5189/A crash course in dancing!

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A crash course in dancing!
Date of Scene: 14 February 2021
Location: Guests and Residents (South Hall)
Synopsis: Megan teaches Drake to dance.
Cast of Characters: Megan Gwynn, Drake Riley

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn had kept true to her word, and was dedicated to giving Drake a few necessary dance lessons before the night of the big dance. After securing his number, she had agreed to meet him a few evenings later, and here she is, right on time outside his dorm room, knocking in his door. Maybe this time she won't actually make a fool out of herself!

Well, one can only hope..

Drake Riley has posed:
And this time, Drake is expecting her! Or at least dressed and prepped as though he is, wearing some of his nicer clothing - white open button-up, black tanktop, black slacks. Clean-kept and pristine, miles removed from how he appeared when he first joined the institute. And when she knocks on the door, it opens shortly to reveal his smiling countenance.

"Hey!," he greets.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn is not dressed for a big date per say, but she is dressed for dancing, wearing a short green skirt, paired with a white blouse and thin black leggings cover her legs, cuz it's still pretty cold outside. Oh yeah, and she's wearing super cute green ankle boots! "Hi!" she says with a cheerful smile, "How's it going? Still up for that dance lesson? " she gives him the once over with an approving nod. "Heeey, looking sharp!" she giggles.

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley lets his gaze travel over her figure, the smile not going anywhere. She's dressed in such a way that would seem to match her personality - cute. It's a permanent watchword for her.

He steps out from the door, tugging it closed behind him. "Absolutely up for it," he confirms. "And you look great, yourself! I'll do my best to keep off your toes!" He reaches forward to gently nudge a fist against her nearest shoulder; their very first point of physical contact.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn giggles, "Oh, you really like it? I wanted something fun but practical! Sooo like...Um..Dance lesson, right? You wanna grab an empty classroom, or something a little more fun?" she...Hadn't really thought that far ahead, but.."Do t worry, I'm sure you'll do fine! well have loads of fun, promise!"

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley stuffs his hands into his pockets, post-nudge. "Yeah. Dance lesson," he nods. He isn't sure if it's going to be a genuine, strict lesson, or more of a pretense to simply spend time together and acclimate to one another's presence. He's down for either, but the latter is admittedly a little more appealing. She's still very unknown!

She's posed a good question. Drake lips purse thoughtfully. "Uh... I should let you decide that. I dunno what classrooms they even have," he admits. "Where would be a little more fun, do ya think?"

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn hmmms, "Welll, it's really cold out tonight, but, I do know of a really cool classroom not far from here, it's like, really big, a theatre study hall, round with graduated steps and seats and like a large area in the middle that would work well...Heeey, I gotta blue tooth speaker in my room, if you dont mind a quick pit stop, I'll just link it to my phone and we could dance to some cool tunes! I'm pretty sure that classroom is available for the rest of the night."

She grins impishly, probably does sneaky stuff like this all the time, "Sound good? Let's go!" and Megan starts down the hall, leading him on a quick pit stop to her own dorm which is not far away, just the next hall over.

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley nods quickly, the idea of this breaking rules never actually crossing his mind. To be fair, his mind is fairly fixated on the female before him. But he was never given the option to protest or present alternative! So he just hurries along after her with a quick laugh. "Sure! Do the students live up here on this floor, or..?" He's never really paid attention to that. Would it be weird for him to be around her room? Or did she intend for him to come into her room?

As they approach her room, he prepares to steal a peek into the room in question. She isn't the only one curious to see how the other lives!

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn nods with a smile, "Sure do!" she leads him down a similar hallway to the guest hall, pausing in front of one particular dorm, "Most of the students live up here yeah, but the dorms are more or less the same as the guest dorms..Although.." she smiles a bit as she unlocks the door, opening it a crack..

"Im an Xman in training but hopefully one day I'll be a fully fledged Xman. At that point, I wonder if I'll get cooler bigger living quarters? That would be fun!" she grins, opening the door a crack, and he can already see it's pretty colorful with shades of mostly pink and green, lots of band posters and stuff like Jen and Winx club.

"What about you? Think you might join the Xmen?"

Drake Riley has posed:
"Wuh," replies Drake dumbly at the blunt admission. Were they a secret? He'd heard some things, but that bit of information being dropped so casually is nothing short of staggering. He doesn't even have the moment to steal that glance into her room. She just dropped a whole bomb on him! And just like that, he's looking at her in a different light.


Drake struggles to find his words again. She asked him a very direct and blunt question. He should answer it!

"I-.. I think..?," he says, more than obviously flatfooted.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn disappears inside her room and scuffles ariund, muttering aloud as she disappears under a pile of stuff. "...Sure it was here somewhere...uh...Umm....Ooh...,No, not that. Umm....Hah!" she giggles, holding up her speaker and giggles, popping back out.

Okay cool, I found it, it's right here, soooo..Let's head to the classrrooom...This way!" and she skips down the hall, leading him towards the classroom. Perhaps she's forgotten the question or maybe she'll bring it up,again at some surprise point when he's least prepared..

What a crazy girl...

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley stares after her as she vanishes, still stunned. But as she roots about, he finally takes the opportunity to peek into her room. Pink and green, pastel dream. It's silly, over the top in girlishness, and altogether suits her. Everything seems perfectly consistent about that.

When she emerges again, he exhales the breath he didn't realize he was holding. And though she has clearly breezed on to the next topic - that is, the entire reason they got together - he's still very stuck on that.

She moves along, and he's close behind her, silent, examining her as if searching for some subtle, inscrutible tell that she'd be superheroic; some consistent throughline that would connect her to the likes of Rogue or Kitty. There isn't much to gather other than the surface facts: female, good health, mutants, 'erego natural superpowers.

Wait. Perfect question.

"What's your power?," he asks abruptly as they move along.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn hums softly as she skips along, the image of cute innocent butterfly girl, who doesn't look capable of hurting a fly. "Let's see...Should be around here somewhere...Hmm...Oh, uh.." she peeks into a classroom, but funds it's occupied. "Eek!" she shuts the door quickly and moves on.

"Hmm?My powers? Isn't it obvious? I'm a fairy!" she spreads out her wings, fluttering them quickly, but careful not to let the pink glitter dust from her wings touch him. "How about you, you're a mutant too, right? got a cool power?"

Drake Riley has posed:
"That-.. but-.." She can't be a fairy, that's silly. Isn't it? "..I mean, you've got the wings and pink hair, and you're just, like, unreasonably adorable, but-" He realizes that was said out loud. He nips hard onto his bottom lip for a second, and adds, "..fairies are supposed to be tiny, aren't they?"

He moves a little faster to step in at her side. "I'll show ya what I can do when we get somewhere. My powers are more impressive to see, and kind'a feel lame to just tell."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn shrugs and sighs, seeming serious for a moment. "To be honest, I really don't know..I mean, I figured it was just my mutation, to give me faerie powers, although..My parents were pretty shifty when I sprouted wings and pink hair, didn't really tell me stuff I wanted to know. I always wondered if there was more to who I am, than simply being a mutant, but..I dunno."

She shrugs as she continues along, "I met a real faerie once! She was a bit like Tinkerbell, but I did some reading and they really do come in all shapes and sizes.." Megan smiles, pausing to glance at him curiously, "Ooh really? We should hit the training room some time, might be fun, or heck, the danger room is even cooler!"

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley is studying her as they walk, at least from a sidelong angle. Her eyes, being as dark as they are, really register. The pointed ears are noted. The hair seems less like a West Coast fashion statement and more llike something ethereal. And those wings, which he can no longer see from this vantage but surely remember, tie it all together. Her claims of having met a real faerie get a dubious lowering of an eyebrow, but he doesn't speak to it. Rather, he drifts aside to gently bump his shoulder towards hers. "Well, whatever you are have to be nice," he encourages.

The mention of the Danger Room gets a mysterious snicker from him. He's /still/ never been, despite assurances and intentions to the contrary. It's been a point of fascination, however! "Gotta admit, I'd be /really/ curious to see what a faerie can do. And if you're doing the, uh.. superhero thing, do you have a costume? Is it like the outfits the stickers are wearing on your phone? 'Cuz I'd be all for that," he jokes.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn smiles and shrugs, "I guess it's kinda weird, most people struggle with their identity as a mutant. I struggle with wondering if I'm really a faerie or a mutant? But maybe one day I'll find out." she giggles and nods though, to the compliment? "Thanks! I think?"

As for the danger room, Megan grins and winks, "Well, we should totally check it out sometime. And at the moment I just wear the standard blue and gold uniform, but I'm working on my own customized costume, maybe a cute but simple dress?" she shrugs.

"Soo how about you, how'd you end up at the institute? I'll bet you have some interesting stories to tell, hmm?"

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley snickers at her uncertainty and shrugs. "I meant it as a compliment, at least." He twists his lips a little, self-conscious. Smooth? Him? Not so much. Earnest, though, sure. He wants to linger on this notion of her heritage, or the mystery thereof, but she's already focusing on him! And it's a rather uncomfortable topic, that.

"Nothing that'd make you wanna ask me to the dance," he admits cautiously, side-eyeing her again. "I was in a bad spot. Definitely wasn't looking my best. Someone gave me a chance to go after what I really want, and that lead me here." After a beat, he adds, "I know that's really vague..."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn smiles as she watches him curiously, again trying to size him up and figure him out it seems. "Hmm...? You're really...Kinda mysterious, aren't you? I think that's pretty cool, I mean, sounds like you had a hard life, but I'm glad you found your place here..I guess you're not a student cuz you got here too late then?"

The part about dancing does cause her to pout though, shaking her head, "Why would you say that? I mean...I don't know you that well, but, you seem nice? And maybe a little interesting. Cant wait to find out more about you.." she grins impishly and winks playfully, "But I can wait."

Megan is still walking alongside Drake but eventually pauses in front of a room with large oak double doors. "Well, here we are!"

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley exhales a soft sigh, feeling a pang of guilt at her pout. It's as visible as it is audible to him. "I just don't want you to think of me like I was. Not until I've had a chance to make a good impression."

They arrive at the large double doors, and without missing a beat, Drake moves forward and tugs it open for her. "Ladies first," he invites. "And what kind'a music do you like? And did I mention your accent's really pretty? Just had to get that out there."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn smiles and shrugs, pausing only briefly at the entrance. "Ooh, thank you! But, I think You're too hard on yourself, you know? I really dont think I'd think any less of you, but no pressure right?" and with that, she skips inside, giggling again as she runs down the steps. "Wheee, look at all this space! Isn't this place incredible?"

It really is one of the bigger classrooms, really more like a study hall or theatre, round, space, with a large open area in the center.

"Sooo?What do you think? It's my drama classroom so it's loads of fun.." Megan is already setting up her blue tooth speaker, setting up her phone on a nearby desk as she turns on Spotify. "Soooo, let's see..We'll start with something basic. I'll show you simple slow dance steps and then a simple quick dance steps, how's that?"

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley moves in behind her, closing the door and ensuring it's, well, closed. He's suddenly finding himself very self-aware, very conscious of other people peeking in on them. With her, he'd already admitted he couldn't dance. Others, though! They might judge! And harshly! His poor pride!

He trots down the steps after her, smiling, despite it all. Such is her bubbly personality. He hasn't missed what she said; he'll tell her more. Just not now. Not yet. Not until they've had a moment. What constitutes a moment? He isn't sure yet.

Joining her in the amphitheater, he steps back from her and shrugs off the overshirt to toss onto the first row of seating. Thus, just a tanktop - much more dance-friendly, not that the outer-garment was really doing much to impede movement. "Sure, okay." Slow dancing. With the cute pixie girl. That sounds fine to him.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn fusses with the music, before deciding on a slow ballad which...Okaaay, it's a cheesy boy band, and may p e a bit dated now, but the music still has a nice slow beat even if the words are rather..lCheesy. "Okay! Are you ready? Come on down!" she grins, quite bold at all this as she offers him her hand and if taken, will lead him right up to the centre stage, "Come on now, dont be shy! here..."

And Megan is already getting down to business. "Face me, like this, stand up straight and lift you left arm like so.." she clasps his left hand raising her own at about her eye level. Her other hand rests on his shoulder, gently guiding his hand to rest loosely on her hip.

"Soo there are tons of different dance styles, but I think Rhumba is pretty versatile for a slow dance song.You want your arms to form a kind of frame that doesn't move much but not too stiff. Relax your shoulders..Rhumba isn't as intimate as dances like tango so just relax and listen to the beat of the music."

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley takes the offered hand. All at once, he's entirely too focused on said hand. It's nice! Soft, inviting, and also tugging him wait no he hasn't acclimated!

His gaze flits to the hand position, dedicating it to memory. And before he knows it, she's placing his other hand on her hip. There's a hard swallow, and he focuses on those dark eyes of hers. It's not as intimate? It feels pretty intimate. He's okay with that. In truth, some details are just whizzing right through his ears, more fixated on the girl than instruction.

"Yeah..?," he asks vacantly, small, mildly dazed smile worn.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn smiles, swaying slowly to the music, although she is aware of his anxiety too, and tries not to move along too quickly, "You okay? this isn't too...Intimate is it?" she instinctively steps back a bit without letting go, not wanting him to feel uncomfortable. "Well compared to tango, it's not too intimate, I mean that's like, waaay sexy in comparison.." she giggles.

"Soo once you got that down, just try swaying back and forth to start, mirroring my moves like this, see?" she moves slowly right and left, in time with the music. And Megs isn't even getting to the complicated part yet.

Drake Riley has posed:
Oh. Tango? Yes please.

Drake bites back the thought, and instead quickly shakes his head. "No! Not too much at all. I mean, who wouldn't wanna, uh.. be this close to you?" She shifts closer to try to regain that initial distance. The hand at her hip raises just slightly to her waist, and he mirrors that subtle swaying. "No smashed toes yet, right?," he asks, voice going a little quieter.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn smiles gently and nods, moving just an inch or two closer, once he relaxes. "No smashed toes, promise!" she co timers that slow sway, before mixing it up a little. Now her feet step right and pause for a moment before stepping left then right then left and pausing. "Did you get that? I'm counting 1-2,3,4, 1-2,3,4 or riiiiiight, left, right, leeeeft, right, left."

And once he gets that, hopefully, she starts to Angie her feet to slowly lead them in a circle around the stage. The romantic music co to use to softly play in the background and she grins.

"Sooo having fun yet? You're actually pretty good at this, you're more graceful than you think!"

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley picks it up easily enough simply through tactile measures. Guys tend to be programmed that way. It also helps that he has a very vested interest in staying on beat with her. The numbers, the counting - that's not so quickly or conscientiously adhered. He's more the sort to 'feel' it than make it a science. It'll likely mean that he'll never win any ballroom dancing competitions, but he's more likely to have a relaxed time focusing more fully on the real attraction to the dance: her.

"I've got a good teacher," he replies. "So.. what kind've music do you usually listen to?," he asks, not wanting to focus solely on the mechanics of dancing, but rather live in the moment.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn smiles as they glide along the floor, picking up a the pace a little as he seems to catch on quite quickly, "Heey, you're pretty good at this, are you sure you haven't danced before? You're really graceful and athletic." she laughs, this time lifting up his arm to add in a little twirl here and there, pulling away, then pulling back in, maybe stepping in a little too close a couple of times..Although she pulls away again, not wanting to crowd him or anything. This was all her idea afterall.

"Well, I'm glad I'm a good teacher, I've always pegged myself as more of a follower than a leader, although recently, it seems Emma is expecting me to lead, in this little rescue against a powerful mutant posessed by a symbiote, but..It's tricky because she's pretty much immune to most force-based attacks."

She shrugs, "Well, I love all sorts of music, I like dance music, a little celtic and new agey stuff, heck even a few boy bands are pretty good, like this one.." she chuckles, "Mostly upbeat, colorful stuff you can dance to I suppose..How about you?"

Drake Riley has posed:
Every time they seem to be a little pedestrian, it gets odd. She says something that crashes his focus onto her being more than just a girl with cool hair. Her mention on his athleticism hit him as a little odd, but in a flattering way, at least!

"Wants you to /what/?," he asks as the spigot of information seems to be off. His left hand slips from hers to join at her waist. He's still moving, but a bit slower. His focus has sharpened on the girl, mulling it over. "..And force-based attacks? Like Jedi..?," he asks.

The question on music will have to wait. And though the proximity was noted in that time, and he wanted to maintain it, this is just too big to lose track of.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn giggles a bit, shaking her head. "Oh, it's a big, complicated thing..But no, no like Jedi~!" that has her laughing a bit more, amused. "Buut, I'm totally off-track, I'll tell you a bit more about it later, once the lesson's over.."

The first song finishes and the next song begins to play, another slow one. Megan pauses, quite enjoying the slow dance, not wanting to break away just yet, although swallowing a bit as his other hand slips around her waist. Oh. she cant help but blush a bit.

"Um..Sooo..Having fun so far? Thing you'll be able to dance at the party?" she laughs a bit nervously as the song ends..And another slow, romantic song plays as she rests her other hand on his shoulder, just swinging a bit in silence for a few moments to the beat, listening to the words..

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley settles into the gentle sway with her. "You're a really unique girl, aren't'cha?," he murmurs. Both in practical terms and in the increasingly affectionate sense. As her other hand sets over his shoulder, he eases in a little closer to her. His hands shift further around her waist, almost to the point of holding her.

"Ah- yeah..," he answers, vaguely distracted in the moment with the contact. "..pretty sure I'll just be focused on who I'm with, though. So, party or not, it'll be good..."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn giggles a bit, her heart racing rapidly by this time, clearly new to this sort of thing, for all that she acts all bold and in control and flirty at times. "Um...Uh..." she licks her lips nervously at that, "Uh, sure, I guess so? Isn't everyone unique?"

She smiles, closing her eyes for a moment as she listens to the music, totally aware of the words, aware of his touch on her waist, their closeness. Phew. "But thanks, I'm not..Used to be the center of the attention, I'm usually just on the fringe of all the action."

Megan nods. "I think...Y-yeah, it'll be fun, right?" another nervous laugh. "Something new.."

Drake Riley has posed:
The arms inch further around her narrow waist, daring to guide her closer to himself. "Definitely," Drake assures. His head cants a little more, keeping his gaze trained evenly on her. "Someone like you? On the fringe? Nah..," he murmurs. "Me? I'm just a regular-lookin' guy. You look like something that fell right out of a dream..."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks slowly, shivering at his touch. "A dream? really? You think that?" she laughs, her wings fluttering, sparkling a bit. Oh right, she never told him what would happen if he got sprinkled with the dust, even touching it too much might make him hallucinate..Was he hallucinating now?

"I think you're too hard on yourself, you're really a nice guy, easy on the eyes too.." though Megan does seem a bit nervous at the nearness now. Not because she doesn't *like* him but clearly she's new to all of this stuff..

Drake Riley has posed:
Nerves are shared, at least! But Drake's enjoying the moment for what it is. Does he know about the wings? Absolutely not. But he's holding her enough to feel that encouraging shiver. "Easy on the eyes?," he asks with a small, wry smile. "Good to know."

A glance aside, then back to her. "...am I getting too far off-script for tonight?," he asks with a playful smile. "Just kind'a... went with this. And here we are."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks, shaking her head. "Oh no, it's fine, really! I mean...We're getting to know each other before the big dance, and, it's kinda my fault, asking a perfect stranger out on a date, right? Although..Maybe we shouldn't...Rush too quickly into anything?" she giggles, pressing her wings a bit more tightly against her body.

"Just..Careful with the wings, they're...Eh, the dust from my wings can cause..Hallucinations." All the same, Megan continues to sway slowly back and forth in perfect unison with him, swaying slowly to the music, enjoying the dance and his nearness.

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley smiles a little more, picking up on something she may not have initially intended to say. But he'll circle back to that.

At the start, he focuses on her wings. "They cause hallucinations? Like.. you do have pink hair, right? Dark eyes? Pretty smile? Nice physique? Wait, no, I can tell that last one already." He shoots her a wry smirk, hands shifting against her waist in playful indication. In fairness, he isn't being quite so cautious about the wings. He's more affixed on being near her, wanting to bring her in closer.

"..So this is a date, huh?," he asks. Circled back, as promised.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn smiles and nods slowly. "Yeaaah, but don't worry, I haven't tricked you or anything. I really am a pink haired, dark eyed fairy girl with wings. And to be fair, most of the time, my hallucinations are relaxing and kind of fun..At least that's what I'm told. Usually people see pretty colors, fantastical, dreamy worlds..Only very rarely do they see something frightening, like Shannon did.."

She frowns again at the memory, shaking her head. It clearly bothered her, that girl, but..

Oh right, this...Thing they're doing...Megan blushes a little and giggles. "You know, I guess it really is. Isn't that what a date is, spending time with someone you like, someone you're attracted to, getting to know them better?" she grins, "Soo, how you liking it, so far?"

Drake Riley has posed:
"Someone I like?," considers Drake. "Yeah.. that applies. Someone I'm.. attracted to?" He perks an obsidian eyebrow at her, teasing smile edging the corner of his lips. "Check. Getting to know you better..? You just told me you have LSD wings. Pretty sure this counts as getting to know you." He nods to the criteria. "Guess it fits."

His initial response to her question sees his left arm fully looping her waist, while the right hand brushes minutely against her midback; spookyvision dust be damned. "I'm liking it a lot. S'nice. Low pressure, and... not a lot of guesswork?" No questioning whether she's into it or not, and hopefully, she isn't having any similar doubts.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn giggles a bit more, licking her lips, "Soo...Yeah, LSD wings..I'll bet some people would love to..Rip em off or steal em or something.." she shivers a bit at the touch but doesn't pull away, not yet. "Really though, I've had a few sciency types ask for a...Sample, it's kinda..Weird, I mean, they think I'm like, you know, Tinkerbell, like you can just hang me by the toes and shake glitter dust when they want.."

The way she talks is like that actually happened, or something similar, "Although..I'm still curious about what you can do..I'll bet it's something cool!"

Her hands ate still wrapped loosely around his neck, though she finds herself self consciously touch his hair...Mmm..Soft..Until she realizes what she's doing, pulling away a bit.

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley was very aware of her fingers trailing through his soft hair, not minding it at all. But the apology gets a blink. "For what?," he asks. "The.. the hand thing?," he asks, not sure how else to put it immediately. With a coy smile, he notes, "We're on a date. Totally allowed. Encouraged, even. Go for it."

Hoping to coax her in close enough that they're fully leaning into one another, Drake continues, "I'll show ya what I can do, just a little later. Don't wanna lose this just yet..."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn giggles and shrugs, "Oh I dunno, touching your hair, getting this close so fast...Not really caring..Did I mention I'm totally new to all of this? But hmm...You have really nice hair.." she smiles, reaching up to touch his hair again, "Although you've got my curiosity piqued, you're a little..Mysterious, about your past, your powers..Even how you ended up here. Not that I mind!" the last part is added quickly, "I mean, I looove mysteries, mystery stories are the best!"

She blinks a bit shyly, chancing a glance into his mysterious eyes then, nodding slowly, "It's okay, I can wait..I'm in no hurry. I'm just glad I bumped into you, even if it was a totally awkward and weeeird mix up!" but seriously when is she ever not weeeeird!?

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley smiles faintly, not shying back with his gaze. Comfortable isn't quite the right word for it. But he welcomes it, that simple exchange of looks, resting in each other's gaze. When she begins feeling along his hair again, the smile spreads a matter of degrees. "Maybe I should keep it all secret longer, then?," he teases.

A gentle sigh escapes him then. "I'm glad you bumped into me, too. And, I mean.. maybe it was awkward? But I think it was.. nice. Charming. Your accent helped."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn laughs a bit, shaking her head. "Hehe, well, that's one way to keep a girl hanging..I can't wait to learn all about you.." she smiles softly, her fingers trailing slowly through his hair, gradually down to his face and caressing his cheek, enjoying the feel of his skin, the shape of his jaw against her fingers.

"Well I'm glad you like my accent. Gotta ask you something though..Do you believe in destiny? or do you think everything in life is just chance and randomness?"

Drake Riley has posed:
She's gotten bolder. He likes that. Bold and confident Megan is attractive. And is it just him, or is her hair starting to rustle in some unfelt wind? It might seem odd on anyone else, but for a girl of almost ethereal beauty, it seems at home. Fetching, even.

Some of that dust might have gotten on him. Just a little.

Such a heavy a question, though. He never really gave it thought before. "It's nice to think that it's all working towards some particular goal, right? That we're right where we're supposed to be... right now..." His arms tighten just a little around her waist, now unabashedly attempting to draw her slender figure against himself. "..you, asking the guy you didn't first mean to, to dance with you. Me, being in the right place at the right time, with the right motivation to be there..."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn hmms, "Funny isn't it, how life works, but.." she shivers, feeling herself drawn ever closer. Are they even dancing anymore? Seems like it's turned into more than an innocent lesson, heh..

Her wings are glistening...Did they just change co,or? Weren't they pale peach a second ago? Now they're a deep red..Odd, maybe she has more secrets. "I mean, I think we're just like little dice being tossed around in a whirlwind of life, but it's kinda exciting, isn't it? Oooh that reminds me, do you have something to wear to the party? It's been a while since I dressed up..I wonder what sort of dress would look good on me?" really, Megs has been so busy with first year college, she hasn't had time to even think about pretty party dresses.

Drake Riley has posed:
Drake Riley shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head. "I don't, no. What're people supposed to wear to something like that..?," he asks.

Her wings changing color aren't even noticed. She may indeed have secrets, but Drake's looking for them in her eyes, not her mysterious appendages. As to the pretense of dancing, he'd have to admit to himself that he's abandoned it in favor of holding her close. It does feel a bit fast, but then again, he isn't complaining. He's never really been one to hedge bets or play it safe. There's a girl who's cute as a button and seems sweet, on top of it. They're on a date. That's all that really matters in the moment. "That's totally a trick question, by the way..," he murmurs to her. The vivid emerald gaze has sunk to half-lidded. "..pretty much everything would look good on you."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn laughs and shrugs, "Well I think it's supposed to be a pretty formal dance so probably like suits for the guys, tuxes are probably too much though, for the girls, maybe ball gowns? Ooh, I guess I never even thought of it but I should have some dresses at least?" she grins, "I could just see you in formal wear right now, bet you'd look even more handsome!"she giggles and indeed has some mysterious dark eyes, and what's with the long ears? "I mean..You're okay with formal suits, right?"