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Shannoning III
Date of Scene: 21 February 2021
Location: Limbo - Other Dimensions
Synopsis: Good Shannon is born
Cast of Characters: Shannon Davis, Megan Gwynn, Michael Hannigan, Illyana Rasputina, Hank Pym, Emma Frost

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis had been having an absolute blast since she'd gotten here. The demons were of the particularly powerful variety, so it was a great opportunity to pull out all her tricks that she hadn't gotten to use so far. So far it had been a back and forth of fighting then pulling back, then fighting again and continuing on, trying to make slow progress.

So far none of the the demons had been felled, but it was a matter of time, to her at least, and the evidence pointed towards she'd likely continue getting stronger here, just like the hellscpae that was her previous planet. She currently laid back on the floor, breathing heavily with her symbiote semi-retracted.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn had gathered together a group of heroes while she hoped would help her to capture and ultimately save Shannon from herself. She had already touched base with all of them before hand and had gathered them together before teleporting everyone with her into limbo, where she planned to meet up with Illyana before hunting down Shannon.

"Okay, here we are!" she announces once the glowing link column of light clears, landing them in some grim dusty wasteland area of limbo, not far from where she had dropped her off a few days before.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
If asked in a less risky situation, Mike would probably have put up much protest to the usage of the term 'hero'. If you really want to get technical, he's an entertainer who just happens to wander into weird shit and just happens to have abilities that can help. And because of said weird shit happening around him when he happens to have an ability to help, he helps. That doesn't necessarily make him a hero.

That's just being decent, right?

But it is a risky situation so, he's honestly not arguing with anything at the moment. Instead he's just listening in on whatever information is given to them prior to their hop into Limbo. It's not much. But there's someone trapped in Limbo who shouldn't be and they're supposed to get them out.

Considering matters, he PROBABLY should be in a costume or something but... why bother? Based from the roster Megan presented. Most if not all of them already know who he is. And once again. Not a Hero. Besides. He heard it was was kind of like hell. Hell's supposed to be hot. Why would he be wearing layers? Finding themselves in Limbo, the ponytailed, t-shirt wearing musician glances around curiously.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
If all hope rests upon a ragtag army of five or six souls, then the battle might be small or the odds very long indeed.

Where Pixie takes them doesn't matter because time and place are themselves entirely unpredictable in this inchoate realm. Step somewhere once, it might never exist again. In this case, it absolutely does not. Soon as the portal splinters shut on the everyday world, the landscape tumbles forth in a labyrinth of long thorns on crystal-like canes. If Siberian blackberries went absolutely insane in 'Sleeping Beauty,' they might begin to resemble the peculiar hellscape that mortals find themselves within. Narrow, low paths burrow through the entangled foliage that bears serrated edges, the better to cut passing flesh of alien make. No berries hang here, more like bone-thin blossoms trailing a faint, seductive fragrance fit for confounding the mind with a poisonous air. The sort of thing to intoxicate the senses, to slow the reaction time at a mental level. Very little hint of the starless sky reveals itself overhead; what little vanta-black vault exists at all offers no help for visibility.

Those who dwell here natively can see, after all. Other things stalk and hunt, intangible monsters in two dimensions that can step forth and rip handfuls of life-force away. Stalking, burrowing entities lurk beneath the earth or where magma wells up to birth life and strength. If it's a guerrilla war that Shannon wants, it's what she gets.

The only tangible individual that walks comes through the labyrinthine archway that was not there before, blossoms turning away from her, the miasma edged in black shadows of a barely captured dream. "Welcome to my home," Illyana says simply. A gesture of her fingertips propped together. "Simple rules for your survival here. Stay on the path, do not harm the residents, and accept no bargains for your soul."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym gets his bearings before speaking, waiting for the effects of the stepping disk to fade. He removes a small plastic tube from his belt, unstops the cap and suddenly there's a giant winged ant next to him. he pats the creature on the head as it looks around, antennae waving.

"Well, if we have no other means, it turns out an ant's 'nose' is so sensitive he can even smell non-volatiles. Puts a dog to shame. Assuming that Omega Shannon smells anything like Alpha Shannon." He pulls a small scrap of material from another pouch and shakes it out until it grows into a red leotard, similar to his Ant-Man outfit. The ant beats at it with his antennae, then begins beating the ground, literally spiraling out and seeking. When Illyana appears he listens to her words of wisdom.

"OK. Got it, nothing here is what it seems and everything is out to kill us. How we doing Baudelaire? That good... keep trying."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn swallows a bit as the landscape forms around them. "Oh yay, thorny paths.." she sighs, "This place never gets any better, does it." But she nods to Illyana once she joins them, "Right, stay on the yellow brick road, dont temp scary demons. Easy enough." Megan is in her Xmen uniform, the blue and gold one which offers some protection at least but she's not gonna tempt fate.

She also watches the tiny ant grow to large size and nods, "Soo this little ant guy can lead us to her? Let's hope his senses don't change in this world.." Megan draws a deep,breath as she follows after Pym and his ant. "Soo..I had an idea for a plan..I think Dr Pym and Illy should stay back, set up a trap to bind her down, Nick should stay close to Pym to protect him and I'll try and lure Shannon i to the trap and wear her down if I can..Dr Pym, did you manage to find a way to dampen her powers or weaken her somehow? I think Illy's magic should work too.."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Looking to the harsh terrain, Mike's lips remain set to a thin line of contemplation. The scenescape does seem familiar. Not from physically being here before but from glimpses of what others have dreamt of. Were they dreaming of Limbo persay? Probably not. But with the many minds out there in the worlds who is to say someone else may not be fully intune with traditional dreamscapes?

When Illyana appears, the entertainer looks over. Recognizing her from the time with the mystical boom box, he gives a slight smile and a nod of greeting to her while a scarred arm lifts up to allow for a small wave to accompany that. A bunch of small gestures combined to make an appropriately sized one. It's like a mini Infinity Watch reunion going on. Only no gigantic diseased body parts to heal this time around. Which is a relief. One God-child is enough as is. "Thank you for having us."

As Hank explains what the ant is doing, he looks over to his friend curiously. Due to Baudelaire's size he has a harder time distinguishing which one is being used until the ant grows up. Oh hey! Bo!

And oh hey, the game plan's being discussed now-

The musician looks over to the one organizing this. Looking back over to the Avenger as he's told to protect him. How the roles change... "Alright. Stay on the path, don't hurt the locals. Watch Pym's back. Straight forward enough."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
In her black t-shirt, dark jeans, and black boots, Illyana looks dressed for a concert. So not entirely unlike Mike. "Not Brooklyn or the Bronx, but good enough, mm?" A mini Infinity Watch indeed; her bearing actually might be /friendly/ in a very Russian sort of way, answering wave with upnod. She doesn't even bother with a coat, though the ambient temperature in her vicinity stays a balmy 18'C or so. Stick close by and it's a shared benefit. Add some sick beats playing the background and their little Grimm Faerie Tale adventure might actually turn into a psychedelic affair more than it already is.

The pale-haired sorceress pivots on to the path ahead of them where it disappears into the ephemeral gloom, tilting her head a fraction, shifting slightly to veer closer to the thicket of briars that would prevent easy passage for anyone. The path starts to bend rather abruptly and meanders on an upward slope. Overhead, the dense canopy shivers, more canes weaving together as though to bar those passing by from sight. Tendrils woven with thorns caress her arm and leave no stain, not even a pink streak of a scratch, somehow turned edge-away.

A flying giant ant isn't so commonplace as not to earn some considerable side-eye. Just curious, rather than hostile, her pale eyes mark Pym's little giant friend. Dark lips turn up into a minute smirk. Patent amusement flows over her unswerving silence.

Insects are pretty cool, after all.

"Death is no concern here," she says apropos of nothing after a significant walk. "Do as you must."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym nods to Illyana. "Good to see you again, Illyana."

Bo continues... beating his antennae, somewhat confused. //Many new smells. Shannon-scent, weak. Trying PYM. Ooh Mike! Hey Mike! Hey Mike! ... wait... Something PYM!"

"He thinks he has something. Come on! Mind the thorns." He actually has experience with gigantic thorns. It was quite painful. He adjusts the strap on the rifle he is carrying. He turns to Mike and says, "If you start singing Whitney Houston songs, I swear on my life I will find a way to leave you here, bodyguard." He finished with a wink and a thwap on the shoulder.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn arches a brow at Bo. Hmm, odd name. "Sooo, is he getting any leads? We could be wandering around here for hours! days even. What about you, Illy? Have any of your, uh, demons, had any sightings or encounters with Shannon...I really hate how time passes in this world, we dont have a lot of time to spare."

Okay, so she's the only one wearing a costume, and feels a bit foolish being the only one dressed up. But whatever, at least it gives her some protection against whatever they might be facing.

"Sooo I trust your demons will leave is alone as long as we leave them alone, right?"

Michael Hannigan has posed:
At the mention of the city locals, Mike glances down for a moment in a slight open grin before looking up. Mouth closing as he raises the head.

He moves towards Hank, a little behind so as he's quite literally watching the scientist's back. But also perhaps to conceal the somewhat offputting process of his facial features mirroring what typically would be there. To those behind him, the scar switches arms.

Hank's comments gets a slight chuckle. "It wasn't the bodyguard that was doing the singing...Whitney." Does anyone really want to pay to hear Kevin Costner sing?

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"Bo can do the honours," says the Russian sorceress. Laconic as she ever is, those words come from an extended store that apparently she isn't willing to tap without proper necessity. Moving with an unnerving calm across ground littered in a dusty, faintly iridescent gleam, she casually raises her hand to her forehead. Pushing those pale gold bangs aside works only for a moment before the fringe falls back into place.

She languidly trails her hand through the air, not quite touching the bone-flowers, the thorns, or the leaves so eager to slice flesh and sup on blood of immortals and mortal creatures alike. "You sing like Whitney? I will applaud." An acceptable trade, possibly, though Hank or Mike might not agree. Up to them.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym hmmphs. "Dolly Parton sang it better. Sorry to speak ill of the dead but Dolly did. Spasibo Illyana, but I am not singing. No worries."

"I did meet Alison Blaire. Lovely woman. Did I tell you Mike. She signed a CD for me for Nadia." He trails off looking to the ant's... antics. Bo avoids the flowers, thorns, and berries.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn arches an anxious brow at all the casual banter going on, really wanting to just get this over with. She peers around the landscape, keeping an eye out for anything strange. "Sooo are we getting closer? I'd hate to think we were just running around in circles. And I'd hate to have her catch us by surprise.."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis closes her 'helmet' and rises to her feet in a single 90 degree swing very unnaturally. She turns towards the group that was now within sight, neck twists to one side, then the other, popping it and loosening the muscles in preparation for some action.

"It's you guys again. What are you doing in, uh, hell? Whatever the goddamn this is." She says with a chuckle. "I love it, though. Plenty of things to fight looks like." Her eyes narrow upon Mike and Illyana. "Who are Mr. Dude and Goth Chick? They seem like fun." Her goopy green suit ripples slightly as she starts walking towards them. "What are you even here for, though? I Thought you wanted to get rid of me. Feeling pity?"

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike shakes his head to Illyana's inquiry. "I might be working on my range, but it's definitely set lower than Whitney's ever w-"

He pauses as the Shan-byiote pops into view. As she inquires to who he is, he gives a tilt of the head. "...No scanning necessary." He comments aside to Hank, "Definitely a double."

Shannon's question isn't fully ignored but it isn't really answered in a helpful manner either. "Don't you know? When you go into new lands it's customary to bring a bard along."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Where, exactly, Illyana has a handful of glittering dice remains a mystery until the end of time. One moment she doesn't, the next she does, several d8s, a few assorted d20s, and a pair of percentile dice. Glittering, opalescent, a pair in metal, they run the gamut. The hard planes contain a steady light, and she tosses a pair of 8s and a pair of 20s to Mike and Hank. Hopefully they catch, otherwise small caltrops litter the path that hardens into a rocky surface, textured the better for footing.

The rest remain entirely in her possession, rolled around on her palm as she casually supports her elbow with her hand. Contrapposto posture, head inclined a degree, exudes ambivalence and grinding boredom. "You owe rent," she says to Shannon. Her gaze takes in a full spectrum of details above and beyond human ken, reading auras, magical influences, the supernatural halo of powers driven and the icy truth underlying the structure of reality in a place where 'reality' is almost as malleable as plasticene. "The rest, their business."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym catches the die (yes die is the singular he will tell you). He hefts the rifle and aims it at them. "Give it up. You little sociopath. I can understand people from your world being damaged... but there are limits." He takes aim but doesn't fire... yet.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis scoffed at Illyana, a hand waving vaguely towards Megan. "Charge her, she's the one who sent me here against my will." She says casually, frowning a bit at the dice under her mask. "That is very peculiar." She comments on the power. She has no magical aura in the slightest, though she'd always had a desire to learn the arcane, there was simply no time.

"Pfhahahah. It's just a matter of perspective. You can call me what you want. I call you too soft. The simple fact of taking on the mantle of hero makes you too soft." The way she says it is different from her normal carefree tone. She tries to hide it but there's definitely some kind of open wound left in her psyche around that subject."

"Actually we never got to talk, Hank. I almost forgot. You know what the first thing I tried to do when I got there was? Kill the other me, of course." IT doesn't look like she's taking an offensive stance yet. "Not because I wanted to take her place, she's just some useless girl who I'd never want to be. However..." She pokes a finger into the side of her head. "We have the same brain. That I can assure you. It's just a matter of time before she breaks, like I did. And let me make this very clear. I was born in a world at war, raised to fight and was prepared to die defending humanity. You think I'm bad? She's a sheltered, innocent kid who's never had to REALLY fight for her life before. Who's never had to kill someone or seen someone die in front of her. How BADLY do you think she's going to break?"

She takes a long pause, letting what she said sink in or to listen to any objections to what she said. "I do not want to be around to see it when it happens, and it will. That's why I wanted to kill her. Sadly, I couldn't find her." There's a woooooosh sound that begins echoing off her body. "So, are we doing this, then? Fight in this weird-ass place and then what? What's the plan here? Maybe we can just skip to the end and see how it works out. Throw out whatever technorig sciencethingie you got for me already."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Seeing something being thrown towards them by Illyana, the mirrored Mike reaches up his hand to catch the ones thrown to him. Looking to them in his hand, he appears confused. "What're these for?" He has plenty of time to process the presence of the new objects as the customary speech is being given. He ends up putting the dice into a pocket before he shifts back to position near Hank and watches Shannon's movements carefully. He doesn't offer up a response to Shannon. That's not his role in the plan.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks at the dice being tossed around but trusts that Illy knows what she's doing. Instead she focuses on Shannon, watching her body language carefully, readying for an attack. "You're wrong, Shannon, I never wanted to get rid of you, just wanted to stop you from hurting people, at least until you could get your powers under control, and we could find a way to free you from the symbiote."

She smirks, unfurling her wings, hovering a few feet into the air now, "Buut if you'd rather play tag, I'm game..That is! if you think you can keep up with me?" she had told the others she planned to distract and wear Shannon down enough for them to capture Shannon..Let's just hope things fall into place.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Time is as fluid as water passing through Illyana's fingers, sand poured out of a glass. In all of this, she remains nearly stationary. An unspeaking figure, an unmoving addition. Shannon hasn't directly addressed her expect on Megan owing some role in taking on a temporary roommate. Well, yes. It's not wrong.

Mike's question is met with a transgression to that silence, a consequence of snapping up the dice she shared with him and Pym. It might be easy to mistake her as distracted, perhaps, with the single off-handed word. "Luck."

The Demon Queen can play for seconds and minutes.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym feints, a side step behind Mike seeing Illy and Megan take center stage. Ot of sight out of mind. An old Looney Tunes comes to mind, would I throw this match into this oven if my friend was inside? Would even Pym, a known wing nut at times fire through Mike?

Hell yes. Mike's dream form is... special. Say no more. He can explain later. Hank does the best job of aiming he can. The beam widens anyway. He should get her. And the rifle was powered up considerably. It should do more than distract this time. "Try to force her to ground. I have an idea."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "God, there's just non stop blustering and mindless, subversive banter from you all. Jesus Christ. Kill me now." Emma says stepping out from behind a pillar of ... ill repute, that the author refuses to go into detail about, but suffice to say, if you know Emma, it's a bit /too/ comically perfect.

    The White Queen, a mistress of debauchery and circumventing the social norms of her gender for the hint of an advantage in conflict of any sort. "Megan... I'm left wondering /how/ you even ran into these two, and how this egomaniac ended up here without Illyana's help." Emma says, stepping up behind Illyana, a hand falling onto the girl's shoulder, or pauldron, be it appropriate for what Illyana is currently wearing. It's hard to guess sometimes.

    Emma steps forward again, past Illy, letting her hand fall to her side, the white cape attached to the gloves and the 'halter top' Emma sports as a 'costume' this time, and she lifts her chin to look down her nose at Shannon. "Are you done? I'd like to wrap this up quickly, this place is hell on my hair."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
"Luck." Mike repeats of the explanation. Giving a shrug as Hank ducks beh- Okay fair. He's supposed to be protecting Hank so if hiding Hank from Shannon by acting as a door is how Hank wants to play it then door he sh-

Mike's eyes widen and brows lift as a bright beam from Hank's gun emits out of his stomach area, fanning out towards Shannon. "Th-" He bites back the rest of the inquiry. No. He doesn't want to know. It'd be bad for him to know. Best not to know. Nope nope nope.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis there's a howling screech as the symbiote starts to lose integrity and vibrates around her body. THUNK. There's an enormous explosion, she had been charging for a while. The air emanates from all of her body and creates something akin to a missile hit, though not a very big one in this case. She keeps on accelerating, letting the air flow outwards constantly. "There is no "saving me from that symbiote' your mutation must be being dense. We are perfectly synchronous in what we want and like and do. It's not 'possessing' me like you so desperately want to believe. THIS IS ME." She screams at the top of her lungs to bear heard.

There's a swoooosh that no one can hear, presumably, due to the loudness of what was going on. It lasts about a second and she disappears entirely with the usual THUNK. Then they hear THUNK. THUNK. THUNK. And finally she appears behind them again, well not quite, there's a green blur that follows her movements. "And I don't know, you guys are being a bit rude to the hostess, no? Are you sure you're fine with us making a mess of your- uh- home?" She really didn't know what word to use. It did seem she was being serious more than jesting. However, she says that while a tendril shoots out of her body and attempts to impale Hank's trigger arm.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn bites down on her lip as Emma questions her choice of team mates. But right now her focus is on Shannon, even as she's aware of Hank powering up a beam out of the corner of her eye. "Cmon, is that even you talking, Shannon?I can't believe you've given her any liberties, Afterall, I'd doubt she'd be okay with you harming innocents. How about you step aside and let me talk to the real Shannon?"

She nods slowly to Hank, then pulls back her fist. This will probably hurt but last time she tried her soul dagger, it surprisingly did nothing to her so..."Okaay here goes nothing." Megan suddenly rushes her, trying to tackle her to the ground and hopefully knocking that tendril away from Hank and Nick..Which will probably fail, but with any luck it'll be enough distraction to focus on her and not on whatever the others have planned.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
The plan should be simple enough in its shape, straightforward in execution. Stay back while Pixie lures Shannon into a trap and Mike doesn't sing Whitney Houston ballads. Emma speaks to distract and Hank taking a shot before all their problematic target bursts in movement from behind.

Plans so rarely go according to plan. Perhaps they go exactly to plan.

"Nyet." With one hand resting at her tailbone, the blonde Russian lifts her right arm. Her palm faces outward, dice trapped beneath downward-folded fingers. Briars slam away from the quintet, ripping the battlefield open by hundreds of meters in a gesture, the twinkling of an eye. Barren stone depriving any place to hide glistens before them, running riot with glittering veins in livid vermilion and rich, wine-dark red. "Hands off."

Whole blocks of stone collapse in that open field, forming deep geological steps that drop low or heave upwards in mountain ranges that weren't there before. Structures shift to the curl of graceful fingertips. Massive spikes erupt towards the heavens, jagged pillars tall as skyscrapers taking on spectacular shapes at an accelerated growth rate that compresses geological timescales to nothing. A flat line is boring, so the horizontal plane to either side of Shannon suddenly folds to bookend her: Mike and Hank suddenly standing on one side high in the air, Emma and Megan on the other. Gravity feels exactly the same, allowing them to run up to the sky or down to the ground, though it's another matter for someone at the apex. Where Shannon 'stands' at the bottom of the trench, the ground spins in fractalized rotations on itself, gears within gears. When triangles fan open, they jettison the formerly neighbouring segments off onto whirling motions even further.

The heavens respond to the Demon Queen's call and fall, writhing with staccato aurorae burning with a luminous phosphorescent glow. Ribbons of energy arc in leaping rivers that transect solid bedrock and emerge a few dozen meters away, continuing on their vivid, whispering path like the current didn't just get chopped to bits. Hyperactive, ionized plasma cascades down in a hemispherical dome, a cage of earth and sky and all betwixt.

Forward and backward her wrist moves, reshaping the landscape across planes that don't manouevre only in three dimensions but infinitely more than that. Confining herself to the laws of physics would hardly be fun. Illyana stands on a hovering block, swept in that centrifugal force. "Perfectly synchronous? I disagree. Shall we find out?"

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Michael Nicholas Hannigan. Also known as Nick Drago. Musician. Actor. Songwriter. Seer of dreams. The physical form of dreams. Dream traveler. Forever 21. And now...

Sonic Care Bear Stare. Yep. This is his contribution to the battle. Which turns out was not much.

As Shannon starts to screech in reaction, Mike crumples down as well, hearing supplying enough of a clue to what that beam did. He doesn't appear to notice immediately when they're yanked up high until the movement stops. The musician grumbles before starting to stand back up.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma drops to a single knee as the world around her falls to pieces and she looks upwards/behind/downwards towards Illy and squints at the fellow blonde, mental words and constructs are formed, but Emma keeps them to herself. Thank you telepathy.

    Emma turns her head slowly, feeling for Shannon in the space between space. In the land between the earths and the afters. Emma's mind is all that she needs, she doesn't need the forrest, or the trees. She doesn't need the stick or the seed. Emma's power is all her own. And that power pushes itself into Shannon's and the symbiote's minds.


    Three Emma.

    Emma doesn't need words. She's a mental surgeon with the precision that could rival even the greatest therapists, and neurosurgeons on the planet, and she doesn't have to open up her patients. No. She's standing here in Limbo, reaching out with minds to find the two-in-one and prevent the totally combination of two-as-one. She's attacking with a furious psychic barage into Shannon's infection.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym doesn't wince as his trigger finger is yanked back and away from the rifle. No he grabs for the tendril. "Ever wonder how I fit all those toys into my pockets?"

Pym particles is what he's getting at. He sends a stream of them into the symbiote. He tries very hard to watch whether it is still going to hang on and strangle Shannon or give it up to protect its host. In which case he will shrink the two of them. He grabs the tendril. "Where do you think you're going?" That's just to rub it in. "Yellowjacket isn't done yet!"

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis is simultaneously hit by two things, there are two things found out at that moment. The symbiote begins to shrink as Emma reaches for their minds. She feels a deep rage from Shannon, and a panic from the symbiote. She finds that they're incredibly difficult to tell apart except for the fact that the symbiote actually feels peaceful as opposed to Shannon, if you were to describe their general mental 'aura'.

It is at that precise moment that the symbiote lets go entirely and comes out of Shannon like an explosion of nickelodeon ooze. Over the years, fighting and such she and the symbiote had amassed quite a volume of biomass, whiich gave it so much power. Luckily it was shrinking down, and once off Shannon, simply stood still in the form of a ball.

Shannon on the other hand was so furious she was foaming at the mouth, literally, also partially from the forced psychic break. "DON'T YOU DARE- KWWIL WILL KILL YOU! IF- IF YOU HARM HER! ACCELLAR! ACCCELAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa " Shannon spams through her speech before falling over limp from the shock. There was definitely more to it than it seemed at first glance.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks as the horizontal and vertical get all mixed up..Suddenly she's standing on a pillar looking down at Shannon into the pit. More ranting follows but it seems Emma has things under control. And then Shannon loses consciousness, presumably splitting from the symbiote.

Phew, did it work? She flutters down to check on Shannon's vitals but giving the symbiote a wide berth. It would do no good to come this far, only to have it latch onto someone else. "Umm....Here goes nothing..." she holds out her hands towards the green floaty ball, collecting magical energy in the form of a pink aura surrounding the orb. "Mists of Morpheus, Go!!" its a simple sleep spell, one she's been practicing a lot of late. Can she put the symbiote to sleep long enough for it to be contained? It's worth a try..

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym hops off the cliff. It's a hop because he grows as he drops till his feet hit the ground with a sound like thunder and he shrinks back down to normal. The symbiote is quickly ensconced in a sample jar and sealed up. He pulls a spray hypo from his belt. "This is a sedative. Mixed with monoxamine, and aripiprazol. I used it all the time. It will make you feel better for awhile. After that it's on you... oh. Guess I can save this for later." He pockets the hypo. He looks at the die in his hand he didn't use and drops it onto Shannon. "Heal her mind, for f***'s sake." He shrugs and sits down on a rock.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma blinks, watching the ... girl pop, or the symbiote... There's rage, there's peace, there's... "Megan. This girl is f****d." Emma lowers her hand from beside her temple and frowns as she straightens up and eyes Illyana and then Megan, "If I had to guess, she was tainting the symbiote." The White Queen looks away and lifts her hand to adjust her top with a frown.

     The woman swallows hard and glances around the cave and walls they find themselves on and she slowly closes her eyes. "Illyana, if things are subdued, it would likely be best for everyone else's sanity for us to go back to a more... corporeal place." Emma misses her rules of physcis and reality. Even as a telepath, magic tends to give the blonde the willies.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"You will not like my methods," Illyana warns from that orbiting scrap of stone transforming itself into a falling meteor. Leaping from it to skim down the vertical tower of the ground comes with ease, another running leap taken to traverse the void where the girl collapses and her oozing pile resembles nothing so much as a ball waiting to be punted or squished.

From her calculated gaze, the latter may be very much a possibility.

"She is yours then, Ms. Frost." This reply to Emma trails after her as she descends lower with that unnerving ease, leaping from outcropping to flat vertical ground to spire. "Otherwise copy her psyche and I will separate the two, and trust you to compare the original and recombination after I reincarnate her physical form." Her fingertips splay wide, invoking the Soulsword in all its golden-bladed glory, fletched in black down the hilt and handle. The moment it appears, her black-barbed crown appears, winging back behind her ears. A portal manifests in the same chill fire, gold edged, wavering and solidifying to a nice view of somewhere snowy, lit by a street light just around a corner. Look! Civilization! It's not all weird angles and bizarre fractal landscapes, but comforting in its dull familiarity of concrete and asphalt and things cities are made from.

A sleeping woman, a Hell Lord with a seraphic smile and angelic aspect: worse stories have been told.

"Do not bring her back here, Megan Gwynn." Words quietly manifest, ashudder running through every last dram of earth and air surrounding the Demon Queen. "She is not welcome, and I will hold you to account for any violations of my will and my law." Her eyes flicker. "So it's clear. The others remain my guests until they choose to leave. Forgive any breaches of hospitality thus far, Mike, Emma, Mr. Pym." She's polite. Sometimes.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
As Hank follows after Shannon. Mike follows after Hank. While Hank takes a giant step down. Mike leaps from the pinnacle to the pit. Before the feet hit the ground he slows, stepping the final few inches onto the ground. Looking to Hank and watching as he puts it onto Shanon. Hearing his words. He looks over to the still form. His form shifts again, unmirroring as he reaches into his pocket for his two dice and crouches down to pick up the one Hank dropped.

Cupping them in hand he steps back. Folding the other hand around to make more of a prayer motion.

"One thing to ask,a tone demure." He starts, voice calm as his eyes close, focusing, "Raphael's flask, give me a cure."

There's a slight blip of light coming from his hands before it dies away. He takes another breath, repeating. "One thing to ask,a tone demure. Raphael's flask, give me a cure." Another blip of energy sparks between the hands, seemingly catching along the dice pinned within. The combined energy of the prepackaged magic Illyana provides and the energy Mike directs from himself causes for a brighter glow than normal. Almost remeniscent of the diseased God-size lungs from last year.

Ignoring the outside chatter, he kneels down, bringing his hands over to Shannon's forehead before opening up his hands. The dice tumble out, creating a connect the dots of energy falling upon the skin. The fingertips come close, causing for another zap of energy. There's a lingering light before it absorbs into Shannon's head.

He lingers for a few moments before he gets up, stepping back to look over to Illyana. "Thanks."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn stays next to Shannon still, cradling her head as Mike works on her. "Oh...Is she Gonna be..Okay now?" her vitals seemed more or less okay, she was breathing, she had a pulse. No blue skin or anything, but it's likely she'll be out of it for a few days at least probably. Of course Megan is no doctor.

She glances towards Illyana and nods solemnly. "Of course, there won't be a repeat of this again. You have my word.." with a soft sigh, she nods to Hank and Mike, "Help me get her out of here, let's all get back to civilization before things get any weirder." she glances questioningly at Emma then, "Sooo where can we take her, the infirmary..?" it's really Ms Frost's call to be sure..

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma looks down at the girl and then back at Megan and finally Illyana, "We're all leaving, I imagine. I'll have her moved to the ward. Megan, you're still in charge here though, that means you're responsible too." Emma says with a lift of her blonde eyebrows and a motion to follow her, "I'm not picking that up though. I don't want her blowing up again point blank." The white queen complains as she makes her way towards the Illyana provided exit. "You've been quite the hostess, do take my appreciation Illyana."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn shakes her head. "We can take her to the hospital to get checked over. But in the meantime, between Emma's mind probe /and Mike's healing spell, I think she should be okay for now.."

And with that, Megan loads her onto Bo, and leads the giant ant through the portal to the real world.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis was truly something out of the ordinary now, even for these standards. Mike had performed an actual miracle, he had created a Shannon that never existed, not here, not there. It was a completely new Shannon that did not have all the mental and psychological imperfections that led this version of her down a dark path and nearly corrupted a symbiote.

She jerks awake with wide eyes, looking back and forth. For once, her face isn't savage and predatory, it's calm and soft. She blinks slowly several times, looking utterly baffled, she's never felt like this before. "I- what... am I still me?" She questions with her head tilting slightly. She just now notices the tears streaming down her face, a deep sorrow, rather than uncontrollable rage fills her chest when she thinks back on her memories. "Where's Accellar?" She looks around in a panic, her eyes widening greatly. "Please don't hurt her, please please please please please please." She says as she tries to find any trace of the symbiote. She gets on her knees in front of them and slams her forehead on the ground in a most submissive position. "She's my only remaining friend, please." She felt naked without the symbiote, well, worse than that somehow.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks.Wait was she talking about the green slimy...Symbiote? "Acellar...your friend? But..Wasnt she controlling you, making you hurt people?" she shakes her head, trying help her back on the ant, leading them both to the portal. "Acellar is fine, we had to separate you before you destroyed everyone. Acellar is taking a nap right now, but you can see her soon, I promise. Until then, let's get out of this place and get somewhere safe. Are you feeling okay? Have a place to stay?"

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis kept on crying almost constantly, pouring out of her eyes. "WHAT?! NO! What the FU-" She stops herself from flipping out on Megan, realizing how strange the situation was. She frowns. "It's so strange, the years leading up here are like I was a different person. Before I met Accellar I was much worse, you have no idea. She was the only thing that was keeping me somewhat sane and helping me not go back to...what I was before. I don't care where I stay or anything else, just let me see her as soon as possible."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn nods, wrapping an arm around her shoulder, "Shhh, it's okay, I promise, please trust me." she continues to lead her out of limbo, "Hank's with her now, we just dont want her to...Latch onto anyone else at least until we understand her better. I know we've only just met but I promise I'll help and protect you no matter what. My name is Megan. Will you let me help you?"

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis looks onto Megan's face, her face contorts into one of pain, old pain, buried from long ago. She nods, trying really hard not to break down into wailing crying. "Okay. SHe wouldn't latch on to anyone else. I'll let you...but remember your promise. Please get us back together." She leans on the girl and continues on along, she didn't really care where to, her mind was focused on firstly, reuniting with her friend, secondly,figuring out what the fuck happened to her head and why all that rage, bloodlust and other negative feelings had disappears.