5292/Fly Me Past the Moon

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Fly Me Past the Moon
Date of Scene: 21 February 2021
Location: Hall of Justice - Watchtower
Synopsis: PG and Zee, going to space!
Cast of Characters: Zatanna Zatara, Karen Starr

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
A jazzy take on Sinatra's famous song plays through the Hall. Speakers pipe out the torch singer's crooning voice instead of Frank himself.

    "Fly me to the moon,
    Let me play among the stars!
    Let me see what spring is like
    Past Jupiter and Mars,
    In other words, hold my hand,
    In other words, baby, let's go!"

All the while, Zatanna dances among the literal holographic projection of the planets and somewhere far beyond the orbit of the gas giants and ice giants, a pin-prick of Proxima Centauri. A soft cloth chases after her, gently rubbing over the lens to make sure not one speck of dust gets on it. She sways her finger back and forth. The amazing view of the Moon is too good not to enjoy but presumably she has some actual job up here, monitoring to ensure that hollow men or spacecraft don't encroach upon Earth.

That's true! She has a special duty for that.

But also, someone has to restock the espresso machine and dance around in fishnets. It's not like Clark is up here doing the heavy lifting! Or the fishnetting. For shame.

Karen Starr has posed:
    When Karen last checked the current occupants of the Watchtower, a name came up in the list that got her attention. At the last family meeting, she'd proposed that they ought to bring someone along of the magical persuasion... And really, the only name that came to mind as both reliable and affable was Zatanna.

    So, there she went, skipping out on paperwork (Again,) to fly off and do something entirely unrelated to the day-to-day managing of her multinational, billion dollar company. Her secretary is starting to become annoyed that Karen Starr keeps disappearing, ever so unaware that in her spare time she hits people with buildings for the good of the world.

    Getting to the moon was pretty swift. For her it is, frankly, /right there/ after all, her form catching the eyes of some press as she departs the atmosphere and slings herself to the moon in but moments- or less.

    When she finally arrives in the room that contains the Sorceress Supreme- as far as she's concerned, because zipping out to even the better parts of New York for magical advice and assistance is altogether less appealing than contacting your local fishnet connoisseur- she raises a brow.

    The environs are fitting, as if Zatanna already knew. Which is altogether just a little unlikely, but... She's not going to argue.

    "Zatanna, sorry to bother- I had a question for you." she states, stepping through the holograms with her head held high. Never let it be said Power Girl wasn't a confident person.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Once the world had Giovanni Zatara, showman extraordinaire and devoted guardian to Earth's cares. Since his disappearance someone had to step onto the stage and take up his role.

He hasn't ever been up here of course. Too new a fascinating structure but Zee cannot help but think fondly at the moment while she practices a few steps of the foxtrot without a partner. One wouldn't be necessary for her to get the footwork mostly right. Tragic to not have someone in snappy dress to match her but she has no grounds to complain when making a turn and seeing the vista of pale grey dust and mildly darker rock.

"Ah, it's just you and me, Be--" Oh? Some kind of security system has to be vaguely capable of keeping up with Kryptonians. Ollie probably figured out a chime if Batman didn't originate a better strategy. If he hasn't then guess what. Someone gets to write a report about it.

Because hopefully Karen's appearance won't startle too much. Zatanna shimmies sideways and turns to find herself stretching out her hand to Power Girl instead of clasping some ghostly one. "Fill my heart with song and let me laugh forever more! Your question I long for, an answer may be in store," she croons. Not quite as good as the torch singer, but different styles and different preferences apply.

"Hello, sister. You've got a way of making an entrance!" Not disapproving at all. "What would that question be?"

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen never got a chance to meet this universe's Giovanni. The original Zatara was still a member of the Justice League back where she came from- and had never disappeared, for retirement or otherwise. She assumed they were much the same- because Zee was.

    For a moment, Power Girl looks at the offered hand, and with a light roll of her eyes, she takes it- assuming quite incorrectly that it'll lead to a calming down. Yet, of course, she feels that light guiding tug, and while moving a Kryptonian without their consent is an almost if not /more/ than Herculean task, Karen isn't about to be so rude.

    Whatever steps she's being guided through, she handles as expertly as she can... But she's no dancer. Singer, maybe- because she can cheat- but dancing takes a level of practiced coordination that she doesn't have. She could learn, but she doesn't have it yet. Without Z-Z or someone else to guide her, she'd be completely hopeless.

    "Didn't want to disturb but-" she starts, in the middle of one or two moves. "A few of us are going on a trip-" again, she pauses when she's not really able to address Zatanna properly.

    "To some pretty Outer outer space. Oa and Krypton- really thought we could use someone magical."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Zatanna has not the strength or the audacity to even try. A greeting of a more sedate mode could work just as well for her, though the grooving beat supported by a horn section and piano over the speakers serves as a gentle current to swim with. She prepares to break away at the slightest sign of trouble from Power Girl. If anything is true between multiple universes, it hopefully would be Giovanni Zatara raising his daughter with manners.

The idea of an anti-Giovanni being a slovenly boor and not caring is sort of frightening.

"Never a disturbance. There are better times than others," she replies. Slowly entering a turn suggests she catches on pretty quick to Karen's comfort levels and experience. Reading an audience means more than standing in the bright lights waiting for someone to clap. "Like catching me washing my hair or dodging a bus, could be a bit problematic. I trust your judgment, though."

Her smile is friendly, but there's surprise blossoming lightning quick in her wide eyes. Light as she is on her feet, she stumbles. Two steps, the third recovers. "You're serious. Like... to where you came from, where the Lanterns visit." No color yet comes to her olive cheeks, but she might be thinking about it. For she normally has her cool and collected self together, Karen has achieved the uncommon, finding her surprised and briefly at a loss for words.

"Yes, please?" A softer laugh as she strives for composure. "I mean, yes, yes if it's no trouble."

Karen Starr has posed:
    Chalk this up to things she'd never figured would happen. Stumping Zatanna while dancing amongst planetary holograms as best she can. She's not giving the slightest hint of anything other than inexperience. There's a moment here or there where she thinks she ought to move one way but Zatanna guides her the other- but that's it. As with others, she's so careful with her strength that it doesn't feel like the other woman is guiding anything but a normal person- except that this person is six-three and, well, Power Girl.

    "I'm not sure how I'd catch you any other way, but I suppose the bus thing wouldn't be an issue. I'd probably be able to do something about /that./" she notes, more musing out loud than anything.

    The stumble leads to a little bit of caution, Karen making sure that Zatanna keeps her feet, at least, strong hands holding onto her shoulders until the moment of discombobulation has passed. "Yeah, I'm serious." she notes, her brow raising.

    "I figured it'd be a real once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone Earth-bound, and we need someone who can work with magic, see things we can't, and nobody else is wearing fishnets, so we're more than happy to have you."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Zatanna at some level would appreciate that level of care. It's been seen before, in the way Superman moves among crowds and how Supergirl exercises restraint as though it's second nature. Though her attention is still turning around that idea of 'outer outer space' and parsing exactly what that means to someone from Earth, not breathing in the void without some kind of technological or magical assistance.

The dancing slows to a pace where the memory of many years sustains her movements. Muscle memory is truly a thing, especially for smoothly repeating three steps and turning on the fourth. "You could, no doubt. Bit of excitement for the people aboard, too." The thought pops out and she laughs in spite of it. Karen's thoughts track the magician's own.

"All right, somewhere into the stars. Any specifics I ought to know? Packing shouldn't be a problem and magic functions wherever you go, mostly." She nods, reaffirming it to herself more than anyone else. A widening smile builds. "Extra fishnets? Can do. It sounds absolutely stunning."

Karen Starr has posed:
    Truth is, Karen feels light as a feather to move around. It's that level of delicate, and it is essentially second nature- otherwise, the truth of it is, she wouldn't be able to interact with the world otherwise. It'd be like it was made of cardboard.

    There's a little chuckle, frankly, at Zatanna's statement- something that isn't really fair for Karen to do to anybody, if we're being honest- and she nods a couple of times. "Yeah, I think they'd probably commit it to memory."

    Smiling, the dance steps take their way back to a position where they're facing one another. "Off to Oa, home of the Green Lanterns, and then to the remains of Krypton. Maybe somewhere further beyond that, we're looking for signs of a bit of Krypton that may have survived- with people." She notes, offering a little shrug. "I'll get a suit together for you. We're traveling on a pair of ships, just to be safe, and honestly, space gets a little overwhelming without some familiar faces. I'm really happy to have you along."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Poor cardboard world, not built for the likes of Karen. But there can be beauty in that dance of delicacy and caution, a great deal of it. Rather how Zatanna has to exercise judicious consideration in handling the wider world when magic offers a very useful hammer for all those nails.

She gives a smile widening still, and then she dips her head. "A bit of Krypton with people? I can see why you would like to be there. I can certainly say your judgment on these matters definitely exceeds my own. If we were talking about dealing with video cameras, directors, casting, I'd be more comfortable trusting my judgment." A small shrug comes with that friendly laugh. "Believe me, it sounds like the adventure of a lifetime. Any way to help. The League has given me opportunities to do good and help beyond my wildest dreams. You're my friends."

At least friends. Sometimes words aren't perfect, even for the Logos magus. "There isn't really any reason to say no. Seeing a different star, a new horizon, that's... wow. It is just wow."

Karen Starr has posed:
    There probably is no world that's made for Karen. That is, perhaps, beside the point. There are plenty of analogies- and plenty of things that Power Girl simply can't do that Zatanna can, for that matter- for Power Girl's strength and Zatanna's magic. It's one of the reasons she's asking her along.

    "Hey, another set of eyes is perfect. We may find things out there that without you there, we'd have no way to interpret. If nothing else, it's... Well, Wow puts it pretty nicely." It is, really, an impossible opportunity.

    "So, it's settled. I'm not sure where we're leaving from, but when the time comes, I can come get you or, you know. Magic." By now, the dancing has ceased, and she lets Zatanna's hand slip from hers.

    "Thanks for agreeing to come along. Honest. This means more than you could ever know to all of us."