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Never Cage a Lyon
Date of Scene: 15 March 2020
Location: Clarendon Shipping, Brooklyn, NYC
Synopsis: Wolf and Spidey try to rescue a Mob Princess and Spidey gets rescued himself.
Cast of Characters: Peter Parker, Leon O'Malley, Alanna Lyons

Peter Parker has posed:
Alanna Lyons is not having a good day.

She is a smart, savvy, organizational powerhouse. On the upside, that makes her a valuable asset to her family.

The downside, one she is made aware of about the same time Tony and Mick are gunned down and the black bag is pulled over her head, is that it also makes her a target.

One hour later, the bag is pulled off of her head at about the time she thinks it can't get any worse. And then the universe proves her wrong when she finds herself looking into the face of John Rath, one of Silvermane's less-cultured underbosses. She is familiar with him and his enterprises in drug-smuggling, human-trafficking, and the bloodier methods of "problem-solving."
And in this case, familiarity has DEFINITELY bred contempt.
She was a hostage. Silvermane wanted her family to come through with some concessions, and she was the leverage. If her family did not comply, Rath said he had carte blanche to "convince" them. He said he would start harvesting body parts for delivery in two hours.
He grinned. "And you, little miss mastermind, are simply..."

<"...meat for the beast.">
The signal came in loud and clear. Spider-Man tilted his head to listen further.
He was here to see why the place was taking deliveries in the dead of night, and he was pretty sure this was why. However, there were SCADS of thugs here from the Silvermane ranks. He MIGHT need some help.
So, ten minutes ago, he had called the number Wolf had provided. "Wolf Spider. Spider-Man Sending you a GPS waypoint. Silvermane Crime family, forty armed killers, one hostage. You want to make this partnership work? Consider this your audition."

Leon O'Malley has posed:
Due to only having a crappy flip phone, Leon had to find out the location Spidey gave the old fashioned way. Looking it up online and typing out note in his phone....Ok, not super old, but still older than GPS in your phone, dagnabit!

    He manages to arrive on time still, thanks to being able to swing and stare at his phone at the same time, landing softly next to the Web-Head, "Fourty on three? We like those odds." He declares in his hellish amalgamated voice as he straightens up, "Got a plan yet? I'm not keen on winging it with a hostage involved..."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
There were many upsides and downsides to being in a crime family. Downsides often included situations like this one. The name had value, and sometimes it meant being a pawn in a grander scheme. The problem Alanna didn't like bein a pawn much. She could pretend all she wanted, but in the end... true colors always show.

"You realize even if you get what you want you've permanently ruined your relationship with the Lyon family. That's not something to just turn your nose up at. Wars have been started over less. That's a very, very dangerous line being tread."

Peter Parker has posed:
Rath chuckled. "Honey, six months from now, the Lyons are going to be absorbed, or smashed. There's a new dynasty forming, sweet cheeks. Your family is obsolete. So all the value you have..."
He grinned savagely. "...is PARTS."

Spider-Man has had some time to analyze the situation, listen to the chatter over the radio.

"They all have walkie-talkies. They check in every 15 minutes, in ten groups. The best way to do it is start picking them off after the check-in period." He turned to Wolf. "MINIMUM NECESSARY FORCE, Wolf. Knock them out, web them to the wall, lock them in a shipping container, wound them if there's no choice, I dunno, SCARE THEM OFF if you have to, but if you feel you have to kill them to stop them, then this ain't going to work. We have to be BETTER than them."

He points out the groups of three and four. "I can bollix up the camera feed. Wait for me to hack the CCTV and set up a video feed loop. I'll do it while they are doing the check-in. Then I'll give you the signal, and then...do what you have to do." He looked directly into that unsettling face, and both Wolf and Leon can see he is dead serious.

Leon O'Malley has posed:
Leon surveys the groups as Spidey gives his rundown, "...That hurts our feelings. I haven't killed anyone since I got back." He declares cryptically. A moment's pause and he looks back to meet Peter's demanding gaze, "...On your signal, Spider-Man." He says in a rare serious tone with an emphatic nod before moving to a better strike position.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"See, you say that but then I look at my family's history. You don't just disappear after decades of hard work. You're an awful lot of talk for someone who really doesn't have much power at all. Very thin line you're treading, like I said, /very/ thin line."

Sure, Alanna's talking, but it's not all she's doing. She's taking advantage of his loud mouth to scope out her immediate vicinity. There weren't guarantees what kind of backup she had, which meant she had to assume she was working with what she had in here.

Peter Parker has posed:
From what Alanna can see, she is in an office. Not ground floor, though. Second floor, and it has the feel of an office INSIDE another building. There is also that scent of industrial cleanser, the kind used to clean garages.
And then there is the desk with the calendar. The company that gave out the calendar is CLARENDON SHIPPING. So...odds are, she is in a warehouse. An inner office, then most likely an outer office with a view of the warehouse, and most likely a set of stairs. Metal, but more likely concrete.
She was handcuffed to the chair, a metal job that was bolted to the floor...so she probably wasn't Rath's first guest here. Which was also troubling. No worries about disguising his face, or his voice, or his involvement. Which suggested he wasn't worried about her telling anyone...

Spider-Man landed on the roof of the warehouse, then dropped the small matchbox-sized drone on the camera. There was a tiny pop as the drone connected to the video feed.

Five seconds...ten...fifteen...twenty. Twenty had to be enough. Another flash, and then a beep as the feed kicked in.

The lights flickered for a moment, and Rath looked up, frowning.

"GO," Spider-Man sent to Wolf's flip-phone. He REALLY had to get Spider-Comms up and running.

Leon O'Malley has posed:
As soon as he sees Peter's signal, Leon drops down from a light pole behind a quadrio of guards, just as many tendrils snaking out of him and slithering along the floor towards them. Before the rearest guard can react, Leon has him in a choke hold, the first tendril striking his radio as the goon loses conciousness.

     After the guard stops struggling, Leon carefully lowers him down, then skulks up behind the remaining guards. The two on the flank are suddenly snatched around the neck by the tendrils and head-bopped together hard enough to drop them, drawing the last one's attention, the last tendril striking as he whips around and puncturing his radio as Leon rips the rifle from his hand and swats him across the jaw with it, leaving him cold.

     More tendrils sprout and ensare the bruised goons, dealing with the two unscathed radios before wrapping their owners up, and quickly dragging them off the ground and over to Leon as he pops a shipping container door open to stuff them into. With the container re-sealed, Leon hops back away, out of sight of the cameras, giving Spidey an OK sign as he settles in.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Valuable information that Alanna would need to remember was all around her. Could be vital to getting out. She's already trying to figure out a plan when there's /something/ happening. Her gaze flicks up to the lights. "Forgot to pay your electrical this month?" She sounds more than amused, capitalizing on the distracting lights.

"Sure you don't want to reconsider maybe giving up now? Or maybe you aren't afraid of that little flicker of light. After all, it's probably nothing, right?" The seed of doubt.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man doesn't swing into action. He's playing trap-door spider now, and there are a lot of candiates. Two guys below him turn towards the scuffle, and suddenly are yanked skyward, cocooned before they reach the roof. Spidey webs them to the roof, then plucks the walkies from them and throws them towards the river. He gets pretty good distance, too. He peeks over and to the left, where another three have finished checking in and are ready to go to the panel truck to smoke a cigarette. Unfortunately, a Spider lands in their midst, and a wham-bam-goodnight slam later, all three are out cold.

Rath frowns. He checks his watch. Something is wrong, but he can't put his finger on it. He looks to a man standing in the corner, a man-mountain called Thud Perkins. "Check on the guys outside."
He looks back to Alanna and gives her a pitying smile. "Don't worry. Don't expect some white knight to come in and save your tiny heiney..."
"...Boss? Charlie and Foxtrot aren't responding." Perkins has a voice to match the build.

Rath's smile freezes.

Leon O'Malley has posed:
With a quarter of the goons now in varying states of conciousness and freedom of movement, Leon looks over the pair webbed to the roof, "...We need to work on being able to do that..." He mutters to himself before hopping back down to catch a pair just moving out of camera range, managing a double choke with their own rifles while his tendrils ruin their radios.

    Leon then drags the pair off further out of sight, only for another trio to happen around the corner into him tucking the pair away. As they raise their rifles he's already moving, one hand elongating into long horrible claws, and a pair of tendrils snatching the guns from the two in the back as slashes the front-man's gun to ribbons before it can fire, a hard fist forcing all the air out of his lungs as he's then hoisted up and whipped into the other pair. With them now down, they're added to the small pile after a good ol' rousing round of radio destruction.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"I have to say, I think white knights are a little overrated. Besides, are you entirely certain that /you're/ the one that needs saving?" Alanna is preparing her bluff. It requires precise ingredients, sauteed in a pan until caramelized, and then plated with a touch of fear and doubt to really bring out the flavor.

"Clarendon Shipping, right? Whose idea was that one, or was it yours? I'm just curious who it was that sold you out or if you stumbled into this little trap on your own. But, I tell you what. You weren't a /total/ asshole to me this whole time, so if you release me now I'll let you know which exit on the ground floor isn't rigged to blow. Or, you know, we can sit here and have a little chat while people die."

Cards placed, bluff made. Now to watch.

Peter Parker has posed:
Rath snarls. "Then go to FUCKING RED ALERT, you big ape!" He looks to Alanna, then says, "Later for you. Choose what you want to give up first. Pinky or big toe."
And with that, Rath and Thud leave the inner office, leaving Alanna alone with the smell of old bleach and uneasiness.

Spidey runs along the roof. Things were going well. Wolf hadn't killed anyone, a lot of the goons were out of commission, maybe they might get in and out...

And suddenly all the emergency lights came on, as radios squawked a siren out of each one.

Spidey sighed. The Parker Luck FINALLY showed up to school, and it brought guns for the WHOLE class. He could see thugs readying weapons and knew they were on borrowed time.
He didn't think so much as react, picking the largest group of four and dropping on them like the sticky wrath of God, firing webs below him to pin the quartet to the pavement, landing in the midst of them and clocking them one by one.

Three left outside. Are any close by?
The Spider-Sense sounded off in his head, and his head jerked to the side as a bullet passed an inch from his right ear.
Oh...guess so. THERE you are.

Leon O'Malley has posed:
As Leon snaps back up to the warehouse roof, he spots a trio spotting Spidey, sprinting across the roof towards them as they let the shoosting begin and leaping off to drop in front of them, a good dozen rounds impacting him as he humanoid shields Spidey before they run their clips dry, sloughing out as if floating through crude oil.

    Before they can decide whether to reload, swap weapons, or pee and run away, Leon extends his arm, his fingers suddenly elongating into harsh whip like tendrils and battering the trio down to the ground until they stop resisting. Once they're subdued, he turns back to Spidey, "Ya get winged? If you can, walk it off, we've got a hostage to save and probly a lot less time to do it now." He says in that awful overlay before moving for the warehouse door.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Damn. She was hoping that would work. It was an ambitious bluff, but a long shot at best. That meant that Alanna had to work to either get the handcuffs off or the chair moved, but of which appeared to be a bit tricky. Her eyes scan the room even as she moves her wrists around, trying to wiggle and wrench her wrists free of the cuffs.

"Hope whoever's out there is friendly," she mutters. With her luck she'd be passed off to a /different/ family.

Peter Parker has posed:
There are various ways to get out of handcuffs. One way is to tighten the wrists while being cuffed, then relax when trying to get out.
However, sometimes God forgives and cuts you a break. Said break being someone choice to use the handcuffs he used on her girlfriend instead of police-issue cuffs. Because police-issue cuffs don't have the little hidden catch that quick-release the cuffs without using the normal method.
Finding that little level was a little surreal.

Spidey shakes his head. "No, I'm fine. I'll go around the side, go through the windows."
Spidey fired a webline jumped to the right, and swung around in a wide arc to wind up the force needed.

Men were converging on the loading bay door, rifles, pistols, and a couple of shotguns, and none of them with the safety on.
So, when the window exploded inward and Spider-Man crashed through, it caught a lot of them off-guard.

"Heyy! YOU ain't the Girl Scouts!"

Leon O'Malley has posed:
Leon gives Spidey a nod as the plan is set forth. Upon hearing the window crashing in, he reels back and kicks the door in and off, smashing it into and bouncing into the air off of the poor schmuck closest to Peter's point of entry, tendrils excitedly wriggling up out of his back as the chaotic stage is set.

    As the goons begin to panic, Leon bursts through the doorway and makes a beeline for the backrow, bringing his arm up to protect his head as he bullrushes through, a black shield forming out of his arm to better punch through the goons defensive line.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"Son of a..." Alanna catches the latch on the handcuffs, sparing half a second to laugh at the sheer stupidity of it all. It's just a shame she hadn't found it earlier, punching Rath in the jaw when he was surprised would have been very satisfying. Still, she won't count her trick handcuffs before they're hatched. She gets to her feet, rubbing her wrists as she looks around the room for some kind of improvizable weapon.

Once she had /something/ in hand, she goes for the door, opening it very slowly.

Peter Parker has posed:
Guns get pointed every which way as Spider-Man jumps into the fray on the side of the group opposite the loading bay doors, putting the gunsels in the middle between a Spider and a hardcase, and THWIPPing for all he's worth. Pistols become webbing balls. Guys find out how hard a spider can hit as clocks get cleaned.

Spidey hops over a fired stray shot that pings off the stairwell to the office, kicking the shooter and working along the periphery. He doesn't want to blunder into Wolf's range of motion and compromise Wolf...or himself. He thinks that a fist from Wolf would be VERY painful. As Wolf blitzes the group, Spidey moves to the right to circle him. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees a very large man come towards Wolf, fists up, face resolute.

Well...THIS will be interesting.

Leon O'Malley has posed:
Leon finishes his charge with a harsh shield smack that sends the poor reciever skidding across the flood like a rock across water, his arm morphing back into...well, an arm, and swatting an adjacent goon not unlike a fly. As he casually turns, a large man who may or may not be Mike Tyson slugs him in the face.

     Lean pauses at this, looking confused by the unarmed assault, leaving Thud free to hit him again, and again...and a fourth time. Leon continues to look surprised by these audacious blows, until either he or Wolf get bored of it and slug Thud with a bowel buster of a blow to the stomach, lifting him a good foot off their fist and leaving him to drop face first into the floor.

     Leon then glances to a goon, no doubt in the midst of a panic attack, "...Can you believe that guy?" He asks, pausing a moment before a tendril whips out and swats the poor guy into the floor.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
For a moment, as she prepares to leave the room, Alanna is sad that she can't get the chair unattached for the floor. Hurling a chair down the stairs could be a nice distraction. Instead, she'll hope that sort of distraction isn't necessary, shoving the door open just far enough to slip through as she inches towards the stairs.

The sound of gunfire, though, is certainly a sign she's looking for an exit and certainly not wanting to head in that direction.

Peter Parker has posed:
Thud lands on the floor with a loud...well, thud. He gets to his hands and knees, then gets nauseous. Loudly. Must have something to do with getting the bejeezus punched out of him.

The shooting is startng to thin out. Spider-Man webs one guy to the ground when his Spider-Sense squalls in his skull like a four-alarm fire and he whirls around. The bullet meant for his spine hits him in the rib cage, glancing off one rib on the left side and cracking it in the process. Spider-Man is knocked aside, landing on his right side, momentarily stunned.

John Rath stood over him, pointing the Colt Python at Spidey's skull. "You SONUVA..."

He pulled the trigger...

Leon O'Malley has posed:
Leon looks down at Thud puking his guts out, hands on hips and shaking his head, "Dude, rule number one, never over-eat before an op." He says with a tone choking back laughter. And then the gun goes off, Leon whipping around to see Spidey drop. As Rath goes to fire again, Leon snaps out a tendril, but when it's barely a foot from Rath's gun, Thud is up, german suplexing Leon back first into his vomit and forcing the tendril to defensively snap back.

    Before Leon can recover from the shock, Thud is rolled around atop him, hammering away with shot after depressingly ineffectual shot. Leon manages to catch one of Thud's fists, then the other, and left him up by them as Thud starts trying to kick at his mid-section. With a growl, Leon squeezes, crushing, cracking, and finally breaking Thud's vaunted fists, cutting his agonized screams off short with a conciousness robbing headbutt. But by then, his chance to save Peter had come and gone...

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Retreating down the stairs, Alanna's ready enough to slip out of the nearest exit. That's not in the cards, though, especially when she finally figures out who has been causing this whole mess. She did hope they were friendly after all. But there's Rath, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where this is headed for Spider-Man. She moves fast, bridging the between she is and where they are, her body moving until she lashes out with a solid kick, sending the gun flying out of his hands and the bullet going wide.

She's not done though. The second she's on her feet, she grabs for Rath's clothing to attempt to grab ahold of him and flip him to the ground, professional martial artist style. "I was kidding when I said you weren't a total asshole. /Total/ asshole."

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter had only a moment. <*Uncle Ben, Aunt May, I'm sorry, I'm so...*>

There was a sound of thunder, a white light...and then the bullet slams into the pavement five feet away. A lifetime away. He looks up and sees the woman in the formal suit layeth the smacketh down on Rath, flipping him over and slamming him on the floor on his back.

A moment later, Rath finds himself covered in webbing, and is guaranteed not to be getting up again in the very near future.

Spider-Man sits up, shaking his head to clear the cobwebs, and looks at Alanna. His voice carries the telltale tone of naked gratitude.
"Thank you...you're...Miss Lyons, right...?"

Leon O'Malley has posed:
Leon shakes off the confusion of Possible Mike Tyson, and turns his attention back to Spidey, only to find him saved and webbing up Rath alongside the new first arrival. He casually strides through the field of broken bodies that constitutes the aftermath of most superhero battles and a cowboy hat form on his head for him to tip to Alanna, "Ma'am." Comes the demonic overlay of a voice as the hat returns to being a skin-tight spandex esque outfit, "...That doesn't look so good, Spidey. Gonna need to take a look at that..." He pauses and glances at the aforementioned field of carnage, "...Somewhere more sterile, preferably."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"Alanna," the woman offers, though she's certainly paying better attention to the two of them now that she's got a bit better of a picture going on. "Nicely done with the..." She doesn't particularly need to explain what they're all in the middle of. "I honestly didn't know if anyone was coming for me. I thought I was going to have to find my way through that alone." Not a great thought, but entirely possible. It wouldn't have gone well for anyone involved.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man touches his side and winces. "I'll keep." He slowly gets to his feet. "Well, Miss Lyons...Alanna, it's your call. Do you want me to call the cops now while you're still here, and risk Silvermane knowing what's going on, or would you like to head home, and by the time the cops find out you were a hostage, you'll already be safe? Considering you saved my bacon, it seems the least I can set up for you..."

Leon O'Malley has posed:
Leon shakes his head at Peter, "Or, you'll get lead poisoning and die. Dont act tough, I've seen it before. If the lady wants, we can take her home while you get that bullet treated." He says with a tone mixing amusement and sternness as he glances from Peter to Alanna, awaiting her decision.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Navigating crime family politics is dangerous waters. "I'll head home," Alanna says, frowning just slightly. "Rather not make this into more of a mess than it already is." Both Spider-Man and Leon are given appreciative glances, though she frowns at the mention of a bullet wound. "I know a clinic where you can get that treated silently, no questions asked, in or out of costume. You need an address?" Her eyes go to Leon, waiting to see what Spider-Man wants to do there.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey shakes his head. "I've got a medical kit. I'll patch myself up. I heal pretty quickly. A good night's sleep, and I'll be okay." He walks over to the pinned Rath, then pulls out his keys. He presses the lock button, and a black SUV outside beeps. "Guess that is your ride. I DOUBT Rath will mind." He smiles to Rath with a little wince. "I know a few cops who are DEFINITELY going to add you to their Twitter feed."

Spidey tosses the keys to Alanna, then says, "We'll wait until you're gone, then call the cops. Drive safe, okay?"

Leon O'Malley has posed:
Leon shrugs as Alanna declines further assistance and Peter decides self surgery is a swell idea, "Alright, but if you change your mind, we're trained in first aid." He says before moving to check some of the goons, "I'll find a phone on one of em. Better than using one of ours, unless you've got more science stuff squirreled away." He says as he begins sifting through pockets.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
The keys are caught and Alanna gives a nod to the both of them. "Thanks. You technically saved a lot of people by doing this. More than just me." She moves towards the SUV, pointing towards Spider-Man. "Get that treated. I have a cousin who almost died just from a bullet graze. Infections are nasty." Tossing the keys up a bit in her hands as she walks, she shakes her head. "Enjoy the rest of your night!"

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey watched her go, shaking his head at the last line. "And people say *I* am the comedian..." He looked to Wolf. "Well, would that make you Lou Costello, seeing as I'm obviously Bud Abbott? Anyway, Lou, don't sweat it. I've been hurt a LOT worse than this. And OFTEN."

He looked around once more, then said, "And I'll be damned if I'm cleaning THIS mess up."