5242/Meet the grand parents

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Meet the grand parents
Date of Scene: 18 February 2021
Location: Main Foyer
Synopsis: Magneto has a conversation with his granddaughter from the future.
Cast of Characters: Talia Wagner, Erik Lensherr

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia meant it when she told Quentin and Ruth to bail on the situation at the Mutant Care Center and head back to the school.

I mean sure she absolutely hesitated to take her own advice when Magneto showed up and she had to stop and just stare after him until he went back into the sky.

Once that was done though she bailed on the crime scene and grabbed one of the bikes she had borrowed from the school and took off at high speed skirting a speeding ticket in the process back towards the school.

She comes in the front door slamming it a touch still irritated at the whole damn situation, a bike helmet in her hand as she mutters angrily to what she assumes is herself. "Bubbie hasn't slowed down a bit .. this is all going to end so badly I know it."

She is just a ball of tension, and still using her image inducer, which besides the helmet is the only metal really on her. Well that and her phone.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
It is a well known fact at this point that Magneto has been spied around the mansion. Usually he's speaking with Charles, but he's been welcomed to stay so long as he keeps from causing trouble and follows fairly straightforward rules that he's not argued with. As he said, he's not here to upset the apple cart.

Which begs the question what he is here for.

Charles isn't voicing what their conversation was about, but few people have actually asked. And even fewer have asked Magneto. Most seem afraid, having heard stories, or angry... having heard stories.

When he returns to the mansion he's changed from his mesh armor into a long wool coat over a black vest on slate grey shirt with a black tie. A pair of black slacks, shoes, and a flat cap on his head. His hair, nearly to the middle of his back when not braided, hangs white as the snow outside around his shoulders and his beard is long, but well groomed.

He does not look his age.

Upon entering the foyer, he immediately removes his coat at the door, taking care to shake the few snowflakes from the garment before hanging it up. Repeating this with his cap. Casual, but polite.

Talia Wagner has posed:
The door she just so recently shut firmly is opened and then closed once more and she turns her attention back to it now expecting Quentin or Ruth honestly since they were the only ones out at the protest scene.

Okay she was not expecting Magneto to be and the young blonde seeming woman blinks a few times. The expression though isn't one of anger or fear. Which does not prevent it from seeming like the cat has her tongue though for a long moment there as she stares. Perhaps a little bit rudely with the whole staring silently.

Under her breath she murmurs "Erik.." then clears her throat. "That was an impressive entrance down in the city. Both in the timing and the potential for an impactful photo opportunity." pause "Sir." probably shouldn't call him gramps.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Magneto had seen Talia, of course, folding his coat over his arm once it was clear of snow. Headed towards the stairs where he could get some sleep in a room provided to him as a guest. He doesn't much acknowledge the whispering of his name, whether because he hadn't heard it or because he's use to that sort of response.

It isn't until Talia indirectly accuses him of something that he pauses. Turning slowly to face her with a raised brow. "You know, it's rather rude to make such off handed accusations about someone?" He doesn't murmur.

To the point, he speaks clearly and confidently. "If you wish to speak your opinion, but feel obliged only to allude to it, you've weakened the stance of your argument without ever hearing a rebutal."

Talia Wagner has posed:
Her head tilts lightly to the side. She still doesn't look mad just thoughtful.

"Sorry, you're right sir." old habits really die hard sometimes. "Mortimer is a horrible actor, he always has been a fool and a weak resource. I'm not even talking about the skimming due to his greed." pauses a beat "The brotherhood recruits were spread very thin and the protestors were grouped up in two very different factions. The way the Brotherhood vets melted away leaving the new bloods was planned. The violent protestors, half of them melted away as well. The whole thing was a designed to create sympathy for mutants and drive mutant radicalization." she just shakes her head lightly.

"Honestly I am not even mad, I am just worried where this will all end. Raven, bless her heart, is not the most balanced or restrained and this is going to just keep ramping."

There is another pause "I'm sorry though.. I'm being very rude. My name is Talia Josephine Wagner-Lehnsher and we haven't met." she genuinely means that, it isn't sass, she is actually being respectful, her mom raised her right really.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik listens to what Talia says, arms folded beneath the jacket laying upon his forearms like a waiter cloth, "Toad has his benefits." He says this only once Talia has finished speaking her piece, all of it. Even then he's silent for a moment before breaching that quiet to address any of it. "His loyalty is predictable, but he follows orders when they're given." If not too the letter.

"I didn't see the arrangement of Brotherhood prior to when I arrived, but I suspected this was some ploy by Raven. She has a very... ecclectic approach to freedom fighting that often is at odds with my own intentions." He doesn't attempt to convince anyone that she means well.

She doesn't.

"But my arrival at that moment was not planned. I was here.." Motioning around at the mansion, "I over heard the events on the news and came when I could." Whether a lie or not, he speaks with confidence.

"Wagner-Lehnsher." One brow creeps upwards, "I assume there is an explanation."

Talia Wagner has posed:
"Ecclectic approach to freedom fighting is definitely one way to describe her approach. Assassinating politicians to light a fire that will start a hot war with humanity is another." a tired sigh.

She isn't honetly sure if Erik was part of Mystique's plot or not. If he really did show up to just prevent loss of mutant life or if it was a poster boy moment for Mutant Rights. Honestly he has his own nation of a sorts and doesn't need to whip up a fevor with the Brotherhood.

She lets that line of conversation drop.

"My mother is Wanda Maximoff and my father is Kurt Wagner." she taps her image inducer off revealing the velvety blue furred natural form. "Which is why I know a good bit about how the brotherhood operates, back home at least. You see I'm not from these parts... but rather unstuck from time and unable to return to my home and family."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik is very careful about how he describes Mystique, to be sure. Regardless of what she is, she's close to him and he cares for her. He can acknowledge the monster in her, of course, but he wouldn't do so in front of a stranger.

Which Talia is.

One who knows a great deal about things.

He remains standing on the bottom two steps. One foot up higher than the other and his arms folded beneath that coat. "Your mother is Wanda Maximoff and your father is Kurt Wagner." That seems an odd statement. One he honestly would have never thought a possibility.

"Interesting. So a time traveller." Funny how they just accept these things, but they really do lead very strange lives. "My condolensces for your inability to return to your family. Why have you come to this time, however? Is it to prevent form dystopian future?" It always is.

Talia Wagner has posed:
Indeed, a stranger who is actually family, which if true explains why she knows so much about her Grandmother and yet doesn't feel bad calling a spade a spade. Even if she has conflicting emotions tangled up in blood.

"Honestly I figured that was probably it to be honest, but no I don't think so. I'm pretty sure a stupid magic spell caused me to go off course and be seperated from my team. If there is a dysoptian future or crisis about to destroy this whole timeline I haven't been able to get the feel of it yet." a light shrug. "Senator Kelly's assasination moment seems to have been foiled by the Summers kid some time ago."

"Mom and Dad actually make a great couple, I know it is a really odd outlier since they both usually end up with other people. With enough timelines though just about anything is possible." she hand wobbles with that very inhuman hand.

"I've been unstuck from time for several years with a team of mutants. We usually show up to fix damaged timelines before they snuff out. The carrot being that if we fix enough of the cascading failure in the fabric of time we will save our own timeline and go home. Something went wrong and I'm the only one here and honestly I'm starting to think I may be stuck here sir."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Magneto looks tired, but he looked tired even before Talia delivered this revelation of family bonds. He continues to stare at her for several moments, then nods his acceptance. "That is a lot of information to digest, Talia." The realities being that she's a stranger regardless of her relation in some other timeline. "You seem very intelligent and observant. A traight I can only assume came from your mothers side of the family."

That was an actual joke.

Dry, but still a joke.

"I would like to speak again before I leave, but I must get some sleep. It has been a very taxing evening." For obvious reasons, no doubt. "And I am sure you too could use the rest." The coat slips from one arm, fully onto the other so that he can extend his hand to her.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Josephine."

Talia Wagner has posed:
Okay that actually engenders a bit of a smile. She didn't miss the fact it was a joke it seems. She is actually quite familiar with Erik's humor which might be a bit disturbing. "Dad actually became the field leader back home, he has deep wells of resolve and potential that are untapped as of yet."

She will step forward though and take his hand giving it a firm, but measured hand shake. "Pleasure to meet you too sir. Sorry for dumping all of that, but it is better than being evasive and you hearing it from Raven once she confronts me. I'd rather you not think I was hiding it all or being evasive about it." she steps back giving him space.

"I hope you have a good nights rest."