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Cyke yo mind: It's team building
Date of Scene: 16 February 2021
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: Paige and Roberto are run through a training simulation by Scott and given homework after successfully defeating a Sentinel.
Cast of Characters: Scott Summers, Paige Guthrie, Roberto da Costa

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott, sitting at the control panel of the danger room, set out a message via the Schools comms to Roberto and Paige to meet him in the danger room just after lunch. He didn't go into a great deal of detail, only that it was a training simulation for the pair of them.

Dressed in workout attire, he's wearing one of his mission visors rather than a pair of glasses, a muscle shirt, and a pair of seat pants. His hair is swept back out of his face, bangs curling across the gunmetal visor as he waits. Programming up the scenario with deft motions of his fingers over bio-sensory keys.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
The doors swish open to reveal Paige Guthrie as she makes her way in. She's wearing her red and gold uniform with her yellow tactical belt around her waist, as well as yellow tactical boots. She is currently tying her hair up behind her into a bit of a pony tail as she gives a glance about the empty metal domed room.

Tilting her head upwards to the control panel, she lifts a hand upwards. "Hi there Mister Summers!" Being on the X-Men training team, she takes every one of these interactions seriously as she settles into 'attention', glancing over towards the door as she waits for Roberto.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto is just a few moments behind Paige, the Brazilian wearing his own uniform. Its black and yellow, hugging his athletic frame as he gives Scott a two finger, scout salute and Paige a wink. "Sunspot, reporting for training." Coming to stand with Paige its obvious he is doing all in his power to not reach out and greet her.

Raking his fingers through his dark hair he looks about then back towards Scott. "What's on the agenda today?" Pausing he adds, "And thank you for making this at a normal time. Five AM doesn't make any sense for anyone."

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott watches the pair enter and take their place and stands up from his seat to gaze down at them from the control booth, "A simple team building exercise that Professor Xavier use to employ with the first class." He explains, glancing to the side and reaching over to adjust a dial and begin the simulation program.

The visual field shifts as hardlight projectors reflect off the specially designed mirrored walls to create an exacting image of a battle ravaged Urban landscape that could be any city in america. "It's called Operation Broken Heart." He explains, "The goal of exercise is for you to come to understand your comrades powers as intimately as your own and the only way to do that is to face one another in combat."

Motioning with a flick of his wrist, the glass shield shifts to resemble the wall, then whatever is being projected upon it. "Fight."

Paige Guthrie has posed:
Giving a side glance to Roberto when he mentions 'five a.m.', Paige knows he is taking a shot at her and her own workout routines. Her brows furrow for a moment, followed by a twitch of her lips. Instead of something 'witty', she listens to Scott speak on what the object of the mission is.

"Roberto DaCosta absorbs solar energy and converts it inta' super strength and limited invulnerability. His weak points is his overconfidence in which he underestimates his opponents and thus he does not scale up or down towards the enemy. So, pretty much it's his mental game."

She gives a glance over towards the Brazillian, then reaches up to give a hard tear of her face, ripping the skin away to reveal a pair of glowing bright yellow eyes, while the rest of her has become a shiny black substance. Her voice comes out in a gravely manner.

"Ah' can also do more pushups than him." Throwing her hands upwards to protect her throat and jaw, she shifts her stance and slightly buckles the knees as she bobs about in a defensive stance.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Nodding along while listening to Scott, Roberto looks from him over to Paige just as she starts to speak of his powers. There is a slight pursing of his lips as he looks from her to their surroundings and then back. "Harsh. Well. Fair I guess." As she rips her face off and gets into her combat stance he replies by lifting his hands and making a heart shape, smiling then frowning wide and making an exaggerated sad face, breaking the heart shape as his hands split apart.

"I normally would say some horrible things to tease my opponent here but I can't do that to you Paige." With a wink he powers up, his skin shifting to a deep black that's blacker than black as it absorbs light and heat. The air about him shimmers and shifts as heat radiates out from him before he launches up into the air, flying a short distance off and landing before firing a few of his dark solar concussive plasma blasts in her direction.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott reaches out to increase the protection field around each of them. The system reading for solid matter and creating a defensive coccoon that they're not aware is in place, but it will prevent them from taking any life threatening injuries related to their powers. Something stolen from the sentinels, power dampening.

His expression remains impassive, almost hard, as he leans back in his seat to watch the couple fight. Hands up, with elbows resting on the arms of his chair. His fingers are laid together, but spread, creating a holo nexus between index fingers and middle where he sets his chin. Eyes moving back and forth watching them through the monitors.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
As Sunspot flies backwards, Husk is in motion as she rips a cardoor off the hinges as she runs past it. When the blasts come at her, she holds the door out like a shield, absorbing the blast as she digs her one foot behind her while she lunges with the other.


The concussion blast slides her back a few inches as the door smokes from impact. Slowly, her head peeks out from over it, yellow eyes staring at the glowing man before she lunges forward and whips the door around, throwing it hard like a frisbee towards him.

From there, she is running towards him, most likely using the door as a distraction in an attempt to take the offense to him.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
A teasing waggle of brows is what Husk see's as she peaks out from over the rim of her makeshift shield. "Hey! What do you call -" Cut off as the car door comes flying at him, Sunspot lifts up and back, catching the door in midflight, spinning with it in air a few times before he launches it back towards her as she starts to rush forward.

There is a laugh as he zips up and over her head to the other side of the room to land and lob a few more of those blasts at her as he tries to tell his joke once more.

"What do you call a rock that never goes to school?" He moves as soon as that question is posed, flying up then shooting full speed at her with his fists aimed at her center mass.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott is watching everything. Paying attention to the intricacies between them, the banter as they fight, with the tips of his index fingers tapping gently together just at the bridge of his nose. The lines between his brows creases, eyes pulling tight as they playfully dance around the exercise. "Hm."

He waits for a few more moments, to see how Paige handles the changing battlefield when Roberto flies towards her from his aerial position, and keys up a new program. Reaching out to blindly tap in the commands with his left hand.


Both of them are, perhaps, too young to remember the Sentinels.. but they've certainly heard stories. The massive armored synthezoid hunter crashes through the side of a building where it had previously sat dorment. Turning it's oval, domed head towards them with one palm extending out where a spherical indentation illuminates for a second and fires a concussive red beam of light in Paige's direction. It's not unlike the optic blast produced by Cyclops or Havok.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
Catching the door on rebound as it flies back to her, there is a loud 'clank' in Paige's hand, throwing it up once more to block the next blast that comes her way. While Roberto may throw out snappy one-liners, she herself is quiet and focused.

This is why she came here.

This is what she trained for.

And she's not going to let her boyfriend kick her ass in front of Scott #!@&* Summers.

When he starts flying towards her, she drops the door and yanks the skin off one arm, revealing a crackle of electricity from behind the peeling surface as the glow radiates in her eyes. A new trick she has been working on.

It looks like she is about to turn Roberto into a human bug zapper, but the loud mechanical sound of the Sentinel, followed by the sight of it crashing through a building gives her pause. Her eyes widen and her knees stiffen. "Oh, shit... Berto! Offensive pattern Omega Nine now!" She takes the beam straight into the chest, feeling the hot crackle of energy slam her off her feet and throw her into the side of another building. With a crumble of brick and thick dust billowing upwards, she rises, one arm glowing like hot plasma while the rest of her is a mess of granite, titanium and onyx as pieces of her skin is torn away in places along her body.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Sunspot flies through the air like a flaming comet, straight for Husk just before she's blasted away. Growling he shifts in flight, angling back up and then turn and pausing to fire off a few of those solar blasts at the Sentinel to try to get its attention.

He doesn't stay still, shooting and moving, trying to draw its fire and attention as he starts to try to angle its attention away from Husk with those blast before moving again just before he snaps forward, giving it his all as he rockets toward the giant robot in hopes of nailing it with a powerful flying punch.

Scott Summers has posed:
The sentinel shifts its left leg forward, throwing debries and broken sections of wall across the street as it steps towards where Paige had flown when struck by its beam. The palm is still extended towards her, black eyes with red pinpoint pupils tracking her even before the dust has had a chance to settle, it only looks away when struck by the bolts thrown at it from Sunspot.

Rocking it backwards a step, the hand comes down to brace itself against the crumbling side of the building, only barely keeping itself upright as he comes in for a rocket punch..


The booming vocal source is the only preamble to the swatting hand coming up to stall the punch, trying to slap, grab, and hurl Sunspot out of the air. They're not fast, but they're surprisingly faster than their bulk would suggest.

Temporarily losing sight of Husk in the process.

Scott watches with a thin line of his lips. The shift in tactics and the drop of Roberto's banter as a threat presents itself. He nods slowly, making mental notes.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
Rising upwards, Husk shakes her head off as the dust and debris falls away from her. "Roberto! Don't let it touch you! Ah' read th' reports on it! It'll mimic yah' powers!"

Taking aim with her blazing left arm, she lets out a loud scream from the pit of her gut as she fires off a hot white blast to try and strike the Sentinel in the back of the knee, while her free hand tears at her skin to reveal shining titanium beneath. Her other arm now has a blade sticking out of the top of it, pointed at the end.

She pushes herself away from the building, not wanting it to collapse on her and to keep herself moving about the destroyed cars that line the street. "Keep flyin' Bobby! Circle it! We ain't gonna beat it hand ta' hand. We gotta keep movin'! The CPU is probably in th' brain or it's chest cavity! We gotta open 'em up!"

Roberto da Costa has posed:
The yelled warning from Husk comes just in time as Sunspot roars in response to the large robot. There is no way he can turn in time to avoid coming in contact with the huge sentinel. Instead of trying to maneuver in flight away he uses the force of a powerful blast as he kills his flight to help propel himself back and out of the way of that swing of the robot hand.

Its close, barely missing him and the force of the swat through the air throws the now falling mutant off his backward trajectory to smash him hard into a nearby car. Luckily for him its missing its door thanks to Hush using it as a shield and he tumbles right inside to smash hard against the inner door at the other side, lifting and rolling the car with the force of his fall.

Scott Summers has posed:
The combination of the swinging hand and Husk's blast into the back of its knee throws the Sentinel off balance, if only slightly. It comes down hard upon its knee, sparks flying from the joints where she'd hit it, and slams a palm down as well to brace itself from falling. It brings it right in line overtop of the vehicle into which Roberto was thrown, but also over Paige.

The other hand, swings up and down, attempting to squish Husk beneath it's palm. The metal around its wrist super cooling, forming ice-sickles, and sending out a ray of cold that freezes the water in the air molecules. Whether it can trap Husk or not, it leaves behind a jagged icy crater.

Its eyes errupt in spray of electricity, a raining thunder storm of lightning bolts hitting all around the car in which Roberto is temporarily resting.

Scott's brow furrows. He's run this simulation a hundred times, a thousand. The terror of the times they'd actually fought the Sentinels every bit as fresh on his mind now as it had been when he was a teenager. Obviously he would never vocalize that fear, those horrors, and it certainly isn't written on his expressionless face.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"BOBBY!" Paige cries out when she watches him hit the car, taking only a half-second to ensure he is still breathing, then dives to the side as the large hand comes down to strike the ground, creating an implant where she once was. As she scrambles to her feet, she feels her breath catch and start to puff out around her. Cold. Freezing.

"Bobby! You gotta flame on and help me!" She calls out to him as she reaches for her plasma arm, ripping once more as molten fire crackles and ignites. She throws her hand upwards, a gout of fire rushing out from her to try and counter the ice.

Stay calm. Stay calm. Stay calm. Don't panic.

The thoughts race through her head as she tries to focus on the lessons, the trainings, the modules.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
With electricity dancing over the metal of the car and ground around him, there is a loud growl of pain that can be heard over all the other noise of the fight. The whole car shudders and shakes as Sunspot lifts it when he stands and lobs it the form of the sentinel in hopes of knocking it back and further off balance.

He's been using a lot of power and with that in mind he looks from Paige to the large robot then focuses. Drawing on that well of power the heat surrounding him seems to flare and then he pushes his hands out while standing in a strong, balanced stance to focus that energy into a powerful beam right at the sentinel.

Scott Summers has posed:
The ice melts around Paige's heated blasts, steam rising as it becomes water, super heats, and evaporates under the rising temperature. The Sentinel swats its hand outward, ice sickles falling from the wrist when the heat weakens them enough to break off to rain down like sharp projectiles in a line across the sidewalk. They shatter on impact, but are as big around as lightposts.

That arm is extended far out when Roberto comes out of the car and hurls it up at the Sentinel. The vehicle smashes against the side of its face and knocks its head off to one side. Tattered bits of synthetic flesh over wiring and circuitry, optics exposed, it turns to stare at him impassively.. just as the powerful beam of solar energy connects with his jaw, head turning and hand raising to shield itself from the blast.

Trying to stand up, to slap another vehicle in Berto's direction, but it's being pushed backwards and to one side. Off its knee and down onto its side with a gout of dust and sediment rising up in the air when the earth shakes from its collapse.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
Pushing off her foot, Paige rushes towards the sentinel now that it's head is knocked to one side and most of it's attention is back on Roberto. Pulling her blade arm back behind her, she lets out a loud noise as she throws her arm forward in an attempt to gut through the robot, followed by another rush of heat she seeks to send into it.

At this point, it's like riding a bucking bronco as she pulls her arm back, then stabs higher as she seeks to climb the robot and make her way towards the head. "Keep hitting 'em, Bobby!"

Roberto da Costa has posed:
He's drawing deep on those reserves to keep up the powerful flow of solar energy that blazes out of his hands to wash over the downed robot. Sunspot roars as he tries to dig deep, to keep that pressure up as his body flares with power, super heated air shimmering in waves about him with the amount of power he's using.

A car is swatted towards him but its sheared in two as that powerful beam of fiery power cleaves easily through the metal. Trying to keep the sentinel down he starts to step forward, the fiery aura growing and adding to the force of the blast he continues to aim on the metallic monstrosity.

Scott Summers has posed:
With each strike, the Sentinel keeps struggling to stand back up. With each cleave of solar energy or titanium glowing sword, huge swaths are sliced off, and yet it keeps coming. Until a combination of their attacks finally fell it. An unintelligent gargle of recorded threats echos deep from within the monsterous mutant killing machine until it settles on the concrete with the light flickering out of its single red eye.

A monolith fallen.

The dust settles.

A crash from a building further down the street, snaking tenticles errupting from the stone sends sprays of brick and mortor through the air. More from the street itself, out of drainage slits in the cities intricate underground sewer labrynth.


Four Sentinels crash out of the ground, from buildings, descend from the sky on repulsors...

And the hard light simulation ends. The ground, litered with debrie reverts back into the steellike floor of the Danger Room, the city scape disappears. And the window into the control booth reappears with Scott Standing with his arms crossed staring down at the pair.

"That's enough for this afternoon. I want you both to review the data collected on each other and give me a full diagnostic evaluation of your preformance and how the other could improve." He's not harsh about it, but neither does he sound impressed. That's just not who he is. The only inclination at all that he was is a simple,

"Good work. I'll expect those on my desk by tomorrow."

Paige Guthrie has posed:
When the robot falls, Paige's breathing is heavy and quick as she feels her heart racing. She takes a moment to stare down at the beast she is on top of, pulling her blade arm out as the skin flakes once more to shred away to reveal her normal arm.

"Bobby! Are you okay?" She calls out to him, pushing herself up to wobbly feet. As their eyes meet, that's when she hears the next round of rumbling, the sound of incoming Sentinels. Fear rises in her heart, eyes widening once more as she freezes.

As she stares at what is to be their most likely quick and painful death, suddenly, the world disappears around them, melting back into the cold, sterilized dome. She sucks in a deep breath, snuffing loudly before she pushes her hands up against her face and sinks down to her knees with a thunk. All that adrenaline bleeds out of her all at once as she clutches her head with her hands.

Count to ten. Backwards. Deep Breath. Don't cry. Don't freak out.

As her hands tremble, she squeezes them together tightly and swallows down whatever sob was threatening to come out. "Yes, sir!" She calls out, trying to raise some confidence in her voice.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
When the sentinel falls and is defeated, Sunspot drops to his knees, still powered up but trying to normalize that power within him. Its a strange sensation to pull so deep at those reserves but he needs just a moment to breath, level set and with the fight over...

He hears Husk call out to him but its faraway sounding as he breaths, centering himself and his power. Looking up he appears as if he'd answer but then more of those robotic monsters appear. Climbing quickly to his feet he clenches his fists and and turns to fight them, calling out to Husk, "More incoming!"

As the simulation ends he looks around and then nods, smiling as he powers down and looks worn out. Turning he lets his gaze slide over Paige as if verifying she's ok before he smiles saying, "A skipping stone... That's what you call a rock that never goes to school..." Trailing off he moves over to her side to listen as Scott addresses them both. Nodding he smiles, "Yes sir."