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flygog.com: Krypton or Bust
Date of Scene: 16 February 2021
Location: Fortress of Solitude & The Milano
Synopsis: Supergirl to Captain Quill. Commencing countdown, engines on, check ignition. and may Rao's light shine upon you. The House of El makes arrangements to fly with the Guardians of the Galaxy to near-ish Oa, and to the dead planet Krypton, and may be a few other places before heading back to Earth. All for a worthless bucket of diamonds and some space weed.
Cast of Characters: Kara Danvers, Lois Lane, Conner Kent, Peter Quill, Gamora, Karen Starr, Clark Kent

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara has been busy all morning. Floating at the main console in the Fortress, adjusting this and that and the other. The galactic communications system used by the Milano is foreign to Kryptonian technology. Everything seems primitive from their perspective, but it looks like something they could tap in to. Instead of waiting for the Guardians to return to Earth.. and lacking the security necessary for the chat, Kara decided to program a new subsystem to video call them across the vast distances of space.

    <Beep beep. Beep beep. Incoming call, origin: Earth>

    Kara is dressed in her long blue cloak with golden Kryptonian symbols along its hem and has even accepted a cup of coffee. For the taste, the coffee itself doesn't really 'ramp her up' or keep her awake like it does for humans. But it's still an interesting flavour. "It's calling!," she says with delight, trying to encourage the others to come join her for this call. A large hologram is emitted in front of the console which should, hopefully, project an image from the Milano back to them.

Lois Lane has posed:
While Lois is glad she has come, and learning about these various technologies has been *fascinating*, she's also glad she brought along a few recreational distractions even if it means she's a little hung over this morning. She's got a vape pen which probably isn't just nicotine in her fingertips now and is lazily draped across a chair behind Kara, watching the screen with idle interest, but enough to keep her awake.

"...It seriously fuckin' works?" Lois rasps out, waking up a bit more even if she doesn't bother to really sit up, her legs draped across the chair arm. She's also in her most comfortable outfit -- jeans and Hawaiian shirt. It's a good day all around.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner hangs out behind Kara, leaning on a wall, leather jacket over super-fam colors. Truth is he doesn't like coffee, but he might be addicted to soda. If Kal-El keep soda in the Fortress human-ish kitchen, he borrowed one.

"I wonder who else we can talk using this crystal communication thing," he comments. "Can we talk with aliens in other planets, Kara?" Because if he can, he just found his new hobby. He shuts up if it looks they are getting a response, though.

Peter Quill has posed:
OOC: Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGniFAcBqpo

The Milano is busily in the process of being anywhere but Eskeem-6 right now, having sold off some of their crystals and Deep Purple's "Space Trucking" booming over the sound system, Though the blinking light of the incoming call is noticed. "Hey, Gamora, we're getting a call? from Earth," Peter says turning the volume down to a less hull shaking volume. "Signal's weird too," he says. But then curiosity gets the best of him and he punches the button to put the call on their screen. "Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Peter Quill speaking," he answers like it's his phone at his mom's place back home in Missouri.

The image on the screen shows the bridge of the Milano as well as two of the stars of the Guardians' recent add, the human looking guy Kara will remember was calling himself Star Lord and the green alien warrior woman known as Gamora.

Gamora has posed:
Gamora is idly watching a sceen and distractedly tapping her foot when Quill gets her attention. She leans slightly in her chair to peer at Quill's screen, frowning when she hears it's from Earth. "... Business is business, as the furry one would say." Gamora says with a bit of resignation in her voice.

Gamora arches an eyebrow and starts to ask: "Strange how?" but before she can finish, Quill answers the call, and Gamora returns to an upright position, staring up at some painfully familiar holograms. "... It's you." is Gamora's flat contribution to Quill's greeting.

Karen Starr has posed:
    For once not exactly fashionably late, the blonde form of Power Girl is visible standing behind Kara, off to her side. She'd heard about this hiring call not too long ago- and hadn't had time to prepare anything more fancy than what she wears every day. It's still the proper uniform of a costumed hero- but it probably doesn't mean a whole lot to the Guardians at all.

    That said, when she arrived she told Kara the good news- "This call doesn't have to go great." she notes, "I already spoke to Maxima, and she considers herself indebted to you. She's willing to take us to Oa and beyond." Noting that, of course, the call itself is still worthwhile- "Though, honestly, can't help to just go with both if we can. I don't think we -definitely- won't need a small, fast ship once we decide to leave Oa."

    Her arms fold- and once the Guardians are on screen, for the moment, Karen is just visible. Standing, and waiting. Kara can handle the rest- she hopes- but goodness knows keeping her mouth shut is always difficult.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara looks back at Lois giving her a 'of course it works' look. The programming of the system was a mixture of physics, engineering and software. Of course, she tried to explain how she was creating a faster than light link by perfectly firing photons around the sun reactor just one room away and then using that to take in to the galactic communications network. But, she explained it in very Kryptonian terms. Not even Kal would have kept up. Power Girl would have.

    "Maxima is really offering her ship to us too? wow. Well, big ship will go faster. Small ship will be more useful in Krypton's orbit. Two ships is better than one. Thank you K-Power Girl," Kara says.

    There's an excited little nod to Conner as she says, "You bet we can." Then she tempers herself, "Though, we should not abuse this because intergalactic diplomacy is not something any of us are good at. Except may be Miss Lane, she's good at everything." A cheeky little smile, she looks back to the hologram that appears of Peter Quill and Gamora, "Captain? I thought the small guy, Rocket, was the Captain?"

    The Milano crew are no doubt used to weird alien stuff, but usually they know a little about some of it. This time, there are Kryptonian symbols in a border around the image but who knows what they mean. That's a dead language from a dead planet of a self isolating species.

    "Greetings from Earth! As you might remember, I am Supergirl, this is Power Girl, Superboy, and ..." oh dear, well, time to quickly make up a cover name for her. Something simple, something catchy, something that won't give away her identity, "and ehwor im rth i shokh." Nailed it.

Lois Lane has posed:
For once, Lois isn't being mouthy. Mainly because she didn't entirely think this would work, or that there were human people (and apparently some non-human people) up there in a ship. Much less that they'd talk BACK to them, or that the Captain would vaguely sound like a slack off from Minnesota. She tips her round shaded glasses up, confirming that the woman on the screen is definitely green. "Shit. Kirk got it right. The green ones *are* hot. Damn." Lois mutters, probably loud enough for the comms to pick up but maybe they got lucky.

Then introductions are being made, and the languid reporter arches a brow quietly towards Kara, definitely not getting what name she was given, so she offers with a careless little salute. "Lois Lane. Daily Planet. But not... probably not... writing about this, so yer good, Cap. I promise." She winks at Quill across her sunglasses, devil may care smile fully in place now.

Conner Kent has posed:
"Hi," offers Conner, waving with his free hand, a mostly empty soda can on the other. "I think I have seen the green woman before," he stage-whispers. "During the carnivorous rabbits riot a few weeks ago. She got in a fight with a blue woman." No, don't ask about the rabbits, please. The young man glances at Lois when she comments about the green lady. Mostly because he was thinking exactly the same.

Peter Quill has posed:
"Weird like the comms system doesn't recognize the transmission type," of course the Milano was built long after Krypton went full Alderaan, there wasn't a need for the system to recall it. "Anyhow I'm sure it's fine.."

Then they're answering the call giving their greetings and so on, "Gesundheit," Peter answers helpfully to Kara's Kryptonian greeting his internal translator effectively throwing up it's hands and telling him, 'I've got no fricking clue what she said'. His face falls a little when there's some doubt about his captainly credentials, "Rocket? No, he's not our captain," he says before a bit of a grin spreads across his lips. "He's our pet talking racoon, be sure to pet him when you come on board, he's super cuddly," See what happens when you're not on the bridge Rocket? You let Peter do crap like this!"

Lois's comments do come through and Petere grins, "Right? Totally undersold?" he begins before he shuts himself up but not without flashing Lois a nod and a thumbs up. "And I don't mind a little ink, I'm sure the Planet's readers would love to hear all about amazing space heroes like the Guardians," he says, giving Gamora a glance for confirmation on that. Connor's hi is met with a nod and Karen gets one too before he asks, "Soooo, you guys obviously made an effort to reach out and we appreciate it, so, what can we do you for?"

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora shakes her head at Quill's remarks, and clarifies: "He is lying. The 'Raccoon' will bite you. And you will not be refunded." She's a LITTLE concerned about the strange signal - these weirdos DID claim to be Kryptonians last time she saw them, a species which is neither capable of flight, or alive, to her knowledge - but she's at least familiar with the Earthlings behind it.

    Gamora frowns when Lois calls her 'hot', and looks to Quill, murmuring, "You've made them paranoid about me." referring to his latest ad; still blissfully unaware of the double meaning. The Zen-Whoberians DO run a bit warm compared to Humans! She is also not practically dressed for Earth. She meets Quill's meaningful look with a blank stare that lasts for a full second before she picks up on it. "Yes. They would. Surely."

Karen Starr has posed:
    There's a nod of her head to Peter, as he comes in over the comms. When Lois talks about Gamora, Karen's head turns slowly and offers this raised, moderately confused brow. This quizzical expression lingers for a moment, before her attention returns to the others. Conner gets a smile and a quiet mock-salute with her fingers, as she's moderately unwilling to interrupt Kara.

    Supergirl," she whispers, leaning somewhat forward. "That wasn't the-" The Guardians correct her, and she offers a nod in solidarity. It wasn't that Raccoons couldn't captain spaceships, it was just that -that- raccoon probably couldn't captain a spaceship.

    "We're not paranoid, it's- Kind of more of an Earthling compliment. She's saying you're attractive, physically." A pause. "Not magnetically, but in a-" At that point, she stops herself, shakes her head, and internally just tells herself to stop there. That's a good place to stop, in the middle of that sentence.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara nods her head in continuation of what Karen is saying. She has a lot more experience with Earth than her so she sympathises with Gamora, "Human colloquialisms are confusing." Though she needn't elaborate since Peter is on that ship. "Right, you're the captain. You know that does make a lot more sense."

    She smiles as Peter steers the conversation back to why they called, "Yes! We need a ship, or two. Well, we have one ship. We need two. A fast one and a manoeuvrable one. My family and I are traveling to Oa to find stellar records of what happened to Krypton - and then we are traveling to Krypton itself. And possibly some other locations along the way, before returning to Earth."

    She nods her head thusly, "We saw your three adverts and you are the kind of crew we need." In that, they are the only space fairing crew they've met and have advertised they're taking passengers and also don't rule a large galactic empire with an iron fist.

    Kara continues, demonstrating her excellent lack of negotiation skills, "Please come to Earth to pick us up. Thank you."

Lois Lane has posed:
The comment from Conner about the green woman fighting a blue woman, especially with rabbits, makes Lois blink, "No, dude, that was a porn. I watched it too. Completely unrealistic on those vampire rabbits, but the make up job on the chicks was great." Lois deadpans very quietly, completely unaware of how sensitive the microphone to these speakers may or may not be. She takes another long drag of her vape, a wider grin coming in the direction of Quill at his thumbs up. "I like this dude already. We should take this ship." As if the one human with utterly no powers on the whole trip is actually going to decide who they take as a ride.

"Oh and yeah, Power Girl's right, lady. I dunno if you got a fever or somethin' you're just smokin' in like... Sexy. Attractive. You are a perfect example of why Captain Kirk slept with all the green alien women. It's tradition." Then Lois actually shuts up. She swears. Kara's doing business and that's the whole point of this call, not extended cross-species relations. She's still grinning that wild, troublesome smile, but she's trying to be quiet.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner blinks slowly at Lois words. "Er... what? Uh, no. It was her," pointing to the screen, "a big green dude, the blue woman, a walking tree and the racoon with the guns. Only guy I didn't see was Captain Kirk, er... Quill, sorry."

Quill wears a leather jacket too, so he is probably a cool guy, decides Conner. "Anyway..." he glances to Kara. Yes, that was the reason of the call. He grins and waits to know how much is this going to cost them. Hopefully the Justice League pays Superman enough.

Peter Quill has posed:
Peter shoots a look over his shoulder at Gamora when she calls him out for lying, a look that says 'duuuuude!' all too clearly but then he's looking back at the screen. "She's joking he just LOOOVES scritches," he assures them before he's distracted by the snippets he picks up about that porn, but he refouces and gives Lois a finger gun, "Right back at you," he says, before his brain catches up with the rest of the conversation. "First off, no need to apologize, being called Captain Kirk? Totally a compliment. And we'd be happy to take you where you want to go..." a beat. "Did you say Oa?" he asks a look of concern on his face.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora very slowly folds her arms in her lap as she gradually, conspiciously, develops a darker, slightly reddish shade of green on her cheeks. "I... I see."


    Gamora just sort of stares off to the side for the next portion of the conversation, quietly reeling at the implications, and the new perspective this places on her recent past. When she does return to the conversation, she distractedly says "Krypton exploded." She glances at Quill when he asks about Oa, sharing his concern, and then also adds, in the same worried tone, "Is this 'Kirk' on your crew?"

Karen Starr has posed:
    Nodding a couple of times, Power Girl seems a little grim when Peter asks the question that begs its own existence. "Yes." she remarks, simply. At first. "We want to ask the Oans a couple of questions. The Green Lantern Corps has been around a really long time, and that timeline includes the destruction of Krypton." Gamora's statement hits, and Karen nods again.

    "Yeah. It exploded. We figure they might have some observations from long range scanners or any lanterns that might've been in the area when it happened. We're looking for something specific, so once we've visited Oa and asked our questions, regardless of the answers we get, we're going to be visiting the debris field that was Krypton itself. As Supergirl said, we are going to need a light, maneuverable ship to make its way through the debris field, something that isn't too large and can get in and out with minimal issues."

    For the moment, she is merely suspicious of Lois. There's... Differences, in this universe, apparently. Going to have to chalk that up to that and leave it there.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Nebula steps in to the cockpit area and tosses two shirts at Peter, "This is your last warning Terran. Leave them on the floor again and I will torch them in to ashes and then eject those ashes in to unstable plutonium, then eject it in to space and shoot it with the plasma cannon." She stops, blinks, then peers at the screen with the 'concerning' Earthlings who wear 'S' on their clothes. Slowly, she backs away from the room.

    "Correct," Kara says in an upbeat voice, "Oa first. Krypton second. May be other places third. Then back to Earth." Optimism. She is trying to temper it, but the thought that Argo City might have survived is too tantalising not to entertain. The thought itself had become intoxicating.

    "I know Oa is quite a ways away especially considering how close Krypton is to Earth, but we," she motions to the gathered Kryptonians and Lois. She does not feel this way, but the group has spoken, "feel it is best to talk to the people who monitor absolutely everything they can. As Power Girl put so well." As Gamora points out that Krypton exploded, much like Rocket did last time she was on their ship, her lips tighten and her eyes look rather pained. Two and a half years is not long enough to get over that pain.

Lois Lane has posed:
"Oh shit. They're *both* hot." Lois mutters beneath her breath, but she's absolutely not interrupting otherwise. Actual business is happening, even if the dark haired woman is still staring at the screen, rather wide eyed and shocked. She's starting to wonder what Clark sees in her with alien women like *this* all over the galaxy? But, she bites her tongue. The weed pen is a good fidget as much as it is a calming vape.

Clark Kent has posed:
And that's just when Superman shows up.

"Hey." The Man of Sreel sounds a little out of breath. If he heard Lois's comment (there's no way he couldn't) there's no visible sign as Kal-El skids to a landing on the Fortress runway, a careful model recreation of the landing strip Charles Lindburg used during his flight across the Atlantic. "Sorry! Sorry I'm late. There was a thing. Dinosaur men tried to blow up the Hoover Dam, I had to talk their leader down before that giant hairdo Samson just killed him. I'd really love to know who gave that goofus a time machine, honestly."

"Oh the tv guys." Superman says, and puffs his chest up a little, switching to In Public Superman. "Salutations, Guardians of the Universe! This is Superman broadcasting from my Fortress of Solitude, location: UNKNOWN. And..."

Superman trails off and points right at Gamora. "You must be the famous Star Lord, yes? Ha ha, but which star am I right? I hear Sirius has some lovely beachfront propertt!"

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner finishes his soda and was about to make some probably unhelpful comments when Superman finally arrives. "Hey," he greets, looking vaguely confused at the older Kryptonian speech. "We have been talking to them for a few minutes," he explains. "Dinosaur men, I wish I had been there," he murmurs.

What? He likes dinosaurs, what teen doesn't like dinosaurs?

"Dude, that woman is maybe Star Lady," he rolls his eyes. "Anyway, Supergirl had this covered just fine," in his opinion, at least.

Peter Quill has posed:
Peter glances over at Gamora and catches that blush, clearing his throat and hiding a smile behind his hand for a moment. Though it fades quickly when it comes to Oa, oh and Nebula shows up and throws his shirts at him. Pulling an I'M WITH STUPID --> shirt off his head and tossing it on Rocket's station, he says to Kal. "Whoa, whoa, /I'm/ Star Lord, this is Gamora." He gestures to the green woman, "And that," he drops to soto voice to add, "Unfortunately," before his voice rises to conversational volume again, "Is her sister Nebula. But can you guys give us one moment?" he asks holding up a finger, before punching the mute button on the comms. The sound from their end stops but the video still plays and he turns to the women rubbing his temple. "So, show of hands who here is wanted by the Green Lantern Corps?" he asks raising his hand but giving it a slight wobble as if to say he miiight be but he's not sure.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora just stares at Nebula, making sweeping gestures to the monitor with her arms until Nebula notices, and then spreads her arms in a 'what the hell?' kind of gesture as Nebula backs out. Gamora clears her throat. "... Forgive my sister. She is... militant about personal responsibilities." A beat passes. "... And about our passangers safety." She adds somewhat awkwardly, then, gives Quill a brief look with slightly raised eyebrows, as if to say 'Eh? Eeehhh? Good save?'.

    After Superman arrives, and Quill mutes their audio, Gamora can be seen mouthing the words: "Is that 'Kirk'?" before Quill gets her attention back.

    On the Milano's end, Gamora frowns and raises her arm partway, before she decides it's pointless and puts it back down. "I am... at least partly complicit in-" Gamora averts her eyes awkwardly, "-many atrocities of various scales." Gamora thinks. "... and several individual murders." Gamora lowers her head, ".... and one or two... a *few*... rooms full of bodies."

    Gamora raises her shoulders a little and says, "I was very young." Clearing her throat, she notes, "They said that they had their own ship, though, didn't they? Perhaps... we can keep our distance for that leg of the journey?"

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen turns her head as Clark arrives, the Guardians' sudden need for privacy, combined with Superman's arrival, causes her to lower her guard. "I'm not so fond of bald-" she starts, before turning to look at Lois. She starts to say something, but finds herself -mildly- unable to lecture the woman for some reason. Doubly so the lack of her own filter for a very short moment.

    Offering a sigh, she turns her head back to Clark and Conner. "Honestly, it's not as fun as it sounds." she gives Conner, raising her shoulders in a shrug. "But this moment does remind me that I was thinking we might be helped a whole lot by someone of the magical persuasion coming along with us. I think I'm going to ask Zatanna if she'd like to go along." Turning between Kal and Kara.

    "Does that seem like a good idea? Could this journey use more fishnets?"

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Nebula stands in the door way when apparently Peter wants to know if the Lantern Corps are after her. She says, "Those passengers? Gamora the shorter blonde one up front flew out in space without a space suit and deliberately put herself in the way of our plasma cannon fire.. and just took it like it was almost nothing. I think they can take care of themselves."

    Nebula hearing Gamora admit to the various crimes just huffs and lifts a hand. "If we're going near Oans I'll stay on the ship. I don't need that level of complicated in my life right now."

    Kara can't be the only one here who has been learning to read peoples lips? "Slow of hands you hear is worn deed by the kreen land turn corks?" She squints a bit and says, "I'm so bad at this. I'll keep practicing later. They're probably not even speaking English."

    She smiles over her shoulder to Kal, "Hey cous." She nods to Karen and says, "That is probably a good idea. If we run in to space pirates, I've seen the Guardians fight. They fight well. And well.. Maxima's ship is technically both a ship of war and peace at the same time right? Covering the magical angle is a good idea."

    Kara waves at the screen, "What are they debating. I hope it's not a fee."

Lois Lane has posed:
As Superman steps onto the frame, Lois' smile turns from a little sardonic and dry to properly genuine. If anyone's bothering with body language, she even melts a little in her chair, that much more relaxed to have him in the room. They're still in the honeymoon stage of being in love, or at least Lois is, and she's not that good at hiding it. "...Samson? I hate that skeevy bastard..." Lois grumbles, reaching one hand over to scoop at his palm and tug him down into a brief kiss before he's going back to being diplomat.

When they are put on hold, Lois looks over the Kryptonians in the room, both her brows arched now, "...so, I get the hot space ladies but... like... How in the world did they get a nerd from Minnesota as their captain? Or maybe it's Idaho? Whatever. I know that midwest accent. And I'm guessing we ain't met the furry one yet?" She realizes Karen had been staring at her, but just gives a too-innocent, warm smile to the woman. "And I still think we should go with them. They look fun."

Clark Kent has posed:
"Oh, sorry!" Superman says, cheerfully. He doesn't really seem to mind any awkwardness, or is just aggresively ignoring it. It's a useful technique in this life.

"Wow." Clark says, sounding more clark as the Guardians cut the audio to chat, "They look like crows seeing the wrong end of a grain thresher. You did tell them the Guardians might lose their collective minds when we show up, right? Maxmia might bail or turn on us if she thinks there's an opportunity in it."

Clark takes a second to give Lois a kiss, easing his hand onto the small of her back before otherwise being Superman.

"I don't know if Zee'd appreciate being called 'fishnets'." Superman says to Karen, pauses, and realizes he is entierly wrong. "At least the amazing fishnets." Superman compromises. "I think the less of a fuss we make the better, and these...obvious space gangsters aren't going to be heavy on anyone's radar. If we do find a city full of Kryptonians and they hate us, though, it wouldn't be a bad idea, if she can spare the time."

Superman frowns at Lois's deduction. "Yeah, I can tell he's human from here. The one guy I know who's been that far out...actually he does kind of dress like that, or like someone who dresses like that's father. Maybe he got Zeta beamed and didn't have a way back?"

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner is still thinking about the dinosaur men he missed, so he misses the whole mute: read lips. Not that he can, he usually can count with Red Robin take care of lip reading and similar skills.

Then Lois asks an interesting question, and Conner grins. "Yeah, I bet he has an interesting story. You could interview him during the trip. As for me, I don't know who is Maxima, but I am good with whatever you decide."

Peter Quill has posed:
Quill gives Gamora a thumbs up for the save. Can it be seen on the comms screen, probably! When things go mute, he shakes his head at what Gamora mouthes, "Nah," he says glancing back at the image of Kal. "Too straight laced, more like Spock, or Bones if he's not hitting the sauce," he says, the words definitely in English and readable from the screen. "The guy in the jacket," he points at Connor on the screen. "Definitely more like Captain Kirk, I mean, not as much as me, but still, not bad."

"Yeah, figured as much, I've run into a few of the Greens in the past, but they probably aren't looking for me, they weren't from Earth I told them my name was Bert Reynolds and they totally bought it," he says, nevermind that their rings probably read him down to his very unique DNA and had an equally good scan of the Milano.

"We'll pitch the thing about them taking this Maxima's ship to Oa and go from there"

He turns the audio back on, "Sorry about that, just a bit of ship's business, anyhow, you mentioned Oa... we might need to pass you off to that other ship you mentioned for that leg of the trip, fuel costs out here are killer, but we can definitely get you anywhere else you want to go, and we'll even throw in a discount on the price," he lies with his best smile. Well about the fuel thing... okay maybe the discount too...

Gamora has posed:
    Does Gamora look a little disappointed that that isn't the 'Kirk' of legend? You could... maybe read it that way. This would be so much easier if she knew what a 'Spock' was.

    Gamora nods firmly and confirms, "Correct. We don't mind."

Karen Starr has posed:
    "Er- I didn't mean-" Karen states, a little bit of pink hitting her face for a moment at Clark's statement. She hadn't necessarily -called- Zatanna fishnets, but all the same. "Not much of a fuss. Just one more person, just to cover all of the bases. Help us see things we couldn't have ever have seen otherwise." she notes, offering a placid smile all the while. "I'll ask her if she can spare a bit for a once in a lifetime journey across the stars." Honestly, who'd turn it down?

    "-Decidedly- human," Karen notes, turning her attention back to the screen. "They're probably discussing upping the price and if I had to bet, they'll offer a discount to make it sound like we're getting a great deal." Because, you know, they're /space mercenaries at best./ She's also the one with an MBA, so that matters a little. "Probably by accident, Lois." Because that's how you get Star Lord. By accident.

    When the volume cuts back on, Karen doesn't have much to add to Peter's statement- just a knowing look at Supergirl, before she returns her attention to the screen. The impassive expression that crosses her features speaks volumes to how, metaphorically, she can smell the lie- even the ones that weren't lies.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    "Maxima is the Almercian Princess. She arrived on Earth not long after we defeated Brainiac's ship. She came looking for a city he had stolen from her empire. She's... intense," there's a small nod from Kara as to say she won't add more to that description just now. "And I helped her find that city. It seems that earned us some goodwill. I doubt she would turn on us though, she has a system of honour deeply ingrained in to her. I trust her when she gives her word."

    When the audio comes back on she nods her head and turns to her family, "I think Maxima will be okay with that. She probably will find it amusing to flaunt her royal status in front of the Oans." She then double takes to Kal and says, "Dinosaurs?" The tone implies that she thinks that's cool and wishes she'd been there too. But, she was deep in to programming a faster than light galactic communications hack.

    Eager to get on with the trip she asks the Guardians, "How soon can you get here?"

Lois Lane has posed:
While Lois isn't exactly 'tamed' now that Clark is there, he's gotten as much sass from her as anyone in this room, probably far more, she is calmer now. Especially with his hand on her back. For as saucy as the Hawaiian clad shirt woman seems, the all-star football player of a Kryptoian next to her seems to be a good influence. So she's now settled slightly against his side, as he speaks, and lets the more space oriented ones keep up the conversation.

Clark Kent has posed:
"Subtyrannosauri." Clark explains, mildly. "Krull, son of the Dino-Czar, thinks that the surface world is, well. His. It's kind of like a scaley Namor, now that I think about it. Pops up every couple months to cause trouble and make his father mad. He's harmless." There's footage on Youtube of a twelve foot tall dinosaur man eating a Buick. "Mostly harmless."

Clark looks at the MBA and Supergirl, who's clearly still chomping at the bit here, to see if these terms are acceptable. He feels a little bad for embarrasing Karen; he'd forgotten she doesn't know Zee as well as he does and how...bohemian she can be. On the other hand, it is very funny.

"Hey!" Superman suddenly realizes, "Do you know Lobo?"

Conner Kent has posed:
"Space princess, check," because yes, Conner has a checklist of space 'stuff' he expects from the trip. So far, so good. He is not going to haggle the space travel fees either. He will leave that task to a responsible adult. Maybe Karen.

"So, it would be five passengers and some baggage," he comments over Kara's shoulder. "We had planned to be away about a week? Is that enough time for this?"

Peter Quill has posed:
Catching Gamora's dissapointment he says, "I'll grab some videos of Kirk and all the rest when we're on Earth for the pick up," he says making a mental not to grab all the even numbered Star Trek movies and something to play them on. But then back to their buisiness call...He punches up the nav system. "We can be there in just a little while, we need to make a quick stop first, but we can send you a message when we're on the way to Earth? Sound good? Now as for price, with that discount included... actually are we paying Earth money, credits, units, or making some sort of trade?" They at least had interstellar comms tech, so he had hope they had more to offer than what most Terrans might.

Kal's question get Peter looking his way across the screens. "Big guy, looks like he could be part of KISS?" he asks. "I don't know him peronally," he looks at Gamora and Nebula for their takes before looking back at the screen. "But he's got a rep, he's not coming too is he?"

Conner's comments about five and baggage is taken note of, but he holds off on price talks until he's sure Lobo's not in that five.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora adds, "Gold is also acceptable." Regarding Lobo, Gamora looks to Quill and shakes her head with a little shrug of her shoulders.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Nebula's look sours at the mention of Lobo and she says, "He is annoying and knows to stay away from me."

    Kara on the other hand has no idea who Lobo is. She has heard the name a couple of times though. At the mention of payment she turns and looks at Karen and Clark and Lois. One of them must have currency. She has the mediocre pay of a DEO agent and a Daily Planet intern.

Clark Kent has posed:
"No I just think he's a jerk." Superman says, employing the earth technique known as 'understatement'. He looks slightly disappointed that Lobo never mentioned him to his other enemies, and then moves on to the embarrassing question of payment.

"...do you take diamonds?" Superman says, risking screwing up the commodities market again. "Superboy, I need you to get like a whole bucket of coal."

Lois Lane has posed:
As the question of money comes up, Lois gives a bit of a groan and a roll of her eyes to the ceiling, "Well... hell. I mean, I can offer a few grand, but better than that... I can bring the good weed from Canada, maybe a few harder, more fun things... and I know somewhere that's still selling Lagavulin 32 year for a decent amount? I mean, come on, Captain Minnesota, you gotta miss it up there.." Lois offers with a wry, hopeful sort of smile. "Or, you know...Kan-... Kal-El here has diamonds. I suppose that's almost as good as weed. But you ain't tried my stuff yet." She winks at Quill.

Conner Kent has posed:
"Do you keep buckets of coal here?" Conner has not explored the whole Fortress, but it is full of weird things, so he perfectly believes Kal keeps buckets of coals somewhere. "You sure you don't want a bucket of diamonds instead? Okay, okay. I am going." To find a bucket of coal for Superman. Not even the weirdest thing he has done this week.

Peter Quill has posed:
"I think we can take diamonds," Quill says trying to play it off like no big deal. Sure carbon in its various forms were some of the most common things in the galaxy but just as common amoung sentients was the love of shiny rocks, he was confident he could find someone willing to buy. Still he looks back at the sisters to confirm. As for Lois' offer, "Captian Missouri actually," he corrects with a grin. "Annd that might bring the price down some..." truth be told he didn't miss it because he never tried it, leaving Earth at age ten but he's heard good things about weed, both from his music and from his mom's stories. "So all together, let's say," he quotes a figure that isn't astronomical, just steep. Easily in the range of Karens' finances or a bucket full of diamonds.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Her attention turns to Clark, and a brow raises. "Immediately to crushing coal into diamonds, Kal- you don't even need -coal- anymore-" she states, offering this mild frown as she plays at being an adult. Then, her attention shifts to Kara, whose attention is on her. Her eyes roll momentarily, and she gives it some thought. "They're not getting anything Kryptonian."

    Offering a sigh in the direction of the screen, she pipes up. "I'll throw in some of that chocolate liqueur that Gamora liked when you guys went to the bar." she notes, "Then whatever that reduces the price to, we'll pay it. In cash and diamonds. Some mix. Not footing the -entire- bill myself."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara turns back around and finally rests her feet on the floor instead of hovering there. She nods her head to the Guardians, "Wonderful! We look forward to see you. You know your way to the Titans Tower, so we will meet you there to depart." She pauses a moment and peers at the two sisters behind Quill wondering what Lois was talking about. "ehrosh :bem," she says and shuts off the communications to their ship. Too bad their ship can't translate that.

    The excited quantum soup of particles she constructed for the job gain mass as they slow down to sub-light, then fall harmlessly in to the burning sun core within the Fortress. She looks pleased with herself. "I will talk to Maxima about the plan. I have a good feeling about this trip." These are the only people who could stop her, but she tries to give everyone a hug.

Lois Lane has posed:
"This trip is going to be wild, no matter what. And I'll still bring the good scotch." Lois offers with a wide grin towards Kara. Probably she's going to bring a few other things too. For the vision of most of the room, Lois looks excited and confident. It's only the quiet squeeze of her fingertips against Clark's forearm that says she's far more nervous than she's letting on. But then, she's never been NEAR space, much less in it.

Peter Quill has posed:
"That would be reasonable," Quill says to Karen about the payment. "We'll work out the details when we see you on Earth, expect a call from us when we're a little closer to your system," he says before adding after a beat. "And thanks for choosing to fly with Guardians of the Galaxy.

The feed cuts off, and Quill claps his hands together, "Wow, we should have done this tour thing ages ago, that should cover our fuel costs, food and the whole thing and leave a ton left over, way easier than stealing crystals from scam planets," he says, before adding. "I have a good feeling about this trip." He does not however try to hug everyone, it's easier to keep his internal organs internal that way.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora's eyes get very wide, and she just sort of... sits back a little when chocolate liquer is mentioned, her expression somewhere between excitement and dread. That said, she seems relieved when the call ends, and gently tells Quill, in response to 'we should have done this ages ago': "The Guardians have only existed for a month annd a half." That said, she smiles a little. "But yes. It seems to have gone well." Though with a thoughtful tilt of her head, she adds, "... I just wonder what they want with a dead planet."