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Nihil's Day Off
Date of Scene: 20 February 2021
Location: Brooklyn
Synopsis: Sam Wilson and Nihil decide to get some grub in Brooklyn so that Nihil can experience a slice of normal human life. Batroc the Leaper shows up to complicate matters--but only momentarily.
Cast of Characters: Sam Wilson, Nihil

Sam Wilson has posed:
It's a sunny, if brisk, day, and Sam 'The Falcon' Wilson is driving an economical SHIELD-issued sedan--ostensibly for undercover work, but today it serves a different purpose.

"So ... 'Nihil,' right?" Sam asks of his passenger, one elbow resting on the inside of the car's door as he navigates Brooklyn traffic. "I don't know what you've had the chance to check out yet, but I guarantee it hasn't been soul food as good as this place we're checking out."

"Frankly," he adds with a chuckle, "I can't believe I heard about it from the friend I did. But the world's a crazy place sometimes, right?" Sam clears his throat. "Well, I guess you'll have to take my word for it."

Nihil has posed:
A look over at Sam and Nihil tilts its head, "I do not know what soul food is." It states simply, "It was not among the things I learned about as it was not important for my job or for entering the world." It then looks forward, "I do not require sustenance but food does sound good." It idly looks over at the car door briefly and then peers at the engine, "A combustion engine seems like a poor choice for mobility. It produces a great deal of waste." It then turns to Sam and smiles.

"Did you know that?" It then looks ahead, "Also I can fly."

Sam Wilson has posed:
"Yeah, you're not wrong," Sam says with a slight grin. "But it's an incredibly common way to get around, and I don't think your average joe would ignore a cutting-edge Stark-tech car cruising through the barrio."

As Sam turns down a side street, a motorcycle loudly revs in the distance--and then its tires squeal, and the bike charges toward the SHIELD agents.

Riding that bike is a masked man in a costume of purple and orange, and he drives it directly at the car, leaping off and over the sedan just before impact.

"Oh shi---" Sam shouts, yanking the steering wheel hard to try and avoid the bike. He's unable to do so, and the crash causes the car to roll, side over side, down the street. It comes to a halt upside-down.

The man in purple and orange lands behind the car with a rush of breath, and then he runs nimbly toward the car, where Sam hangs in his seat thanks to his seatbelt, groaning.

Nihil has posed:
"I would not know." It states simply and Nihil looks over at the incoming motorcycle and then points at it, "That person is driving recklessly." It's very matter of fact as a statement. Then they are crashing. As Sam might react the way he does, Nihil simply presses its feet against the floor and arms against the ceiling as they flip and flip. Once they cease moving, it casually rips it seatbelt off and hten looks over at Sam, "I will leave you here for a moment. You are experiencing a potentially post-concussive trauma. Tell me when you feel better." And then Nihil pushes open the door. The door doesn't really budge right away but then it is simply wrenched open.

"That was particularly difficult, this door will no longer function." And then Nihil steps out and stands up, looking in the direction of the assaulter.

"Excuse me, are you experiencing trauma of any kind? You appeared to have driven in a manner not befitting the rules of the road."

Sam Wilson has posed:
"Zut alors!" the man says, pausing for a moment with a confused look on his face--at least as much as can be visible beneath a mask that covers the top half thereof.

"'ow can this be?" the man asks, his body tensing into a defensive stance. "You should no longer be among ze living." He scoffs and sneers. "Soon enough, then!"

With another rush of breath, the man leaps forward, springing onto his hands before launching toward Nihil feet-first, a kind of whole-bodied kick aimed at his target's stomach.

In the car, Sam fumbles before managing to free himself of his seatbelt, sliding out of the car window on the other side of the vehicle from Nihil and this assailant. "Watch ... watch out," Sam calls weakly, hugging his side with one arm.

Nihil has posed:
"In some sense, I am not." Is Nihil's response to his scoffing and then he is coming at Nihil. Nihil has literaly no formal martial arts training and, while physically powerful, lacks any sort of self-preservation either. That hit has Nihil's eyes going wide and it flies backwards, tumbling head over legs and tumbling to a stop. Nihil blinks several times while laying on the ground.

"I am beginning to really dislike the sensation of pain. It is no longer new and now is just generally bad." Nihil then casually raises up from the ground like a puppet being pulled up by strings. Brushing dirt off of its jeans and t-shirt that it has come to enjoy. Otherwise, it looks like a rather pale person of indeteriminate gender and no hair.

"Ok, I am certain now that you are not a good person." It nods to Batroc, "For that, I will be required to apprehend you as per SHIELD regulations. You are under arrest." And then Nihil races forward with rather incredible speed. Nihil easily is faster than any Olympian and attempts to grab Batroc by the shirt.

Sam Wilson has posed:
Following the impact with Nihil's abdomen, Batroc performs a backflip and lands on the balls of his feet, a toothy leer on his face. "Now zat is more like it!" he cries, cartwheeling to try and position himself in a more advantageous manner.

Unfortunately, he's unable to outrace Nihil's superhuman speed, and it's only a moment before the Leaper finds himself caught by the shirt. "Sacre bleu...!" he gasps.

Meanwhile, Sam maneuvers around the car and scowls. "Batroc!" he calls. "Nihil, do /not/ let this guy go. He's been a thorn in SHIELD's side for a long time."

"But of course," Batroc replies, shrugging as if at ease. "I am ze world's greatest criminal, after all. At least, if you believe SHIELD propaganda," he adds to Nihil. "Maybe you can zink for yourself, though, non?"

Nihil has posed:
"That is something I have recently learned to do." Nihil states in response to Batroc, "And given that you have attempted to kill us today, I must be forced to believe that you are indeed a bad person." It then raises Batroc off the ground and states, "I am sorry but this will hurt friend." And then Nihil attempts to slam Batroc into the ground. Luckily not with all of its strength. It does have some restraint.

"I am sorry, world's greatest criminal. You will likely be in pain for a while." And then Nihil continues to hold on as, well, Sam asked it to.

Sam Wilson has posed:
After the sound of a skull colliding with the asphalt and a groan of pain, Batroc lies motionless and unconscious on the ground.

"That is ... certainly one way of subduing a bad guy, for sure," Sam says, chuckling for a moment before wincing and gingerly holding his side again. "I know this wasn't exactly a 'mission' outing, but even so, you did good."

He turns and shuffles back toward the car, radioing SHIELD about having apprehended Batroc. Afterwards, Sam sighs and looks to Nihil. "Okay. So. I wanted you to have a relatively chill experience without all of--well, all of what's about to happen with agents swarming the place. But I promise that I'll try to do so again, real soon. Especially 'cuz now I'm really, really hungry for that soul food."

Nihil has posed:
"I am not." Nihil states in return, "But then again, I do not have a digestive system." It nods its head, "I would merely reduce to food down to usable particulates that could be used by me for self-repair or potential release into the environment harmlessly." It then considers, "Although in some ways that is what you do as well." It then turns to look at Batroc, "Mine is simply less gross. He is fine, by the way. Merely experiencing similar trauma to what you experienced in the car." Nihil releases Batroc once it seems clear that holding him is no longer required.

"I do look forward to another opportunity at this soul food, however. It will be a new experience." Nihil grins at Sam though it isn't, exactly right but it is far better than it was in the past. Nihil then starts over to the sedan, "Your car is ruined."

Sam Wilson has posed:
"Well, I would agree," Sam replies, "but sometimes it doesn't feel like the release is that harmless." He pauses and coughs, shaking his head. "Scratch that. Let's forget I ever said it. Cap would be so embarrassed..."

As Nihil mentions the car, Sam nods and sighs. "Yeah. Yeah, she really is. At least I don't have to file the insurance paperwork for it, or else I'd be /so/ pissed."

Assorted pedestrians on the sidewalk and in nearby storefronts begin to congregate, taking pictures and video of the scene.

Not long after, SHIELD vehicles arrive to procure Batroc and to tow away the wrecked sedan.

"So, uh, Nihil," Sam says, as an agent approaches him, "you have much practice filling out paperwork? Or you want me to take this one?"

Nihil has posed:
"As far as I know, I am merely a dimensional expert. I am not entirely sure if I even have arrest power." It smiles, "So, I do not likely have paperwork to fill out." It then looks ahead with a smile, "Though it could be an interesting experience." It then considers, "I will need to consult the SHIELD database on this if my clearance level allows me to read such things." It then looks to Sam, "SHIELD is very big on clearance levels. You are a strange people." It nods its head, "Material beings."

Sam Wilson has posed:
"Took the words right outta my mouth," Sam replies with a sigh, and then he waves over the agent carrying a bundle of documents to sign. "At the very least, we could move some of this to digital signatures, right?" he asks the agent.

"We could, yes, but we're trying for optimal digital security here. Which is to say: all analog," the agent replies with a humorless smile.

"Alright, alright," Sam sighs. "Go ahead and give Nihil here a lift back to HQ and I'll follow along once we've completed the walkthrough and review."

Meanwhile, Batroc is lifted into the back of a secure wagon. He's groggy and looks around through unfocused eyes. "Wuzza...?" he mumbles.

"I'll have to learn that takedown you did," Sam chuckles. "Might have to slow it down for me, though."

Nihil has posed:
A smile is given to the agent that will be giving Nihil a lift and then Nihil blinks at Sam before tilting its head, "Takedown? I merely picked him up and put him on the ground." It nods, "In a fashion that involves a much gtreater deal of force than the human body was designed to take but less than would require to do permanent damage." It nods, "I believe anyway." It then turns to walk away before looking back.

"I thought it was appropriate given the damage he attempted to do to both of us but only succeeded in doing to you." Nihil then starts away before stopping again and blinking before turning around, "Oh and yes. Goodbye, Sam Wilson. Thank you for a lovely afternoon." It nods and smiles before turning to walk with the agent and asks, "So, how strong are you that you will be capable of lifting me all the way back to the Triskellion?"

Sam Wilson has posed:
"Oh, no," Sam says. "One of these fine agents will give you a lift in a much more crash-resistant vehicle. They'll get you back safely, although it'll be in /far/ less style than I could. We can call this a 'rain check,' even though it's not raining. It's a whole--well, just trust me. Language is weird sometimes."

As the SHIELD agent presses him for signatures, Sam turns to begin working through the details of the encounter with Batroc, while other agents work on crowd control and extracting Batroc from the site.