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Sadie Hawkins Dance
Date of Scene: 20 February 2021
Location: Recreation Room
Synopsis: Xavier's students, faculty, and guests enjoy a Sadie Hawkins Dance For Gifted Youngsters. Christian Frost makes an appearance. Mom and Dad almost enjoy a dance but the kids refuse to behave. Logan skips town to avoid karaoke.
Cast of Characters: Jubilation Lee, Logan Howlett, Scott Summers, Ruth Aldine, Kitty Pryde, Karen Starr, Henry McCoy, Warren Worthington, Noriko Ashida, Rachel Summers, James Proudstar, Christian Frost, Talia Wagner, Jean Grey

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    The pink, glittery flyers all over Xavier's have been putting the word out for a couple weeks: a Sadie Hawkins Dance in the recreation room! It's not on the official school calendar, but it's impossible that the administration wouldn't know this is happening. The furniture has been pushed to the walls, creating a large, empty area in the center of the room for any dancing that might happen. The decorations are most certainly homemade. Long chains of colored construction paper rings, linked together, have been taped to the ceiling at regular intervals. Balloons of every color have been blown up and taped to the walls in clusters of three or so. Anything even resembling a television has been powered off and unplugged.

    Folding tables have been set up with pink and white tablecloths to house the snacks and drinks! There's even a very large punchbowl with a scoop and paper cups...and nothing to prevent it from being spiked (hint). Towards the back of the room, the semi-broken karaoke machine has been set up with Jubilee's laptop hooked into it, giving the option of music... OR karaoke, should anyone be brave enough.

    Right now, the music is on some kind of looping playlist, as there's no one at the laptop or karaoke machine. It's playing Come Sail Away by Styx, perfect slow-dance bait for dopes who don't know that the song's tempo changes halfway through.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan is here. Leaning against the back wall. Wearing his normal day clothes. Jeans. T Shirt. Boots. Right now he has no drinks in his hand, but the glowering look on his face at what is happening tells everyone he'd rather be drinking.

Right now, at this moment, Logan was eyeing the snacks. Sniffs at the punchbowl, shakes his head, and goes back to leaning. "At least the music isn't bad." Logan huffs under his breath.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott is also here, dressed a little above casual. He's not in a suit, but is wearing a nice sweater over a white button-up shirt and a pair of khaki pants. Rather than his bulky visor, he's got on a pair of gunmetal grey glasses with the usual ruby red lense fixed flushed to the sides of his orbital bone.

Like a hawk, he's standing where he can see everything. Arms crossed, feet shoulder width. The observant hand of authority? The fact he glances away at moments when he absolutely shouldn't probably go unnoticed to those who might attempt to, hint, spike the punch.

The illusions of authority then.

Seeing Logan, he inclines his head in greeting, but doesn't move from his place near the stage.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Logan better stop eye-balling the snacks. That was Ruth's job. Though, she doesn't have any eyeballs so there's that. Even though Ruth came alone to the party, she was fairly entertained. Her date for the night keeping her company through telepathy, her head bobbing randomly as she takes a plate of pretzels to the dome.

Crunch, crunch, crunch!

This was -the- best! Aside from her looking slightly crazy, for once she looks decently put together, her hair all combed and loose, yet in need of a trim, all accentuating the fact that she's wearing some weird ass equestrian get-up done in black and white. No heels. All Chuck Taylor all stars with a built in heel that gives her extra height.

A few added treats to her plate, and now she's moving to the dance floor. It was a slow dance song, and Ruth decidedly slow dances with the plate in her hand than another person present. Because this is the stuff that solo-goals are made for.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Behind Logan, the sound of heels can be heard moving down the hallway. Kitty Pryde steps into the room, wearing a black dress. She's on the arm of a very handsome devil in a black tuxedo jacket. The jacket has been cut so Lockheed's wings fit through the back, and he has a little black bow-tie to go with it.

He flaps his wings to stay there at Kitty's elbow height as he walks her in. Kitty grins and leans over to give the little dragon a kiss on his head before he flits to her shoulder to land. Kitty looks back, reaching a hand back towards the hall as Warren joins her then. "Thanks for letting him make his big entrance," Kitty says with a warm laugh as she slips her hand into the blond mutant's hand. "Hey that is a good song," she agrees with Logan. She glances between Logan and Scott. Hopefully there won't be fistfights tonight. If there are, what are the odds it is students, or teachers?

Karen Starr has posed:
    A wildcard guest to be sure, that Power Girl is present at all is an odd thing. She's been present at a number of different pro-mutant events, and even as a voice of dissent at one or two pro-registration engagements, she's put her foot in the ring in support of said oppressed people.

    She doesn't know anything about Xavier's school, of course- nor does she know of its mutant population. With who she is, though- the call went out to see if someone from the Avengers or Justice League could come by as a guest chaperone of sorts, and Karen figured something pleasant before her trip to space might make a good change of pace, even if other Avengers or Leaguers ended up coming by as well.

    That's why she's here, making her way around the dance floor, giving greetings, and generally just looking as heroic as she can. Sure, she doesn't have the sparkling reputation that Kal does- she's far more... Angry and punchy, at least in how she's represented in the papers... But she was still there on the ground in Genosha, and helped put Brainiac in his place once his involvement had been revealed.

    For the moment, her path through the crowd is such that she's just giving greetings to the other people in charge of the dance, smiling that billion-dollar smile of hers wherever she can.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Other Avengers indeed! Henry walks in, looking a bit disheveled. Perhaps it's a sleeping thing? Or lack there of? Either way, he did manage to dress up a bit - a button-down shirt, black slacks and wide shoes. He steps into the recreation room, glancing about as the music washes over him. There's a pause, the man offering a nod to Logan and Scott, before he heads over to find a chair near the wall.

Wallflower Beast!

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Hey, Lockheed deserves his time in the spotlight," Warren says with a chuckle as he follows Kitty into the room, giving a glance over to the little purple dragon, "Besides, if I didn't he would torch my closet."

Warren is dressed much like Lockheed, in a tux, but his is all white, tie included, to match the color of his wings. A perfect contrast to Kitty's little black dress. "Seems like this is a good turn...is that Power Girl?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko does not just appear at the snack table or pop up dressed in some sort of disguise this time.  Instead, she walks in at 'normal' speed wearing a black sequenced mini in a vertical chevron pattern.  It is long sleeved and ends at the base of the neck, form fitting down and not exactly what people would consider private school length.  To top it off, the electric blue-haired girl is wearing heels that match her hair color.

On the speedster's arm is Jubilation, chatting as they walk in.  "How much you want to bet Ruth has found the food already?"  As if she isn't the number one culprit in all food shortages.


Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde moves to Warren's side, hand in his as he brings up the unexpected chaperone. "I... think it is," Kitty says, her expression showing her own surprise. "If Hambone got up the courage to ask her," Kitty says, breaking out in a soft chuckle and smiling over to Warren. The slightly chubby student is probably up in his room, playing video games and lamenting the bigger screens of the Rec Room are unavailable because of the dance.

Kitty glances over, seeing Henry take a seat along the wall. "Hank, you had better save me a dance tonight," she tells him, flashing the elder mutant a smile. "I won't make it be something from Rocky Horror, either."

Rachel Summers has posed:
Going stag to a Sadie Hawkins dance? Evidently, Rachel is doing it - only of course, attempting to do so in style. The red-head idly steps through the doors a bit late, but not exactly /too/ much so. Her dress for the night is, naturally, red-leather, complete with a jacket that is currently slung over her shoulder. For an outfit, the dark crimson hue of her top matches the skirt, complete with knee high stilettos.

Her green gems cast a gaze about the crowded area, seeking out - and finally finding Kitty and Lockheed. A wry twist of her lips offers a grin at the dragon's very dashing look for the evening. Perhaps Rachel should have asked Lockheed to the dance.

Before Rachel heads over to where Kitty and company are, though, she makes a quiet step towards Scott, idly inquiring. "Has anyone made a break for the punch yet?"

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott glances at Rachel when she comes over to him, glasses angled down at her, "Not yet." He does an absolute spectacular job of hiding a grin. Which was easy, since it is a well known fact that Scott never smiles. Not in public... and even then, once a year. He used it on New Years Eve.

So his quota is met.

"You here alone?" He inquires of the young red-head. Brow perking just so. Still getting use to talking to her. Which is obviously odd for him, but he puts up a strong front. With his arms still crossed over his chest.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Ruth was still really doing her own thing. In fact, she was dancing in the middle of the dance floor (if there was one), pile of food majestically staying on her plate as it were.

She's channelling beat boys of old, though ones who were afraid to drop their food and crush it under the heels of her chucks.

Lil' homie was doing the cabbage patch in a circle, which soon switched to the Prep, and then the Alf. Having had enough, she slowly does the kid n play over towards the punch, still bopping however, all the while setting her plate down so that she could grab herself a drink.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar ducks under the doorway and scans the room as he enters. He smiles seeing familiar faces. He seems a bit ill at ease, stag to a Sadie's Hawkins dance is one thing but uninvited? Also he has this strange not a teacher not a student thing. But he's here, he carried in the snacks, he contributes, and then does his best to fade into the background, which for being over seven foot tall and well over 300 pounds he does pretty well. He see Logan looking grumpy and heads in that direction, as much to hide in those ill vibes as for any actual desire to interact with the other Groundsman.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Perhaps Lockheed is a mind reader, or just thinking the same thing, as he gives a flap of his wings, lifting into the air and then gliding over to Rachel. As he reaches the red-haired mutant, he flaps more to hover in place beside her, looking over at her first, then at Scott, and finally back to Rachel. If she lets him, the small purple dragon in the faux tuxedo lands on her shoulder, giving it a little pat with a front paw.

Kitty grins at the dragon's antics. "Look at that," she says, leaning closer to Warren. "Walks me into the dance and then immediately goes off flirting with others."

The bulk of James Proudstar arriving is difficult to miss. "Hey James," Kitty offers with a smile. "Glad to see you tonight." She looks towards Ruth has started the dancing for the night. "Ruth you have an advantage on all of us, knowing what the next song is always going to be," she teases lightly.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "You mean... before you do?" Jubilation looks up at Noriko with a big smile. Could Ruth get to the snacks before the speedster? "No chance!" It's a huge change in her demeanor over the past few weeks, given recent events and rumors. She's wearing a blue, sleeveless dress with a deep neckline -- it's formfitting down to her hips where it begins ruffling out. Her long hair has been flat-ironed, parted at the side and pulled into a tight ponytail. She seems pleased as pie to be hooked onto Noriko Ashida's arm, apparently not-at-all concerned about being linked to the girl she sometimes claims she barely knows.

    As the pair walk in together, Jubilee's eyes are locked on the corsage that has been placed on her wrist -- it's pink, not-at-all-blue, and suggests that it was not she who purchased it. She's smiling at it but that smile fades as her gaze rises to see... a LOT of teachers. Huh.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren 'huhs' to Kitty, his wings ruffling a little as they shift a little, "Wonder what she is doing here? Did Hank bring her?" Then Kitty is mentioning Hambone, and Warren laughs. "Oh god, like one of those internet things where some random kid invites the movie star? That would be priceless." Warren cranes his next to look around for the large student, but with no luck. "Someone should go tell him so he can come ask her for a dance, because I would pay money for that."

Warren chuckles, leaning down to give Kitty a peck on the cheek, "That's because he knows you are already taken, so he has to go setting his sights elsewhere where he doesn't have as much competition, love. Little does he know there isn't any competition, I know he wins hands down."

Henry McCoy has posed:
A smile is cast over to Kitty, Henry offering a nod. "I am sure I can be made available." A wry grin, though those who know the man well can sense tiredness in his voice. He gives a nod to Kitty, Lockheed and Warren, grinning at their choices of attire. Then his eyes go back to those enjoying the party, a watchful chaperone - without looming. Let the kids have their fun!

He leans back a bit in his chair, the back of the chair resting on the wall as it goes up on two legs. His hand pats his leg, in time to the music that thrums out from Jubiliee's setup.

Rachel Summers has posed:
Setting her jacket onto the back of an empty chair, Rachel offers an incline of her head at Scott's question. Her own expression shifting just a little into a slight grin, the very corners of her mouth twisting upwards. "Just me, though I might ask..." At that point the little purple dragon makes his appearance, and Rachel's expression only widens into a bigger smile. "Well, speak of the devil."

Allowing Lockheed to land on her shoulder, Rachel reaches upwards and scratches the dragon under his chin. "Thank you for this honor, buddy. Shall we stick together and have a bit of a dance?"

With a tilt of her head back to Scott, Rachel inquires. "How about yourself, Scott? Just here to guard the punch and snacks from any would be evil-doers?"

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott grins, a barely preceivable thing, when Lockheed lands on the redhead's shoulder. It's gone quickly, of course. Long before anyone could get photographic evidence that it actually happened... and before he glances at her beside him with a shrugs, "I didn't get asked." He admits, but doesn't sound broken up about it. "Besides, this is a student function anyways. I wouldn't expect anyone to."

Nodding back towards the snacks, "For now, I'll stand vigil over the snacks. A stalwart Vanguard against the temptations of nerdowells who might wish to taint the innocence of this gathering of youngsters. Less they face the hard hearted heroism of justices cold red eyed stare."

This time he doesn't hide the smirk, glancing at Rachel. "You two go have fun, huh?" Playful, pointed, stare at Lockheed, "Have her back by eleven."

And they say he doesn't have a sense of humor.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar squints and shakes his head as he crosses the room. He didn't realize the school had so many students, there's the half dozen from his survival clasaes and like dozens more. He hears Kitty and sidles over to her with a nod, watching the students self segregate, "Hey Katherine, umm, nice to see you, too. ...Didn't they invite each other? Isn't that the way this Sidie Dawkins Dance works?" James raises an eyebrow at Warren but nods amiably, "Mr. Worthington."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko has kept her organic fuel up so as to not decimate the snacks and such.  She sleeps in the same room as the organizer (not very long but still).  She knows her place.  Her eyes aren't on the corsage.  She does steal a glance though and smirks.  She seems confident in her heels, as if she didn't just learn how to walk in them somehow, but let's be honest and account for the fact that the night is young.

"So do you need to do anything or are you ready to dance?" Noriko interrupts Jubilee's little reverie.  She then catches Jubes' expression and her eyes appear left, right, dead on.  "Oh.  Well you did put up a lot of flyers.  Come on.  Let's dance!"

Ruth Aldine has posed:




Ruth makes a slight spin to face towards Kitty. "I cheat." Well, she doesn't really. There were things that happen that just happen to happen. She also sees it.

What she did not anticipate was the 'language' from Scott. This halts her in her tracks, her brows lifted higher than her decorative blindfold, her lips wrinkling upwards as if she smelled something.... weird.

"Oookaaay.." She mutters, then teeters off to her own little corner. The misfit corner.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Lockheed gives Scott back what amounts a wink when he tells the dragon to get his daughter home at a reasonable hour. A couple of small flaps of his wings are added, though he stays on Rachel's shoulder at least unless she takes him out dancing and takes him from there.

Kitty grins up to James Proudstar. "Yes, Sadie Hawkins is when the girls invite the boys for a change. Though, well I suppose it was a bigger deal back in the fifties than it is today. A bit more liberated now and all. Everyone is equally scared to invite someone else, as it should be," she kids.

Kitty rests her hand on Warren's shoulder, giving it a soft squeeze. "Anytime you want to dance, well, you know how I feel about it," the girl who wanted to be a professional dancer for the longest time tells him.

Kitty glances over to Logan standing there so quietly and stoic. "Logan. I heard a rumor they didn't invent dancing until you were forty already. Any confirmation of that?"

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren looks up to James as he approaches, arching his own brow at James's brow lift. Even more so at the 'Mr. Worthington' address. "Warren, please. The only time I am a 'mister' anything is if I am in the board room or at the office. Nobody here needs to be so formal."

The winged mutant glances down at Kitty as he squeezes his shoulder and chuckles, "Yes, I know. You hate dancing with every fiber of your being. Just being on a dance floor is utter torture for you." Warren winks. He offers his arm over to her, "Shall we? I can grind along to Prince with the best of them. Believe it or not I am pretty light on my feet."

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan moves towards the snack table, the one he was watching with an "eagle eye" earlier, and grabs some stnacks. If he was going to be watching all these kids, he should do it on a full stomach.

The crunch of chips are drowned by the sounds of the music and the talking. Keeping his eyes on the crowd, Logan sniffs, watches, and looks grumpy.

Rachel Summers has posed:
"And low, any would-be vile villain foolish enough to attempt such a dastardly deed shall, indeed, fail because of your dutiful due diligence. I salute your heroics duh-aa.. Scott." There's a scowl that creeps through Rachel's insides, she nearly majorly screwed that up! Calling Scott 'dad', though Rachel continues onward, speaking swiftly as though everything is just fine. It's just fine. She didn't just say that. Nope.

"What? Only eleven? Harsh. So harsh." To Lockheed, Rachel whispers, "Don't worry buddy, curfew or no, we'll still have fun."

With that, Rachel draws towards the dance floor, she has absolutely no idea what any of the songs are but as long as they have a fun beat, does it matter? At least she has a partner, who's dressed absolutely perfectly.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation's eyes flutter to take stock of the demographics. "Yeah... I did put up a lot of flyers..." she mutters absently as she stares at the lopsided balance of teachers and residents versus students. The bridge of her nose wrinkles slightly as her face sours. It's replaced with a look of sudden surprise. Jubilation snap-turns towards Noriko, her brow line hiked up a bit. "Really?" she replies with a big, toothy grin. "Just give me one second. Wait right here!"

    Jubilation releases Noriko's arm and begins to run across the empty dance floor and towards the laptop and karaoke machine. She fusses with something on the laptop and the volume of the music goes down. Taptaptap. Jubilee strikes the karaoke machine's microphone a couple of times and leans her lips against it. "Hi everyone! Just a second! Thanks for coming out to the Sadie Hawkins Dance For Gifted Youngsters!" she shouts into the microphone. After pulling it off of its stand, Jubilee steps away from the laptop, mic in hand and pressed against her mouth. "We've got /dancing/ and /karaoke/! Just come over and sing a song if you dare! I'm told that Warren is looking to fund a new musical project!" She makes a vague gesture towards the winged-one.

    "Snacks and punch and stuff are over /there/!" Jubes calls out, pointing at the folding tables set up for refreshment. "Everything's free, but... be sure to show your gratitude with a suggested donation to benefit those injured in some of the recent political...uh.." Jubilee stares out at the crowd and takes a breath. Come on. Get it together.


    "We'll start things off with a slow one! Ladies, grab your partner and pull them close! But, not too close! The cost of raising a child these days is up to $233,610! So, uh, leave some room!" Jubes sticks the microphone back on its stand and makes some adjustments to the music playing from her laptop. Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper interrupts California Girls. She grins and hustles back to Noriko.

    "Nori..." Jubilee says quietly, suddenly finding some awkwardness in her heart.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott grins after Rachel. A grin that slides back into his stoic expression a moment later. His arms never uncross from his chest, but he does glance over at Ruth going temporarily spastic, "You okay, Ms. Aldine?" Finally moving away from the refreshment counter, measured even steps bringing him closer to the eyeless girl dancing with a plate of pigs in a blanket.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan crunches on a few more chips, and looks over at Kitty with a glower. "At least 40 kid. Maybe even older. Long before Astair and Rogers, that is for sure." Crunch, crunch. Ignoring the barbs with a growl, Logan looks next at the punch, and considers it for a moment as a familiar tune comes over the speakers.

"Hurumph. Lauper. Now that is old." Logan denies that he likes it, but his empty hand can be seen tapping at his side to the beat. Okay, maybe 80s weren't so bad.

As Ruth restocks the food, Logan glances at her, nods slightly, and goes back to munching.

Christian Frost has posed:
Since Monday, Christian had been staying in the guest quarters of the mansion, a latent mutant apparently, today had been the first day he felt good enough to explore his surroundings.

  The sound of Katy Perry had beckoned him, and he was already lightly singing along with it as he entered the rec room turned dance hall. "Oh. My. God." He said as the music turned to Cyndi Lauper. "Emma didn't lie about this place..." He wasn't dressed fancy, aside from designer labels. A tee shirt emblazoned with Supreme, lounge pants with the Balenciaga name and logo on the legs. His hair was a bit of a mess, it was obvious that he was fresh out of bed.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty grins as Warren takes her to the dance floor after Jubilee's announcement. "Just because you can afford $233,610 doesn't mean..." Kitty tells Warren with a little pat on his shoulder before she smiles and dances close with the winged mutant.

Kitty grins over towards Logan as she hears his response. She motions towards him and towards the dance floor, as if she's threatening him that she's going to make him come dance at some point. Which could very well end up with adamantium versus phasing before it all plays out.

The young woman looks over towards where Lockheed is now escorting Rachel. "They grow up so fast," Kitty says. "One day they are stowing away on your space ship back to Earth, the next they are escorting a redhead to a school dance." Kitty gives a happy sniff.

Karen Starr has posed:
    So far, Power Girl has just been moving around the crowd and making sure that everyone is safe, sound, and enjoying themselves. She rarely listens into anyone's conversations, but she can't help but overhear that she's being referred to now and again- but as swiftly as she does, she tunes it out.

    Instead, she starts quietly making her way towards the punch bowl. It's quite clear that she's here alone, if nothing else, and that she's just doing her best to pretend that she isn't six-six in her boots, and not, otherwise, Power Girl.

    Glass of punch in hand- because being an adult means she gets to serve herself- she starts quietly looking over the rest of the partygoers in silence.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
It's not like there's anything else to do.  Noriko looks left, right.  "Yeah.  Who else am I going to dance with?"  At Jubilee announcing she needs a moment, Noriko mumbles, "Okay but not too long because I can't escape conversations in these heels.  Especially if I have to wait right here."

Noriko eyes the snacks from her stay-here spot, but snaps her attention back, laughing at the child costs.

"What?"  Noriko's eyebrows arch a little at Jubilation's awkwardness.  "So.  That's a no?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
Still occupying his chair, Henry grins as he watches the interplay between Noriko and Jubilee. His feet dangle as he's leaned the chair back, balancing now on two legs. He keeps to himself for the time being, enjoying his time in th chair. No dancing for the Beast, not right now. A glance over to Rachel and Scott for a moment, watching the interaction before the younger goes on to dance with the dragon.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren blinks at Kitty, "Oh no..nonono. I am not going down THAT road anytime soon." Warren shakes his head, "I mean, maybe someday, but not anytime soon."

The winged mutant take Kitty close and starts to sway with her to the beat of the music, leaning down to whisper something in her ear, and then peck her on the cheek.

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia in no way missed the papering of the school with flyers. That would need you to be blind and hey Ruth is here right.

She ducks her head in glances around and then eases the rest of the way in. She isn't using the image inducer she has, and should show Hank sometime, and is instead her velvety blue self. She is also quite alone.

There is a bit of a smile at the music and all the students just having fun and being students though. That is nice to see. Her attention drifts over James Proudstar and gets noticably darker, before she takes a breath and looks away...

Wait. Power Girl goes to mutant school dances. What the heck. She stares for a long moment at Karen Starr now. "Huh."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Misfits corner. The best place to be at the moment. Not too far away to watch the festivities but off to the side enough to be left alone, that was.. until Scott Summers wanders over.

"Huh?" She asks, putting down a pig in a blanket before it even goes into her mouth. Still, like a deer in headlights, her brows remains high as she gives a bob of her head. "Yes, sorry. Pardon. Everything is fine, yes." She quickly says.

"There is a time, pardon, where I see you smile without your glasses." Ruth brings up, one hand lifted, fingers curled, index pointed to the ceiling. "You do not look like yourself, but you do, yes." Ruth nods. "It was not a good smile. Frightening. But we do not have to worry about that here. Thank you." And with that, Ruth begins to eat. Because hoo! Pigs in a fookin' blanket!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Oh, I just thought..."

    Jubilation stops. She thought that Nori wasn't going to dance with her. But, well, she's been wrong before. With a big, toothy smile, Jubilee reaches out for the speedster's gauntlet. "Come on!" The sounds of Cyndi Lauper would allow those on the dance floor to gently sway with each other for a few minutes, at least, before returning the dance's energy to something more up-tempo. Jubes begins leading the way to a spot cleared for dancing, her arm dangling behind her and gripping the metal of Nori's gauntlet.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott's brow furrows at Ruth, whom he's use to sounding a little odd when she has one of her visions... they're just rarely about him. Watching her eat the pigs in a blanket with a muted expression on his face, "Without my glasses." He repeats, looking over his shoulder at the others dancing, and then back to Ruth. "Well, must be a dream because that's not possible."


He shakes his head and reaches for a paper plate to take a few bits of food and lay them out to snack while he stands guard. Being a Gargoyle is surprisingly hungry work.

Rachel Summers has posed:
When the delightful slow song plays, Rachel quietly slides off the dance floor and towards the table where she placed her jacket, pausing only a moment to grab herself (and Lockheed) a couple snacks and punch on the way. Settling into the chair, Rachel lets the music drift over her. "Thanks for being my date tonight, Lock." Rachel shoves the snacks over towards the small dragon. "You look quite dashing. We'll do a bit of dancing after the softer songs fade." With that, Rachel settles in and just watches, scanning those dancing and doing her own version of a wall-flower. Though, mostly, it's a nosy red-head watching.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde gives a warm laugh towards Warren and then gives his cheek a peck back. The pair move about the dance floor, not just swaying in a tiny circle, but making use of the space as Kitty glides along, loving the wealthy mutant's experience with such dancing as well.

Christian comes in and Kitty looks over towards him. Not having met him yet, but as a school system administrator, things like pulling up the pictures of guests is an easy enough task, so she recognizes him. "Emma's brother is here," Kitty comments to Warren. "Have you met him yet?" Should Christian's eyes meet hers, Kitty raises a hand and gives him a friendly enough wave. More friendly than she'd give Emma in his place, most likely. It's not like Christian kidnapped her. ... .... .... did he?

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar is standing there minding his own business when it happens, that nice girl from his survival class, Alicia, screws up her courage and walks up to the big apache asks the him, very clearly and politely, "Mr. Proudstar may I have this dance?"

    There is a blinks and a gulp, and trying to look anywhere but at her while not trying to avoid her gaze. He remembers Kitty's words about everyone being equally scared, and then how this never happens to Logan. In the end there's a blush subtle on his complexion and a nod of politeness, "Of course, Alicia, but just one, Mr. Summers would be upset." Thanking all the ancestors for Scott's strict rules.

Christian Frost has posed:
     Christian walks in, farther this time, to the punch bowl, the slow song reminding him of all the lost dances and romances he was robbed of as a teen. Be it the withdrawal, or just his natural proclivities, a tear wells up and drips down his face, quickly dabbed off with his collar. "Jeez. My mascara's gonna run if they-" Then the song changes and he catches Kitty giving him a wave, and he returns it, a little sheepishly for the moment as he still was getting out of his earlier sad moment.

  The 80's music had him getting out of his funk though, even off the dance floor, he was already bobbing and dancing to the song.

Logan Howlett has posed:
"No." One word that Logan has for Kitty. Well, that an adding in a shaking of his head in a decidedly "no" method. Left to right. Crunch, crunch. "I don't dance. Ever."

They all should be lucky he was even here. Just in case there were ninjas or evil brotherhoods that show up.

Taking a risk, Logan leans forward, and grabs a drink. One drink, and Logan crinkles his nose at it. "No liquor in this. Ugh."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"My mother used to say everything was possible, yes." Ruth points out, well after finishing her snack. She wasn't a barbarian, after all. And as if it wasn't enough, Ruth now follows Scott, not too close, but close enough to draw discomfort from someone else with a lesser constitution.

"You laugh."

She nods, following the food choices of the teacher, carefully weighing down her plate. "Red man who smiles and laughs. Eyebrow pitched. Red man has red on his shoes and pants and everything's dark and echoes." Ruth was done filling her plate when Scott was done.

"But we do not have to worry about that, yes." She nods sharply. "Not here. Drink some water." She would reach up to pat Scott, but with the way her brain was reacting, that was just a firm no no. "Make good choices." And then.. she's all a wandering off again, deeper into her misfits corner after giving a plate lift towards Logan.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott's constitution is not in question, and he's use to students following him around. Though usually it's to be annoying, where that doesn't necessarily seem the case with Ruth. He does glance at her when she begins recanting her visions, again furrowing his brow over the gunmetal frame of his ruby quartz glasses.

Alright... squinting at her as she pats his arm and heads off to speak with Logan.

"I need a Ruth interpreter..." Said mostly under his breath, hand drawing down over the side and back of his neck as he looks at the assortment of foods he'd already chosen. "Make better choices.. I already MAKE good choices."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde can't help but grin at Logan's reaction. Having expected no less from him on the subject of dancing. The young woman looks over at the students dancing with each other, and it gives her a soft smile. She's not much older than they are, but it has been three years since she was a student here herself, and it takes Kitty back.

She gives Warren's cheek a kiss as the song ends. "Let me go see if I can't drag some of these wallflowers out on the dance floor," she tells him. "Thank you for the dance." He gets a brilliant smile from Kitty, and a squeeze of his hand before she wanders over towards Henry McCoy. "Hank. I know a girl who needs a dance partner," she says, offering him her hand.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko hasn't yet argued with a teacher or wiped out the snacks or gotten in trouble or anything.  Record still holding strong.  Noriko finally spots Ruth along the way to the dance floor, waving waves to her when the music switches tempo.  To say Noriko has been a little absorbed with her dancing partner is an understatement, but she's never stayed this long at unbroken 'normal' speed in the mansion before for this.

The girl doesn't seem to care for too much space with Jubilee as the song goes on.  She has rhythm, but she's also just dancing to the music.

Jean Grey has posed:
Cheese it, it's the fuzz!

OK, it's actually just Jean, swinging by to check up on things and (presumably) make sure the dance is going well and things haven't devolved into debauchery. Or something along those lines. Standing at the entrance of the room, she looks back and forth in a quick survey to this purpose. But things look pretty much under control. Which fortunately means she has nothing important to do, and can just go harass some of her favorite fellow 'old' people. First stop: snacks and refreshments, coming up behind Logan in a way that would be sneaky... if it wasn't Logan. "There better not be," she echoes, about the non-spiked drinks.

After a moment, she adds in her typically knowing fashion: "And I don't believe you." From this, she turns to glance over at Scott and Ruth. "That's even beyond my powers, I'm afraid. Sitrep?" She grins at the little joke of treating the dance like a tactical situation. It is /Scott/, after all.

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ stops staring over at Power Girl for the moment and looks around again.

There is a squint as James Proudstar goes off with someone to dance. Then a pivot and TJ is headed to the snack table.

She snags a cup and a small plate for some snacks. "Why do you need a Ruth Interpreter Scott?" she doesn't comment yet on his declaration that he makes good choices. I mean her opinions on this topic are very complicated after all.

She grins at Jean though "Hey."

Henry McCoy has posed:
There's a blink from Henry as Kitty arrives, having expected her request - just not so soon. The chair tips forward as he gets to his feet, taking her hand. "Sounds like I would be a terrible friend if I were to deny such a thing." The grin on his face is genuine, moving with the young woman towards the impromptu dancefloor.

"Just be careful that I don't trod on your toes, yes?" Henry chuckles, moving smoothly to the music. He's got rythym, style and blue fur! What else could one want?

Christian Frost has posed:
     The man didn't care, the song turned to Modern Love and he headed towards the dance floor, upbeat dancing, the mashed potato, doing foot shuffles, and losing himself a bit to the beat.

  He took out an air guitar once Bon Jovi had made it on, and started singing along and rocking out. It was the closest thing he had done to actual clubbing since the weekend, and a run-in with the new drug on the streets. "Liiiiiivin' on a prayyyer!"

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott's already playing FUZZ for this shindig anyways.

All be it with a plate of food...

But being the MARSHELL is hungry work.

Popping a grape in his mouth, he almost doesn't notice Talia beside him, glancing over at Logan and Jean as he was, "Hm?" Looking down at her with a shrug. "I don't need a Ruth interpreter." No wiggle room!

The long stoic stare of the law!

As he slowly chews a grape staring at her.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde is all grins as Beast takes her out to the dance floor. "Oh, if I ever knew someone worthy of the name twinkle toes in the good sense, it is you, Hank. You're a dream to dance with," she tells the man that has been mentor and friend for most of her teenaged years.

The two move around the dance floor to Blondie, Kitty letting Hank spin her out and bring her back, dancing with him like they'd been doing this for years. It gives her a great big grin, trusting the mutant to lead her about those turns and twirls.

"You're the best Hank, never disappoint a girl," she says, the man having earned himself a smooch on the cheek of gratitude from Kitty as the song ends.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    The eagerness of Jubilation's pull against Noriko's gauntlet seems to betray her a little bit. And then her dancing position? If Noriko didn't care for space between them, Jubes seems to absolutely hate it. For Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time, she starts with both hands hooked behind the speedster's neck, fingers threaded together, but then her cheek finds a resting place against Noriko's as they sway gently to the song. It's most certainly not a posture that two friends, two roommates, would take for a friendly dance, is it?

    When Cyndi Lauper ends, making way for something faster, Jubilee reluctantly releases her grip and pulls her cheek away before giving the other girl a smile. Whatever might be happening in the recreation room turned school dance is apparently lost to the mutant.

Logan Howlett has posed:
"Nope. No alcohol in the drinks, Red. At least not yet." Logan could smell her scent, slightly masked by her perfume, coming from a mile away. "Have fun." Logan almost smiles at her look, but gives her a "What me?" Look in return.

Taking a drink, Logan grimaces slightly and adds another "Ugh." Crunch crunch. Munches on a few more chips. looking down at his plate though, he notes there was no more.

Grabbing a few more eats, Logan returns to his perch, keeping an eye on everyone.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Another greeting given with a lift of a plate towards Jean! Ruth is all hellos now instead of dancing! That same plate was respectably lifted towards Noriko as she gives out a wave, and soon, Ruth finds a cool and empty spot upon the floor and out of the way of stamping feet.

Moments later..

The big rotweiler comes trotting in, little toenails clicking against the ground that creates a music all on it's own. The gathering of foods for once wasn't for her, as she had her fill, but for Mackey-Tags who beelines straight for the plate. And munches without a thank you.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar is very mindful of those distances, as he takes full comportment, one hand on hip the other at 2. He smiles and his innate grace make it easy as he dance with the girl and then song changes and James breathes a visible sigh of relief, even enjoying himself until one of Alicia's friends, Tawanda tells him, "This is so great! You're dancing to the music you grew up with!" Her innocent nod and bright smile, but how old do they think I am? He falls out of the dance circle shortly after, wounded but being a champ in not showing it.

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia gives Scott a bemused look for a moment when he chews a grape staring at her in what is a patented Scott Summers sort of fashion. There is a light snort "Classic. Don't gaslight me Scott. I heard what I heard." though she rolls her yellow eyes and tries one of the pigs in a blanket letting it drop.

Honestly she doesn't seem mad or annoyed, just bemused. Like of course he denied what he said instead of talking about it.

Why is she brave, well one she isn't a student. Honestly that is the main reason, there is no two.

"Hey these are pretty good and I do not fear food poisoning."

Scott Summers has posed:
That is definitely not a posture two friends, two roommates, would take. At least not as far as Scott's concerned. He was a teenager once too... squinting behind his glasses, neck craning from one side to the other, he glances at Talia with a little frown. Extending a finger out towards Noriko and Jubilee dancing, "Those two are roommates." Because that seems like the most important observation he's going to make tonight.

The adult in him, the one who is capable of killing joy like a clown assassin, is chomping at the bit to put his boot down... Lips twitch off to one side, tongue clicking behind them as it rattles against his teeth.

"I'm not gas lighting you, point of fact, I'm dodging the question. Big difference."

Jean Grey has posed:
As Talia approaches, Jean turns to her with an easy smile. "Hey there. Enjoying the party? Looks like a pretty good turn out for things." She casts a look out toward the floor, regarding the students twirling about, as well as the pair of Kitty and Hank, which earns an extra-wide grin, before turning back.

... to find Scott in the process of very seriously, stoically, consuming a grape and Logan quickly gathering supplies so he can retreat from social contact. She doesn't argue the dancing point, although she does remark: "Shame, since I'm lacking a partner. Look at Hank and Kitty out there, making us all look bad."

"Hmm, they are," she observes as Scott draws attention to a particular fact about a particular pair of dancing students and summons her own administrator hat in the process. "I knew they were close friends, but-"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
The speedster keeps her gauntlets in civil places even if she's a number one offender on the space spectrum.  She flashes Jubilee a little smile.  Literally.  It's there, then it isn't, because Noriko seems reluctant when the songs roll on and finally she says, "I need to grab a bite.  Want anything to eat?  Drink?"

"Next time you should say any teachers that show up have to pick a karaoke song from a bowl," Nori says with a smirk and then arches her eyebrows before blur-jerking her head back toward the foood.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Hank follows all the regulations of the dance - no need to get a cyclopian death stare! He does a fine job of dancing with Kitty, the pair having a grand old time to the music. One thing about the Beast, he has the agility to make most of his dance moves look good! Even so, he dances to compliment his partner - letting Kitty share the focus as well.

Once the song is over, he gives a scuff of his foot at the kiss to his cheek. She is given a courtly bow, and a kiss to the back of her hand. "Enchanted, Kitty. Thank you for getting me up and out of my seat."

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren, having finished his dance with Kitty makes his way over to the refreshment table and eyes the assortment of snacks and drinks, eyeing the punch bowl suspiciously. The winged mutant casts a glance up to Logan and Jean, "Anyone spiked this yet, because just say the word..." Warren winks, reaching up and tapping at the breast pocket of his jacket. "I mean...I would never do anything of the sort and how dare you accuse me of even thinking of such a thing."

Christian Frost has posed:
     Christian keeps dancing on his own, being just a bit way too into 'Girls wanna have fun'. But it was one of his favorites, he was more than happy to dance like no one is watching.

  But his inspiration wanes as his energy levels got lower just from all the activity. He allows the song to die down before he starts to look for refreshment, but not before giving Jubilation and Noriko a big smile and interjecting as he walks. "Your hair is -fierce-!" To Noriko before continuing to the punch bowl. "Too bad I got no one to dance with, just like Whitney." He comments to himself as he hums along.

Rachel Summers has posed:
Sitting quietly at her table, two plates of food (and punch) next to her. (Hey! One is for Lockheed). Rachel chatters with the purple dragon, "These things in the bread, with the meat inside. The taste is odd. What the heck is this?" Lifting the offending piece upwards, Rachel breaks it apart in her fingers, gazing at the inside with suspicion, before idly letting it drop onto her plate with a shrug. "Hn." Her nose wrinkles upwards, dusting her hands onto a napkin.

Once again casting her gaze onto the dance floor, Rachel watches Hank and Kitty dance, before her gaze flickers towards Scott and Jean, and the red-head quietly stands upwards collecting her coat. With a quiet smile towards Kitty and a brief, telepathic communication.

Softly, Rachel leans down and gives a quiet peck on Lockheed's head. "Go have fun with Kitty, Lock." And with that, she heads towards the exit.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar walks away from the dance floor looking for sustenance he heads towards the snack table, which apparently all the teachers are clustered at, do they feed these people? He's moving on autopilot, dodging kids and grown up , when he comes up short directly in front of TJ. He stops and regards her even smiles a little, "You are not a student, here."

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott is trying not to rain down on the party, and going a pretty good deal out of his way to avoid it. Far further than he would on nearly any other occations, if only because Jubilee put this all together... With Jean beside him, he glances over at her, raising a brow just so.

"No dance partner huh?" He muses with a cant of his head, "It's the Sadie Hawkin's dance, Jean. This is ladies rule. You want someone to go with you, you have to do the asking." Plate set down, he tosses another grape in his mouth and holds out his hand to her.

"Just this once, though, I'll break the rules. Want to dance?"

They can worry about Noriko and Jubilee after the song.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee returns the smile, finding herself briefly lost in it. She's used to the sudden changes of expression on the speedster's face. The mention of food and drink, though, call Jubilation's attention, if only briefly. "UH....sure...." Jubes mutters, staring past Noriko to see Scott and Jean taking notice and forgetting to specify if she wanted food or drink or both. Uh oh. Uh oh. Uhhh. Do something. Action stations. Quick decision. Go go go.

    "In your dreams..." Jubes mutters as she zips past Christian on her way back to the microphone stand attached to the karaoke machine.

    "Okay, everyone! We have a special Sadie Hawkins dance treat! We've heard some /great/ music tonight, but... I'm happy to announce that our very own Logan has agreed to treat us to some KARAOKE!" She presses a couple of buttons on the karaoke machine and it begins playing Logan's song...Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham!. That ought to be a nice distraction from their display on the dance floor... She looks across the room at Logan, a desperate look on her face.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
While no one was watching, hopefully, Ruth decides to take her own leave. It wasn't as if she were following Rachel, waiting for her to be alone, to accost her with visions of the future, was she?

Nah. Cause hearing that Logan was going to kareoke causes her to freeze in place. She has -got- to see this!

Talia Wagner has posed:
"So far so good Jean." managing to not call her Aunt or anything. Habits die hard.

Talia looks away from her snacking and blinks those yellow eyes over at Noriko and Jubes. "Wait. They are roommates?" she cocks her head watching the dance end then looks at Jean and Scott.

"I had no idea, because they definitely are dating in that cute awkward sort of teen way and have been since at least the ski trip." she kind of feels like a NARC though.

So she doesn't elaborate at all and instead just eats another random snack from the small plate she has.

"Ooh good song choices, I can't believe she got Logan to agree to Karaoke sober..."

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan finishes off his drink, whatever that concoction was, and then the last of his munchies. No need for a napkin, he just wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

Chewing through the last of the chips, miraculously while keeping his mouth closed, Logan grabs a handful more snacks. It does appear he was prepping his exit, as Jean had noticed. Then, Loganlooks up. Was this his name he heard?

Wham? Really? Looking at Jubilee with at first a surprised look. Then, a slightly angry one. Yep, he was being grumpy. Always.

"NO." That was it. Logan has been saying that a lot lately. Without a backwards glance, Logan vacates the room...a little quicker than his normal walking speed and trying not to appear like he was fleeing for his very life.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde doesn't make it off the dance floor after parting ways with Henry McCoy. For a little dragon comes over looking for a dance. Kitty grins and grabs Lockheed, holding him to her chest as she dances the pair around the room together.

As the song turns more upbeat, she sets him down on the floor and Kitty and Lockheed dance back and forth, the little dragon, using his wings to help him keep with her movements as they do something like a line dance to the Jitterbug.

After she laughs and picks him up again, smooching his muzzle and then moving over to join the others at the refreshment table. "This is a lot of fun," she says, face shining with the fun exertion of dancing. "Especially for people that actually dance," she says, poking fun at the wallflowers.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Seeing that Logan wasn't going to sing, Ruth decidedly chases after him instead.

"Loooogaaannnn, sorry!" She calls out, waving a hand. "We need to talk about your brussel sprouts! Yessssss!"

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Oh, come on Logan!" laughs Warren, adding to the peer pressure that will in no way ever come back to bite him in the ass, or claw him in the side as the case may be. "A little song, a little dance," he calls after the short, hairy one as he leaves the room. "Spoil sport! Well...fine. I guess I will have to play George Michael for the evening," as the winged mutant heads for the 'sage'. "Are we sure we are going with Wake Me up, and not one of of his solo songs?" Warren looks around the room, "On second thought, maybe WHAM! is the way to go.."

Christian Frost has posed:
     Christian was an expert at hearing things in loud music, and Jubilee's dig for him to gasp and raise an eyebrow, looking very much like Emma would.

  Helping himself to a cup of (non-alcoholic) punch, he says possibly a little louder than intended. "Good to know teens are still shitheads even now."

Jean Grey has posed:
"I think Scott would fry you if you tried," Jean tells Warren as he appears to join in the ongoing booze vs. punch debate. "Although if you feel like hooking Logan up, he... I don't know, he'll probably grant you an honor debt or something in gratitude. He looked pretty hard up." None of this is said remotely seriously, of course. And with Logan soon on his way out, maybe the idea of sneaking him a drink is mostly moot.

And as far as weird interdimensional pseudofamily goes? She spots Rachel for a fleeting moment as she heads out, but that's all. Jean then nods back at Talia, sparing another glance toward the dance floor, but... for the moment just leaves it be. It's a dance, and it looks like they're enjoying themselves, right?

Which leaves her oh-so-subtle efforts at provoking one or several of the variously gruff and stoic men in her vicinity. And Scott bites! She flashes a big smile, holding a hand up just beneath her throat. "Oh, are those the rules? Hmm. Maybe I should be a little more-" But she doesn't get a chance to finish the thought. "I'd love to."

With that, she happily reaches out to take his hand, and to the dance floor they go! And not even to spy on the students.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Thanks," the speedster shouts over the music and smiles to Christian at his compliment, not realizing what is exchanged between Jubes and Christian right after.

"You look really familiar," Noriko points out to Christian as she turns to go get some snacks, only she never makes it.  She has to turn to watch Kitty dancing with Lockheed since she's finally paying attention to her surroundings.  But then Christian opens his mouth again.

Tiny cracks of lightning strike along her skin from her gauntlets briefly before she suddenly just appears to be staring Christian down, gaze like daggers.  "Shut the fuck up dude.  I don't know who you are, but really?"  she scoffs aggressively.

Scott Summers has posed:
Try to ignore Talia pointing out what Scott was already thinking.

He'd just asked Jean to dance, which he may or may not have wanted to do for a while and just didn't have the setting for it. He's ignoring anything that might distract him, a very unScott thing to be sure. Dismissing the fact that there is punch vs Booze debate at a school function because that would, absolutely require hi- "I will vaporize you, Warren." He warns in a playful tone that only a few have earned from the usually stoic stick in the mud.

His hand closes around Jean's as she takes his, grin appearing by magic, since we all know he can't smile, on his face. He leads them out on the dance floor and, probably to the surprise of all the students, can actually dance. Not like Beyonce backup, but he's got moves, in that comically white guy who can keep a beat sort of way.

Even more surprising, he might actually be having fun.

"I was hoping you'd show up." He tells Jean.

... then aggressive talk.

Scott's grin is a scowl /instantly/, glancing over at Noriko and Christian. "HEY! No, none of that. Not here in the school and not infront of the younger students... Noriko, control yourself. I don't care what he said-" Two fingers point at her crackling energy covered gauntlets, "We teach you better than that."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    And so, Jubilation is left holding the karaoke microphone as Wham begins playing. She stares helplessly as Logan so cravenly runs out of the recreation room. Uhhhh. The song, though, has apparently inspired Jean and Scott -- certainly her two biggest concerns at this moment -- to join on the dance floor. She turns and stares at the karaoke machine, then over at the back of Logan's head growing smaller and smaller as he heads out. Then Jean and Scott. Then Noriko. Then the karaoke machine. If the song doesn't play, Jean and Scott can't dance. If they don't dance, they'll have time to think about what they just saw -- what they were just pointing at. Uhhh.

    The song continues its instrumentation... a collision course that would just be awkward and abrupt without Logan and without George Michael. Jubilee stands there watching her lifeline disappear to parts unknown, presumably off to his musky cabin. Jubes takes a deep, nervous breath and.... and....

    "You put the boom-boom into my heart
    You send my soul sky-high when your lovin' starts
    Jitterbug into my brain
    Goes a bang-bang-bang
    Till my feet do the same..."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Lockheed flaps off on his own, heading off down the hallway in his smart looking tux. Leaving Kitty at the refreshment table, where she finds Warren and slips her arm about his waist. "You know if you spike anything, Charles is going to call you into his office like you were 16 again," she tells the Angel.

The young woman gets a cup of the punch and then turns around, switching arms if needed as she leans gently against the tall blond mutant. Kitty takes a sip, having missed the earlier comments to and from Christian. But she looks over to him and says, "So you're Emma Frost's brother if I heard right? I'm Kitty," she offers to him. "And this is Warren."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar yawns and and shakes his head as the party degrade into nonsense, least there wasn't a green and purple alien this time. And it feels like a huge weight has been lifted but he's not sure way, anyway. James heads out for a midnight perimeter check before bed.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Kitty stopping Warren on his way up to the karaoke machine leaves Jubilee without the life preserver of a singing Angel to distract others. He gives Scott and Jean a glance, chuckling as the pair head off to the dance floor, "What?! You never complained when...oh, yeah. You did, Scott. Never mind!" He grins over at his best friend with good natured laughter and turns to Kitty, "Yeah, well, it wouldn't be the first time, Kate. Bobby got it much more than me though. He was the prankster of the group."

"Wait, what?! There is another Frost here? What are they multiplying?" Warren looks to Kitty then over to Christian, and sighs offering his hand over, if a bit reluctantly. "Warren Worthington, I'm surprised we haven't met, or if we have it must have been at an event like this and who knows who remembers anything from those things. And if you do remember, you try to forget."

Christian Frost has posed:
     Christian's gaze turns to Noriko as she calls him familiar. "Oh, sorry. Not you, call it PTSD or some other shit." He comments, before sipping on his punch, unfazed by the electric teen's show of aggression.

  Suddenly, Christian is slightly on the defensive, the aggression from Noriko, the withdrawal, the judging from Scott. "Jesus, it's like I stabbed someone. I heard Cyndi and poked my head in. Had some nice clean fun dancing and then Little Miss Thing singing to George Michael goes and insults me."

  More punch before he continues. "Yes, I am Christian Frost. The one who isn't stabbing people. I'm Emma's older brother."

Jean Grey has posed:
Of course... these things aren't surprising to Jean. That fact that there's a lot more to Scott than he appears... and that, among other things, he has -quite- a secret arsenal of moves, ready to deploy when the need is greatest. And as the two take the dancefloor, there's sure to be at least a student gawk or two at just how easily they fall into step with each other, shedding their usual demeanors for one more carefree. And Jean does look thrilled.

So thrilled she doesn't seem to be paying much attention to Noriko or Jubilee, for all their nervousness about the teacher invasion of the dance floor. Not that uh, the karaoke routine isn't super obvious. But even then, it's not where her attention really is.

"Oh, I was just being fashionably late.... and also finishing a bunch of paperwork. But I knew you'd have things under control." And despite that more pragmatic evaluation, she doesn't hesitate to add, "Still, I'm glad I I made it. This is nice."

Fortunately, the particular choice in song keeps things from getting TOO mushy, and Scott is back to yelling at people soon enough! She leaves him to it, although her stern gaze joins his more ruby-quartz one, adding an double-dose of AUTHORITAH. And maybe some weird mom & dad vibes.


Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko scowls in confusion at Christian's accusations, the joints of her gauntlets tightening.  "Sounds like bull-" but then Scott interrupts her.  Her gaze suddenly falls on Scott.  "Seriously?!"  She raises her gauntlets, indignant.  "I didn't even /do/ anything."

When Kitty comes up and Christian confirms to her his identity, Noriko just shakes her head and rolls her eyes.  "Wow.  That explains a lot."

Is that Jubes singing?  Noriko leans and blinks.

Henry McCoy has posed:
With the "adulting" well in hand by Jean and Scott, Henry takes one last glance around the arranged dance. Once he's satisfied a fight won't break out, he makes his exit, quiet as can be.

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ gets another plate of snacks and moves over to find a perch to watch the kids and the faculty dancing.

Probably on the back of one of the chairs shoved against the wall there.

She does look over at Jubes and blinks a bit "Good save!" she calls out then pops a snack in her mouth before drinking some punch.

Scott Summers has posed:
"Noriko, this isn't about blame." Scott says in a voice that's no longer shouting, but every bit as stern, "This is about holding you to a higher standard... You're a student here and despite your desire to appear oblivious to the fact, we're trying to teach you to be /better/ than the sum of all the parts. If he did something wrong-" Red gaze settles on Christian, just for a second, which is /usually/ enough... probably not in this case, but usually.. before going back to Noriko, "There are a hundred different ways you could have handled the situation without letting your temper flare to that kind of language and behavior."

He's standing beside Jean, hands on his hips, sighing quietly with a sidelong glance at the Redheaded Mistress of the Manor. Lips press into a thin line as he looks back to Noriko, "Nor is this about pushing blame or throwing punishment. This is a teaching moment..." Now his full attention is moving to Christian, "Let me show you."

"Mister Frost. It's good to see you up here mengling with the students, but I need you to keep in mind that this IS a school and these ARE teenagers. While that kind of behavior might be acceptable elsewhere, it wont be tolerated here. So please, you two apologize..." Motioning between Christian and Noriko, "Have some punch and enjoy the party? The kids really need this. /We/ really need this."

The collective body.

"And I think you do too."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Is that Jubes singing? Yeah, it looks like it. She's singing along in place of George Michael in a last-ditch effort to protect the status quo. Fortunately, this might give Jean and Scott a chance to enjoy themselves long enough for her to slip from their minds. Unfortunately, she's not down there to defend herself against these accusations. Jubilee sticks her arm out, pointing an index finger in the direction of Talia's 'good save!' and continues through the song.

    Wake me up before you go-go
    Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo
    Wake me up before you go-go
    I don't wanna miss it when you hit that high!!!"

    Jubilee jams the microphone into its holder and starts scurrying across the dance floor towards the snack tables. "You two make a cute couple!" she stage-whispers as she passes Jean and Scott on her way across. She knew she was going to be zipping around at this event, doing her best to make sure it goes off without a hitch WHILE trying to enjoy it, but this is ridiculous! Her path takes her past the escalating argument and Scott's eventual attempt to break it up. She has a pretzel bowl to refill!

    The karaoke machine starts to play the beginning of Don't Stop Believing by Journey but there's only a matter of time before the lyrics don't come... Perhaps someone can save the day. Again.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren falls silent as Scott starts to do his thing. Warren knows this tone, hell he probably has heard this speech once or twice himself. He just looks between Scott, Christian, and Noriko before looking over to Kitty and making a 'yikes' face. He leans down to stage whisper to Kitty, "I guess it is a good thing I didn't try to spike the punch after all."

As Jubes finishes singing, Warren tries to defuse the growing tension by whistling loudly and clapping for her, "Way to go JUBILEE! Whose next?! Scott? Jean? How about one of you? I know you have pipes, Slim. I've heard you yell enough, but can you carry a tune?"

Christian Frost has posed:
     Christian is more than happy to let the thing with Noriko go, not worth it, not with the growing headache.

  Scott's gaze didn't quite have the effect he wanted, Chris' demeanor is different to Emma's. "I did need this. Until sh-" Dammit. "stuff went sideways." Thats gonna be a hard habit to break.

  "Look, Noriko was it? I just, came off about the biggest rail of coke and whatever opal is, my head is pounding like a sonuvabit...and sorry. My inner monologue isn't workin' right now."

  Did Emma tell anyone that her brother was detoxing? Nope. But he doesn't care, it's not like someone can't see the tracks on his elbow and him in the most casual of casual garb any Frost has been seen in for decades.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"This is a /dance/," Noriko says to Scott's teaching moment, but for the most of the lecture she's just squinting at Christian.  "And sorry to not live up to your cookie cutter expectations for how far along in my 30s I should act."  Is that some kind of sly comment?  Probably.


"He's right."  Noriko says with a jaded look as she flippantly kicks her metal enshrouded thumb Scott's way.  "I can vote and can't use the word fuck to fuckheads who comment about teens being shitheads at a dance.  Sorry for being honest and so scandalizing for calling you out.  Don't you have anything better to do?"


Well THAT'S what she wanted to do, but something makes the speedster change course abruptly.

Noriko stares at Christian as she listens to his apology.  Her eyes flit down; then back up to Christian, then finally to Jubes during her performance.

"Whatever man," Noriko says and then turns with the intent to walk toward the snack table.

Talia Wagner has posed:
Yup. This is nice.

Xaviers being fantastically normal and Xaviers.



"By the verse I missed this place." she murmurs under the aegis of Don't Stop Believing playing in the room.

Jean Grey has posed:
At first, Jean doesn't seem inclined to cut in or otherwise intervene. For starters, it would be undermining to Scott, and even if things with Noriko aren't going perfectly... when do they ever? Plus? It's nice to be able to offload that kind of responsibility now and then, especially when she was -just- getting her dance on. She might even be a little upset about that getting interrupted, so it's better not to let that bleed into anything 'official.'

Well. At least with Noriko. Because she cares quite a bit about treating the students fairly, and setting a good example. Certain outside guests, on the other hand...

"Mister Frost, while I'm sure we can appreciate your situation, do you think this is -remotely- the place to deal with your issues? As Mister Summers," yep, full MOM & DAD voice mode, "was saying, this a student event. If you don't think you can behave accordinly, then maybe medical would be a more appropriate place until you're feeling a bit better."

She comes just shy of outright throwing him out, but only barely.

And sadly, this does all land as a bit of a record-scratch on what would otherwise be the lead-in to one of the ultimate karaoke greats. But serious matters are serious.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott watches Noriko, fully expecting that she has exactly zero intentions of cooperating because that would be almost as surprising as using a Nintendo Game Pad to make the Statue of Liberty walk down Broadway. Thankfully, she doesn't disappoint. Rolling his eyes behind his ruby quartz glasses, he'll take the tiny win of her, at the very least, turning the other cheek.

Jean jumping in, Scott backs her up as if this is choreography and they've practiced it for years. Hands on his hips, he glances back to Christian with Jean in perfect unison. "We've got a state of the art medical facility that can absolutely help you deal with the worst parts of whatever you're going through right now. Which we welcome you to take advantage of." For his good, and for the good of not having students see him detox.

Mom & Dad are on the same page even.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee looks up from the large bowl of pretzels she's refilling from a large bag hidden under the table. "Hey," she whispers across the snack table at Noriko as she comes over. Her attention, however, lies just over Nori's shoulder -- Scott Summers. Jubes is about to ask Nori to pretend they don't know each other or offer her a handshake or something like that, but it appears that the teacher is preoccupied with Christian Frost. Lucky.

    "What did you get me to drink?" she says with a big smile, leaning forward over the snack table, apparently blissfully unaware of the near-fight that was brewing....And in no rush to tell Noriko about the disaster she apparently avoided with her quick karaoke skills.

Christian Frost has posed:
     A hand reaches up to his forehead and his ice blue eyes close for a long second. The non-verbal voices in the room were overwhelming now.

  "Look...just...ugh." People still accusing, situation is worsening. "I'm clean. I'm going. I'm..." From somewhere, Emma had come in, and reached an arm around Christian, and starting to head toward the rec room exit. The astral copy looked extremely lifelike, not the actual Emma Frost though. She didn't react to the others in the room so far, only holding Christian's arm in support.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"You want to get out of here?  We can always come back later and clean up," Noriko says instead of immediately answering Jubilee's question.  She doesn't have any drinks in her hands.  "I got sidetracked."  She isn't still shooting daggers as Christian or anything.  She does watch him leave though.

Then Noriko looks back to Jubilee.  She's not smiling or flirting quietly anymore.  "I've lost my appetite."  Those are words never uttered by the speedster before.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren shrugs causing the wing on his back to ruffle and shift its feathers as Scott and Jean only have eyes for what is going on with Christian and Nori to pay him any attention. He looks over to Kitty, "Well, songs aren't going to sing themselves...time to go make a fool out of myself."

Warren pushes off from the wall he was holding up, and slowly starts to make his way over to the karaoke machine as he undoes the bow tie from his neck, letting it dangle as he reaches up and undoes the first couple buttons of his white silken shirt. He picks up the microphone from the holster and taps it a couple of time to make sure it's on.

"Ok, at first I was going to come up here and since another one of George Michael's hits, but then I figured we just had a song by him, and also...well...might have been a bit inappropriate. So then I thought maybe doing a little Phil Collins, but that is a bit to...slow. So, how about something from the Boss. Scott, you should listen."

I had a friend was a big baseball player
Back in high school
He could throw that speedball by you
Make you look like a fool boy
Saw him the other night at this roadside bar
I was walking in, he was walking out
We went back inside sat down had a few drinks
But all he kept talking about was
Glory days, well they'll pass you by
Glory days, in the wink of a young girl's eye
Glory days, glory days

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde lets Warren go as he heads over to the microphone. Her attention is split between what's going on with the others, and the man moving up to provide some entertainment.

Lockheed flies back in from wherever he went off. Probably to visit the little dragon's room. He lands back on Kitty's shoulder and gets a head scritch from her as she starts to tap her foot to the song that Warren is singing.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Apparently not even Warren's interpretation of Bruce Springsteen can draw Jubilee's eyes away from the speedster. She sways side to side a little, shifting her weight from one hip to the other a few times as she smiles at Noriko from across the table. Perhaps it's just her exuberance boiling over or maybe she had enough of the event, herself. Jubilee's head starts to nod up and down as soon as she gets the smallest bit of understanding of what Nori's asking. Did she want to get out of here? Well, yes, of course she does, but this is the event she organized. It wouldn't look good if she left. But then again...Jubilee's hormone monster, the invisible personification of her teenage wants and desires, looks up from her plate of finger sandwiches and spit-takes all over the place.


    Jubilee's smile grows. She's about to say something back, perhaps something flirty that might result in her lolling out of the recreation room hooked to Nori's arm. But then... Noriko lost her appetite. Jubilee's smile fades. Her hormone monster groans and goes back to munching on snacks.

    "You okay?" Juibilee asks softly, her smile fading to an expression of concern. With absolutely zero attention given to the dangers of Scott and Jean, Jubes comes around the table and reaches for the speedster's gauntlet. "C'mon..." She gives a tug to lead the girl to the exit so they could talk in private.

Jean Grey has posed:
With Christian in retreat, Jean is finally freed of 'adult mode' business, although obviously the whole thing has put a certain dent in the flow of the party, and perhaps the overall mood. It's hard to throw back to your own teenage glory days in one moment, and then have to handle serious grown-up stuff the next, at least without realizing just how much things have changed.

"Oof. Well, at least that's handled. Guess that was fun while it lasted," she says, turning back to Scott with a fleeting smile. "I'm gonna go refresh my drink. Let's give these kids back their floor." Even if it's starting to thin out pretty well on it's own.

Returning, Noriko and Jubilee are quite safe: there's a mental pin stuck in that whole situation, but they've got amnesty for the night. Plus, Warren's singing! "Woo~"

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott doesn't do deflating, but he can feel the heat drain out of the room as surely as turning off a facet. Noriko and Jubilee are retreating, safe from the scorn of Scott's disapproving stares at their entirely un roommatey closeness and the look Jubilee had directed at Nori a moment before it smoldered.

He glances over at Jean and nods, forcing a smile at having interrupted a perfectly good dance to be an adult. Story of their lives, honestly.. He follows her off the dance floor with a glance up at Warren singing on stage. "Why am I taking notice of this?" He wonders aloud to Jean, pointing across his body at their winged friend.