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Someone Had A Real Blast
Date of Scene: 15 February 2021
Location: High school in Mutant Town, site of explosion
Synopsis: Daisy and Yo-yo investigate the van bomb that went off at a high school in Mutant Town, while Eddie Brock goes to investigate as well, looking for bad guys to sate Venom's hunger.
Cast of Characters: Eddie Brock, Daisy Johnson, Elena Rodriguez

Eddie Brock has posed:
Venom leapt from building to building, using extensions of his own body in a web-like form. Like the warped depiction of a spider on his chest, he had first started using the black webs in mockery of his hated foe, Spider-Man. Though of late, he and Eddie had quarreled about their means of transportation, resulting in increased use of the webs to get around.

   «Eddie» "It's not that we don't travel just as fast your way. It's just the sheer number of holes you leave in buildings, digging your claws into them. Someone has to go patch those you know."

Venom grumbles. "So we could lie in wait for them to arrive. And then eat them."

   «Eddie» "No. No. No. That was not my meaning. Look, use the webs and if we find someone responsible for the explosion-"

Venom's fanged maw spreads to show his teeth. "I get to eat them."

   «Eddie» "You get to eat them"

This seems to mollify the Klyntar symbiote as the pair swing towards their destination. The site of the recent explosion at a high school where a rally and protests had been underway related to the asssination of a prominent anti-mutant businessman.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Mutant Town was starting to turn into a boiling point of conflict, this last explosion the culmination of past confrontations. One that SHIELD had yet to launch a full-on investigation but it doesn't mean the Inhuman members wouldn't do some spelunk of their own. Besides, it's not as if Daisy is known to follow protocol and orders. Once a rebel always a rebel!

Of course that at the moment Daisy was stripped of her powers, which made these kind of missions the more dangerous. So who better to bring along than her friend Elena? There were bribes in the form of offered tacos too.

"Considering how long you have been out of the country I was wondering if you still remembered the taste of american food." A grin while she brings the van to a stop near the school grounds. Yes, it's her old van! Still running apparently..., even if barely.

Once they stop and she gets out her expression goes more serious, looking over the school grounds, the place where the explosion had occurred. She frowns faintly. "We will need to look into this and bring it up to the higher-ups, don't think SHIELD can afford to stay put about this." she was dressed in mostly casual gear today. Jeans, a warm shirt and a leather jacket. Black boots. Nothing fancy and certainly not her usual SHIELD uniform. This was a clandestine mission afterall!

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
It was inevitable that SHIELD came to investigate the explosion given the nature of how the aggressions escelated. A terrorist of mutants, known for having been involved in the conquest of a foreign nation, being involved changed the tempo from a simple act of violence to a potential act of war.

In the cold of New York winter, Yo-Yo is tucked into a heavy coat with her hands deep in the pockets to eitherside of her hips. A thermal sweater beneath with the colar peeking out the wool lined coat and blue-jeans with thick boots crunch into the icy cover of the ground from a recent frosty rain. Each breath is fogging.

Police have set up yellow tape around the containment area, Elena smirking sidelong at Daisy's question after all the promises of tacos, "I have not had a hamburger in a year and a half." Little known fact that McDonalds, even international McDonalds, has a completely different menu based on the country where they are.

Once they're out of the van, the trust van, there's a little more seriousness in the inhumans dark brown eyes. "These are the same people who helped take over Genosha?" Crunching into ice with level, careful, steps towards the yellow tape. Likewise dressed more Clandestine, she's still wearing a firearm beneath her coat in a shoulder holster.

Eddie Brock has posed:
Venom's webslinging eventually nets him a vantage point on a tall building near to the school where he has an eagle's eye view of the high school facility and its grounds down below.

   «Eddie» "Looks like NYPD mostly. That van that just pulled up I don't see any markings on. Could be forensics or even the bomb squad though. I'm sure they will have been checking the entire area for more devices."

Venom's eyes narrow as he counts the forms below, and his claws dig into the building a bit deeper than Eddie will probably be happy with. "There are few enough we can wipe them out and then investigate the area on our own."

   «Eddie» "No. No no no. No killing police. Or non-police. We talked about this. Why don't you get us to the school, inside their cordon? And I can do the press thing from there."

Venom swings forth, circumventing the school grounds to be able to approach from the far side where there are fewer eyes. "Ever since that policeman's funeral you have been frustrating to me, Eddie. I agreed to your new rules but thought you would get over it by now." A silence results before he get a reply, Venom swinging over to the school's roof to make a run to the side where the blast happened.

   «Eddie» "Yeah. Well, some things change you."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"You have not had an hamburger in a year and a half." Daisy has to repeat it. To make sure it's true. It sounds wildly surreal! She quirks a brow. "Well, we will certainly have to make sure to solve it too." van is locked and she gets on walking further to the blast zone, adjusting the ICER under her jacket. Standard issue! They can't stop her from bringing one even if not on mission! And damn right she will be carrying one without her powers.

"You have missed a *lot* since you have been out. Besides the burgers. Have I told you I lost my powers now?"

The question about Genosha has her handwobble. "Unsure. They could be." she muses, pressing her lips together, "One of them has been held in our base before. I .., talked with her." she says, looking around as if to make sure noone is listening. Clearly the talk hadn't been sanctioned. Daisy-style. "And she was seen in videos. So they may have a hand in it. But their megalomaniac leader has yet to come out and say anything so ..." Magneto. But then again she also doesn't know the intricacies of how the Brotherhood works.

She points to a side where it's a bit more discreet for them to 'break' in. "Lets go. Suffice to say we are not here on official business, mmm?" a faint smile and then they are moving past the cordon in a more discreet location to approach the site, eyes going here and there in thought.

So they may be just getting in sight of Venom too.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
There's a number of people watching, but given the weather and the dangerous nature of the scene, most are watching from their balconies or windows. The thing is, this is a school zone, which means that it's right next to a residential zone. There are two apartment complexes within walking distance of this building... If this had been a bomb with a much higher yield, the threat to civilians would have been catastrophic.

Which isn't to say the children and protestors injured aren't bad enough...

But it can always be worse.

Yo-Yo blows into her gloved hands, warming of stiff fingers with a smirk, "Not a lot of immigrants coming to Columbia selling hamburgers on street vendors..." The smirk slips away, however, at the mention of having had the woman responsible in custody. She knows well enough that Daisy has a particular way of doing business, much like Elena's own (in some situations anyways).

The destruction itself is actually not as substantial structurally. The bomb was designed and delivered in a way to be anti-personale rather than anti-armor. A high impact, low yield blast contained inside the back of a van that would create dangerous metal projectiles that would do bodily harm to a group of people while leaving relatively little damage at all to a brick structure.

The van, what's left of it, is torn asunder. The back is opened like rib cages picked clean by vultures on the side of the road. There's bits of the van stabbed into the school and a radius of blackened residue extending a hundred feet out..

"I have seen bombs like this used before. Cartel favor them against protestors..." Nodding to the blackened semi-circle, "That blast line is the deadly zone. Nothing would survive inside that... from blast or shrapnel.. but beyond it would be exponentially less deadly-" LESS. "-This was the mutants who set off this bomb or the Friends of Humanity?"

Eddie Brock has posed:
Venom crouches atop the relatively undamaged brick structure, keeping low even if the coming night makes it more difficult to see him.

   <<Eddie>> "Not too much damage to the school itself. But that much carnage... I'd say the bomb was meant to take out people. Not the school. Ok let's get down on the ground."

Venom obliges by watching for a moment no one seems to be facing the school and then drops down to the ground, behind some bushes that are in poor shape after the blast. Branches hanging haphazardly and half the leaves gone. The black body of the symbiote sinks back into the human man within, and Eddie Brock steps forward, wearing a blue jacket which is a match for the jackets worn by CSI and other technical police staff. Minus any lettering actually claiming such a job.

He walks about the area, stopping to crouch and look at some of the debris without touching anything. He pulls his phone and out and snaps a few photos.

   <<Venom>> "What do you think?"

Eddie Brock glances around the area again, eyes narrowing. "I think someone wanted to kill a bunch of people. And have it be visible. This was meant to be a spectacle," he surmises. He straightens from his crouch and begins walking through the crime scene, spotting two dark-haired women up ahead.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy makes her way closer to the van, starting to walk around it slowly, taking in the way the explosion went. "The reports speak of casualties only on the mutant side. Which sort of is a tell on who is behind this, but I know Bobbi and May would scold me if I just went on with my gut feeling instead of actually analyzing things properly." Daisy, always rushing in headfirst and following instinct! "Running the van's history could garner us some more info though. Still, I think these friends of humanity are full of BS." she says, "Besides, why would mutants resort to using bombs when there are those who could use similar powers?" a sigh, "But that could always be what someone more cunning wants us to think."

She squats down near the back of the van where it's been ripped open, considering options. "Of course that these protests *were* organized by these friends of humanity so I would be hard pressed to believe that any mutant faction would just have some van equipped with a bomb lying in wait just for an occasion like this. But yea, clearly a spectacle." she considers a moment. "I think with the tech we got we should be able to figure out where this van came from." And Daisy was quite the tech-savvy hacker afterall!

The approach of CSI-Eddie has Daisy sigh. "Drat. Well, little we can do now. Lets see if that CSI has any info we can get?" a faint smile. "You brought your SHIELD badge, right?"

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
With her hands in her pockets, Elena walks a few steps beside and slightly back from Daisy. She kneels down at a couple points to take a look beneath the under carrage, or peek in the windows, but she's very careful about not actually touching anything... even with gloves on. "I went over the footage and the van can be seen with several of the Friends of Humanity sitting on the hood early in the protest." Yo-Yo did, at least, SOME research. And she knows explosives well enough.. in that she's seen this kind of attack before.

"I also think News choppers have more footage they are not showing. That helicoptor was up there for several hours keeping track of the escalating protest, I do not believe they just start filming when violence starts, eh?" Peeking around with a frown at the impact zone against the wall, bits of the chainlink fence wrapped into the axel of the right wheel.

"They run it through the fence..." Pointing from the point of impact, back in the direction it would have come.. She's by no means CSI, though.

"I think you right, this is espectaculo.." There's CSI-Eddie though and Daisy asking about her SHIELD badge. Elena nods, unzips her coat enough that she can grip the chain around her neck and pull the badge out to rest against the top of her jacket. "Si."

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie wanders slowly through the wreckage. He is not an expert on forensics, but he's done enough investigative reporting to have picked up some basics. He pauses here and there to look at a piece of wreckage. At one point his hands are on his hips as he is looking at the turn down fence and the tracks in the grass that lead to the van's wreckage, as if running through in his head how events played out.

He spots a bit of wiring attached to some sort of circuit board remains. The latter attached to... he's not sure. Possibly a container or case. Eddie crouches down, looking at something, practically squatting above the piece of interest. "Get that for me would you," he murmurs to Venom. "Don't want to be seen messing with the crime scene in case I have to pull out my press credentials." Outdated press credentials at that.

A tendril of black creeps out beneath him, moving down along his leg and snatching up the piece and pulling it back up, beneath the jacket and into an interior pocket.

   <<Venom>> "Done."

A few more moments of feigned attention are given elsewhere and then Eddie stands up. He notices a few people starting to fan out across the wreckage, heading his way. People with jackets like his but that actually DO say CSI on the back. "Shit."

Eddie starts in the other direction, which as he turns, sees that takes him right towards the two ladies by the van. And they are looking at him, wonderful. Rather than try to evade he gives a small nod and smile, the kind coworkers give to each other in the hallway to signal, I see you and greet you but don't intend to converse.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"That tells me these Friends of Humanity have some serious backing. High up." a frown appearing on Daisy's expression. Things were looking bleaker with which passing moment. She quirks a brow about the news on some of the protestors being atop a van. "That seems to nail it on who is behind it. But if they have enough clout to stop news broadcasts." a beat, ".. means they probably have the same influence on the normal police forces." a nod, "Something that SHIELD is free of." or at least she believes so!

"I think we have enough to present a good case back to the higher-ups on the importance about looking into this." Her eyes going to the fence Elena mentions, nodding. She had noted that part too. "And through the fence is where most of the mutant side was." she murmurs. "Lets see what they have.." This about the CSI.

So going against ALL norms of civilization she does approach, lifting one hand up in a friendly greeting. "Hey." she calls out to Eddie, "How is it going? We are taking a look around." she showing the badge, "SHIELD. What have you got over here so far?"

Not that she asks for Eddie's credentials. Or even says her name!

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
"Mhm." Elena agrees, pushing her palms down on her knees to stand up from her crouch beside the van. "Curtis Moore was in league with these guys, it is fair saying that perhaps other rich individuals are as well." Her hands, now free of supporting her, go back into her pockets to protect against the cold. Yo-Yo trusts members of SHIELD, but she doesn't always trust the structure itself.

Lord knows she's seen corruption.

Daisy believes it, however, so she nods along and follows to speak with Eddie. "Hello." Fogged breath, clipped nod of greeting Eddie, and a SHIELD badge hanging around her neck just atop her half unzipped coat.

Eddie Brock has posed:
The logo-less jacket that Eddie had gone to the trouble of ordering, years ago, from the same place that supplies the city, seems to pay off as the two women take for granted his presence on the crime scene. Eddie puts on an expression of slight interest as they identify themselves as SHIELD, though not all of him manages such calm.

   <<Venom>> "SHIELD! They are dangerous with their flying suits and energy weapons.""

The symbiote's angry mental voice suggesting to Eddie that Venom is recalling a past encounter or two. But he just gives an affirmative nod to the two ladies. "Sample gathering and photos for now, things to send to the lab," he says as if trying to be helpful but trying to not be helpful enough they wish to converse with him more. "You should probably check with the team leader over there," he says, giving a vague nod of his head off towards where the bulk of the law enforcement response is. Though that group of about five are making their way through the scene. One of them pausing and looking up, noticing the trio by the van.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"You know what happens when you start following the money Elena, don't you?" A sigh, "All the snakes start striking out." It was dangerous too, even being in SHIELD. Not that Daisy cared. "But I think it's time some of these asses get put down. Permanently." Noone can take the greyhat activist out of Daisy! Or is it DarkSkye?

She spots Eddie, then the group behind him... No, big groups won't do. Daisy turns her nose a bit when Eddie suggests they should go talk to his SUPERIOR. Daisy hates bureaucracy. And chain of command, ugh. Specially when they are supposed to be UNDERCOVER. "Ah, no need to go bother the boss. There will be enough of that later on." When SHIELD actually comes here officially, yea, she assumes there will be! "We are mostly trying to not be influenced by official stances. Trying to go right to the source and see what we can find." a look towards Elena. "My partner and I think this is mostly a Friends of Humanity job, wrecking through the fence. Noticeable members of the Friends near the truck before the attack. Has anything come up to link them so far?"

She starts walking as if to sort of get out of the way of the field of vision of that guy that spotted. One CSI is ok! Not five or six!

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Elena /does/ know and nods accordingly. It'd cost her parents life, it cost her a lot... Shaking the money tree had proven quite a dangerous activity in Columbia and would be just as much so where it pretains to anti-mutant groups and wealthy businessmen.

Daisy was right about something else, though: It was well past time to put them down.

"No seas tan boba..." Yo-Yo says with a smirk and a hand waving through the air, right back into her coat pocket, "No reason we go to supervisor, like my partner say. We just trying to get a general idea of what you have found." Nodding further with Daisy's question whether anyone has come forward to officially claim responsibility.

Most news networks are blaming Mutants, however.

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie looks around, trying to feign a bit of cluelessness. "The Friends of Humanity you say? Definitely worth following up on," he agrees. "Well, they came through from there obviously, and there's not a lot of structural damage. But the forensics report on the device will probably reveal more," he says, trying to be helpful. But not too helpful.

Privately Eddie wonders where he can get his own forensics report on the bit of the explosive device stowed in his jacket's inner pocket. Is Peter Parker still doing science at ESU? Or, maybe someone studying genetics might know enough chemistry to take a look?

Eddie's thoughts start to drift, particularly after he brings to mind the person that would be pursuing the latter option. He shakes himself out of it though. Christ, he's talking two SHIELD agents and he started to daydream.

"I should probably get back to it," he says, nodding to them and starting to move away unless they address him and make him stay. Only he finds Daisy and Elena are now moving the same way. But when they don't say something he moves aside, stopping and pausing to take a picture.

The member of the forensic team sees him taking the picture, head tilting curiously and then beginning to stride over more purposefully.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Yea.., they were prominently announced on the news." Daisy says back to this supposed CSI, quirking a brow. For a CSI he appears to be very ill-informed! "I thought you guys would had already been debriefed before starting to work the field." but ah well, maybe it was all a 'no bias' kind of thing. No need to give the ones taking in the photos etc too much info to begin with. So she refrains from asking for ID. It's a good thing!

"Our idea is that this was an attack coming from the Friends. But as you we would prefer to wait for the actual investigation to come out." Photos are a good idea though, she taking a couple with her phone to the site, even as she continues to edge away. Does she note this CSI also edging away? Heh, maybe just a coincidence.

The CSI making the way to them has she looking at Elena, "Say.., didn't we forget something back at the van?" code for 'better get outta here!'

Better than 'Lets rock this joint.' which is normally code to start beating people up.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Elena, like Quake, is curious about Eddie's not knowing even as much as they seem to... The police have been on scene for a lot longer than SHIELD and, that's not atypical in every situation, but given that there's a handsoff approach (so far) with mutant affairs?

She raises a brow and watches him. Her expression one of curiosity mixed with skepticism. Squinting until Daisy says something about them forgetting something at the van. A code, as it turns out, for let's gtfo of here.

"Oh, yeah.. Gracias." Tipping her imaginary hat to Eddie who, like them, is edging away. More curious indeed! But they've got their own problems to contend with if those CSI guys start asking too many questions about SHIELDs presence.

Hands out of her pockets, she turns and starts, quite casually actually, back towards the Van. "There's a lot more beneath the surface here, no?" Obviously. Looking sidelong at the epicenter of the explosion with a frown.

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie lets out a sigh of relief, more mental than physical, when the two SHIELD agents move to depart back the way they came. Of the NYPD and SHIELD, he'd much rather deal with the former. Well, he'd rather deal with neither, which is why he turns to head back towards the school, from where Venom can probably get him-

"Hello," a voice calls from behind him. Eddie takes two more steps, "Pardon me!" the voice says again. A woman's voice, the one who had taken an interest in Eddie and the two SHIELD agents.

He stops and turns around, seeing the woman hurrying over to him. "Yes, have just a minute," he says, trying to set up for himself moving on.

The woman walks over to him, their voices lowering to normal levels, probably not audible to Daisy and Elena. "Who are you?" she asks.

The dreaded straight up question. Rather than lie, Eddie reaches into his pocket to pull out his press credentials. "Eddie Brock, investigative reporter," he says, not mentioning his affiliation.

The woman takes his credential and says, "Daily Bugle? You shouldn't be inside the tape." she hands it back to Eddie as he gives her an apologetic look.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I don't know if you know what management is like. Just, trying to get some coverage of the happenings," he says.

She gives him a stern look, causing Eddie to say, "I'll just be going though. Uh, good job, hope you get those responsible," he says. Turning and departing, hoping her need to do her job won't result in anything else happening. And it seems like they are letting him depart.

   <<Venom>> "Smooth, Eddie."

Eddie murmurs back quietly, "Thanks."

   <<Venom>> "Hmm. I thought I had mastered this 'sarcasm'. I still need work it seems."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy still casts one last glance over her shoulder, seeing the various CSIs discussing between themselves.. Ugh. She hopes that this CSI wouldn't snitch them out. But ah, they don't seem to be turning their way so all seems good. And all the more curious too! "Yes, a lot more than appears on the surface too. The same about that .., CSI. And why is he showing them some credentials?" not that she can do anything about this right now.

And lucky Brock that she is without her powers now to listen in on that convo!

So instead it's van time! "We will figure this out another time. But think we got enough to at least write up a report and see what we can get going." a pause and then she lifts a brow at Elena. "Burger time?" a small grin starting to creep up to her face.

Yes, it was no joke that Daisy was the Bringer of Food around SHIELD.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Elena glances back as well, grunting a reply when she also sees Eddie showing credentials... and lowkey being escorted to a different part of the site? Maybe he was a higher ranking CSI, that would explain how aloof he was about questions and why nobody seems to be paying the two departing SHIELD agents any mind.

That or he's HYDRA.

"Si. Does this mean I have to write the report since you are paying for burgers?" There /was/ some bribery for tacos, which in America, amounts to ... well it could still be tacos, but in this particular case, is Wendy's.