5246/Visiting The Redhead

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Visiting The Redhead
Date of Scene: 18 February 2021
Location: Carrie's Room - Wayne Manor
Synopsis: Carrie drops a bomb on Steph of her future plans.
Cast of Characters: Carrie Kelley, Stephanie Brown

Carrie Kelley has posed:
The light in Carrie's room is on, though, it looks like from what's peeking out under the door that it's just her desk lamp. The woman has a bag on her bed, and is currently going through some things in her bedside table drawer. She's not rifling through it like she's looking for something quickly, but clearly she's packing a bag to be gone for awhile.

She stands from the table, closing the drawer as she does so, and then heads for the other side of the room: her closet. She is, notably, in uniform, and she is moving quietly, so as not to attract attention from anyone who may be in a nearby room.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
It's past halfway in the month which means Stephanie Brown's budget is already starting to run a little low. Fewer times eating out, and more scrounging for meals. Which means stopping in at home to see her mother even more than her already normal visits. Making sure she's there if her mother needs her, and watchful for signs of Crystal Brown relapsing in her use of painkillers.

It also means Stephanie is more likely to stop by Wayne Manor, accidentally on purpose at around meal time. Alfred made her a sandwich. Meatballs with a marinara that is out of this world, and Stephanie doesn't know what kind of cheese he uses as Alfred would only smile and say it wasn't readily available.

The sandwich is already halfway consumed as Stephanie carries it up the stairs, taking a bite and being careful the plate catches any crumbs, or marinara splatters. The newly-turned nineteen year old makes her way down the hall, glancing at the doors of the various Wayne wards, but stopping when she gets to Carrie's. Stephanie gives a hard rap with her knuckles. "Carrie, you here?" The door wasn't latched all the way and it swings partway open under the force of the knock.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
While she isn't HIDING that she's packing a bag, she doesn't really want it advertised. Carrie looks over to Steph as the door creaks open and says, "Hey, come on in." And then, as soon as she's in, brushes by and closes the door firmly to keep anyone else from stepping in unannounced.

She walks back to the closet, and pulls out a pair of jeans, looks at them, puts them back. She then pulls out a second suit, and carries it over to the bag to stuff into it, "How are you doing?" she asks, casually.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie smiles over to Carrie. "Good. Right as rain. Like I'd never been infested with demon ichor in the first place," she says wit a grin too light-hearted for the topic. "Doc says it probably won't even leave a scar."

She walks over and takes a seat on the edge of Carrie's bed, being careful with the plate as she watches Carrie packing. "Where you heading off to?" she asks before the blond takes a big bite of the meatball sub. It leaves bits of marinara on each side of her mouth, but Stephanie, "mmmms" and finishes the bite before wiping it up with her finger and popping that in her mouth, before using the napkin she brought.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"I'm glad to hear it, that looked like a rather nasty slice you had. But, it's good that the doctors are gonna heal you up. And I'm sure all your boyfriends will like to see you sans scar." Carrie replies, as she goes under her bed, and pulls out a pair of good running shoes. Those go in the bag as well.

"Oh, just off for a while. I don't know when I'll be back around. The last few weeks have...been enlightening for me. I think I need some time, and space, to figure out what it is I really want." She considers for a few moments, and then leaves it at that for now. Another box is taken from under the bed, and put in the bag. Then, back to the closet.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The comment about Stephanie's many boyfriends gets a wry-sounding laugh from Stephanie. "Ok now I'm starting to think you were the one who was injured and delirious," she says. Stephanie's hand goes for a moment to her upper chest, where a necklace might hang if it was being worn. She stopped wearing the compass with the diamonds months ago, but the comment makes her think of it. "Since Roberto and I broke up, I'm back to as hopeless as I ever was," she says.

Stephanie takes another bite as she listens to Carrie's answer about the packing. One of the blond's eyebrows goes up a bit. "Oh? I know we haven't had much chance to get together lately. Sounds like things aren't ok?" Stephanie asks, making that a question at the end.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"You're better off without him, I never really liked that guy." Carrie says, adding a few pieces of underwear, and a couple of non descript t-shirts to the bag. "And, you're not hopeless, you're a beautiful young woman. Take your time, find someone who treats you well and isn't going to hurt you." Standard sisterly advice? Yes, but she does mean it, as she walks over to give Stephanie a couple of pats on the shoulder. And then she's off again to find something else.

She pulls out a couple of cutting tools from the locker she has behind her door, considers something else, sticks with the tools she has, "I am fine, things are fine...just...I went to France for that semester abroad and it really changed my perspective about some things. Then there was this guy, /Justin/ who was kinda a douche so...I might be down on men right now...but anyways he and France and the space ship I saw and the weird alien I met and this...vampire...person..and Harley Quinn. I dunno. I think I just need some time away. Y'know?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie continues to eat, though when the sandwich doesn't require her attention for that, the blond is focused on Carrie. The coed seems to take the dating advice, though rather than take it to heart she just kind of nods along. Nothing about her life has given her reason to think her love life will change for the better. The thing with Roberto was wonderful, better than she ever thought she'd have. But it hadn't worked out. And the girl who struggles in social situations doesn't really expect that to change.

"Wow, that is a lot," Stephanie agrees as she hears what Carrie went through while she was away. "Well, are you going to be out abroad somewhere then? And, I'd certainly better get postcards and pictures if you are!"

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"I joined the crew of the alien space ship I...encountered. I'll be...uh...nowhere in the vicinity for some time." Carrie replies, cheerfully? She starts to close the bag she has, "It's a pretty advanced ship though, and the captain seems competent, so I should be able to keep an eye on things going on in Gotham. If stuff gets REALLY bad, I will come back."

Carrie then throws the bag over her shoulder, leans in, kisses Steph on the forehead, and tells her, "Don't let Tim or Jason ruin you. You're a good girl, and a good friend, and I am going to miss you. But, I will be back once I've figured some things out."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie looks surprised. "So you're going... really away," the girl says, blue eyes widening. "I... just... wow, Carrie. Are you sure? I mean, if you get stuck out there you could get stuck out there for good," she says. Not trying to talk her out of it so much as just expressing her own worry.

Stephanie sets down her plate, the sandwich mostly gone, and stands up toss her arms around Carrie and give her a big hug. "Damn I'm going to miss you," she says. She lets out a soft scoff at the mention of Tim or Jason. "Bah, those guys? They got enough to worry about on their own," she says.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"Don't tell Bruce, ok? I...should write him a letter, but I want to do so when I'm a fair number of lightyears away so he doesn't build a BatRocket and then try and 'save me from myself' or something." Carrie says, half joking, maybe. Bruce WOULD build a BatRocket.

She grins at Stephanie's question, "I am sure. I mean, look at what happened in NYC, look at that attack on Pearl Harbor, look at...any number of things. And, it seems like there isn't anyone from Gotham up there kicking space baddie butt, so, someone's gotta, y'know? Gotham represent." Another joke? Falsa bravado? Either way she's moved on to the next topic.

"They do, yes, but they can also be tremendous asshats sometimes, so just...if they start turning into real dicks shoot me a email and I'll come straighten them out." She gets to the window, and opens it, "Also, if you want, there's like...three hundred dollars in my dresser underwear drawer. Its yours. I don't think Earth money is gonna be worth much in space."