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Punch Club
Date of Scene: 14 March 2020
Location: Illegal Cage Match in an
Synopsis: It's fight night in <Undisclosed Warehouse Location>! New Comers Kid Arachnid (Ben Riley) and Crush (Xiomara Rojas) fight in the ring while other faces look on with excitement!
Cast of Characters: Xiomara Rojas, Lucas Trent, M'gann M'orzz, Alanna Lyons, Ben Reilly

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    This particular warehouse has been set up for a fight of the illegal, blood sport variety. The center of the large warehouse is dominated by a well lit square of pavement surrounded by floor to near ceiling heavy gauge chain-link fencing. It wouldn't break easily, that's for sure.

    Liquor and food is available- bleachers set up to allow the maximum number of people inside the space that it would allow- a real money making venture that had painted a veneer of professionalism over the unregistered and highly illegal acts that would be happening here this evening.

    People probably wouldn't die- but hospital visits were almost guaranteed.

    At ringside only the most important people sat- fighters, their 'cheerleaders', and those with staked interest in the fights about to happen: The high rollers, fight managers, and general scum who were wealthy enough to get ring-side seats. In that ringside, Xiomara "Crush" Roja was already sitting- decked out in her regular clothing and forgoing the image inducer that she's forced to wear at school. She's waiting her turn to fight- it would be announced when she was up. She's just standing, listening to crowd- a mix of cheers and jeers and conversations edged with bloodlust.

Lucas Trent has posed:
Lucas Trent fits in easily enough - rough around the edges, a bit older. His face weathered with years and old fights, although he's holding up pretty well in spite of his age. He's not wearing his costume tonight, just a leather jacket over a black tee, matching jeans and boots. He has a Harley-Davidson cap jammed on top of his head, salt and pepper hair showing at the nape of his neck.

Steel eyes are intense as he watches and measures. Xiomara he cocks his head at - superhuman capabilities, obviously, but he wasn't sure of her level of skill. But raw power could overmatch a lot of shortcomings in training.

And, of course, he's imagining a thousand ways to pick her apart. The same as he does everyone. In Midnighter's world, everyone is a potential enemy. Every face a potential victim.

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
     Leaning against Crush's shoulder is another girl who looks just as punk, although not quite as intimidating given the fact that she's holding a cardboard box with a pair of loaded italian sausages inside. Turns out that fight nights serve refreshments. Her head bobs along to the beat, shoulder length blue hair swaying against the collar of her battered leather jacket which sits over a NIN T-shirt. Skinny jeans and combat boots complete the look. "So Babe, who're you fighting again?" She takes a bite of one sandwich.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna could have been ringside, if she wanted. Enough influence, enough money, it was entirely possible she could be. But that wasn't where she wanted to be. Here, she was interested less in the money behind things and more in the fights themselves. The strength of the fighters, the challenges they have to overcome... there's a lot to a fight like this.

So instead of being towards the front, she lingers towards the back, standing with arms crossed to observe the ring. She does look like she's bankrolling something, wearing a pantsuit that certainly screams 'I'm here for business'. Even if she's not.

Ben Reilly has posed:
Ben Reilly sits in the area for the fighters as well. He's not dressed in his customary suit, but instead in a rag tag assembly. A previous mask made for the first suit he crafted that doesn't fit with his current one, the mask stained black now. Some of the first suit has been salvaged, the leggings from it and the boots, also stained black. Up top is a sleeveless black hoodie and fingerless gloves on his hands. He looks up as he's called up to fight. Definitely not Ben's first choice of ways to earn money, but poor Spider needs to eat okay? So he hops up and moves around, stepping up and into the cage.

His opponent? A speedster who zips into the cage in a blur and skids to a stop. A good opponent for him. Someone who can actually hit him but stil has to be careful not to get hit in return. Ben bounces from foot to foot a little bit as he waits for the announcer or whatever it is that gets the match started, his head turning, scanning around himself and looking over the crowd a little bit, eyes lingering on some of the other fighters before going back to his opponent, studying him, watching the way he moves as they wait for the fight to begin.

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    "Some dude who uses the fight name of Ironsides." Crush replies to Megan, an arm lazily wrapped around her hips as they stand, waiting for the fights to start and get going. "He's in the Ultra-Weight category." she says, "I dunno how they're setting up the queue, though. "Looks like they're starting."

    An overweight announcer waddles into the ring where a microphone is pulled from his pocket. He turns it on, grinning as the mic scrapes across his wiry mustache.

     "Good evening ladies and gentlemen!" he begins- a cheer rising as the crowd is engaged with. "Today we've got a couple of fantastic fights lined up. First, we got a new challenger here in the league- we've got high hopes for him as he faces against our current welterweight champion.... Fastball!" he calls out- the crowd screaming and shouting as they raise their fists. Bets are closing soon and people are making their last bets for who they think will win.

    "But who's he facing you ask? Why, none other than... The Arachnid Kid!" Again a cheer goes up as people cheer for this undoubtedly plucky newcomer to the arena.

    "He's not a very good MC." Xiomara says over to Megan. "Just goes up there and says the names- watch him waddle out of there as quick as he can. Goddamn hamplanet, is what he is. Needs to hit the gym." she mutters, rolling her red eyes.

    "Just remember," The announcer continues, "This is a no-holds barred fight! As long as you're just using your fists... you're golden! Now boys- let me get out of this ring, and wait for the sign to start the fight!"

    As expected, the fat announcer waddles on out of the cages as the doors are chained shut behind the two fighters... the fight would start at any moment.

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
     Nom. How is it that the school cafeteria food is mediocre and some guy named Fred with a food cart makes stuff that's irresistable? Megan takes another bite, before sipping her soda. "Want a bite?" She offers Xio one of the dogs, examining the announcer critically. "I mean, it could also be a thing to make people underestimate him? Sumo wrestlers are fat but they could bench press us both."

Lucas Trent has posed:
Lucas Trent overhears M'gann's comment. "Sumo's are highly trained athletes with massive amounts of muscle underneath their girth. The weight just makes them harder to move. Tactical advantage," he says. His voice is flat and unemotional as he's just a little behind the pair, watching intently.

"And yes, the announcer sucks."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna glances through the various members of the audience, taking in what she sees and hears, though she's made no moves to butt in, instead choosing to size up the fighters in the ring... as well as the ones outside of it. She has no qualms listening in, though, curious as to the crowd's reaction to the various fighters and not just the announcer.

It was already pretty clear that the announcer sucks.

Ben Reilly has posed:
Everyone hate's airhorns. Like everyone. There is not a single person on earth that can claim to -like- airhorns. So why does everyone use them for things? Like starting a cage match? Because that's what signals the start of the match, an airhorn. Ben was a bit distracted watching the announcer waddle his way out of the ring. And spider sense or not? His opponent is FAST. Ben just doesn't react in time, and takes one two three hits, the first across the jaw and two more solid slugs right to the chest that send him tumbling across the floor with a cry of surprise and slight alarm.

He turns the tumble into a controlled one and comes up with a leg already moving towards the oncoming speedster, catching the guy in the side and flinging him through the air to bounce off of the cage. But he's up before Ben is even fully standing and coming in. The speedster is fast, but so is Ben, his reflexes making him a near match at least when it comes to blocking, not so much overall movement. He sweeps away a number of fast flying punches, leaving blurs of color behind in the air. But then one slips through, then another, and then Ben's guard is broken and he finds himself pinned to the cage taking rapid fire punches.

There's a moment where it almost seems like the fight could be over before it's really gotten going, but the black clothed figure brings his feet up in a sideways drop kick to the speedster's mid section that once again sends him flying across the cage to bounce off of the wall with a hard rattle of metal. Needing a bit of room to breathe Ben leaps into the air, hands catching the top of the cage and he pulls himself up to it, sticking to the roof of the cage thinking it will grant him a second to gather his wits.

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    "You can tell by how he waddles." Crush says over to Megan and Lucas. "Flop-sweat, too." she mentions as the fight begins- "My money is on the kid." she notes, "Look how he's movin'. It's all very precise. Fastball ain't as precise." Watching the fight with a certain seasoned knowledge- she's been in a lot of fights. "And he ain't strong enough to make up for the lack of it." she says, before looking over to the offered sausage. She takes one and takes a bite. Just chewing and watching with interest.

    "Anyways, don't think a sumo'd have an easy time bench-pressin' me. I'm pretty heavy." She certainly doesn't look it, despite her height. A couple of teen girls don't fit in quite so well as Lucas does, of course, but the punk attire does seem to help a bit to blur the edges.

    "See how the Kid is blockin'. He ain't a runner, maybe, but he's not takin' as many hits as he shoulda if he weren't fast."

Lucas Trent has posed:
Lucas Trent shakes his head, "Fighting speedsters is a bitch. I fought one in Santiago once. Weird little freak, had a thing for knives. Moved like lightning. They're hard to get a read on," he says. "Gotta play with their mind, find a way to get a lead on 'em. If you can make 'em go where you wanna go, don't matter how fast they get there," he says.

"Breakin' their fucking legs also helps."

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
     Megan's eyes widen a little as the fight starts, impressive speed against strength and reflexes. This is... nothing like she'd ever seen before. Also maybe some good practice trying to pick up on someone's intentions in a fight to see if she can anticipate their movments. She continues to soak up Crush's commentary like a sponge, eager to learn every last bit she can. This'll probably come inuseful sometime... She tilts her head a bit to one side to listen to Lucas' story as well, wincing at the mention of knives. But... sound tactical advice. "I hope I don't ever have to fight anyone. Not really my thing. I'm just here for her." The blue haired teen nods toward Crush, again leaning in and grinning widely.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
It's an entirely different game, watching a meta fight versus a non-meta one. As Alanna watches, she's really reminded of it. Sure, there's some similarities, but the head game was an entirely different one. It's interesting enough to draw Alanna's attention for a while, though she is distracted for a moment at the mention of leg-breaking. There's the tiniest hint of a frown, but still no interruption.

Ben Reilly has posed:
Ben doesn't waste any movement it's true. But he is not a trained fighter, not like some of the others here. And he's not been at the hero game all that long. Even less as himself and not just the memories he inherited from Spider-man. But none of that quite prepared him for a speedster running up a wall to deliver a flying punch. Ben drops from the cieling to the floor, landing in classic spider person pose, deep crouch with one hand on the surface he's sticking to, then springs upwards, twisting in the air to deliver a punch from underneath the speedster while he's still in the air. There's a loud crack as something gives and they both drop back to the mat. Fastball is holding his jaw and Ben is... guarding himself, waiting to see what the other guy does.

That moment of peace is over quickly as the speedster streaks across the small space and is all over the Arachnid Kid, fists and kicks flying everywhere, faster than the human eye can track, just blurs of color as he throws blow after blow at Ben. He gives ground step by step letting the speedster press him backwards, though there are grunts of pain when blows land, and land hard, the meaty sound of the strikes heard faster than most guns can fire. Smack smack smack as he's driven backwards.

Sure taking the blows hurts, but any experienced fighter that isn't being arrogant about their advantage in speed would see they're being led along, kited so to speak, being led into position for something more. Ben takes his punishment for it though, backing away as blow after blow lands, though most of them are turned aside, hands darting nearly as quick as the speedster can throw the punches, to turnt hem aside.

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    "Ain't fought so many. Not a lot of speedster in my weight class." Crush states. "Mostly big tanky bastards." she mentions, looking over towards Lucas as he speaks, "But I'd just take the ground out from under'em. Can't run if you ain't got legs to run on, though. Good point." she notes, "Hope he heals quick."

    Xiomara smiles ever so slightly as Megan watches the fight. "I think the Kid is abouta make his move. Watch this, babe." she says over to her fellow punk girl, nodding up at the ring. "Should be interestin'."

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
     "Still not as interesting as your fight'll be." Megan's grin gets a little goofy for a moment, as she's still not quite able to believe that yes, this is happening. But then the Kid's starting to float like a butterfly a la Mohammed Ali. This is gonna be interesting...

Lucas Trent has posed:
Lucas Trent can't help but give a little smile, as close to something warm as you're like to see from Midnighter, at the two girls together. "When I grew up, two boys or two girls sittin' like that'd cause an awful lotta ruckus. World's going to hell in lotsa ways, but that ain't one. Good for you. Hell. Good for us," he says.

"Most speedsters regenerate, comes with the territory. Boosted metabolisms. SOme of 'em think fast, some of 'em don't. Think this one may have been figured out, though. He's rope-a-dopin'."

Ben Reilly has posed:
There are two hard hits that Ben takes that can be heard above the rest, one is the definite crack of bone after a fist slams into a rib for probably the 10th time, even his enhanced form giving in to the damage, though the crack will heal pretty quickly, the send is a shot right across that jaw that jerks his head around. But the opening was left there on purpose, and Fastball took the bait. That becomes obvious very quickly, when the fall that Ben starts turns into him dropping, planting a hand on the mat and then twisting around, scissoring both of his legs in on the speedster's legs. To Fastball's credit he realizes what is happening, just not quite quickly enough. He gets one leg out of the way, but the other gets caught, and the snap of bone is quickly followed by the fighter's scream as he collapses backwards, his leg visibly broken just below the knee.

Ben lets his weight carry him to the mat though, and he lays there resting for a second before lifting his head to look over at the maimed speedster. "I hope you heal quick like most speedsters." He calls out, his voice young and sounding worried about the health of his opponent. He rolls up and to his feet with a fluid motion and stands over Fastball. "Give?" Fastball snarls and tries to swing out with a kick. Ben leaps over the kick and flicks a foot out, catching the speedster on the chin with a tap that puts his lights out. Match done. Ben's hands immediatley go two places, one to the jaw he took that hard punch on, and the other to the cracked rib. "Ow. Ow."

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    "Like Wu-Tang said: Bring the ruckus." Crush offers back to Lucas with a little grin. "YEAH! GO KID!" Crush shouts from ring-side, putting her sausage down on an empty chair as she stretches out. "Only two fights today, time for me to get ready, Meg." She leans over to kiss Megan's cheek before turning back towards where the fighters get ready. She walks on over to get ready to enter the ring.

    The tubby announcer again waddles out, pulling out his microphone and turning it on. Again, it scrapes against his mustache as he starts to speak- adding a scratchiness to the audio. "AND WE HAVE A WINNER! THE ARCHNID KID! Get.. what's his name? Speedball? Fastball- whatever, loser- get the loser out of here!" A couple of men come out to grab Fastball and take him off to a corner where some make-shift medical care would be given to him. Enough to make sure he didn't die over here- just enough to get him to the hospital if he needed it.

    A real monster of a man steps into the ring, next. He looks like a mountain of pure iron- his skin a dull grey that catches the light. He must be at least seven and a half feet tall, body bulging what could be called muscle- although it's difficult to tell when someeone's skin is apparently made of metal.

    Crush steps forward next- compared to this man she seems absolutely tiny. Tiny, but entirely fearless- not even the slightest hint of it. Of course, it helps she looks like a Czarnian- sure, there may be only one other out there but he's very well known.

    "Allright! Now onto our Titan-Class fight for the night! These two are two of the strongest fighters we could find- you all know Ironsides! He's ten and zero here in our ring! He hasn't fought a *single* opponent he hasn't been able to clobber. Could tonight be different? Will this girl, Crush, crush her opposition?!" The announcer seems quite proud with that bit of "word-play". Grinning like an idiot. No one laughs.

    "Uh. Right! Well, lemme get out the ring and you two can go on with your thing." The announcer then does a bit of jog to get out of the ring as again the doors are chained closed.

    Ironsides looks over at Crush, "Aren't you a little young.. and small.. to be in the Titan class?" he asks as he begins to walk forward. The heavy thuds of his steps can be felt as well as heard. "Well, I guess it doesn't matter. A fight is a fight."

    Crush just frowns at him. "Yeah, suck my tits you walkin' rust bucket!" the punk girl shouts, as she lifts her fists and rushes towards her enemy- ready to punch and be punched. They didn't even wait for the airhorn- it blasts quickly enough, though.

    The moment the titan-class fighters meet fists it's clear that both belong right where they've been placed. A fist meets a fist and it's like a clap of thunder in the middle of the ring.

    The crowd goes insane, shouting loudly as the two powerful beings fight for their entertainment.

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
     Megan gives one of those ever so elusive fingers-in-the-mouth whistles in support of Kid, before blushing at the kiss and giving Crush a final hug. "Break a leg, okay? Just not yours!" Cue giggling. Hey, it was a /pretty/ good joke. She takes another bite of sausage as the arena is cleared, eyes widening at Crush's opponent. He's.... yeah, he's pretty big. But Crush isn't scared, so she shouldn't be either! "Go Crush! Kick his butt!" The almightly clang of fists meeting staggers her back a little, ears ringing. Food is momentarily forgotten, she's just here to cheer on her girlfriend.

Lucas Trent has posed:
Lucas Trent watches closely, assessing the capabilities of both Crush and her opponent with curiosity. He's drawn a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, putting one in his mouth and lighting it. His system filtrates the worst of the pollutants, but he's convinced his system to let the nicotine through at least. He likes at least a little rush. Honestly, watching all the fighting kinda makes him want to join. Maybe next time. But he also doesn't like to give away his capabilities

"Yeah. Kick his butt," he joins in, albeit with significantly less emotion in his fvoice.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
It's nice to see a little cheerleading squad for one of the combatants. It draws a small smile from Alanna as she watches, arms still folded over her chest. Probably to look tough or something. She remains watching, unmoving, until she feels her phone buzz in her pocket. It's slipped out, messages checked with a swipe. That was what she was waiting for.

Business, just not the obvious kind. She taps out a reply, her gaze going around the room for someone near the exits.

Ben Reilly has posed:
Ben Reilly may or may not protest the announcer calling Fastball a loser loudly enough for the mic to pick up. Sure he's competing in blood sport to help pay for suit repairs and equipment, but he's not a savage. But he does exit the cage, and actually follows the guys hauling the fallen speedster over to the corner where he gets his medical care, worried about his downed opponent. Onceh e's sure that the speedster isn't going to be left with leg to fuse back and need to be rebroken, mostly after the sickening crunch of bone as his leg is realigned, does Ben turn and walk away, walking back over to where the fighters sit.

He flops down in the seat he had before and leans back, the hand on his ribs falling away, and the one nursing his jaw settling on his thigh instead. He heals quick and the bones weren't broken broken. He sits up curious though as Crush steps into the ring, leaning forwards to watch intently, his own pain forgotten in favor of studying other fighters. "Underestimating his opponent. He's probably lost already." Ben's masked head shakes slowly, a hand reaching up as if to pull it free, then stops and leaves it in place with a sigh.

His head turns to look around him at some of the others nearby, spotting Trent and Alanna. He lifts a hand and waves happily at both of them. From blood match back to happy teenager.

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    That first punch already has moved on- Ironsides rushing forward to grab Crush in a bear hug. He's trying to use his size to his advantage- managing to catch the smaller teen in his arms as he lifts and squeezes.

    There should be the popping of bones. The crushing of his opponent- but it does come. While Crush's arms are fairly effectively pinned her head isn't- the first crash of her skull into Ironside's face is just as loud as that punch- the sound of Iron being hammered as a second headbutt follows quickly.

    Ironsides stumbles back, holding his hands to his face, before pulling them away. There's blood on his face and on his hands- he seems shocked.

    "You..you little bitch! You... you made me bleed!" he growls, before he begins to stop towards the younger fighter with fists lifted- ready to smash his opponent. He's a bit shaken by the resilience of this particular teen powerhouse.

    "Bring it already! Is that all you got?!" The Czarnian teen growls, her excitement obvious as she flashes those pointed fangs- red eyes glaring as the larger opponent comes at her swinging.

    Those hits land, one striking Xiomara across the jaw. Another into her chest. A third into the side of her head proper. She's sent skidding back from the angry rush of heavy hits- but she doesn't really seem all that hurt by the hits. Indeed, she's just grinning at the man. "I could barely feel it." she says as her turn comes forward.

    When Xiomara strikes Ironsides in the stomach there's the sound of a crunch- anyone who's heard steel crack would know the sound instantly. Ironsides is sent reeling by that single punch. Sent across the arena and into the chain fence that shakes violently as it catches him.
    "What the fuck are you?!" Ironsides growls as he stands, hand over his stomach- metal chunks falling off him as his skin is cracked. There is, it appears, flesh and bone under his very thick bio-iron flesh.

Lucas Trent has posed:
Lucas Trent nods to Ben, "Good fight, kid. Might've let him pummel you a bit too long. Your ribs are gonna feel that in the mornin', unless you've got a healing factor," he says.

He takes a drag on his cigarette, watching the fight. He enjoys seeing tanks throw down. He's stronger than many, but the real bruisers were like their own class, superheavyweights even if some of 'em were small as...well, as Crush. Nothin' like the look of surprise on a big bastard's face when he realizes he's about to be outgunned by a little 'un.

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
     Megan's sausages are relocated to her seat, freeing up both hands for cheering. She gasps at the repeated headbutts, whooping agian with joy when Crush breaks free from the hold. "Don't insult my girlfriend! You volunteered for this!" She points at the metallic fighter, and shoots him a glare, before cheering even louder. Crush is winning and this is /awesome/! ...Ben gets a nod of acknowledgement, but almost all of the teen's attention is on the ring.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Though her phone is in hand, a work message, Alanna glances in Ben's direction, giving him a nod. "I'm impressed. It was well-played," she offers, a glance at her phone before around the room again. "Keep that up, I'm sure you'll impress someone worth impressing." It almost sounds like a playful jab at herself. Still, she glances around, finally spotting the figure she's looking for.

"Well, duty calls."

Ben Reilly has posed:
Ben Reilly winces at the head butt that lands on Ironsides, his masked head shaking. "Still under estimating. Definitely going to lose. Even if he could beat her he's not going to because he's not taking her seriously enough." He leans back in his seat as the fight continues with Ironsides hammering blows at her. "Yeah, it'll hurt, but not for long. I heal quick. Unless it actually broke, that might get very not fun. I've had to reset a bone. It's... unpleasant. Rebreaking sucks. Also thanks! I wasn't trying to let him beat on me. I was trying to get him to focus on his hands and not his feet. Realized I was going to have to make him over extend. All I needed was that big punch to cover the kick. But yeah, he got some good hits in. My jaw hurts almost as much as my ribs. I think he's going to be hurting more though. I hope he'll be okay. I didn't mean to break his leg that... badly."

"Well. Dang. That was a good punch. If she can bust his skin like that then this match is already over. He's on the back foot and she can break his advantage." There's a soft hiss of sympathetic pain and his head shakes again. "Mostly just worried about paying the bills, not so much impressing people. But you take care of yourself miss!" He calls out to Alanna as it becomes apparent she's heading off.

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    It's clear that Ironsides did exactly as Ben suggested- he's very much-so underestimated Crush. She's lifting her fists- playing to the crowd, turning her back to her opponent- just grinning and enjoying the attention.

    Ironsides seems to think this is his opening- he begins to run towards Crush, both fists raised up as he's ready to smash her over the skull and crush her. Unfortunately for him, he's heavy and he's injured, his sprint over is slow enough that Crush has more than enough time to turn around and raise a hand as both those fists come down. One arm up to hold his attack off. "You ain't so strong." she says, grinning wickedly- looking very much like her far more famous (and far less kind) Father.

    Crush's other hand comes out and she grabs Ironsides and lifts him over her head as if he weighed next to nothing- She then bodily slams him into the ground, with a great deal of strength. The concrete almost instantly shatters under his heavy body. The rebar in the reinforced floor bending and snapping along with the metal of his skin- sending a huge rush of dust into the air, hiding the ring for a second and scattering a mix of metal and concrete dust on the people.

    The dust begins to settle fairly quickly- and all that's left in that ring is a big, broken man who's clearly not getting up and Crush with one foot on his head like a big game hunter.

Lucas Trent has posed:
Lucas Trent cocks his head, "Not much technique. Fun to watch but the only thing really learned is that Ironsides isn't particularly bright. Or talented," he says. "Not a real test for the girl."

He flexes a hand momentarily, the urge to try her himself almost getting a grip, but pushing it aside. Not here, not now. No reason.

He glances over at Ben, "Most bills are bullshit anyway. Just another way for the leeches at the top to suck you dry."

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
     Meg's cheers only get louder when Ironsides is bodyslammed. "Stronger than /you/!" Food is back in her mind now as the dust goes flying, but... it is too late. The italian sausage with peppers and onions is now full of concrete dust and grit. The punk teen takes a moment to mourn, before looking back to the ring and letting out another earpiercing whistle!

Alanna Lyons has posed:
One glance is offered towards the fighters in the ring as Alanna moves away to take care of her business. There's an amused smile, not at the fight itself but for the enthusiasum of the crowd. It's nice to see. But she doesn't let it distract her, business to attend to. So, phone securely tucked back into the pocket of her blazer, she heads out, looking for her target.

Ben Reilly has posed:
"Don't do it dude! She's gonna break you!" He shouts it out as loud as he can, then cringes in anticipation of what is going to happen to him. Tank goes up. Tank goes down. And Ben winces and tuns his head away just a little bit at the crack of concrete and metal plates. "That's... going to hurt. For a long while. Is he even still alive?" He asks, craning his neck to try and peer over the dust. He can't quite see so he does something at least a little silly looking. He hops, a quick kick off of the floor sends him a good twenty feet into the air, knees flaring out to balance himself before he drops back to the floor and leans back into his seat all in one smooth motion, and only a small grunt of pain after.

"Pretty sure dude is dead. He's not moving." He announces a few moments before the dust settles enough for the rest of the crowd to see.

"Yeah, he was dumb. But most people who fight are dumb and don't think." Shoulders lift in a quick shrug before settling back down. "Well I'm okay with being leeched off of if it means a roof over my head. Being homeless is not fun." His face is blanked by the mask he wears, but it's easy to hear the amusement in his voice. "That was a quick fight. I thought it would take at least a little longer."

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    Ironsides is breathing- but he's absolutely not moving. He's injured. He clearly didn't expect the strength of a Czarnian in the ring tonight. The proof is there as Crush begins to the door- and effortlessly breaks the chains that were keeping her there. The tubby announcer soon waddles out, checking Ironsides quietly. "He's still alive folks! Don't worry, he'll be back in the ring soon, I'm sure! But tonight! We got.. hey, where you goin?" he breathes into his microphone, "Well. There went Crush! The first one ever to beat Ironsides, our local champion! We'll be watching her closely, and inviting her back soon, don't you worry!" It'll be hard to find someone in Crush's true weight class.. those sorts of people don't usually stoop to fighting in places like this.

    Crush collects her money- a rather large stack of hundreds, before returning to Megan's side- grinning. If Crush is injured at all it seems to have already healed. "Now we can go get prom dresses." she says to her girlfriend, "My treat." she says holding up the money before folding it and sliding it into her back pocket. "And mebbe set up a party for after. We can get a lot of beer and weed with this."

    And then, her arms wrap around Megan and she squeezes the other girl tight- giving her a spin! "Haha! I love fightin'!" she says, "We needta go celebrate!"

Lucas Trent has posed:
Lucas Trent grins and nods, "Congratulations," he says to Crush. "Maybe someday you'll fight somebody worth the time. You were out of that punk's leave," he says. He gets up and seems intending to leave, dropping his cigarette to the ground and grinding it under his heel.

He listens to them talk and shakes his head, "Prom dresses. Jesus Christ."

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
     Meg at first doesn't notice Crush's approach due to mourning her lost sausage, having looked away when her girlfriend had vacated the stage. She looks back up and grins, yelping as she's swept up and spun around. "You were amazing!" Bending over as much as she can given how her arms are pinned to her sides, she kisses Crush's forehead. "What do you have in mind?"

Ben Reilly has posed:
Ben Reilly ohs and hops up to go collect his winnings. "I didn't know if we did that after or not. Prom dresses? Where do you two go to school? I miss school. Is that weird to say?" Ben's shoulders lift in a quick shrug before he steps over to the guy what pays him. The money is folded over and tucked out of sight as well before he recovers his bag from under the chair he was sitting on. Two silver bracelets with attached pods are pulls out and strapped around his wrists. "Good fight Crush." He calls over with a happy wave in the Czarnian's direction before he's moving towards the doors as well. "You should get in there and fight pal." This to Trent as Ben passes back by the guy on his way towards the exit. "You clearly want to."

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    "A school." Xiomara answers to Ben simply, and she's clearly finished with that statement. "That's holding a prom." That really doesn't narrow it down.

    Crush releases Megan, "I was thinkin', I dunno- maybe a restaurant? Go to the movies or something?" she asks next, "I mean, whatever you wanna do is cool with me."

    She gives a wave towards Trent. "Thanks, have a good one!" she's elated, clearly- just grinning wide. A fight seems to have washed all the stress away from the girl. It's probably something to do with her particular brand of Czarnian DNA. "Okay, lets get outta here, Meg." she says as her arm slides around the other girl's middle and she begins towards the door- for now, the crowd is collecting bets and doing their thing.