5206/A Hospital visit

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A Hospital visit
Date of Scene: 15 February 2021
Location: Bellvue Hospital, NYC.
Synopsis: Lydia is recovering in the hospital after the incident in Mutant Town, and is given a surprise visit by Yellow Scarf Buster!
Cast of Characters: Lydia Dietrich, Chizue Nakamura

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
When Lydia was caught in the explosion that rocked Mutant Town's school fundraiser, she was taken to the nearby Bellvue hospital. The prestigious hospital has become somewhat known for it's care and acceptance of mutants over the past decade or so, and so it was in a perfect position to be the primary center to take all the victims of the terrorist attack under its wings, mutant and human alike.

As severe as Lydia's wounds were, they weren't immediately life threatening, thank goodness. She took a chunk of shrapnel into the gut, which caused a lot of bleeding, but didn't hit any major organs. Still, they wanted to keep her overnight for observation to make sure that there wasn't something that they had missed and she wasn't slowly bleeding out internally.

Currently, she's on the phone with her mother. Discovering her daughter was in the hospital by way of watching the local news and seeing a very distinctive green glowing woman being carted away in an ambulance was something of a shock to her. So she did what any good mother would do. Call her daughter to chew her out.

"... I couldn't just sit back and not do anything!" Lydia can be heard arguing with her mother. "There were children, for G*d's sake! If I hadn't have been there who knows how many of the kids would have been hit by shrapnel!"

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    There's not so much as a pin drop to announce her, as there is a momentary blast of cold air. Window open and closed in the blink of an eye, without raising an alarm but of course. She just, steps through the window in the blink of an eye. Casually flicking the window shut behind her, before turning her attention towards Lydia.

    It's not strictly black and white, because white would really be a bit much to get blood stains out of. Short pleated skirt, neat stached black uniform blouse. That bowtie however is set in the color of spun gold, as are those buttons and of course that short half apron furnished with no shortage of lace. If it wasn't for the golden martial arts gloves and skate shoes you'd be forgiven for mistaking her for a -very- different kind of maid, nevermind that battered metal bokken resting against one shoulder. Her face covered in the wound bundles of a long yellow scarf which trails nearly to the floor behind her.

    Cute whicker basket suspended from the cook of her freed arm. She takes a moment to size up the room, before mutely moving to set that basket down on a nearby table, and throw a wink towards the room's only other occupant.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
"I don't /care/ if I got my face plastered all over TV, mother" Lydia says darkly. A heavy roll of the eyes accompanies another tirade from the other end of the speaker, only for them to fall upon the supherhero maid. A wide smile breaks out as she interrupts her mother. "Look. I've got a visitor. I've gotta go. No, it's not a /boy/. Bye!"

She leans back in her upright bed, groaning in existential pain. "So," she says, looking at Chizue. "What brings the famous Yellow Scarf Buster into my room?" Indeed. The ninja/hero maid's presence is unexpected. She honestly didn't think she'd ever actually get to see Chizue made up like this, but this is a not all together unpleasant surprise.

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "I saw the news, and it seemed as though you were in need of a hero."She replies automatically. Delicately popping open the top of that basket, before moving the table over and sliding it over the bed. "I see you've not been horribly killed, which is of course fortunate."And out comes the little lace tablecloth followed by a few little plates, a teacup and saucer. Followed by delicately sliced cucumber watercress sandwiches, and a plate of tiny green daifuku. She finishes the little ritual by simply filling one of those teacups with a thick green tea, which seems entirely sufficient to fill the room with it's aroma.

    Tea service set, YSB takes a step back to set that bokken's tip against the floor before folding her gloved hands over the hilt. "Now why don't you tell me who did this to you? I can't verywell let these troublemakers run rampant, blowing up cute girls and hurting feelings."

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Lyida nods in agreement, grin still plastered on her face. "Most fortunate indeed." Her eyes go wide at the tea service set before her. "Oh. My. Goodness. You have no idea how good that looks and smells compared to the hospital food I've had to endure the past day or so." She reaches out to snag one of the sandwiches and chews on it, delight in her voice. "Mmm."

Moving to the cup of tea, she says, "They say it was the Friends of Humanity, but...." she shrugs, "I don't know. Something seemed off about it." She sips her tea as she collects her thoughts, "I mean, if you really think about it, it doesn't make a lot of sense. Firstly, this was kind of extreme, even for them. Secondly, why an explosive that would injure just as many of their members as it does mutants?" She shakes her head, "I just don't see it, but I can't think of anybody else who it could be."

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "Misdirection is something I am very familiar with, how widely was it known that these trouble makers would be in attendance before hand?"She'd seen the news, but of course a witness is another thing entirely. "Napoleon informs us never to stop an enemy in the process of making a mistake, but this seems particularly sloppy even for a tryhards. Hardly anything complicated about producing a low order explosive."

    Theres a humm at that as she lets her gaze float off for a moment.."Has anyone been trying to purchase the real estate locally as of late, or perhaps there had been some other sort of unusual interest from anyone in particular? I know there are often many concerned parties when it comes to Mutants in America, but had you noticed anyone new or exceptional?"

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Lydia looks doubtful as she sips her tea. "Real estate in Mutant Town isn't exactly sought after property." She hums thoughtfully to herself as she digs into another sandwich. "The only interest about this is that awful bill Senator Kelly has introduced. I swear, between this and what happened on Capitol Hill, it's like somebody wants to start a race war between the Mutants and normal humans."

She sighs, and leans back in her bed, half eaten sandwich in one hand and a steaming cup of tea in the other. "But the only people I can think of who'd want that would be the Friends of Humanity."

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "Very few things "just happen", they happen for a reason. A device was constructed, supplies gathered, then it was transported and detonation with an end result in mind from conception to detonation. It is not as important to know who, as it is to know why. Most of the time these things boil down to power, be it political or financial. If we understand the why, we can extrapolate whom and where. We can deconstruct the network ideologically, and begin the generation of a target list."She returns that gaze towards Lydia with a slight smile behind that scarf.

    "Goodness listen to me, conspiracies always get me ranting on like a scullery maid. Terribly sorry dear, as you've made it clear previously. You're not a hero, right?"She cocks her head off to the right, before simply shrugging it off. "I'll look into things never the less."

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Lydia gives Chizue something of a disapproving scowl. "Look. I know your night job is ninja, but I'm not really looking into coming up with a hitlist. Besides, police have experts that are working on this, and they have the authority to actually arrest them." Her admonishment does seem to be pitched that severely, though. "But I do appreciate that you're going to look into it. Maybe a ninja will find something out that the police can't."

She heaves a sigh, "I know, I'm not a hero. Not really. I just don't want to see anybody else get hurt. Call me a 'concerned citizen with extraordinary abilities.'"

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "The Police are subject to the will of the government, and generally useless otherwise."She offers a short bow never the less. "I'll look into it, and decide what course of action is necessary. However I cannot allow such nonsense to persist when it interferes with my primary objective, or I wouldn't be much of a Ninja at the end of the day."Stepping back towards the window, as she pops that boken up to rest against her shoulder.

    "I've left you some reading material and some snacks, when you've been released don't hesitate to get ahold of me. To that end there's a tablet in there which is yours to keep, do guard it well as it contains a direct line to me?"And another deeper bow, before snapping her gaze towards the hospital room door dramatically...

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Lydia doesn't argue with the finer points of police effectiveness, but she does look a bit doubtful. However the mention of reading material causes her to light up. "Ooh!" She digs through the basket to pull out said material and the tablet. She nods, and sets that one aside. "I will. Now I have a superhero maid and ninja at my beck and call," she giggles.

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    The moment eyes leave her, she's gone amidst a gust of cold air. Ninja vanish, up close and personal.

    As far as reading material goes, well there's a copy of "The Book of five Rings" in there, A "History of Shinobi" book, some Manga and a blank journal. For writing instruments, well it's a familiar pen once lost off the edge of a building. Some general junkfood for snacks, and well of course that tablet and a charging cord.