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A clownette comes a-knocking
Date of Scene: 20 February 2021
Location: Aimee's apartment
Synopsis: Someone's been naughty and the clownette breaks into Aimee's apartment to cross the i's and dot the t's!
Cast of Characters: Aimee Alexander, Harley Quinn

Aimee Alexander has posed:
The highrise apartment building known as 88 Leonard Street is nothing special to look at from the outside, but once inside it becomes clearer that it is probably not a cheap place to live (as if being in Tribeca didn't already make that clear). If there had been any doubts as to Aimee's easy access to money, they'd have probably been cleared up just by seeing where she lived.

Aimee's apartment itself is rather dark; the only light entering from outside through the uncovered windows. There don't seem to be many personal touches to the decor, in fact if not for a litterbox in a corner and some dishes in the sink it looks eerily unlived-in.

Inside the girl's bedroom there are a couple more personal touches, a few nickknacks on the various flat surfaces (including a old looking snowglobe that looks in need of a polish) and a couple day's worth of clothes litter the floor and bed. A rather small black cat sleeps curled up on the bed's dark blue duvet, and beneath the duvet sleeps Aimee; soft little noises that can't quite be described as snores escaping her as she breathes.

Harley Quinn has posed:
On one side of the room sits the creepy clownette herself, watching Aimee sleep it off. She heard about the commotion during the riots, and had received a message telling about her going there. But then ..., radio silence. Which pretty much meant time for action! Sneaking in wasn't hard. In fact, for someone who has made of Arkham Asylum a revolving door it was rather easy. So here she was. And for how long had she been here, watching, perhaps assessing if the girl was fine.

She was sitting by one of the chairs inside the room, one leg over the door, fingertips steepled together in a rather villainous look (Or maybe just upset). She only needed the cat in her lap for the full villain look. But all in due time. She had a knack with animals afterall, maybe she could get Aimee's cat to do it!

But right now she just watches, no sound, waiting. Just letting the anger subside.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
The bed rustles and a deep inhale can be heard before the body under the duvet starts rolling over. Aimee groans, the migraine mostly gone now but her head still feeling a touch sore. Eyes reluctantly peek open to check the time on her alarm clock before snapping closed again as they spot a humanoid shadow in one of her chairs.

All movement visibly stills, and the teen cracks an eye open just enough to confirm what she'd seen. There was someone else in her bedroom. With a shriek, Aimee throws back her duvet; scrambling across her bed in only a thin nightgown and falling off the opposite side with a thud.

Her cat, suddenly awoken by the noise and movement, seems unimpressed by all the fuss. Abandoning its spot it leaps off the bed and cautiously approaches the seated clownette in curiosity.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"You awhe upsettin' the cat." Is Harley's response to the shrieking and following drop from the bed. If she can shriek so loud it means she must be mostly fine! She extends one hand towards the cat, calling it over in soothing gestures. "Come to Harley's lap. Ya want a warm lap, don't ya? Yea, you doooo..." she grinning wide down at the cat before finally getting her attention to the girl again.

"Feel free to come out from hiding behind the bed when you garner enough courage to face me. Unless ya gonna use yoh powahs again." Judgement! Woe! Angry clownette? Maybe just upset.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"Harley?! What the... why... What??" Aimee's voice comes from behind the bed a few moments before her head peeks up over the edge to confirm what she heard. That yep, Harley is somehow in her bedroom.

She watches her notoriously difficult cat casually leap up onto Harley's lap and begin kneading it, the teen glaring at the traitorous feline for being so quickly affectionate with the clownette. Turning her attention back to the other woman, Aimee idly rubs at her temples as she finally responds to Harley's challenge. "Ugh, yeah no I don't think I'm gonna be using them again for a while. Felt like I almost split my head open."

She fumbles for a few moments to turn on a lamp before looking over to the clownette with a soft smile, apparently having completely missed the fact that Harley might be upset with her. The added light shows off both the uncharacteristicly obvious expensiveness of her semi-sheer sleepwear, and also the remains of dried blood beneath the empath's nose.

"So, uhm, not that I'm not happy to see you, but why are you... *how* are you here?" Her eyes flick down to the cat in the clownette's lap, and the edges of her lips twitch as she fights down a grin "If you wanted to stroke my pussy, you could have at least treated me to dinner first y'know?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Oh, yes. Such a nice kitty..." Harley says in that same soothing voice, making smoochy lips down at the cat. She runs one hand gently over it's fur, slow, letting the cat get used to her. And besides, it's a rather warm lap to be at. It also makes it so she ignores Aimee for a while, letting her talk and fumble around the lamp without even acknowledging what she's saying. It also makes it so she doesn't notice the blood right off. Perhaps a good thing.

Eventually she *does* look up, noticing the blood. "Why am I heah. Mmm, maybe because I was waiting foh a message to say whether you weah home or not?" a sardonic smile, "We awhe in the 21st century. Coulda sent a message."

She gets up after, the cat complaining just so before moving over back to the warm bed, Harley stepping forward to hold the girl's face, "Well, if ya makin' dirty jokes like that already seems ya ain't that bad." thumb brushing over the dried blood. The anger appears to be starting to get replaced with some worry.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
The grin slips away from Aimee's face, and widening eyes precede a wince as she realises her mistake. "Shit... Harls... I'm... sorry, I just... everything was so crazy, and my head was hurting so much I just..."

The barrage of excuses ends abruptly, the teen deciding perhaps it's better to not try and justify her mistake. Averting her eyes, she mumbles a soft and rather guilty sounding "Sorry...", fidgeting nervously under Harley's scrutiny.

There's a momentary pause where Aimee seems to wimply wallow in her guilt, then finally she chews her lip and tries to reassure the clownette "I-I'm okay now though! I got out of there as quickly as I could, and Zatanna and this other woman helped me get out. I'm sorry for worrying you..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Zatanna eh?" Harley says as if showing she is listening (at least she is listening!), hands continuing to hold Aimee's face, turning it here and there to check if there's any more damage. What? She is was psychologist doc! She knows a *little* about being a medical doc too! "So ya overused yoh powahs?" She asks, perhaps assuming what the headache is about.

Eventually she appears satisfied about the inspection, hands dropping from Aimee's face to look at her rather fine nightgown. "Look at that, real silk." a smirk, "And livin' in a rundown place like this. No wondah I see ya at my place so much. Who would want ta live heah afterall..." yes, she's being sarcastic.

One hand rests on her hip, "But maybe ya should explain ta me how it all went down, and why ya didn't call me ta go with you. Ya know I would have." jaw still holding tight in her determined manner of looking upset. Yet within Aimee will have noted the extreme worry lying near the surface when Harley was touching her.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"I didn't overuse my powers, or, not intentionally. I can't really switch off feeling people's emotions. And when the riot broke out, everyone was panicking and and it was so *loud* and I just..." Aimee doesn't seem to be speaking of sound when she mentions how loud everything was, and her eyes glaze over for a few seconds as she loses herself in the memory.

The comment about her nightgown yanks the teen out of her introspection, and a flush rises to her cheeks as she self-consciously crosses her arms over her chest. "I spend so much time at your place because you're the one who keeps inviting me over! If you wanna hang out here then you should tell me!" The irony of lecturing Harley on the importance of communication may be lost on her.

"And... I didn't invite you to come to the protest because it was meant to just be a protest. And... there was going to be reporters and stuff, and I didn't want to draw attention and you kinda attract attention where-ever you go, y'know?" Despite her reasoning, Aimee seems to feel a bit guilty about that nonetheless. "But there's not much to tell really. I'm not sure what happened but suddenly people started fighting and the rest started trying to get away. There were gunshots that made everyone terrified. And it all just made me really dizzy so I had to have someone to lean on to get away." She's underselling it a little, but it's not exactly a lie.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I thought ya had ta touch 'em ta really go deep into how they felt, or ta get ta feel those more extreme emotions." Harley replies, perhaps not having yet paid too much attention on how Aimee's powers work. It makes her feel just a touch guilty about it. But no matter! She is the one upset here! Hmph!

"And that's now how it woiks. Ya invite me if ya want me heah." A brow arching as if challenging Aimee to say otherwise. "Besides...." and she jabs a finger gently at those crossed arms by her chest. ".... good attempt on tryin' ta lecture me about communication, eh?" she lets out a bit of a chuckle, the irony certainly not being lost by her!

"I can be sorta sneaky when I want to." Okay, not that often but ..., she knows disguises! Yet listening to how Aimee speaks about it all finally has her sigh, she bringing one arm over to wrap around the girl to bring her to the clownette. "I was worried.." she admits. "And while I know ya not tellin' me the whole truth that's fine foh now." don't try to con the psychologist!

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"I mean, this is just a place to sleep really, I don't really... like... spend much..." Aimee seems to realise she's throwing around excuses again, and heaves a guilty sigh. "I'll try be better. Not used to having a girlfriend to think about, y'know? It's still... new. But I know I'm not doin a good job, so I'll do better! I promise!"

The teen gratefully takes the opportunity to nestle in against Harley's warm body, all-but clinging to the clownette. "I'm sorry for worrying you Harls. It really wasn't that bad, I promise. Just... even though I can only feel surface emotions usually, when there's hundreds of people and their surface emotions are all panic and terror and anger and really strong feelings like that... it's just... it does a number on my brain."

She nudges her head under Harley's chin, and closes her eyes. "It's why I went straight to bed when I got home, could hardly think even after getting away from it. Should probably try harder to avoid big crowds..." She pauses her musing to give the clownette's body a gentle squeeze "I'm really glad you're here though."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Means ya need ta learn further on how ta control yoh powah. I am suwah you'll be able ta with trainin'..." Which Harley had already spoken about before. But perhaps now she was going to be taking it more seriously. "We will think o' a trainin' regimen." or in this case SHE will!

The arm continues around Aimee, warm and protective, keeping her against her and letting out a sigh. "Theah's a lot we both need ta get used to, isn't theah?" she muses, placing a kiss on the girl's forehead before she rests her chin against the girl's head, relaxed.

A look down at the imperious cat. "So what's your pussy's name?"

Making the important questions.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"I guess it's only polite to know something's name before you kiss it, huh?" Aimee grins, at her little joke, before turning to rest her cheek against Harley and peer at the haughty little cat who seems almost offended that he isn't getting any attention.

"That's Nero. He was a stray I found in a park. Had to chase him all over the damn place despite him bein all skin and bone until he finally let me pick him up. I took him to a vet and they didn't find a microchip or anything, so... I adopted him." She pokes out her tongue at the cat who continues to just stare at them. "And if some poor family lost their pet, well they shoulda taken better care of him."

Notably, Aimee has yet to say a word about the talk of training her power. Almost like she's trying to pretend it doesn't exist. "Oh, umm. Did you want a drink? I... I don't really have much, but there's bottles of water in the fridge, and I think I've got some tea bags in the cupboard that I bought in case my parents ever visited." Chewing her lip, the girl suggests "We could watch TV? Like, netflix and chill? That's a... like... a girlfriendy thing to do right?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Nero?" Harley smirks at the name choice, not helping it and going into an analysis of it, "Seems ta me ya want to see things on fiwah. Sorta disturbin'. But I knew deep down you are quite the rebel, just like me." because a lot can be gleaned out the name someone gives a cat!

The joke has her quirk her brows, "And you have a dirty mind too." see? She knows what Aimee is talking about. She knows her jokes! But then back to the cat, "No collar or anythin' might had just been a stray." she makes her way over to the bed so they can sit and she reaches to bring the cat over to her lap again, ready to give it all the attention.

The talk about drinks has her peek up. "What? No wine from the 19th century? Or maybe a pinot noir?" she tsks, "If ya live in a rich home ya got keep it loaded!" a grin at that last suggestion.

"Yea, lets do some chillin'. And ya can tell me moouh about yoh family and why you are livin' heah in this place, uh?" there! No escape! Walked right into her trap ...

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"Actually, Nero is Italian for Black." Aimee's cheeks flush and she sounds a little defensive about the name she picked. "And a... friend... of mine had a cat named Tiberius, so okay maaaybe I was a little influenced to name him after a Roman Emperor, but what was I going to do? Call him Augustus or Julius? I wanted a *cool* name!"

The teen hmphs, studiously burying her face against the clownette "And if I've got a dirty mind it's clearly because you're a bad influence on me. I never *used* to be this way." At the very least she never used to sing karaoke or do roller derby.

"You're even wanting to get me drunk! You know I'm only 18 right? I can't just go around buying alcohol all the time." It's more a half-hearted excuse than anything serious, especially given Harley has already seen her abusing her fake ID to get cosmopolitans from bars. "Besides, I'm more a Riesling girl myself. I've never been able to understand why people like reds. Mama I think might be genuinely ashamed that her daughter lacks an appreciation for 'le vin rouge'-" the words are said in perfectly accented Parisian French, "but Dad prefers whites just like me.." It's not a *deep* insight into her family, but at least it's a start.

"So... I think I probably told you when we first met about how I finished High School early so I could have a year away from my parents to find myself? Well, that's why I'm here. Obstensibly 'networking' and 'making connections', but that's just how I sold the idea to my parents to let me come here. It's not entirely coincidence that I decided to go make connections on the opposite coast of the country..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Yea, crazy shit happens when ya drink..." Harley murmurs, smirking briefly. "Like losin' your cosmo in the wildways..." again a look of longing appearing on the clownette's face, "And well I am partial for anythin' that gets me goin'. Or drunk. Or both." she nodding firmly in the end. "Yea, both." she does listen about the talk of those parents. Not much, but a little is better than nothing. "Daddy's girl, is it?" she guesses about those brief words from Aimee.

"So basically this is you lashin' out and tryin' ta find your way. Away from what yoh parents want ya ta be." she nods. It was not an unusual kind of story. "And how is it workin' so far?" the question bringing a big wide grin from Harley.

"Also, I hope ya got a big tv."

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee grimaces at the mention of the wildways, not nearly as enamored of the place as Harley apparently is, but a grin is soon spreading across her lips. "You're partial to anything that gets you going or drunk? I guess that's how I won your heart huh? Buying those drinks for you and... and Spiral." Her grin becomes a touch forced, and mention of her strange and surly six-armed sorceress friend causing a momentary stab of melancholy.

"A-anyway," she declares a touch louder than necessary, trying to change the subject "I'm not a Daddy's girl. Not really. I mean, he's just less worried about trying to micro-manage every little part of my life; he mostly just sticks to trying to control the big important stuff."

There's a hint of bitterness in her words, and she begins to scowl as she continues "And he's the more flexible one. Always open to 'negotiation' with me. Says it's a good skill for me to learn. He's the one that let me make the deal to finish School early and come here. No way was Mama going to let me out from under her thumb if she'd had her way."

The teen heaves a sigh, finally dropping to sit next to Harley and immediately flopping backwards to lay back and stare at the ceiling. The whole thing looks a little melodramatic, and not intentionally so. At the end of the day she *is* a rich teenage girl after all. "I'm making them sound like monsters, but... but they just want the best for me. And they do... care..." Although something about the way she says that last word seems to sound so very sad.