching black goggles. They grab onto the handles of their weapons and lower them down wordlessly. A hail of gunfire fills the air from all directions of the circle.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Catwoman's eyes widen in shock as she realizes this is not an arrest..This is an execution. She frowns, ducking for cover, although her eyes are still on the prize, ducking under a park bench as all the focus is on the attackers. Meanwhile she edges ever closer to the hard drive, whip at the ready. She's glad that her black outfit offers her at least some protection against gunfire, but these people -computer hackers? - seem ill preparedfor battle.

This is...This is not right. They're criminals, thieves perhaps, not murderers. They don't deserve this. "Ugh, screw this.." she darts up from beneath the bench, still on the fringe of the battle, and pulls out a few smoke pellets, tossing them with expert accuracy at some of the nearest gunners. Hopefully she can at least slow them down while providing herself some cover as she edges ever closer to her prize..

Jane Foster has posed:
Jake's deep into a couple protocols loaded up on his box, peering between the two monitors placed side by side. Having them outside is inconvenient but doable, the snaking wires connected to the other extension cords and circuit breakers feeding on electricity. Running different commands picks away at the encryption, but Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a complex set of code -- even limited to late 20th century technology -- going to fall in fifteen minutes. No script-kiddy, he plucks at the different code strands to see what might fall to his various different programs.

But all that takes time. Time isn't a luxury he has. "Impoid's gonna show you all, you know?" he murmurs, headset pulled on and his ballcap stuck atop. "We shoulda brought knit hats, you know? What are they called?"

Libulan rolls her eyes. "Dunno, a beanie? A toque?" They two of them aren't totally paying attention, lost in the works until the work... well, it stops. A truck rolling by is quiet until it isn't, and the crunching snow has the young hacker frowning. He nudges the girl and then flings himself atop her body, pulling her beneath the makeshift table. "Shit, shit, shit. Pull it over--"

His shouts are lost in the cascade of gunfire, heavy calibre arms spitting out belts of ammunition into a barrel. Screams mingle among the rattling metal, exploding electronics that spark and seethe. Glass cracks.

"Oh god oh god oh god" is a refrain before being torn apart by red pain, fear a blazing track up the spine.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Casings fall to the ground brass collecting on the snow all around as red blood stains the ground. The front of the barrel of each gun begins to heat hotter and hotter till the edge of melting as thousands of rounds are pumped into the middle of the group.

     Slaughter is the best word for it. Some run, some hide, some cry, but all die. It's brutality in efficiency and lacking secrecy of any kind as they just keep pounding the ground with high caliber rounds meant for taking out enemy vehicles. What kind of a monster would use this kind of weaponry against unarmored computer hackers?

     The man in chrome attempts to run out of the way as the smoke bombs fly in all directions almost bumping directly into Catwoman in the process. His mask falls off revealing the face of a man in his late 60's with a white neckbeard who looks like he might well have been here since the groups founding 40 years back. There's genuine fear in his eyes as everything goes to hell around him the gunshots rattling out.

     As he moves three of the trucks manage to get sight lines on him, and splatter him with rounds turning the human being into a fine red mist on the spot and sending the hard drive tumbling down to the ground as little if anything is left once the shaking and twitching stops.

     The smoke protects Catwoman for the most part as the weapons fire stops to allow the barrels to cool off one of the truck doors sliding open. From inside walks a man in a Daft Punk sweatshirt, air pods and long black cargo pants. He just starts walking over the fresh bodies and fallen snow. Luigi Falcone, Age 18.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Catwoman knows when she's in over her head, and right now she is getting close. But she is an escape artist, and escaping is what she does best...But not without that hard drive, dammit! She ducks behind another bench, counting her breath as she focuses on remaining calm..Just a little further now..

The smoke buys her a bit of time, but there's too much gunfire. She doesn't have much time. Wait, there it is, some four feet away. "Alright, here goes nothing.." she unhooks her whip, swinging it in an arc towards the table, expertly snagging it, wrapping the leather tip around the hard drive as she has done plenty of times in the past with similar objects, and tugs it towards her hiding spot..

"Juust a bit further.." she grunts, trying her best to slide it to the edge of the table while still glancing around every so often , keeping an eye out for a possible escape route. She hasn't yet noticed Luigi Falcone...

Jane Foster has posed:
Death stings with a bite. It tears into unprepared flesh. It's the arc of a scream and the wail of pain, begging for mother through the falling debris. Crush damage hits wounded, torn limbs differently than the impulsive bursts of gunfire. Computers and blown monitors land on their owners. Food flies from the shredded tables that hosted a groaning board.

Those who can run might dive beneath one of the vehicles in hopes it will spare their lives. If they're under the truck, will the others fire on them? A man in a hoodie flings himself down, army-crawling like a few years in service taught. The spasming bodies attract fire and shots.

"Please, please, Lizzie. Lizzie," whispers Jake, blood on his lips. Shaking the woman under him weakly doesn't do anything, her eyes already turned to glass and tears through the smoke. His breaths rattle, torn open sides letting too much oxygen vent from failing lungs that flutter, torn to nothing. "Why?"

<<I'm sorry.>> I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Thoughts mean nothing through the morass for the woman plummeting into flesh going unresponsive, synapses no longer reaching any terminus able to understand the fitful last bursts. Electric hum of life drains into the ruined soil. All around, the sounds are so quiet, harsh exhalations sputtering away into nothing.

Eyes turned to Luigi Falcone are already fading out, the light dead in them. His triumphant appearance at the end of a crescendo, like a spectre of the opera, meets with an audience of two or three. Maybe four, maybe five. A woman sleek in the dark. Another his bullets can't hope to touch. <<Time to take a bow, Jacob.>>

<<But he's there. He'll kill us if we go now!>>

<<I can promise you he won't even look this way. You've got bigger things ahead of you right now.>> The gentle smile is unseen, but that exchange takes no more than a moment before the kid from Colorado with the pukka-shell necklace goes limp into the dark.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Luigi makes his way through the carnage slowly but surely. As he walks he pops a single bullet into the head of a downed figure who had only been maimed and not fully decimated by the hail of gunfire. A single pfwift of subsonic rounds meeting with the suppressor on his glock.

     He whistles a quiet and oddly cheerful tune as he makes his way forward just seeming happy as he makes his way through the carnage with guns watching to keep him secure. The young highschooler calls out to the smoke. "

     You really don't want that." as he levels his pistol down towards the head of another downed hacker left to cower on the floor. It's obvious from where he's shouting that he hasn't exactly seen quite where the catwoman's hiding spot is where she's managed to snag the drive.

     "Just some old data, not really worth anyone's time." He offers with a bit of a smile as he looks towards the smoke standing in the midst of all the horror that he's brought while opening fire on the poor bastard hiding beneath the truck with a burst of pistol fire. Returning to his little whistling.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Catwoman grits her teeth as she watches the carnage going on around her. Damn, she's way in over her head, but at least she managed to grab the hard drive. Dont let their lives be in vain..She slips the drive in her backpack then continues to crawl from underneath one table to another, spying out her escape plan. She had parked her bike not far from here, hidden safely from the black cars thankfully, almost there, just...

Oh. Oh crap. That's Luigi, isn't it. She curses, adjusting her visor. Okay, only got one shot at this, while he's busy. Maybe give the others a chance to flee. Catwoman pulls out a flash grenade and counts to three before tossing it towards Luigi then springs to her feet and sprints for the trees, ducking and rolling behind some shrubs , using them as cover as she quickly slips away, darting behind more trees then leaps for her bike, using her remote to start it from afar before leaping on it and careening out of there like a bat out of hell.

Jane Foster has posed:
Another life gone. Another tally increased by one, ugly and frightening as it is. Catwoman will find little help from someone lying grievously wounded nearby, a teenager doing his damnedest to lay still and play dead through a veil of shock.

It's almost too easy to watch her go, an inky shadow moving too fast to reach out to.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     The flash grenade hits just as planned and causes Luigi to stumble back as he's blinded, his ears ringing. He can't tell what's happening and the gunners can't really do much better. It's just the excuse that some of the hackers need to escape from the carnage and horror crawling out from their positions in the hopes of getting to safety in the midst of the horror.

     Luigi stumbles firing blindly at the general direction the grenade had come from shots ringing out as they slam hard into the ground but he can't see a thing. "Don't just stand there watching me, kill that bitch." He screams out as he waves his gun around but the truck gunners have been blinded as well leaving the drivers to lean out the window and take pot shots at the escaping catwoman.

     Luigi stumbles back to the car he'd stepped out of and slams the door behind him, the trucks beginning to peel out as they try and fail to follow catwoman.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Once she is at a safe distance, she will call the police and EMS. Hopefully at least so,e lives can be saved..