5259/Genoshan Dinner Parties

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Genoshan Dinner Parties
Date of Scene: 19 February 2021
Location: Genosha, circa 2018
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Erik Lensherr, Diana Prince

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Having just claimed their independence from the anti-mutant regime, Magneto is hosting a dinner party to celebrate the new Government of Genosha. While there was a great deal of concern about the manner in which he had liberated the country, none could argue that the mutants he freed weren't akin to concentration camps, and were hard pressed not to support him in the end.

So it is that there was a party planned.

Erik now laughing quietly with the Prime Minister of one of the UN countries, wearing a black suit, with red tie. His silver hair cut short around a clean shaven face as he sips champagne.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana Prince was in attendance tonight. A member of the Justice League, dealing with the loss of Superman last year, and a member of the Avengers, the Princess of Themyscira has become quite the celebrity. The mythical island of Amazon warriors is no longer a myth, it's out in the spotlight of the world and the Princess has been on a bit of a whirlwind tour the past year, speaking on the subject of her homeland, while also taking on the public moniker of 'Wonder Woman' based on an old news article from her first days in the mortal world... all the way back iin 1918.

Diana has taken the public limelight in stride, simply being herself and pushing for the best there-in, as well as helping find the best in others who need her.

Tonight, the Princess is dressed in a lovely red dress with black gloves that go up to her elbows. Her hair is tied back in to a bun on the back of her head and she's wearing red hued lipstick, along with a selection of fine jewelry adorning her neck, and ears. Holding a drink in her right hand, Diana is mingling and mixing amongst crowds though she's looked Erik's way a number of times, as he's the 'star' of this show tonight.

She does find her way to him eventually to smile toward him. "Your Majesty. It is a pleasure to finally get a chance to speak to you." She states in her friendly, accented, voice.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik has followed Diana's rise to stardom with interest, having been a student of history and Greek mythology since his days in university nearly fifty years ago. His assistant had been responsible for the invitations, but those sent to the heroing community were requested specifically by Erik himself. For a multitude of reasons, the presences of individuals like Wonder Woman and Superman added credibility to his rule.

He is a very smart man.

"Excuse me gentlemen." Said to the two whom he'd been speaking with, it's as he's setting an empty glass upon a passing tray carried by an obviously mutant wait staff that Diana comes up and greets. "Diana Prince." Extending his hand, should she accept, he cordially kisses her knuckles. "The pleasure is mine. I was very pleased to hear that you had accepted my invitation." His smile is charming enough, far from the monsterous man so often spoken of in the news.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana does extend her hand and smile as she sees him lift it and place a kiss upon the back of it. It's a charming gesture, not seen often in the modern world any longer. "Yes, well, to be quite honest, I was more than a little surprised to have received an invitation. In so far as to say that I did not know that I was on your 'radar' so to speak, of potential attendees for this.--" Diana's brown eyes look out around the gala event before she returns them to him with a soft smile. "Then again, my limited research on your legacy has shown that you are a many of many surprises, Your Majesty." She holds the smile for a second longer.

""I have been reading about your desires for Genosha, and I must also say that I find it very intriguing. Hopeful, for mutant kind, no less. I would be happy to assist with it, as well, from one small nation to another." Diana rises her glass up for another sip a moment later.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
"It's long been my hope to provide a sanctuary for my people, where they might prosper amongst their own kind. Such that it is, we've found little chance to prosper with humanity." Erik says with an air of sadness that his expression does not mimic. He's not cold, just determined and stalwart in his opinions of said humans. Though he's lax to vocalize his true disdain so overtly.

They're well documented, regardless.

"Suffice that it pleases me that you accepted." He releases her hand and fixes both of his in front of him. One palm wrapped around the other wrist, taking a rather regal pose where he stands conversationally distant from Diana. "Have you a chance to receive a tour of some of our facilities? See what we've built, personally?" Glancing to the side where one of his Acolytes is never far from, raising a brow as if to silently indicate that Diana should be added to some list for just such a thing.

"Our educational programs are second to few in the world.. and some of the archetectural designs my engineers have come up with are incredible. Within a few months time, I hope to have one of the most accessable public transportation systems of any country on the planet."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana keeps her attention on that of Erik while he speaks, giving him her attentive stare. She slowly dips her head at the initial talk of the mutants and human relation issues that ... everyone in the world is well aware of, really. "Mutantkind are burdened with a complicated existence. One that the average human has trouble wrapping their head around. They fear what they do not understand, so with a place like this..." Diana glances once more out to the gala around them, then back to him. "You have an opportunity to help spread positive change through providing accurate insight in to what being a Mutant truly is. Help stop misinformation, designed to peddle fear about the matter. So I hope, at least." She shows another soft smile then.

At his question of having yet had a tour, Diana glances to that same assistant then back to Erik. She smiles more openly to him. "I have not yet. I do very much look forward to it. I saw some of it from the flight in this evening, but I look forward to seeing more come first light." Being that this is a late evening affair, room and board is offered? Yes, of course! Right?

"YOu are well on your way here, Your Majesty, to having something as special as I hold my homeland to my own heart. I am very much wishing for the best for the people of Genosha." She once more smiles toward him.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
"I'll make certain of it." Erik assures, whether of the spread of a positive message to stemi the tide of misinformation or assuring that Diana has not, but the best view of what has been established in their short time in Genosha. Perhaps both? Probably both.

"Now, if you would indulge me a few questions of my own? It's not everyday I've the opertunity to speak with someone, about whom, so many legends are written." Turning just so that he can offer her his arm, a chance to parade about the place while having a conversation with Wonder Woman. Erik is well aware of how to put himself in a position to manipulate the narative in his favor.

Something he's had to learn over time. There was a period where he'd just as soon tear down the walls than paint a mural on its bricks. "Though, I wonder, how much of what history has told us is just stories and how much is true, hmm?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana accepts the offered arm and does happily parade about. She's been to countless events like this in her 100 years away from Themyscira, but only a handful thus far as Wonder Woman. She's used to having eyes on her, but it's changed now with the public spotlight as a famous member of those famous super hero groups. She moves in stride with him though, as he'd likely expect from a woamn of her design.

At his conversation of history versus reality, Diana shows a quick grin. "That depends on which tales you ask about. Or which falsehoods you may have heard. There were stories of Amazon warriors having to remove their breasts in order to properly wield a bow, for instance." She pauses and glances over to him to snicker. "This one was false. If you can believe it!" She's in good humor with this subject, for the fun of it.

Diana's eyes go forward again then as they move. "It is hard to say precisely all the ways that the history books are wrong, but there are many. Being that I have been in the Arts since coming to the shores of the mortal world, I have been immersed in seeing all the ... odd decisions people had taken to tell the various tales of old. But there are always -bits- of truth that they do get right, depending on the story of course."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
"That's generally how things go, I've found." Erik agrees, resting his fingers gently upon the side of Diana's hand as they make their circuit of the room. Stopping periodically to exchange pleasantries with this individual or that, it remains true that his attention is entirely upon her. Introducing her, even where she need none, before introducing himself, where he also needs none.

It's a game. And he's very good at it.

"History depicts every facet of itself through the eyes of individuals. The bible, for instance. A collection of stories written from the perspective of man as an image of God." The humor of it is not at all lost on him, though he's never been a Christian even before he stopped considering himself a mortal.

"I find that history itself is a vain attempt by humans to propel themselves beyond their mundane existance. Peppering their own collective memories with colorful adaptations to truth as it suits their needs.. As it is today, in the stories they tell of mutants, or any being with powers greater than their own." Glancing sidelong at her with a smile, "But I wax on so.. What, then, is the true heritage of the Amazon?"