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Raccoon vs Spider: Aftermath
Date of Scene: 18 February 2021
Location: Angelo's Pizza
Synopsis: Irina and Ghost Spider have pizza after their fight. Things get heated as Irina speaks of her believes which are quite against her own. Gwen ends up following her to where she meets up with shady organization troops. But Gwen knows she will find the girl again soon enough.
Cast of Characters: Irina-As17, Gwen Stacy

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 entered the place, she had never been actually in a restaurant, though she had eaten plenty of leftovers. She looks around in awe, behaving in a very typical way for her mutated animal. She fiddles around with the arcade, seeing if anything would come off, then she goes over to the pool tables and messed around with the balls and the sticks. She took one of the balls and carried it away with her. Finally she got to the cashier, beginning to fiddle with the machine and pressing buttons and trying to take coins. "Ooh this place is so interesting. There's many new things to see here." She says with a soft smile.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Brooklyn. A bit late in the afternoon. A mutant and a Ghost Spider walking into Angelo's pizza. Heh, not the first time something similar went down. Still, many of the patrons still look with some awe back at them. A awe that mirrors Irina's. Some do look worried though, maybe there is a villain in here? But when Irina starts going to the arcades and Ghost Spider makes way to actually put an order most seem to relax.

"You have never been to a place like this?" Gwen asks with some amusement, laughing under her mask at the little ball of activity that's wandering around touching *everywhere*. Even stealing. Shame! But there are more pool balls, so no worries.

"Yea, it's a fun place to come to. Arcades are cool if you are into vintage-", a pause when Irina starts poking with the register, "Ah, better not mess with that." then she points to the choice of pizzas. "Which one do you want?"

Apparently it will be Irina's choice what they will eat! As long as it doesn't have pineapple. Criminal sin.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 orders literally everything possible, she had never even heard of half these things, pepperoni? Was that even english? She also orders the jumbo family version. She bounces around excitedly like a child, almost hyperventilating with how fast she was breathing. "This is so great! And well, uh, no I've only been outside the ba-...aahh home a few times. Never with the purpose of coming to this kind of place."

She tells and turns to Gwen. She'd be able to to feel a very faint, very discreet response from her spider-sense, currently. It emanated from Irina and was only detectable because of how close they were now and because things had calmed down. Based on what she was feeling, something was recording her, and it wasn't the restaurant cameras. It was most definitely coming from the raccoon.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"The purpose appears to be .., learning?" Gwen ventures, quirking a brow under her mask. She is still smiling while Irina goes on ordering everything. Ugh, that won't do! She isn't exactly loaded with money. But eventually there's an agreement reached. Jumbo family version but ONE pizza. No need to overwork it. And they still need to WALK home, not ROLL home. A big difference.

"And a ba--" she is just about to finish saying base when she there's that little poke on her danger sense. Yea, no need to put Irina on the spot if whoever is controlling her doesn't like Gwen finding out too much about what's going on.

She looks down at the girl, perhaps looking for the camera somewhere. She does hope it's not in her eye or something.. That would be gross.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 has it quite well hidden in her armor, despite the fact that it was right on her collar. The lens was covered with a one-way very dark glass that matched the color of the suit, and there were two tiny holes for the sound. It high-tech stuff. However, focusing her enhanced senses she'd be able to find it. "Learning? Uh, no, it's evolving. I gotta push my body to the limits of survival to force it evolve and in increase those limits." She says with several firm, confident nods.

"That's why whoever fights me can't hold back or it doesn't work as good. And the faster I get this done the faster we can save the world!" She adds with even more increased confidence.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Spotting that camera Gwen nods briefly to herself. Something to be handled soon. But first, foods. She gestures for them to go have a seat. "This will take a little bit. So let's sit down." she points to a corner table and makes her way there, settling down on the chair with a relaxed sigh. She smiles when a kid comes nearby, waving a phone. "Sure, one selfie. Why not?" she striking a pose, two fingers up with the kid against her and 'POOF' selfie.

"Nope, not spider woman. I am Ghost Spider." A brief laugh. One year later and they were still mixing it up! "Have fun, will you? And hope you enjoyed your pizza!" Gwen then adds as the kid makes his way out with his mother.

Attention goes back to Irina. "It's all about that brand recognition sometimes." a brow then quirks, "Save the world? Is that what you intend to do? Or what they told you what they *wanted* to do?"

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 was meanwhile cutting the pizza at ridiculous speeds, she absolutely slices it up thanks to her accelerated hand motions. She then uses that same agility and her highly accelerated metabolism to shovel it down her throat at absurd speeds. When Gwen turns back a fourth of the pizza is done and the raccoon is chewing with her mouth full.

"Who wouldn't want to save the world? Villany is the source of all issues of society, once it's eliminated we will live in a greater, better world." She says with a bright, innocent smile. It was only natural of course, for a child who was raised being told about saving the world and how special she was in achieving that. She just realizes something. "Oh, are you related to Spider? He is nice. I enjoy him. I didn't know there was a female counterpart. Maybe sister?" She says with a surge of interest.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"No, certainly not a sister." A laugh coming from under Gwen's mask, amusement present there, "But I know him, sure. He's really something, mmm?" It's then that she notes Irina already going through the pizza at high speed. "Hey, no fair!"

Not that she reaches to eat just yet. The camera has to go. So after a moment she grins, "You are eating so fast that you are making a mess of yourself. Let me help.." she leans over the table before Irina can protest, reaching to that collar where the camera is. Did she dirty it all up? Apparently by what Gwen says, yes!

So unless she is stopped she will start trying to 'clean' up her suit. And in doing so she will try to *squeeze* the camera until it pops. It's good having superhuman strength sometimes!

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 stays still with a smile while Gwen goes about her business. There's a light crink sound as she cracks the lens of the camera, ruining any imaging it could do. "It's funny how you both have spider powers, I've never met someone with raccoon powers before, but I did meet a little talking raccoon." She ponders visibly, maybe they were using the same technology that was being used on her.

She continues shoveling food into her mouth in between, she then has a fun idea. She smirks and takes and lowers her hand to the pizza, suddenly flicking an olive at Gwen's face. Apparently she knew about Peter's spider sense to a significant extent. Perhaps it was a good thing the camera was now non-functional. By her expression the raccoon clearly doesn't think anything of it, seeming childishly amused.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Uff, this is going to leave a mess." Gwen tsks. Even if perhaps not the same kind of mess Irina is thinking. She makes sure to get the sound wrecked too if she can before finally appearing to be satisfied. "Got to look good while saving the world, eh?" she teases. And *now* she finally lifts the lower end of her mask, leaving her lips in sight, the mask just about her nose level. She picks up a slice of pizza, starting to go through it. At least until the olive is tossed her way. It's uncanny really, that head moving as if she'd be aware of where the olive was going to hit, preemptively making sure to *not* be there to receive it. So it passes on by and hits ..., the couple behind them. In this case the male in the head. Not that Gwen notices it.

"Shouldn't waste food." A smirk on Gwen's lips, "But so, what's this about saving the world? You live in a base?" she asks. "It sounds to me like they are really trying to control you though." a beat, "Whoever they are."

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 snorts, letting out a series of choked chuckles. "So you can do it just as good!" She says excitedly, this was most uncommon, she thought. She clears her throat uncomfortably and goes a bit pale at the questions, shrinking in the seat. "Uh, n-no who said base? I definitely didn't." She responds, grunting a little. "But yes, uh, we're going to save the world by ridding it of villany. That's why it's very very important that I evolve as much as possible and figure out what my limit is. Uhh, I can't tell you the rest though." She adds apologetically.

She looks a bit longingly at Gwen, seeming saddened. "I really wanted to invite you to join us, but that's forbidden, that could compromise the mission." She sounds very serious all of a sudden, seeming very dedicated to her assignment indeed. "Do you know any more people I could fight?"

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"No. I know you kept the secret. I am sure they know it too." Gwen says while casually continuing to eat through a slice, tone somewhat reassuring. No need to have the girl think she has done something wrong. Even if Gwen *knows* there is something wrong with her whole situation. "So you can't bring your friends in to play? That's a shame. And I am all about saving the world too. Why don't you bring me to someone who can say whether I am accepted in or not? Maybe they will open an exception?" Gwen is all smiles, a beamy one, full of that exuberance of life that is so common with her, "And have you lived with them all your life?" She then asks.

The question about more people to fight has her mmmm. "I could think of a few..."

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 shakes her head vigorously. "Nope nope nope nope. I can't, that's absolutely forbidden. They have a lot of people who want to hurt them so any bit of information that leaks out about them might compromise everything. Sorry." She says with her head hanging a bit, seeming truly sad about it. Though she perks up at the possibilities of more people being available. "Oooh really?! I'd love to meet all of them!" She exclaims, nudging back and forth a few times. It as good to have hero contacts it seemed.

"Heather has a bunch of friends who I'd like to fight too, but they're just so super hard to run into. I guess doing hero stuff is a lot of work." When she says this there's a bit of an acid tone to it, it's hard to pin down because it's slight, but it indicates she definitely doesn't think too highly of heroes as a whole. Her opinion was slowly changing with the people she met, at least.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"I am Ghost Spider though." Gwen then says, canting her head to the side, "One of New York's top heroes, recognized almost everywhere, almost a million followers on Twitter!" Okay, she may be inventing some of those facts. But she wants to see how far she can push to find out more about this organization!

"Heather?" She then asks. Well, that's a common name but .., she has a feeling it might just be her fellow Titan. "Are you talking about Knockout? She is one of my friends with the Titans." she explains. "An hero organization, for people like us." she explains, gesturing between the duo, "Young heroes that are starting on heroics. Many that took a break from their mentors. Maybe it'd be good for you, a break from your mentors and learning with us. For how can you save the world if you don't know much about it yet?" another bite on her pizza.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 nods a bit too quickly to look normal. "I know! It's really nice, she invited me to stay there and use their workout equipment, she's really nice too." She beams, forgetting about the pizza for a moment. "She was the first friend I made after I came out here. I've been staying with them for a while so I'm trying to learn and do new things. Like this. Though she did make my life a lot harder making me promise not to attack people who haven't agreed to fight." She huffs a bit at the last bit. "I still have to go back to bh-home every once in a while to report how things are going and talk about my fights and stuff. And do some tests to see how I'm progressing." She does twists her lips in doubt, though, staring at Gwen for a while. "Um. You guys are great and all but uh, my people they don't really like heroes that much.

They don't think you guys have what it takes to really save the world and uh, that you're really self-serving glorywhores who live only for the self-satisfaction of their own morality-inflated ego." It almost sounds like someone talking through her mouth, it was something she heard so much that she even said it in a different way than she usually talked.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"They don't like heroes? I thought you were one though, at least that's what heroes do, fight villainy, help people. Make sure people can live peacefully without feeling threatened." Gwen explains, gesturing with her hands. The pizza appears forgotten for a bit now. "But if they don't like heroes then what do they like?" but then Irina goes and explains it. It has her quirk her mouth to the side. "That's .., quite the strong opinion." no wonder the girl looked so acid when talking about heroes.

Not that Ghost Spider could blame her. Once upon a time she had been just that. A glorywhore looking for fame and a easy life. It had taken death to change her. Something she still felt extremely guilt about. The smile falters for a bit while she remembers it. "That's not how heroes are. At least not the real ones. If you are staying with the Titans I am sure you must have seen it already." a beat, "Without the need of someone putting those thoughts in your head."

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 she shakes her head slowly. "No, I-" She pauses for a moment, furrowing her brows. There was something she knew, innately, deep within that troubled her greatly, but it was something she was willing to put up with. "I'm the only real hero. At least for now." She said, her head going up very slowly then down again. "I was trained and conditioned since I was a baby, I am everything that the world needs and I have what it takes to erase villany, forever. I'm not alone of course, I'm just helping them do it, but I'm the key, they say."

There was only one, a single thing about the entire script and course that she knew was innately wrong. But in her head, that just meant she would have reduced the number of villains from many to a single one. "I haven't, uh, really gotten to meet or really interact with them much." She rubs her arms nervously. "I'm a bit...awkward. I don't like social situations." She adds with a half smile. She was fiddling around extremely quickly now, showing how nervous the talk was making her. "I know Heather's great though! And so are you! And so is Spider!" The other one she met she wasn't too sure about.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"You say erase as in .., kill?" That has Gwen start to shake her head. And then she says it in quite the firm manner. "Killing is *never* the way of a hero." the pizza is fully and truly forgotten now, the masked eyes resting on Irina. "It will weigh on you forever, the kills. And it will never go away." the way she says it. Almost as if she is speaking by personal experience. Her lips are set in a firm line though, as if this was the kind of thing she'd never shift her mind from.

"You don't really believe you are the only hero. Or else you wouldn't be here having pizza with me, or hanging with Heather. You know there's something wrong going on, don't you?" the question are asked directly.

And just so they are on the level she adds, "I disabled your camera and listening device. They can't hear you right now."

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 frowns heavily, she stands up, leaning forwards with her hands on the table. She stares at the woman hard. "That's why I'm the only one. The only one who's prepared and ready for it. That is what it takes for a truly peaceful world to be born. A new, perfect era." Once more her repetition sound...off, not quite like herself.

"*I* like you and Heather, I think you're great people but you're not...you..." She grunts, trying to find a proper way to explain it. "You can't save the world with the way you do things." She adds finally Her head jerks to the side, back and forth and she blinks. "You disabled my huh? Wha?" She stares at the woman with widened, black-circled eyes, as if she had just been told the moon is just a painting on the sky. She starts frantically fiddling with her own suit and patting around herself, trying to find it.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Irina. There is no perfect world out there. Certainly not one that can be accomplished with death and killing. I know it, I .., killed someone. It destroyed me. You don't want that on your conscience." She tells the girl, almost pleading now. "But even if there is no perfection what we can do is *try* to be better. But not in absolutes." no eradicating everyone!

As Irina starts patting down for the camera Gwen mmms, "You had a camera and a listening device on your armor. I am not sure if you were aware of that or not. But you were being spied on. You were probably being used as a spy too while with the Titans." and this makes her frown.

"They trusted you, and in return you are spying on them?"

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 frowns more. "No." She holds the broken spot with a mixture of disbelief and revolt. "This is probably a safety measure in case someone stole my equipment. It makes no sense..." She mutters out with a chittery growl. "You killed one person, that won't change anything. It has to be done in a world-changing way, it has to be done throughout the world with no exceptions. All who bring villany upon the us and delve into criminality must be purged." She says with renewed, blazing intensity. "If by the end of it all that also means me, then so be it. I am prepared." That notion was slowly being challenged by the kindness she had received from the people she'd met so far, it was honestly quite surprising. Baffling even. Compared to what she had been told.

She breathes heavily, for one she didn't know what this meant, she was very confused. Two, she started thinking back and slowly began to realize how much trouble she was in, her face starts to go pale and she breaks into a cold sweat. Her breathing starts to come irregular and short. Had she been tempted, lured away from her the mission that was so important? Was she compromised. "I hafahave to go back I- gotta- extraction point." She starts stumbling away from the table.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"And who is going to do that choice for you?" Gwen then asks, her tone now louder. The other girl was touching way too many 'tender' spots on Gwen for her to take this easily. She knew this was wrong to the core. And she had to help the girl. "Is it you? Will you choose who lives and dies. That's a terrible responsibility. Or will you just be an instrument. An assassin sent by someone else to clean up this .., 'evil'. Can you even trust those people to do the right choice? And what will you do when you find a father who has simply stolen something for their child to stay warm for the night? That's wrong too isn't it? Would you kill him then?" all the questions! But she needs to put those now while the girl is confused. Perhaps *something* will get into her head and make her doubt what's going on.

With the girl starting to get that irregular breathing it has Gwen blink and stop her speech. "Think on what I said." She then tells Irina. "And if you want to talk with me again just give them the excuse I know a lot more heroes you can face off against."

She gets up from the table as well, mask back in place.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 turns back, pointing over at Gwen, nearly falling over. "They will DIE! You commit a crime and you die, that is the only way to keep the world full of only the good people. I can be this EVIL you say, I don't mind, everyone can hate me as long as the world is well. I trust in them to make the correct choices, it's easy, laws are there, you just have to follow them. This is for the good of perfect future, why would- why would something like that even matter?!" She exclaims, a fist smashing into one of the tables and denting the cheap metal, tears were sliding down her cheek without her even noticing them.

She wipes them off angrily and sniffles, turning around abruptly and storming off the restaurant. She stops at the door however, wavering, her body shakes a bit. "I...just wanted to be your friend. Why is everything so difficult? Wait...I get it. I'm meant to be disliked. Th-that way the world will- the" She has to stop to breathe in extremely hard and contain her sniffling. "That way the world will focus on us instead of each other." That one had come out entirely from within her mind, the twisted concepts being shaken around and stirred by her contact with the outside world was doing things to her psyche she didn't even understand. "I'm sorry. I wasted your time. But we will meet again." She says, now her breath finally calming. With that she starts speeding out of the restaurant and raccooning her way up the buildings. She had some questions to ask and some people to meet.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"You are not meant to be disliked, Irina. Quite the contrary. And --" The raccoon girl is then leaping out of the pizza place and leaving. Great. And who knows what she will do now? Gwen isn't the type to give up *that* easily though so she gets a running start to the entrance of the pizzeria, dodging a couple of patrons that were just coming in. "Spider coming through. Excuse me." she leaping over them and then is out.

This is *her* city. And someone running up on it's buildings? It stands to a fair chance that she will be able to follow it. A web is shot up to a nearby building and she jumps up, another being shot as she gains momentum to start her pursue, trying to keep up with the girl. Not *too* close though, not wanting her to notice her just yet. Instead she keeps a bit of a distance.

She wants to figure out where the girl is headed to. Maybe she will get some insight into this base she normally rests in.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 seems to go for a very long time, a good two hours of travel before she reaches a far away point of the town, already outside of it. There's a random concrete box normally used to store either piping or electrical components. It has a door. She opens it and gets inside, waiting. Three hours later a van shows up and knocks on the door, she gets out and leaves with a guy in what could only be described as a tactical hoodie. Not quite high profile but still very obscuring of his features. The van leaves at an excessively high speed, taking a highway *somewhere*. Seems like the base itself was going to be a bit difficult to reach.