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Emma has a follow up session with Rogue
Date of Scene: 18 February 2021
Location: Main Kitchen
Synopsis: Emma talks to Rogue, Jean comes in and is the angel on the shoulder to Emma's devil. Devil wins. With bargains.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Emma Frost, Jean Grey

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was in the kitchen tonight. She hadn't eaten with everyone else, she'd been studying for college classes and had elected to eat at the smaller kitchen table rather than the large communal dining room table.

So here she is, seated at the table withher laptop in front of her and a plate of mostly finished food beside her with a fork held in its middle as her eyes are on the laptop reading the contents of its screen. Dressed in a maroon colored shirt with a low scooped neckline and bare shoulders, Rogue is wearing black gloves and blue jeans with leather boots on that goe up just past her ankles.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Maroon looks good on you... very... southern of you." Emma says as she moves into the kitchen area and as she's rarely seen eating with everyone else, the blonde is usually found here when she is eating, or she's scurried off down town or into the city. As is her perogative. Today she has a plate of mac and cheese with cut up hot dogs in it cause it's cold and that's all she remembers how to make when it's cold.

    "Saw Erik at the front gates today." She says trying to start some gossip but instead moves past that quickly as she takes a seat directly next to Rogue, "How are you feeling though? I'm much more interested in you and your progess."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes first bounce up to look at the entering Emma, then down to her top which is commented on due to it's color. It matches the lipstick she's wearing too, and she shows a smile to the compliment offered. "Thanks." She says softly before her eyes momentarily look at the plate of ... children's food? that Emma is carrying.

This draws a grin from Rogue, but she doesn't comment on it. It's her diet after all! When Emma sits beside her, Rogue glances at her laptop then back over to the blonde woman. "Erik who?" She doesn't know Magneto that well, hasn't seen him since last summer when she stopped him from doing 'something' in Mutant Town then she flew with him back here so he could chat with Charles.

"Oh, yeah, progress..." Rogue looks back to her computer and frowns. "I haven't touched anyone. It's, not an easy subject t'broach with random folks. Plus, most will just think I'm messin' with'em and run off. Remy skipped town again, and thus the most eager beaver t'touch me isn't here." She gives a glance to Emma with a knowing smirk.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "You mean that sewer rat with the hard-on for his coat left town? I bet he's gay." Emma says with a look up and away from Rogue as she takes her own fork and stabs a few noodles. "I mean, to not fawn over a girl looking the way you do. hmmm boy aint right." Eating her lunch with a dainty demeanor, Emma is the epitome of class and decorum. "Oh, Erik, he's, not important."

Rogue has posed:
It's about 30m past dinner time and Rogue and Emma are in the kitchen rather than the dining hall. Rogue had eaten her dinner in here and avoided the crowds in there. Seated with her laptop in front ofher, she's been studying for college classes and was working on a plate of food beside her computer. Dressed casually, the Belle is talking to Emma.

She grins at what the other says about Remy. "I can promise, he's not gay. Or if he is, he's fakin' it real well." She states with a small smirk as she takes that commentary with a grain of salt. When her eyes go back to her computer she reaches for a glass of water beside it. "I know like, four Erik's. So you'll have t'be more specific. But... yeah, the compliment is nice, so thank you." She seems a bit worried, like Emma's trying to butter her up with all the kindness.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "I don't know, he /really/ cared about that jacket." Emma says with a shrug before finally putting the fork in her mouth and taking a bite of her dinner. Mac and Cheese with cut up hot dog. Yeah, Rogue already called it childish. Emma isn't a great cook either. This has been established. "I don't know his last name, just, ... Magneto. Yeah, that one, but that's not important. Like I said." Emma explains again, this time rolling her eyes.

    Emma gathers up more food with the end of her fork as she continues the discussion. "Have you practiced any like I recommended though? That's the only way to get better, not by waiting for it to magically happen you know."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean in the kitchen at varied hours is not especially unusual; the school purveyor of hot drinks and baked goods often has a batch of something in the oven, or some other project partly in progress, ingredients to mix and chill in the fridge. And given the fact that she heads right to the fridge to open check on some covered containers suggests that this is very much the case. She's overheard bits and pieces of the conversation the other two are having, although the fact they're there at all probably comes as a mild surprise. Emma is a kitchen nightmare, Miss doesn't know how potatoes work! "Lehnsherr. He's... well, an old friend of Charles', along with his better known persona. And apparently he's interested in visiting," she explains, suggesting that she's been part of his visit, or at least privy to it.

"What are you two doing here?" she wonders, turning and making her way back to the counter. "Practice?" She pauses, reflecting on something, and then briefly closes her eyes, before opening them with a frown. More of worry than anger. "Emma..."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had watched the familiar form of the Headmistress stride in to the kitchen through the open doors out in to the hallway. She grins for a second at it before her eyes go back to Emma. Between Emma and Jean explaining to Erik was, Rogue is left with a slightly open mouth but she raises her drink up and takes a sip from it then sets it back down. "Oh, that guy." She says, unimpressed. "Yeah, I ran inta him last summah. Out at Mutant Town, causin' a ruckuss. Brought him back here. He wanted t'speak with the Professah. I get the sense he wanders in now an' then, like the resident 'weird uncle'."

She smirks at herself then as her eyes glance back to her computer. "He's kinda cute though, for an old fella." She comments before she reaches out to type something on her laptop keyboard.

"I /was/ workin' on school work. But now... well..." Jean's calling of Emma's name earns a look between the two women. "Guess she has some explainin' t'do." Rogue adds with a half cocked grin.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "I'm helping Rogue out with her school selections." Emma starts with a lie, I mean, look at Rogue, it's almost obvious she's going to the Oklahoma University, or some nonsense. Emma takes another quick bite of her mac 'n' cheese before shrugging her shoulders to Jean and smiling softly before pushing the bowl away and letting her shoulders droop. "I didn't get the poor girl anything for her birthday and she's been struggling so hard lately, I thought I'd get her something, y'know, nice, and unique." Emma says with a devious wink towards Rogue before facing Jean again. "Remember we're supposed to be about helping others and each other around here, aren't we?" Emma explains, buttering up Jean, or trying to.

Jean Grey has posed:
"That's a pretty good explanation, actually." The 'Weird Uncle' moniker for Magneto, that is. "I'm allowing him on campus, but there'll be some restrictions on his movement and ability to be alone with the students. I think that strikes a reasonable balance- and it's not as if we can conceal his message, or even want to. It's a philosophical issue they'll all have to struggle with eventually." She shrugs it off, but quickly adds, "Keep your schedules open, in case I need you to play babysitter."

Which leaves the excuses Emma is making, which to her credit, she gives up on sooner than later. Jean takes a breath, slow and steady. "Of course she has. But it's something we've been working on... -slowly-." Forgetting whatever else she was doing, she moves around the table to come and stand near Rogue's side, but turned sideways with an elbow on the counter and her eyes on the younger woman. "Despite the fact it feels that way, it really isn't as simple as just flipping a switch. We're dealing with biological processes, and they can change or adapt in unexpected ways." Headmistress Jeff Goldblum, in the house. "How do you feel, Marie?"

Rogue has posed:
The talk of Magneto is interesting to Rogue, but she doesn't have much to say on it. The part about him living at the mansion for a spell though, has her leaning back in her chair and crossing ler legs at the knee, folding her arms across her stomach under her chest and a faint grin showing on her maroon hued lips that match the tone of the shirt she's wearing. "Maybe I'll practice with him." She does say with a sly joking grin, her usual.

Rogue shakes her head at Emma's 'dodge' attempt. "I'm goin' to the community college outta Salem Center, nothin' fancy, sorry. It's just about gettin' the degree and movin' on, I don't care about frills." Maybe she's touchy about her crappy college!

When Jean steps to the other side of her from which Emma is on, Rogue looks over at her after listening to her response to the 'switch'. "I feel fine. Really." She replies to the question. "Here." Rogue slips her right glove off and reaches her arm over to reach out toward Jean. "Emma says this is just 'help'. Like I need t'flex a muscle to get it inta shape, then I'll be able t'have control." She looks to Emma. "Right?"

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Erik's boring, but yeah, if you need, I'll babysit the geriatric." Emma says with a roll of her eyes, and smirking as the idea of her and Jean talking about Rogue on opposite sides of her shoulders, like the angel and devil they are often viewed as, with the colors on the wrong persona. "I'm telling Marie here needs to practice touching people in she wants to learn how to not hurt people touching them, and yet, she deserves to be able to have phsyical contact when she wants and needs, so I gave her an 'easy button' to turn off her powers. She knows the responsibilities, and what it takes to become her best self." Emma then puffs out her chest slightly, "Hell, I've offered to be the one she learns control with. She doesn't want to hurt friends, hurt me, I'm already the punching bag around here anyways."

Jean Grey has posed:
It is a notable show of trust, faith, or simple willingness as a friend to help in whatever way she can, that Jean doesn't flinch away from the touch. If someone has to be a guinea pig as part of this process, it may as well be her. So she stands there and waits for Rogue to make contact, and when she doesn't immediately start weakening, offers a soft smile, yet one that's still far from elated or celebratory as one might expect. Instead, it's a more controlled, restrained look, that evidences worry beneath the relief. "Well, I'm not dead," she announces, deadpan. "So that's good."

Jean draws a long, deep breath, holding and expelling it. She doesn't want to come off like the villain here, playing the 'adult' in the room. But... "I'm sure you feel fine -now-," she tells Rogue, before turning toward the other woman. "And I know what you did, or can imagine. But that doesn't change what I was saying. Controlling powers in this way, it's not that reliable, or even necessarily healthy, or we'd do it all the time. Blocks break down, things reassert themselves under stress. She uses her powers reflexively, and controlling a reflex isn't easy. That's basicaly the definition. Unconscious action."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue took Jean's hand and smiled up at her after she said she was at least not dead yet. "Imagine that." Rogue quips back with a grin before she gives Jean's hand a soft squeeze and releases it again to draw her hand back to her own lap where she takes her black long glove and drapes it over one of her thighs.

The Belle's eyes dance between Jean and Emma before Rogue smirks at Emma. "If you were a punchin' bag, you'd be filled with more holes than swiss cheese around here, Emma Frost."

Jean's lecture isn't taken lightly by Rogue either, and she looks back to that side of her where the redhead is. "How about you take a peak inside my head, maybe tomorrow? And before I go testin' this 'switch' on people, I make sure I see one'a you every day t'verify that things are still 'good' and not... eroded, or whatever. I dunno, this is you all's field, not mine." Her eyes look down at her laptop now. "I see one'a you at least once a day, so it wouldn't be too hard t'check in on stuff, right?" She glances to Emma for that one.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma watches the touch and bites her lip, stifling the idea of catcalling or making any sort of remark, but she understands how important this is to Marie. "Of course, I can do daily check-ins. No problem here." The White Queen notes as she looks back from Rogue towards Jean, and the younger telepath winks to the redhead. "I just think drastic actions need to be taken at this point. She can't miss out on life. She's about to go to college, what would you have been like if you couldn't hold a boys hand, or experiment with your friends, or just be a normal ass girl while you were in school, hmm, Jean?" Emma asks with a lift of her blone brows in a teasing fashion, but she feels she has a solid point.

Jean Grey has posed:
A moment passes, Jean giving Rogue's hand a little squeeze before they let go, and then a nod at the rough 'course' that she suggests going forward. "Sure. I'll take a closer look when you're not busy with this. Tomorrow, or you can come up later, if you want, after you sort this out." Which does bring her attention to the laptop screen, evaluating this -other- big step in the young woman's life. "Can't stand to be away from us, huh?" And while she teases at first, it's quickly followed up: "It's still a SUNY, and not a bad school." It's not surprising that Jean would be familiar with most of the local educational options, since she's frequently going to be advising students, or arranging for them to take supplemental classes. "You'll do great. And still be here to haul our groceries."

She didn't get that truck for nothing!

"I'm not mad," she finally reassures Emma, turning back and holding up a hand to apparently stifle the more in-depth argument and litany of justifications. "We've talked about it before. I just don't want anyone getting hurt, or any unrealistic expectations here. But we'll keep an eye on things, and see how it goes."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue grins at Emma's words toward Jean, even adding a slight shake of her head which has her finely brushed brown and white locks waving at the sides of her face. She glances over to Jean and nods once at her words about the check-up to make sure her mental 'blocks' are all stacked properly still. "You betcha. I'm all done here really anyway."

As she stands up from the table she takes her plate and glass toward the sink. "Yeah well, I started classes awhile back but dropped out. So I figured I may as well pick up where I left off anyway. I've... gained quite a bit'a confidence. Since they do everything online now, ya'll get t'keep me around as your true guardian and savior from all threats too." She grins at them both as she walks back to the table and picks up her laptop, closes it and slides it in to the leather satchel hanging on her chair that she picks up.

"I'm gonna head upstairs, I think. I'll catch ya in a bit?" She asks Jean before looking to Emma. "You're not a punchin' bag here, and you are a friend, so stop bein' a grumpy Guss." The Belle tells her before making her way toward the door.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma squints her eyes at Rogue. "Heartbreaker." Emma calls towards the southerner as she walks away and turns her attention towards Jean with little more than a shrug. "I know what I'm doing Jean, I'm not going to lead her down the path of lazyness and bad hygine." Emma stands up and picks up her bowl, holding onto the fork also with the same hand. "You're free to check up on her, but it's probably up to both of us to make sure she does learn true control. Plus I've made it safe for everyone here. It's a win win in my book." She says as she saunters away as well, seemingly done with dinner herself. "Ta-ta."