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How To Train Your Cat
Date of Scene: 17 February 2021
Location: The Danger Room - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Kate Bishop, Terry O'Neil

Kate Bishop has posed:
The rules of the Danger Room Session are as follows:

1. No powers.

2. Don't get shot.

3. Get from lit up objective to object to capture strategic assets.



The terrain is Urban, several streets patterned after Suicide Slums. The scenario began with Terry standing in front of the local bank branch. It looked pretty peaceful honestly, despite the run down nature of that part of the city.

At least until three 'paintballs' explode the 'glass' of the bank behind him angled down from a roof top.

Down the street an alley 'lights up'.

Belatedly "Go." echos over the comms coming from everywhere in the simulation.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
6. Don't Talk About Kate Club.

Well, that's what Vorpal would have said, anyways. He may not be able to use his powers, but that doesn't stop him from unlocking a new 'skin'- a certain gold-colored outfit from a certain Schwarzenegger movie where people run a lot.

The alley lighting up is a clear sign. Which usually also means it's a trap... but one must move with the spirit of things. He sprints, zig-zagging towards the alley, keeping an eye out for cover he can jump behind in order to make his sniper a little more frustrated!

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Run rabbit run." is echo'd from nowhere in particular over the comms in the danger room.

There is a smattering of bullets along his path, tracking him and exploding. He really does have to use cover. A Bus Stand. A postal Box, a street lamp, and more to get to that alley without getting tagged. All around him people scream and scatter but it is clear the assassin is after him.

Not that she is trying particularily hard. First off she is missing.

When, if, he gets to the alley he can see it is 'lit up' with a glowing white rabbit. The rabbit looks startled and then takes off at a dead sprint down the alley.

Who says Kate doesn't have a sense of humor.

Probably people who are chasing a glowing white rabbit and have a paint grenade dropped into the alley with them from somewhere above.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"This is getting horribly self-referential, you know," ducking behind a dumpster momentarily, Vorpal gathers his breath and susses out the rabbit's trajectory. He takes a spot, and then sprints out like hell when he sees that grenade coming down!

"Do you know how /hard/ it is to get paint out of fur???" he says, his feet beating as fast a run as he can afford, lest he become splashed. Of course, this means he's a perfect target for a shot in the back, so he tries to make things a little harder for her by zig-zagging. A dumpster is vaulted over, followed by a jump to catch on to the underside of a fire escape, propelling himself forward and hitting the ground running.

"Bugs! Get your ass back here!"

Kate Bishop has posed:
"I thought you would appreciate it. Follow the White Rabbit Vorpal." echoes through the simulation.

The grenade specifically is just here to really amp the game and panic for Terry. Make it more intense. Make him make mistakles.

She pops him right in the arm when he manages to land that dumpster vault and fire escape.

When the 'paint ball' pops though it is like a taser blast on his right arm as the danger room encases it in a soft force shield to disable it.

"You're improving Vorp. You are actually picking up some parkour I'd say."

The rabbit continues on racing down and around another corner onto a main street.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Ow!" Vorpal says, quickly glancing at his arm. "Oh my god, Kate, I already /have/ green on me all the time!" Yes, that was a Gar joke, and the mental image is something he thinks she deserves for staining his fur! "I've been doing parkour for years you know- just... never gotten /shot/ at!"

When chasing someone on the street, he'd normally take to the rooftops to keep the high ground, which Kenobi will always tell you is the most important thing. But you can't do that when you have a sniper on the rooftops. At least... not now. The long game is to find a way to neutralize the shooter, but right now it is all about the dodging. When he comes onto the main street, he tries to run while keeping parked cars between himself and the line of fire. However, he can't do that all the time, which means he has to rely on trying to change his levels constantly. It's harder to do on a main street, however, so he adds leaping tumbles and rolls.

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Okay. That was a lame joke Vorp." okay it was actually pretty good, but she is absolutely sassing him at this point. "I mean, haven't you heard of a lint brush?"

"I mean it though." coming from another direction now. She is totally cheating and using the simulation to keep her hidden and redirect her voice as well. "You are slowly stubbornly getting better at these scenarios and drills."

The Rabbit is sitting on a newspaper stand at the end of the street. Glowing and looking smug as it checks a small pocket watch.

As Vorpal heads down the street and starts to make actual good progress, a van peels into view. On a collision course with the the news stand and the rabbit.

It suddenly became less about dodging gunfire and more about cardio and sprinting to save something.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Well-" pant "I can only fail so long before I start getting better... and speaking of that, I needed to tell you that I-"

And there comes the van. The cat's eyes widen.


Claws scrape on the road as he propels himself forward, keeping his body low to the ground.

He's only got the one chance.

It's interesting how adrenaline makes everything so raw and intense. Sensation supersedes thought, and thought becomes short and precise imperatives. There is something to be said for these danger room simulations- he's actually getting into the scenario.

He leaps forward into a dive, attempting to push the rabbit out of the way. This could end up horribly wrong if the timing isn't right.

Kate Bishop has posed:
The thing about this scenario.

Terry actually manages, barely, to get to the rabbit.

Is it the surge of adrenaline or Kate's meticulous control of the scenario parameters though that makes the difference though?

Honestly Terry may never know. The leap. The push. The tumble. Squeeling Tires.

One White Rabbit saved.

As Terry lays there on the ground, the rabbit checks it's watch again. Gives Terry a salute. Vanishes.

A sliding van door opens though and when Terry looks back he gets pegged in the shoulder with a paintball, Kate is sitting in the van.


"Wanted to tell me what?"

Still it doesn't look like it will lock up the other arm, already the scenario is fading out leaving a white empty space with Vorpal on the white ground and Kate sitting in a Van.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal grunts, and looks at his other arm. Annoying NEON green on it. He sighs. Interestingly enough, one of the new things that have come with his fur pattern change is also a mark that seems to be a Cheshire grin on his right shoulder in deep purple. The mark is actually showing /through/ the paint.

"... I want to drive the van next time," he says, but he thinks about it. "On second thought..." because that's calling for a car chase scenario. It might be fun, actually.

As he stands up, rubbing at his knees. He's still wearing the hoodie and jeans combo, what he usually wears when he's between outfits.

"That night... I am so sorry, Kate. I was, like... a colossal dick, when you were trying to help me." He looks down- a tear at the knee of the jeans. That's ok, it adds character.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate sort of just waves her hand in the air and the gun in her other hand, as well as the paint splotches on his arms vanish. The van is still there because Kate honestly doesn't feel like falling.

"Mmm.. I mean I could put you in a van for a scenario. I don't know if we have worked on your defensive or offensive driving. Which would be good to learn in case someone is blocking your Rabbit Holes."

When he gets all serious though and stands up looking sort of.. contrite. She blinks a couple of times and has to scramble mentally to figure out why or what he is referring to about being a huge dick.

"Oh... I mean yes... you were. As far as I could tell you were wallowing in self pity and apathy. The thing was Terry I wasn't sure if not having your cat had sapped your soul... or if it was actual self pity you were neck deep in." she offers a soft smile. "I didn't take it personally though. I was only pushing you because I was worried about you. You're like my brother and I would be a wreck if I lost you because you can't do a wind sprint."

Somehow there is sass even when she is being so damn endearing too.

"I appreciate the apology though."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"It was... a little of column B, a little of column A." Vorpal smiles sheepishly, rubbing his elbow. "I can't blame it all on missing half my soul. It felt like I had the life drained out of me... but I certainly didn't help myself with my attitude."

He walks over to Kate and grins, rubbing the back of his neck, "But I did listen. I'm going to do my best to be a good team player from now on."

"Speaking of which... we should get together with Donna and try to find a way to lure Cassie's doppel. As a team... what do you think? We can go out to Planet Herowood for burgers and planning and merge with the cosplayers."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate smiles and opens an arm, one of those half open lean down and give me a hug you idiot sort of gestures. "Well I am glad you recognize we are just looking out for you Terry and we care."

If he leans in she gives a squeeze, if he tries to wriggle free she notes "Six seconds minimum to get oxytocin" then releases on a six count.

As she leans back she considers the proposal about Cassie dopple. "Fuck Terry... I .." she sighs. "I admit I am scared to death about Cassie's doppleganger and Ant Girl." she also hasn't been staying in the Tower in her room consistently. She seems comes when she knows verified members are here.

She is very breakable compared to some despite all her work and the thought the tower isn't secure and she could be here sleeping is scary AF.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"You tellin' me? Ant Girl /shrunk/ me... they are scary," Vorpal says. He doesn't wriggle free from the hug- he's a hugger, after all, unashamedly so. "But and Donna have the tactics, and I've got Rabbit Holes, Kate. Cassie will not get anywhere near you, because /now/ that jerk is going to find exactly /what/ happens when someone not only an open holes in reality. She's going to find out what happens when those holes /chase/ you."

He raises an eyebrow, "Something I've been practicing... but that's for next drill. You have my back, I've got yours. What do you say? Shall we get Donna tomorrow and do some spitballing?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate smiles up to Vorpal "Absolutely. I can't help but feel that the Titans dopplegangers are our responsbility."

She slinks up to her feet "You going to let Donna know we have a planning session or should I fuzzball?"

The van fades out as she drops to the ground and her feet, walking towards the exit as she talks. "Did you like the White Rabbit... I know I did but..."

And so they go.