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Bank Bustin Makes Me Feel Good
Date of Scene: 21 February 2021
Location: Central Business District - New Troy
Synopsis: Koga manages to stop a bank robery in progress by The Prankster
Cast of Characters: Oswald Loomis, Koga Miura

Oswald Loomis has posed:
     It's been a long day at Metropolis Metropolitan Methodist Finance building. Bankers make their way to and fro from this 64 and a half story tall building that spans tall and proud across Metropolis' brilliant city skyline shining out as a bright beacon to the world for the progress man can make when his mind is set to a project.

     Out front of the bank sets a lone car, a Yugo green with a red hoog. Its headlights have been rebuilt to look like little eyeballs looking from one side to the other, its front grill like a smiling red lipped mouth full of teeth wearing a bright oversized tie.

     The driver sets calm listening to the radio as he watches the parking meter tick away as he had been for the past several minutes watching people go in and out. He has with him several bags which are already filled to the brim with hundred dollar bills. Sliding up the sleeve of his green suede suit jacket he looks towards his wrist watch with a smile counting down to the second before he starts walking carrying into the bank the twin bags filled to the brim with money.

     Inside this luxurious banking building one can see that no expense has been spared in reminding the people of Metropolis that progress towards a bright new future is always being made with statues of man and woman holding the a spinning globe of the world together with bright and shining smiles on their faces as they look down towards the people walking in through those golden main spinning doors.

     The leg from a chair breaks off as a fairly hefty looking man goes to set down to speak with a teller, one of the janitorial staff coming out with a fresh chair from the back. He sets it down apologetically into place yet as soon as the man sets down again a loud whoopy cushion sound begins to fill the air as powder explodes out from the sides causing several people to cough and sputter itching at their skin as things start falling into place.

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga was just in town because somehow he had been talked into a sponsorship deal, along with getting a nice check for it. Shoot commericals is always a pain. But now he was here for one thing: to cash his check and get on his way.

    That being said, waiting for an hour-ish at the bank line, check in his pocket is a regular pain he's rather used to. He prefers cashing checks himself rather than doing the whole electronic thing. Call him a bit old fashioned, but that's him.

    So, fast forward to being closer to the front of the queue and he just happens to look over at the sound of a chair leg breaking. Something about it nags at him. The man looks pretty big, and it looks like they have another chair pretty quickly. But why a janitor is getting it?

    Then comes the powder. That has Koga backing away. The obvious danger that he is seeing has him reaching for his watch, but then remembers he doesn't have the local police frequency. Nor the usual codes in English. And that has him slowly backing away further as he looks for an out of the way spot. To take cover. Certainly to take cover.

Oswald Loomis has posed:
     The people exposed to the powder begin to itch and scratch at their person at first before their eyes go wide pupils dilate stance goes shaky at best and they stumble about slightly laughing to themselves as they begin to see things that aren't quite there. Three of the guards and six of the people in line are affected, taken out of the action almost completely.

     "Don't worry, I'm a doctor." Calls out one of the men in line all too conveniently rushing over to aid the injured pulling them over to the side with some help. Several other of the security move out of the way to watch over the chaos ensuing distracting things further as another bank teller opens up his line at the far end which had been closed for most of the day.

     The doctor makes a big scene out of doing his work barking out orders and trying to secure patients on the spot to the point that very few of the security notice the man in Suede walking his way in through the front door with his bags of cash.

     The Man in Suede walks right up to the newly opened teller and starts quickly opening up the bags, dumping down bundles of hundred dollar bills one after another onto the counter which his associate on the other side begins to count out stacking back up behind the counter.

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga looks around, then raises an eyebrow as he sees that. Chaos is a distraction. It's something that his trainers in the Jingiin taught him. And that holds true in this case. Considering his options, he moves to an out of the way spot in the bank.

    The good part about mystical biological armor is that it takes little time to change into. It's really just some sort of growing thing from the belt around his waist practically. When he steps out, it's as some sort of black, blue, and green person in samurai armor. Who walks over towards the ones doing the money bit. And just stands there. Looking down at them.

    If the one that can't see him doesn't notice immediately, he clears his throat. Loudly.

Oswald Loomis has posed:
     "Goodevening." The man in suede offers as he looks over to one side spinning on the ball of his green suede shoes. His overly wide red tie catches the wind on his bright yellow shirt. "Is there something I can help you with?"

     "Prankster!" One of the guards calls out having his attention drawn. The overzealous guard draws his pistol only for a little stick to pop out of the end with the word BANG on a flag.

     "Now that." Prankster offers wagging a finger towards the security guard. "That I'd expect out of Gotham" He looks back towards Koga

     "Must be something funny in the air today friend, I'm just a man out on the town depositing some legally begotten gains and it seems the world's going crazy around me." He shifts his hand slightly on the bag before holding his hands up to show that his gloved hands are completely empty.

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga just continues to look at Prankster. He idly moves his own hands up, and cracks his knuckles.

    "Would you be so kind as to turn yourself in? I may be a foreigner, but even I know you can not deposit that much legally." The strange samurai-like armor looks intimidating at least. Whatever it's made of, it's definitely not metal.

    "Not in bills, in any case." He states. The helmeted head then looks over at the guards, "I am supposed to give them one chance to give up before getting physical, correct?"

Oswald Loomis has posed:
     "Oh that's a real shame, I guess you caught me." Prankster holds his hands up a little higher. "Depositing money without a license." He presses his thumbs against his forefinger. "I guess I'll just have to surrender." A sudden violent stream of acid splashes in a wave out from the flower on his lapel spraying in all directions straight out. That which hits the floor begins to melt through it with ease even the metal bars of the tellers station, as little roller blades pop up out from his shoes allowing him to start sliding backwards on the buildings natural incline.

     "Oh did I say surrender, I think I meant rob the bank anyway." He gives off a bright and warm smile as he kicks his feet hard against the ground sending himself rollerblading into the room further as several members of the guard pull the triggers on their stun guns on the other guards dropping them to the ground on the spot the Janitor from before already moving for the vault door ready to go.

     It looks like a bank robbery after all.

Koga Miura has posed:
    Okay, Koga did not test his armor ever against acid. It's only some military trained reflexes that has him covering his face in a boxer style stance and turning his head so the eves of the helmet and his gauntlets take the acid rather than his getting hit full body with it. Swinging his arms down afterwards to try to get most of the acid off, he looks around at the sound of people dropping.

    "Great..." He comments to himself. And he charges after the guards that are apparently in league with the villain. Instead of trying anything really fancy, Koga goes with just trying to sweep an arm and toss one of the fake guards at another fake guard. If he can get hold of the stun gun at the same time, all the better. He intends to crush that to disable the charge and weapon. And probably a lot more to go.

"People not with the clown, get down! I am here to help!"

    Well, that surely can't go great. And Koga's not wanting to injure civilians in a fight like this. The fact someone had acid and had no problems shooting it meant that he had no clue what weapons these people had.

Oswald Loomis has posed:
     Prankster kicks his feet allowing himself to ride faster as he rolls along towards the far end of the bank. He kicks his feet up high into the air one after another keeping his momentum though he spins round backwards just in time to see one of his M.O.O.K.s take a kick right to the jaw and wince.

     "You know I work hard to build a professional identity and I'd like if you could respect it, the names The Prankster, P-R-A-N-K-S-T-E-R, Alternatively friends and children call me Uncle Oswald" He lifts a foot up into the air kicking one of the guards who manages to stand up into his way right in the back of the head sending him falling forward into the MOOK he had hired to disguise and blend in with bank security. "The Clown's in Gotham fortunately far away from me."

     He grinds to a stop on the other side of the vault pulling out a plastic doll toy from the bag that his MOOK disguised as a janitor had brought along. A quick unzip of the pants and the toy begins to pee thermite down onto the hinges of the vault door melting through to the other side slowly but surely.

     "Always have a backup plan in this city." He offers to the MOOK by the door with a low smile as he digs into the bag nearby pulling out.. Pies? Yes PIES from deep within. He starts passing out pies and the three of them start throwing pies in the direction of poor Koga catapulting them with a great deal of force, but these aren't just any pies, no they are PI.E.D.'s

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga reaches to his back, and a loud grinding sound signals something happening. He pulls out a staff, and swings at the dangerous looking pies. The first one ends up being batted and exploding mostly harmlessly. The other two, however, hit and make him step back. He looks disoriented from those.

    Shaking his head, he stumbles towards where the Prankster and goons last were as he tries to clear his head for the moment. It's obvious that whatever his armor is made of, it's protected him from exploding pies. At least mostly. He's slowing down a little.

    Still, it's like trying to stop a slow moving train in this case. And the would be hero definitely looks like he's shaking off the disorientation from the exploding pies with each step. And correcting his path towards the villain and goons. "I... will not... let you... harm... these... people." His voice is coming out with a bit of a growl as well.

Oswald Loomis has posed:
     "Harm?" Prankster looks back over his shoulder as the door falls down with a heavy thud, though now he's down a pair of MOOKs "At least we've stepped down from kill, usually that's the accusation when I do things, and I'll be honest it gets a little old fast." He hops up and over the vault door stumbling slightly in the process as his MOOKS rush into the vault.

     He runs a hand down his face weighing the PIED in his hand for a long moment as he looks at the dyed super wandering his direction. "Watch for det packs boys, last thing we want to do is get hit by the bank's own version." As he looks over his shoulder weighing his options, usually when there was one super, more were on the way. It was just the way things were in the Big Peach.

Koga Miura has posed:
    Shaking off the disoriented effect of the PIEs, Koga suddenly lets the staff slip before chunking it at the Prankster. Let's see him pie someone with that!

    His real goal isn't apparent until hopefully too late as he suddenly rushes forward after the staff toss, and tries to literally lift the vault door. If it's over 5 tons, that's going to be something else. But hopefully it's not. Because then he can close the mooks in and turn his focus on the Prankster himself in the mean time.

    Whatever this hero is, he's superhumanly strong it looks like.

Oswald Loomis has posed:
     Prankster manages to completely miss dodging the staff dropping his PIED which harmlessly plorps against the vault door. He falls off the side of the door and down onto the ground beside the vault door.

     Both hands reach up to the sides of his head as he rubs his temples having expected or rather hoped that he might not be dealing with yet another super strong superhero.

     While Koga slowly lifts the vault door sealing in the shouting MOOKs Prankster stumbles his way away from the door bleary eyed, muttering something beneath his breath that only him and those with superhuman hearing can understand. He slaps the side of his head as he starts to skid towards the exit taking the L on this one.

     "Is that a bruise?" He asks aloud. "I think that's going to bruise." He confirms to himself. "Definitely gonna turn into a welt at the least." As he's making his way for the exit as fast as his roller skates will carry him back towards his car. "Who throws a stick of all things."

Koga Miura has posed:
    Busy trapping the majority of the criminals, Koga makes sure the door is leaning to keep them in without a lot of effort on their part. Then he turns to give chase. Probably far too late as he picks up his staff on the way.

    And stumbles some. "I had to take the train..." He notes, putting the staff against his back, where it shrinks seemingly. The hero's still slightly disoriented perhaps, or injured. Acid's not a good thing.

    That being said, he looks for any lasting gifts from the Prankster before moving to check on the downed security guards instead of giving full on chase. Getting them awake and not shooting him is probably better even if the Prankster gets away.

Oswald Loomis has posed:
     "I recommend the blue line!" Prankster offers as he runs out the door reaching into his pocket to pull out one of his freeze packs he was going to use to damage a lock on a door instead to cool his forehead just about stumbling hisway down the steps of the bank, and sliding through the open window of his car.

     Once again the day is saved thanks to the heroic acts of everyday heroes like Koga.