5272/Following Tensions Rising, (Scene 5205)

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Following Tensions Rising, (Scene 5205)
Date of Scene: 20 February 2021
Location: The same place as Mystique's, only we're inside the clinic now.
Synopsis: Cable wakes up in a closet with a blind girl, and then gets David Spaded by Quentin.
Cast of Characters: Cable, Ruth Aldine, Quentin Quire

Cable has posed:
    Not long after Erik leaves the scene and the police are dispercing from the front of the facility, but keeping a close eye on the mutants and those still around, that Cable having been drug inside. The large man having had half his body, organs, and brain adjusted during the assault from the master of magnetism. Cable, now out on the ground and inside slowly starts to come to with his hand covering his face and groans as he squeezes his eyes shut from the pain and the lights.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
It probably wasn't the best place to put someone; tucked away in the supply closet and out of the way of prying eyes. Shelves were lined with cleaning supplies that were almost half gone, mops that were still a bit wet, brooms with little dust bunnies of hair and other debris clinging to the bristles. At least the floor was cleaned! As well as the side of the door that they were on, save for the smudge of fingerprints upon the doorknob.

Ruth was on the floor, sitting not too close to Cable but closer to the door. The lights were bright in this closet, which was a good thing. It would just be totally weird and like Ruth to sit in the dark with a stranger.

"Feeling better, yes?" She asks, her foot slowly easing out to nudge against his boot.

Cable has posed:
    Cable tries to put himself up in a sitting position but finds that simply not happening. "Mmm... been worse." The man gruns as he looks up into the strobbing flourescent lights with a tinge of anger, and pain mixed together in what he has decided is his life. "How long was I out?" He asks, rolling his head to look towards the girl that asked the question and surprised to see a girl that kind of reminds him of Hope, at least, in age in a manner, but he doesn't voice that sorrow. Just, lays there, trying to feel his body with his telekinesis and try and push himself back together with a few grunts as he restarts his nervous system.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"An hour, no. Yes.. an hour." Ruth clarifies, then gestures a little towards him, on the floor as he is. "I saw you." Ruth points out. "I saw you go this way and that. You fell both ways, pardon. But both ways did not look like you." Her brows lower enough to -almost- be considered to touch her blindfold, but it doesn't.

"But I can sit you up, yes. Would you like to sit up?" Ruth holds her hand out, preparing to at least to try to help him with her own telekinesis to gently yank him forward. There was so many questions, who was he? Is he a cyborg? Was he made by Stark or one of the Richards? Is he the Terminator? What version?!

Cable has posed:
    "That's not good." Cable says, allowing himself to breath as he keeps his eyes closed against the pulsing red of the light through his eyelids.

    The time traveller turns his head towards Ruth and opens his eyelids enough to see her and he blinks before furrowing his own eyebrows. "I fell two ways?" The man blinks again before taking a deep breath in this time. "Yeah, sit me up, but, watch the back. I need some stitches... I don't want to bleed out..." Pause "In a broom closet. Of all places."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
To demonstrate, Ruth clutches her chest and makes a ripping apart motion, then makes a gagging sound and slumps over. Fell two ways. Though, once given the go ahead, she quickly scrambles to her feet, glancing around the broom closet shelves to retrieve a thick, white towel. She smells it first, then shrugs. "Okay. Ready. Thank you."

Her fingers clutch hold of the towel as she slowly pulls him up, keeping still and not moving as to not cause an accident. Once he was upright, she quickly steps over him towards his back, kneeling down to press the towel against the wound. "Who are you?" She frowns, then adds. "I am Ruth Aldine. Yes."

Cable has posed:
    "Oh... that's... unpleasant." Cable says in regards to Ruth's playlet and he frowns at this. "It feels like I was ripped in two, but... that's a given." He says, lifting up his metallic arm and frowning at it.

    Looking to Ruth and wincing slightly as she presses into his shrapnel wounds. "You wouldn't happen to be good with a needle, would you?" The idea of a joke, might not be the best one right now, but, there it is.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"No." Ruth says, pulling the towel away for a moment, then pressing it back in. It was a wonder that she could do this, especially without tapping into Cable's mind to see. Right now? She was relying on that five second rule she imposes on herself. Do not see too much, all the while not seeing too little.

"We could go back to the school, yes, to get you look at completely." Ruth offers, though.. she wasn't sure of how that would go over. She also didn't know of any doctors that one could call on, only being in that one solitary (not) place.

"You are avoiding the question."

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire comes seeking out Ruth, having momentarily lost track of her in the chaos. He doesn't blame himself because he's just not the type to blame himself and because she's very good at sneaking away and also because she's a person not a chihuahua, she can go where she pleases without his permission or approval. Still, he seeks her out, finding the familiar PING of her psychic presence in an unexpected place.


Cable has posed:
    "No and yes. In that order." Cable says without so much as an expression on his face. How does he even know what school she's talking about? The man twists his head and tries to look at Ruth, more out of seeking that connection of talking with another living being, but then the door is rasped and Cable reaches for his pistol and finds it missing.


    "G-Get behind me." Cable says, lifting an arm to usher Ruth behind him as the voice on the other side is alien and he's so ingrained on fighting that he just doesn't trust. "The fuck are you!?!"

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"But why?" Ruth asks, nearly wanting to be intrusive. But she didn't trust the fact that he was super friendly, and wouldn't send her straight to her makers RIP Inbox. Quentin's announcement and knock upon the door gets a slight giggle, though Cable's reaction causes a bit of alarm from her.

The towel was dropped and her hands were placed upon his shoulders. A little squeeze is given to sooth and stim before she answers. "It is okay, yes. It is Quentin. Think."

If he allows it, there would be an image of Quentin, high in the sky, psychic pistols blasting away at the fake mutants to put them down. Before she gets too deep, she pulls that image back with a twist of her head, then sniffs hard in attempt to redirect herself to her previous stance.


"Enter, thank you. Can you sew, yes Quentin?"

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire flings open the door with his mind, keeping his hands in the air, "Don't shoot, I'm an unarmed handsome super genius," he says. His mohawk is a little ruffled after all the commotion, but he appears to be undamaged.

"Sew? Manual labor? My god, woman, who do you think you're talking to? Also yes, of course I do, I can do anything. Also: hello again, homicidal maniac guy."

Cable has posed:
    Cable groans as the hands are on his shoulders and then the door is flung open in that special way only a TK can. "Just, no. I'm not supposed to be there. I don't want to soil the work there." Cable semi explains then looks up to Quentin and scowls, "I remember, kid too eager to ask questions. I need you to get some van out of my shoulder and sew me up." Cable snarls and then drops his hand from within his jacket, limp at his side, no gun in hand. Was he bluffing?

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"Lazy man." Ruth chides, but it was all in jest. She soon picks up the towel again to press it towards Cable's back, hoping the pressure had at least slowed the bleeding some. Cable's words were curious, one that gave her pause. "What work?" Who's work...

She wasn't going to press it any further, but she does stand and move out of Quentin's way. If he was going to work, she was sure he was going to use TK to do it. "Do you have drugs?" Of course Quentin does, but are they the type that Cable needs?

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire is, absolutely, going to use TK to do it. He's far more dextrous with his mind than his fingers, carefully examining the injury, "I would've expected someone with your augmentations to have some sort of self-repair nanotech. But then I guess you wouldn't look so old," he says. He psionically starts to clean out the wound as he reaches into the wound, removing any foreign material he finds, "Needle and thread, nurse," he says to Ruth.

"I have many drugs, most of which would turn your brain into a kaleidoscope. Or maybe an oscillascope. I do mix them up, my scopes. But I suspect our tough guy here wants to be stone cold sober and grit his teeth through the pain like he's in the old west. Maybe if we have some whiskey, I can pour it in the injury, at least."

Cable has posed:
    "I'm not a cyborg..." Cable groans as he leans forward, hands clutching onto his shins with his shirt removed, showing off how the metal and skin work nearly perfectly down his spine, looking almost like Colossus except for the gaps between his body, like, where he should have muscle and skin and some organs, the man has nothingness even.

    "Just get it done, would you?" Cable groans as he reaches up, grabs a wad of paper towels and bundles them up to bite onto, making sure he doesn't hurt his tongue or anything during this procedure.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"Needle and thread." Ruth says, and promptly leaves.

She returns a few moments later; thankfully there was a first aid kit nearby. Poor people with their bruises and scrapes!

She hangs the needle and thread in the air separately, then takes another step back, fingers laced in front of her near her thighs as she listens and waits...

..just for the right moment..

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire says, "Sure, Jan," he says in response to Cable's 'I'm not a cyborg'.

"Don't rush me. You rush the sewing, you get bad sewing and I'm already tripping balls and seeing some very weird Lovecraft shit going on in your wound, so excuse me while I repair this breach in my personal reality," he says, his mind moving the needle and thread in sharp, controlled motions to get the wound sewed up.

"There, you should heal cleanly and be back out there shooting people in the face in no time.""

Cable has posed:
    "I heard Gieger and Kronenberg before, been a while since lovecraft." Cable says, making a bit of light out of his shitty situation. "Just, " Cable doesn't continue as he falls silent and lifts his face, to look towards Ruth and then looks away again before trying to look at Quentin and doesn't connect, so he looks back down at his hands and puts the paper towels back in his mouth, a signal he's done talking.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Distraction, that's all really what Ruth needs. That first instance where the needle pierces the skin and could provide pain. Pain that would drop a certain defense and bring up another. Ruth's minor compulsion was the need to know everything with minimal effort; without going to sleep and having nightmares that cause her to wake up and 'not' cry.

It was -just- a peek, but that peek had implications that Ruth had never really thought of. This Cyborg Man's mind was the stuff of nightmares and the flashes were hard-hitting and difficult to navigate. It was a quick action and reaction, the dive.. the attempted sort and slow, the agitated and tense way her body had gotten, how her hands reached up to near pull out her hair from the root.

It all left with an explosion that popped her brain like candy, her chin jerking up to the ceiling as she falls back like a sack of bricks.

A sack of bricks that slammed the door shut with a loud bang and scaring the children on the other side. Ruth was out cold.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire watches Ruth drop and sighs, "Not again. Poor kid," he says, making a quick flick over her mind to make sure there's no real damage done.

"Don't fret, your psyche just gave her a bad case of the heebie jeebies. She'll be okay. So will you. We all will, other than the massive mob of people who want us dead."