5194/The Past Sucks

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The Past Sucks
Date of Scene: 15 February 2021
Location: Cockpit - Milano
Synopsis: Peter and Gamora talk about her and Nebula's pasts over cereal.
Cast of Characters: Gamora, Peter Quill

Gamora has posed:
    Things have been... tense since the Milano left Eskeem-6. Maybe it's all in Gamora's head. Possibly. But there IS a simple minded brute obsessed with ending the life of everyone associated with her father, and he made it clear not long ago that she was not an exception. But since returning to the ship, it's been oddly... quiet.

    Gamora finds herself sat in the lounge, due largely to paranoia. She doesn't want to be cornered in her quarters... it's tempting to hide in the cockpit and hope that Drax isn't crazy enough to start a fight in there mid flight, but aside from the real risk of that happening, there are... people there, and that's awkward right now. So she's settled on this place, where there's some space, and she can... mostly see all the exits.

    So for now she just waits for... anything to happen, come what may. She never did get her cloak back, so for now she has to do without it.

Peter Quill has posed:
So far Quill's taking the lack of Drax trying to murder Gamora or Nebula as a good sign, even if you could cut the tension on the ship with a knife right now. For his part though he was just happy to have the crystals in the hold. So, after using the bridge consoles to send out a few messages to contacts who might be able to fence them he slides down the ladder way to the lounge Hall and Oates blaring from his the old school headphones plugged into his Zune.

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSQiFKj-AvA

Spotting Gamora he turns and smiles, pulling the headphones off his ears. "Hey," he greets. "Got some lines on who we can sell the crystals to, was going to grab a celebratory bowl of cereal, I can pour a second one if you want to join me?"

Gamora has posed:
    For the second time today, Gamora grabs the hilt of her sword the second she catches a whiff of Quill's approach, though by the time he's reached the floor, she's folded her arms, leaving her blade propped up against the couch.

    "That's... not necessary." She answers with no small amount of awkwardness. She IS hungry, but she feels like pretty much any extra effort devoted to her might be pushing her luck right now. "The crystals... will the money get us far?" She asks, letting a beat pass before she anxiously clarifies, "... From Eskeem."

Peter Quill has posed:
Quill walks over to the galley shelves and takes down two bowls and opens up a box of Frankenberry and pours half into each before tossing the box and getting some milk. "Should do," he says, "If my guy doesn't try to screw us on the price, we should be good for fuel and supplies for a long, long while, we can go anywhere we want once we're done all our tour trips." He adds milk to the bowls, grabs spoons and heads out to join Gamora in the lounge. "Here you go," he says. "I'd treat you to our native delicacy of Count Chocula cereal, countess, but Nebula jettisoned it with the rest of the chocolate after we left Earth," he says with a smile. "This is almost as good though."

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora furrows her brow, looking perplexed as Quill retrieves a second bowl despite her having declined. Still, she accepts it with both hands, peering at it briefly before taking a spoonful and bringing it to her mouth. Quill's joke stops her at the last second as her shoulder shake with a sharp huff that may have been something like a laugh!

    The corner of her mouth tugs slightly and she murmurs, "That may be... for the best." before she tastes the cereal finally. "Mmph!" she muffledly grunts softly, raising her eyebrows and making a bit of a face. "It's... sweet." She remarks, as though confused by the human concoction. After a moment, though, and a thoughtful tilt of the head, she DOES continue eating it, though; so that's progress!

Peter Quill has posed:
Quill grins that potential laugh as he takes a bite of his own cereal. "Yeah, probably," he says of the chocolate being left behind in the vacuum of space. "That's the point, cereal like this is how you can sneak eating candy past your parents as an actual meal," he says.with a grin before shoveling in another spoonful. "You like it?" he asks as she keeps eating.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora blinks curiously at the notion of candy-sneaking while munching thoughtfully on another bite. "... I do." She answers slowly. "Thank you." she says the words asthough they're uncomfortable to spit out.

    After a few moments she asks, "You... 'trick' your parents, then? You defy them?"

Peter Quill has posed:
Peter smiles, as Gamora actually thanks him, "Hey, no problem, wait until I get some Cinnamon Toast Cruch, that'll knock your socks off," he says with a grin, one that fades a little at her question. "Parent, just me and my mom back home," he says. "She was cool but she didn't want me eating sweet stuff all the time, so yeah, I defied her a time or three," more like three hundred. "Guessing your dad wasn't big on defiance, huh?"

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora looks distant for a moment as Quill speaks of his mother, only to wince slightly when he mentions her father, lowering her bowl onto her lap. If she had a better head for subterfuge, she wouldn't have brought 'parents' to the conversation, considering what the crew has learned; but here she is.

    "... No." Gamora says very softly, her eyes peering off to the side. "He is not."

Peter Quill has posed:
"Sounds like a real asshole," Peter says gently, he pauses briefly looking down at his cereal for a moment before he continues.

"You know I don't care you and Nebula are daughters of Thanos ^right? I mean... I care because it's your history, but I don't care like it makes me think differently about you ^two. If you were that bad, you guys would have tried to kill us when we first met instead of putting up with us this long. So, gotta figure there's more to you guys than just the reputation... well, you anyhow... I kinda get the feeling Nebula is always about a second away from killing us all the time."

Gamora has posed:
    Even now, part of Gamora clearly bristles to hear her father spoken of with disrespect; hell, using such vulgar terms for him is shocking! But she can't bring herself to either argue or agree, simply keeping her eyes turned downward until looking to Quinn when he begins to speak of her and Nebula.

    She doesn't want to tell him that she's considered the possibility that she may have to kill everyone on board. For Nebula's sake, she *definitely* doesn't want to tell them that Nebula explicitely suggested it less than a day ago. "My sister is..." Gamora looks uncomfortable, as if speaking honestly about Nebula is unnatural for her, "... very angry."

    Gamora should just leave this alone, and thank the stars for this human's apparent naivety, but she can't help herself, "I... don't understand how you can feel that way. People speak of my Father with terror, or bravado; never..." she struggles to find a word, and settles on "... indifference? You haven't even confirmed we don't still serve him."

Peter Quill has posed:
Peter keeps eating blissfully unaware of how thin the ice he was skating on had gotten with the asshole comment, he only pauses to nod, "I noticed, what's the deal with that anyhow? I mean you seem to hold it together pretty well all things considered." Sure he just saw her kill that Baron, but guy had it coming.

Peter shrugs, "I can't see the angle he'd be playing having you guys be on this ship, which is pretty much all the confirmation I need, but if it makes you feel better, I csn ask you point blank," he says finishing another bite of cereal before continuing. "Gamora, do you still serve Thanos?"

Gamora has posed:
    Despite bringing up the subject, Gamora seems almost startled by the question. In truth, her flight had been driven almost entirely by emotion, and she'd entertained mostly pragmatic thoughts about how to avoid being recaptured. She'd never taken a moment to evaluate the Facebook profile page in her mind. Is she really not part of that anymore?

    Gamora's body language seems to fall somewhere between relief and deflation when she softly answers "... No." stretching the word out slightly, asthough savoring the sound. "I don't... I don't... want to." Gamora admits, then glances at one of the entryways, as if expecting Nebula to appear, adding, "I don't think she does either. I don't know. Father was... Father was..." Gamora looks down into the bowl and sighs, "... hard on her." before distracting herself with another bite. GOD it's sweet.

Peter Quill has posed:
Peter too seems relieved when she says 'no' but how much else he catches is up for debate, though he does offer her a warm smile. "Then that's good enough for me, if you're both done with Thanos, and really can't blame you given his rep, then you're both welcome here, honestly," he says before nodding about Nebula. "Knew kids like her back home, got a bad parent that takes out all their crap on them so they get all mean... like I said, your dad sounds like a total asshole. Glad you guys got away."

Gamora has posed:
    There's that word again! It causes Gamora to reflexively clench her fist and start to say "He's...!" Gamora hesitates, clenching her teeth behind a closed mouth, and takes a deep breath. "No. Nevermind." She seems tense now, but still brings herself to say, "... Thank you, Quill... I only hope that Drax will be as understanding."

    Rocket's approval, she could take or leave. She thinks she could take Rocket.

Peter Quill has posed:
"Whoa..." Quill begins but when Gamora leaves off so does he, looking sheepishly down at his cereal. "Sorry, guess he's still your dad, I know I used to to try and knock kids blocks off if they said anything about my mom." he looks up again, smiling at the thanks. "No problem, and you can call me Peter by the way." As for Drax he lets out a long breath. "Yeah, I wouldn't hold your breath on that, but I think we can talk him into getting onside..." somehow. "Until then though you guys might want to keep your distance, well as much as you can on the ship anyhow..." he says with a look around their confined spaces.

Gamora has posed:
    Prompted to call him 'Peter', Gamora blinks once thoughtfully. "I will... consider it." She says slowly. Honestly, it's possible she's just not used to knowing people with more than one name. That or one name and a gruesome title. That said, she does smirk just the tiniest bit and say "... The last time I tried to talk someone into something, I locked myself into a political marriage."

    Is that a joke? It's the closest thing she's managed on purpose since she came on board. Possibly in poor taste, considering she recently finished cleaning the subject's blood off of her sword, but still, it's a start.

    "... I should retire to my room, anyway." She agrees, "I'm... beginning to think I'm just discoouraging others from moving about by being here." She rises from the couch and sets her bowl aside before retrieving her sword from where it rests against the couch. "I will... see you later." she says awkwardly before walking away. She does, however, slow down briefly to properly finish the sentence with, "... Peter." before she disappears around the corner.

Peter Quill has posed:
Peter's brows rise at the almost joke... He grins, progress. "True but somehow I don't see that being a problem with Drax." Or maybe it would be the guy was pretty weird.

When she gets up to leave he drinks the last of his milk and cereal before smiling after her, as he stacks their bowls inside of esch other for someone else to clean up. "See you around, Gamora," he replies as she vanishes from sight.