5273/Krypton or Bust: Up Up and Away

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Krypton or Bust: Up Up and Away
Date of Scene: 20 February 2021
Location: Spaaaaace!
Synopsis: Kryptonians, family and friends gather on the Milano, which then docks with Maxima's ship. Greetings are made and the ships begin their journey to Oa.
Cast of Characters: Peter Quill, Kara Danvers, Gamora, Maxima, Conner Kent, Karen Starr, Scott Lang, Groot

Peter Quill has posed:
Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zu9a29UR2dU

After a few weeks of galavanting around the galaxy the Milano is back at Earth and coming down out of the atmosphere towards the familiar T shape of Titan's Tower, Metropolis stretching away into the distance around the bay. As the ship descends Earth, Wind and Fire's "Shining Star" blasts over the internal speakers.

Quill is at the controls having won the coin toss with Rocket about who gets to fly today, that 'Hello My Name Is' sticker filled out to read: Peter Quill, and I'm a loser.' still stuck to the back of his jacket

As the tower gets closer Quill flicks the comms, "Titans Tower this is the Milano, we're here for our pickup I hope the Kryptonians are ready," his voice sunny and bright as he brings the blue, yellow and red ship to a soft landing in the shadow of the tower. "Alright folks let's roll out the red carpet, it's time to pick up our first passengers!" he says hitting the button to lower the ramp.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara Zor-El is both excited and nervous. Leaving Earth after finding that it really is her home now -- to may be going on a journey that could reunite her with her parents and Kryptonian people. She takes in a deep breath and steps aboard the Milano with her travel rucksack slung over her shoulder.

    A long flowing blue cape wrapped around her twice with holes for her arms covers her pristine Kryptonian white clothing beneath. The blonde looks apprehensive but determined. "Hello again crew of the Milano," she says with a genuine smile of affection. The last time she was on this ship, they helped rescue her Titans friends.

Gamora has posed:
    As the Milano descends, Gamora is seated on the bridge, processing the sight of Maxima's ship with suspicious eyes. "... Did they tell us that the Almeracian ship would be *Imperial?*" Gamora tilts her head. "... I don't think they told us that. Unless they didn't know we'd muted them?" Gamora seems... concerned, but decides there's nothing for it right now. They're... PROBABLY not here to wrrest them. She stands and moves towards the entrance when they land, idly noting, "We could not afford a red carpet." as she passes Peter.

    Gamora folds her arms in front of her and gives a slight respectful bow of her head and shoulders, greeting, "Ms. Kara." She's a customer now, so she's trying to be less abrasive than she was last time. Which means nooooo bringing up the fact that she still doesn't buy this 'surviving Kryptonian' nonsense since, to her knowledge, Kryptonians could not fly or bench press small moons.

Maxima has posed:
In many ways Maxima has already left Earth. Save for a few brief trips back to the surface to say some goodbyes, she has spent much of the past week in in orbit while waiting for the Kryptonians to get their affairs in order and their other party to arrive. Part of this is probably to keep the Earthling she absconded with from having second thoughts and trying to escape and part of it is undoubtedly not wanting to be bothered with questions about using starship weaponry against a terrestrial target.

Currently Maxima stands upon a raised dais in the center of the ship's command deck. Before her on the main screen is an image of the Earth spinning below as she watches and waits for her guests to arrive.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner looks amused at Kara's excitement. He is cool, see? Even though he is more colourful than usual. Due to a likely meeting with a space princess and a gang of people with the important-sounding title 'Guardians of the Galaxy', Conner is wearing his full Superboy outfit. Black boots, red pants and gloves, blue shirt with a bit red S. Of course he also wears a black leather jacket, with spikes, and sunglasses.

The young man also carries a large-ish duffel bag with stuff. Including an old laptop because he has a ton of college homework. His college professors were a bit skeptical about the whole 'family emergency trip' that might be one or more weeks away. So much homework, and no Internet! Unless the Guardian's spaceship has some amazing communication capabilities.

He is going to be busy.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Apprehension and grim determination mar the features of the statuesque blonde standing to Kara's side. Tall and imposing- as imposing as one can be in that white suit, with its golden pauldron, and red cape- she looms at the periphery. With the lot of them having boarded the Milano, Power Girl takes her time to explore the bay.

    "Well, it's... It'll get us where we're going." she notes- despite that the ship is certainly well maintained, there's a certain level of pre-judging she's already done thanks to the group call they had at the Fortress. Of course, Kryptonians are used to pristine, often crystalline technology- a level of almost clinically sterile perfection throughout their technology.

    She's going to be a -blast- to have around.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara gives Karen a look. "You vetoed the compressed star space surf board idea so... also it's fun, they transport signals using light between their systems." She wrinkles her nose and then smiles back to Gamora. Her eyes spy the sticker on the back of Peter's jacket and she dumps her bag in a corner and walks over to him.

    "So you're the captain?," she teases and offers him a hug, artfully pulling the sticker off his back at the same time. "Princess Maxima of the Almeracian Empire awaits us in orbit. You might have seen her ship on your way down."

Peter Quill has posed:
"Is that bad?" Peter asks about the Almeracian ship, pulling it up on his screen and peering at the sensor readouts. "Yondu mostly kept away from their space," he says which should speak volumes about those people. "Anyhow if it's a trap, well, that's why we have you Drax, Rocket, Groot and Nebula, we'll be fine."

By that point they've landed and Quill is joining Gamora as the ship's welcome wagon. "Wait you didn't know I was the captain?" asks Peter before he returns that hug with a confused expression on his face. "And yeah, we saw her ship alright, so why is an Im-" he begins before Kara's wards sink in. "You're friend is a /princess/? Ah, that explains it then," he gives a glance over his shoulder to Gamora as if to say, see, totally not a trap. Then he beckons everyone aboard. "All aboard, get settled and we'll link up with the other ship in orbit for your trip to space cop central."

Gamora has posed:
    At the bridge, Gamora answers, "It... could be. I was not expecting customers with actual authority." At the entrance, Gamora squints at Karen briefly, but chooses to overlook her rudeness for now - First impressions! Business matters! Hot blood don't make hot bank! Gah! - and stands by, visibly perplexed by the huggyness of these Earthlings. She very subtly straightens up and stiffens when she hears they're escorting royalty. She meets Quill's reassuring look with one that more or less says 'Do we WANT to get involved with royalty?' It hasn't occurred to her it could be a hell of a reputation boost, but it HAS occurred to her that royalty tends to have legal authority to demand people's death for, hisotrically, petty reasons. Though she answers Quill's question with "There is an... ongoing debate about the Captainship of the Milano."

Conner Kent has posed:
"Yo, Captain Kirk," greets Conner when he sees the Earthling captain with the leather jacket. "I am Conner," he adds, not waiting for Kara to make the introductions. Besides, he kind of knows Gamora. At least from sight.

She was busy trying to kill Nebula last time he saw her. Normal sibling things, no doubt!

"So, do we get a tour of the ship?" He asks, grinning. "And where do we leave the bags anyway?"

Maxima has posed:
Maxima waits on the command deck, hands on her hips as she watches the Earth rotate below.

<<Lady Maxima, Ravager craft inbound to the planet.>> The slightly feminine mechanical voice of the computer informs her.

"They are not our concern." Maxima informs the computer, "We await the Guardians of this Galaxy. Leave them be unless we are fired upon."

Her eyes return to the screen, "I wonder what sort of grand vessel these illustrious guardians travel in."

Karen Starr has posed:
    The reckoning has come, for Gamora.

    Over Karen's shoulder is slung a branded cloth bag, divided into quarters so as to provide buffer cushioning to the contents within, that make slight glassy noises, muffled by their confines, as that contact one another. Though she is serious- and dour- Karen steps forward, and pulls from the bag a single bottle.

    The promised Chocolate Liqueur. Four bottles of it.

    "As promised." she states, handing that bag over to Gamora, whose squint seemingly goes unnoticed. Then, her attention turns to Peter. From a rucksack she'd been toting comes a wad of stacked bills, half of their agreed-upon price, as the other half is valued in the Diamonds that Clark will no doubt hand off at the earliest opportunity. The denominations are just small enough that it isn't unwieldy, but all the same, is a large enough wad that it is satisfying to play with, as all large amounts of money should be.

    "I imagine the answer is wherever it fits." she responds to Conner, keeping her own belongings to herself, apparently.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    "MMhmm," she replies to Peter about the Princess bit. Her hand rests on Gamora's shoulder for a moment making it clear a hug is incoming. Which it then does. Her attention turns to Conner and she says, "Yeah. I'm sure we will sort out that stuff later as the trip drags on nephew."

    Her eyes turn to Karen and the bottles, "Uh huh. As promised. I'd forgotten about that bit. I hope whoever is flying isn't drinking though," she says with a small smirk and then takes a seat for lift off, "You should signal Maxima's ship and let her know we're coming."

Peter Quill has posed:
"It is not up for debate!" Peter insists. "It's my ship, I'm captain, that's just the way things are," even if it wasn't 100% legally his ship, blah, blah, possession 9/10s of the law.

Though whatever ruffled feathers there might be are smoothed first by being called Captain Kirk and then by the big was of bills. "Hey," he greets Conner before taking the money and supplying to both him and Karen, "We do have our best bunks set aside for you guys with convenient gear storage right below, do watch out for any loose tech or explosives our p-" he begins to say pilot but changes mid word to 'Pet, Rocket, likes to collect things," he says with a smile. "Right this way everyone," he calls to the gathered passengers. "Gamora you want to show them to their bunks and give them the two unit tour and I'll let this Maxima know we're coming and get us underway,"

Then Peter is off to the cockpit and in a few moments hailing Maxima. "Almeracian ship, this is Star Lord, Captain of the Milano and leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, we've just picked up our passengers and are on the way up to dock with you, with your permission of course, your highness," he says smiling broadly into the comms viewer.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora takes a very deep, slow breath when presented with the chocolate liquor, having driven it from her thoughts in the past few days, only to have it thrown in her face. "I... see. Well then. There it is." She says stiffly, strangling her voice into something as close to indifference as possible. Though once everyone's carried on in conversation, she already has an open bottle held under her nose as she sighs very slowly, until Kara's hand unexpectedly touches her shoulder, prompting a sharp "Hmm?!" before she is enveloped in the hug dimension with an extremely awkward look on her face that remains after Kara releases her.

    "Yyy... yes." Gamora replies awkwardly, shaking the awkwardness off slowly. "Do not be too familiar with the Princess, Quill." she notes direly, before looking to the others. "Come this way, please." she says stiffly, and leads them through the ship, noting, "We also have a cargo bay, should your luggage situation prove dire."

Conner Kent has posed:
"I'll keep this stuff at hand," confirms Conner. He is travelling relatively light. Among other things because he really doesn't have much. Besides, it will be just a week, right? Maybe right?

He looks again very amused at the reaction to the Kara-hugs and she referring at him as nephew. "So, how is this Maxima princess, Kara? Where did you meet an alien princess, anyway?"

Maxima has posed:
<<Lady Maxima, the Ravager ship is hailing us.>> Comes to the computer's voice again.

Maxima's expression becomes entirely puzzled, this is not something that has ever happened before. Typically Ravagar vessels either make the ill informed decision to attack or run away as fast as their engines can carry them. Her decision to ignore them should have been a magnanimous one, and yet now they are going out of their way to hail her?! "Computer, confirm your last statement."

<<Yes Lady Maxima, the Ravager ship is hailing us.>> The computer repeats.

"All right." Maxima is now peering at the screen unsure of just wait might appear, perhaps this is part of some elaborate trick, and right before she is to meet the guardians of this galaxy, too.

Quill's image and initial message appear on the central screen of Maxima's command deck. On the other end Quill see's a powerfully built red headed woman perhaps in her early 20's with a truly impressive mane of thick wild hair. "..." At first she is quite literally speechless as Quill's words sink in, "...you are the guardians of this galaxy?" A Ravager ship, this may require the space booze.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen is apparently unsympathetic to Gamora's unease vis a vis the chocolate liqueur, but she is apparently listening. She follows along, though Peter isn't immune to remarks as they walk. "He's fine to do whatever he wants to the space princess, she could kill him with a thought." she notes, aware enough of Maxima's, well, everything about her.

    "So there's that." she pauses for a moment. "We probably didn't bring enough to require space in the cargo bay. I just brought some clothes, and the suits we'll be using when we get to Krypton." She then actually takes a moment to think, and addresses Peter and Gamora as best she can at the same time.

    "It's important, by the way, that as few people as possible are aware of where we're going before we get there. It'll get exceedingly more dangerous if /anyone/ is made aware outside of the people that are going that we're going."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara follows after Gamora to check out the sleeping arrangements. She didn't need them last time they were on the ship. This time the trip to Oa is much farther.. one of the reasons she wasn't too keen on going there. Oa is really out of the way - Krypton is not. But, her family insisted and who is she to say no to their wishes?

    "Superboy... her name is Maxima. She arrived suddenly in Metropolis and blocked a whole lot of traffic. Some well meaning but perhaps.. emotionally short tempered heroes intercepted her and almost started a city sized fight," she explains.

    "I got there just in time to calm things down. She came to Earth looking for a city stolen from her by Brainiac. She was very very surprised to hear that we had defeated Brainiac's ship. I helped her retrieve her city from a really deep part of the ocean, with some amazing friends. Then she helped destroy some big evil monster.. and.. well she's heading home and offered to give us a lift." It is at this moment that Kara pauses and says, "What -is- this music? it's fantastic."

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora looks to Karen and notes, in well rehearsed fashion, "Discretion is one of our many services." though she is rather distracted by Kara's story. "Earth seems... rather more eventful than modern information would have us believe." She notes, a little uneasily. She does not like how overlooked this planet is turning out to be. The idea of Braniac being fought off here is... kind of... staggering.

Peter Quill has posed:
Quill smiles over at Gamora. "I know just how to talk to royalty," he assures her. "Remember, I'm the Count of Chocula," he says before nodding at the bottles being offered to her. "Don't let Nebula see those," he says, before he smiles to Kara. "It's Earth Wind and Fire, one of the greatest bands in the universe, if you like that, I've got tons more, we've got a Zune, hooked up in the common area with /three-hundred/ songs," he says as though this fact should probably blow everyone's mind. "Anyhow, Gamora will take care of any more questions, I'll be right back." Then he's up to the bridge himself and on comms.

"That's us, your worshipfullness," he says laying on a little of the Han Solo, "We've got a ship full of Kryptonians here looking to join you aboard your ship, may we link up and hand them off?" Not that Peter's waiting the Milano is already taking off, the ramp closing as it speeds off towards orbit and Maxima's waiting ship.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima's head nods slowly as she regards the image of Peter Quill the 'Star Lord'. The Kryptonian part checks out at least. "Yes.., I will prepare the cargo bay for your arrival." With that she cuts the communication still in a state of disbelief that the Kryptonians have chartered a Ravager ship. "Computer prepare the cargo bay for their arrival."

<<As you wish Lady Maxima.>>

The arduous task of preperations complete, she turns and floats from her dais heading to the lift that will take her to the cargo level to await this arrival in person.

Scott Lang has posed:
"Is THIS your card? Is this YOUR card? Ever seen a card like this?" Scott rattles off to himself as he practices not only his sleight of hand with his cards but also his magician patter. For better or worse at least his rapid shuffles and flick of the cards are getting quite good as he leans against the wall in the cargo bay, nothing for him to do but wait as per Maxima's 'suggestion' for their guests. He was the doorman. From Avenger to doorman. Others might chuff at the indignity. Scott was just thankful he was going to get to see someone, ANYONE else after so many days trapped with the abrasive space princess, even if her threats of murdering him had been at an all time low of late.

"I do believe you'll find THIS card happens to be yours? No way too long..." he keeps practicing, squirming uncomfortably in his new outfit. Bright purples and golds, huge shoulderpads, the better part of his hairy chest and stomach on display. A chunky belt and below it presumably tight purple pants...presumably because so little of them can be seen thanks to the thigh high boots with the 1 inch heel. He'd left the bracelets off Maxima had given him though, made from real gold the thick jewelery had each weighed he'd guessed around 30 pounds apiece. No problem when you could lift a building one-handed, but Scott didn't find the pain of fashion quite worth it. As the computer begins to prep the bay around him with soft hums and whirrs he straightens off the wall. "Gods I should've asked her if they could've brought a pizza or something up with them," he concludes.

Conner Kent has posed:
Short tempered space princess, check. He has the impression Bart would mention some troupes in that angle, but he is not here and Conner is not that TV-savvy. Oh, he is going to miss his buddies, but he will bring pictures and souvenirs (OR ELSE, they said).

The young man drops the duffel bag on his trunk and hurries up to return to the pilot's cabin, to watch over Quill's shoulder the approach to the Almerician ship. He has seen a few spaceships in his short life, but hardly enough not to feel a bit of awe at them.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara playfully gives PowerGirl a hip bump. Just a small one. Don't want to accidentally blow a hole out through the side of the ship. That'd ruin many peoples day. She wanders back to the bridge to see them flying up through the atmosphere, "Space, yay. I was only here yesterday."

    The looming gorgeous imperial vessel of Maxima's grows in size as they approach and the cargo bay opens up to allow the Milano in. Kara pats Peter on the shoulder, "I will check out this tiny music player later. First I should go say hi to Maxima." She heads to the cargo bay and when they are settled and doors open ... she stares at Scott with a look of bewilderment. She may look a lot less like 'Supergirl' given she's not wearing her uniform. "...who are you?"

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora, frankly, finds nothing unusual about Scott's appearance, except, perhaps, that he is human. That, and the fact that Kara doesn't recognize him. "He is not one of yours? How did *two* Earthlings end up wandering the Galaxy?"

Groot has posed:
Groot finishes checking out where he had hid the latest chocolate blooms from a pyromaniac sister of Gamora...granted, it IS highly lethal and addictive to some species but to others it can be delicious and medicine so Groot is determined, and is highly stubborn when he wants to be. He walks in, a bit surprised to see all the people but glad for the distraction and suddenly remembers all of the conversations from people who said this was going to happen that he should have paid attention to. Pretending he is not surprised at all, he waves and tries to be er...friendly..."I am Groot." He waves.

Peter Quill has posed:
Peter nods to Conner and Kara as they join him on the bridge and he flies the Milano into the waiting cargo bay of Maxima's ship. "Hell of a view huh?" he says before adding to Kara. "And it's not tiny, it's amazing, three-hundred songs man, a tape can hold like fourteen tops!" High-tech shit right there!

Once the ship is landed and the sensors show air outside the ship again, Quill pops the doors and heads down after the others, when he sees Scott he blinks. "Wow dude, did the outfit, very Rick James," he says to Scott. "I'm Star Lord by the way, Legendary Tour guide, and this is Groot," he says gesturing to the walking tree beside him. "A member of my crew, he looks after our pet raccoon."

Scott Lang has posed:
The cards are put away, tucked into a pouch on the over-sized heavy belt and Scott stands there grinning at the base of the ramp as it lowers, and gets a very confused greeting from Kara. "Hey there. I'm the Emperor of Jupiter, just here on a diplomatic mission with Maxima, thought I'd stop by and say hello before we invade Earth next week," his tone indicating to anyone familiar with Earthlings that he was joking, and to anyone else threatening a diplomatic incident.

As Quill makes a more forward approach Scott reaches out and claps a handshake. "Hey, yeah it is. I gotta tell ya was weird as hell when I first tried it but I think I'm starting to dig it a bit. Scott Lang, Avenger, Ant-Man. Very important person. And you Groot...nice foliage," Scott makes note with a bit less certainty to himself.

Maxima has posed:
As the cargo bay doors finish closing with a metallic thud of locking mechanisms sliding into place, the doors that connect this cargo bay to the rest of the ship open with a *fwoosh* and there stands the imposing warrior princess herself, Maxima. Her eyes scan the room, first noting that there is indeed a Ravager ship in her cargo bay, then that Scott Lang is still alive and not a prisoner (of someone else), so the occupants are either not Ravagers or very strange capitalist-minded Ravagers. "Scott Lang, have you greeted my guests?"

Heeled metallic footfalls echo through the cargo bay area as she approaches the small gathering. When she finally spies Kara though, a smile does begin to appear on her otherwise stern expression. "Kara! Welcome." Her eyes move to the ship and back to Kara, and then to Peter Quill, "Which Star did you say you were the lord of?"

Conner Kent has posed:
"I am Conner," replies Superboy when Groot makes his introduction. Then, once the docking is finished, he follows Peter and Kara outside, smirking about the 300 song collection; there will be music talk at some point.

Scott's outfit is barely noticed, or the fact he is an Avenger Conner actually has met before, but it is because Maxima's outfit... is noticed. In fact he takes off the sunglasses to pocket them, for a better view. Of course, she had to be a redhead. "Yeah, that /is/ a space princess," he murmurs.

Karen Starr has posed:
    By the time they dock with Maxima's ship, Karen has yet to lay claim to any bunk, nor has she deposited her bag, still hooked over her shoulder. It's there even as she's making her way down the ramp towards the hold, now that they're on a larger ship.

    She pauses, though, as she eyes Scott, her expression flattening. Were it not for the fact that her eyes haven't exploded with red and/or lasers yet, it would seem like it were a mere moment away.

    "Scott." she calls, "Are you -kidding- me right now?! You're an /Avenger./"

    Offering only a sigh, she continues forward, pausing only to deliver a light swat to the back of Conner's head. "I heard that." she mutters, before addressing Maxima.

    "Glad you waited. Do you have any spare quarters, anything that's more than just a bed?" Pretty easy to tell which of the Kryptonians is obscenely wealthy.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara nudges Conner with an elbow, "Conner be cool." She says and then smiles to Groot as he appears, "See told you there was a living tree on their crew. Hello Groot. I am Kara, we met before." She then starts to take offence at the casual suggestion of invasion by Scott.. until he talks more plainly with Peter. Somehow, her hands made it to her hips regardless.

    Then there's Maxima and Kara too smiles. She walks over and offers the Princess a hug, "Maxima. Why is Ant-Man on your ship?," she says with confusion looking back to the audaciously dressed avenger. She's heard of him, but never actually met him. It's hard not to hear about Avengers. They have marketing. "Maxima we're ready to set course for Oa whenever you are." Her eyes track Karen though as she makes it clear she wants a bigger bed. "You know Ant-Man?," she asks PG with surprise.

Groot has posed:
Groot waves and nods in return to the others, who have greeted him, and says, "I am Groot." There seems to be a lot that is said in that statement, but it ...is what it is. He clearly isnt being rude, just ...repetitive? He nods again to Kara referring to their meeting and says, "I am Groot." He starts mentally counting the number of people, and realizes that he is going to have to move the chocolate hydroponics AGAIN. Not unless someone is not ever going to look under their bed, and he simply can't assume that. Ah well, que sera sera.

Peter Quill has posed:
Peter smiles at Maxima's question, "Mainly Chocula," he reports almost earnestly about what star he's lord of. "I'm a count, it's no big deal, but mostly it's just a name people call me, Star Lord, it's got a nice ring to it."

As for Ant-Man, he nods, "That's awesome dude," a beat. "What's an Avenger? Oh wait you mean those guys Captain America and what was it Iron Pants?" Of course he's heard of Cap, but Iron Man, just a little after his time.

To the rest of the group he says, "So, what's the game plan exactly. We all running together for a bit or are you guys wanting to run off to space cop central right away?"

Scott Lang has posed:
One can see just the tiniest bit of tension come over Scott as he hears the familiar clang of metal boots start behind him. "Yes we've covered the hellos Maxima. Sorry folks no flower necklaces or complimentary mints at the gate. Still it's nice to see..." his words cut short with a cough as Power-Girl of all people makes her down the ramp. Maxima had hardly told him a thing about who was coming.

"Yes Power-Girl, I AM an Avenger which is why I'm courteously blending with the local culture's fashion. Don't worry, we can get you something in your size too. I'm fairly sure the Almeracian alphabet goes up high enough to cover it," he states, not delving into why one would need a lot of letters when it comes to sizing Power-Girl.

Plastering a smile back on his features he points at Groot and states, "Got it big guy, Groot, won't forget. And yea we've got Captain America and Iron Pants, few others. And hey sorry Count about them only making you for Halloween these days. You're practically a collector's item," he tells Peter. Worryingly he has his cards back in his hand and is starting to riffle them. There's an AUDIENCE here...

Maxima has posed:
Maxima gives Power Girl a nod, "Of course, this ship is capable of supporting a full compliment of Almeracian soldiers, including officers and senior officers." Another glance at the Milano, "I can make suitable quarters available to you."

Her gaze then drifts to Groot, "Welcome, do not worry about being understood. Language is not a barrier for me." She just finishes saying when she is being hugged by Kara and perhaps to Scott's utter surprise, not only does she allow it but it is returned. "Scott Lang's assistance is required to restore my city and its people, so he will be accompanying us. Is this a problem?"

"Computer, set pre-planned course for Oa and proceed." She instructs the ship once she has been released from the hug.

<<New Course has been engaged Lady Maxima, leaving Earth orbit now.>> The omnipresent voice of the ship's computer speaks from somewhere.

Peter gets a curious look from her as she seems entirely uncertain of what to make of him. "I am not familiar with the Chocula star system, perhaps you can point it out on our star charts."

Another glance at the Milano and then her gaze returns to Scott and she looks between him and Quill, "Star Lord of Chocula, are you also human like Scott Lang?"

Groot has posed:
Groot beams a wide white ivory smile (what else did you think his teeth were made of?) and nods, "I am Groot." He chuckles at Scott and shrugs "I am Groot." Apparently he really really REALLY wants to make that point at home. He pays attention to the door to the quarters, ready to rapidly shift his chocoulate stash but otherwise enjoying the new people to talk to. Space can get...tight in the ship with the same people though he clearly likes all of the crew members even if in solidarity with Rocket he isnt officially supposed to.

Conner Kent has posed:
"I am cool," protests Conner, rubbing the back of his head and giving Karen and brief glare. It is not his responsibility if Maxima purchases clothes in the same space mall Starfire does her shopping!

But okay, he won't stare (too much).

Beside the Count Star Lord of Chocula deserves a facepalm. Why is Karen not smacking Peter instead of him? That is not fair.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen is not surprised by the giant tree. It's... More or less par for the course, at this point, even that it only speaks in the phrase I Am Groot, which... She is beginning to suspect is some form of language- she speaks a number of terrestrial ones, but the only extra-terrestrial language she speaks is Kryptonian... So she can't understand Groot. At the very least, he seems friendly enough.

    She turns her head to Kara and nods. "Yeah. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, when the League was... Not around, I threw in with the Avengers. Diana and I are on both teams." Carol, too, but that's something Power Girl hasn't learned yet.

    To Scott, she raises a brow. "No, I don't believe that. Not sure what you did, but hopefully the suit's just got a hole in it. Hank'll be pissed if it's any worse than that, and honestly? I'm pretty sure Nadia would kill you in your sleep."

    Frankly, at that last bit, she seems a little sympathetic.

    "Either way though, why are you /here?/" she asks, clearly not having seen his broadcast. "On Maxima's ship of all places, and going into space besides?"

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara nods her head, "Yeah.. you did mention that. But I guess it never really sunk in until right now." She says manoeuvring her body between Karen's and Scott's. I wonder why. She nods to Maxima and says, "And we're off. Oa here we come, for better or for worse."

    But it seems like Scott's jabs at Karen aren't being taken too seriously. She shakes her head and says to Maxima, "That's the ship that can move and is small enough to handle the ruins of Krypton. It performs better than it looks," she says with a small shrug. "And their crew is capable."

    She looks back to Groot and says, "And they're very interesting. The small furry one is probably working on their machines and weapons still.. and the angry blue one - sister of the green one - she seems to hide in their lower decks. And there's another one with little antenna.. oh, you should really talk to her Maxima. I think she's telepathic too."

Peter Quill has posed:
Peter blinks, "What?" he asks Scott. "Since when?" he asks clearly about the cereal of all things. "Man that means I'll have to wait an entire year to reup my supply that got spaced?" he makes a face before shaking his head and turning his attention to Maxima. "Sure, I can definitely do that," Peter says about pointing out Chocula. He'd cross that bridge when he comes to it. "By the way, this is an amazing ship, your highness."

To Kara he says, "Nebula and Rocket are around here somewhere, and Mantis feels people's feelings whatever that's called," he says peering around for the strange woman. "If any of you see her let me know I need to talk to her," he adds.

Back to Maxima he adds, "So, is it cool if we just stay parked in your bay like this? Might be more fun all around if we can all mingle on the voyage towards Oa, we'll jump off before the system though, got a galaxy to guard and all of that." And they were almost certainly wanted by the Lanterns, or at least some of them were.

Scott Lang has posed:
It's possible Scott maybe keeps taking small steps to keep Kara between himself and Power-Girl just in case. Not that he thought she'd kill him but, setting his clothes on fire with laser vision seemed well within the realm of possibility if he pushed the wrong button. "I can't tell you Power-Girl it's a top secret...oh," Scott's moment deflated as Maxima says exactly why he's there before he puffs up his mostly bare chest anyway.

"Right, what she said. I've a city to save and all soon as we're done with whatever it is on...Oa? I'll be honest she doesn't tell me much. And the suit is fine!" he makes sure to add with a furrowed brow. All the digested damage was gone, Hank would never know. Or Nadia. He thinks. Probably. A bead of sweat forms on his brow anyhow. The cards patter in his hands some more and he suddenly fans them out. "So anyway now we've time to kill, who wants to pick a card, any card?"

Maxima has posed:
For a moment Maxima bristles at one of Groot's 'I am Groot's before fixing her gaze upon Peter Quill, "Yes, you may remain parked in this hold. Actually Count Chocula," There is something in her demeanor, her tone that says she knows the truth now, the jig is up. "Perhaps we should defer to your great diplomatic skills to ensure things go smoothly with Oa? Oa and Almeracia are not on the best of terms you see. I did not realize an accomplished Count would be joining us, this will be very helpful."

Her smile returns as she listens to Kara, "Oh there is a telepath among this crew? They do seem very ...diverse. I will take your word for it on their capability."

Groot has posed:
Groot grins and whistles innocently (yes, he can whistle quite well) and relaxes realizing that THEY are going to be guesting on Maxima's ship instead of the other way around. Indeed, this ship is SO large that he has to ask, "I am Groot?" He looks around at the technology and seems impressed, decidely trying to avoid Peter's gaze as much as possible.

Peter Quill has posed:
Whether he picks up on the tone or not Quill carries on with the deception just a little bit further. "It's okay, Chocula has strained relations with the Lanterns as well, probably best the rest of us hang back and let you deal with things your highness," he says, before quickly jumping on Scott's offer, and picking a card, anything to change the subject. "So do I tell you the card or what?" he asks suddenly very focused on the trick, except to shoot a suspicious look Groot's way.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara turns and looks at the cards being handled by Scott. She's briefly perplexed by this and then smirks. The people are mingling, Kryptonians, friends and family of Kryptonians, Guardians, Maxima and her guest Scott. She nods her head, this is how it should be. "I'm... going to go stare out at the star streaks," she says and makes her way from the crowd and over to a quiet place with a window.

Scott Lang has posed:
"FINALLY someone that appreciates a decent bit of magic. Maxima always telepaths my mind when I try to show it to her. I still think she liked the colored scarves routine though. Think it reminded her of Almerac all those bright colors," he concludes as he instructs Peter to put the card back in the deck. A quick bit of fanning, shuffling, the cards flitting back and forth between his hands as he mumbles under his breath and then suddenly stops with a shifty look around. "Now where could the card be?" he says, sounding much like an adult playing peekaboo with a child. It's possible he practices his magic routine too much with his 6 year old as he reaches over to Groot. The card at least to any casual observation seems to be pulled directly from between his rooty body as Scott flips it around to show the room and back to Peter. "Is THIS YOUR card!?"