5204/Afterlife: Family Dinner

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Afterlife: Family Dinner
Date of Scene: 15 February 2021
Location: Afterlife
Synopsis: Daisy, Jiaying and Matt have dinner and it goes as awkward as expected.
Cast of Characters: Daisy Johnson, Matthew Murdock, Bobbi Morse

Daisy Johnson has posed:
With Bobbi having gone down the road to do God knows what to Mark it was time to get ready for dinner with her mother. Which would be her first in any kind of formal setting. And to top it all off Daisy would be bringing Matt as well. Because making it a 2-in-1 is just how Daisy rolls. The first dinner and the meet-my-boyfriend dinner.


But also very nerve-wracking. And in Daisy fashion she had been procrastinating some back at their place, choosing between the clothes people at Afterlife had given them (they weren't many). But she still found time to sort of delay it. Almost to the point that they'd be late. Yet by the nick of time they are getting closer to Jiaying's cabin.

She takes in a deep breath, looks at Matt, exhales then knocks on the door. "Hello, it's us." a pause, "Matt and Daisy.", turning to rub her hands together, shifting her weight from foot to foot.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt had not seen this coming, a formal dinner with Daisy's mom, he'd brought clothes more in line with his covert snooping rather than his usual suit and tie leaving him feeling awkward. Still he soldiers on getting dressed in a clean hoodie and jeans along with the usual red lensed shades. No cane tonight since he's spilled the beans about his abilities. Reaching over to take Daisy's hand after she knocks he gives it a squeeze saying, "It'll go fine." Will it though? He's not that sure.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Jia answers the door herself. It's her home after all. She may spend most of her time in the bigger buildings running this place. But this place, it is all her. History fills the eyes when she opens the door. From carpets to wall hangings to porcelain vessels and statuettes. There's even a jade sword hanging on the far wall.

    Jia is dressed in a deep plum purple dress with mandarin collar. Her hair is up, she looks her usual put together. There's a soft smile when she sees Daisy and then a slightly taken aback when Matt is there too. Even though Daisy just said he was there and she was expecting him... her eyes linger on him longer than is normal.

    "Come in," she says gently and shuts the door behind them, "Shoes off." Even when she's being polite she is a bit blunt. She walks down a short corridor to a more open living area with a table in the middle. There's a kitchen off to the side, very modern in design but set in rustic woods to match the rest of the place. Things are still cooking and there is a bottle of red wine open on the table with glasses.

    Of particular note are some of the photos hanging on the walls. They are of Jia looking exactly the same as she does now just without the scars, and Cal looking much younger. But as well as the photos, there are drawings of Jia, drawings of curve topped Chinese mountains and the styles seem to date back through the ages. Not impressions of the past, but actual artefacts of the past.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The smile is returned when Jia opens the door, one that does reach her eyes. Daisy does seem quite pleased.., and nervous, and ... Daisy get over it, you are a spy! But weaknesses will be weaknesses. Still, she notes the taken aback look Jia gives Matt, giving the man a barely perceptible squeeze on his hand as they are still holding hands together, walking in. "Hey, thanks for having us for dinner tonight. I am pleased we have this time to eat and be together, hopefully to dispel any misconceptions too."

She busies herself taking off her boots, putting them to a corner before finally following in, eyes taking in the inside, filled with history. "You must have quite the stories about these." she murmurs. And a jade sword? Well, her eyes do linger there for a touch longer before she gets near the kitchen.

And spots the pictures.

She immediately makes her way closer to them to look at Jia and Cal together. Her parents. "There is a picture here of my parents when they were younger." She explains to Matt.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt can feel the lingering gaze sent his way, but he weathers it stoically, continuing to smile. He takes a long breath. Here we go, he gives Daisy's hand a quick squeeze and steps inside.

Bending to untie his shoes and take them off while his senses give him a mental image of the room down to the millimeter in detail what it lacks is colour or the ability to see any of the pictures on the wall, besides getting the size and shape of the frame. Still his other senses give him a sense of the place, and its history.

He makes no comment until Daisy does, smiling as she describes the picture for him, moving to her side to share the moment with her. "Glad you get to be here," he says in a low voice, gently bumping his shoulder against her own.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Jia pours out three glasses of wine. She takes one for herself and wanders in to the kitchen where things bubble away on the stove in a big wok. The kitchen looks out over the living space and her eyes watch as Daisy and Matt peruse her things. "My daughter is welcome here for dinner any day," she states matter of factly. Caveats being she has to be here in Afterlife to be able to get here.

    "Too many stories," says someone who could best be described as 'really really long lived'. Just how long? there are scrolls in waxed containers sealed behind glass display cases. Not because she was a collector, but because they were given to her some many chapters ago in her life. "Do you like my sword?," she asks having noticed Daisy's eyes captivated by the mythical weapon. "Ah," she adds and sips some of the wine, "that was in China when Cal was working as a doctor. He was so helpless with everything but medicine, but full of enthusiasm and good will. Everyone liked him." It's like she's describing a completely different person to the Cal that Daisy met. "I worked with him in his clinic," she says with a smile. There are no regrets on her part about Cal, only... "I wish I knew what happened to him."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Yes, you told me the story." Daisy replies with a small nod, "About him going around the village trying to get people here but not knowing a word of mandarin." a fond grin appearing on her lips when she glances over her shoulder to where her mother is preparing the wine glasses. And she doesn't even have to worry if they are poisoned as her boyfriend can detect such things! Small blessings..

"Gosh, my father really looks young in this." She admits quietly. The question about Cal has her pause though, considering Jia. But if she was to get any answers from her she might as well open up about this. "He has a good life now. He .., suffered a lot in his life, but he has his own clinic. Even if he doesn't remember me, or anything about his past." eyes downcast a moment before she leaves the pics to approach the dinner area. And to perhaps shift the subject a little she asks, "But yes, I like your sword. It looks.., regal almost. Very old too. As many of the things here. When did you first learn about our heritage, what it meant to be Inhuman?" she asks.

"Do you need help in the kitchen?" Don't let her help!

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt makes his way to the table when the wine is poured getting a glass for himself and bringing Daisy's to her before taking his place beside her again, smiling at the story about Cal when Daisy was born. He doesn't interject though letting the mother and daughter talk without him for a bit later before he ventures forth into the conversation, especially when Cal's fate comes up. He can't quite hide the little flinch that comes with that, his attention going to Jaiying for her reaction.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    A knife is stabbed in to a cork board. "Do you know why it is he does not remember you or his life?" She knows, right? she has to know. Is she testing Daisy? She has a poker face and her eyes look over to Matt and Daisy, even as she brings the wine glass to her lips.

    Daisy is trying to change the subject. The wine is placed down and she turns her back to them as she stirs the contents of the wok. "It is imperial," she says of the jade sword. Her minds eye retreats to memories of the forbidden palace and there's a small smirk at the corner of her lips. "You may have it if you like," she says offering up the priceless heirloom to her one and only alive daughter.

    "It was a long time ago," she says and starts preparing plates of food for the table, "I had been kicked out of my village for witch craft and was wandering. I was hungry and tired and I met a man with a long beard who gave me a kind of rice pudding. He told me he knew of my spirit and would teach me what it meant. I became his student and he my mentor. Things were very different back then. There was no Afterlife."

    She looks slightly puzzled as Daisy asks if she can help in the kitchen and she shakes her head, picking up three plates, chopsticks, and arranges them on the table, "It is done. You can help by eating." She motions to the dishes, "changfen with beef and vegetables. The vegetables are all from Afterlife. The beef is from somewhere in Shanghai."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Trauma." Is Daisy's answer, not even hesitating. It was true, even if a half-truth. But she was a spy, and she wanted to protect her mother from this, along with her father, "His mind .., was shattered. He was not the same man you remembered. Or the one you talk to me about." her tone wistful. "Life had made him resentful, to a point he forgot all he was." a pause, she taking in breath. "He has since been able to recover some of his mind back. But his memory, it's fully gone."

"Maybe one day I can bring you to see him." A little counter to the earlier poke about she being invited to come here anytime to dinner, as long as she was in afterlife! Jia can go visit him, but she'd need to actually get out of Afterlife for a time!

The offer of the sword has her shaking her head, "No, I can't take it. It's yours. Maybe one day when I deserve it." Daisy then taking the glass from Matt, smiling up at him, "Thanks." a little bump against his side, now close to him and making way to the dinner table. "Well, I am starved.." she says of dinner. And it does look delicious! So she settles down.

"And what did he tell you? I am sure the theory of why we are to be has changed from back then, right?" She is curious about Jia's origins.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt sips his wine letting his senses focus on Jia, listening to her heartbeat as much as he's listening to her words, still wary for signs of deception or manipulation. Though he's more than just a silent lump on the wall, he does chime in, "I can say for certain, he was happy when Daisy and I saw him," he says. "Whether that's his situation or if some memory of her persists, i can't say, but I like to hope it was the latter."

He moves to the table when dinner is served, sitting next to Daisy, his nostrils bringing him the scent of the food, "It smells delicious, thank you very much for having us over for dinner," a slight bit of emphasis put on the 'us'.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Jia picks up her wine and looks momentarily quite sad as Daisy explains her version of what happened to him. "When they began hunting us, to take you away from us. Cal thought he needed to be stronger to protect us. I disapproved of what he was trying to do. Chemicals to make him stronger," she brings the wine to her lips and says, "I'm glad he has found happiness again."

    Deception? it's really hard to tell with Jia. Certainly if she got particularly mad it'd be noticeable. Her heart rate is slow and steady. About meeting him again she says nothing. For her, perhaps, that is a chapter best left closed. She nods her head to Matt and her gaze lingers on him slightly longer than is necessary again. Perhaps she is looking to his eyes. That weird line between who the Inhumans are.. and all the Metahumans and Mutants that also exist.

    "The prince I took it from did not deserve it," she remarks, "and you are not as childish as him." A small playful smile on her lips. Jia takes chopsticks and begins to eat the food. No ceremony necessary. Food is served and she is happy with its flavours. "He told me the truth, but at the time I didn't understand it."

    She looks up at the pair of them and says, "Aliens called the Kree came to our planet and attempted to uplift our species. Only a lucky few could survive the process. They were our ancestors. The first Inhumans. These Kree were at odds with their own governments who forbade uplifting and they were forced to leave. They gifted us the means to continue our species. The diviners and the terrigen."

    There's a smirk, "Have you not yet heard it put so plainly? We are human potential unlocked.. like you Mr. Murdock... and you are welcome. Like the X-Men we see news reports about. Rare gems amongst the rough. Our unique genetics light a path to the future.. or as some here like to say, Inhuman abilities unlock as there is a need."

    "His name was Fu and he was the father I needed, rather than the one I was born to. A man far beyond his time, speaking of aliens and technology and our blood lines and the future to come. I thought the world of him. He said he followed a song to find me." Her eye swivel to Daisy pointedly, but then she eats some more food to break the moment.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt frowns as his senses comes back with nothing conclusive, he's been confounded like this before though and so he's learned to be patient and to prod. "What's a diviner?" he asks before the story Jia's telling takes a wild turn into something you'd expect to hear on Ancient Aliens or some similar show. "I'm sorry did you say your people are the product of alien experimentation?" he asks not sure if he's shocked, skeptical or somewhere in between, a little of that doubt is allowed to seep through into his tone.

That last bit also has Matt's attention moving to Daisy, curious about how she's taking all of this.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy takes a sip from her wine once Jia speaks about Cal's fate. It was hard enough remembering the state she had found him as. So some wine would do her good. She agrees with Matt about dinner, smiling, "And it will taste even better I am sure." taking a little bite and starting on eating. Quiet quiet. The talk about not being as childish as a Lord as her snort at first and then let out a brief chuckle. "Ouch, I feel stabbed. But very well then, I will take it." she says of the gift, not one to refuse twice!

But it's what's said next that perhaps makes her wish she had the bottle in hand to drink from it. Kree? Aliens? She knew about the theories on alien interference in their evolution but .., to have it so plainly said. She stops eating for a time, staring. Lots of questions go through her mind but it's those last words she focuses on.

"The song of the universe?" She asks directly, blinking a couple of times. This had taken turns she wasn't expecting.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Jia actually smiles as she sets her wine back down. Think of Fu is putting her in a good mood. "So many questions. Young people, always in a rush to know everything, but without the time to let it sit and be understood. When I was first told these things I didn't understand what an alien was, or Inhumans... or any of this. It took time to grasp just what it was Fu had told me. Back then, it would take many of us our whole life to truly understand who we were."

    "The modern world gives us more context, as our technology approaches that of our alien benefactors. But so too do the risks.. and perhaps the rewards. But nothing has changed for us. The world will continue to be an exceedingly dangerous place. We can only depend on each other," she says knowing despite how many times she says this, it'll probably fall on deaf ears.

    "The diviner is a piece of technology that incubates terrigen and allows any who touch it to be told of their gift. Of course, it's written in Kree so only a very few of us can read what it says. Unfortunately, it is fatal for humans to touch it. A security measure no doubt. We try to be careful who we let touch a diviner for that reason. We like to be sure."

    She nods her head to the second question from Matt, "Yes. Experimentation is probably what they were doing, but uplifting is what they did do." Her eyes turn back to Daisy and she stares back, her head dipping a bit to try and snap her out of this stupor. "That is the piece you focused on?," she asks in surprise and then nods her head.

    "Fu had the same gift as you. The things he could do... but he had also studied his gift extensively for decades before I met him. And his mentor, Lady Qin, had taught him many things too. I never got to meet her but I did visit her shrine. It is the way of our people to teach each other.. and to be patient with each other, because there is nothing easy about learning who you truly are."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"The Song of the Universe?" Matt asks before he remembers what Daisy had taught him of what she was learning here. A thing confirmed by Jia's story about Fu and his abilities.

He circles back round to his original questions though. "I see, I'll be careful if I ever encounter one," he says of the diviners. "Though if I may ask, what's the mechanism that decides when an Inhuman is needed? Fate? God? Or something else?" he asks his tone truly curious now. "And what was Fu's purpose," he asks hoping it might shed light on Daisy's own.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Information is certainly being stored in her mind. And a shrine? "Is that shrine still up these days?" she wonders. Is she planning a visit there? Maybe! Answers can sometimes be found in the most unusual places. "I want to understand my purpose." she then says about her choice on focusing on the song. "So I can help my people." She pauses to take some more food into her mouth, savoring it and taking a little more wine while Matt puts his questions, she nodding agreement. Pretty much questions she had too.

Yet the more questions they put up, the more that open up. As it should be. But still, this certainly feels as something a lot deeper than just .., people getting powers randomly. Fate was never something Daisy accepted that easily. "Hard for me to believe there would be some .., guiding hand showing or making the right people turn into Inhumans, with the right powers." she murmurs. "What about those that cannot control them?" she says, "I know Afterlife was done to help those people come to terms with their powers, but they can't reach all of them..."

She also doesn't touch the matter of Jia having made Bobbi touch the diviner. And goaded Hunter to try the same. Okay, maybe she can forgive that last one if Hunter was being Hunter ... But even still. A troubled look appears on her expression. "This is a lot to take in."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Jia looks somewhat surprised by the rush of questions from both of them. She places her hands down on the table and takes in a small breath, "This is too much for you both. You need time to digest the thoughts." She's heard Inhumans rant about chasing their destiny and purpose before and it rarely ends well.

    "Not everyone is a good fit for the gifts. Before now Afterlife would find potentials and bring them here to train them in preparation for when they might receive the gift. We would make sure, before giving them terrigenesis. Now Inhumans are appearing all over the world and we are constantly on the back foot trying to find and help them. This is made all the more difficult because of people like HYDRA and SHIELD who think they understand us better than we understand ourselves.. or are just curious to poke at things they do not understand or respect," Jia says turning the conversation away from the deeper mysteries of Inhumans and back to the problems of humanity.

    She returns to her meal quietly for a bit, curious if she has managed to show down the torrent of curiosity. She doubts it, not with her daughters seemingly endless enthusiasm for all things Inhuman. "Be patient, all answers will come in time. Do not chase your own tail," she cautions.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
A small, defiant smirk, crosses Matt's lips, the sort he gets when he's facing a tough opponent in the streets or the court room. "I appreciate your concern, Jaiying, but think Daisy and I should be the judge of what is and isn't too much. Personally, I'd like to know more about these things and it sounds like Daisy does too."

As for SHIELD and HYDRA, Matt nods, "I can understand my friends and I hide our gifts for the same reasons, too many people either don't understand or just want to exploit us. Though, I offered Mark my help with that, and I'll offer the same to you," he takes out a business card, text on one side, braille on the other and slides it to Jaiying. "If your people need any help with the law, or a place to lay low, or you need someone to put a bunch of supplies out of the way so Gordon can pick them up, call me and I'll be happy to help."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"You were the one opening the Pandora's box." Daisy says in agreement with Matt, tag-teaming against her mother about it. Such a defiant child! As they should be. "SHIELD has helped me though, and so did Matt. During a time in which I was lost and didn't know where to go. And so have others found a place to be there. It's not perfect, it can't be. But we try." her tone firm. Even if by what Jia says there's a lot she had yet to understand about what it meant being an Inhuman. But answers were coming.

"Regardless, I can only truly help our people if you help me understand, mother." her tone gentle, but also pleading. There is a genuine want to be part of the solution, to have her people find a real home.

Matt offering a card has Daisy smile warmly towards him, reaching under the table to give his knee a squeeze. "We can trust Matt." her eyes now on him. There is no hiding the affection on that gaze.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    It shouldn't be this hard to say no to her child. If there's one thing Jia has learnt too many times to count - Inhumans cannot trust outsiders. She stares at the card like perhaps it's poison but also sees that look on her daughters face. Every time she is forced to relearn the lesson a lot of Inhumans get hurt.

    She looks to Matt and answers his question, "I decide when an Inhuman is needed." She says it with such authority there is little doubt who is in charge at Afterlife, despite her long absence. Perhaps its the weight of all the years she's been alive, or may be it's just her stubborn personality.

    Her look turns back to Daisy and she says, "And your purpose is to feel the vibrations in all things and will them to change. Don't over think it," she warns and then picks up her wine glass to sip.

    "As for Lady Qin's shrine? It has been a long time. I'd be surprised if it was still there, and I don't think it would help you much. If you wanted intimate answers about your gift you would have to talk to Fu, but I don't recommend time travel, weird things happen," she says. She has a straight face, but perhaps she's making a joke.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt puts his hand on Daisy's when she squeezes his knee, a gentle acknowledgement of her support. His own expression reflecting the same amount of affection as she shows him. Though Jaiying's answers sour that mood a little, his hackles rising as they always do when faced with the blunt expression of authority. "So they have no purpose save what you decide?" he asks her as though he were cross-examining her on the witness stand. "And what quality or gift do you posses that makes you the fit to make those choices for people?"

The rest, about the shrine and time travel is left alone for now.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Oh, time travelling. What a joke eh? If only she didn't know Peggy, or Captain America. But that isn't *exactly* time travel. Still, she knows Jia isn't the type to joke so. "You are telling me there is an Inhuman that can time travel?" a brow arches.

Yet she goes silent when she senses the conversation is taking a turn to the sour. Yes, she knows about Matt's problems with authority. Still, she won't put herself on one side or the other right now. She simply listens, taking another bite of her food but then leaning back, arms folding together. She fidgets a little, clearly a touch nervous both at the whole dinner thing but also at the confrontation between her mother and Matt.

Not that she is buying the 'your purpose is to feel vibrations'. Jia *had* told her to overthink it before. So she knows there are things she isn't telling her. Because of Matt being here? She lets out a thoughtful mmm.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Jia says to Matt, "They have no role save what I decide. What I have, young man, is perspective." She lifts her chin just a touch. She just called Matt Murdock a young man. She said it in the way of a thousand mothers at once. Neither of them experienced a mother telling them as children to go to their rooms.. they only the orphanages which no doubt didn't leave the best of tastes in their mouth. This doesn't feel like a Sister Mary saying it though.

    She did say 'role' though, indicating that whether or not they gain their powers their inclusion in to the the grand plan is at her discretion. But it's obvious she's speaking in riddles and skirting around the hard facts now. Her finger is placed on the card and she slides it back toward Matt and says, "You are not ready to help Inhumans, though the desire and gesture is genuine and appreciated."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Young man?" Matt says both amused and annoyed by the term. If someone were to choose which mortal sin Matt struggled with most, wrath and pride would be neck and neck. "I see. And what exactly gives you that perspective, or the right to decide what a person knows or can do? Especially when you judge others for makin the same determinations for your people." Now it's not just a simple cross examination, there's genuine emotion in his tone now. "Keep it," he says the card is slid his way. Unless one of your people's powers is being a member of the New York bar association, you might still need it if one of your people gets in trouble in my city, whether I'm 'ready' or not."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy grimaces visibly at the 'young man'. Yes, that won't go easy now. She does a lame attempt of shifting the subject with a, "This food tastes great. Where did you learn to do this dish?" but it's not as if anyone is listening anymore, busy butting heads.

So she takes in a breath, "Mother, Matt is a guest here. He should not be treated badly, or disrespected." yea, they may have started it, but Daisy is sure trying to end it. Her eyes go to Matt and she tells him. "And we should honor the hospitality being provided to us." which pretty much means they should keep their temper. Yes, where it comes to stubborness Daisy can very much rival anyone in this room. So she looks between the two.

Still, questions are still nagging on her head. What if Jia's purpose isn't to choose who should or should not join the Inhumans? Something doesn't compute..

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Jia looks more perturbed than anything else. She smiles though and accepts Daisy's attempts to change the conversation. She says, "jyuchengfan. I learnt about it in the mid 1930s in Guangzhou. It was a popular new dish, very modern. Easy to make, quite delicious. It reminds me of an older dish I use to love..."

    She pauses and stares off at the wall for a moment, "I've forgotten it's name." Perspective. Some of the clues are starting to fit in to place. Jia is old. Cal always said she didn't age but he never said if he knew how old she was before he even met her. Some of the things in the room, the photos and paintings.

    "You are not one of us," she says calmly to Matt, "and though you are a guest here, that does not mean you are welcome here. I made no exception for Daisy's father either." A culture clash, that level of bluntness is practically unheard of in modern USA.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt follows the conversation's new course, "It's very good," he says picking up on the signs that their host might be older than she seems even to his senses.

Matt bristles at her response though, making himself take a sip of wine before he replies to drown the knee jerk response wanting to fly from his lips. "I believe I was welcoming your people to my city, not asking to stay in yours. Or at least offering to help them if they do decide to visit. Or rather, should you let them visit."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
With the two sort of maybe appearing to be calming down Daisy nods firmly to herself. Good. No need for her to get upset. You don't want to see a Quake when she gets upset! So she smiles, perhaps a bit forcedly. Is this how all meet-my-boyfriend dinners with family are supposed to go? Daisy isn't impressed! "You wanted me here and that was what I requested." She finally says her mother. "And that should be respected. If not him at least respect my judgement in this. I am not a child, I have not been one in a .., very long time." orphanage kids grow up very quickly. True story.

"You said Afterlife isn't being able to find all the Inhumans anymore because they are starting to be so many. But with our help. Matt and even SHIELD we could make sure that they found their way here, or that they found their place." she says.

Look at that. Daisy subsconsciously accepting what her purpose is.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    The expression on Jia's face is telling when Daisy suggests she could go find Inhumans and bring them here. Whatever it was, exactly, that she said.. seemed to hit on a nerve. She takes a slightly longer sip of her wine. If ever they needed proof she was keeping the whole story from them, there it was.. a big raise in her heart rate. Excitement? surprise perhaps?

    When the wine lowers she decides to change the subject, "How did you two meet? I understand people in your country have secret identities. Were you civilians or were you vigilantes?" Her plate is almost empty but so far she has only come slightly close to ejecting Matt from her home... from Afterlife. Would Daisy get over that? hard to say, she reminds her of herself and Cal far too much and they were a powerful couple.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt picks up that quickening heartbeat and frowns, saying, "Seems like a big commitment Daisy." he says. "Given everything else you've got going on." It was a test to see what reaction that got out of Jaiying now that he was zeroed in on her heartbeat. Though he does answer Jaiying's questions, "We grew up together at St. Agnes, the orphanage we were raised in, But we didn't start dating until, four years ago now. As for codenames, I like to keep mine private for a number or reasons."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Big commitment? Uh..., Daisy is just briefly puzzled, but then again she can't sense that heartbeat as well as Matt can. But she will follow along. Matt is up to something, and Daisy is smart enough to know it. "I have a lot going on." that much is true, her brows furrowing, she looking between them briefly before settling on that next subject. Sure, talking about how they grew up was easy enough for her.

"Yea, it was quite the twist of fate the way we got together." Daisy then finally says, not hiding the fondness in her voice, "We found our path together in a way." she murmurs, eyes turning to the blind lawyer, "In a way I feel like I have known Matt almost all my life." which in a way is almost true!

A look back to Jia. And pretty much the answer she needed. No, she wouldn't get over Matt being ejected from Afterlife because of this dinner.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Jia finishes her meal and doesn't worry about Matt's strange suggestion that Daisy do things other than focusing entirely and solely on Inhumans. It is her purpose, she will find it whether she wants to or not. "Very fortune, for you to know each other all that time."

    She considers the orphanage, "The childhood I wanted for you Daisy was not being in anothers care. But I am glad that you had people. In my youth, exiled at a young age I was not welcome anywhere. Until I met Fu, I had nobody. The world is a kinder place in some ways now than in the past, but just as brutal, perhaps more so, in other ways."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Takes a bite of his dinner eyeing Jiaying as he chews, though whatever is on his mind stays there for now as he says, "Yes, we were very fortunate, and the nuns took very good care of Daisy... even if she caused a little bit of trouble now and then." He smirks fondly at that taking and squeezing Daisy's hand. "And it definitely has it's rough patches, but I like to believe the world is indeed getting better."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Both of Daisy's eyebrows rise up as if she had no idea what Matt was talking about. Trouble? Certainly not her! But she eventually breaks into a smile, squeezing back. "Not only now and then, it was pretty much a constant thing." giving nuns trouble. A hobby. Cheeks do turn a bit redder with embarassment. So this is how it feels sharing a dinner with her mother. It does feel good no matter the earlier awkwardness.

"We can only hope we can be the change the world needs for good." Daisy says in agreement with Matt, "It's what I believe in, that we can make a difference." then she telling her mother. "We can make our people have a less brutal world too. But you know we won't be able to hide forever."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Perhaps it's the mad ramblings of Reina, or just the inevitable course of the modern world, but Jia's heart raises in rate just a touch again when Daisy says they can't hide forever. Jia finishes what's on her plate and composes herself. "Getting in trouble with nuns," she says and looks quite amused. "I'm sure they had it coming," she remarks.

    "You should learn to master your own gifts before you consider helping others Daisy. You're lucky you haven't killed yourself, or permanently crippled yourself. You've been misusing your gift. This is why Afterlife is so important. Some of us have .." she pauses just a touch, "dangerous gifts that require discipline to master."

    She looks to Daisy across the table, "And one day they will tell stories of Master Quake instead of Master Fu. Good stories, Inhumans fondly remembering all the things you did for them."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt smiles good naturedly as Daisy blushes, but remarks to Jaiying, "Most of them did, and she wasn't their only tormenter," he admits his own role in that.

"I'm glad you're helping her with her powers, but she's done a lot of good even with an incomplete understanding of her gifts. You should be proud," he says squeezing Daisy's hand again.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The poke about she having to master her own gifts is felt. Daisy nods slowly but there's also that way she always acts, putting others first. She will be fine. "I have been helping others with my gift. I wouldn't call that misusing it." see? Stubborn like her mother. "But you know I am also right. We will have to come out sooner or later, and better to do it well and in safety than being forced due to other circumstances."

Master Quake does have a bit of a ring to it, but it also makes her chuckle, "Lets hope so. Hopefully you will be here to tell the story too." Such is the role of Lorekeeper! But it also brings her mind to something else. Were there other children? She opens her mouth to almost ask it before stopping herself, furrowing her brows.

Instead she just smiles to Matt, "Matt was terrible too, that's why we understand each other well."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Jia turns her attentions to Matt and says, "And yet, he has become a lawyer. Arguing for a living. It is the opposite of how we encourage people to live stress free lives." She is teasing, apparently. "I am surprised my little girl has grown up to be a secret agent, who wants nothing more than to expose the world to Inhumans. Isn't your job to keep secrets Daisy?"

    The playful side of Jia is subtle. "Inhumans are better resourced than you think. Afterlife is not our only home," she casually remarks. "But it is the home that I made for our people and I am very proud of it."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"All true," Matt says of being terrible. "And most of my terrible involved arguing, so, figured I might as well get paid for what I love" he says though there's more to it than that.

He smiles about Daisy and keeping secrets, not commenting but thinking back to the reasons Daisy joined SHIELD. "You should be," he says of Afterlife. "It's one of the calmest places I've ever experienced."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
An immediate shake of her head and Daisy replies. "No, my job isn't to keep secrets." good grief, she would had went crazy if that was her job. "My job is to bring a better life and protect people. It's what SHIELD is about." a few more things too. But that was the important part for now.

There is some surprise about that bait there about other homes for Inhumans. It does perk her attention. "Other places." huh. She nods a little. "I am guessing you won't be telling us about those places. And I understand it." for now at least!

"And Matt is right. This is a fantastic place that you and the others created. You can only be proud of it."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Jia smiles, "It's not my place to tell you Daisy. I'm sure, given time, and a master of your gift you will find them all yourself." She nods a touch and sips her wine. She has faith in her daughters ability to be one of the greatest Inhumans of all time.

    "Thank you both," she says as she finishes her glass, "But it is getting late and I have many things to do tomorrow." And also Gordon hasn't checked in with her, something must be up, "So please, wander back to the guest house. Thank you for joining me for dinner. We will do this again."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt's curious about the other locations as well but if Daisy isn't being told about them he knows he won't either. He sips his wine at first but finishes it when Jia thanks them for coming to dinner. "Thank you as well, the dinner was excellent," he says pushing up from the table. "Ans if you ever feel like venturing into the world" his attention shifts to Daisy for a second before shifting back to Jaiying, "We'll have to host you at our place sometime."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Lets hope so.." Daisy pushes herself up from her seat when the dinner is coming to an end, patting her belly. "Yes, it was great. If your idea is to fatten me up you are accomplishing it." a playful tone while she is looking at Jiaying. "And you would certainly be welcome at our place. We can show you our culinary expertise." a look given to Matt.

Royal Dragon.

"Thanks for having us. We will talk again tomorrow." and now it's time to leave, back to their house here in Afterlife. And yes, she will take her damn jade sword!