5224/A History Lesson in Demons and Limbo!

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A History Lesson in Demons and Limbo!
Date of Scene: 16 February 2021
Location: Second Floor Landing
Synopsis: Megan gains a bit of insight into Illy and Limbo.
Cast of Characters: Megan Gwynn, Roberto da Costa, Paige Guthrie, James Proudstar

Megan Gwynn has posed:
The second floor landing really does give the students a lovely view of the lower levels. It's also a good place for a sneaky person to spy on others - Whiiich, is totally NOT what Megan is doing. Wait, was that Illy that just walked out the door? Grr, what's with her anyway? Totally rubs Megan the wrong way...Ugggh...

She sighs as she leans against the second floor railing, peering at people as they come and go. "Ugggh, what a daay..." she mutters aloud, shouldering a backpack that is heavy with homework. That she doesn't want to do. Cuz she's feeling anxious.

Uggh. Cant get that creepy Illyana out of her mind..Grr..!

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Entering the second floor landing and looking a little worse for wear is Roberto and Paige. They both wear their uniforms as they've come straight from training. He holds her hand lightly in his as they walk, a tired look given her way as the Brazilian says, "I don't think Scott appreciates my humor. That rock joke would have been on point if I hit you and sent you skipping over the floor."

The hand held in his is given a warm squeeze just before Berto spots Megan and gives her a wave of his free hand. "Hey, how's it going?" Leading the couple closer he releases Paige's hand as he looks down on the view below. "Nice view right?" Looking over towards Megan he lets his gaze slide over her features before he asks, "You good?"

Paige Guthrie has posed:
As they walk together, Paige has her mind everywhere but 'there'. She is glancing upwards and to the side, her brows pinched a bit. "Hm?" She glances over to Roberto. "Oh. Yeah. Good joke." She says as she gives a slow pause at the sight of Pixie. "Hey Megan."

When her hand is let go, she folds her arms across her chest. She's dressed in a red uniform with bright yellow tactical boots, her yellow tactical belt and what apperas to be tactical gloves that goes up to the elbows.

"You look like you could use a friend."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn doesn't know Paige or Roberto terribly well, save for a few classes they may share, although lately she is really starting to warm up to the both of them..Especially after how they stepped in and stopped Illyana from turning Megs into mincemeat last night!

Dressed in a pink cardigan over a bright green shirt, and black jeans, she looks a little tired as he rests her book bag on the floor next to her, smiling and nodding to the two of them. "Heey, how you two doing? Thanks again for stepping in last night..That Illy can get pretty scary.."

Megan is totally not kidding when she says that, and looks totally worried that she might come for her at some other time..Go figure.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Moving to lean against the nearest wall, Roberto smiles and though he looks tired and roughed up there is still that edge to him. Its those devilish good looks, mischievous gleam in his eyes and even with his hair disheveled it just adds to the whole rakish air about him. "Yeah she can be a little intense but she means well. She's a great friend and you said the right things." Pausing the Brazilian looks to Paige and tilts his head a bit, studying her as if curious why she's still so distracted.

Looking back to Megan he gives her a reassuring shoulder squeeze. "But we're going to have to do what you said. Go in there, find that thing, figure out how to deal with it before it can ruin anything for Illy." A short pause follows and then he adds, "We can help if you want?" Looking back to Paige he seems to believe she'd help but wants to make sure he's not speaking out of turn.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Illyana is pretty tough, yeah. But she has to be. We all have to be. We can't afford to make mistakes, not even little ones." Paige says as she stares out across the distance through one of the windows as she shifts her weight against it. "But if the X-Men will allow us to go to Limbo with her to help out, then we can. Otherwise, we don't do anything without their permission."

One foot leans back behind her so that her toes can tap against the ground a few times slowly as she lets out a long sigh. "Ah'm not about ta' get in trouble for doing somethin' rash and half-assed without ah' plan either. Ah' ain't ever been to Limbo but ah' heard it's like going to Hell."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar comes up the stairs from the first floor at a jog, He has on a wool hat, gloves, leggings and one of those high tech jackets. It looks like he's been out for a run. He's carrying his boots, wool sock on his feet. He slows as he comes to the landing and hears voices. Smiling when he realizes who it is. HIs movements are softer, quiet and he isn't even trying. He is big, taking up most of the stairs which are usually meant for two people. "In Limbo Yana's tougher than all of us. Let Illyana handle it, if she needs us she'll let us know. It's the safest way."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn turns around to face Paige and Roberto fully now, realizing just how..Exhausted they look. "Heey, have you guys been training or something? You look pretty beat, although it must be nice, being as strong and tough as y'all are." Afterall, Megs can be...Squishy. Not fun when it means she and Illy tend to butt heads alot.

"Do you think I did the right thing? Tossing that possessed girl into limbo like that? I mean..I suppose I could have found another way, put her to sleep, found stronger binds to subdue her, I dunno, everything just happened soo fast..She was going nuts, poor girl..But Illy, the way she reacted, like those demons in Limbo are her freaking 'family'.." she shivers, halfway sympathetic towards Shannon's situation, halfway scared out of her wits at the green slimy alien thingy that was possessing her. Almost as scared of her as she is of Illyana, to be honest.

Megan does nod and smile at the offer. "Hmm, I'd appreciate all the help we can get, although I am worried that too many people might just intimidate her further." she shrugs, "well, I already talked to Emma about it. She just told me to get a team together and she'd be there for backup, to probe the girl's mind, try and separate her from the symbiote."

When James appears, she nods to him and smiles faintly. "I suppose that's true too. Heck, maybe Emma and Illy can deal with this between the two of them. Only thing is, I know where I left Shannon..And I figure Dr. Pym might be able to analyse her situation better, maybe come up with a more useful device to safely separate the two of them.."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
There is a wave as James comes up to join the group on the landing. Smiling a bit he then turns his attention to Paige and listens to her words as he gives a slight nod of his head. Moving over closer to her he seeks to gently pull her in to a warm embrace, searching her features for a moment before looking back towards Megan.

"Yeah, you are all right. I'm just saying if she needs help, she knows I'm there just like I'd be for any of you." A shrug follows those words and then he is quiet, thoughtful for a moment before adding, "I think what you did was probably right in the moment. Its always easy to second guess after the face. But like we're taught to do we need to look at what we did, analyze it, then learn from it. After that we're all better prepared for the next time."

Paige Guthrie has posed:
As she gets pulled into Roberto's arms, Paige stiffens up for a moment before she leans back against him. "Careful, Berto, you're starting to sound old and responsible. Sam would be proud." She drawls out a bit in her thick accent as she blows some blonde hair away from her face.

"Ah' don't think this is your fault though, Megan. Maybe just next time you can teleport th' bad guy to Antartica or something like that. Would be easier ta' find 'em." She says at an attempt of some human that falls flat.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar shakes his head, and turns to face Megan, he doesn't look angry just tired, "No, you screwed up Megan. You had a problem and instead of solving it you dropped it on Yana's lap. Limbo isn't the danger room, it's dangerous and things don't stay where you put them. I've tracked through limbo, it's never easy and hardly logical." He nods to Paige, "Yeah, bring them here, let Henry or Pym or Reed lock them down, Send them to Raft for all I care. You don't know what limbo is, how it works, the politics, the ecology. It's so much more than any of you understand. You also don't get what Limbo is to Yana, they /are/ her family, her subjects and she is responsible for any who travel there. Keepin us safe costs her something. Every last soul is her responsibility. It takes a weight, you guys don't see it... " James' trails off. He's getting a little choked up. He takes a breath. "Bottom line, there's now a scared little girl trapped in a hell dimension that gives me a run for my money, the only thing keeping her alive is those demons fear of Yana, and if she dies, then we have a symbiote bonded to a demon. Pray it's not S'ym." James licks his lips, and sighs, looking over at Roberto and Paige, "How did the training go?"

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks slowly at James' speech, jaw dropping a bit. "Heey, I've been to limbo before, I was dragged there against my will, by Illyana no less." she's a little angry now, that he's taking Illy's side, and her hands clench at her sides, although she'd better be careful, knowing James could easily flatten her just as an angry Illy could and would.

"Look, like I said, I had little time to think. And she's hardly a scared or helpless little girl or I wouldn't have resorted to that, after a group of us were barely able to phase her...Heck, she was *looking* for a fight.." and maybe secretly Megan is hoping the demons will at least wear out all that excess energy and agression.

"And, I'm sorry if that wasn't the most ideal decision to make. Doesn't mean she has a right to beat me up and stuff." she shrugs. "Guess I just wasn't counting on Illy seeing those demons as family..What's her deal anyway? Why DO they call her the queen of limbo? I..Really don't know her history with limbo all that well, except that she seems kinda mad and serious a lot, and likes to hang out in limbo and calls demons her 'family'.." Megan pouts a bit, trying to process everything that James says.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
"Training was good," smiling a bit at James, Roberto looks between him and Megan before shaking his head a bit. A slight tightening of his arms about Paige is given in return to her words of him seeming like he's sounding older and wiser. "Hey... I'm learning." Is all he can say in response to the woman in his arms.

A long thoughtful pause follows and either he's tired from training or he's just not ready to argue any of the topics discussed so far. "Look. It is what it is and we just need to work on a resolution." Waiting a beat he looks to James and then smiles a bit as he nods, "James can fill you in on that Megan."

Paige Guthrie has posed:
Giving a visible frown, Paige glances over to Megan for a moment. "You don't need to apologize to him, or anyone else from here out. You already talked to Illyana and things are being resolved. I don't think it's fair for anyone else 'not' involved to keep dumping on you."

There's a slight cut of her glance towards James as her blue eyes narrow for a moment. She eases herself out of Roberto's arms, pinching her brows for a moment as she starts down the hallway. "Either way, I got your back, Megan. At the end of the day, it was you or her, and you made the best decision you had in the moment and you saved a ton of lives."

"Ah'm gonna take a shower and finish some work for Mister Summers. Later, ya'll."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar sighs, "I've been there dozens of times and each time I come back with reminders, they heal. some in a day some in a week. The one most recently came a quarter inch from my femoral, and that raven daemon was on our side. But you did have time to think." James puts up his hands fingers spread and he forces himself to take a breath, "Listen, I get it. When I was 15 I came here to this place looking for the man who killed my brother. I was angry and grieving, and I blamed Xavier. But the choice was mine, I screwed up, they took me in. I get screwing up. Just own it. Do better, next time.

    Jim sighs, "The title is literal, Illyanna is the Queen of Limbo, she earned that position. It's not my story to tell. We will resolve this, but a symbiote loose in Limbo... It's a lot. Luckily, I got these." He pulls out a shiny vibranium knife and says something in Apache.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn smiles and nods to the couple, encouraged by their words. "You're right, wha'ts done is done, and I'm gonna fix this one way or the other..In the meantime, I should head to the danger room, get some practice in..Thanks again guys!" she smiles, cheered by their words.

James is given a slow, solemn nod, still a bit cautious of him. "Oh, um...I guess one of these days, if she doesn't still wanna kill me, maybe Illy will tell me her story.." she laughs nervously at that, shivering at the thought, but nods to James. "I get it, I'll..Try and make more thoughtful decisions in the future and..Ack! What time is it? i'm soooo late for class! Eeep! See you guys later! Byeee!!"

With that, Megan scrambles to shove stuff back into her bag, before slinging it over one shoulder and dashing off like a bat outta hell..