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So You Want a Pony
Date of Scene: 10 March 2021
Location: A Street Festival Near Central Park
Synopsis: Jason stages a fake combat and fake tramau making it look like Mysterio did it and sneaks in to the city jail.
Cast of Characters: Jason Wyngarde, Viola Fiore

Jason Wyngarde has posed:
Tabitha is having a bad day, and by bad day that means not getting exactly what she wants. A large street festival is happening near Central Park, and she is waiting outside in a line with a large 'beeper' that has a number that indicates its going to be a while. As such, she is expressing her displeasure on an extremly overindulgant father while many people nearby make comments about 'Veruca Salt' to which Tabitha shrieks and loses it and rants at her father about it being their fault that she is with the riff raff and she NEVER got a pony and he PROMISED her one.

Jason, having recently reconnected formally to the brotherhood has an agenda, and that agenda requires a distraction. No problem. Tabitha just provided it. She wants a pony? Well, she can be one.

There is a soft shimmer and more than a dozen people in the line suddenly fine that they ARE ponies, not like actual horses but cartoony "my little ponies" that are mostly ponies but human eyes and capable of speech. Anyone that annoys Jason's totally arbitrary sense of fashion or voice or just wearing an anti mutant t-shirt is hit in classic Dr Meaurea style with shrieks of panic from the crowd and especially the new equestrian citizens of the city.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Earlier in the day, Viola had gone for a jog through Alley Pond park. She's stopped at a bench, putting her foot on it while she tied a shoe. As she looked down, she saw a pattern in the muddy soil beside the bench. Three little symbols in a line. First a circle. Then a five-pointed stick figure that was was like tracing from the middle of a star to each of the five points. And then beside that, another circle.

It was curious but nothing more. And she would have forgot about it, except that at the moment she's on a carnival ride there at the street fair. Sitting in what amounts to a little chair hanging like it were a swing, she's up in the air and being spun around in circles by the portable fair attraction.

That's when Viola looks down and notices something odd. The flow of people at the fair isn't entirely random of course. People wait in lines in various places, or gather at attractions. But the movement apart from that is fairly random.

Though as Viola watches, people slow down a little, passing each other. Some getting out of each other's way. Others temporarily obstructing others. And as she gazes down, the people below seem to form a circle. Beside them a bit of a stick figure star shape that incorporates a line for a ride. And then another circular group of people. It doesn't last long, the people forming those shapes moving on. But it was there for one distinct moment.

The ride ends and brings Viola's feet down to Earth. She starts to head over to the center of the area where the star was. Where as it happens, an unhappy girl is complaining.

Which is when suddenly there are strange cartoonlike horses everywhere. Viola pulls up short, staring, and turns to look around for her sometime-boyfriend, more often ex that she came to the fair with. Damn it, where is he? Is he one of the pony's?

Jason Wyngarde has posed:
It so happens that Carlo is in fact, a brony. Some would enjoy the experience, Carlo is not. He is brutush, almost the size of a horse with bulked up roided muscles and deeply violet skin. His voice occasionally whineys as his eyes bulge the size of saucers, "What the n-n-n-n-n-n-n-nhell it going on?(whineyes)

Tabitha is enjoying it, the only one who is, much to Jason's annoyance as she bolts around. Jason is expecting heroes to show up like last time, counting on it actually but has a few minor mutants creating smoke flashes and lens flares since Jason intends to frame someone.

....but it does no good if there is no one to frame him WITH? Is he going to need to create an illusionary super hero?

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola still hasn't recognized Carlo Manfredi. She's known him for most of her life. His father is godfather to Viola and her brother. And in the way of Italian extended families, the families were often together.

But that doesn't help her yet in telling which one is him. Not with the noise of the changed people braying and raising a ruckus as they realize something has happened to them. "Carlo!?" she calls. Not even sure he's one of the horses, so looking all around her rather than just at the large cluster of animal-like people. "Carlo!?"

She turns back as Carlo hears her voice and begins moving toward her. No sign of heroes showing up. Viola certainly isn't one, at least not in the normal way one might mean it. "Carlos is that you?" she asks.

Jason Wyngarde has posed:
Jason can deal with this. He is a performer after all and the show must go on. He has one of the brotherhood members he got from Mystique fly over the crowd appearing human and in a giant flowing cape with a corporate logo of a nearby tire company. "Tireman is here!" The fellow says with a large booming voice, "I will stop them!" He begins to 'scan' the crowd with a holographic green grid that seems to go over the crowd. The horses of course are extremely paniced and the people are giving them lots of space.

Carlos, freaking out nods, "I am! What the hell is going on?!"

Viola Fiore has posed:
The young woman eyes the crowd, focusing in on little Tabitha who, from Viola's perspective, had been right at the center of the equine outbreak. "I don't know," Viola tells Carlo. "Just... um, stay calm first, we don't want people to... er, stampede," she says, looking perplexed.

The arrival of a hero she's never heard of causes Viola to look up towards him. "Maybe he can help. I mean, he's flying so..." she says, motioning for Carlo to say there where Tireman can potentially help him. She backs away a little bit herself, trying to avoid being caught up whatever Tireman might do now.

Jason Wyngarde has posed:
The giggles and titters from the crowd make Jason wince. OK, sure he was a master of his craft but he was an ACTOR and illusionist and criminal and freedom fighter. He wasn't a WRITER damn it and mimicing an existing hero was just asking for more trouble than it was worth. This guy might be a hack job but.... o O "Less self literary critique, more freedom fighting..."

Almost casting himself as the man in question, he instead made one of the tougher mutants that Mystique had provided 'Mysterio' who suddenly appeared in amongst the crowd and raised his fist and swore at Tireman. "How did you see through my illusions?!"

There are sirens in the distance as the police are arriving and people run away. The ponies have run in all directions trying to get away, and if they get farther than a thousand feet, Jason lets them. About a third turn 'human' again.

Tireman throws a tire at Mysterio who dodges it.

"None can stop the mighty TIRE man. Are you getting TIRED yet?"

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola is keeping her head during all of this. She sees a pair of the horses running away, and turning back into people. Then another, further on. Enough she starts to deduce distance might save Carlo.

She backs away from him further, calling out, "Run, if you get far enough away it looks like it'll cure it!" She watches as the son of the Maggia Don runs - or gallops? - away.

Viola starts burning the flakes of iron in her stomach. She has had them in all day. With all the weird happenings she's encountered lately, she's been having her fuel metals in her stomach everywhere but if she's staying home.

She doesn't have to look, can sense the metal in the massive carnival ride behind her. She prepares to brace herself by pulling on it, and watches Mysterio. As he raises both hands as if to shoot something at Tireman, Viola sudden tugs on the metal she senses on his body, yanking him sideways in the air and messing up his aim.

Jason Wyngarde has posed:
A rather wicked looking ray gun is whipped away from tireman and melts about 20 feet of a nearby building as if it were melted by acid. Scripting may not be his strong point but Jason definitely makes it look COOL, right down to the acrid smell of burning rubber from one of Tireman's tires.

Tireman laughs, "Ha ha! You are a terrible shot Mysterio!"

"I ...what the...what was that?" Mysterio is breaking character and annoying Jason looking around in panic but Jason has Tireman swoop down and dump a tire on him, as Mysterio curses and can't get out of the tire.

"Ha ha! I am where the rubber of justice hits the road!"

Carlo runs for all his worth towards Central Park and gets about a hundred feet in before he becomes human again, wallowing around in the grass at having two legs and two arms and FINGERS again.

The police arrive and cordon off the area. A few approach Mysterio and as they do Tireman salutes and flies away.

Apparently witness statements are for losers.

Viola Fiore has posed:
After lending that small bit of aid, Viola runs to the side, doing her best to look like just another panicky civilian rather than someone that is focused on what is going on and could have been the source of that distraction.

She stops after running about thirty feet, looking back and ready to try to help again, only to see Tireman has apparently saved the day. With it looking like people are safe, Viola begins to retreat herself finally then. She burns tin to be able to see better, looking to try to spot Carlo in the direction he ran off.

There he is! She turns to run over to him, taking glances back over her shoulder to make sure Mysterio doesn't escape.

Jason Wyngarde has posed:
The police don't notice as one of their number is replaced by Jason thanks to a few invisible brotherhood members that let's Jason swipe his security badge and gun and wallet while assuming his appearance. He helps round up 'Mysterio' taking several blinking pieces of equipment with fiddling bits of wires and lenses that COULD be holographic generators. The officers begin cracking jokes amongst themselves about 'tireman' making bleak jokes.

The ponies all revert to human and everyone cheers.

Carlo is very glad to see Viola and mutters, whispering, "it...felt so REAL" he shudders.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore moves over to Carlo, taking both of his hands in hers. Her emotions are always conflicted about him. But in a moment like this and what he went through, the young woman's soft-hearted side is definitely drawn out. "It's ok, you're alright now," she says softly. "You... made a handsome horse?" she says, trying to coax a smile from him.

The young woman moves to press against his side, an arm going around him. "Come on. Lets get you home. A glass of whiskey and a fire at your dad's house," she tells him, not mentioning all the men with guns to make him feel safe, "Will have you feeling right as rain in no time."

Jason Wyngarde has posed:
Carlo gives her the stink eye, "Let's NEVER EVER talk about this to anyone else. OK?" He still seems to enjoy the praise of being called handsome, horse or not but is trying to forget the whole thing,"Home sounds about great. And I think this is more than one glass of whiskey. Maybe a bottle."

"Mysterio" is put in the wagon, high tech handcuffs on his wrists as he is driven to court for processing. Jason smiles as he gets in behind and closes the door.