5188/Snakes in the bushes

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Snakes in the bushes
Date of Scene: 14 February 2021
Location: Palace - Asgard
Synopsis: The snakes meet and discuss. There is no rattling.
Cast of Characters: Loki, Amora

Loki has posed:
Asgard. It's a world like no other; regal, old as, well, before memory, and home to those who have stories written of them from many locations. It is a living, breathing world; life passes daily with its regular 'struggles', both within the glorious palace and without.

Things have been comparitively quiet; no wars declared, older wars simmering just under the surface as usual, and it's been 'good'. Even with the younger Prince home.

Riding upon his mount at great speed towards the gates of the palace, Loki reins up, the courser's front hooves leaving the ground in the abrupt stop. The guards at the gates immediately turn to attention, their manner as befitting the guardians of the royal family. A man walks with haste towards the dark, lathered horse, taking it by its bridle so the rider can descend.

A leg is thrown over, and Loki dismounts easily, and with a quick pat to the animal's neck, allows it to be taken to the stables. Once it begins to be led away, the younger Prince looks towards the palace itself, and whatever momentary peace that had settled upon his features shifts slightly to the more neutral mien.

So fleeting.

Amora has posed:
The Enchantress's time up on Asgard has been just as fleeting. Just like her moods. Often enough down in Midgard with the new 'punishment' Odin gave her of being an ambassador (Hah! Good luck!) at Midgard's Embassy. Sometimes in Hela's realm cavorting and gossiping with her old friend. Sometimes even out in her old tower. But one thing was certain, she was always with a scheme or another going.

Today though she was at a balcony that gives view to the entrance of the palace, her magicks having conjured an image and she trailing a peculiar figure in Midgard. One that would be very familiar to any of the Princes, and to her as well. If only they were closer to her though. Her attention is taken by the approaching horseman. A lone one? Trouble?

Well, clearly trouble when she notes who it is, even if not the trouble she was expecting. But she might as well go down and say hail. So with a brief gesture of her hand her figure shimmers and she disappears, coming to walk out of a door on the side, as if she was just passing by. Casual.

"If I didn't know better I would almost say you were riding as if pursued by Hel itself." crystal blue eyes flickering with amusement.

Loki has posed:
Loki turns about when Amora appears through the doorway as he approaches. He's got the slightly dusty, 'been riding for some time' look to him, and his shoulders had gone from relaxed to a touch more tight, if one were to actually study him. It's just what being in the palace does to him is all.

"Amora," Loki's greeting is familiar; there are only a few with whom he is as familiar in tone. Such is his life. He allows for a ghost of a smile to cross fleetingly, and it even does its best to reach green eyes, but it doesn't quite make it. "Please. When have you ever seen me retreat like that? I'm actually on an errand for Mother."

The more slender of the Prince's doesn't cease his walking now, through palace door, and into the labrythine, cavernous corridors that make up the royal residence. He does have the courtesy to slow, however.

"And Hel would be best not to be here without announcement." Though, they all know how likely that'd be!

"Of course, your presence here does beg a question, 'Does Odin know?'?"

Amora has posed:
"Hail, Loki." Amora's smile is as dazzling and full of honey as her name suggests. Enchanting. But is she ever any different? Perhaps during one of her tantrums, or when people upset her too much (which is something rather easy to do). "An errand, you say?" a finely-arched brow quirking, perhaps curious. Not that she will ever directly ask for what it was. "I do approve of you so diligently answering to the Queen's calls."

The tall Asgardian falls easily in step along Loki, keeping right next to him, high heels echoing in the halls, "But she has ever been your favorite." a faint, knowing smile upon her lips.

The talk of Hel has her laugh in that musical manner of hers, "Did you know Hela, of all people, requested a room upon the embassy?" the dreadful embassy she had to take care of now. (sigh) "So go there sometime and maybe you *will* run into her. Last time she was rambling about snakes." she leaning in towards the younger Prince to whisper as if in a conspiracy. "I don't think she likes her much."

And then Loki had to go and ask that. She snorts, "I am not forbidden of coming to the Palace. The embassy is well tended to. Besides.., I have been busy." that cheshire smile on her lips. Yes, THAT kind of busy.

Loki has posed:
It's no secret in the halls of the palace that Frigga is Loki's favorite. When he was a child, she'd taught him all she knew of magic, of fighting, and making sure the younger of the brothers still had some of the light. She couldn't prevent all the shadows from falling, but what she could do, she did. And now, for all his 'failings', she has been the one voice in his support, even if behind the scenes.

Loki chuffs a soft exhalation, resembling a breathy laugh. A shoulder lifts in a shrug, "While I am here, she has use of me."

As they walk towards his destination, which becomes more clear with each turn, he keeps his eyes forward even as he speaks. "Really." A statement rather than a question. "I may have to visit it, just to remind the others that I am about." 'Out of sight, out of mind' is a benefit for him. The mention of snakes, however, gains another laugh, this time on the side of scorn, "Can they think of nothing new.." is lamented. "I should speak with her."

Slowing slightly, Loki's steps cease after a moment. He turns to look at her, his head canting, green eyes peering into crystal clear ones. "Busy. This sounds promising."

Amora has posed:
"Considering how I have heard your name being spoken... Oh, they still remember." The sorceress teases, keeping a sidelong look on Loki while they make way through the corridors. Yes, she may be curious about the destination but she won't ask. "You did take a .., larger step than I was expecting a couple of years ago. But if your goal was to be on everyone's tongue. It was achieved." which made her jealous to no end. But that was not for here and now!

Amora instead keeps a gentle smile, "Do so. Hel can be a lonely place afterall." she then asking. "And how has your brother been? Or have you not been seeing one another?" a beat, "I thought you two would be tighter now after he returned your powers once again. I never really agreed with Odin's punishment but .., such is the law, mmm?" for now.

When Loki speaks about promising sounding events she inclines her head, "Quite so. Wheels have been put in motion." she says, "The valkyries have been long dormant, and we will need them for what is to come." she a touch more serious now. "I have taken steps to ensure they become strong once again." then a smile. "How about we speak about it over dinner? I am certain you will be staying for a time longer?"

Loki has posed:

Loki ghosts another smile, this time, holding a touch of amused arrogance. It's nice to be remembered, recalled with such.. vigor. Stories undoubtedly abound, though some might say for all the //wrong// reasons.

"It was necessary. Midgard is better for it, they would believe, yes?" He did, after all, effectively create the Avengers? After a fashion. "And, they've shown their hand." It's as far as he'll go with that, instead, then, turning to the topic of his brother.

A quick shake of his head, the slight darkening of his features begin to tell that story. "I have not seen him for awhile. I have sent word, but if he chooses not to respond, then it is his right, is it not?" The younger brother always looking to the older. Reaching a hand out just to touch hers briefly, Loki continues, "Thank you for that."

A deep breath is taken, centering, and turning once more, he begins his path back towards his destination; Frigga's chambers, eventually. "Valkyries can only be trusted to do that which they're meant to," is warned. "We will speak over dinner," is agreed.