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Beauty and The Beast - Sequel
Date of Scene: 14 February 2021
Location: Abandoned Rectory - Derelict Church
Synopsis: Beast brings Tandy some Italian and they talk about hopes, those on the surface and below.
Cast of Characters: Tandy Bowen, Henry McCoy

Tandy Bowen has posed:
The church is dark and cold as always on this blustery snow Valentine's Day. Tandy is curled up on a broken pew with one of Riri's portable heaters next to her, soaking up the warmth as she flips through a magazine that has a bit of water damage to the pages.

Today, she is dressed in a thick sweater, a jacket, and a pair of jeans with some old boots on. Her partner, Cloak, is most likely staking out what their next mission will be by shadow, thus, leaving the angel of light to herself in a place of worship.

There is a half-ate candy bar next to her as well, a Snickers, just to satisfy her.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Dressed for the weather, Herny makes his way to where Tandy resides. He's got a box of some size under his arm, as well as a thermos and a bag of Italian food to share. Stepping into the church, a glance is given to the surroundings. "Tandy?" He calls out, scenting only her on the premises. "Hello? It's Henry." He grins, taking a careful step inside.

No need to upset the darker, broodier Cloak by being an intruder.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
Glancing upwards from her magazine, Tandy offers up a smile in his direction as she finds his large frame filling the doorway. "Hey, Henry." She pushes upwards and heads over to him, brushing some blonde hair away from her face with a gentle guide of fingers.

"Cloak's not here, he's out skulking around. Happy Valentine's Day I guess." She says with an amused smile as her shoulders lift upwards. "Came to keep me company?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
A grin, the man stepping closer. "Happy Valentine's Day." He offers, the box extended to her. "I brought you a gift, and some Italian food. Do you like Italian food?" He asks, wondering if he made the right call now. "Thought I might stop by and ... hang out?" Henry shrugs, chuckling a bit. It's clear by his posture, this is all sorts of awkward for him.

"How are those heater working out from Riri?" He asks, noting the warmth in the place - subtle as it might be.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"The heaters are great, actually. She's really a genius. It's been easier to sleep at night." Tandy says as she makes room for him to take a seat next to her. "You brought me Italian food?" She asks, her brows raising upwards. "I love Italian food." She takes the box from him curiously.

"And you got me a gift? This feels like a boyfriend situation, Doctor." She does open it to peek inside all the same. "I don't have any plans today if you wanted to hang out. We can go for a walk also if you want."

Henry McCoy has posed:
A scuff of his foot on the floor. "I thought... you know... maybe?" He decides, sitting down next to her. The box is weighty - definitely something of substance in there. He looks relieved that she loves Italian food. Points scored!

"Yes, a gift. I wanted to so something nice for you. Cause... I mean..." He's stumbling over his words. "A walk would be wonderful, after we eat?" Henry suggests.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"You thought maybe?" Tandy says as she unwraps the box and then opens it to reveal what it could be inside. "I don't know if I make a good girlfriend, Hank. I'm kind of a mess, got a best friend that is tied to me for the rest of our lives and I'm homeless living in a church. Not exactly the most romantic situation one could hope for."

Her stomach growls at the scent of food though in the air, softly sighing happily. It's been a long time. "I feel bad I don't have anything for you .. or Cloak .. um.. " She glances at the worn down magazine, then back to him. "Maybe we can figure it out later." She leans in and rests her head against his shoulder.

"So, what'd you get me?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
His arm goes around her, as she leans in. "You don't have to get me anything. Just be you." He assures, hugging her gently. "How is the shoulder?" He asks, careful not to squeeze there. Inside the box is a warm wool long coat - light in color. "I thougth you might make use of this, being the winter time and all." A smile from Henry, the man watching her reactions.

"Things can get better. Things can improve - you and Cloak are doing things to help people. Karma will see you through."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"Or dead. Karma can see us dead." Tandy says as she lets out a soft sigh. "Shoulder is fine. All healed up thanks to you. I'm able to work again, even if it's not as exciting as it used to be. Cloak and I have to get creative with our synergy."

The sight of the jacket causes her to smile as she brushes her hand along the fabric. It's been a long time since she has had something this nice. She gives him a smile, then leans in closer when his arm wraps around her. She curls her own arm around him for a half hug. "Thank you so much. This is beautiful. I'll make sure to not get it messed up or dirty."

There's a bit of a thoughtful pause, then she leans forward and presses her lips against his muzzle for a kiss.

Henry McCoy has posed:
A tsk from the big man. "We all will end up, eventually, in that situation." Henry smiles. "Mortality is a fact we will all need to face some day." Another one-armed hug. "We do what we do, in order to make our lives and other's lives bearable and worth having." A nod. "What needs work in the synergy department?"

As she looks over the coat, he looks pleased - happy to have provided her with something she could make use of. "We can get it cleaned if it gets dirty. It's meant to keep you warm."

At the kiss to his muzzle, he blinks - a wry grin. "That seemed like the act of a girlfriend." He teases her, quietly.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
Smirking, Tandy shrugs her shoulders upwards. "Maybe. I don't know how to be a girlfriend. But, maybe we can make this work. I like you. I could use some stability in my life. That and if you keep bringing me Italian food, we may end up married.'

She puts the jacket to the side, then tucks herself into the bag of food hungrily as she takes out the containers. "The synergy stuff is just .. you know... I can't do my acrobatics as well as I used to. Will take some time. Gotta be more backline than frontline when fighting. Just have to depend more on Cloak to keep us alive."

"Not that he minds of course. He lives for this."

Henry McCoy has posed:
A laugh from Henry at the mention of marriage by Italian food. "I will keep that in mind, then." He winks. "I like you too, Tandy." Henry responds, smiling to her. "We can see where we go, right? No pressure, just... enjoy the journey." It seems simple enough, right?

"Acrobatics take practice. I'd be glad to help you with that, if you like? I've got a bit of a knack for it." A wink. "So... what is it you do now? The powers... I don't think you ever explained them?" He scratches at his chin. "And if I am being too nosey, just... tell me." He nods.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"My powers? Well, they are .. um.. light based." Tandy says as she rises upwards to her feet once she moves some containers to the side. She summons a light dagger in her hand, then throws it forward. With a twist of her hand, she sends it swishing off to one side. "I can control the movement of them, and shape them into these knives and sometimes a sword when I put more into it. The light does a few things. I can purify people of drugs in their body, put them at ease if they're in pain .. I can also tase them, shock their system so that they're incapcitated. I've been told it's like staring into the Lord's eyes. Like they can't move at all."

Throwing both of her arms out in front of her, she creates a blinding light that flashes forward, erasing the shadows of the church. She makes sure she is aiming away from Beast, of course. "I can also blind people temporarily."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry watches, fascinated. His eyes blink at the brightness, adjusting to slits as any cat would. "I know someone with similar powers, though... different." A wry grin. "So are you looking to improve them, or work on utilizing them better?" A scratch to his chin. "Or both?" He wonders, crossing one leg over the other. "You have... quite the gamut of tricks, and being able to alleivate people's pain is wonderful."

"Are they like lazers, or more like a physical embodiment of light?"

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"I don't know how to really improve upon them. They just 'happen' when I focus on my light." Tandy says as she summons another blade, then whips it forward to drive it into a wall with a thunk before it disappears. "They're kinda solid for a moment. You want me to hit you with one and see what happens?" She says with a grin towards the Beast.

Once she slides down next to him again, she brushes her hand against the top of his. "I can also see one's hopes." She says as she gives him a smile. "With just a touch if I wanted to."

Henry McCoy has posed:
"I'd rather not." Henry grins, watching as the light dagger dissolves after imbedding into the wall. "Interesting." He murmurs, looking back to her. As she mention seeing into people's hopes, he smiles. His eyes go down to her hand, touching his. "So... what are you seeing in my hopes then?" The blue man wondrs.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"I'm not using my powers yet, I don't know." Tandy says with a grin as she curls her fingers around his fuzzier ones. She gives his paw a squeeze. "I don't use it often because I can find myself sucked away in them. It's a bit invasive after all." She lifts her brows. "I know what I'm hoping for .. some of that Italian food you brought."

With that, she lets him go and opens a few containers, then digs into the lasagne and garlic bread that was brought over. "What are your hopes by the way?" She asks him.

Henry McCoy has posed:
A nod to her. "Thank you." He says, regarding the not using of her powers. "I hope to get rid of all the hatred we can... racism, bigotry, fear." A smile to her. "It's a huge hope, and quite possibly unrealistic, but it is my hope none the less." Hank offers.

A wide grin as she digs in. "Glad I got the cuisine right, Tandy." A winks.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"Those are surface hopes, but what about your deep down hopes? The hopes that you don't share with anyone else, or even yourself?" Tandy asks as she takes a bite of food, followed by a lick of her lips to clear the sauce away. "What my powers can do is dig deep below the surface and see the true hopes of what someone really wants."

As she continues to eat, she glances out into the deep church. "Sometimes I look at the hopes of those that Cloak and I take down, just to see what their true motivations are. Some of them are sick, you know how it is. More power. More greed. Sex. Money. Drugs. But some of them are so lost." She trails off. "Some of them are stuck in this position. They want freedom. They want to feel alive again."

Henry McCoy has posed:
An oh from the Beast, the man thinking. "I want to find... someone who accepts me." He says after a moment of thought. "I want to find someone who will see past the blue, and into the person that I am." The mutant murmurs. "I am proud of who I am, I am proud of what I have accomplished - but sometimes I wish I were normal, that I could be seen as normal."

He shrugs, his honesty written plainly over his features.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"But you are normal." Tandy says as she gives him a grin. "Don't ever think differently about yourself, okay? I know that life is terrible out there, but don't see yourself as anything but who you are. A handsome, intelligent Doctor who is also an Avenger. That is pretty cool and I am sure if you go on the Internet, you'll have tons of fan pages full of middle aged women ready to throw themselves at you." She gives him a small grin before she takes another bite of her food.

"I don't know where we will end up, Henry, but until that day comes, you won't have to worry about me seeing you as anything else than you. I like you. You are someone good in my life."

Henry McCoy has posed:
A wry smile from the blue man. "I actively avoid fan sites. I am terrified of what I might find." He chuckles to her, bumping his shoulder to hers in a friendly fashion. "Thank you, however. I appreciate you seeing me for me." Henry offers over, a smirk on his face. "Avenger... yes. That's a resume item few can list." A chuckle.

"And I like you, you are also a force for good in my life Tandy."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"You really should see some of your fan sites." Tandy says with a chortle as she gives him a wide grin. "You definitely have some fans out there that think of you .. in the most interesting ways." She takes another bite of her food happily, then leans in against him once more, tucking up into his warm side.

"You're a force for good in mine as well. The last year I've been so angry and driven and I don't even recognize myself at times. This mission we're apart of is so important and it consumes pretty much every minute for us. I just wish .. Cloak could find some peace."