5251/When Assassins come knocking

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When Assassins come knocking
Date of Scene: 18 February 2021
Location: Abandoned Rectory - Derelict Church
Synopsis: Elektra stops by to make Dagger an offer. They find out they have a lot in common.
Cast of Characters: Elektra Natchios, Tandy Bowen

Elektra Natchios has posed:
It's been a few days since Elektra took into investigating Cloak and Dagger. Ever since she heard of the duo through .., 'hellfirish' means. The potential had sparked her curiosity and upon actually meeting them that potential had certainly been proven. Of course that she had also seen that impetuousness, the recklessness. The relentless anger to the world and society that told of a story of pain.

Not unlike her own.

Tracking them had proven difficult, specially with that pesky teleporting ability Cloak had. But no matter, she is tenacious. And she had done it as she always did when hunting prey. Stalking places, interrogating thugs, doing what she did best. Finding and ..., well hopefully not killing as was her usual when she usually found prey. No, she had other ideas for these.

She lands nearly silently on the rooftop, or at least on the part that's still intact, one knee on the ground, fingertips as well, listening. A moment later she moves forward to glance within the church from above. Seeking. All indications were that they should be here.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
The old church is broken down and in ruins. Holy Ghost lives up to her name. Father Delgado had moved on long ago, leaving this neighborhood behind to sin and misfortune. The ninja can see through one of the broken windows or one of the holes in the roof that there is a bit of 'stuff' gathered in one corner. A few sleeping bags, a couple of backpacks, bottles of water and boxes of granola bars.

Tandy is there curled up on a pew, poking at a tablet in her hands with a frown. She has a disappointed look upon her face, coupled with frustration. She isn't dressed in her leotard, instead she has on a pair of jeans, a heavy shirt and a parka. There is a small 'box' next to her that appears to be radiating heat. Stark Tech perhaps?

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Ah, this must certainly be the place. Sleeping bags, backpacks for a quick getaway if needed. Food and water. Basic safehouse rules. Yea, indeed not too different from her. Elektra slithers down that hole in the roof, hands holding her as she flips down silently, finding a sturdy enough beam to walk on, balance perfect. She moves further down, finding footing on the landing before she continues her approach.

Elektra then finally closes in on the pews, stepping out of the darkness and speaking from under her mask. "Good, you skipped the leotard. It can get chilly in New York these nights."

For her part she is dressed in the usual garb. Full black and red suit, a sash around her with her Sais and leather sleeves full of other implements of her trade. (the deadly type!).

"Hello, Dagger."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
The voice causes Tandy to panic for a moment as she tumbles out of the pew with a loud 'thump'. Most 'guests' come through the front door, not the roof. She lets out a loud noise, followed by a burst of light as she pushes herself up to her feet, holding on to a pair of glowing blades at the ready. Her eyes are wide, looking tired and full of stress and worry.

"Oh. Geez. It's you." She powers down, letting out a heavy breath as she leans against the wall behind her, then reaches up to rub at her face. "Look who's talking. I think you show more skin than I do."

She glances upwards to the ceiling, as if expecting more to jump through before looking back towards her. "Elektra. Um.. hey. Cloak is not here.. " Obviously, or she'd be swallowd up by the time she hit the ground. ".. what's up?"

She is not good at this 'talking to other heroes' thing yet.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
One gloved hand comes up in a sign of peace, Elektra's dark, dangerous eyes fully visible while she approaches, mirth and amusement on them. "Yes, it's only me. Good old Elektra." the assassin says. Well, in a way she is glad Dagger doesn't know *too* much about her reputation in other circles. A brow does quirk about that talk on showing skin but she laughs. "Not afraid to quip back. Good."

"You tell me." She says in response to the question. "You looked worried with something." she continues her approach, going around the pew and closer to the girl, eyes trailing to the tablet she was looking into.

"I have been wondering what you intend to do. Where you expect this .., crusade of yours will lead you to."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"Well, we got along just fine the first time we met. Figured I was on quipping terms. I guess." Tandy says as she plants a foot behind her on the wall, leaning back against it. It may seem casual to others, but to a ninja, she can see it's more of a defensive 'kickoff' spot, in case she needs velocity to move. "I don't know how to talk to .. someone of your reputation. You're not like Spider-Man. You run with The Devil. You two are hip to hip with guys like The Punisher. So .. I figure we'd probably .. get along.. you know.. "

There's a pause. "You know, no one jumping in and going .. stop Dagger.. stop... that rapist has a family or something .. don't stab 'em.. be better... "

There is a low sigh in her throat. "I don't know. This is all Cloak and I have. When those monsters turned us into this, we lost everything. We lost our humanity, our lives, our family, our chance to go back to what we were. So, since we lost everything, we figured we will take everything from those who take. To hurt those who look to hurt children and innocents .. those who sell people .. "

"That was us once. We were just a young boy and a young girl, not knowing where the big world was going to take us. Then they kidnapped us, experimented on us, left us to die in a sea of dead bodies surrounding us, all kids our same age."

"So, I guess this will lead us to our deaths. We'll die doing this, but if we can save those along the way .. maybe our souls will be free of this prison."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"The Punisher..." Elektra rolling her eyes hard at that name. "Hunter of kneecaps that one..." she folds her arms together, leaning one hip on the pew while regarding Tandy. Somewhat relaxed but there is a readiness too, almost as if the woman could never afford to truly relax. And she most likely can't. She then lifts a shoulder in a shrug. "Apparently the only rule the devil asks for is no killing." another roll of her eyes, "Not by my choice believe me. But when in Rome..." she trails off.

Her eyes take note of the place about them, or rather the ruins if anything, nodding her understanding when Tandy explains about what brought them to live here, and some of the story of their lives.

"Yes, it will lead you to your deaths." No cushioning blows from Elektra. Just the cold reality from the assassin. At least that much the girl can expect from her, "If you continue without a aim. Loose cannons are all good and fine but you will be noticed sooner or later. And the powers that be will make sure to squish you. It is the way of the world."

A shake of her head, "It doesn't have to be that way though." even if she very much understood this death wish. It was one present deeply within her. Which made her have at least a shred of empathy for Tandy.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"I feel like the powers that be has already found us. You. Luke Cage came by the other day. Spider-Man. Ghost-Spider." Tandy says as she glances down at her glowing hands for a long moment. "Cloak doesn't trust anyone, but .. I'm so tired of being alone and feeling like this is all that is to my life. I don't know anymore. I just know that people are out there hurting children. We follow a lead and we go up the ladder to chase it. We've got good at it."

Her eyes stray towards the tablet. "We had a guest come by the other day and brought that to us." She says. "His name is Sebastian Shaw. Businessman. Very rich. Said that he is trying to right a ton of wrongs in his own past and he gave us that. It's a database and list of all these people who are doing terrible things on the side that were once affiliated with his company. Those who are involved with drugs and kidnapping and gangs. So far, the data has proven to be true. We've been able to take down several drug operations."

Her lips press together in thought. "But we also know that such a gift will come with a price. What will he want in return? He says nothing. That this is not a favor but a gift. But I always worry."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
A laugh and Elektra shakes her head. "The powers that be aren't them." she explains, making a dismissive gesture with her hand, "Those are heroes. Many not even able to see a palm ahead of their own egos. No, I spoke of real power. The ones who oppress this world. And when you mess with them they have a way of hitting back. Sometimes without us even noticing it. Which means you have to be smart."

"But you are right in that there can be more to your life than just this." A gesture around the church. "Well, it doesn't take much to be more." she looks at the tablet, mmm'ing when Tandy explains it's purpose. She doesn't appear *too* surprised.

"Not an easy man to trust. But life is made of these tradeoffs. Parts of us sold in order to get what we want. You accepted it though, knowing the consequences, worrying will only slow you down." She dislodges herself from the pew she was leaning on, moving closer to Tandy. "But it doesn't mean you can't find others who will help you. Like the defenders. You know what we are about, keeping New York safe. And we can be allies in these times to come."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"Well, the tablet quit working the moment we took down that human trafficking sting at the pier. I don't know why. It's like everything just disappeared. He hasn't came by either, so maybe he got what he wanted. To send a message .. fuck with me and I send my scary heroes after you. I feel used, but I also saved a bunch of girls, so .. the tradeoff, yeah."

Tandy rubs the bridge of her nose. "I've heard of the Defenders, yeah. Like .. whispers." She hesitates for a long moment as if pondering and thinking. ".. Do you guys have a clubhouse or something .. secret handshake? I would.. love to work with more people that are like-minded .. with the same goals. Cloak though. He's just.. "

What is he exactly?

"He's different now than .. when he was Tyrone. He's driven by rage and hunger from the darkness inside of him. I don't know if he's a team player. Everything was taken away from him before he became this. Do you know what I mean? I'm the only one he trusts. Without me, he becomes a monster. My light keeps him at bay, his darkness keeps me from .. burning up. Our powers are killing us. We're co-dependent on each other."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Rage and hunger can be a powerful fuel. One that keeps us alive too." Elektra knew that *very* well. "I am not a team player either." not at all! "But if not for him maybe he will do it for you. The two of you share a connection." she says, "It's obvious enough. Both in the mind but also body considering how your powers work. And you already told me what will happen if you continue this .., path. Death."

"As for the Defenders. There are a few spots. One of them being Luke's bar." This said with some amusement, "You'd be welcome there. And it's a good place to get a hold of any of the group. Other places too but ., that will keep with time."

Hands then reach up to her mask, lowering it. Perhaps a sign of good faith. "To show you that I am being serious in being here." she tells the girl, revealing her real face to Tandy, the fine lines of her Greek heritage, dangerous expression to complete those dangerous eyes, "You don't have to go through this alone."

The girl reminded her too much of her younger self.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
As she stares at the face of Elektra, Tandy takes in her featues curiously. She's pretty, but also dangerous. "Luke's Bar. That .. seems .. like it could cause problems with insurance if bad guys break through the front door." She rubs the back of her neck for a moment. "I don't want to be alone. The last few weeks have really shown me that. For the last two years we have been alone, surviving, just barely getting by and breathing. Tyrone is my best friend and my protector, but I know that we can do more good with more help."

"If you are willing to ... put up with us.. I can talk Cloak into it. It may be rough at first, but once he sees that our goals are the same, to take out those who hurt others, he'll come around."

Her hands wring together a few times before finally dropping down to her sides. "I'm Tandy. Tandy Bowen."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Bad guys know better than to attack Luke's bar." Or do they? But Elektra at least has a faintly amused look on her face now, "It's a fine enough place though, I am sure Tyrone must be able to walk around without .., that cloak around him?" in truth she had yet to see him in any other state but .., she hoped he had a more normal visage when he wanted to. "And if you want I can talk with him as well."

The introduction has her nod. "It is good to meet you, Tandy. I am Elektra Natchios." The assassin reaching up to a loose strand of her midnight black hair and bringing it behind one ear, "I will return in a day or two and you can give me your answer then. Or call me. You have my number." she adds.

No offer of help, money or otherwise to take them off the church. She knew the girl most likely wouldn't accept an handout.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
Shaking her head, Tandy says, "No, Cloak can't walk around with out. It's hard to explain but.. it's bonded to him. It contains the darkness. He has no body. All he has is .. um.. his face and sometimes his hands if I can focus my light upon them. I once turned him back into a normal person again, but I gave him all my light and it only lasted a few hours before it came back. So .. his coak ... all that yards of fabric, it became apart of him. It was the first thing he grabbed when we crawled our way out of the water after swimming from Ellis Island. I was glowing like a star, he was .. disappearing, breaking up. He grabbed it out of instinct lying on the ground in the middle of na alley. It just fused to him."

There is sadness in her voice. "He can't eat or sleep now. He has no need to. He can only feed on my light, or the light of those he swallows into his dark." There is a shake of her head. "And that's not all. Sometimes when I'm inside of him, when we travel, I swear I can hear something else within .. a growling .. a hunger. Not even my light can pierce his darkness, but I swear I'm not alone sometimes."

"I want to say yes. If you want to come back tonight, you can speak with Cloak. I think he will see reason if we both convince him. But we need this." There is something in her voice. A hint of desperation. "But I'll call if I don't hear from you as well."